SWOT ANALYSIS OF PEPSI IN PAKISTAN STRENTH 1. Company Image: It also is a reputable org.

and is well known all over the world. Perception of producing a high quality product. 2. Quality Conscious: They maintain a high quality as Pepsi Cola International collect sample from its different production facilities and send them for lab test in Tokyo. 3. Good Relation with Franchise: Throughout its history it has a good relation with franchisers working in different areas of the world where they have the production facilities. 4. Production Capacity: It has the highest production capacity i.e. 60,000 cases per day is not only in Pakistan but also in South Asia. 5. Market Share: It has a highest market share i.e. 62% in Pakistan and leading a far step head from its competitors. 6. Large No. of diversity businesses: This is also its main strength as it ahs diversity in many businesses such as i. Pepsi beverages ii. Pepsi foods iii. Pepsi Restaurants. 7. High Tech Culture: The whole culture and business operating environment at Pepsi-Cola-West Asia has quick access to a centralized database an they use computers as business tools for analysis and quick decision making. 8. Sponsorships: They mainly use celebrities in their advertising campaigning like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younas etc. Also sponsor social activates programs like music etc. WEAKNESS

They started a campaign in which they highlight the factor such as nothing official about it . So they have to attract new entrants. In. Changing social trend: As in all over the world people are rushing towards fast food and beverage because of life which has become much faster. Hamayun Ahkhtar is its franchisee who has a strong political support from a political party which is in opposition. their era in government less taxes are imposed on them but relation increases as they come in opposition. Diversification: They may enter in garments business in order to promote their brand mane. 6. it was published in Financial post that there has been big complaints from the customers with regard to the bad taste that they experienced during the span of six months. 5. 3. it provide the company a favor to capture this fast moving market with its take away product. Political Franchises: Such as in Pakistan. Increase Population: As almost in all over the world growth rate is increasing which in turn increases the demand of products and necessities and especially in Asia the market is growing at a faster rate as compare to other continents.1. 4. by making sports cloths fro players which represent their name by wearing their clothes. Weak Distribution: They lack behind in catering the rural areas and just concentrating in the urban areas. . Lack of soft drink: Lack of soft drink know-how as a result of diversified business units and generalist managers OPPORTUNITIES 1. Low consumer knowledge: Unable to maximize local consumer knowledge. Short term Approach: They have a lack of emphasis on this in their advertising such as currently when they losses the bid for official drink in the 96 cricket world cup. 2. So the selection is not appropriate as this thing is harmful to their image as well as the strategies. Decline in taste: During the last years. 3. 2.

3. Non-carbonated substitutes: Non-carbonated substitutes. Political instability: The big threat to Pepsi in Pakistan is Political instability and civil unrest. SWOT ANALYSIS Each Hotel has its own SWOT based on their location. 5.4. As for the SWOT Analysis of PC Karachi is concerned SWOT Analysis is basically done to find out that do they have sufficient resources to cover their weakness and still achieve their objective" Strengths . Threat of labor strikes: External threat of labor strikes and power outages in Pakistan. Imitators: They also have a problem of imitators as receives complaints from customers that they find take product in disguised of Pepsi s product. 6. season etc. Corporation s shortage problem: Again this is also a serious threat from it suppliers as if supplier is unhappy with the company. 4. THREATS 1. 2. such as juices and tea brands are maintaining a strong foothold in the market. Government Regulation: They face problem if government employ taxes on them which force them to raise the price of their product. This action will surely affect the production process. He may reduce the supply and exploit the company. Distribution of snack foods: Opportunity to distribute Pepsi snack foods in the future.

tennis courts and all other sports activities. The major strength of PC is its voice mail card locking system for perfect security. his requirement made in history is available which then turns into customers satisfaction as he does not need to specify his requirements all over again.Sheraton small lobby. squash courts. which helps it not to look crowded . The well known saying "OLD IS GOLD" turns out to be the strength of this hotel as it diverts the attention of its customers back to the luxuries provided as some people are use to the atmosphere. PC bares the great advantages on the performances on maintaining good health clubs. demand and idea also changes. y As PC being an old hotel in history bares a difficult weakness. swimming pools. Have most experience employees available at suitable job. which is again an old system. y y y . y y y y y y y y The strength of PC can be the weakness of other hotels as well as the weakness of PC it self in some sectors.y y One of the major strength of PC is that PC is in the hotel market for the past 36 years. as old customers do not prefer to visit the same hotel over and over. Records like if a customer prefer something different in his/her room as compared to there customers. The other weakness of PC lies in its telephone system. PC carries out loyalty program such as keep track of its customers. that is kept in record and when the same customer returns after sometime. PC as compare with its other competitions share the advantage of having 300+ luxuries rooms with big bathrooms which no hotel in Pakistan is able to accomplish. It also maintains excellence in good quality food restaurants. which have proven their loyalty with PC. They prefer to experience something new. Weaknesses As fashion changes need. Keep history record of customers who avail the room facilities. Major strength in identifying the name of PC as a continental hotel has been played by PC Bhurban. * PC has a long lobby.

One of the opportunities grasped by events being held in the city is that as tourist increase and in the same way people book rooms and avail services rendered by PC. y Threats of new entrants like Islamabad Serena is a threat for PC but PC have planned different alternatives for its threats. Law and order situation can also be a threat such as strikes. As if things don't work with customer at PC like if they bargain for a room and PC is unable to fulfill their satisfaction then they can always walk across the road and just knock. Seminars are again a great opportunity for PC as world wide seminars are being held in the city or in PC Banquet halls which again help PC to show its quality services and in this way people across the world come to the city and book rooms for themselves. Opportunities The opportunities that PC faces are not much due to its well-established position. y y y SWOT Analysis . If law and order not maintain throughout the country people around the world would avoid to come to Pakistan and if people wont come then there will be no tourist so who will rent the rooms.y As Sheraton enjoys the great advantage of having latest technology that is it Telecommunication system. PC looks up to these opportunities whole-heartedly. y y y y Threats If in the market there are more than two or more brands of the same type or there exist an alternative for that product then organization/companies face threats among themselves or among customers but one can always plan before hand. Parities wedding and other extra circular activities are opportunity to help PC recognize its name. One of the biggest threats PC has to face is Sheraton being its next door neighbor. y Events organized in the city gives PC Karachi a great advantage as number of customers/people increase and PC get an opportunity to show its loyalty and services to its customers.

-More Brand recognition .Strengths Internal -Popularity -well known -branding obvious and easily recognized Weaknesses -Word of mouth -lack of popularity of many Coca Cola s brands -Most unknown and rarely seen -A lot of finance -customer loyalty -International Trade -result of low profile or non-existent advertising -health issues Threats External -changing health-consciousness attitude -legal issues -Health ministers -competition (Pepsi) Opportunities -many successful brands to pursue -advertise its less popular products -buy out competition.

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