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COURSE: Operating System CODE: BCN2063 ASSESSMENT: Assignment NO: 1 Top of Form

pam@miller.w cap Name,Surname,S



DURATION: 2 week

For this assignment, you are required to:

1. Research materials regarding various operating systems available in market. Look for the

target audience for each OS, specific functions for specific needs and the history.
2. Imagine you are bidding for a project, you need to prepare a project proposal based on

each scenario below.

3. For each scenario, you need to include :

a. Brief history of the chosen OS b. Significance milestone achievement until today c. Justification & reason for choosing the OS : i. What, Where, Who, Why, How ii.Clear justification must be technical (if applicable) and able to translate to laymens term. iii.Provide comparison (if necessary) why you choose a specific OS
4. Present your proposal in 15 minutes with not more than 10 slides. During this, be

prepared to answer all related questions post by your classmates and/or lecturer
5. Submit your presentation slides & and proposal before the presentation session. Proposal

must not exceed 10 pages.

Select two (2) scenarios from below:

Scenario 1: Pusat Komuniti Gambang is planning to set up a computer lab with the objective of providing ICT awareness to the locals especially for single mothers and orphanage. Basic syllabus includes

how to operate the PC, how to surf the net and some basic social networking applications such as email & facebook. Budget is not a constrain for the centre. Scenario 2: Krakatua. a well-known advertising company in Malaysia is planning to upgrade the entire desktop system in the office. Majority of the desktop is use for heavy graphic design and manipulations. Desktop PC also must be able to last for longer hours especially when average usage is around 14 hours per day. Scenario 3: Pusat Teknologi Maklumat (PTMK). is looking to swap the current IMS system. Main reason for this activity is to reduce the cost of maintaining application licenses. The reduction of cost does not mean that the operating system has to be with only basic features. The OS must be reliable especially to handle to large traffic every day. PTMK is open to proprietary or open source OS as long as the cost is low & OS is reliable Scenario 4: Maybank is planning to upgrade the current system to cater for additional 50% of traffic. Due to the sensitivity of data, they require a system which can store millions of transaction and at the same time have minimal down time. Operating system must be stable and have support 24/7. Taking this into consideration, budget is not the main problem here. Scenario 5: With the advancement of freeware operating system such as Linux family; Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora and many more, UMP is planning to introduce the operating system to the students. Due to some complexity of certain Linux flavor, the requirement to have an operating system as similar in features as possible like Windows.