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4. Have you ever cook Thai Food ?



Questionnaire of the Research Project on The Thai Food Technology Transfer and Promotion of Thai Food Consumption
Explanation Please review the Thai Healhty Food Media Set before fill out this questionnaire. You may fill out this questionnaire through this following website
Department of Educational Technology, Kasetsart University 50 Phaholyothin Rd. Ladyao, Jatuchak, Bangkok 10900, THAILAND (E-mail: ,

If yes how did you learn Thai Cuisine from? (you can answer more than one item) TV Radio Brochure and folder Video (VCD or DVD) Book Food Exhibition or Food Fair Website Multimedia CD ROM Food Training Other (specify) 5. How often do you have Thai food in restaurant? (specify)

(Time/Week , Time/Month , Time/Year) .

6. How do you have opinion about Thai food in your country? Price: Very High High Fairly Ingredients finding Very convenient Convenient Fairly Healthy Food Very good Good Fairly Food Culture Very good Good Fairly Food Popularity First Second Third 7. What information about Thai Cuisine do you want to get? (you can answer more than one item) Thai food cooking recipes Thai herbs Thai healthy Food Thai food training course Thai food business Thai restaurant investment Thai food product technology Thai food research Thai food restaurant name and location Other (specify) 8. Which media do you want to get for learning about Thai food? (you can answer more than one item) Book on Thai cuisine Video (VCD or DVD) Website Multimedia CD ROM Other (specify) No idea No idea No idea No idea Upper

Or send to:

Part 1 Personal information

1. Name (Mr. Mrs. Ms.)..Age 2. Address City...Country..e-mail... 3.Status of the person who is answering the questionnaire. 3.1 Nationality . . 3.2 Status Restaurant owner Manager Chef Consumer Students Other (Specify)

9. Do you want to register online training courses on Thai Cuisine organize by Kasetsart University ? Yes No If Yes what topics do you want to learn?
Thai Food Cooking Recipes Thai Herbs Thai Healthy Food Thai Food Business Thai Food Product Technology Thai Food Culture Other (specify)

Part 2 Please evaluate the media you received in terms of your satisfaction level.
Level of Satisfaction : 5 4 3 2 1 = = = = = Very High High Moderate Low Very Low

Part 3 Other Suggestion and Comments for the Program Thai Healthy Food Cooking Class participation.

Evaluation List
1. Thai Food Good Health 2. Thai Food Good Set Menu for Health 3. Thai Food Sauce Ready to Cook

Satisfaction Items*
Presentation Contents Usefulness Overall

Video (DVD) 1. The Health Benefits of Thai Food 2. Health Food from the Thai Kitchen (Cooking Recipes by Chef) 3.Thai Food Set for the World Multimedia CD ROM 1.Thai Food Good Health The whole media set (media integration properties)


Presentation: picture and graphics design, text, title, caption, narration, music and sound. Contents: clarity, interesting, and suitability. Usefulness: knowledge understanding and applying. Overall : suitability of the set, content integration, using opportunities.

Thai Health Food Cooking Class

Please answer the following questions by checking (/) the appropriate box.
1. Gender 2. Age

male 10s

female 20s





3. Nationality... 4. Youroccupation

Governmentofficer Business student housewife other 5. WhyareyouinterestedingettingtrainedinThaifoodcooking? formybusiness wanttocookbymyself gettoknownewfood other 6. HowoftendoyouhaveThaifoods?(time/week,times/month,times/year)

.. 7. IftherearereadytoeatThaiFoodsavailable,willyoubuythem? Yes unsure nobecause 8. IftherearereadytocookseasoningsaucesorcurrysoupsforThaifoodavailable,willyoubuythem? Yes unsure nobecause

Aftertraining 9. HowdoyoulikeThaifoodthatyoutastetoday?Pleaseindicatebywriting5,4,3,2or1 (5=likeverymuch,4=like,3=neitherlikenordislike,2=dislike,1=dislikeverymuch) Menu 1.TomYumGoong(soup) 2.PhlaGoong(salad) 3.GaengKhiaoWanGai(curry) 4.PlaNuengManao(steamed)

10. YoulikeThaifoodbecause



11. 12.



Tastegood healthyfood goodarrangement morevarieties Reasonableprice other.. Aftercompletethistrainingcourse,youcanprepareThaifoodsornot? Yes unsure no,because IfweorganizeaneducationaltourtoThailandonauthenticThaicuisineandculture,willyou participateinthisprogram? Yes unsure no,because IfweorganizethetrainingcourseofHealthyThaiFoodinyourcountry,willyouparticipateinthis program Yes unsure no,because Anycommentforfurtheractivities

Thank you very much for you kind co-operation November, 2008