A very concealed attribute today. Definitions:
free·dom (fr¶“d…m) n. 1. The condition of being free. 2. a. Political independence. b. Possession of civil rights. 3. Ease of movement. 4. Frankness or boldness. 5. Unrestricted use or access. [From Old English fr¶od½m.]1

Modern political definitions: Enslaved by Democracy. Living by equity law without natural or moral inclinations. The opposite of anarchy. Having no contractual equity civil rights – only rights that requires permission from nobility. Basically no moralistic civil rights as endowed by a spiritualistic God! Anarchy: Individualistic natural traits of mankind that is moralistically impervious to invasions by equity law! So; the last free American hominids on the American continent are now: Bigfoot and skunk apes. Humans are excluded. Basically, if you truly wish to be free, grab/buy a good .22 light rifle (AR 7 typically), 500 rounds of ammo, 50 yards of strong nylon chord, a quality knife, a sleeping bag, a tarpaulin with grommets, and venture forth to join into a social adventure with Bigfoot. Unfortunately because of modern sophistication, one cannot be totally free; in a enslaved country; that now exists everywhere on this planet. It appears there are only two political states that provide the enlightenment of freedom; and a lesser degree of slavery. And that is anarchy, and primitive communism, with anarchy being paramount in underdeveloped countries. In America, because of huge amounts of circulating (counterfeit) capitol, any attempt at organizing small societies of “free citizens” is met with tremendous overpowerment to maintain the governments taxing ability and control, and thus “free citizens” will be classified as a cult of anarchists to “ethically” legalize murder; an obscene overpowerment - as demonstrated with the Weavers, John Singer, Waco, Gordon and Ury Kaul family's; and internationally; Bosnia and Afghanistan (one of the poorest nations on the planet - with rocks to fight off an invasion). Teliban? Drug cartel? They are merely renters of countries. The Old West was kind of an anarchy, but with islands of moralists that tended to pacify the evil doers somewhat. This is more in line with the nature of the human animal, and our US Constitution, while at the same time sating short term emotionalism. Extreme abuse becomes a worse scenario then death, and acceptance of a term limit for a lifetime becomes more comprehensive; the same as a heard of animals that know there are wolves out there that enjoy eating them.

1"freedom," Microsoft® Encarta® 98 Encyclopedia. The American Heritage® Concise Dictionary, Third Edition Copyright © 1994 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version licensed from and portions copyright © 1994 by INSO Corporation. All rights reserved.


The South attempted to cling to traditions and the scheme of the American Constitution that finally assembled a Confederacy of States that had (legal) rights, and a choice of political systems that was democratic, or not; and that does work for small countries. Originally the Republic of America was the insurance that America would be isolated from the world at large, and safe from invasion by the instillation of a forced central government. Each state had the political freedom to select their political philosophy be it communism, democracy, anarchy, or fascism; with free individual citizens having the ability to migrate to their preferred state of politics. America was never meant to be a uniform 'super tribe monarchy,' and this is what has enslaved everyone; by the loss of the Civil war to Northern tyrants; which truly was a continuation of the Revolutionary war. Southern Americans wanted peaceful isolation against the tyrannical nobility established (illegally) by the Northern states, which then had replaced King George of England's ownership of the colonies. The North was financially dependent on the slave traffic, and all other international trade, so its dictator* Abraham Lincoln, prosecuted a relentless war against the peaceful South, that was seeking the guarantees of America's Constitution. [*Note: Lincoln operated above the law as a ruler of a nation (a situation that also existed for George Washington prior his election into office), and that puts Lincoln into a dictator's position; as the basic model of government, seized upon later by Adolph Hitler's in his Mien Kampf.] Dictator defined: is an anarchist with ultimate powers over a blind following. First of all life is meaningless because the entire Universe itself is absurd! The instinct for survival makes us cling to life because of fear of death, and discomfort. Discomfort, when intense, makes us pray for death (i.e. non-existence); however, we live by the ethic “In God We Trust” instead of “In God We Believe,” thus it is up to Him to terminate life. This savage ethic is also what initiates war, murder, crime, and avarice. If God doesn't strike you down, it is all acceptable to God; thus removing all blame from a shady individual's conscience. One has to realize that mankind builds mountains of bullshit it calls history, through manipulations by a ruling class of imbeciles, that are currently dedicated to knowledge without any reference to wisdom.

The American yesMen; or How about a Madonna for President
After seeing how we are ruled by shallow men of greed; it is obvious that America needs the guidance of a woman that believes in a “infinite night's stand” to maintain happiness, and affection for her fellow mankind. When seeking leadership with a choice of greedy male 'pigs', or to chose a contented lady - this man would prefer a matriarchy leadership, by far. After decades of destruction by male dominated leadership, try to hire someone today with strong work ethics (honor), that has a realistic worth in wages. With the bombardment of stimulants to excite individuals be part of a celluloid society, men of letters, and corporations now have the license to lie intensely, without any fear of reprisal, making common law criminals above the BAR (association) rather then below it. Justice is now inverted in every aspect. Constitutional conservatism is deeply under rigamortis; freeing terrorists in power to run their attempt of “efficient justice;” creating tyrannical and imbecilic policies that require blind obedience. With the centering of a performance attribute, instead of efficiency, the paradigm of acting out subliminal BS is truly the successful skill needed for prosperity currently. Prosperity is accepted for status, with a disregard for honor, meaning obvious dishonor only becomes a tool for peer dethronement. Unfortunately folks of status gain access to ridiculous amounts of wealth; that has 2

become the index for leadership instead of a righteous attitude of following Christian philosophy leadership; and I am not discussing the dogma of organized religion here. So to enjoy my slavery in a more happy mode that would not infringe upon others, I chose to end my driving career, and use a more friendly means to get about legally; that caters to my maladies. The EW- 36 by EWheels is a mobility scooter that can be extremely diverse. Cranking the “cruise control” to zero and it travels at 15kph (10mph) - that is a bit fast for indoor travel; however, turning the control to maximum and she scoots at a stiff 21kph (14.5mph) that equals my average racing speed on my bicycle [that I did cross country with]. So I am totally sated with its performance; but wish EWheels had a cost reduction program, and would pad down their advertising - that is obviously meant for kids. First item to go would be the $3 cruise control and knob, to be replaced with a 35 cent switch for shunting the throttle instead; for a slow 5mph range; only to open the shunt for 15mph scampering. The marketing leverage on this kind of machine is silly presently. How many brakes does a slow NEV need? The first brake is the motor, that works like a grocery store scooter. The disk front brake (#2) is very powerful; and already overkill. The single rear brake is really useless, unless the front wheel brake were to fall off; and I don't see that happening. My first tour was 4 miles. Practice session was to attempt to stay between the lines of a sidewalk. I had to learn to start a turn, to find the trike is like a bike, you lean into it. However, with the seat far back, and a chubby driver (me), the outboard wheel wants to come up and force a spin, so reversing the lean is good practice to control the turn. Moving my 200 lbs forward (captain's chair) solved a problem I perceived that should occur at 10mph; however, the corrected velocity is 5mph. [Telling me I should stick on my diet!]

My first day with “Freedom” (the name I gave my Orange EW-36):
It took 20 minutes for this cripple to extract the machine from its shipping crate. Then it took 2 hours to attempt to make it run! The charger said the battery was fully charged, but the machine was totally dead. As an engineer, I pictured a circuit breaker/fuse of 30 amps typical, to be in the battery compartment that apparently was turned off for shipment; however the Captain chair latch was inoperative; blocking me from access to set this switch - to turn on power. Calling for assistance, tech service said that indeed there was a circuit breaker in the compartment I was attempting to gain access to. The technician thought the problem was a cable hanging up, and suggested I crawl under the machine to free it. Never tell a QC engineer to crawl under the EW-36, because mechanically it is a work of art, but electrically it is very sloppy. One green wire was loose, but capped - so rubbing against the tire for hundreds of miles would do no physical damage. (Ugh!) Lead dress for cable bundling was awful. Tie wraps are so cheap they should have used twice as many to add stiffness to the assembly. Now I am told there is a second cable that had to be pulled? I have not received a MANUAL for this machine, and have no idea where the second release cable is. Now you turn the key, and it appears the key cable is working to release a spring loaded over center cam that works like an automobile hood release. Apparently the captain chair pops up a quarter of an inch, but no further! Now someone is coming out to find this (hidden) second release? Hopefully, and use my tie 3

wraps to finish the cabling, so I hope to be able to make another political appointment with the Carrollton City Council to explain that with the city being loaded up with elderly citizens, that if time share traffic was employed during the day favoring NEVs and bicycles (between rush hours) the municipal savings would be spectacular. I can picture senior citizens zipping about at bicycle velocities within a 7 mile jurisdiction; without the helplessness of waiting for public transportation assistance.

My second day with “Freedom”:
I am now stranded at home. Blocked in by vehicles that were moved out of the garage, and a dead EW-36 that I am unable to drive around the block, and install in my home; for mobility. After 8 hours of reading and searching for manuals, I still am unable to open the battery/storage compartment to access the main switch. The published manuals found (with their meager information downloaded off the Internet) shows nothing about the “secret release cable?” This apparently is a great idea for security; meaning I will toss the advanced electronic system that is integrated into the EW-36 and just use the main circuit breaker for safety. If someone is more clever then myself, and can steal the machine, he truly deserves it.

Day 3:
Still stuck at home, no service man yet. I am supposed to be with the NEW Horizons Band today doing a debut with Freedom; with the 50 other elderly musicians, but I had made no transportation arrangements. Doing black box engineering on the saddle lock, it appears that the over center cam with its pawl to engage the U latch was assembled off center to the right - making the U latch miss setting the toggling cam for reset; but hooking permanently onto the bottom of the cam instead of the pawl. The serviceman still doesn't understand that the lift is only ¼ inch; and believes this hi-tech engineer is a fool. The serviceman obviously believes the machine is assembled correctly (to EWheels credit) thus uses only his techniques that won't work with the hope that I will rebuild the captain chair assembly; however I am now too old and feeble (the reason for buying the EW-36).

Day 4:
Sitting in my home waiting for the serviceman to free Freedom, I am developing cabin fever. Still stalled; however, I am happy that the serviceman's suggestions were impossible to follow. If I am correct, and the rectangular wire latch is below the reset pawl (because of improper alignment to the over center cam), then the only strong anchor for the seat is the two bands in the front of the seat assembly; meaning on a quick stop, my 200 lbs of inertia could separate the yoke - and send me tethered flying forward, strapped to a useless seat belt, causing injury to this old man - and a destructive lawsuit to EW. Your giving me a check to pay my technician to solve the problem is another solution, Your sending me the manual for an EW-36 (instead of the EW-600 received) would be helpful to reduce technician charges.


Day 5&6:
We had visitations from one tough lady. She picked the back of the machine up off the floor by the captain chair and shook it until the frame dropped. Finally Freedom could be animated. The overcenter cam is to far to the left; so the wire latch never gets totally free from its pawl - and with the seat down, the cam never gets reset; making the seat float and seat belt useless. Attempting to ride the machine to get into my house, the wiggly, seat and the surprise action of the rear brake caused the machine to swerve to the right (aggravated by my bike training) demonstrating the dangerous roll that I talked about; however, this is occurring at 5 mph instead of 10 mph as calculated. The security system is excellent, but the “cruise control” limiting velocity; has no effect. I am a bit fearful of driving it into a store with its snappy acceleration.

Day 7:
I have my friendly engineering student alerted to my plight, and if we could get a manual on this machine we just may be able to service it. EW service people (Carlos) are finally assisting me with valuable information that helps me comprehend the philosophy of the EW-36. The snap to the right with the rear brake activation is due to brake being only on one axle; so if it works; it is adjusted! Knowing that makes todays practice regimen of using front brake only so as to gain intimacy with the (touchy) throttle. The “cruise control” limits the high speed only, and has no effect on the snappy acceleration; meaning low speed setting should get me cruising without fear of coasting on the street with just a front brake. Disk brake grabbing was polished out by using them for about 6 stops from 15mph This reduces the problems to only lead dress on the wiring with its need for more tie wraps, and adjustment (or replacement) of overcenter cam to latch seat firmly.

Day 14:
My learning about the EW-36 is now to the point that I will start a class at the Senior Center for it because the machine is dangerous (in design); for uninformed old folks (more so with my defective unit). I believe I am to the point now that I can write a manual for this machine - to be supported by my engineering partners. Important issues: Upon unpacking the machine, inflate tires to match the rider's mass. 1. 150 lb driver: 40 lbs. 2. 220 lbs. Driver: 55 lbs. rear, and 45 lbs. front. [ Note: Trikes can be squirrelly if you are trained to ride bikes, so be aware of a shock system exists that already amplifies the degree, so mushy tires makes the situation much worse. Breaking in period one should concentrate on using brakes to polish out grabbiness. Freedom out of the box had motor braking, however after putting 40 miles on her, she became a free wheeler with power off. This means a frisky 32kph up a hill with my 220 lbs, but going down that hill the speedometer goes into the red, and brakes lose a lot of its grab very quickly. Plump old timers should move the seat forward for more stability, and they should grow up intellectually; I get terrified by the first question they ask...HOW FAST WILL IT GO! This is not a sign of wisdom and maturity; and is a prime reason why my class at the Senior Center is necessary. HR 549 permits NEVs to travel at 15 mph without licensing, and folks over 62 years old can ride them 5

on the sidewalks. Why then, do idiots that refuse to ride (stable) motorbikes due to being “dangerous,” desire a unstable vehicle configuration to compete with auto traffic - by using it outside it's safe performance envelope? This is beyond my comprehension. I have ridden racing bicycles for 45 years now, and am happy as a lark to ride a machine that would keep up with a touring group of racers, while being able to conservatively get about my transportation needs [Hold this thought at 15 mph, and not Dr. Spock's “light” speed]. After my “stunt driving” of Freedom, and getting tire pressure to fit the design, I set the Freedom's cruise control at 22kph (to be a legal 15 mph) and use 0 cruise setting for inside buildings i.e. to limit velocity to 10 mph (which is still a bit fast - but equal; to the Omega scooter's “rabbit” setting).

Day 16: A gathering of Engineers
We needed to lift out the underseat basket to get at the seat latch to repair it. Darn it! The screw heads to hold the ckt breaker were too long, and it took brute force to bend the basket to sufficiently remove it (not a job for a senior citizen). The frame of the overcenter cam was bent slightly, and thus could never be reset until straightened. After getting the seat latch working for the lap belt to be effective, we put on the missing tie wraps to keep cabling from rubbing against the left tire. The engineers then took turns riding the bike (with cruise set at 14.7 mph) and we all came to the same concussions: 1. It is a great machine that is assembled with poor final QC; powered by a servo motor that needs a softer ramp adjustment in program. 2. The Captains chair was designed for two snap in hard rubber dampers for stability, and they were missing from Freedom. Now knowing how poor the support is from eWheels, we will make our own to minimize seat rocking instability. 3. Front seat bolts are too small in diameter that adds to instability of the Captains chair. 4. 32 kph is a bit too fast for the geometry of the machine; and it would be a lot safer for senior citizens if system was 36 volt, rather then 48 volt. All completed. I love my 48 volt Freedom, but will maintain my limit of 14.7 mph (legal), while comfortably scooting about for shopping and show and tell. My class will start in about 2 weeks as a survival education to the EW-36. I am now finished with this report: Al Sugar 2 – 21-12.

Corporations are Citizens; whereas, Individuals are just Slaves.
The Abraham Lincoln conspiracy to enslave a continent still has its tentacles in place (to enhance the modern spirit of slavery). As an example: EWheels corporation demonstrated its empirical attitude by totally ignoring the above letter; all because I told their service department that Freedom “is now running!” I have been a engineering troubleshooter earning as much as $500/hr from corporations using my services; however, now that I am retired, and a philanthropist, it appears constructive criticism becomes a “poison pen letter,” to be ignored. No wonder America is submerging in the job market the same as Atlantis sinking into the sea. Come on Nibiru, and create the havoc that is long overdue! This stoic planet Earth needs to be regenerated. With “luck” (or intelligent alien intervention) the human species can amount to something competitive to the “spook market” of this Solar system's 6

ancient ones, that now obviously 'cringe in fear' of us humans. Seriously the population of America has been doing a bang-up job on planet destruction, and suicidal extinction, surpassing all other life forms that have been around for millions of years. Prominence is the tool of slavery, and avarice a force to egotistically gain status and power; more then a concern for wealth; instead of the basics of contentment and happiness; and that is due to a counterfeiting government printing script; that is just numbers used for measuring status; that in turn has more “value” then its definition of money. So while the crap is hitting the fan in my country, I can serenely travel using my Freedom scooter within my “7 mile universe,” sniff the flowers in the park, watch the Frisbee golfers in the park, and enjoy watching kids in the playground; while driving myself to the Senior Center to enjoy the gym to work out for health, or the Library for research and mental exercising. I will keep fingers crossed for the power grid? Considering the poor support, and lack of interest for constructive criticism, I still am happy with my investment and feel that the machine is a great item for securing my slice of Freedom.


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