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Company Name: Wipro Year: Wipro 2011

Placement Paper | Analytical Section

Company Profile: Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Products Limited(Amalner)) (BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO, NYSE: WIT) is an Indian global IT services and consulting company headquartered in Bangalore, India. As of 2012, Wipro is the second largest IT services company by turnover in India, employing about 120,000 people worldwide as of December 2011.It provides outsourced research and development, infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO) and business consulting services. The company operates in three segments: IT Services, IT Products, Consumer Care and Lighting. It is 9th most valuable brand in India according to an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times in 2010. 2012

1. Critic: People today place an especially high value on respect for others; yet, in their comedy acts, many of today's most popular comedians display blatant disrespect for others. But when people fail to live up to the very ideals they bold in highest esteem, exaggeration of such failings often forms the basis of successful comedy. Thus the current popularity of comedians who display disrespect in their acts is hardly surprising. The critic's argument depends on which one of the following assumptions? A) People who enjoy comedians who display disrespect in their acts do not place a high value on respect for others B) Only comedians who display blatant disrespect in their acts are currently successful C) Many people disapprove of the portrayal of blatant disrespect for others in comedy acts D) People who value an ideal especially highly do not always succeed in living up to this ideal

2. Something must be done to stop spam. In early days, people seldom received unsolicated email advertisement; but now that numerous bulk email software and email address finders are developed to collect email address all around the world. Advertisers use email addresses to market their products and even sell such email lists to other advertisers. As a result, almost everyone ever get junk email, and sometime several and even tens of annoying emails a day. So, relevant anti-spam regulations should be framed to stop unsolicated advertising. The two portions in boldface play which of the following roles? A) Background that the argument depends on and conclusion that can be drawn from the argument B) Part of evidence that the argument includes, and inference that can be drawn from this passage C) Pre-evidence that the argument deprnds on and part of evidence that supports the conclusion 2012

D) Background that argument depends on and part of evidence that supports the conclusion

3. My house has a number. 1. If my house number is a multiple of 3, then it is number from 50 through 59. 2. If my house number is not a multiple of 4, then it is number from 60 through 69. 3. If my house number is not a multiple of 6, then it is number from 70 through 79. What is my house number? A)36 B)68 C)76 D)72

4. Ten Rs.5.00 bills, ten Rs.10.00 bills and ten Rs.20.00 bills are in a box. A blind-folded person must remove the bills from the box. The contest ends when a person removes three same bills(example: three Rs.5.00 bills). What is the most amount of money a person can remove from the box? A) Rs.60 B) Rs.90 C) Rs.120 D) Rs.180

5. How far must the fish be from the higher pole, if the two birds flying at identical speeds leave their respective perches simultaneously and reach the fish at the same time? 2012

A) 28m B) 22m C) 20m D) 25m

6. On a certain compast disc, three songs have the following playing times: song A: 5 minutes and 56 seconds song B: 2 minutes and 30 seconds song A: 10 minutes and 16 seconds What is the average palying time of these three songs? A) 5 minutes and 8 seconds B) 5 minutes and 54 seconds C) 6 minutes and 34 seconds D) 6 minutes and 7 seconds

7. What is the missing number in the following table? 1 1 1 1 A) 33 1 3 5 7 1 5 13 25 1 7 25 ? 2012

B) 39 C) 63 D) 50

8. A survey was taken among 100 brainiacs. Of those surveyed, twice as many brainiacs like rebus teasers as math teasers. If 18 brainiacs like both rebus teasers and math teasers and 4 like neither kind of teaser, how many brainiacs like math teasers but not rebus teasers? A) 16 B) 12 C) 18 D) 20

9. My age is 3/4 of my brother's age and the difference between our age is 6 years. My brother's age must be........ A) 14 years B) 36 years C) 28 years D) 24 years

10. In a certain school, the ratio of students to teachers is about 12.5 to 1. Approximately how many teachers would be there if the school had an enrollment of 197 students? A) 8 B) 13 C) 16 2012

D) 24

11. Somehow or other I got talked into buying something on the installment plan. I'm not sure I got a good deal. The payments to date,according to my checkbook, have reached Rs.96. The second year cost Rs.2.00 more than the first year; the third year cost Rs.3.00 more than the second; and the fourth year cost me Rs.4.00 more than the third. What were my payments the first year? A) Rs.16 B) Rs.20 C) Rs.22 D) Rs.25

12. The old lady who lived in a shoe was having some real trouble buying Christmas presents for her enormous family. Although she bought the least expensive stocking stuffers she could find, the bill was high. Of course, both a 15 percent sales tax and a 5 percent luxury tax were added to the original price. She paid a total of Rs.100. What was the cost of the stuffers before taxes? A) Rs.83.33 B) Rs.85.33 C) Rs.87.37 D) Rs.87.39

13. Why save endangered species? For the general public, endangered species appear to be little more than biological oddities. A very different perception is gained from considering the issue of extinction in a wider context. The important point is that many major social advances have been made on the basis of life forms whose worth would never have been perceived in advance. Consider the impact of rubber-producing plants is made into objects as diverse as 2012

rubber washers and rubber boots. Any of the following facts could be used as illustrative examples in addition to the example of rubber-producing plants EXCEPT: A) The discover of the vaccine for smallpox resulted from observing the effect of the cowpox virus on the hands of dairy workers B) The major source of our pharmaceutical supplies is plants, some of them commonly thought of as weeds C) Certain antibiotics were originally derived from mold growing on cantaloupes D) Plastic is a unique product derived from petroleum and petroleum by-products

14. Carmen made a sculpture from small pieces of wood. The sculpture is 2 feet 10 inches tall. Carmen places her sculpture on a base that is 6 inches tall. How tall are the sculpture and base together? A) 2 feet 4 inches B) 3 feet 4 inches C) 3 feet 6 inches D) 8 feet 10 inches

15. A student loses a mark for every wrong answer scores 2 marks for every correct answer. If he answers all the 60 questions in an exam and scores 39 marks how many of them were correct? A) 31 B) 37 C) 33 D) 27 2012

16. John has a paper route. He collects Rs.4.50 per week from each customer. When he tries to collect from Joe Chance, Joe offers him the option of taking Rs.4.50 or playing a game. Joe places one Rs.5.00 bill and three Rs.1 bills in a hat. He offers to let Jon reach in and randomly drawn out two bills and keep what he gets. What is Jon's expected value in playing this game? Should he play or just take the Rs.4.50? A) Since he is owed Rs.5.50, this is a losing proposition for Jon B) Since he is owed Rs.4.50, this is a losing proposition for Jon C) Since he is owed Rs.4.50, this is a gain proposition for Jon D) Since he is owed Rs.14.50, this is a losing proposition for Jon

17. Five kids were sharing out a box of candies. Amar took one-third, Babu took one-quarter, Chetan took one-fifth, and Dinakar took one-sixth. That left six candies as Shiva's share. How many candies were altogether? A) 80 B) 110 C) 120 D) 130

18. The local recycling plant had a contract requiring anyone who obtained recycled bottles for storage for them, to bring them back to be recycled again. The plant could make one new bottle from every seven bottles returned. One week, on Monday, they got 343 bottles to recycle. Assuming that everybody brought back all the empties, how many could they eventually remake from the 343? A) 54 B) 55 2012

C) 56 D) 57

19. Miss Priya is the teacher of a large class of girls at one of our more enterprising schools. She is responsible for several subjects, including what is vaguely called "handwork", but her principal interest is in mathematics. "I tried an interesting experiment this week," she told me. "I had available a large number of beads. They were of three colors: red, yellow, and green". "I showed my girls how to make seven-bead bracelets-the beads are just strung on threads at regular intervals-and then I suggested that each girl should make a bracelet for herself. My only condition was that she should use three beads of any one color; two of a second color; two of a third". "And what was the experiment exactly?" I asked. "Why," said Miss Priya, "I wanted to see how many different bracelets were produced by these haphazard instructions. There were thirty-two, which is about what might have been expected. It would have been possible-but only just possible-for every girl to construct a bracelet different in appearance from all the others." How many girls are there in the class? A) 52 B) 53 C) 54 D) 55

20. 1248 1632 6412 8256 ......? A) 5121 B) 5211 2012

C) 5122 D) 5112

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