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Winter 2012

Congratulations Ann & London
GCH Jaset’s Satisfaction - Breeders -Sandra Tompkins & Chris Bailey Owners-Beth Harris & Michele Molnar & Jamie Danburg

Best in Show - Eukanuba 2011.

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Coming Specialties
*Note this list comes from Susan Burge

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2012 P.C.A. Affiliate Club Shows

March 7, 2012

Poodle Club of San Antonio Breed: Anne Katona March 16, 2012 Bluebonnet Poodle Club Breed: Chuck Arnold March 16, 2012 Heart of America Poodle Club Breed: TBA March 30, 2012 Poodle Club of Las Vegas (Back-to-Back Specialties) AM Breed: Bill Lee Pm Breed: Carol Graham March 30, 2012 Key to the Sea Poodle Club Breed: Connie Clapp Obed & Rally: Catherine Thompson March 31, 2012 Key to the Sea Poodle Club Breed: Charles Scott Obed & Rally: Sharon Redmer April 1, 2012 Key to the Sea Poodle Club All Breed Obed & Rally: Del Lunn April 5, 23012 Greater Wichita Poodle Club (Back to Back Specialties) AM Breed: Mrs. Madeline Patterson PM Breed: Dr. Terill Udenberg April 6, 2012 Mid Michigan Poodle Club (Back to Back Specialties AM Breed: Clay Cody PM Breed: Michele Scott April 7, 2012 Poodle Obedience Train Club of Greater New York (Back-to-Back Specialties) Obedience: Betsy Horner & Don Levinson Rally: Jean Nocilly April 20, 2012 Washington Poodle Club Breed: James Moses Sweeps: Richard Bohannon Obed & Rally: Mrs. M. E. “Betsy” Baird May 4, 2012 William Penn Poodle Club (Back-to-Back Specialties) AM Breed: Ellen NcNeille Charles PM Breed: Timothy Garrison May 11, 2012 Enchanted Poodle Club (Back-to-Back Specialties) Breed AM: Sharon Newcomb Breed PM: Norman Patton May 12, 2012 Los Angeles Poodle Obedience Club Obed: Laurence J. Libeu Rally: Laurence J. Libeu May 18, 2012 Poodle Club of Central Indiana Breed: Ken Roux Sweeps: Chuck Metzger

May 26, 2012 Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club (Concurrent with Warren County Kennel Club) Breed: James Brown May 27, 2012 Greater Cincinnati Poodle Club (Concurrent with Cincinnati Kennel Club) Breed: Michael Dachel Obedience: Tamara A. Woodrow June 1, 2012 Poodle Club of Massachusetts (Back to Back Specialties) AM Breed: James G. Reynolds AM Obed & Rally: TBA June 21, 2012 Orlando Poodle Club Breed: Melanie Williams Sweeps: Leah James PM Breed: Dr. Daniel W. Dowling June 23, 2012 Twin Cities Poodle Club Breed: Scott Wolfe Obed: Louise Botko June 27, 2012 Poodle Club of Oklahoma City (Back-to-Back Specialties) AM Breed: Michele Billings PM Breed: Fatima Crump June 29, 2012 Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Breed: Delores Burkholder July 5, 2012 Poodle Club of Southern California (Back-toBack Specialties) AM Breed: Fatima Crump PM Breed: Sue Goldberg July 27, 2012 Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Breed: Chuck Winslow August 1, 2012 Creole Poodle Club of New Orleans Breed: Elaine Lessig August 11, 2012 Poodle Club of Mohawk Valley as part of the Southern Adirondack Dog Club Breed: Don Rogers August 17, 2012 Columbine State Poodle Club Breed: Fatima Crump Obed: TBA Sweeps: TBA August 23, 2012 Western Reserve Poodle Club Breed: Sari Brewster Tietjen

the 2nd VP. at I list only the shows that she sends me the information on. If the listing is not complete, please contact Susan. Leslie

* Note: If your show is not listed, please contact Susan Burge,

The Poodle Papers

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2010-2012 Officers & cOmmiTTees
President:Helen Lee James 1st Vice Pres.:William Cunningham 2nd Vice Pres.Susan Burge Corres. Sec.: Mary Olund Record. Sec.: Joyce Carelli Treasurer: Janet Lange Variety Representatives Toy:Joan Scott Mini: Nancy Hafner Standard.: Joan McFadden Publicity: Dennis McCoy AKC Delegate: Mary Ellen Fishler

President’s Message:
My present perspective is based on the need to keep our dogs welfare both now and in the future as our number one priority. We must not allow the outside pressures from political endeavors be they state, national, or federal or from within the sport itself to diminish our efforts to preserve and advance the future of our dogs and our sport. Our dogs are important to us and to our way of life and we owe to them the acknowledgment of their contributions to our everyday existence and the help they give to us to cope with otherwise difficult situations. Some of us adapt reasonably well to change and many of us do not. If we have not been involved with our sport over many years we lack the knowledge to be able to make comparisons between the successes of the past and the confusion of the present. And there have been many successes in the past. As our sport has grown and prospered many of us have also. Our dogs and our sport have enriched and contributed to so many of our lives and the lives of our families. What will the present changes or proposed changes contribute? As we expand our number of recognized breeds, time will be needed to study the numerous breeds which many of us have never seen. Would this time be better spent mentoring a judge studying our own breeds or breeds we have judged for many years? And where will we find a needed mentor for these strange breeds we have never seen? We hope that all breeders whether breeders of Poodles or other well established breeds will take a very serious look at the progress in our sport during the many years behind us and realistically evaluate what we have accomplished in canine health, canine legislation, show site improvements, public education, and, in many breeds, a realistic examination of their breed standards. We hope that all members of Poodle Club of America and all Poodle breeders and exhibitors will carefully examine each new proposal, be it from the PCA Board or from AKC and ask themselves, “Will this be positive for our breed and our sport”? Should the emphasis be upon quality or quantity? Please join us at our National Specialty in Salisbury Maryland from April 20 when we will begin with Tracking to be followed by our Working Poodles, Obedience, Agility, and three days of breed judging. We anticipate a wonderful entry of quality Poodles as we have had for many past years.

Show Committee Chairperson: Dennis McCoy Assistant Chairpersons: Scott Olund & Barbara Furbush Companion Events Obedience & Rally- Chairperson-Ann Mandlebaum Agility Chairperson-Debbie West Working Certificate Program - Barbara Furbush Public Education Coordinator Committee Judges Education Nancy Hafner Affiliate Club Council: Susan Burge PCA Foundation: Exec. Director Tom Carneal PCA Foundation: Coordinator- Joan McFadden PCA Poodle Rescue Foundation Cindy Crawley Poodles in America: Editor: Beverly Jean Nelson Breeder Referral: Co Chairs-Mary Olund & Leslie Newing PCA Home Page Joyce Carelli PCA Information East--Martha Doerner, West-Peggy McDill, The Poodle Papers Layout & Graphic design Editor: Leslie Newing PCA Email list

Helen Lee James

The Poodle Papers

From The Poodle Papers Editor
At the start of my 12th year as Editor of the Poodle Papers, I am looking forward to a new column from Mary Lebet for the Newsletter. Her first column is a contribution from Sharon Finney. It’s a great human interest side of breeding dogs and takes your life full circle with your breeding program. I am looking forward to the great articles Mary has planned for future issues. The National is just around the corner, and this is the last issue before April. Information, as always, will be on the PCA website, or see the PCA Facebook page for the most up-to-date news. Hope everyone has had a nice winter. Let’s look forward to great weather for the National in April. Hope to see you there.

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Leslie Newing PCA Newsletter Editor

Poodle Papers! Deadline for the next newsletter is May 16th. Please get your articles to me by that date. Anyone who has an interesting topic that they would like to see in the newsletter, please feel free to email me at Please remember I will not print any copyrighted material without permission no matter what the topic is.

The Poodle Papers all issues are on line at

For members who do not have an e-mail address on file or internet access, copies will be automatically printed and mailed. For those members who do have e-mail/internet access but need a printed copy, You can by request have the Poodle Papers mailed to you. By e-mailing 4 weeks before the next issue. Thank you for helping the PCA continue to “Be Green.” The Poodle Papers

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Roster Update Form
First Name ______________MI ___Last Name___________________ Home Address: __________________________City_______________State___ZIP___Work Address: __________________________City_______________State___ZIP___ Phone: H: (__) ___-_______ W: (__) ____-________C: (__)___-_________ Fax: (___) _______Email:___________________________________ Kennel Name: _________________________________________________________ Affiliate Club ______________________ Variety(s) S T M Other ____________________________________________________ “I prefer to conduct Poodle Club of America, Inc., business by electronic Mail.” Signed: ________________________________________________________ Return to: Mary Olund 12 Elkin Court San Rafael, CA 94901-1630 The Poodle Papers

What’s Where
National Specialty PCA Publications Affiliate Club News Variety Representatives AKC Delegates Corner Westminster Photo Essay Working Poodle PCA Membership Chairman The Poodle Pulse PCA Rescue Foundation PCA Health Foundation In Memoriam

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PCA is not responsible for any statements or claims made by its contributors. PCA reserves the rights to edit all copy and make editorial comments where necessary and deemed appropriate by the editor. PCA reserves the right to refuse items submitted for publication. Written permission must be received and granted by PCA in order to reprint any editorial material. Contributors reserve all rights to their articles and permissions must be granted by them for reprint purposes. © 2007 Poodle Club of America

The Poodle Papers

National Specialty
“THE Poodle Club of America raffle - Thursday April 26, 2012 - you don’t need to go to the end of the rainbow for your POT OF GOLD! Find it at our raffle. Again this year it will be held one day - on Thursday, with set-up on Wednesday. The success of this raffle is due to you - our generous and loyal members and friends. Large and small donations are welcomed; your cast off memorabilia could be another’s treasure.


Raffle at The National!





You would like to receive information about the Poodle Club of America’s sponsored events in connection with our National Specialty, the Premium List, Seminars, Apricot/Red, Silver and Brown Matches, Tracking, Hunting and Working Tests, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Affiliate Clubs, Catalog Advertising, and more– you must get on the PCA Mailing list. Send your snail mail address You may bring your items to the the show at the Civic to Helen Sokopp (Box 1442, Manchester, Center or you can mail them to June Noyes, 851 Cha- MA 01944-0870, tel: 978–526-1990, tham Hill Road, St Stephens Ch., VA 23148 no later e-mail: ) than April 10th. They may also be sent to the Wicomico Civic Center, 500 Glen Ave, Salisbury, MD 21804, Note: PCA members are already permanently on the attention Patty Moultrop or June Noyes. list. Thank-you. Patty and June” Helen Sokopp

Notes from Debbie

Time sure does fly by. In a few short weeks we will be leaving for a busy, fun filled week at PCA. The week has gotten so busy in fact that if I chose one thing to do with my time, I miss something else fun and important. Such is life. My biggy is of course Agility trial. We have Jude Valloze from Florida as our judge this year, she will have fun courses that will challenge, but not frustrate. All plans seem to be in place. Please come to the trial to see what these amazing poodles and handlers do. We could always use help in the afternoon setting bars or running leashes, not hard and could be fun. See you there, Debbie West

The tradition of PCA, our most prestigious event and the greatest show on earth, is to award in each variety, Winner’s Dog and Winner’s Bitch, a gold medallion. Our show is so special, the ultimate Breeder’s showcase, that exceptional recognition is most appropriate. Money to continue this award is exhausted, and the price of gold continues to rise. We seek your help to renew the funding to keep the tradition alive. Please mail your check payable to PCA to Dennis McCoy 8537 Smith Road Apex, NC 27539-8169 Gold Patron- $1,500 and above Diamond Patron - $1,000. Ruby Patron - $500. Sapphire Patron - $250. Medallion Patron - we appreciate any amount Please include your name and your e-mail. Thank you!

Go for Gold !

NoteThe PCA on line store is NOW open!

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Message from Dennis

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The Board of Directors and Show Committee welcomes all International Visitors. Please send an email with your name and country of residence to Mary Ellen Fishler at The first morning that you visit PCA, International vistors are asked to go by the hospitality suite at the civic center to register and pick up country ribbons and pins.

PCA grooming spaces will take place on Wednesday, April 29, 2012, after judging. There will be a maximum of 25 spaces auctioned with proceeds used to defray the cost of the show. New this year will be a Take The Lead Table. Take The Lead provides direct services, support and care to people in the sport of pure bred dogs who suffer the devastation of life-threatening or terminal illness. Your support can make the difference. Take The Lead relies on membership, donations and fund raising events held around the country. Membership pins will be on hand this year at PCA. And, on Wednesday after judging, we’re having a Chuck A Duck to benefit Take the Lead. Up to 100 ducks can rented for $5 each on Wednesday will be chucked into the ring toward a empty pool: the duck that lands closest to the center of the pool wins 50% of the funds taken in. The remaining funds will be donated to Take the Lead. Ducks have been chucked at prestigious shows all over the USA. It’s fun and I hope everyone will get a duck to chuck! We look forward to seeing everyone again this year and hope all will support our great event with entries to help make our 80th show another great success. Lots of time-consuming work has already been done for this year by Ann Mandelbaum for Obedience and Debbie West for Agility; and by Linda Miller for Hunting, Carol Stone for Working tests and Joyce Miller for Tracking. Please try to come watch these wonderful working poodles it’s very impressive what our amazing breed can do! I’m looking forward to seeing every one again this year. Thanks for all the work you do to make our show the greatest! Dennis

ARE YOU READY??? away!!!!!

Just two months

From the Show Chair, Dennis McCoy For most of the years of my life, my schedule has been Westminster Kennel Club in February, followed by the Tarheel Cluster here in North Carolina, and now on to PCA in April. While I used to always look forward to handling at these events, now I work at The Garden, and this year was there to support Randy in his Non-Sporting Group assignment. Instead of showing on Tarheel now, I’m the show chair for Raleigh Kennel Club and the Cluster/Facility Coordinator for all five days of events. I guess I have entered the giving back to the sport phase of my life. No showing at PCA either, but judging there is very rewarding and a highlight in my long career in dogs. I am happy to be the showchair again; co-chairs Scott Olund and Barbara Furbush, assisted by Randy Garren, will take over the duties of show chair while I’m judging standards this year. My jobs have changed over the years, but not my commitment and passion for the sport of purebred dogs, especially to poodles and the great Poodle Club of America National Show. It’s great all our comformation judges this year are poodle breeder-judges! Our donations are so important to keep PCA the premier of parent club nationals. Please remember to respond to the mailing we all received for advertising, trophy donations, donations to the PCA Foundation and the Rescue Foundation, and the “Go for the Gold” Don’t forget to send in your advertising to Mary Lebet. Mary and Sandy Marshall with your support make our PCA Catalog special among Parent Club catalogs. Also, please send your donations to Bob and Joanne Steele for trophies. And to the “Go for the Gold” campaign to keep the outstanding Best of Variety gold medallions; these special medallions also set PCA apart from other national breed specialties. Make your annual donation to the PCA Foundation, who does such important research for the health of our breed. The Rescue Foundation always needs our support, too. The Live Fund Raising Auction for

New Host Hotel!
Holiday Inn Salisbury 300 S. Salisbury Blvd. Salisbury, MD 21801 410-546-4400 Will be our host hotel with a PCA rate of $103, which includes a hot breakfast bar.

The Poodle Papers

Page 9 Hunt Dinner, Lunch and Dinner tickets can all be ordered through Kay Tripp by check sent to 5604 Merion Station, Apex, NC 27539 or using Pay Pal on the website ) A very limited number of tickets for lunch can be purchased at the Show Chair’s Table (until approximately 9:00 for the same day lunch). Dinner tickets can also be purchased there. Hunt Dinner is open to everyone; however, advance reservations must be made. Tracking, WC, WCX and Hunt Test Participant dinners will be sponsored by Purina. However, you MUST still make reservations. These reservations are not transferable to other “friends” and are available only for the owners/handlers of entered dogs (one owner/ handler for each entry). For un-entered guests the cost of the dinner is $20.00 a person and all are welcome! Credit payment options are available online at HUNT DINNER RESERVATIONS Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012 Time: 7:00 P. M. Location: The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Please Make Reservation via PayPal or US Mail by April 13, 2012 ****See Premium List or website for snail mail RSVP form**** Cost: $20.00 PER PERSON for those not entered in tests Menu Rolls and Butter Tossed Salad with Dressing Beef & Chicken Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Rice Pilaf, Green Beans Almondine AND Glazed Carrots Dessert Iced Tea, Ice Water and Coffee

Does your Affiliate Club take pride in mentoring new people to the Breed? mentor someone new to the Breed today!

“ Always forgive your enemies -nothing annoys them so much.” Oscar Wilde

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The Poodle Papers

Page 11 2012 PCA Lunches Menus $16.50 per day Lunch Buffet 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. - Each Day Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Caesar Salad, Tuna Salad and Egg Salad, Assorted Breads, Stuffed Pasta Shells, Mini Éclairs and Cream Puffs Assorted Rolls and Butter, Iced Tea, Water and Coffee $16.50 Per Person Thursday, April 26, 2012 “Soups On” Comfort Lunch Buffet Vegetable Beef Soup Green Salad with Assorted Dressings Individual Chicken Pot Pies Sliced Cantaloupe, Honey Dew Melons and Pineapple Assorted Cupcakes, Iced Tea, Water and Coffee $16.50 Per Person Friday, April 27, 2012 Cole Slaw, Baked Ziti Eastern Shore Fried Chicken Baked Beans, Corn Muffins with Butter Iced Tea, Water and Coffee $16.50 Per Person AFTER THE SHOW Time to kick back, relax and remember PCA 2012! Friday, April 27, 2012 — Casual Dress 6:30 P.M. - FREE TO ALL - SOCIAL HOUR - LIGHT APPETIZERS (BRING YOUR OWN BEER & WINE) 7:45 P.M. - PCA’s BLUE RIBBON BUFFET Dinner - $40.00 Menu Mixed Green Salad Prime Rib served from a Carving Station Glazed Pit Ham served from a Carving Station Sautéed Breast of Chicken with Mushrooms Brandy Cream Sauce Sautéed String Beans with Mushrooms and Carrots Sautéed Zucchini and Squash Garlic Mashed Potatoes Rice Pilaf Rolls and Butter Traditional Smith Island Cake Iced Tea, Water and Coffee Bring your own beer or wine — wine glasses provided. Vegetarian Alternative by Special Order FOLLOWED BY the Poodle Club of America INC. Annual Meeting — All are Welcome — The Poodle Papers

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Poodle Grooming Seminar
Where: Clean Run

By Alan Waterman

17 Industrial Drive South Hadley Ma 01075

When: March 24 -25, 2012 Cost: $250 for both days, $150 for one day, audit $100 per day

Space is limited so reserve your spot early!
Registration due by 3-10-12
FMI: Nancy Palauskas (860)291-8211 grooming shop (860)836-5616 cell

This is a two day hands on grooming seminar that will teach in detail how to groom a show Poodle from start to finish. Grooming topics will include bathing and drying, clipping, scissoring, banding and spraying. Other topics will be discussed including, diet and nutrition, training and conditioning as well as many other helpful topics. Reservations taken on a first come first serve basis. $100.00 deposit to reserve your spot, balance is due March 10, 2012 If you cancel before March 10, 2012 your deposit will be refunded, after that date, you will only get a refund if your spot is filled.

Note:Clean Run will open it’s warehouse for retail shopping during our seminar event. They have dog toys, treats, training aids, plus an incredible library of books and DVDs, and much more!! All available for you to browse and make purchases each day of the seminar.

Please mail your deposit of $100.00 to Nancy Palauskas , 1162 Ellington Road, South Windsor, CT. 06074 as soon as possible. The balance will be due by March 10, 2012. Checks Payable to Nancy Palauskas Enclosed is my deposit of $100.00 for (please circle correct item) $250.00 for two days Audit Saturday Name: Address: Town : Phone: State: Email Address: Zip: $150.00 for one day Saturday $100.00 One day Audit Sunday $150.00 for one day Sunday $100.00 one day $200.00 both days Audit

Alan Waterman Seminar

March 24 - 25, 2012

The Poodle Papers

Congratulations Cathi Winkles and “T”
Submitted by Cathi Winkles

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I arrived in Orlando on December 15 with my trusty little poodle ‘T’, CH MACH6 Ravendune Right on Target CDX RAE OF, to compete in our very first AKC Agility Invitational. We had worked diligently all year to rank in the top five agility Poodles in AKC (we were #2) to earn an invitation to the event. The Invitational was held in the HUGE Orange County Convention Center and would be the location for Conformation, Obedience and Agility. There were almost 600 dogs competing in Agility with 102 in my 12” jump height. The top five dogs in each AKC breed were represented at the Invitational, plus five All-American dogs and several foreign countries were represented as well, including Canada and Puerto Rico. All dogs competed in four preliminary rounds and the dogs with the cleanest rounds and highest cumulative scores earned a spot in the Finals. I had no aspirations of winning, just hoped we could run clean and maybe get Top Poodle for the event. Well, lo and behold, our cumulative score landed us in the Finals in 9th position out of ten! T and I were second to run in the finals as they start with tenth and work up to first position. We ran a clean round and a nice fast time, after which, we got to sit in the “hot seat” until which time another team also ran clean but faster, then they would sit in the “hot seat.” Well, we never needed to leave that chair! Dog after dog, either had slower times or made errors, until we were in second place. I was totally stunned that we had moved up so far. Finally, the last and best dog in the finals ran the course...and missed the dog walk contact. The AKC rep waiting with me turned and said, “Cathi, you’ve just won the AKC Invitational, now go and take your victory lap!” The beautiful (and heavy!) medallion around T’s neck is the Top Poodle in the Invitational award sponsored by Poodle Club of America and I greatly appreciate their recognition for performance poodles. In addition, AKC awarded T with a certificate for Top Poodle for 2010. This was the second year in a row that the 12” division at the Invitational was won by a mini poodle. It was an amazing experience and I am still on Cloud 9 from the win!

The Poodle Papers

Friday, April 20, 2012 8:00 A.M. PCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY TRACKING DOG and TRACKING DOG EXCELLENT TESTS, Rhodesdale, MD Saturday, April 21, 2012 8:00 A.M. PCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY RETRIEVER HUNTING TEST, Rhodesdale, MD Sunday, April 22, 2012 8:00 a.m. RETRIEVER HUNTING TEST continued, if not completed Saturday PCA WORKING TESTS, Rhodesdale, MD 7:30 P.m. PURINA HUNT DINNER, Da Nang Room, Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Monday, April 23, 2012 7:00 a.m. PCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY AGILITY TRIAL, Normandy Arena, Wicomico Youth & Civic Center 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. PCA Foundation Board Meeting, DaNang Room Tuesday, April 24, 2012 6:30 A.M. 2012 Fund Raiser Auction Winners Entrance to building, ten at a time. Followed by All others no earlier than 7:00 A.M., ten at a time. 8:00 a.m. PCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY OBEDIENCE TRIAL, Normandy Arena PCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY RALLY TRIAL, Normandy Arena 9:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. PCA Foundation Seminar, Da Nang Room (Registration 9:00 A.M. to 9:30 A.M., Seminar 9:30 to 12:00 Noon and 1:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.) 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Blood Draw for OptiGen prcd-PRA testing, plus NIH and university research Lunch Break PARADE OF RESCUE DOGS - By Invitation Only CONTINUATION OF OBEDIENCE & RALLY JUDGING Followed by PARADE OF AKC COMPANION & PERFORMANCE TITLEHOLDERS, Normandy Arena Followed by CANINE GOOD CITIZEN TEST, Normandy Arena 3:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.m. JUDGES’ EDUCATION, Da Nang Room. Wednesday, April 25, 2012 PCA NATIONAL Specialty Show , normandy Arena 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 P.m. Purchase/pick up reserved seating, luncheon and dinner tickets in the Normandy Arena 9:00 A.M. JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP Followed by REGULAR DOG CLASSES American Kennel Club Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards 2012 Chuck A Duck contest to benefit “Take the Lead” Followed by Fund Raising Auction for first 25 grooming setup numbers for the 2013 National Specialty Show Followed by PARADE OF AKC BREED CHAMPIONS 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon Blood Draw for OptiGen prcd-PRA testing, plus NIH and university research 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. CERF Clinic 12:00 - 4:00 P.M. Texas A&M Heart screening for Atrial SeptAl Defect in Standard Poodles 4:00 P.m. PCA AFFILIATE CLUB COUNCIL MEETING, Hospitality Room 5:30 P.m. - 7:30 P.m. PURINA HOSPITALITY PARTY, Headquarters Hotel - Salisbury Holiday Inn, Salisbury, MD Thursday, April 26, 2012 PCA NATIONAL Specialty Show , normandy Arena 8:00 a.m. REGULAR BITCH CLASSES Followed by VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 P.m. Purchase/pick up reserved seating, luncheon and dinner tickets in the Normandy Arena 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon Texas A&M Heart screening for Atrial SeptAl Defect in Standard Poodles Friday, April 27, 2012 PCA NATIONAL Specialty Show , normandy Arena 8:00 a.m. BEST OF VARIETY (STANDARD, MINIATURE AND TOY) STUD DOG, BROOD BITCH & BRACE CLASSES INTERVARIETY COMPETITION 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon Texas A&M Heart screening for Atrial SeptAl Defect in Standard Poodles 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 P.m. Purchase/pick up reserved seating, luncheon and dinner tickets in the Normandy Arena After Friday ‘s judging, please join us in the Da Nang Room 6:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. — Social Hour - No Ticket Required - Everyone Welcome! 7:45 P.M. — BLUE RIBBON DINNER with pre-purchased ticket followed by The Poodle Club of America, Inc. Annual Meeting All are welcome ! ~~~ For details about ~~~ Judges’ Education - Contact Nancy Hafner at (256) 381-5744 or

2012 Schedule of Events

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The Poodle Papers

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There are only a few weeks remaining. In order to include your name as a donor in the 2012 Show Catalog, your donation must reach us no later than March 9, 2012. Please complete the Donation Coupon below and mail it with your check to:

Joanne & Bob Steele Trophy Committee Chairmen 7240 Fallingwoods Ln Cincinnati, OH 45241

(513) 847-1611 (Phone/Fax)

-------------------------------------------------Cut and Mail ------------------------------------------------2012 TROPHY FUND DONATION COUPON Please Include me as a 2012 PCA Trophy Fund Donor Name_________________________________ Kennel________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________ City___________________________________________ State_____________ Zip_________ E-Mail ______________________________________________________________________ Phone_________________________________ Total Amount of Donation $_______________ Indicate below how you wish your donation to be applied: Patron:($25.00 or more) $_________ General Fund: $_________ Obedience: $_________ Agility: $__________ Rally: $___________ Hunt/WC/WCX: $____________ Toy: $____________ Miniature: $_____________ Standard: $____________ Please print EXACTLY as you wish your name and kennel to appear in the 2012 Show Catalog ____________________________________________________________________________ Please make checks payable to: The Poodle Club of America, Inc. Mail to: Joanne & Bob Steele Trophy Committee Chairmen 7240 Fallingwoods Ln Cincinnati, OH 45241

The Poodle Papers

Key To The Sea Poodle Club
Friday- March 30, 2012. Poodles only Breed Judge: Mrs. Connie Clapp Obedience & Rally Judge: Mrs. Catherine Thompson Saturday- March 31, 2012 Poodles only Breed Judge: Mr. Charles Scott Obedience & Rally Judge: Mrs. Sharon Redmer *** NEW- Sunday- April 1, 2012 All Breed Obedience Judge: Mr. Del Lunn Held in the Toledo Kennel Club Bldg. 1161 Clarion Ave., Holland, OH 43528 Event Secretary: Amada Melendez

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The Poodle Papers

P.C.A. Publications

Page 17

The Poodle Papers

1. FROM THE WHELPING BOX TO THE SHOW RING A panel of three breeders discuss their methods in preparing a Poodle puppy for the show ring. Panelists Mrs. Arlene Scardo, Miss Betsey Leedy, and Mrs. Kadelia Hamilton. Panel is moderated by Mrs Debby Cozart. $20.00

Page 18
27. 2001 “ BREEDING STRATEGIES” Dr. John Armstrong and Dr. George Padgett discuss “Type” casting, establishing a line, role of DNA mapping in making breeding decisions. $20.00 28. 2002 PCAF SEMINAR -- WHICH PUPPY TO KEEP Mrs. Pat Hastings leads us in an interactive seminar in solving the puzzle of “Which Puppy to Keep” $20.00 30. 2003 PCAF SEM. “RAISING THE SHOW PUPPY” Mrs James Edward Clark leads a panel of prominent Poodle Breeders who express their views on “The Successful Raising of a Show Puppy” $20.00 31. 2004 “ GENETICS FOR POODLE BREEDERS” Dr.Jerold Bell discusses how breeders should use the advances in dog genome research in making breeding decisions. $20.00 32. 2005 “Anne Clark on POODLE PEDIGREES” Mrs. Edward Clark discusses various aspects of poodles and their pedigrees. $22.00 33. 2006 “POODLE DISEASE UPDATES” Dr. Thomas Graves discusses the research, testing, treatment & management of key genetic diseases. 22.00 34. 2010 PCA FOUNDATION SEMINAR – (Combo DVD Set) 1.Vaccines & vaccination-Dr.R. Schultz 2. Canine Genetics Update-DR. M Neff 3. Estate Planning For Your Dogs— Ms Charlotte Mitchell $25.00 (Please circle the DVD desired) 1 4 6 8 10 12 13 14 16 17 21 22 23 24 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE WITH ORDER: $ ____________ NAME ________________________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________ CITY ______________________STATE____ZIP_________ METHOD OF PAYMENT: CHECK___VISA___M/C____ ACT. #_____________________________EXP._____ Signature_____________________________________ Make all checks payable to: PCA FOUNDATION US FUNDS ONLY FOREIGN ORDERS ADD $3.00 PER DVD MAIL ORDER TO: ALLEN KINGSLEY E-MAIL 3311 KINGFISHER LN. AJKFISHER2@AOL.COM DENTON, TX 76209

4. 1990 DOG JUDGES ASSOC. PRESENTATION ON THE POODLE: An exciting presentation on the Poodle from the judges perspective. Presented by Mr. Frank Sabella and Mr. & Mrs James Clark. $20.00 5. 1990 DR. ELAINE ROBINSON on PINPOINTING OVULATION: This video tape will be exceptionally valuable tool in any serious breeding program. $20.00 6. POODLE TEMPERMENT PANEL: A discussion on improving Poodle temperament. Panelists include John Fowler, Mrs. Joan Scott, Mrs. Pat Deshler, Mrs. Glena Carlson. Narrated by Del Dahl $20.00 8. THE POODLE POSITIVE: A Judge’s Workshop with Mr. & Mrs. James Clark. You do not have to be a judge or aspire to be one to gain a lot from this tape. $20.00 10. PROGRESSIVE RETINAL ATROPHY: Dr. Gustavo Aquirre discussed PRA in Poodles $20.00

12. BREEDING A GREAT POODLE (TWO TAPES) Dr. George Padgett speaks on Poodle traits; comparing inbreeding to out crossing and line breeding; risk factors in picking up faults; calculating good and bad genes; helping each other with our breed. $35.00 13. POODLE TYPE: Dr. Jacklyn Hungerland and Mrs. James Clark discuss what makes a Poodle. $15.00 14. ASPECTS OF REPRODUCTION: Dr. Edward Feldman discusses reproduction and the Poodle $15.00 16. HEREDITARY DISEASES IN POODLES : Dr. Fran Smith speaks on hereditary diseases in all Varieties. A breeders guide to genetic diseases. $15.00 17. ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS IN POODLES: Dr. E.A. Corley, discusses orthopedic problems in hips,stifles and elbows as they relate to all varieties of Poodles. $15.00 21. CANINE MALE REPRODUCTION: Dr. Autumn Davidson discusses reproduction semen collection and managing the high risk delivery. $15.00 22.SUCCESSFULLY BREEDING THE INFERTILE BITCH Dr. E. Robinson discusses breeding the infertile bitch.$15.00 24. 1998 SEMINAR -- GENETIC DISEASE ANALYSIS Jerold Bell discusses genetic disease analysis. $15.00

The Poodle Papers

Affiliate Club News
The Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club (GMPC) is off and running with many 2012 activities. GMPC’s officers and directors for 2012 are as follows: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Board of Directors John Pittman Katy Kinowski Lora DeSombre (2nd term) Susan Preuss (unlimited term) Jaci Bowman, Roberta Gilson, and Susanne Nash Remaining on Board JoAnn Hubacek, Deb Mapes, and Linda Weresch Past President Cathryn Catelain Following is an outline of GMPC’s 2012 events. GMPC AWARDS DINNER MARCH 3, 2012 The GMPC Awards Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the Thunder Bay Grille, N14 W24130 Tower Place, Waukesha, WI. Cocktails: 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Dinner: 7:00 p.m. Any club member who has completed an AKC title on their poodle(s) during 2011 is eligible for a club award and has a choice of a picture frame or plaque with a title bar. Congratulations to all our winners. GMPC ANNUAL HEALTH CLINIC APRIL 2, 2012 The GMPC Annual Health Clinic will take place at the Animal Motel, starting at 4:00 p.m., Monday April 2, 2012, 13175 W. Silver Spring Drive, Butler, Wisconsin. CERF, heartworm and additional diagnostic testing is available, as well as microchipping. All dogs are welcome. GMPC OBEDIENCE AND RALLY TRIAL JUNE 23, 2012 On June 23, 2012 GMPC will hold combined all breed and poodle specialty obedience and rally trials at Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club, Ixonia,

Page 19

WI. The judges are: Minta (Mike) Williquette - Obedience classes: Nov A, Grad Open, Utility A/B; and Rally classes: Nov A/B, Adv A/B, Ex A/B Russell Hornfisher - Beg Nov A/B, Nov B, Grad Novice, Open A & B, and Versatility

GREATER MILWAUKEE POODLE CLUB SPECIALTY SHOW FRIDAY JUNE 29, 2012 **NEW SHOW - NEW LOCATION - NEW DATE** The June GMPC Specialty Show will be held on Friday, June 29, 2012 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in conjunction with Kettle Moraine Kennel Club (KMKC) shows. Show Chair and Show Secretary - Cathryn Catelain Judge - Delores Burkholder Superintendent - Roy Jones Dog Shows. The show will be in the evening and in air conditioning. Reserved grooming spaces can be purchased from KMKC. We also are doing Parade of Champions and Titleholders. KMKC is having Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy and Mrs. Anne Hier as poodle judges.

The July GMPC Specialty Show will be held on Friday, July 27, 2012 at the Waukesha County Exposition Center, followed by two Waukesha Kennel Club All Breed shows held on Saturday and Sunday at the same location. Two All Breed shows will be held by the Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club at Elkhorn, Wisconsin on Monday and Tuesday. cont. on page 20

The Poodle Papers

cont. from page 19 Specialty Show Chair - Lora De Sombre Specialty Show Judge - Mr. Chuck Winslow Superintendent: Onofrio Dog Shows GMPC WC/WCX TESTS FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012

Page 20

From Jan Elwert
GREATER CINCINNATI POODLE CLUB announces new Officers and Directors for the 2012 year.... Officers: President: Vice President Treasurer Secretary Directors: Past President Board Member Board Member Board Member Rita Datema Pam Manfresca Ruth Ann Stewart John Datema Karla Redden Rita Datema Holly Schroth Jan Elwert

On Friday, August 17, 2012 GMPC will hold a PCA WC/WCX test (pending PCA approval). It will be held at Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club, Waukesha, WI. The judges are Jean Granger and Doug Kennedy. Submitted by Bev Duerst

From Poodle Club of Mass.

_________________________________________ GREATER CINCINNATI POODLE CLUB PCM is putting on a sanctioned match B/OB rally . Breed is poodles only of course, but we are opening ob would also like to announce an upcoming AGILITY TRIAL....March 24th and 25th, 2012 & rally to all breeds. Date is Sunday march 18 at SUREFIRE DOGS Train- to be held at the Queen City Dog Training Center ing Center ( Surefire is a very Cincinnati, Ohio large, well lit training facility in Westborough, MA, not GREATER CINCINNATI POODLE CLUB SPEfar from the intersection of Route 9 and 495. CIALTY More information is available on our site poodleclubof- to be held Memorial Day weekend May 26th and 27th, 2012 at the Butler County or people can contact me directly, Fairgrounds, Hamilton, Ohio thanks PLEASE MAKE YOUR CALENDER FOR BOTH Andy Kress EVENTS......

Dear Affiliate Club Members

Please get your 2012 catalog ad in to the advertising chairman as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your next meeting to do this because it may occur after the March 2nd deadline. Let your President and Corresponding Secretary know right now that the ad is due. We so appreciate your club’s ads. They are an important means of connecting to Poodle people in your area and adds so much to our catalog. Also feel free to include in your ad copy the 2012 theme . Poodles Over the Rainbow. A contest will be conducted to choose the best theme ads. All of you have helped so much in the past to make the show a sucess. We look forward to having your support again this year. Ad copy and payment of $40 per page goes to the Advertising Chairman Mary Lebet 64 Boxford Rd, Ipswich MA 01938 Phone 978 356-5576 fax 978 356-6347 email If you need help with your ad please give Mary a call Sandy Marshall Advertising Commitee The Poodle Papers

Variety Representatives
Standard Representative Report
Recently I received an e-mail from a Senior Veterinary Specialist with Pfizer Animal Health. The following is the contents: As a veterinary dermatologist I routinely treated dogs with ear infections. It seemed as if the poodles, particularly the standard poodles, had more than their share but there are no statistics to support this feeling. A question was posed to the global veterinary dermatology Listserv about routine plucking of the ear canals and the possibility that this may predispose or even cause an episode of otitis. The consensus was that once there was an ear infection that plucking the hair was a part of the treatment but that if the ear canal wasn’t infected that it should not be plucked. I stated that breeders and exhibitors routinely plucked the hair as a part of the routine grooming and I thought that this was actually a deterrent to infection, as we had to pluck the ears once an infection was started. So the question is – do most owners of poodles, particularly the standards, make it a part of the regular grooming to pluck the ear canals and what is yourcollective experience regarding this? Do you think it causes or prevents an episode of otitis? Attached is a survey that I’d like to have reach poodle breeders. If you will answer this survey and return it to me at my email address: by March 15 I’ll prepare a summary of the results and send it back to you and your health and genetics committee shortly thereafter. Thank you. Candace A. Sousa DVM, Diplomater ABVP Canine and Feline Practice, Senior Veterinery Specialist, VST, Pfizer Animal Health

Page 21

Contact the Variety Reps:
Toys- Joan Scott Miniature - Nancy Hafner Standard-Joan McFadden

Toy Representative Report

The toy variety is still holding its own though in various parts of the country entries are really low. It is very hard to go to a show and only see an entry of two or three. Calls have been coming in for puppies but the market is still slow. Please continue to let Leslie Newing and Mary Olund know what you have available for sale. I would like to remark on my disappointment in the number of silver toys that are being exhibited at this time. I certainly cannot speak for the entire country but in the areas I have been attending, silvers are few and far between. I hope that they are better represented at the National this year.

Please remember the color matches on Monday, April 24, 2012 at the civic center. The matches will start with the Red/Apricot at 10:00 a.m. The judge is Helen Sokopp. The Silver Poodle match will start at 12:00 noon and L’Dyne Brennen is the judge. The last match will be the Brown at 2:00 p.m. and is being judged by Michelle Polito. Entries are $10.00 the day of the show and $8.00 pre show. Entries are being taken by Dolly Thought we’d put this out there and see how the other Shorback, 48586 Haverland Road, Lexington Park, MD Breeders feel……should be an interesting survey and 20653. we might all learn something . Since sooner or later we all seem to deal with this particular problem it might I am looking forward to all those toy poodles attending our National this year. See you in Salisbury. Remembenefit us. ber if there is anything I can help you with don’t hesitate to contact me. Joan McFadden Standard Rep Joan Scott, Toy Representative The Poodle Papers

Page 22

Miniature Representative Report

tacted by people who want to use our dogs, or purchase At this time I would like to address a problem that our dogs to create designer breeds. keeps occurring. There have been several miniature poodle breeders who have contacted me with regard to After letting me know that this very erudite and eduDoodle breeding. In my article in the summer issue of cated woman was looking to find a miniature poodle to this newsletter I wrote about a gentleman who had con- breed with her purebred Wire Haired Pointing Griffon tacted me about how to find the health testing for his so they could produce a new breed of Griffindoodles, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier/Apricot Miniature poodle and that the woman went on to present her managemix. Even though the gentleman who started this craze ment and selling of these progeny; she then forwarded with Labs in Australia has revisited his thoughts on this the same information to the National Breed Club. Both Ann and the National Breed Club forwarded responses practice, it is still flourishing. to this woman with the myriad of reasons why this was This currant information came to me via Ann Kennedy a terrible idea in the hopes of dissuading the project.

of Clarion Poodles. Ann wanted us to let the miniature poodle breeders who are members of PCA and affiliate It seems if we are ever to get a handle on this designer members know of this woman’s efforts. But what I dog problem we are going to need to work with other wanted to point out is the way Ann handled the prob- breed clubs and provide a united front. Mary Ellen lem. It is a good template for any of us who are conCont. on page 23 The Poodle Papers

Poodle Club Of America Affiliated Clubs April 28 2011

Page 23

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 P.M. by Susan Burge – 2nd VP of PCA Minutes were presented & approved from the prior meeting of April 29, 2010. Attending clubs & reps were as follows: Poodle Club of America (WRPC) Twin Cities Greater Milwaukee Gr Pittsburgh Poodle Club GMPC & GLPC PC of Massachusetts PC Massachusetts Lone Star Western Reserve Poodle Club Washington DC Poodle Club Creole Poodle Club Columbia Poodle Club Tampa Bay Poodle Club & Creole PC of New Orleans Bluebonnet Poodle Club & Creole Poodle Club Bluebonnet Poodle Club Bluebonnet Poodle Club Greenspring Poodle Club Twin Cities Poodle Club The Enchanted Poodle Club Heart of America Poodle Club Tampa Bay Poodle Club cont. from page 22 Susan Burge Nancy Thorvelson Dorrit Diehl Linda Caldwell Cathryn Catelain Debby DuBay Mary Lebet Andy Kress Susan Giordano Luann Wilkinson Kathleen Bencin Kathy Gilbert Sandy Marshall Mary Ellen Fischler Claude Martin Tabatha Waters Jeff Smith Jordan Chamberlain Richard Jordan Mark Bingham Sheree Stone Jacky Young Mary J Watson Terri Meyers Frances Lavender-Fish Dr. Jackie Smith Virginia A Dorris cont. on page 24

Fishler informed me that at the Meet the Breeds in New I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our NationYork City, it was the first time she had people express- al in April. Please have a safe trip with your poodles on ing how much they wished they had read our anti de- your way “over the rainbow” to Salisbury. signer dog information before they bought their mixed poodles. This is a very positive response considering Nancy Hafner, Miniature Poodle Representative New York City seems to be the designer dog capital of Poodle Club of America the world. The Poodle Papers

cont. from page 23 Minutes of Affiliated Clubs April 28, 2011

Page 24 Note to Clubs: When paying your dues to PCA be careful to use the correct Paypal. Suggestions to Clubs: It was recommended that Club Business Meetings be kept to 15 minutes if possible. Ask members to take turns bring snacks. It is recommended that you have snacks 1st, then have a speaker (or other type of presentation(s) and hold the meeting last. It was suggested to serve a meal along with beverages, beer/wine etc (unless meeting is held in a Baptist church!!) at the meeting and charge about $8.00 per person. All clubs should have a code of ethics – if yours does not have one PCA or another club can give you a copy then put forth to the members a questionnaire as to what they want excluded. The Board should then made the final decision(s) and present them to the members for a vote. Consider handling classes where people can purchase a group for a discounted amount. A possible way to raise money provided you can get the location for free or a small amount. Be careful to get a contract that states you do not have to pay for the location if a class is not held. Clubs have not been sending their ballots in for Judges. Some stated they did not get sufficient notice. It is suggested that the minute the 1st Ballot is opened you get your list started and voted on. If you get a donated medallion for a 2nd show you must have it stated in the premium as to the source of the donation. Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 5:30 PM Respectfully submitted by Virginia (Ginny) Dorris

Susan thanked those attending and stated that 22 clubs sent baskets for the Silent Auction. She also stated that the competition for “Best Ad For The Theme” went to 2 Obedience clubs that got together to design the Ad. Susan stated that PCA has changed the rules on medallions: Clubs will 1 medallion per year free. Clubs can get a “High In Trial” for clubs offering Obedience at their Specialty for $70.00. Back to Back Specialties, Supported Entry along with Concurrent Specialties following All Breed Shows were discussed. Mentoring: Linda Caldwell from Greater Pittsburgh Poodle Club discussed how they helped new owners. Two of their members stepped forward & helped at the show sites and other locations. They also helped with the Junior’s and thus far the program has worked well. Next they tried to mentor new members, however, some felt that they tried to push their ideas rather than stick to general areas. Linda believes that a more open dialog to get various opinions from others might help as you can learn a little something from everyone. Teaching show etiquette - such as, not showing a dog that only needs a major (when there is no major) as you could be taking points from another dog. Also set-up etiquette. Explaining, in a good way, that not all dogs will make it as a show dog – help them with other considerations. New Club Members: Often their ideas are not taken into consideration. These new members are the basis of maintaining a club & getting workers. Good workers often come from Obedience, Rally & Agility. Remember everyone is a volunteer, giving freely of their time so you need to be open to work around hills & mountains as needed. Try getting new members as Assistant Stewarts. Have older members discuss their experiences.

The Poodle Papers

To Affiliate Clubs:

Page 25

One of my continuing missions as Affiliate Club Chair has been for all of our affiliate clubs and their members to create a PRESENCE and be felt both in PCA itself and at our national specialty in April. The large majority of poodle breeders and exhibitors are members of their local affiliate clubs only and are not members of PCA. Interestingly, most PCA members started in the trenches of the affiliate clubs and many remain active members in those clubs.

offers a great opportunity to interact with other clubs and discuss how they have addressed the problems and concerns facing many of our clubs. Some of the topics on our meeting agenda include: Club Program Ideas; How does Rescue work (or not) for your club; Candidates for membership in PCA; and the 2013 Regional in the Northwest. If would like to see anything else discussed or have other ideas, please let me know and I will try to add as many other items as I can to the agenda.

The minutes from the 2011 Affiliate Club Council There are many ways that our affiliate clubs and their meeting are in this edition of the Poodle Papers. Ginny members can make themselves be felt in our organiza- Dorris did a great job taking the meeting minutes, but tion. First, if at all possible, attend the national spe- please note that the attendance list from that meeting is cialty show in April, as it is truly the greatest poodle incomplete. As a result, if you were at the meeting and show on earth. While Salisbury, Maryland may seem a your name didn’t make it onto the list, please let me little off the beaten track, this city has greeted PCA and know so that we can complete our official copy. poodles with open arms. Many merchant post signs saying “Welcome Poodle People”! At the show it in- Finally, I also encourage you to attend the Hospitality troduce yourself to people. Board members wear name Party hosted by Purina on April 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 tags, and I can assure you we don’t bite! Meet the per- in the Headquarters Hotel (Holiday Inn). The party is son next to you. While I know all this sounds corny, it open to everyone, and offers a great opportunity to reworks. Finally, volunteering at the national specialty lax with Purina and still have time to get back to groom is a tremendous boon to PCA. It is only through the your dogs! hard work and dedication of our volunteers, many of whom are not PCA members, that our show works Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, so well. Those folks behind the trophy table and the concerns or comments about upcoming meetings or catalog sellers need a break and enjoy interacting with any other issues at 440-526-2382 or people. The raffle table workers are always welcome assistance. While these may seem trivial, any and all Susan Burge 2nd Vice President assistance is tremendously appreciated. Affiliate Club Council Chair Another ways our affiliate clubs can create a PRESENCE is to advertise their club in the PCA National Come join us at: Specialty catalog. 40 of our 46 clubs did so last year, and 100% participation this year would be fantastic. Affiliate clubs can donate a trophy if you or your memCreole Poodle Club bers have not done so in the past. A mailing was sent to your clubs containing all the information regarding of both of these great opportunities. At this time I also formally invite all members of our Affiliate Clubs, PCA members and anyone else who is interested to come to our Annual Affiliate Club Council meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY, April 25th at 4:00 P.M. in the Hospitality Room of the Convention Center. Please note that this is a new day for our meeting, and refreshments will be served. The meeting The Poodle Papers

New Orleans

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Judge - Elaine Lessig Deb Verdon, Show Secretary

A.K.C. Delegates Corner
Mission statement • The Parent Club Committee’s objective for the December 15, 2011 This meeting started with the usual updates of on the Parent Club of Excellence program is to recognize exParent Club Delegate-L and the Parent Club Confer- emplary AKC Parent Clubs by developing objective ence-L both having positive effects and an amendment measurable criteria that will assess positive attributes to previously adopted June 2011 committee minutes. of a Parent Club. AKC Parent Clubs are dedicated to There was a discussion on the moratorium on new the protection, preservation, and promotion of their inclubs. This moratorium has been lifted. There are dividual breeds. In addition, they further support their changes to the rules for applying which are noted in the breed through membership, mentoring, education, fun Delegate’s report. There was an update in regards to activities and events, which develop the instincts and natural abilities of the breed. The AKC Parent Clubs the CGC becoming a recognized award. that excel in these activities will be recognized and desThe meeting went on to discuss the Parent Club’s par- ignated as an AKC Parent Club of Excellence. ticipation in the Meet the Breeds in New York and Florida. Many of the parent clubs would like to see The Criteria for a parent club to earn the Parent Club of this venue move around the country. There were more Excellence Award: Membership-Comparisons of the current memupdates on the elimination of staff liaison at Committee • Meetings, the three point major reserve issue at Nation- bership to the previous year. An increase in memberal specialties, and updating rules for running concur- ship will be rewarded calculated on a percentage based rent specialties. For the most part, only the concurrent on the total membership; 5 points for a 1%+ increase, specialty update had new information. We will be able 10 points for a 5%+increase. Club encourages members that qualify to be to have concurrent specialties within an All Breed. The • same superintendent must be used, there is a limit of AKC Breeder of Merit Program to apply and become 100 entries, and if there is a conflict with a group – no BOM – 10-points. *Encouragement is defined as, but not limited to: e.g. letter, via the club’s communication groups will be held up. venues, email, newsletter. Club encourages all members to do full litter Then there was a request from the Weimaraner Club • to discuss with the staff and Board the new fees re- registration – 5 points *Encouragements is defined as, garding statistics. In the past these have always been but not limited to: e.g. letter, via the club’s communicaprovided to the Parent Clubs for free. There is now tion venues, email newsletter Juniors Program – 5 points, Scholarship proa fee. The fees vary by request depending on if you • gram – 2 points receive them monthly ($1260.00), quarterly($840.00), Mentoring Program for newcomers to the sport or annually($360.00, $120.00 per conformation, obedi- • ence, performance). This year through December 31, – 10 points Meet the Breed Participation – 5 points for each 2011 was sent for free. There were many questions • regarding how this information is used by individual major event. Major described as AKC/Eukanuba show clubs. For instance, many clubs use this information and the Jacob Javits Center. Meet the Breeds participawhen compiling statistics for various awards. Poodle tion in other events – points (max of 6 points) Judges Education Prresentations – 5 points for Club of America does not use these stats in this manner. • each seminar (max 20 points0 We have provided information to our breed magazines. Judges mentoring program – 5 points The end result was a motion to investigate a fee deter- • • Health Program – 10 points, Recommends mined by the size of the club and information needed. The Parent Club of Excellence Committee, whose Health Screening – 2 points, Fund Health Research – 4 members are Larry Sorenson, John Nielson, Karen points Burgess, and Connie Butherus, presented their report cont. on page 27 for consideration. The entire report is as follows: – The Poodle Papers

Page 26

Parent Club Committee Meeting

cont from page 26

al system currently in place. • Each Parent Club of Excellence will receive • Rescue Program – 10 points a web banner similar to the Breeder of Merit banner. • Breeder Referral Program – 10 points The club may use the PC of Excellence banner on their • Legislation Program – 10 points website, premium list, catalog, and other appropriate • Code of Ethics – 5 points • Club Communications with members, public, places. and judges. Newsletter/Magazine -3 points, Website – 4 points, a monitored e list for Parent Club members, Goals and Rewards of this Program New and younger people participating in the which is used for communication of information in a • sport and the clubs. timely manner – 2 points BOM – increase in enrollment thus an increase • Parent Club AKC Flyer, which is included with • in AKC registration. the new registration papers -2 points. The program will become a road map for parent • Annual recognition of Breed accomplishments • clubs in the formation stages. awards program – 4 points. This is a low cost program, which will motivate • Additional points will be awarded for Junior • clubs to excel. recognition – 3 points • AKC events – The Parent Club offer (breed appropriate) with a maximum of 10 points. Conforma- The afternoon continued with the General Caucus tion – 2 points, Obedience – 2 points, Rally – 2 points, where the candidates for the Board vacancies to be Tracking – 2 points, Agility – 2 points, CGC – 2 points, voted on in March answered questions put forth by the Field Trials – 2 points, Hunt Test – 2 points, Lure Delegate body. Coursing – 2 points, Herding – 2 points, Earthdog test DELEGATE’S REPORT – 2 points, other – 2 points. • Constitution and By-Laws – the Club’s By- The meeting of the Delegates was held on December 16, 2011. Dennis Sprung, President called the meetLaws in compliance with AKC – 5 points. ing to order. It started with the introduction of the • Club is incorporated – 5 points • The last section is a narrative in which the Par- delegates nominated by the nominating committee as ent Club writes their significant accomplishments not candidates for each of the vacancies on the Board of addressed by the previous standards. This narrative Directors which are to be filled at the next meeting on March 13, 2011. These are the committees three would be scored from zero to 5 points nominees for the class of 2016. William J. Feeney, Sir The Parent Club of Excellence is a 5 year award. It Frances Drake Kennel Club, Thomas Powers, Kennel is the clubs responsibility to provide information on Club of Beverly Hills, and Lynn Worth Smith Vizsla changes that would affect their status. Clubs trying to Club of America. achieve the Award may apply annually to attempt qualification. The following Delegates have been endorsed in writing by the required number of Delegates as nominees: Patricia M. Cruz, Heart of the Plains Kennel Club, James Effron, Nashville Kennel Club; John L. Ronald, Samoyed Club of America, Robert A. Scroll. Clarksburg Kennel Club, and Larry Sorenson, Dachsund Club of America. Mr. Effron, withdrew his nomination later. Each candidate spoke to their eligibility as a candidate. The president went on with the general business and the introduction of new Delegates. Ron Meneker, AKC Board Chairman gave his report. He spoke of all the exciting new developments that occurred during the year of 2011, cont. on page 28

Page 27

Number of annual Parent Club of Excellence Awards Clubs that submit applications and score above the established percentage will receive the award. The Parent Club of Excellence is a 5-year award. Clubs are responsible to provide information about changes that would affect their status during the 5 years. Clubs may reapply after five years. Clubs not achieving the Award are invited to apply in one year. Cost of the Program • The “Parent Club of Excellence Committee” will manage and implement this program with the support from AKC staff as needed, by utilizing the approv-

The Poodle Papers

Page 28 take hold. They learned Specialties are very important cont. from page 27 for supporting entries at the all breed events and that • Obedience celebrated its 75th Anniversary-it conflicting Specialties that block entries at an all breed remains today what it was created to do-“a proud dem- event have a negative impact on the entire weekend. onstration of our dogs instinctual capabilities and talent Events that do not change their dates on a regular baas companions.” sis have a much more stable trend in their entries then • Conformation saw an infusion of new enhance- those that change their site or change their date. There ments: is at least a three year impact. Grand Championship Achievement Levels AKC Owner Handler Series At this point Robin Stansell, Vice President of Show Enhanced Breeder of Merit Program Events, took over the discussion. He responded to the • Agility announced two new titles: question “Are there too many dog shows?” The answer Timed to Beat titling class was it depends. In densely populated areas, there are Preferred Agility Championship title too many shows, while other areas are underserved. It Also the AKC Agility team representing the USA won was here the requirements for new clubs and new spemany accolades, including a gold medal at the Agility cialty clubs were related. The moratorium has been World Championship held in France. lifted but the rules have changed. A new club applying • Performance has the new Coursing Ability test, to hold a show must have at least 4 weekends open and open to all breeds and offering three titles. available within a division, there is a 300 mile distance • Therapy Dog Program restriction, and a new club is encouraged to invite spe• Meet the Breeds at the Jacob Javits Center cialty or group clubs to join their cluster. New specialty • 600 Responsible Dog Ownership Day events in clubs will be required to hold their shows in conjuncSeptember tion with other all breed shows. This will work out well • 11th AKC Eukanuba National Championship with the recently approved rule allowing specialties to Dennis Sprung then gave his report. At the request of hold concurrent events with all breed clubs. There will the Delegate body he gave everyone a DVD copy of be new divisions across the country, so that majors are his 9/11 presentation of the AKC’s activities during that available to everyone. Previously, point scales had been time. He went on to discuss the Meet the Breeds event determined over a three year average and in 2010 it at the Jacob Javits Center. In association with Pet Part- was changed to a one year consideration period. These ners, the event was a record breaking success. Over point scales will now exclude all parent club specialties 40,000 visitors attended, and 100 vendors and 15 ad- and the local all breed clubs held in three days prior to ditional sponsors were involved. The AKC’s Govern- the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. Jim Stement Relations Department welcomed over 110 elected vens went on to give the financial report. Things are officials serving as honorary chairs along with their still currently running the same pattern but everyone is staff members and family. John Lyons, AKC Chief Op- working hard to make needed changes. erations Officer, went on to give a report on the work the Board and Staff had collaborated on in research re- It at this time that AKC Board members, Allan Kalter lating to conformation events, entries, and the mora- and Lee Arnold made an exciting presentation. They torium that had been put into place on new clubs last conducted some research with the marketing departSeptember. From this point then Charles Kneifel, Chief ment pertaining to puppy buyers who don’t exhibit. Information Officer, took over the discussion. By ana- These potential customers and customers who are part lyzing through a systematic approach and harvesting of the general marketplace, gave them some interestthe data from; events that had changed dates, changed ing facts. First, they have a great deal of respect for their cluster, ceased holding events, changed their sites, the AKC. They believe that we are experts about our added specialties or group clubs as part of a cluster, re- animals but not really relevant to their lives. They are moved the same, and had other clubs change to their interested and would support training information and weekend. Several interesting things were learned. opportunities. They believe HSUS is all about rescuEntries were not as affected by competing events as ing animals. They love to rescue dogs and they honor originally thought. They learned a new event takes several years to take hold and a new site three years to cont. on page 29 The Poodle Papers

Page 29 cont. from page 28 Achievement Awards luncheon. This year they were awarded to Jean Fournier in Conformation, Patricia people who rescue dogs. Here is where the disconnect Scully in Companion Events, and Robert Fleury for occurs regarding the AKC. With the cooperation of all Performance. of our Parent Clubs, the AKC is the largest rescuing network in America and nobody knows it. So these two Mary Ellen Fishler, Delegate to The American Kennel men with their marketing skills and celebrity network- Club ing skills created two Public Service Announcements Poodle Club of America (which basically are aired on radio for free). Through NYC meet the breeds Nov. 2011 the industry of these two men be sure and listen for Willy Nelson’s recorded messages in support of the AKC Rescue Network and our efforts through the Canine Health Foundation. We then went on to conduct business. The vote on proposed amendment to Chapter 7, Section 1, of Rules Applying to Dog shows, which would eliminate the prohibition of a person employed by a dog food, dog remedy or kennel supply companies in the capacity of solicitor or salesman, from becoming an AKC judge did not pass. Then to be voted on in March seven other amendments were read. • Rules would create a new three point major for the dog or bitch designated Reserve (where there is double a 5 point major entry) at one National Specialty each year, specified by the AKC Breed Parent Club. Rules which would remove references to the entries restricted to puppies, with the remaining sections to be renumbered to reflect deletion. • Rules applying to dog shows-Premium Lists and Closing Entries which would remove all references to seven groups. • Rules applying to Dog Shows-Dog Show Classifications, which would create eleven groups. • Rules applying to Dog Shows-Dog Show Classifications, which would remove all references to seven groups to eliminate a specific number. • Registrations and Discipline-Registrable Breeds by Group, which would create eleven groups. • Beagle Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedures for Brace, Small Pack and SPO Field Trials and Two-Couple Pack Hunting Tests- Entry Requirements and Eligibility, which would create a new section describing the requirements to earn a Grand Field Champion title. After some General Orders and announcements the meeting was adjourned. Immediately the Delegate body proceeded to the American Kennel Club Lifetime The Poodle Papers

Page 30

Follow the Rainbow to Salisbury with a stop at: The Maryland State Fairgrounds 2200 York Road Timonium, Maryland MB-F Superintendent , entries close April 4, 2012 Washington Poodle Club, Friday, April 20, 2012
Sweepstakes Judge – Mr. Richard Bohannon Breed Judge – Mr. James Moses Obedience & Rally Judge –Mrs. M. E. “Betsy” Baird

Old Dominion Kennel Club, Saturday, April 21, 2012
Poodles – Mr. Randy E. Garren Toy Group – Mr. Peter Green Non-Sporting Group Mrs. Muriel Purkhiser Best in Show – Mrs. Rita Holloway

Baltimore County Kennel Club, Sunday, April 22, 2012
Toy Poodles – Mrs. Muriel Purkhiser Miniature & Standard Poodles – Ms. Rita J. Biddle Esq. Toy Group – Mrs. Muriel Purkhiser Non-Sporting Group – Mr. James Ham Best in Show- Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

Catoctin Kennel Club, Monday, April 23, 1012
Poodles – Mrs. Mary Ellen Meyer Toy Group – Mrs. Ruth H. Zimmerman Non-Sporting Group-Col. Joe B. Purkhiser Best in Show- Fr. Bryan P. Timby

The Poodle Papers

Page 31 The Poodle Club of America was well represented at Meet the Breeds Since the last newsletter the Poodle Club of America this event and the Meet the Breeds in Florida. There are has participated in two major Meet the Breed events. people who need to be thanked. In New York I would First, at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in not have been able to get this booth done without the November; and secondly, at the 11th AKC Eukanuba help of Mary Watson and her dog Rhett (Greenspring and Washington Poodle Club), Donna Stankovich, and National Championship in Florida in December. Ilene and George Schuman, their dog Charlotte (thanks also to their children who helped break down and pack the booth at the end of the weekend). This venue is not easy to participate in and I cannot thank these four people enough for their time and efforts. A special thank you goes to the Orlando and Tampa Bay Poodle Clubs and their wonderful members who not only volunteered their time at the Eukanuba’s Meet the Breeds but also their ideas and efforts in accomplishing these ideas. Leslie Pope-Hall, Vice President of Orlando Poodle Club and a PCA member, was the liaison between the clubs and myself. This year there was a new theme. The theme was a 1950’s malt shop with many of the participants dressing in their poodle skirt finest. The booth again won 3rd place in the NonSporting Group Competition. Hopefully, with some tweaking for next year, their efforts will be rewarded even higher. The booth was designed by Lorilee Branting of Custom Sign and Graphics in Denver, Colorado. Sponsored by Pet Partners, Inc., the AKC’s Meet the At this time I would like to recognize the volunteers Breeds in New York is the world’s largest showcase of who worked so hard on this Meet the Breeds: Vlad and dogs and cats. It offers pet lovers a unique opportunity Olga Zamkovaya, Linda Robinson, Ellen Phelps, Jane to play with different breeds and educate themselves Giffen, Bob and Judy Dumond, Maureen Russo, Karen about responsible pet ownership, and how to choose the right pet for their lifestyle. Over 40,000 people attended this event. There were numerous government officials. Girl Scouts enjoyed the dogs while earning AKC Merit Badges. There was two days of on going demonstrations. Including, Earthdog, Obedience, Agility, US Customs and Border Protection, and the United States Police Canine Association. “The result was tens of thousands of dog lovers, of all shapes and sizes, were educated in numerous ways about the AKC, AKC CAR, The AKC Canine Health Foundation, and AKC Ace Awards.” cont. on page 32

The Poodle Papers

cont. from page 31 Kazma, Carol Holmes, Norine Noonan, Mary Watson (Greenspring and Washington Poodle Club), Angie Louter Creek Hunting Poodles. I want to express the Poodle Club of America’s and my sincere thank you for all the efforts put forth by these people. These events help the public’s education of just how wonderful and desirable it is to be owned by a poodle.

Page 32

Next year the Meet the Breeds in New York City is being held on October 20th and 21st, 2012. We have a new theme for this booth and I am looking forward to its execution. Please mark your calendars to help participate. We need more dogs and people, there has not been a toy poodle represented in two years in New York. Please contact me for information and if you want to help promote our wonderful poodles. Mary Ellen Fishler Meet the Breed Coordinater, Poodle Club of America Thank you! A special Thank You to the Orlando and Tampa Bay Poodle Clubs and their wonderful members who volunteered their time at Eukanuba’s “Meet the Breed” booth in Dec. The theme was a 1950’s malt shop with many dressing in their poodle skirt finest. The booth won 3rd place in the Non-Sporting Group competition. The set was designed by Lorliee Branting of Custom Sign and Graphics in Denver, Colo. & owned by the Benhomme Standard Poodles. Vlad and Olga Zamkovaya Ellen Phelps Linda Robinson Jane Giffin Bob and Judy Dumond Maureen Russo Karen Kazma Carol Holmes Norine Noonan Mary Watson - Greenspring Poodle Club Angie Louter-Louter Creek Hunting Poodles Orlando/Tampa Bay “coordinator” Leslie Pope-Hall (V-P Orlando PC Member Tampa Bay PC PCA Member)

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Westminster 2012

Page 33


The Poodle Papers

Westminster 2012

Page 34

Miniatures and Toys

* © Leslie Newing ‘12 The Poodle Papers

Working Poodle
From the Field……….

Page 35

Poodle Club of America’s Retriever Hunt tests will be held on April 21 and the WC/WCX on April 22, 2012. Our judges are Judy Gladson and Ron Reed. The retriever hunt tests will be run in a progressive format which allows both participants and gallery to easily view all levels Junior, Senior and Master. Anatidae Farm is a “user friendly” piece of property. Access to watching the tests and moving around the site is simple. If attending, please wear dark colored clothes, bring a chair and dress for the weather. If you would like to volunteer to help, have questions or need more information, please contact Linda Miller- Linda Miller- Hunt Test Chair Carol Stone- WC/WCX Assistant Chair

Photos by John Carelli©

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Page 36

Dear PCA Members: The 2012-2014 PCA Nominating Committee Slate for our Board of Governors is: President: Dennis McCoy 1st Vice Pres: Bill Cunningham 2nd Vice Pres: Sue Burge Corres.Secy: Mary Olund Rec. Secy: Joyce Carelli Treasurer: Jack MacGillivray Toy Rep: Joan Scott Mini Rep: Nancy Hafner Std Rep: Joan McFadden Delegate: Mary Ellen Fishler Respectfully submitted, Mary Olund/Poodle Club of America Corresponding Secretary

Good News on Miniature Poodle Dwarfism Healthy Poodle DNA Needed for Dwarfism
By Dr. Mark Neff, Director of the Program in Canine Health and Performance at the Van Andel and TGen Research Institutes: “Progress: Since the first clinical case was reported in 1956 in Great Britain, breeders of Miniature Poodles have been aware of a crippling skeletal defect in the breed that is tied to a recessive gene. With the help of a select few breeders, we have recently mapped this defect to a deletion that knocks out an important gene. We are in the process of converting this discovery into a DNA test to help breeders eliminate the mutation (and thus the defect) from their bloodlines. Support Needed: To validate the DNA test for Miniature Poodle dwarfism, we aim to collect simple cheek swabs from at least 1000 additional control Miniature Poodles. We also plan to survey the other two varieties (Toys and Standards) to assess whether the mutation has spread to these gene pools as well.” The researchers thank the hundreds of participants whom have made this project feasible and successful. To best expedite availability of a DNA test, we call one final time for the support of the community to collect our goal of a thousand ‘control/healthy’ DNA samples. All that is needed are simple cheek swabs. The DNA kits are sent out at no cost to the owner. All varieties welcome. Of particular interest are samples from dogs outside of the USA. Please help us reach our goal of 1000 poodle samples worldwide! To request a free DNA Kit, simply visit the Poodle DNA Collection Website: or email<> Thank you for your continued support! The Poodle Papers

P.C.A. Membership Chairman
In addition, there are 47 Affiliate Clubs across the country. If an applicant has never belonged or been active in an Affiliate Club, the Committee wonders why?? As Chair of the Membership Committee the last two Membership in an Affiliate club gives them great exyears, I have repeatedly had scenarios I find somewhat posure to knowledge of our Breed, and “it is at the lotroubling, and wanted to include something in the news- cal level that breeders and exhibitors can prove their letter to clarify what we consider an “ideal” Sponsor of knowledge and value to the breed.” There are times Reference for a prospective new Member. Both when and remote locations that an Affiliate Club may be too I was working applications for the Committee, and as far for an applicant to be very active in. But are they its Chair, we are repeatedly faced with references, and members of one, and do they support one?? Or at the even some Sponsors who know little about the appli- very least, are they active in their local All Breed club?? cant. Lastly, and most importantly, please ask yourself if you In the Membership guidelines, it states that you (the really “know” the applicant. I realize our current apSponsor and Reference) should be able to answer the plication requires two Sponsors and six References, but these requirements are there to ensure we are allowing following with personal knowledge: people to join that are as devoted to our Breed as we “Is the Applicant ethical in their business dealings?” are. A good rule of thumb; if you are not comfortable, For example, have you ever bred to a dog of theirs, sold you can always say a polite “no”. Perhaps a better them a puppy, bought a puppy from them, etc. While suggestion would be to sit and talk with the prospective none of these may apply, if the applicant is not from applicant and ask them who could best answer some your area, and you wish to act in support of their mem- of the above, and guide them to members that could bership, please do some sleuthing on your own prior to answer these questions without reservation from first hand knowledge, explaining that they would be in a agreeing. much better position to support them for Membership. “Does the applicant provide proper care for their dogs and the dogs of others under their care”? Have you From Mary Olund ever been to their home? Do you know someone who has?? Have you ever traveled with them? In honoring our long standing members the Board passed in 2011 a policy that those octogenarian memDoes the applicant “set a good example as a leader and bers or older, or any member experiencing hardship eimentor to those less experienced in the breed”? Have ther in health or finances are exempt from yearly dues. you seen examples of this? Even volunteer work with Those members have certainly earned our acknowledg4H is a valuable contribution. But applicants that ofment for their dedication to PCA and subsequently our fer seminars for a fee, while acceptable, are not really breed, THE POODLE. meeting this qualification without some demonstration of serious mentoring outside of their for profit work. In helping to identify those members that we may have missed please let me know or if any member knows of Does the applicant “exhibit good sportsmanship and another member who should be on the list please email conduct”? This may seem simple, but again, if you are me the name or call me. being asked from someone out of your own area, which you may only see at the PCA National each year, can Mary Olund/Corresponding Secretary you really give an honest assessment of this? If you are Asked to be a Sponsor or a Reference, Please Ask Yourself First!

Page 37

The Poodle Papers

Mrs.Barbara Curry Silverado 360.263.1356 P.O. Box 789 La Center, WA 98629 Miniatures Email:

Please join the Board of Governors in welcoming the following new members to The Poodle Club of America, Inc:
Christine and Mark Waldrop Debrock 706.270.4265 9686 Bowen Trail Ooltewah, TN 37363 Toys Email: Mrs.Zuleika Torrealba Maya 305.331.8272 325 5th Ave. New York, New York 10016 Toys, Miniatures, & Standards Email: Maya@ism. Mary Olund/Corresponding Secretary

Page 38

Terri Meyers Swag 763.295.0627 1741 85th St NE Monticello, MN 55362-3108 Toys & Standards Email: Darla Panozzo Glendar 219.477.3631 161 Joliet Rd. Valparaiso, Indiana 46385 Toys Email:

Thank you Hal Kinne For all that you have done for PCA. You began the PCA website and got us on track for a new generation.Your site was a spring board for us to take and grow to new heights as future webmasters took over your role .You continued to serve as the Go-To person for the endless e-mail for information and everything Poodle on our website. You answered Poodle questions from all over the world on your various travels. You always had some new technological device to answer your e-mail across the world. No matter what the question was that came to the Poodle Club <infopoodleclubofamerica@yahoo. com> e-mail address, you always had all the answers. Now that you have stepped down from your long role as “King” of the e-mail for PCA we just want to say Thank You for all you have done. ,
The Poodle Papers

The Poodle Pulse
After PCA 2011 I received a note from Sharon Finney, a long time member who helped the Show Committee by writing a lovely tribute to Kadelia Hamilton for the dedication of the 2011 PCA National Specialty. I’ve never met Sharon and knew her only through her dogs – and yes, even in far off Massachusetts we knew her dogs!!! Sharon’s note resonated with me and I thought it would find an audience, even among those of you who haven’t yet had to make that hard decision to break down the litter box and hang up that last tattered lucky lead. So take a few minutes to read her thoughts – and then look up Cara Vae in Poodles in America!!! Mary

Page 39

with Mary Lebet

“Moments to Remember”
By Sharon Finney I have new babies, three boys and three girls. Fat and sassy at a week and a half old. I need to take my time and enjoy these puppies because it is the end of an era for me – my last litter of Standards. I have never bred extensively, yet I have finished a lot – not even sure how many, the numbers were never important to me. I have had many top producers and I finished many of them myself. I wrote articles for Poodle Variety on owner handling. I had wonderful mentors, great teachers, and in the end settled on the type of dog I liked. Someone told me once, after I had won, that my dogs were too old-fashioned. The Judge that day overheard the comment and stepped in to ask when the Standard by which they are to judge had changed. Strangely enough, the other exhibitor was perplexed and asked “what do you mean?” I am in awe that someone could make that comment and not even know the Standard of the breed or what that means. The Judge told her my dog was well balanced, moved correctly, in excellent condition, etc. The exhibitor’s comment was – “but he’s not fancy”. The Judge said “What is fancy? - Your dog couldn’t carry a duck if his life depended on it.” – at which point the Judge turned around and walked off. I took my ribbons and my new Champion back to the set-up where my longtime friends were already celebrating. Yet not one “new” person congratulated me – not one.

I will miss the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat (which always made me strive to do better) I will miss the puppies and the joy of selling to a family with children Watching them grow up with a dog by their side. I have been very lucky. I have made life-long friends, and we remember the stories that made us laugh – and cry. The time that I took a puppy into the ring. Bobby Peeples is behind me, C.L. Eudy , then several others. As we go around the ring my puppy cuts in front of me to go out of the gate. It was like a house of cards. I fell, Bobby fell on top of me, then C.L., etc. Everyone was on the floor, puppies running around and all we could do was laugh. No one hurt, all dogs fine, judge laughing so hard she was crying. Bobby helps me up, we catch our respective breaths and I am sent around alone! And then there is, of course, the dogs. The memories, some of wins – Tessa, the wild one finished with a Group 1st yet ran out of the ring when a photo person threw a toy in another ring . Tessa retrieved it and brought it right back to stand for her picture. Ronnie, our son, learned to walk holding on to her – they were inseparable for fourteen years. Priscilla, the princess, the hunter, the killer, my Priscilla!!! Never want another like her but no amount of money could have taken her away. I blame her for my grey hairs. Priscilla who bloated - not what you think. She bloated because she ate my four foot Iguana - and yes, Iguana body parts will cause bloat! She lined up rabbits on the steps – she did not eat the rabbits or the squirrels or anything else she killed – a duck or two – a possum – just my old Iguana that was two inches long when I got her. Priscilla got mad at me at a show in Tulsa (everyone who was there still remembers) A storm came up and the power was off for some time and it was very dark in the building. When the lights came back on I knew I was in trouble. She had that “look” – I’m sure you have seen it on your own Poodles! She won the Open Class with no trouble, but then she looked at me again. That look that said “I am not pleased and I’m done. We went back in for Winners and she would cont.on page 40

The Poodle Papers

cont. from page 39

Page 40

not take a step – Not One!!! I had to pick her up and carry her out of the ring. My Priscilla passed away at age fifteen. Two days before she died she laid a collection of dead creatures on the steps. She was so sweet and a wonderful therapy dog who went to see my mom in the rehab and would lay by her side for hours – and yet she was also “Oh Priscilla!! – what have you done now? I remember many more, wonderful dogs who have given us headaches (why did you chew that hat up?) – yet made us laugh and brought joy and comfort to our lives. Hectic? – yes! – our oldest is over fourteen, our youngest seven months – Turkey he is and he is the last. I will grow old with Turkey by my side. For so many years the Poodle Club was my life. I don’t go anymore and those that do don’t know me and don’t care. That seems sad to me. Over forty years ago I respected those who came before me. I learned from them and they became friends. I t seems to me a sad state when a Mini breeder does not know who Marjorie Tranchin was or a Standard breeder does not know who Becky Mason or Jean Lyle was. Although I will miss it, in a way I’m glad. I was fortunate to be in a time and place where you had respect for those who came before you – a time when you made good friends and learned from the best. Those days are gone now, but I have my memories, of dogs and people, gone now, but the values they gave to me, both dogs and humans, the friendship, support and love – that will last me a lifetime.

Hair cut time!

It’s that time of year again. PCA is going to be here before we know it.Those of you who have been around for a while know about Peabody’s hair cut project but for those who might be new or have forgotten what it’s allabout...........
Years ago, when we were getting ready to go to our first PCA we found that Peabody had to get an official poodle hairdo to participate in the Parade of Champions and Title Holders. He normally has furry feet and a fuzzy face. I whined about it on a poodle list and before I knew it people were challenging me to do it with offers of money. We took that challenge and have done a Hair Cut Project every year since. It has really grown and last year we took in $4500 for the PCA Foundation. As most of you know the Foundation does a LOT of work to assure our poodles have better health. They support research projects and have many valuable programs. We have been so blessed that Peabody, who is now 15 years old, has been a happy, healthy poodle all of these years. He’s a good poster child for what we all hope to have in our poodles. It’s so sad that all poodles aren’t this healthy. The PCA Foundation is working hard for that goal. Please support this project. It’s easy. Just send a check made out to the PCA Foundation to the address below. (Sorry no Paypal or credit cards) You are welcome to do it in honor of or in memory of a beloved dog or family member. Remember this is all tax deductible. Come on all you poodle lovers, let’s get behind this. Please cross post this to all the poodle lists you are on. Judy Leister and of course Peabody and Brinkley 3233 Twp. Rd. 238 Arcadia, Ohio 44804

“ The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat “. Lily Tomlin

The Poodle Papers


Page 41

David Q. Beversdorf, MD Departments of Radiology, Neurology, & Psychology and the Thompson Center University of Missouri 205 Portland Street, Room 130E Columbia, MO 65211 573-882-6081 Fax 573-884-1151

Dear Miniature & Standard Poodle Breeders and Handlers:

Dr. David Beversdorf, Shelley Green-Wooldridge, and Dr. Lisa Lit, at the University of Missouri and the University of California-Davis, would like to invite you to participate in a research study examining social interaction in miniature and standard poodles. These findings will help gain insight into how dogs might help us understand human social behavior, and disorders such as autism. This disorder is characterized by deficits in both social interaction and communication and occurs in up to 1 in 100 individuals, making autism research increasingly important. Shelley Green-Wooldridge, AKC handler, has advised the study investigators that autism-like behaviors have been observed in several miniature and standard poodles. With thirty years of experience in working with poodles, Green-Wooldridge believes that this breed seems to be most appropriate to study for social behavior. This study is solely observational in nature and could potentially benefit both poodles and humans. Participation in this study involves the completion of a Miniature Poodle Social Interaction Survey, developed by Dr. Lisa Lit. Both miniature and standard poodles are eligible for the survey. This survey, to be completed via breeder or handler observation, characterizes the general social behaviors of a poodle, such as attention, gesturing, and eye contact. Other information collected by the survey includes general health and training information, by the observation of the breeder or handler. Please join us in helping to conduct this study that will be useful to both dogs and humans. If you would like to participate, please follow the link below for the survey. If you currently have more than one poodle, please complete one survey for each poodle. Once you complete the survey(s), please email Rachel Zamzow at to confirm your study participation and to indicate whether or not you would like to be contacted about future studies. If you would prefer paper surveys, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Zamzow or Shelley Green-Wooldridge at Sincerely, David Beversdorf, MD, Rachel Zamzow, BS, & Shelley Green-Wooldridge Link:

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Officers : President: Cindy Crawley 1st VP: Clay Williams Treasurer: Sally Poindexter Secretary: Randi Plotner Board Members: Jane Carroll, Maris Doege, Mary Olund, Jeanne Phipers, Chris Scruggs, DVM, Anne Stokes

Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation

PCA Rescue Foundation
Please consider a tax deductible donation to PCA Rescue Foundation. One hundred percent of your donation goes to support the efforts of volunteers all over the United States to rescue Poodles from abanonment and find them permanent, safe loving homes. Return this form to the address below. Name : Address: Amount: Please send this form and your check to: PCA Rescue Foundation, Inc. Sally Poindexter 4409 West Ithica Broken Arrow, OK 74012

The Poodle Papers

Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation at the National Specialty 2012
PCA Rescue will once again have its annual fundraiser at the National Specialty. We will have our “white elephant tables” filled with donated treasures of all sorts. We will also have a Silent Auction featuring the best of our donated objects. We are very excited to have a very unique donated item this year. California author, Misty Reddington, is donating a “character” in her next novel for the benefit of PCA Rescue. The winning bidder will have his or her name written into the story. We anticipate lively bidding for such a “novel” item! Bids for all Silent Auction items close Friday, April 27th at the lunch break. We will give a 15 minute warning announcement in the Civic Center prior to bids closing. PCA Rescue will again have a Parade of Rescued dogs on Tuesday, April 24th at the lunch break. Last year’s pilot event was so well-received that we were invited back. This year, we will be giving each rescued dog an inscribed rosette for participating. The rosettes are being donated by Roger and Lynn Brucker. If anyone has a dog they would like to include in the Parade of Rescued Dogs, please contact me – . Dogs must be clean and neatly groomed; a kennel trim is acceptable. Parti-colored Poodles are permitted but as this is the Poodle National Specialty, we cannot accept poodle mixed-breed dogs. Author Misty Reddington will be at PCA to do a brief reading of her most recent novel on Tuesday at the Rescue booth set-up. Her novels are murder mysteries featuring a Standard Poodle as a sidekick to the main characters. She will also have copies of her books available for sale at the Rescue booth. Please stop by to meet her. PCA Rescue decided not to have a cocktail party this year. We are already planning an event for 2013 and think everyone attending the National Specialty next year will be very excited when we announce our plans. submitted by Cindy Crawley

Page 45

New Provisional Judges for Poodles Rolland Pelland Robert Shreve Melanie Williams

The Poodle Papers

Page 46

Poodle Club of America Health Foundation
Officers President:Thomas W. Carneal Vice President: Patricia S. Forsyth Secretary :Helen G.Tomb-Taylor Treasurer :John R Shoemaker Miniature Representative: Janet D. Collins Standard Representative:Missy Galloway Toy Representative : Member at Large: Doris H. Grant

OptiGen statistics for Poodles tested for PRA 4th quarter 2011
During the 4th quarter of 2011 OptiGen tested 18 Dwarf Poodles, 75 Miniature Poodles, 3 Moyen Poodles and 53 Toy Poodles for PRA. The breakdown is as follows: Total Dwarf Poodles tested for PRA 4th quarter of 2011 - 18 Normal - 16 Carrier - 2 Affected - 0 Total Moyen Poodles tested for PRA 4th quarter of 2011 - 3 ALL Normal Total Miniature Poodles tested for PRA 4th quarter of 2011 - 75 Normal - 50 Carrier - 25 Affected - 0 Countries testing this period include...Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and US. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Sincerely, Becky Iddings Administrative Manager OptiGen, LLC Cornell Business & Technology Park 767 Warren Road, Suite 300 Ithaca, NY 14850 phone: 607-257-0301 fax: 607-257-0353 email: web:

Total Toy Poodles tested for PRA 4th quarter of 2011 - 53 Normal - 44 Carrier - 8 Affected - 1 The Poodle Papers

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Wicomico Civic Center Da Nang Room Salisbury, Maryland

9:00 a.m. Registration 9:30 a.m. Introduction and Research Updates followed by keynote speaker Pat Hastings presenting A GLIMPSE OF STRUCTURE IN ACTION: THE MAKINGS OF A DURABLE DOG. Anyone working with dogs must consider structure when matching a dog with its job—hunting, agility, obedience or any of the other sports we enjoy with our Poodles. Our dogs will do anything we ask, even things they are structurally incapable of doing without breaking down. The more we learn about structure, the more we know what we can reasonably ask of them, given their physical strengths and weaknesses, and the better decisions we can make in our breeding programs and in matching puppies with the right homes. Highly respected in the dog world, Pat Hastings has been involved with dogs since 1959 as a breeder, professional handler, educator, author and AKC judge. She has evaluated thousands of litters of puppies for structure and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge. 12 Noon. Lunch Break 1-2:30 p.m. STRUCTURE IN ACTION continued. As time permits, Pat will evaluate structure of some adult Poodles who are performance prospects or who have sustained performance injuries. . **********************************************************************************

Testing Offered at the Wicomico Civic Center during PCA Week

· Tuesday, April 24, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Wednesday, April 25, 9 a.m. to noon: OptiGen prcd-PRA testing, and blood draws for university and National Institutes of Health research. · Wednesday, April 25: CERF clinic. $30 pre-paid. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (pre-registration info below) · April 25 (noon to 4 p.m.), 26 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and 27 (9 a.m. to noon): Texas A&M heart screening for atrial septal defect in Standard Poodles at special PCA price of $100. (pre-registration info below) · DNA test kits for vWD ($99) and Neonatal Encephalopathy ($34) will be available at special prices all week. AKC DNA test kits will also be available. To pre-register for CERF and heart clinics, contact Tom Carneal at 660-582-4955, twcarneal@, or 25904 State Hwy. EE, Maryville, MO 64468. Pre-registration deadline is April 1, 2011. Walk-ins are welcome at the show if clinic slots are available.

The Poodle Papers

Submitted by Missy Galloway:

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Dr Joseph Kinnarney Director Of the International Canine Semen Bank-North Carolina
Dr. Kinnarney graduated from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. He also holds an MS in Reproductive Physiology and has been breeding dogs for many years. He has now paired his interest with one of the leaders in canine reproduction. In April of 2010, Dr Kinnarney went through training with Dr Carroll Platz and is now an ICSB franchise owner, ICSB-North Carolina.

Breeders from up and down the eastern seaboard take advantage of his expertise to assist them in their reproductive programs including semen collection, implantation, pregnancy monitoring, progesterone testing and c-sections.

Professionally, his intense interest in improving the quality of veterinary care attracts the attention of his peers time after time. His professional awards include:
· · ·

1991 Veterinarian of the Year, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association; 1999 – 2001 Vice-President, American Veterinary Medical Association and Student Liaison;

2006 Distinguished Veterinarian Award, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association’s highest honor awarded 2007 – 2013 Board of Directors, American Veterinary Medical Association.


The Poodle Papers

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International Canine Semen Bank-North Carolina
Evaluate, freeze, and store canine semen Ship frozen or fresh-chilled semen nationally and internationally DNA Identification Services Reproductive Procedures


File Preparation…45.00 Annual Semen Storage…72.00 Evaluation and Freezing up to 4 vials…200.00 (Each additional vial…60.00) DNA (AKC)…40.00 Reidsville Veterinary Hospital Director: Joseph H. Kinnarney. DVM, MS Phone: 336-349-3194 Fax: 336-349-3365

We are approved and sanctioned for kennel club shows by the American Kennel Club.

The Poodle Papers

Page 50 TRIBUTE TO CLAUDIA STRATIFF The Poodle Club of America Foundation (PCAF) would like to join the poodle community in recognition of the dedication of Claudia Stratiff to this Breed, Its future and its good health. When Claudia joined the PCAF as Secretary, it was the beginning of the Genetic Anomalies foundation of the Poodle Club of America to be its own operating entity. It was her responsibility with the other members of the new board to set up the policy’s, by-laws and the everyday operation if the PCAF to operate within the charitable guidelines so funding of Research for all Varieties of Poodles , donations and fund raising would be done properly. I was her replacement when she retired from the board, what I received was an exceptional organized material that reflected what a wonderful job she had done as Secretary. She will be missed in the poodle world, especially the Hunting Community. She worked so hard to restore the enthusiasm of the poodle in the Field and to the Poodle’s original job as a hunting retriever. She also was well aware the importance of the Health of the Poodle’s in every aspect of the poodle’s life, not only in the Conformation ring, but in Obedience, Agility, the Field or in our home as the family pet. Many thanks to Claudia to a job well done, from the Board of the Poodle Club of America Foundation. Helen Tomb-Taylor, Secretary Poodle Club of American Foundation

From Doris Grant:
The Poodle Club of America Foundation has for sale VWD kits at $99.00, NE kits at $39.00 and The Standard Poodle Database at $50.00. Please contact Doris Grant at or at 941-921-0539 until May 1st. 2012 then at 613-215-0313. These kits will also be available at the National in April.

From Doris Grant:
Deadline for Foundation Donations to get into the catalogue is March. 6th. Also VWD, NE Kits and the Standard Poodle Database are available from me at or 941921-0539 and after May 1st. 2112 at 613-215-0313. They will also be available at PCA in April.

“If someone won’t lift a finger to call you, see you, and spend time with you, it’s time for you to lift five fingers and wave goodbye.” Anonymous
The Poodle Papers

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The Poodle Papers

In Memoriam
Claudia Straitiff

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Claudia Straitiff, Poo’pla Standard Poodles, Denver, NC, passed away unexpectedly in December 2011. While Claudia was active in the Poodle community for only the last 10 years or so, those years were filled with activities and accomplishments that most of us can only dream of. Claudia acquired her first Poodles from Glenna Carlson (Ascot). Her Mulligan (CH Ascot Boucheron Joalleria) was featured on the cover of Poodle Variety last year and was the first Standard Poodle to earn both Champion and Master Hunter titles. Although Claudia believed strongly that Poodles can be both beautiful and functional, and supported conformation shows by earning champion titles on all her dogs, her real love was field work. In addition to Mulligan, several of her Poodles earned field titles and PCA’s field medallions for continued success at hunt tests. She also enjoyed training and competing in Rally, earning titles there too.

acting as a judge at this past year’s tests. Most of the DDDs are still out their field training their poodles and loving every minute of it. I’m sure each of us in the DDD group was positively touched by her helpful nature, knowledge and enthusiasm. In addition to her life with Poodles, Claudia worked as a consultant in the financial industry and was well regarded there too. Her last stint was with Ernst & Young, and we joked many times that her successful employment was funding my husband’s retirement (he retired from E&Y about 3 years ago). Claudia was a tireless worker for PCA as well, having organized the PCA field events for several years. Her Master of Ceremonies duty at the annual Hunt Dinner at PCA was always the highlight of the weekend! The advancement of working poodles and recognition through the hunt test community was Claudia’s passion. Thanks to her we now have a more active, better organized, and bigger community of hunting Poodles.

Claudia and Margaret Fox introduced the world of field training to an entire new Poodle audience by holding an introductory field seminar in North Carolina. Thus was born the Dead Duck Dames, or DDD as we affecSubmitted by Joyce Carelli tionately refer to ourselves. Her enthusiasm was contagious! After helping many along through a hard year * Photos by John Carelli of training, many of the group successfully made the trip to PCA and earned Working Certificates. She was instrumental in helping Central Carolina Poodle Club to organize and hold their own WC/WCX tests, even The Poodle Papers

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The Poodle Papers

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