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JOHN ROfvlERO B O X 1O Zg ,A P O NEW YORK OS?38 PH* {DIRECT}: it - 4 4 - 4 8 0 - 6 6 f 3 4 0
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Dear llr,


Hel lo, let me iniroduce myself. My name is John Romer,f and I rurnentiy live in Needingworthl Engiand, I am an Amenican stationed here with my fanily iI'm not a G,i,, I just go to schosl here). I am 17, going on 18 in October t2Sthl . (actually, I have the game). I am i am writing because i have plaved your game KARATEI{A writing because you need ts be congratulated on this game. I Has absolutely +tunned by the graphic:, shadous and all. You did a tnemendous iob and have, I thinll , de{ined the staie-of-the-ari for {uturE AFple gaftes. The technology has been in the Apple all along io,jo those oraphics. it iust needed a proqparmer lihe you to use it. Nsrl I must betray mysel{. one, I, ioo, am a garne pnogpaflrten, albeit an unl'.nou,,n saw on the screefi, I dedured msst of the technique used in dpawing the graphics. strnr I uEions! 1l Yau HA0 to use page-{lipping 2) Shapes were 0Red orr the gcreen tfirst with a mask, then the shape) 3) For the parts urhere the Haratek a went halfway thnough a dcor, you adju*ted the horizontal dFawing nanges 4) For th* scrol I ing barkground -- you tel I me For th* musicr I would iil,le to i,:nour :/Bu ugeci The I'lusic tlonstruction 5et. i+ thE game msny times and I L:eep tr'rni ng bacl; for rrtr--lr'F that e:{cBllent music, o+ that Etrng 'f,r urhatl" If :i,fu mad* it UFr :t',1u mugt be '3'fmemusi c i an ! Frqn what I hene ane my

I have iini'=h*d Did yBU m.3iieuEr

AlI in all, youl game is absolutely amazing. t have studied Broderbund games and th€y all ha,.;e ngn-+ I icltering animation and excel lent demos. I have made tons o+ gamesr but until reCentl':; I haven't used any a$r'snced animation techniques like page-{lipping anci 0R animation' lriou that I Itnow hou good those techniques looll, I am starting to use the$ ithe page {l ipping r Pqui r'EE a tremendols anount o+ work) : I am al€o thanlting you for redefining my methods o{ animBtion. Ever since Kanate}:a, my BFaphic eutlssk has changed. I have cneated neur drawing noutines and page-{lipping algorithms. I{ you would I ilte to see my latest wcrk o{ art! deprived s* advanced aniriation techniques but still good with E0H dnauringr iust wnite back and ask me (be srjre ta include your addness). The game is called The Fynamids o{ Eqypt,

l'larry peopi* {eel thai it is better ihan Lode Runner, and almsst everybody yeli: out TUTAI{HAMEN: en they {ir'st see ii. i,ih Ii worlts with keyboard and jay:ticlt and lrou can de{ine your Hey=, There are 108 levels snd i sm planning on making 188 level e*pansion diEks.

A n y w . a y, ask m e for ' it and it's yours. I a n c u n re n ily t ry in g t o s e ll it t o a n y o n e I c a n { B r c d e r b u n d i s fi Et on my list). My nex t g a me is g o in g t o b e t o t a lly a we s u n e{ u Ei n g t h e p a g e - { l ip p in g technique, D+ couse}. t c a n ' t wa it u n t il I g e t a n id e a f o r my n e x t g a m e l
r . in'fth e r' t h i ng I i*a n te d t,: a El : y o u u J a s h ' :r.J di d :l c,u mal ,:e the scrol I i ng bac[' tgr' :und? Ever '=ince Ch o p l i f t er ' I hav e b e s n :tu m p e d D n u i h a t l ,l i nd s{ data and draw i ng al gor' i thm H eui d be us*d t s l l h = ur' e, I l ,i not,rhot* ts mal ,i e th* ch,JpFy dr'a t,r a s c r , f , lling t ' a rl ' ;g r,:u n ,j l i l .l e ' /s u r' E . orrF-by t e-mn,.,,pmen bar i':gr'nu n ds , bu t n ,-rt your ?-pi :xel -movpment i baci ' ;gnound, I+ ygri iies i de t o t ir'i i e b ac L; , I i, l' : ul d t' E s te r.n a l l t, g ra te i u l i f ' .r' au ei :pl ai ned thi s t' : me.

And i{ you would l ike to see some o{ my older, crummier games, look no {anther than ihe Jun€ 1P84 issue o{ InEider maga:ine (Scout Search) and the +uture June 1?85 issue (Snagl} and another issue that they haven't told m€ about yet (Bongo's Bash), Alss look in A+ magaxin€! December 1?94 +of my award r+inning Eavern Crusader gane, Yesr I have mede ssm€ printable material but I still haven't broken into the big league yet, Just wait until my next game I S i ncere I y,

J 'rh n Rgm er ' f ' . Disci p i * of t he G r' e a t ,l ,fr,j a n & rrd w o rs h i pner ' s + th e l ' ta g ni + i c e n t l ' Ie ' :h n er ! i h u i .,.r' t hat ' - ac und- , ' j :

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