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Thousands of Dress’s One Week One Runway

Top Model Search
Photography by Michael Von Holden - Designer Hannibal Laguna - Model Nadia Leonovich

Westfield Southgate Mall – 3501 South Tamiami Trail – Sarasota – FL – 34239

May 18, 19 & 20 - 11aM – 4pM


ST YLISH events!
Rena Lange Fall Trunk Show


Irene Neuwirth Jewelry Trunk Show Personal Appearance

8 – 10

Federica Rettore Jewelry Trunk Show Personal Appearance

15 – 17

Brunello Cucinelli Fall Trunk Show

15 & 16 23

Yossi Harari Jewelry Mini Show

Michael Kors Fall Trunk Show

23 – 25

Oscar de la Renta Fall Trunk Show

29 & 30 29 – 31

Peter Ciesla Jewelry Trunk Show Personal Appearance

1167 Third Street South | 877.263.4333


Maserati of Central Florida - 525 South Lake Destiny Drive - Orlando - Florida 32810 - 407.667.4300

Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad in BeoSound 8. Or connect an MP3 player, PC or Mac and rediscover your music collection all over again only this time it will sound like you are sitting in the front row! Start the experience at or call 888 625 3414 for your closest showroom. MSRP $999.00
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57 Priya Dua 58 Ivanka Trump 61 Alice Brunner 62 Gina Dengler 65 Christina Bracken 67 YuMee Chung
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24 Redesigning Your Style 26 Ageless Jewelry 31 Sarasota Film Festival 34 Mummies of the World exhibition 36 Take charge in Investing 37 "F" equals Forward 38 How To Get Motivated: 42 Spring 2012 Tips 48 Progressive Performance of the S8 54 A Feast for All the Senses... 78 Dress for Success 86 Fashion Trends 94 Artist Gallery 96 AMG "Black Series" 50' Marauder 102 More Than a Spa 104 Three Steps to Defeat Debt
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Photography by Dimitri Daniloff

Photography by Dimitri Daniloff

If you cannot remember when was the last time you went out shopping for clothes due to your limited budget, perhaps there is a solution for you not to feel "out of fashion" anymore. Garnishing and remodeling clothes is not only an interesting idea for you to pass your time with, but it can actually help you renew your wardrobe with the minimum amount of money possible. Transforming clothes was always connected with providing many important functions for human activity. In addition, transformed clothes are a byproduct of creativity and ingenuity. Being a stylish person is not easy. Thus, improving your clothes' demeanor as an act of conscious fashion shift towards contemporary refashioning of secondhand clothing is actually rather progressive. Experiencing the new character of that same old pair of jeans you have bought three years ago, can be the outcome of your dedication to commit some time and renew its old fit. A few cuts, at the right places, some foe crystals on its back pockets, a monogram on the thigh, a gold sparkling textile marker across the waist, are some of the things that can help you transform your used clothing and attract other peoples' attention to your unique style illustrated by your personally crafted fashionable creations. Additionally, transforming old clothes, in any way, can become your new potential value to another social group. You might even discover a hidden talent while in the process. A number of people, who have begun remodeling or garnishing their clothes due to need or as a new hobby, experienced tremendous success through their hand-made creations and entered the fashion industry from the backstage. The "one-piece" deal is a strong marketing incentive when people need to convey through their clothes the feeling of being different; this need grows worldwide as globalization transcends all known boarders-especially that of fashion. By selling their creations to a variety of clothing stores, or more recently online, these clothes re-crafters reintroduced an old idea, which became an instant urban trend. Thus, next time you look frustrated the resources you have available in your closet, instead of wasting time and money in trying to figure out what to wear for a night out, why not using your imagination along with some of your other skills to renovate the pieces of your wardrobe that need a little sparkle again to shine? Apart from it being a great idea to spend some quality time alone, redesigning clothes can also open up new career horizons; at least it can amuse you and your friends. Transforming an old skirt into an apron or a pillow case, garnishing your worn-out pants with silver spray suitable for textile painting, altering the length of your old simple black dress, or engraving your initials on your leather bag may be some of the alterations you can perform to your possession and enter a party with a redesigned style. The most important thing is that you will be able to congratulate yourself when one will gaze your looks and admire your stylish appearance. Most importantly, you will know that no fortune was spent on that "unique" piece of clothing you are wearing. Isn't that a sweat deal?

Redesigning Your


By K. Buchanan

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Ageless Jewelry
By Lisa Giddings

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

When it comes to timeless jew elry, we often th ink of diamonds and pearls as be ing the only alternative. How ever, not everyone can afford such luxuries. And since fash ion trends and styles are co nstantly chan ging, it can be di fficult to accessorize especial ly when you ar e on a budget. Th e good news is that classic pi eces of jewelry can grow with your wardrobe and last for se veral years to come. The ke y to selecting timeless pieces that will stand the test of tim e is choosing ones that are handcrafted by experienced ar tisans. Factoryspewed and mass-produced jewelry is a th ing of the past . These days, th e latest trends in jewelry have everything to do with the ha ndmade marketplace. The latest trends in handmade desi gner jewelry in clude polished natural stones , sea glass and colored crystals . You can purcha se a timeless piece of jewelry to accentuate just about any outfit.

cklace The Statement Ne cklace is made The statement ne ty of materials out of a wide varie sea glass and from large stones to striking pieces even fabric. These most ordinary can turn even the hing extraordioutfit into somet any celebrities nary. No wonder m rpet choose a gracing the red ca e to pull their statement necklac timeless nalook together. The ent necklace ture of a statem ct companion makes it the perfe . Mix and match for your wardrobe tfits, regardit with different ou to turn heads less of the season, all year long!

gs craftt Earrin earrings and Elegan esigner nes g d ious sto yle of Dazzlin mi-prec t se st one s ed with ver is ju nds that are sil sterling the elry tre less jew The lengths of time o today. studs t popular ary from dangle can v that earrings earrings he hottest ndelier . T cha jaw line pastel palw the belo clude d ens an ends in color tr uring sea gre cocktail at ettes fe . Paired with a -shirt, es at cool blu ven jeans and an e r rrings c dress o gant ea d look. of ele olishe a pair utfit a p e any o giv
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Bountifu l Bracele ts Chunky b eaded bra celets and silver cha sterling rm brace lets are popular bra the most celets ava ilable in th made ma e handrketplace. The uniqu certain bra eness of celets is what mak timeless. es them Vintage c harms, fo jects and und obantique bu ttons are of the ma just terials use d in quality a few designer crafted bracelets. Paired wit chains an h new d finding s, these bracelets timeless are worth y enough the arm o to grace f Hollywoo d’s latest starlet.

Image Credit Nordstrom

Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic-Coffee Sauce
Yield: 4 servings. Serving size: 3.5 oz beef, 1/3 cup mush room mixture and 1 Tbsp sauce. 3/4 tsp coarsely ground black pepper 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp salt 4 beef tenderloin steaks (5 oz each), about 1-inch thick 2 Tbsp canola oil, divided 4 large shallots, peeled and finely chopped 6 oz sliced portabella mushrooms 3/4 cup strong coffee 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 200 °F.

2. In small bowl, combine black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and 1/4 tsp salt. Sprinkle both sides of steaks with spice mixture, pressing down with fingertips to adhere. Set aside. Let stand for 15 minutes. 3. In large, nonstick skillet, heat 1 Tbsp canola oil over medium-high heat. Cook steaks 4 minutes, turn and cook 2-4 minutes longer or until desired doneness. Place steaks on separate plate and place in oven to keep warm. 4. Add remaining 1 Tbsp canola oil to pan residue in skillet, cook shallots 15 seconds, stirring constantly. Add mushrooms and cook 3 minutes or until tender, stirring frequently, using two utensils as you would with stirfry. Spoon equal amounts over beef and return to oven to keep warm. 5. To skillet, add coffee, vinegar and remaining 1/4 tsp salt. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, continue to boil 4 or so minutes or until reduced to 1/4 cup. Spoon over all and top with additional coarsely ground black pepper, if desired.
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Bring on the taste - but forget the guilt. These favorites deliver on all levels.
Visit for healthy recipes

Yield: 6 servings. Serving size: 3 oz pork, 2 Tbsp sauce. 3/4 tsp dried thyme leaves 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp dried pepper flakes 1/4 tsp salt 6 boneless pork chops (4 oz/125 g each), trimmed of fat 1 Tbsp canola oil Mustard Sauce: 1/3 cup fat-free sour cream 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 3 Tbsp fat-free milk 1 Tbsp canola oil 3/4 tsp dried tarragon leaves 1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

Herbed Pork Chops on Mustard Sauce
1. In small bowl, combine thyme, garlic powder, pepper flakes and salt. Brush both sides of pork chops with canola oil. Sprinkle thyme mixture evenly over both sides and press down with fingertips to adhere. 2. Heat large, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Cook pork chops 4 minutes on each side or until barely pink in center. 3. In small saucepan, whisk together sauce ingredients except black pepper. Place over low heat until warmed, about 2-3 minutes. Do NOT bring to a boil. Spoon equal amounts of mustard sauce on each of six dinner plates. Place pork chops on top of sauce and sprinkle with black pepper.
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The 14Th AnnuAl
The 14th Annual

April 13th - 22nd





APRIL 13-22, 2012

Film Festival
ollywood hits the beach for the 14th Annual Sarasota Film Festival, coming soon, April 1322, with ten days of screen stars, seven epic events and more than 180 films. Known for its artistic caliber and education programs as well as excellent parties, SFF invites its guests to see their world in a new way by diving into the best independent films and experiencing the passion of new and veteran filmmakers on and around the No. 1 beach in the world. The 2012 Festival kicks off on Fri., April 13, with Opening Night at the bayfront Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. The evening features a highly anticipated film and great party after a red carpet honoring the stars and filmmakers. The Festival then continues for ten days with over 180 films for audience of all ages, more celebrity appearances and special conversation-style events with actors, writers and directors. Films run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20 on Main Street in downtown Sarasota. Plus, YouthFest film selections are free for children 12 and under. The 2012 film guide will be available and tickets go on sale March 23. The mission of the Sarasota Film Festival is to celebrate the art of filmmaking and the contributions of filmmakers by hosting an international film festival and developing year-long programs for the economic, educational and cultural benefit of the community. The Festival supports and encourages individual filmmakers by supplying essential networking opportunities and open dialogue with intelligent, creative and inquisitive consumers of film. Further, it promotes Sarasota, Manatee and surrounding Gulf Coast communities as artistic hubs, contributing to the financial and cultural success of our southwest Florida Suncoast region. The Sarasota Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The first SFF took place in 1999 with just eight films and six actors and has grown to an annual ten day The guest actors, directors and producers who visit Sarasota for the Film Festival are an annual highlight too. Attendees have many opportunities to meet them and learn about the art of filmmaking during evening events and the SFF Conversation series. Special guests over the years have included Jon Favereau, Alan Alda, Tippi Hedren, William H. Macy, the late Sydney Pollack, Aerosmith, Billy Crystal, Felicity Huffman, Steve Buscemi, Marcia Gay Harden, Charlize Theron, Kevin Kline, Patricia Clarkson, Patti Smith, Geena Davis and Christopher Plummer. This years films, special guests, event selections and more will be announced on March 19 with tickets on sale Fri., March 23. SFF annual memberships and sponsorships are available now. Get more information online by visiting or calling (941)366-6200 and (866)575-FILM.
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event with over 200 hundred films, more than 250 filmmakers in attendance, multiple special events, symposiums, panels and conversations featuring leaders in the film industry. In 2010, Variety referred to The Sarasota Film Festival as "the acme of regional film festivals." The award-winning Outreach and Education programs of the Sarasota Film Festival are recognized by both the National Endowment for the Arts and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their community involvement. These programs bring the art of filmmaking to students in regional public and private schools and are completely free, fostering year-round creative and cultural development in the Sarasota region. Specific year-round programs target varied audiences including independent and student filmmakers, at-risk and under-served youth, arts organizations in a variety of disciplines, and social service agencies.

Featuring doo.ri's iconic draping and love of lightweight knitwear and mixed fabrications, the "doo. ri for Impulse only at Macy's" collection will be sold in approximately 185 Macy's stores nationwide and "This capsule collection has allowed me to reach a wider audience, and that is exciting for me," said Doo-Ri Chung. "I want to dress a modern woman, and if I can give her a different price point then that's great! The collection is feminine, wearable and definitely Doo.Ri!" The doo.ri capsule reflects the designer's signature styling and treasured craftsmanship that have made her an instant success. With modest, yet fascinating details, from the choice of fabric to her signature draping, the doo.ri collection is a fusion of sumptuous and collectible pieces that can easily transition from day-to-night. Priced on average from $39-$159, the collection will feature soft fabrics, art-inspired prints and feminine silhouettes, all grounded in blues and greys with red, black and orange infused throughout. Statement outerwear, short and maxi length dresses, sweaters and cardigans, knit and faux leather mixed skirts and leggings and great blouses are each stand out pieces that can be worn alone or mixed together. Offering a sneak peek at spring, the "doo.ri for Impulse only at Macy's" collection combines collectible pieces that are modern, versatile and wholly feminine, representing a woman that is effortlessly chic. "We're honored to have Doo-Ri Chung create a collection for Macy's designer capsule series," said Jeff Gennette, Macy's chief merchandising officer. "DooRi understands silhouette, proportion and modern design, and she has a growing appeal among celebrities and style influencers that connects with our Impulse customer." "Doo.Ri creates magic every season," said Nicole Fischelis, Macy's group vice president and fashion director. "The Macy's Impulse customer will be in awe by the combination of softness, femininity and power, making each piece collectible and one-of-a-kind."

Fashion news

1990 Main Street, Suite 750, Sarasota, Florida 34236 Tel. 941-201-1111 Toll Free: 800-500-1041

Mummies of the World Exhibition
Makes Florida Debut at the Museum of Science & Industry April 27, 2012
The highly-anticipated Mummies of the World exhibition will make its Florida premiere at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) on Friday, April 27, 2012. The presentation in Tampa will mark the fifth stop of the exhibition’s exclusive sevencity tour. This astonishing collection of mummies and related artifacts includes a 6,420-year-old child mummy from Peru, dating 3,000 years before King Tut. Mummies of the World is the first exhibition of its kind to be showcased at MOSI. The exhibition presents a never before seen collection of rare mummies from across the world including South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Egypt that spans eons of time and transcends history. With its astounding collection of 150 specimens and objects, Mummies of the World is the largest exhibition of real human and animal mummies and related artifacts ever assembled. Through modern science and engaging interactive and multi-media exhibits, the exhibition reveals how the scientific study of mummies provides a window into the lives of ancient people, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. It also demonstrates that mummification – both through natural processes and intentional practices – has taken place all over the globe, from the hot desert sands of South America to remote European bogs. In addition to the Detmold Child, the rare and ancient objects presented in Mummies of the World include the Vac Mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis; the Baron von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of a 14th century castle wearing his best leather boots; an ancient Peruvian woman naturally mummified in the warm desert air, with mysterious tattoos on her face and chest, and long black hair intact; and a howler monkey from Argentina, with its fierce expression and adorned with a feather skirt and headdress. “We are excited to bring Mummies of the World to Tampa,” said Marc Corwin, president of American Exhibitions, Inc. “Most people think mummies come from Egypt and are wrapped, but mummies come from all over the world. The exhibition is changing centuriesold perceptions about what the general public thinks about mummies and providing insight into the lives and cultures of these ancient people. Inside every mummy is a story waiting to be told, and Mummies of the World is here to tell those stories.”


“Mummies of the World will change visitors’ understanding of what mummies are and what can be learned from them,” said Wit Ostrenko, president and CEO of MOSI. “The mummies in this exhibition have been studied using cutting edge, non-destructive technology to provide insights into lives and cultures of long ago. Modern science truly can shed new lights on very old ideas and MOSI is honored to offer such a perceptionchanging and thought-provoking collection to the region.”
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The concept for the exhibition began with the rediscovery of 21 specimens within the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums of Mannheim, Germany in 2004. A consortium of mummy researchers, known as the German Mummy Project, used DNA analysis, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT), radiocarbon dating and mass spectrometry to learn more, and engaged the cooperation of 21 world-renowned museums, organizations and collections in seven countries to make this innovative exhibition possible. Mummies of the World premiered to sell out crowds in Los Angeles at the California Science Center in July 2010. It quickly became a major attraction and one of the most successful exhibits in the Science Center’s 13-year history. The debut

of the exhibition at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in June 2011 attracted attendance by visitors from all 50 states and more than 20 countries in just one month after opening. Prior to opening in Charlotte, the exhibition had sold more than 18,000 advance tickets – the most sold in the history of the exhibition – and has also received a total of more than half a million visitors since its World Premiere.

Mummies of the World will be on exhibition from April 27, 2012 through September 3, 2012. Tickets are now on sale and reservations are highly recommended. Mummies of the World is a timed-entry exhibition, so before making a purchase, visitors will be asked to select the date and time of their visit. Tickets can be purchased by calling (813) 987-6000. MOSI will be offering special packages that include regular admission plus Mummies of the World, as well as a Mummies of the World only ticket. Please call (813) 987-6000 for pricing and/or reservations. For more information, visit or

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TaKe ChaRGe in inVesTinG


“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
- Thomas Edison
One of the most significant concerns I find my clients have is the possibility of outliving their savings. Women, whether single or married now, are particularly susceptible to this.

Some of the issues unique to women include: • • • • • Longer lifespan and more likely to age independently.¹ Often earn less while working and in retirement.² Twice as likely to work part-time.² Take leaves for family caregiving.³ More likely to require long-term care themselves.³

It is a pleasure to share my insights to help heighten your awareness of the importance of planning to achieve your financial goals. Approximately 68% of my clientele are female. Nearly a decade of experience in this profession has made me knowledgeable of the unique challenges women face in planning to meet their financial objectives. Many people choose to work with a financial advisor because of the complexities of charting their financial future. If you decide that route, you should find a professional who focuses on your needs and whom you feel comfortable with. Planning for your future commences with laying a foundation by thoroughly assessing your current financial position. Then, objectives need to be established. Your objectives should be realistic, specific and measurable. What translates to a well-informed, engaged investor is one who pursues advice and asks questions. You could spend well-deserved decades in retirement. I suspect that you would like to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during those years. Many of us spend an enormous amount of time planning for a two-week vacation. Retirement planning is often an activity that many procrastinate on until that time is very near…and yet your retirement will hopefully be the longest vacation of your life. A knowledgeable financial professional’s strategies may be able to help you generate an income stream you cannot outlive. Sound planning should also incorporate various contingencies and risk mitigation. I would be delighted for the opportunity to talk with you should you have any questions. To summarize: TAKE CHARGE NOW!
John Zacira Financial Advisor RMD Financial Group Sarasota, FL (941) 929-9726

¹ U.S. Administration on Aging, 2010 ² U.S. Department of Labor ³ National Alliance of Caregiving

“Securities offered through Investors Capital Corporation. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Investors Capital Advisory. 230 Broadway, Lynnfield, MA 01940, (800) 949-1422.
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"F" equals Forward
Building on the excitement of the fourth-generation GS 350 the F SPORT package was designed to engage driving enthusiasts with factory engineering and the ability to take performance to an entirely new level. Unique to this package will be larger wheels and a tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension with comes with thicker antiroll bars, bushing changes, and new larger front brakes with high friction pads. Inside, the all-new package also features a sporty attitude with new supportive 16-way driver’s sport seat, unique interior design treatment and exclusive Cabernet Red leather interior. With its precisely sculpted exterior, designers shaped the GS F SPORT to not only display an aggressive attitude, but move the flow of air around it and, like the LFA supercar, maximized aerodynamic efficiency. This continues within the interior features of exclusive design treatments ranging from distinctive F SPORT badging, smooth striated aluminum trim, adjustable seatback and four-way lumbar, wonderful perforated leather and more. If you are unique then get the Cabernet Red leather interior package. This creates a balance of technological amenities and luxurious design. The GS 350 F SPORT Package is a distinctive show of luxury and excitement and is sure to please any enthusiasts.

By Scott Black

We are all familiar with Lexus’s “F” Packages, still in love with the IS F… But this year rolling out right after the GS 350, Lexus offers something for those with a heart of a champion race horse. The 2012 GS 350 F Sport, with improvements to satisfy those who recognize you don’t need a cup of coffee to drive this car.

John Zacira
Financial advisor

Winner of the Sarasota Magazine 2011 Five Star Wealth Manager award

Helping You Plan for Your future
towing unsettled global issues with more uncertainty likely ahead. Many of the challenges we face are not new to us as current events are similar to past. Take time to focus on the things you have power over and can influence. My goal is to help my clients establish a Financial Plan that best achieves their aspirations.

A new year has arrived

We will discuss your Financial Objectives.


8181 S. Tamiami Trail Suite B • Sarasota, FL 34231
independent research firm, crescendo Business services, in partnership with sarasota magazine, surveyed over 20,500 High-net Worth households and more than 1900 Financial services Professionals to determine which Wealth Managers scored highest in satisfaction. This list represents less than 4 percent of the Wealth Managers in the sarasota area. For more information on the FivE sTar award and selection process, go to: securities offered through investors capital corporation. Member Finra/siPc. advisory services offered through investors capital advisory. 230 Broadway, lynnfield, Ma 01940, (800) 949-1422.

941 929 9726


how To Get Motivated:
4 strategies that work
By Anna Aparicio

Because here is the thing: you may have a burning desire to do something, you may have the best will in the world, you may even know all the reasons why you should do it… but if you haven't done it yet, don't be surprised. Getting motivated doesn't happen by coincidence or by miracle. Motivation is not something that some people have and others don't either. It is something we all do, consciously or unconsciously, everyday! Motivation is not something you have or don't have; it is something you do Take training; for example, notice I say training, and not exercising! We want to do it, we know it is good for us, we know it is going to make us look better and feel better… but after a hard day's work, when tiredness sets in, who would blame us for wanting to slouch on the couch and watch some TV while eating our favorite treat? Well, think of taking a shower for a moment. Most of us do it every day. We don't wait until we are all stinky to clean ourselves. We do it because it is the right thing to do; it is time to take a shower. We are able to do this because we have built up this good habit over the years through repetition. We do it at the same time, in the same place, following the same routine, which is so ingrained in our unconscious that we are barely aware of the process. If you want to get to the point where your training routine goes as smoothly as your shower routine, start following the following these rules:

Answer these questions:

Again, if you don't have a plan, all you have is a lovely thought. I suggest you get yourself a diary, an excel sheet, a calendar, whatever works for you, and devise your personal strategy. A strategy to suit your lifestyle, your working schedule, etc… Keeping the end result in mind, what is the first step you need to take in order for you to do what you need to do? And after that? What's next? Do you have all the resources you need (resources are materials, books, money, people…), or do you need help? If it's going to take you 12 weeks to get a six pack, set a date and work backwards from there. If you want to lose a stone in 3 weeks, do the same. Break your objective into smaller, more achievable chunks, so that this week you know exactly what you are doing with regards to training and nutrition, and you can focus on just that. As I tell my clients, it's one week at a time, one day at a time. You see, now you have more than just a nice thought; now you have a plan of action. And believe it or not, this is what most people lack. It's hard to get motivated if you don't know what you want to get motivated for! And what are you going to do when you are tired, sad, in a mad mood, frustrated…? You must put strategies in place, so when that happens, and it will, you know exactly what to do. You have to become a bit of a ninja!
continued on page 40...

What do you want specifically? When do you want it by? Where? With whom? What for? What will happen if you achieve that? What if you don't achieve that? Is it under your control? Is it worth it?
You see, when setting up goals, a lot of people do it wrong. They state what they want to have, not what they want to do; things like "I want to be slim", "I want a six pack" or "I want to have toned arms"… But, what do you want to do? Because it is as a result of you doing what you need to do that you will get to have what you want. Your objective needs to be stated in a way that your brain understands it. And just like your computer, your brain needs 3 things: affirmative statements that are direct and very specific. If you are just thinking it then it is not an objective, it is just a thought. So, put pen to paper and write your answers to the questions above.

If you don't know what you want, how will you know when you've got there?

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continued from page 38...

There are a lot of things that we need to or should do, but that doesn't mean we do them. So I want you to try on the following sentences, simply add what you want to be able to do at the end. For example, if you want to go to the gym every day at 6pm for an hour, try these on. Say them out loud:

One of the main functions of the brain is to prove itself right. So, whatever you focus on is magnified, as the brain thinks it is an objective of yours. Also, the brain doesn't know the difference between a vividly imagined memory and reality. This is why if you want to do something, it's vital you imagine yourself doing it like this (read this resource fully before you do it): Think of yourself doing the thing you want to do, training in the gym, or whatever. When you think about it you may notice the thought to be at a certain distance from you, a certain size, and in a certain place. Just make sure you see yourself in it, looking happy, positive and really enjoying what you are doing. Now, imagine the thought getting bigger and bigger until it's almost panoramic. Make sure it's big, bold and colorful, maybe add some sound to it, and notice how good you feel. Now, imagine you can float outside of your body and into yourself in the image, so you can see through your eyes, hear through your ears and feel how good it feels to be doing what you are doing and loving it too! Intensify everything even more, so the colors are brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings stronger. Now, tell yourself in your most motivating voice "Go For It!" Now, take a deep breath through the nose and magnify the feelings so you feel even more motivated! Repeat 3 times, first sitting down, and then standing up, and notice how you feel even more motivated!

I should go to the gym – I need to go to the gym – I have to go to the gym – I'd better go to the gym I could go to the gym – I can go to the gym – I will go to the gym – I'm going to the gym
Do this a few times and notice which one creates the strongest feeling within you, like you want to go do it. You've just unlocked your personal motivational language. Make sure you use it from now on!

It's vital that you build a propulsion system that makes you feel good and look forward to doing the things you want to do, so that you want to do them more and more. This is how you get to build up new more useful habits to last you a lifetime. I've just shared 4 motivational strategies with you, that when you use them, they will help you get more stuff done and achieve more, faster. They can be applied in any area of your life. These strategies have helped transform some of my clients from couch potatoes into fitness freaks, so good luck to you!

FilM news

Righteous Entertainment is a production company focused on developing and producing, family friendly entertainment in the areas of film, television, music, fashion, and life! This is one of it’s latest:

"Pique" - One man's decision is hazardous to him and his loved ones.
David Hunt is a working class citizen with a few flaws. His biggest weakness is instant gratification. What starts as a simple decision to take a day off from work, ends with a price that may cost him more than money. It begs the question, 'Is the pleasure worth the pain'?

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Spring 2012



Gregg Andrews shares the tips you need to know about breakout trends to help you create your own unique personal style with the perfect pieces.

Graphic Prints Update your wardrobe with bold patterns. When it comes to the pattern, think high contrast and drama: from exploded florals and geometrics to kitschy motifs and scarf prints.
“Vivid patterns look so fresh for spring,” said Andrews. “The modern formula is to mix your patterns using one or two strong shades, like black or white, to anchor your pairing. For an ultra-bold effect, unify your mix with patterns of a similar scale. A boldly patterned handbag pops any outfit, especially if worn against another graphic print.”

New Horizons If you prefer a more sensual take on neutrals, get back to nature with this trend of sunbaked shades, earthy textures, lighter-than-air fabrics and handcrafted extras.
Image Credit Nordstrom

Prep Club All-American sportswear gets crazycolorful and sporty fresh. Say hello to old-school classics amped up with brilliant color. Nothing feels more springy right now.
“This trend is all about mixing, not matching. The oldschool collegiate color scheme is replaced with colorful brights that make the classic pieces look new,” Andrews shared. “Some of the things we love right now include uneven and varied stripes in tops and accessories; skinny eye-catching colored denim; menswear-inspired oxfords in unexpected vibrant color; and a high-wattage belt to define your waist.”

“There’s a global influence here that feels very natural and authentic. The sun-drenched palette of desert tones in slubby textures adds interest and newness,” said Andrews. “To create a unique personal statement use hammered metals and handcrafted accents to create a well-traveled vibe. Ground your look with a banded sandal or wedge and finish it with a slouchy bag in naturally burnished leather.”

French Charm Channel that French-girl aesthet-

Streamlined Spring lines up with dramatic sculpted silhouettes and a graphic use of bold color. This is statement dressing- a play of chic control and engineered drama. Look for color-blocked everything.
“Clean lines and sculpted shapes bring minimalism and a spare sophistication to the season,” said Andrews. “Create a Mondrian-mood by accessorizing with a pair of color-blocked shoes or structured handbag. Sculptural, shiny metal jewelry with a sleek ‘70s feel gives cleanlined shapes an edge.”
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ic with a flirty mix of lace, florals and buttoned-up schoolgirl pieces. C’est magnifique! “The key to French Charm is creating a chic eclectic mix. Create a look that plays on complimentary tones and textures and oozes femininity while still expressing your personal flair,” said Andrews. “Start with a boudoir-inspired piece in ultra-feminine lace and pair with a vintage-inspired print or floral. Layer on structure with something tailored in denim or leather to add an unexpected edge.”

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Atenea, pieces inspired by playing with starfish as children.
Jewelry immersed in dreams and fantasy. Starfish with unusual volumes and movement in their arms are the result of inspiration from the crystal Mediterranean and the reflection of twinkling starfish in its waters. Atenea is also the faithful reflection of the mysterious starfish intimately united with the waves, sand, and dunes. Their shapes blur on the shore as they immerse themselves in the waves and dance to the tempo of the currents. The starfish in yellow gold and white gold are majestically sprinkled with diamonds and completed with the matte-shine finish so characteristic of Carrera y Carrera, filling these sensational and splendid jewelry pieces with reflections and iridescence that dress a beautiful woman full of individuality. Atenea is a jewelry line that creates a perfect union between the most fantastic dreams of the Carrera y Carrera woman and an enchanted Mediterranean Sea. These pieces were created for women who wish to have their first special jewel, such as the Mini Atenea ring or earrings; or for those who feel an authentic passion for jewelry and wish to enjoy the incomparable designs of the Atenea rings, pendants, and earrings, where graceful shapes and great volumes give the illusion of starfish moving their arms to the rhythm of the waves. The Atenea ring is a piece to which the goldsmiths of Carrera y Carrera have dedicated more than 300 hours of work to obtain the perfect balance between the curves of its surface, the small incrusted starfish, volume and lightness. Once again the unsurpassed combination of yellow gold and white gold brings luminosity and character to these pieces made for a woman who wishes to see her dreams become jewelry.

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WorLd’S FaSTeST converTiBLe

By Mai Yomioto

There isn’t much to say about this company as it sits in a class within itself. As their models have top speed records and take on fighter jets in speed contest as a comparison. Now this legendary European manufacturer presents an exclusive and uniquely colored model of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, which is the fastest, most powerful and most luxurious open top car in the world. Throughout his life Ettore Bugatti experimented with different colour schemes and materials to create unique cars. The Grand Sport on display at Qatar Motor Show continues this tradition and has a horizontal color split with a bright yellow body framed in visible black carbon, including black-tinted wheels. The striking contrast of black and yellow, Ettore Bugatti’s favorite color, is continued inside with seats finished in yellow-colored leather with black stitching. The middle console is in black carbon, while the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift are made of black leather with yellow stitching. This Grand Sport model comes at a price of over $2 million dollars.

After the final order for the Bugatti Veyron coupé was placed in June 2011, marking an end to the successful era and exclusive production run of 300 units of the supercar and its even faster cousin the Super Sport, the story of Bugatti's exceptional sports car is set to continue. Automotive connoisseurs have the opportunity to still acquire the Grand Sport and its supreme technology. When the roof is on, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport can reach a top speed of over 252 mph, while speeds of up to 217 mph are possible with the roof off. This makes the Grand Sport the fastest roadster in the world.
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The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 will be assembled by hand at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim, France. In cooperation with the Bugatti design and engineering team, Bugatti customers can tailor their vehicles to their personal preferences by choosing from a broad array of exquisite materials and colours. The Grand Sport model on display in Qatar demonstrates an ever growing number of options available to existing and new Grand Sport owners. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. has limited the Grand Sport to 150 units of which only a few slots are still open. So what am I really saying... It’s gorgeous, fast and completely uncompromising.

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Progressive Performance of the

With an impressive lineup Audi brings a new level of refined performance to the successful flagship Audi A8 lineup, while advancing the Audi S8 lineage into its third generation. Building on the already agile A8, which utilizes Audi ASF® space frame technology to achieve a lightweight vehicle chassis, the new Audi S8 delivers more performance through its new 4.0 liter twin-turbo engine, responsive air suspension, high performance brake system and performance design elements. The 4.0 TFSI® brings the engine downsizing strategy already seen in other vehicles segments to the high-performance class. Twin turbo-charging gives the V8 outstanding power at 520 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque to propel the S8 from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds and a governed top speed of 155 mph. The innovative cylinder head design packages the turbochargers and intercooler between the V-bank to provide shorter exhaust paths to the twin scroll turbochargers for impressive engine response. Compared to the previous S8 V10 engine, the new S8 delivers 15 percent more power, yet consumes 23 percent less fuel. Mated to the eight-speed automatic Tiptronic® transmission that delivers responsive shifts and two overdrive top gears, the S8 powertrain provides effortless acceleration and relaxed cruising capability.


By Scott Black

The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center

Our Guest Book says it all...
Thank you! Helpful - got lots to read! Very helpful and friendly smiles! So pretty! See you next year! Very visitor friendly and lovely scenery! Help is fantastic! Danke! Just moved into an older home so thanks for the info on services to my home! OMG! Merci Beaucoup! Wonderfully warm and helpful individuals! Great service! I love Naples! Grazie! Our second visit here! Thanks for your valued advice! Excellent help from a local! Volunteer was a wonderful help! Awesome staff! We love it here! You’re great people! Very good advice and ideas! We want to live here! We’ll be back! Beautiful Center! Excited to be here! One of the nicest and prettiest Visitor Centers we’ve seen on our trip! I love Paradise! Fabulous place...wonderful people! Gracias! Wonderful information! Thanks for helping me find things to do for my grandchildren’s visit! Gorgeous!

New fuel efficiency measures include cylinder-on-demand technology that deactivates four of the eight cylinders at lower loads, thereby reducing fuel consumption at moderate highway speeds. When the V8 engine switches to V4 mode, the active noise control (ANC) system negates undesirable changes in engine/exhaust sound. Audi engineers have dampened vibrations to make the transition seamless. Combined with drive by wire throttle and modern engine computer design, these collective technical innovations demonstrate Audi’s leadership in delivering impressive performance and improved efficiency. The S8 is fitted with ventilated disc brakes that are matte Black and carry the S8 logo on the front six piston calipers that are matched to perforated 15.7-inch diameter rotors. At the rear, generous 14-inch rotors are joined to single piston calipers. In order to complement the improved power of the S8, a sport-tuned adaptive air suspension that includes three ride heights. They work in conjunction with the dynamic steering to deliver enhanced handling and steering response while still maintaining a refined ride expected from a large executive sedan. Audi’s drive select system actively adjusts steering, suspension, engine and transmission performance as well as the sport differential. The driver can select among comfort, auto, dynamic and individual modes. live, work and play in Greater Naples
239.262.6141 Open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Stop in to see us and sign our Guest Book too!

900 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 102

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Exterior model differentiation for the new S8 includes purposeful but understated design elements, headlined by a new twin-blade design of the Singleframe® grille horizontal slats, lower bumper side air intakes and rear diffuser. The S8 also includes aluminum optic mirrors, larger rocker sill moldings and the trademark S model four outlet, dual rear exhaust. Daytona Gray and Prism Silver are exclusive exterior colors that round out the S8 color palette while S8 specific 21-inch wheels are standard.

The interior is upgraded and differs from other A8 models primarily with standard issue “Carbon Atlas” trim on the upper inlays and shift lever. White-on-Gray instrument cluster displays and analog clock signify the S8, while the S8 welcome message greets enthusiast drivers in the instrument cluster and Audi MMI® screen. Front seating adjusts 22 ways with standard heating, ventilation and massage functions. Valcona leather upholstery and an exclusive diamond cross-stitch pattern provide a sporty and refined level of craftsmanship. The S8 shares several other A8 interior colors as well as offers an exclusive Lunar Silver that includes Gray contrast stitching and piping. The many useful and innovative driver assistance equipment items already available on the A8 can be selected for the S8. Adaptive cruise control, Audi side assist, Audi lane assist, night vision and Audi pre sense, which constantly monitors vehicle systems and surroundings to provide preventative measures if necessary. In addition, Audi connect™ enhances the driver experience through Google Earth™ 3D graphics for use with the latest Audi MMI Navigation plus, along with Google Search™ that can also be performed via voice recognition. Real-time traffic is available through SiriusXM™ Traffic and operates with Google Earth mapping. Other real time information, such as localized traffic and weather, and real time news feeds and fuel price updates also are featured. Audi connect also enables rolling Wi-Fi®, creating its own hotspot for simultaneous access by up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices. Whether joined by business associates, friends or by children in the S8, passengers will enjoy access to surf the Web, access email, download songs or videos, play games or stream favorite Internet music providers. The BOSE® Surround Sound System, or the optional Bang & Oluf-

son® Advanced Sound System, ensure that all audio is delivered with impeccable sound quality while the Audi music interface with iPod®/iPhone® connectivity ensures user friendly perusing of play lists and song titles via the Audi MMI system. The Audi S8 has assured the driver and executive traveler has all they may need in a well appointed vehicle able to get you to your next locality without even thinking about the details.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
To those of us outside of the tents, Fashion Week looks like one glamorous spectacle after another. Set for another season to unleash its creative and colorful vision. Esteemed designers from around the globe joined in collaboration for this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Fall 2012. The streets of New York are brimming with the hottest models in town for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week including the allnew 2013 SL550 Roadster. The SL Roadster continues to be the ultimate style icon in automotive design and the newest model now steps into the limelight with its first appearance in New York.

Fall 2012

By Samantha Ramos

Being the title sponsor Mercedes-Benz is empowering fashion enthusiasts all over the country to explore their personal style through a social platform that allows for the creation of virtual "sets" powered by Polyvore. A platform that incorporates imagery of inspirational fashions and MercedesBenz cars allowing fashion enthusiasts to build "sets," ala virtual mood boards. Allowing anyone to partake in the Star Style Challenge, which asks one simple question: What does ultimate star style look like on the red carpet at the Academy Awards?

“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is internationally recognized as the premier industry event to showcase cutting-edge fashion,” said Lisa Holladay, Manager of Brand Experience Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. “The excitement is building in anticipation of what will hit the runways from many talented and well-known designers showing this season."
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ashion fans brave the winter weather to catch a glimpse of their favorite designers, celebrities, stylists and models attending this year’s event. The lineup of designers for the event will bring the fashion industry’s elite to Lincoln Center for the fourth season, as fashion fans will Photography by Michael Buckner & Frazer Harrison brave the winter cold outside to catch a glimpse of their favorite editors, designers, celebrities, stylists and models attending the by-invitation-only shows.


Photography Credit Getty Images

Whitney Eve

Reem Acra

Vantan Tokyo

Diane Von Furstenberg

Betsey Johnson

Naeem Khan

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Jenny Packham

B Michael America

Pamella Roland

“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week continues to put the world’s leading fashion designers and brands center stage” says Peter Levy, SVP and Managing Director, IMG Fashion Worldwide. “Each season the event evolves as a showcase for established and up-and-coming designers. We are excited about this season’s lineup and are eagerly looking forward to welcoming all of our guests.” The impressive designer line-up has expanded in size from last season and features a fabulous balance of industry greats and notable up-and-comers including: Nicholas K, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Kaelen, Richard Chai, Honor, Tadashi Shoji, Candela, Chadwick Bell, Rebecca Taylor, Brandon Sun, Rebecca Minkoff, Nicole Miller, Katya Leonovich, Charlotte Son Jung Wan, Vantan Tokyo, Vivienne Tam, Monique Lhuillier, L.A.M.B., Venexiana, Lorena Sarbu, Lela Rose, DKNY, Tracy Reese, Joy Cioci, Custo Barcelona, Diane von Furstenberg, Y-3, Carmen Marc Valvo, Mathieu Mirano, Timo Weiland, Jenny Packham, Calvin Klein Collection and more! One noted Venezuelan designer, Raul Penaranda Inspired by midnight opulence, showcased his stunning collection of understated beauty. Like that of a shooting star in the sky, Raul used his talent, personality and enthusiasm to propel himself from the obscurity to his place among the world’s fashion elite. "This year has been remarkable and memorable in many ways, most important in my personal and professional life," said Penaranda. "It has been only the 15th month since I launched my first collection and these 3 moments had been very special to me on this journey: “ Fashionistas lined up for the complimentary manicures by essie between shows. "I've always said that color is

Chadwick Bell

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Herve Leger By Max Azria

Rock & Republic


the ultimate accessory for women," says Essie Weingarten. "So our partnership with so many amazing designers during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week continues to thrill and inspire us. Not only is it the perfect collaboration for essie as a fashion-forward brand, but I love that we're giving women everywhere their first look at what's coming next from the industry's best." In addition to the excitement taking place on and off the runways, MercedesBenz Fashion Week continues its commitment to the local community by engaging local businesses and supporting educational initiatives. Working together with the Lincoln Square BID, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week once again welcomes the Fashion Plate and Crew Cuts promotions to support local restaurants and businesses in the surrounding area. A recent study by Fordham University estimated that $40 million in direct economic impact was generated annually in the 10-block radius around Lincoln Center by the vendors, staff, and guests. As well, through its continuing partnership with the New York City Housing Authority and with the support of event vendors, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is able to continue to offer employment opportunities to public housing residents through the course of the week.


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Monique Lhuillier

Fashion enthusiasts found no shortage of thrilling content this week long schedule of backstage beauty looks, insider interviews and streaming videos. The magic of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York continues with new life in a highly stylized, fashion forward world. Perfectly illustrates the diverse roster of talent, beauty and digital presence. To once again deliver the excitement of this year’s event to all fashion lovers everywhere.

Bibhu Mohapatra

Narciso Rodriguez

Jill Stuart

Anna Sui

Zang Toi

a Feast for all the senses...
By Mai Yomioto

The stage has been set and all the other characters have left but one… the new Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG. The latest version of the popular high-performance SL model features more power, lighter weight and better gas mileage. Put together to provide unparalleled performance and an extraordinary driving experience.

Fitted with seven speeds, four shift modes and a double-clutching function, the MCT transmission offers impressive versatility and even faster shift times. Providing direct feedback of a manual transmission with the total convenience of an automatic. With four drive modes: "C" (Controlled Efficiency), "S" (Sport), "S+" (Sport plus) and "M" (Manual), the transmission provides customized shift control for maximum driving pleasure, and does so with no interruption of power. In the "C"mode, smooth shifts coupled with a "soft" accelerator response are set up for silky smooth power transfer. Also active in the "C" mode, the ECO start/stop function turns off the engine when the car is at a standstill. Outstanding material quality and high-caliber workmanship offers a feast for all the senses: four air vents styled like jet engines, an E-SELECT lever and AMG DRIVE UNIT are all reminiscent of the super sports car. Standard equipment includes AMG sports seats in single-tone or two-tone nappa leather with a unique seat upholstery design and AMG badges in the seat backrests, a multicontour function and seat heating as well as AMG carbon-fiber trim, AMG illuminated door sill panels, ambient lighting and an IWCdesign analogue clock. One of the stand-out details on the AMG performance steering wheel is an AMG logo in the lower metal insert. A sporty AMG instrument cluster provides a wealth of information. The sixth-generation SL features a retractable hardtop that can transform the quiet, weather-tight coupe into a top-down roadster in under 20 seconds. The new SL has two versions to choose from: a glass roof or the unique panoramic roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL, which can be switched from light to dark tinting at the push of a button. The key is yet another impressive masterpiece from Mercedes-AMG; which delivers a winning combination of an unrivalled roadster with an enticing mix of stylish design.

The SL 63 AMG represents a giant leap forward, from the SLS AMG Roadster and the SLK 55 AMG. For the first time, the SL 63 AMG is available with a choice of two power levels. Normally, the AMG 5.5-liter twinturbocharged "biturbo" V8 delivers 530 horsepower and 590 lb.-ft. of torque. With the optional AMG Performance Package, these figures rise to 557 hp and 664 lb-ft respectively. The result is acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 186 mph with the AMG Performance package. Power is nothing without control an AMG presents just that with a lighter body, improved rigidity, active suspension, 15.3-inch compound brake system and extensive array of standard equipment. At the push of a button, the driver can select "Sport" for reduced body roll and firm shock damping or "Comfort" for a high level of comfort on long trips. For greater agility and faster cornering speeds, during its design and testing phases, the focus was clearly on driving dynamics and performance. The new SL63 AMG is equipped with a new, electro-mechanical AMG speed- sensitive sports steering for agile cornering and exceptionally good feedback during high-performance driving. The steering has a faster, constant ratio and variable power assistance, which adjusts automatically to the suspension settings.
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Watch making is just like the cinema, it hides a precise mechanism which must then generate emotion. The world of ROGER DUBUIS, the arrival of its collections, like spaces of freedom, perfectly matches my principles. You need to take chances in life. And always push yourself. Gerard Butler


Priya Duafor the Planet Stands
Priya Dua has created a simple equation to preserve the planet's habitats, species and resources for generations to come. Her campaign titled "Stand for the Planet" consists of the adoption of one hundred square feet of endangered rainforest for every pair of her "chipkos" sold. Since the company's founding in early 2011, chipkos has preserved millions of square feet of land in Guanacaste, costa Rica. chipkos Sandals are inspired by osho chappals, which first became popular in the 1960s' ashram scene of India. chipkos are produced with environmentally-friendly materials and are available for men and women in multiple colors. "chipkos' hands-on approach to nature conservation has been lauded as not only the first of its kind, but also a results-oriented campaign to counter the threat of deforestation," says Norm Gershenz, executive Director of "our partnership with chipkos will continue to result in the preservation of our world's most precious habitats, resources and species, thanks to the support from chipkos fans." chipkos Footwear is an eco friendly footwear line that protects one hundred square feet of the rainforest per product purchased. chipkos was founded by Priya Dua who currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband an American eskimo.
By Brittany E.

"Math is a tool to solve real life problems. With over 50% of our rainforests gone, protecting these habitats is a real problem that needs a solution," says the former Richmond, california math teacher, Priya Dua. "The best part of our movement is that it is growing exponentially every day." chipkos takes inspiration from the eighteenth century Chipko Movement, which was one of the first group environmental efforts. The term chipko (sanskrit: to stick or embrace) was coined because the indigenous villagers protected land by literally attaching themselves to trees. This is also the origin of the term 'treehugger'.
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ivanka Trump
Sometimes one's course is clear from the start. Take Ivanka Trump, whose love for fashion an integrity is echoed in the pieces she creates today.
Interview By Samantha Ramos

You’re a very successful businesswoman, what are the traits of a successful negotiator and deal-maker? IT: Being honest, well prepared, creative, and practical. How would you advise businesswomen to reinvent themselves in today’s market? IT: It’s definitely easier for women to achieve success in business and education now. But you have to be more than a pretty face. You have to earn your right to be at the table. I see that you have Black Diamond Tassels from your Tassel collection, tell me how that design came to be? IT: The black diamond tassel necklace is such a sensational piece. The rough black diamond briolettes are expertly hand cut giving it an amazing sparkle. It is really a show stopper and my go to piece whenever I have to get dressed up. What do you look for your inspiration? IT: New York City's buildings and architecture always inspired me. My desire to launch a jewelry collection came from my love of structure and architecture along with my appreciation for style and the classics. Also, I've always had my eyes set on working in the Trump real estate business-I currently hold the VP of Acquisitions and Development position at Trump Org. Also, along with my brothers, I'm leading the charge on the Trump Hotel Collection. What are the key elements of your line? IT: Heirloom chic is the creative vision behind my jewelry line. It’s the youthful reinvention of important legacy jewelry. Heirloom chic puts a modern twist on classic jewelry, capturing a sense of fine workmanship, tradition, and offhand elegance. Jewelry is an important part of one’s style, how do you feel about the selection of the right piece? IT: A fabulous pair of earrings that can go from the office to a night out are an absolute necessity! My favorites are the medium signature oval diamond earrings from my collection-they really make a statement. What is the most important thing you have learned in the Fashion industry? IT: I’ve learned that hard work never goes out of style and to always be prepared for interviews, meetings, discussions, everything. Work hard. Create a strong and consistent identity-your name and reputation are your best assets.
58 FOCUS of SWFL 2012 Medium Signature Oval Pave Diamond Drop Earring

You offer one of a kind collection that inspires sensation; can you explain where it comes from? IT: My mother's legacy jewelry collection always inspired me, and my love for the classic aesthetic helped propel my vision. I realized the luxury fine jewelry market was missing a fresh, young design approach. That's where my jewelry line's vision of "Rock Tradition" plays a vital role-it's a modern twist on jewelry's most important classic. I've always had a passion for jewelry. I wanted to make women of my time feel comfortable buying fine jewelry and I wanted to give them the ultimate shopping experience. The Mercer Street boutique, the service, and the quality - it all speaks to a luxurious yet approachable jewelry shopping experience. Can we have some details of a future collection piece? IT: I am working on the 2012 collection as we speak. The design boards are going up and we’re working through sketches to enhance details with my production and design teams. The new collection should launch in the spring of 2012!

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alice Brunner
Alice Brunner joined PACE Center for Girls of Lee County in August of 2009 as Academic Manager, with oversight of 6 teachers and the academic program of the agency. In December 2009 she was appointed Executive Director. With over 20 years in higher education prior to PACE, including 13 years at Florida Gulf Coast University, she brought an understanding of the need to support young women with both education and counseling. During her service in higher education, Dr. Brunner was a personal, academic and/or career counselor to countless first-year college students. Later she became an administrator in Student Affairs and was instrumental in the development of first-year programs that supported freshmen during what is known as the “riskiest” year of the 4-year college experience. She also taught strategic learning, education, and personal development courses. At PACE, Dr. Brunner’s focus has been on building a team who work professionally with at-risk girls and young women. Part of a statewide organization with Centers in 17 counties, PACE Center for Girls, Inc. is a nationally recognized juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention program for teenage girls facing challenges such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse, foster care, academic failure, and delinquency. Understanding the link between victimization and delinquency, PACE offers individualized and strength-based education, counseling and career readiness through a gender responsive approach that centers on the emotional and physical safety of each girl. PACE Lee is the only non-residential, gender specific program for at-risk girls in the county. PACE Lee opened its doors on February 5, 2007, and has since offered nearly 400 girls the unique opportunity to develop into healthy and positive individuals while furthering their education, developing their confidence and finding their voice. PACE Lee’s most recent outcome report shows that 94% of girls increased their academic performance and have no involvement with the

Giving girls their voice Simontis By Melissa
criminal justice system a year after transitioning from the day program. As a result, PACE reduces the significant long term costs associated with teen pregnancy, substance abuse, unemployment and long term economic dependency. But there is still a lot of work to do… In Florida; over 20,000 girls will enter the juvenile justice system this year. The incarceration rate of girls is increasing faster than any other demographic; 32% of girls are committed to the justice system out of all committed, yet only 5% of the funds are allocated to girls. It is reported that 75% of girls are committed for nonfelony offenses compared to 50% of boys. Of the girls committed, 60% have endured physical or sexual abuse, 90% have mental health issues, and 30% have experienced pregnancy. Shockingly, 50% of girl arrests occur before 12 years old, and failure in middle school is the single greatest indicator that a girl will enter the juvenile justice system. Furthermore, entry into the juvenile justice system is the greatest predictor that a girl will enter the adult system. These startling facts are evidence that our community needs to redirect resources from building and funding prisons to prevention programs such as the PACE Center for Girls. The benefits extended to the community are tremendous. It costs nearly $45,000 a year for each girl placed in a residential juvenile detention center, and only approximately 25% of girls remain out of trouble after leaving detention. In contrast, a girl can be served at PACE Center for Girls for less than $15,000 a year. Therefore, not only does PACE save taxpayers $30,000 per year per girl, PACE statewide averages a 90% rate of success for keeping girls in school and out of the juvenile justice system. To help PACE provide all girls the opportunity to find their voice, achieve their potential and celebrate a life defined by responsibility, serenity and grace, visit or call (239) 425-2366 for more information.
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Gina Dengler
working Tirelessly to Combat Juvenile Diabetes
By Gina Battle

One of the most heartbreaking feelings for a parent with a sick child is, knowing their child has an incurable illness that is completely unpredictable; at times debilitating and may have devastating behavioral manifestations for the child and the family. For Gina Dengler, it was clear after a close relative was finally diagnosed she and her whole family made the commitment to get involved with JDRF by volunteering their time and efforts to the cause to fight the disease. She and her family have been of service since 2006. Ms. Dengler applied for an opening as the Development Coordinator, of a Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in 2010, now located in Naples. Although Gina is not alone in her passion or her drive to combat the ravages of juvenile diabetes. JDRF’s purpose is simply to provide information and resources about the disease, its complications, prevention; promote awareness, and to fundraise for research. She is not alone in her mission and rejects any credit given to her for what she believes is a collaborative effort shared by many to eradicate diabetes. There are 10 Counties in the SW Florida Suncoast Chapter from Manatee to Collier Counties, and east to Lake Okeechobee being served by a staff of four. This may seem shocking, however, she explains it this way, “Keeping a low overhead allows for every penny to be put directly toward research and not paying for nonessentials. $1.6 billion goes toward research.” What is diabetes anyway? There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 which is an autoimmune deficiency which stops the pancreas from producing insulin, and can strike suddenly at any age. Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder normally diagnosed usually in adults which describes the manner in which the body tries to negotiate the distribution of blood glucose. The body still produces insulin; however, it is unable to be effective in its use. It’s commonly known to people as ‘sugar’ which is not the proper terminology for the condition. Un62 FOCUS of SWFL 2012

fortunately, there is no such thing as having a little sugar. One either has it or is pre-diabetic, and with the changes in lifestyle, for example, not being sedentary (seeking adequate amounts of exercise) in addition to changes in eating habits, and taking medications may be needed to manage symptoms in order to somewhat impede the disease. Currently, there is no cure for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes has a significant negative financial impact on the country and individuals. According to the Fact Sheet on the JDRF web site the average person suffering from diabetes has a healthcare cost of $11,700 as opposed to a person without the disorder whose annual healthcare in 2009 was approximately $4,400. This is a massive crisis that needs to be addressed on many levels.

JDRF works tirelessly in their fundraising efforts getting the communities involved with outreach and mentoring programs. In addition, there are 2 Walks for the Cure in April. Visit the website and sign up to fight against this disorder. JDRF has planned the 6th Annual Hope Gala at the Ritz Carlton in March. Gina said, “Our mission is ongoing.” No one has to feel left out. If you would like to be a part of JDRF or participate in any of the upcoming events, please visit the website You may also follow on their social networking such as Twitter and Facebook or call (800) 533-CURE for further information.

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Christina Bracken
Who is Christina Bracken CB: I’m an highly energetic person who enjoys activities and love what I do. I was born in Germany and now living in Miami. This has allowed me to do even more due to its year round weather. I’m a mother of an amazing, beautiful and smart 21 old young daughter, along with my three dogs (2 chocolate labs, 1 German shorthaired pointer) and I’m married to the most fabulous man in the world. You are an extreme player, what would be your daily routine. CB: I like to start my mornings off with some exercise, be it karate, Yoga, a gym work out or a run with my dogs. Much of my time is spent traveling - visiting customers all over the world (we now have international distribution in Japan, Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle east and Panama). Our office in China, or traveling with sales reps in the US…
When I am at home I work with my team (known as my second family) on sales, product development and planning the future.

endless Motion

Interview By Lina Lasalle

How is it that you discovered that solution? CB: You can say, I’m a barefoot professional, with all the activities I’m involved in. Since no one is born with shoes on their feet it is an easy exercise to explain why and how being barefoot can be beneficial. Proper foot-health is key to our well being. When we force our feet into hard soled shoes we compromise our feet’s ability to function the way they were intended to work. We muffle proprioception and limit foot agility, balance and our foot muscle’s natural strength. Arches exposed to arch support insoles stop to function as arches and collapse since they are not called on to be the natural support structure they naturally are (you don’t see arch support structures underneath bridges or under church arches; they are meant to stand strong because they were constructed for that purpose). What is the future of Christina Bracken? My family, lots of travel ("maybe I’ll sail across the Atlantic again") and expanding our team, as we are incorporating top-of-the–line systems and continue to design and deliver fun, affordable barefoot designs to our customers.

Being an active player as you are, is this how ZEMgear became to be? CB: Yes, founded in 2009 by Frank Woods and I. We’re both seasoned industry professionals and In collaboration with product designer Matt Ochipa we developed a unique line of barefoot-technology footwear allowing users the full benefit of proprioception, awareness, balance and other health benefits that come along with using your feet as nature intended. When did you start ZEMgear? CB: We launched the first product in November of 2009, that was really exciting and we received such great support from our customers and friends. I’m very proud of our team and customers. They have allowed ZEMgear to win and be nominated in both 2011 and 2012 including the 3M IN-NEW-VATION award and FINALIST of the 2012 ISPO Brand New award; by offering a product for every barefoot lifestyle, from sports to the comforts of home.

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YuMee chung
Yoga For everyone

By Zack Tanck Photography by Cylla von Tiedmann

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oga is big business, one that is largely considered to be a luxury. To Passport to Prana founder YuMee Chung, this didn’t seem right. Chung, a Canadian lawyer who entered the legal profession with the hope of bringing about social change, took her first yoga class on the recommendation of a friend because she was experiencing back pain and numbness in her arms from too many hours in front of the computer. She had been running from doctor to doctor and from body worker to body worker looking for a way to alleviate the work-induced discomfort. Lasting physical relief did not come until she found yoga. After working for a few years as a lawyer and taking yoga classes, Chung realized that her yoga teachers were doing a better job of touching people and changing lives than she was as a paper pusher. So, she decided to open a yoga studio. She juggled that career and law practice until she became too busy to do both. In the end, yoga was the obvious choice. The transition from lawyer to yogi was a huge personal and professional decision. Chung had to face losing the security of a six-figure income and a robust benefits package in lieu of an uncertain future. However, she realized that it was more important to live a healthier, more engaged life in the present moment. After making the jump to yoga instructor, Chung came to the realization that there had to be a way to remove the barriers to entry and make yoga more accessible to the average North American while bringing the yoga community together around a common project. In 2005, she started Passport to Prana as an experimental, collective marketing idea designed to introduce people to the practices of yoga by acquainting them with the yoga studios and teachers in their cities. Knowing that many yoga studios offer a discounted or free first class, and that all yoga studios are keen to meet new students, Chung simply formalized the idea and created structure around the idea of a yoga crawl.


Her business concept was (and still is) simple: sell a multi-studio yoga pass that offers customers one free class at each of the participating studios in a given market at a too good to be true price. In the United States, each card costs a maximum of $30 per city, making the cost of each class about a $1 depending on the region, versus the average big-city yoga class, which can cost upwards of $18. The benefits are clear: consumers get a smorgasbord of studio options to try and studios get exposure to a broader customer base than they could develop on their own. Says Chung, “Passport to Prana gives everyone, including absolute beginners, a great way to try out the yoga studios where they live, work and play, no matter what their income level, age, or level of fitness.” In seven years, this relatively straightforward idea has grown to include multiple cities throughout Canada and America. The engine behind Passport to Prana’s growth remained Chung, joined by her business partner Rajen Gandhi, with their singular strategic vision. Approaching the entire venture from a ‘collaborative, not competitive’ perspective, Chung and Gandhi continue to encourage growth through ethical practices and a winwin mentality. Most of the profits from the sale of the actual passports get funneled back into the studios offering the free classes, and despite the popularity of the program, passport prices have remained reasonable. An online yoga portal is also part of their program. Anyone who purchases a Passport to Prana will receive an electronic card that is processed by the yoga studio just before class. The yogi can log onto their Passport to Prana profile at to track everything from class attendance to passport information in real time. Studio listings, maps, contact information, up-to-date class schedules, special discounts, and fun contests are also available, making it a must-stop spot for any yoga lover in their city.

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ngel Candice Swanepoel, one of the most iconic supermodels in the world was selected to appear on the cover of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Swim 2012 catalogue, inspired by Brazil’s beautiful beaches and bombshells wearing a provocatively sexy Miraculous PushUp bikini along with some of the sexiest swimsuits. Candice Swanepoel was born in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Seen in a variety of print and television ads, Candice has walked the runway annually since 2007.

Candice counts being featured on the cover of Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalogue as one of the highlights of her career. “It is such an honor to be on the cover of the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalogue. I love the swim collection and always look forward to getting the catalogue in my mailbox every year!” says Candice. Candice is joined with other Victoria’s Secret bombshells Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Jasmine Tookes and Edita Vilkevièiûtë wearing the season’s hottest swimwear.

andice S C wa n ep oel

Photography by Greg Kadel

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“Brazil with Love” is the first in a series of Swim 2012 that Victoria’s Secret plan be release throughout the spring and summer months. This year’s swim collection introduces the new Gorgeous Push-up Bikini which brings the sexy, supportive style of the Gorgeous Push-up bra to Victoria’s Secret swim silhouettes. The Gorgeous Push-up top joins the popular Miraculous, BioFit and Very Sexy bra silhouettes that are currently offered within the Victoria’s Secret swimwear collection. The trends featured in this year’s swim assortment include embellishment, luxurious fabrics, sexy prints, neon and bright colors and mix and match pieces. Get noticed on the beach and create your perfect fit by mixing and matching your favorite colors, prints and styles to create a swimsuit that shows off your personality and shape.
By Fernanda Valente

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By Tony William

Running the AZIMUT 86S
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Azimut Yachts, known for its innovation, style, comfort, and elegance; is the leading producer of 40- to 120- foot luxury yachts. Divided into four collections designed to satisfy varied customer preferences: Flybridge, S, Grande and the latest addition, Magellano, which is pioneer in the cruising world, paying careful attention to safety and the environment. This years collections were shown at the Miami International Boat Show, they stem from Azumut Yachts’s commitment to constantly innovate its production and to offer more contents and quality to its customers. This approach translates into genuine fast and comfortable boats fitted with generous interior spaces and well-equipped cockpits. Azimut’s approach has received international recognition winning both the Boat of the Year award and UIM Environmental Award. Given for innovative boats boasting special comfort and living space along with respect for the environment.

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The new Azimut 45, one of Azimut Yacht’s prestigious new arrivals for 2012, sets a new benchmark for the market by re-examining the fundamental aspects of live ability and quality, attaining a level that the competition will find difficult to match. The great efforts put into design, functional studies, and technical research have now borne fruit in the form of the undoubtedly most advanced flybridge of its class on the market. It is a project that leads to new consequences through the use of ideas that were put into practice in earlier models with great success. These include a new layout for the living area that features a different use of available below-deck space through an innovative placement of the galley, as well as a cabin arrangement that come in two varieties – two or three cabins – each with a large central VIP cabin.


he exterior design and the concept were created by Stefano Righini, and the interior design, by Carlo Galeazzi, with the boatyard’s technical office also making an important contribution.

On the exterior, the great achievement is the spacious flybridge, which is attached as a modular unit at the stern. Can be reconfigured with the simple rearrangement of a few elements: from an dinette complete with a dining table and a sofa area with L- or C-shaped seating, to a spacious sundeck on a single level.
This creates continuity between the two environments, exterior and interior, enabling communication between the two steering stations, including when underway. The helm on the fly has a full instrument panel, including a Raymarine display of up to 14”, and everything can be protected by a Bimini top. Great design work is also on display in the cockpit, which comes with a folding table that disappears into the sofa. The swimming platform can be either fixed or retractable, which is also useful when hauling or launching the tender.
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The oak interiors are a natural honey color with a breathable finish; the Jakarta leathers have a light finish on the tips that gives them a heightened 3-D effect. Azimut follows the construction philosophy of using natural dyes and materials. The keel of the Azimut 45 is a classic variable dihedral; with an angle of 21 degrees amidships that reproduces the optimal qualities in other models of similar size in terms of wave absorption and performance. It is built in its entirety employing an infusion process, a building method that ensures low environmental impact, high-quality construction, and top-flight mechanical characteristics. The Azimut 45 is outfitted with twin 480 mhp (max) Cummins engines with shaft-mounted propellers, and max speed of 32 knots. The boat has a Class B rating and can carry 12 persons. With the "easy handling” and “easy docking” options, steering the boat has been highly simplified. The easy handling option assists with differing propeller rotation speeds in order to enable quick, precise course corrections, while the easy docking option enables docking maneuvers to be accomplished using a simple joystick: wind and sea conditions have no effect on maneuvering precision, and thanks to intelligent management of the power of the twin engines and the bow thruster, all maneuvers become sure and simple.

The central living room comes with two large sofas and a pouf, thus accommodating eight people. The main sofa can be converted into a double bed. The table's height can be adjusted with the flip of a switch. The steering station is furnished with a sofa seating 2 that makes for a convivial atmosphere. The instrumentation is first class. A great deal of effort was put into the design of the central cabin, a spacious suite that achieves volume beneath the steering station. It is illuminated by daylight from a panoramic glassed wall and has a bathroom with separate access. The double bed can be turned into two singles with a few simple manoeuvres. Located in the bow is the owner’s cabin, built with care and attention in order to provide space for storage, such as the large locker underneath the bed. Here as well, the cabin has a dedicated bathroom that is illuminated by light from large rectangular side portholes. The three-cabin version offers the owner a cabin with overlapping berths, which bring the total number of beds to eight, counting the sofa in the dinette. The kitchen is particularly roomy and can accommodate a dishwasher, microwave oven and a fridge. In the threecabin version, a small part of the galley space is taken up by the third cabin, but the worktop remains one of the most ample in its category. One surprising feature of the galley is its location, since anyone using it can still chat with people sitting in the dinette or at the interior steering station, which is in keeping with the modern concept of cooking being a time of shared enjoyment and socializing during on-board life.

These are systems that have made it easier to use the boat, particularly for those with little help on board. All of the boat's functions can be monitored by using the “easy cruising” system, which integrates data relating to the electrical system, tanks, temperatures, and alarms.

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commemorative model, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. Its strong points: the compact profile of a sporting boat, an openable hard top, roomy interiors with full-beam owner’s cabin, crew cabin with two beds. Reaches speeds of 37 knots.

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Italia is the name of this new version of the Azimut 62S, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italian unification: the Avigliana yard also wanted to make its contribution to the celebrations surrounding this important moment of national history. It was a pleasure to build it and to play a small yet distinct part at such an important moment. The sporty models in the Azimut collection, which are denoted by the suffix S, are designed for people who love cruising and performance and for this reason can do without the large fly found on motoryachts. Only the larger models have a lightweight sport fly, an exterior steering gear with space for guests that has little impact on lines and weight. The compact, sporty, lightweight line is truly a must in the S collection.

platform and offers lodging for two crew members. The crew zone also has space for mounting the Seakeeper gyro-stabiliser. The interiors have also been updated in order to bring them into line with the collection’s new decor. For instance, all furniture veneers are Zebrano wood, while colours are held in light, contrasting shades with the use of various magnolia-coloured saffiano leathers. White leather is used for the two pilot seats. The galley is furnished with a mix of stainless steel and Zebrano wood, and sliding doors enable it to be completely closed off from the rest of the boat. There are three cabins. In the cabin in the bow, the bed is convertible, offering a choice of configurations between one double bed and two single beds.

The focal point of the Azimut 62S Italia is an openable hard top, a masterpiece of double curvature formed glass, curved both lengthwise and crosswise, protective UV coating, and a skylight that makes it possible to really appreciate the sportiness and feel connected with the boat’s exterior spaces, a feeling that remains even with the hard top closed. In the quest for maximum adaptability that is now in demand as a result of recent market trends, the stern area is convertible: from an area for socialising or dining, with seating and table that can be converted with just a few moves, to a large sundeck, a surface for total comfort and relaxation. The stairs on the side of the cockpit lead down to the lifting platform, which comes as a standard feature. The new crew cabin is accessed from the stern

For the commander, an extraordinary innovation has been introduced: the “bird eye view”, developed and tested by the Azimut|Benetti R&D department together with first-level partners. It involves a system comprised of three video cameras for use during mooring, which renders real-time images of the boat in relation to the pier and other boats by blending the three sources into a single image. An aid that allows movements to be made with extreme precision. The hull has a steep V-shape, resulting in a stern deadrise of 19.2°, one of the highest in its class. The engines chosen for this new series are more powerful, reaching up to 1,150 hp. Accordingly, this boat can run at speeds greater than 36 knots, to the delight of those who seek performance.
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The dynamic lines and its profile lay down new interpretations of Italian-made elegance of the Azimut 95. At nearly 98 feet in length and displacing over a100 tons, makes it one of the largest in its class. With large spaces devoted to onboard life in maximum comfort, superb lighting of the interiors and Italian luxury. A surface that attracts admiring gazes, and allows those living aboard to simultaneously enjoy a seamless panorama from air inspired windows. The large windows of the deckhouse, together with those of the external areas devoted to life. Boldly state this yacht's mission: that of giving its owner and his guest’s bright, comfortable and relaxing cruising experiences. For a guest, being invited aboard is an undeniable privilege. For the owner, hosting his guests on board is certainly a pleasure and a feeling of immense pride.

zimut Yachts said, its latest creation has been designed in accordance with rationality in the use of spaces, understood as forms that have to 'collaborate' with the style, simplicity of operation, and maximum intimacy for owner and guests. The large flybridge area, equipped with an adjustable hard top, fully roofed cockpit and generous bow spaces are cozy 'lofts' on the water, said Azimut Yachts. Towards bow, a dinette allows to enjoy the light sea breeze and conversation with whoever is at the helm. Towards the stern area, the flybridge is equipped to accommodate three chaise lounges or the tender, should you wish to keep the stern lifting platform free, or use it to house one or two jet skis.


The Azimut 95 is devoted to the owner as a temple of relaxation and functionality. From maximized storage for voluminous luggage to acoustic comfort throughout the vessel. The sober elegance that characterizes every piece of furniture and surface on board is the result of a stylistic choice that favors pickled oak and matches it with all finishes. Natural leather covers the surfaces of shelves, tables, writing desks and furniture. The bed frames, sofas and seats throughout the yacht are completed by a covering at shoulder height which has an ergonomic function and increases the effect of softness and roundness of the furnishings, to which an original lighting design also contributes; giving dynamism to the Italian profile and perfectly functional structure.
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for success
By K. Buchanan

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You have always imagined how this meeting would be. From the moment you exited your college doors to the moment you applied for this amazing opportunity at the company of your dreams, you have been fantasizing how your conversational skills would lead you closer to a job proposal that will excite you. But, have you ever considered that apart from building your professional experience and advancing your academic background, the condition of your wardrobe can be a crucial factor for your prospective employer to base his/her decision on? All around the globe, HR professionals agree that candidates who select to wear clean and matching clothes actually increase their chances of being offered the position they are after. It is common in today's professional environment for people to wear their "business" outfit during office hours and their casual clothes during leisure time. Whether you have realized it or not, you are probably a member of this fast-pace attire couture, as you open your closet in the morning to wear one of your business suits leaving your jeans hanging for the more "relaxed" atmosphere of the weekend or a barbeque party. But even if your office dress code does not explicitly direct you to wear formal business garments, when you are about to be interviewed for a new job it is important you will select to wear your professional-looking clothes. As a matter of fact, my personal experience has led me to conclude that the outfit I will select to wear before having to give a small speech about my abilities and skills can direct the attention of my future employer to what I am saying instead to how I look. Contemporary business culture demands from the person that wishes to enter a business environment, of any kind, to look sharp and professional. Thus, it is crucial for candidates

to choose carefully their apparel so as to reflect the generally accepted working dress-code, apart from their personal taste. Regardless if the position is that of a senior or a junior executive, HR agencies inform the individuals they manage to pay attention to their appearance as much as they should practice what they are going to elaborate on when explaining their professional experience and skills. There is not one recruiter out there that would overlook the way interested professionals look when they are invited for the first round of interviews. As the old saying goes, "An image says 1,000 words." But, while one should be conscious of the impact a carefully chosen wardrobe has to the overall image he or she is about to give, going over the business dress-code line is not advisable by anyone. For instance, women that wear heavy makeup or men that select to wear an extremely expensive suit might give to the interviewer the wrong impression regarding their professional status and overall character. In fact, one might lose a perfectly good opportunity to get the position he or she is about to be interviewed due to a poor or over-the-top appearance. Dressing casually or over-dressing will never lead you to the desired result. Thus, before meeting with your potential employer, it is imperative to consult with friends, who have working experience in the business field you wish to enter, so as to learn as much as possible in relation to the working outfit recruiters and business executives consider as acceptable. Consequently, it is important for you to plan ahead and invest in purchasing the "right" type of clothes. Being proactive today will give you tomorrow the opportunity to buy that piece of clothing that your future boss would characterize as "extreme," but your partner or friends would adore.

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HAUTE HIPPIE Metallic color-blocked cardigan, viscose/nylon/polyester, black (with nude), $375. ‘Gypsy’ polka-dot blouse, silk, black (with nude), $275. Lace shorts, Mylar with silk lining, antique ivory, $225. All in Savvy at Nordstrom and

TROUVÉ Chambray shirt, lyocell, medium chambray, $88. Pleated skirt, contrast elastic waist, polyester, ivory; also in pink-honey, $78. Both exclusively in t.b.d. at Nordstrom and

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Bar III Sweater $69.00 Pants $59.00 Available at select Macy's and at

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Rachel Rachel Roy Top $79.00 Shorts $79.00 Available at select Macy's and at

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Short Sleeve Fine Gauge Cotton Cable Polo $59.50 5 Pocket Straight Leg Jean $24.97

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Original Stretch Chino Trouser $59.50 Emma Classic Ballet $49.50 Long Sleeve Woven Ruffle Henley $34.50 Leather Single Belt $49.50

(top) $88.00 (bottom) $98.00

Style & Co. at MACY's

Fashion Trends
By Robert Salvatore

A continuing trend that drives designer’s picks for fashion colors is the consumers’ drive for individuality, fashion, and escapism. People in the market are looking for jewelry that will make them more fashionable. Sometimes people can go for a more adventurous and daring piece of jewelry, and sometimes people can accessorize with subtle jewelry. Whatever the choice is for the day, no one can go wrong with putting on a few fabulous jewels. If one wants to pull out an adventurous look, luckily the latest industry predictions for Spring 2012 show that designers have opted for colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum. This spring is in for vivid, bright, and lively colors. So how can anyone go wrong throwing on a amethyst ring, or a aquamarine one. Even a black diamond ring can throw off anyone’s outfit. Colors are in for this spring. Citrine earrings, blue topaz earrings, aquamarine earrings, pink sapphires, and smoky topaz earrings can really brighten up your wardrobe, and you will definitely fall into this season’s latest trend. Gems are also always enriched with deep and vivid colors, and all of these mentioned colors and jewelry are available. Remember bright colors are going to make you pop, and there is no problem looking dazzling this spring. Another popular trend this season, are the neutral colors that play the backbone for all other colors to play on. These nude hues leave an honest vibe that makes anyone relaxed, calm, and approachable. Even gold is trending in this style. Any type of gold chain, ring, or earrings, can give someone a relaxed style, and also look very trendy for this season. Smoky Topaz earrings would be a great example to following this trend. The light brown gives a haze to one’s look, looking fresh and ready for spring! You can also mix up your look with a garnet and diamond mixed earring, giving you a fresh look, which is parallel to the neutral colors giving off this season. Going for a subtler look? No one can go wrong having a white diamond ring. A regular diamond can give off your presence in a classy and even a flirtatious way. If diamonds are not your thing, throw on a classic pearl necklace. Everyone should have at least one pearl necklace in their jewelry box. Having a simple necklace around your neck won’t do you wrong either. Speaking of patterns, big bold prints such as tropical themes and jungle prints are back. This year is no exception. Color is back, and black is out, at least for now. Last year, brown was the new black, and this year it is muted silver and grey that's all the rage when you want to opt for a non-color. What about shoes, you ask? Pointytoe pumps are back! Not that they ever really went out of style, but they certainly came second to the flip flop, the ballet slipper, and other such cutesy flat footwear, along with the rounded toe pump. Also noteworthy is what's in store for later on in the season. This season proves to be an interesting and eclectic mix of styles. This may seem contradictory, but the feminine nature of the season's styles pulls from flowing fabrics and cuts and seems to just use a hint of metal and accessory - and it's a hit!
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Rachel Ra

chel Roy

MACY's $120.00 at

(left) Material Girl - Dress $40.00 at MACY's

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PANDORA’s collection of outstanding jewelry features raw, elegant designs inspired by rock style with a hint of vintage and a bit of attitude. The collection features a brand new necklace concept: a unique design that can combine as many as eight necklaces into a layered look that is luxurious and interchangeable. PANDORA bracelets give women the freedom to capture the unforgettable moments that make life extraordinary and the new charms of the fall season offer a twist on what has become the hallmark of the PANDORA brand. Two elegant sterling silver bracelets are also new–one is designed to hold one traditional or new decorative clip, the other as many as five. Mix, match and combine the clips and bracelets in any combination, creating pieces that are unique to your personal style. It’s an idea inspired by PANDORA’s popular charm bracelet. Create and combine looks with other new additions to the PANDORA universe, including a line of 14k solid gold earrings, pendants and dangle charms with intricate lace details and diamonds; and large cocktail rings, featuring amethyst or grey moonstone, that are perfect for stacking. Stunning earrings inspired by delicate lace patterns in 14K gold with freshwater pearls and diamonds can be worn on their own, layered or combined with other pieces from the Compose collection. Rings in 14K gold, sterling and black oxidized silver have florally inspired designs with an unpredictable twist that is raw yet feminine. Large cocktail rings in amethyst or grey moonstone are perfect for stacking with this season’s more delicate pieces. New LovePod rings in white, yellow and rose 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds or colorful gemstones work beautifully with other pieces of PANDORA jewelry and interlock when stacked together. The spirit of nostalgic rock infuses the collection, especially our new sterling silver decorative clips in raw, sculptural shapes. The other standouts include a starshaped pendant and charm in black oxidized silver, an alluring finish that runs through the collection.

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It to the Streets
By Dan Myricks

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center hosted an entertaining "All Star Jam" on February 25, 2012. It was in downtown Fort Myers along the River District right in front of the art center. The live concert was setup as an enclosed outdoor venue and entertainment experience. Sponsors to the event included 96K Rock, Hooters, Resort at Marina Village, Holiday Inn, JetBlue, Patrick Buckley's Law Firm, Oasis Condominiums, Thrifty Air, Jet Sound Productions, City of Fort Myers, Guitar Center, Hotel Indigo, Downtown Italy, What's Up Dog and a Special Thanks to Bill Johnson. With area artists from along the gulf coast performing their well known songs as well as some new ones. The audience and followers were happy to see such bands as Acoustic Pete, George Lewis, Come Back Alice, Sound Parlor and Matt Facciola. As the night heated up the All Star artists appeared on stage which included: Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, formerly of the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan; Barry Goudreau and Fran Sheehan of Boston; Kenny Aronoff of the Smashing Pumpkins; James Montgomery, Rick Derringer, and Mousey Thompson of the James Brown Experience; Leroy Romans from the Wailers; Steve Luongo, and David Hull. Internationally recognized artist Victor-Hugo Vaca, Jr. created art that reflected the beat and tempo of the music, the audience, and the venue. He painted live onstage for from the start of the concert to the end bending in messages, colorful tones and a presence that cannot be explained with words alone as you see him create live on a canvas. Turning musical notes into colors, shapes and temperaments from song to song, that takes a unique shape on the canvas over time. The audience was so captivated by both the live music and the live art. Many spent time viewing both, a little dancing and rocking and a little viewing of Victor-Hugo’s live action of an ever changing picture that memorializes the "All Star Jam".
The Resort at Marina Village Hooters – Port Charlotte

Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida

FOCUS of SWFL 2012 91

All Star Jam

Artist GAllery

Abstract Design - By Alexei Aliev

The Lamp - By Romare Bearden Romare Bearden Foundation

Personal Values – By René Magritte

94 FOCUS of SWFL 2012

CYCLISTS (Silkscreen) - By Ugo Nespolo

figurin - By Miguel Marinero

Unity in Glass – By Lee Ware Submit request for submission to
FOCUS of SWFL 2012 95

aMG "BlaCK seRies" 50' MaRauDeR

Series boat, incorporating a new formula of anodizing and corrosion resistance. Billet is featured on the dash, grab handles, seat supports, sound system and in numerous trim accents. Powered by two Mercury Racing 1350 (2700 total hp.) engines, the boat's speed is matched only by its smooth efficiency, running on pump fuel, without headers, with a warranty, combining for an exciting day on the water for the most discerning performance boat aficionado. Founded upon mutual respect and product admiration, Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have developed a long-standing professional relationship. In 2010, Cigarette Racing revealed the "Inspired by AMG" 46' Rider, inspired by the SLS AMG.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing took their alliance to a new level with the debut of the "Black Series" 50' Marauder Cigarette boat, inspired by the C63 AMG Black Series.

While each brand's products always exemplify the ultimate in performance and luxury, the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series and Inspired by AMG "Black Series" 50' Marauder represent the next level in excellence. Arriving in U.S. dealerships this April, the C63 AMG Black Series is the most powerful C-Class of all time, boasting a maximum output of 510 hp and a maximum torque of 457 lb-ft. The high-revving AMG 6.3-liter V8 delivers a 0-60 sprint in just 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph. Introduced at the 2012 Miami Boat Show, the Inspired by AMG "Black Series" 50' Marauder features striking black and white design scheme is carried throughout from the Mercedes colormatched paint to the all-newly designed interior, upholstered with luxurious Alcantara. Billet aluminum pieces -more than 100-are integrated throughout, customized for the AMG Black

The Cigarette 46' Rider featured hand-applied AMG ALUBEAM silver paintwork, also available on the SLS AMG. This process, used exclusively by AMG, covers body surfaces like a metallic skin, targeting light reflections to further emphasize exterior character lines and design details. More details on the Cigarette Racing "Black Series" 50' Marauder can be found online at www.

By Tony William

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As one of the leading pool builders in southwest Florida, we’ve designed, built and consulted on well over 2,000 swimming pools. We specialize in designs that are both unique and a delight to own. But we do more than just swimming pools: • Screen Enclosures • Renovations • Fences & Railings • New Construction • Pools, Spas & Water Features • Sunrooms Visit Our Showroom at 12410 Tamiami • Hot Tubs by Sun Belt • Pool Repairs & Service Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33955 • Lifetime Guarantee at Every Pool • Safety Inspections Or call

With a $5 million dollar bond rating, a state-of-the-art showroom facility, and a long history of highly satisfied customers, you know you’re talking to a builder you can trust. Whether you’re looking for better health, more living space, a prettier backyard, or just a private place to relax, you can trust Fountain Pools to make your dreams come true.

888- 458- 3 7 0 1

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Dry Dudz™ launches onto the market just in time for the busy summer season, introducing versatile activewear— from boardshorts to bikinis—perfect for land and water activities. Available March 15 at, Dry Dudz™ men’s and women’s apparel combines a revolutionary DD Quick Dry wikTec material with a Quick Mount System™ (QMS™) to produce fast-drying, comfortable, performance clothing for everyone from hardcore surfers to casual swimmers. Among the vast array of swimwear options, Dry Dudz™ stands out as one of the lightest boardshorts on the market thanks to an innovative 115g polyester fabric weave. A four-way stretch polyester-nylon hybrid lets boardshorts move with the body, while an inner thigh lining and elastic in the waistline’s back optimize movement forward and laterally. Every Dry Dudz™ product also has an anti-bacterial treatment that prevents odor and helps reduce wash time. Made for both men and women, Dry Dudz™ apparel is perfect for extreme sports or general outdoor activities. Dry Dudz™ men’s boardshorts come in five contemporary graphic designs, stylish enough to serve as upscale casual wear. Dry Dudz™ women’s trunks and bikinis forgivingly fit any body shape, and can be worn high for water sports or rolled low for a great tan. Whether jumping in the local lake or braving ocean waves, Dry Dudz™ ensures ongoing comfort that keeps water sports enthusiasts on the go.

Tickets are now on sale for the Grande Dames Tea presented by PACE Center for Girls of Lee County. The Grande Dames Tea honoring Michel Doherty of Cape Coral, Mavis Miller of Fort Myers and Anna “Boots” Tolles of Cape Coral will be held Tuesday, March 20, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre located at 1380 Colonial Blvd. in Fort Myers. Mei-Mei Chan, The NewsPress Media Group President and Publisher, will once again serve as mistress of ceremonies.

As a special added attraction this year, nationally renowned Artist Wellington Ward has contributed his talents by inviting several well-known local artists to join him in creating artwork that will be available for sale during a silent auction. The theme of the Grande Dames Tea is The Wisdom of Age – Honoring the Female Spirit. This is the fourth year of the historic Grande Dames Tea, which was originated by PACE Center for Girls of Lee County to honor women who have played major roles in Southwest Florida history through decades of service, philanthropy and helping others.

Tickets for the tea are $50 per person and may be purchased either online at or by phoning 239-425-2366, ext. 25. Table sponsorships are also available.

Benefiting PACE Center for Girls of Lee County and its mission to provide girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.

The agenda for the tea will include interaction between the PACE girls and the three Grande Dames, in a question and answer format.

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We also offer 95% No PMI Conv., FHA, VA Jumbo and many other lending programs

Steve McRory
Prior Service U.S. Marines


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Le Macaron
The macaron, perfected in France, has a long history dating back centuries in Europe. Macarons are small round cakes that fit in the palm of your hand. They are lightly crisp on the outside, smooth and creamy in the center, filled with ganache (chocolate), rich cream, home-made fruit jams or other quality ingredients. Each season and month, new flavors will be introduced to complement the collection. Dine in or take - out, gift boxes, favor boxes, and custom orders are available. Like more information please contact: 941.552.8872.

on the web, iPad and mobile device. Regional information at your fingertips!

FOCUSOFSWFL.COM or FOCUSOFSWFLTV.COM 382 st armands Circle sarasota, Fl

4463-D Ashton Rd Sarasota, FL 34233 941-928-3309

Jamaican Cuisine

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where yo u live a nd w o rk ; i t is w h o yo u a re .
S ervice-provider fees may apply. Availabili ty varies by phone/network.

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More Than a spa

By Karla Rodriguez

It’s chic, it’s sassy and it’s right in Downtown Sarasota. L. Boutique and L. Spa sits on the edge of Pineapple Ave. Owned by LeeAnne Swor, the boutique opened in 2004 with the spa grand opening a year later. rom the moment you park, the colors and overall look of the buildings make it stand out. It’s very modern and almost has a south beach style to it with the light colors. Every room inside of the spa is decorated beautifully with either chandeliers, or a splash of color on the wall. The massage rooms are relaxing, while the manicure and pedicure room wakes you up with vibrant oranges and pinks.
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There’s a hallway behind one of the doors that leads to the connecting boutique. There you’ll find a lot of color coordination along with everything a girl dreams of. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, hats, sunglasses, whatever you need, you’ll find it there. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. In the boutique is their L. Kids section where you can find clothes sizes from babies to young children. Kids are allowed to be stylish too. It’s safe to say that L. Spa and L. Boutique are definitely a rose among the downtown Sarasota area, and shouldn’t be overlooked. For icing on the cake, add the amazing staff they have aboard. Check out for more information.


fe a

Authentic Italian Eatery

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Hours: 8AM to 8PM Monday to Thursday 8AM to 9PM Friday & Saturday

Ernesto & Luigi’s


1401 Pomodoro -Tomato Sauce

Purchase at: Cafe Gelato, North Port Angelo’s Market Pinebrook Center, Venice

Call 941-423-9575

1401 South Sumter Blvd North Port, FL 34287

Enhance your pool with rock water features.

Waterfalls - Stack and Veneered Stone on Spas - Coping - Decks - Planters & Fire Pits - Steps - Walls - Driveways & Patios

(941) 237-1626

Wet-Rock Innovations

Be a "Debt Buster" by using these 3 steps employed by the leading nonprofit InCharge Debt Solutions
Consumers viewing credit card ey, InCharge's president. "The benstatements too often experience 1.) evaluate and set Goals efit in getting debt reduced and "Sticker Shock," that is sickencontrolled over time is that people 2.) Develop an action Plan have time to develop budgeting ing, pulse-quickening reality slap of how much they actually spent 3.) apply savings to Debt. skills, spending discipline and the over a period of time. After taking other necessary behavioral attria deep breath and maybe intoning butes that will benefit them for the a soothing mantra or two, consider rest of their lives." this three-step strategy for getting debt under control from InCharge Debt Solutions, a leading nonprof- 1.) Evaluate and Set Goals – goal-setting is the most it agency that has helped over 1.2 million people pay important part of overcoming debt problems. "When back a staggering $2.8 billion in debt. people are in financial distress they have trouble planning beyond the next day," advises Gail CunInCharge employs the same basic 3-step process ningham, vice president of membership and public when certified credit counselors work one-on-one relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counwith consumers in confidential and free telephone seling. "Setting both short- and long-term goals can sessions. The key, whether you get help or do it on define where you want to be and help you get there." your own, is to objectively and completely evaluate Start the new year by setting a goal of how much the current financial situation, set clear and achiev- debt you would like to eliminate and what you realisable goals along with a detailed budget and action tically think can be accomplished. plan for savings, and then be disciplined in applying those savings to decreasing the debt burden during 2.) Develop an Action Plan - find an expenditure to the year. cut, look for another one and continue until you have chopped out every unnecessary expense in your budget. "Tackling debt requires a commitment to changing spending habits and building on cost-cutting measures," says Etta Money, president of InCharge. "Pack a bag lunch, look for savings in cable and insurance costs, do whatever you can to reduce your expenses, keep looking for new ways to cut back, and stick to your plan." 3.) Apply Savings to Debt - once every unnecessary expenditure has been eliminated, take inventory of your finances and apply as much as possible towards reducing your debts. Have you saved $80 per month in cost-cutting measures? Adding that to your normal credit card payments each month will reduce your debt by an additional $1,000 by the end of 2012. "The InCharge three-step strategy works only if you set goals, cut expenses and consistently apply the money you are saving each month towards your debt payments," reminds Etta Money. "It can be done, but it takes a commitment to change." For consumers intimidated by budget building, at a loss for where to begin expense cutting, or simply overwhelmed by their debt problems, InCharge certified credit counselors are standing by to help guide them through the process. Call 877-486-4924 for a free credit counseling session and start off on the path to solving your debt problems!

Three steps to Defeat Debt

"People don't get into debt problems overnight, and they can't expect to get out of them overnight either, which is actually a silver lining," explained Etta Mon104 FOCUS of SWFL 2012

A leader in the minimal footwear industry, ZEMgear creates Performance Protection for Bare Feet. We deliver minimal footwear with maximum protection to men, women and children. ZEMs allow your feet to do what they were designed to do best in their natural, barefoot state: While wearing ZEMs you can spread, ex and articulate all parts of your foot – getting everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our 4-way stretch Lycra uppers and soft molded rubber bottoms allow the foot to move with complete freedom. Six unique high-frequency tech bands are welded across the top of the foot to keep the ZEMs securely in place around the foot.
Less Shoe. More You.
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