LEARNING CONTENT Sambong (Blumea balsamifera) Characteristics: A plant that reaches 1 ½ to 3 meters in height with rough hairy leaves

. Young plants around the mother plant may be separated when they have three or more leaves. Indications: Anti-edema, diuretic, anti-urolithiasis. Preparation: Boil chopped leaves in water for 15 minutes until one-glassful remains. Cool and strain. Adult: 4 tbsp (Dry leaves) 6 tbsp (Fresh leaves) Divide decoction into 3 parts. Drink one part 3 times a day. Note: Sambong is not medicine for kidney infection. Akapulko Uses: y y y y

Treatment of skin diseases: Tinea infections, insect bites, ringworms, eczema, scabies and itchiness. Expectorant for bronchitis and dyspnoea Alleviation of asthma symptoms Used as diuretic and purgative

Contraindication: A strong decoction of Akapulko leaves is an abortifacient. Pregnant women should not take decoction of the leaves or any part of this plant. Preparation for skin problems Fresh matured leaves are pounded. Apply as soap to the affected area 1-2 times a day. Or, apply juice from the pounded leaves on affected areas of the skin. It should be noted that the pounded leaves of this plant should be applied thinly on the affected part twice a day. Preparation for stomach problems, lung problems Pound or cut a cup of Akapulko seeds, Akapulko leaves and flowers into manageable sizes then let it seep in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes to create an Akapulko herbal tea. Let it cool and drink a cup three times a day. The potency of Akapulko herbal tea is good to last for one day. Make new Akapulko herbal tea as needed. To prepare an Akapulko herbal ointment prepare and follow these instructions. y Wash fresh leaves of Akapulko thoroughly and cut in small pieces. y Add one glass of cooking oil or coconut oil to one glass of cut fresh leaves.

y y y y y y Fry until crispy. cover when cool. Age group Adult 7-12 years old Dried leaves 10 tbsp 5 tbsp Fresh leaves 12 tbsp 6 tbsp . Pour the mixture into a clean container. pour the strained oil together with the candle pieces. Cut 2 white candles (Esperma No. Cool and strain. Take one third cup 3 times a day after meals. y Pregnancy. Do not cover pot. Preparation: Gather and wash young leaves very well. Tsaang-gubat Indications: y Diarrhea y Stomachache Characteristics: y shrub with shiny nice-looking leaves that grows in wild uncultivated areas and forests y mature stems are used for planting Preparation: For Diarrhea: y Boil the following amount of chopped leaves in 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes or until amount of water goes down to 1 glass. Remove from the heat. Young leaves may be blanched/ steamed and eaten ½ glassful two times a day. It has a traditional use as an abortive. 5) into small pieces In a cooking pot. strain. stir until the candle has melted. Apply the Akapulko herbal ointment to affected areas twice daily. Boil 6 tablespoons in two glassfuls of water for 15 minutes under low fire. Chop. Ampalaya Uses: y y y y y y Good for rheumatism and gout Diseases of the spleen and liver Aids in lowering blood sugar levels Helps in lowering blood pressure Disinfects and heals wounds & burns Can be used as a cough & fever remedy\ Contraindication: y Hypoglycemia.

y Cool. y Use clay/ enamel pot only when preparing herbal medicine. Contraindication: Not to be given to children below 4 years old Reminders on the Use of Herbal Medicine: y Avoid the use of insecticides as these may leave poison on plants. Remove cover while boiling at low heat. the dose may be repeated after one week. Let patient drink 1 part every 3 hours. 2 ½ tbsp 3 tbsp For Stomachache: y Wash leaves and chop.2-6 years old y y y Cool and strain. dried but newly opened fruits y Propagated through stem cuttings Preparation: Seeds are taken 2 hours after supper. Age group Adult 7-12 years old Dried leaves 2 tbsp 1 tbsp Fresh leaves 3 tbsp ½ tbsp Niyug-niyogan Indications: Anti-helminthic-used to expel round worms/ascariasis Characteristics: y Vine which bears tiny fruits and grow wild in backyards y Seeds must come from mature. y Boil chopped leaves in 1 glass of water for 15 minutes. Age group Adult 7-12 years old 6-8 years old 4-5 years old # of seeds to be taken 8-10 6-7 5-6 4-5 If no worms are expelled. strain and drink. y Stop giving the herbal medication in case untoward reactions occur. Wash plant parts thoroughly before preparations. Divide decoction into 4 parts. .

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