Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3, КРОК-Б и КРОК-М

2.0 Нормальна анатомія 1

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After an operation a patient's sensitivity of front and lateral surface of neck has reduced. What nerve is damaged? A N.transversus colli B N.auricularis magnus C Nn.supraclaviculares D N.occipitalis minos E N.phrenicus


Inside a human cell the informational RNA containing both exons and introns was delivered to the granular endoplasmic reticulum to the ribosomes. What process does NOT take place? A Processing B Replication C Transcription D Translation E Prolongation


A patient arrived to the oral surgery department with dislocation of temporomandibular joint and injury of its main ligament. Name this ligament: A Lateral B Mandibular C Styloid-mandibular D Pterygoid-mandibular E Medial


During the examination of patient's oral cavity a dentist noticed a slight overbite of mandibular teeth by maxillary incisors. What occlusion belongs such position of teeth to? A Orthognathic occlusion B Prognathism C Biprognathic occlusion D Orthogenic occlusion E Closed occlusion


A patient complains of having urination disorder. He is diagnosed the hypertrophy of prostate gland. What part of gland is damaged? A Median lobe B Left lobe C Right lobe D Base E Apex


In order to make a functional complete denture the left superior canine of a patient should be extracted. After the infraorbital anesthesia the patient got a rapidly growing hematoma in the front part of face. It was found that the injured artery is a branch of: A А.maxillaris

Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1, КРОК-2, КРОК-3, КРОК-Б и КРОК-М

----- Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.org.ua----


А.alveolaris inferior А.temporalis superficialis А.ophthalmica А.labialis superior


A patient consulted dental surgeon about an injury of submandibular triangle. During the wound cleansing the surgeon found that the artery leading to the soft palate is damaged. What artery is damaged? A A.palatina ascendens B A.palatina descendens C A.sphenopalatina D A.pharingea ascendens E A.facialis


A 28 year old man with cut wound of frontal skin was admitted to the hospital. A vessel that supplies blood to the frontal part of head was ligated in order to stop bleeding. What vessel was ligated? A A.supraorbitalis B A.infraorbitalis C A.angularis D A.dorsalis nasi E A.temporalis superficialis


During ablation of the nose wing lypoma a dentist injured a vessel, that caused a saphenous hematoma. What vessel was damaged? A А.facialis B А.maxillaris C А.supraorbitalis D А.infraorbitalis E А.angularis


A patient has an injury in right lateral area of belly. What part of large intestine is most likely injured? A Ascending colon B Transverse colon C Descending colon D Sigmoid colon E Rectum


A patient complains of headache, heavy breathing. X-ray examination confirmed the diagnosis - frontitis. What nasal meatus may contain purulent discharge? A Middle B Superior C Inferior D Common E Above the superior nasal concha

org.ua---- An eye trauma caused soft tissues infection of eye-socket.hypoglossus dexter B N. КРОК-2. How many teeth should the child of such age have? A8 B 10 C7 D 12 E6 16 Chronic rhinitis was complicated by inflammation of frontal sinus. What nasal meatus did the infection get into this sinus through? A Median B Inferior C Common D Superior E Nasopharyngeal 17 Trauma of occipital region of head resulted in crack fracture in the region of transverse sinus. What part of occipital bone is damaged? A Squama B Left lateral C Right lateral . Through what anatomical formation can the infection penetrate into the middle cranial fossa? A Through the superior orbital fissure B Through the anterior ethmoidal foramen C Through the posterior ethmoidal foramen D Through the inferior orbital fissure E Through the zygomatic orbital foramen 13 A three year old child was admitted to the hospital with a foreign body in bronches. who has got six teeth come out.vagus dexter D N. КРОК-3.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М 12 ----.glossopharyngeus dexter C N.trigeminus sinister E N. Motor innervation of what cranial nerve is disturbed in this case? A N.facialis sinister 15 A mother consulted the doctor about her one year old child. What bronchus contains most likely a foreign body? A Right primary B Left primary C Right segmental D Left segmental E Lobular 14 When a patient puts his tongue out the tip of it deflects to the left.

displacement of fragment backwards and upwards.pterygoideus medialis E M. І branch C TrigeminaІ. IІ branch D Trigeminal. ІІІ branch E Sublingual 23 A 5 year old child was admitted to the ENT-department with suppurative inflammation of .Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.org.masseter C M. What nerve may be damaged? A Facial (motor unit) B Trigeminal. Into what nasal meatus excretes the suppuration? A Median nasal B Nasopharyngeal C Inferior nasal D Superior nasal E Common nasal 22 A patient has assymetric face.pterygoideus lateralis D M.levator anguli oris 21 X-ray examination revealed an accumulation of suppuration in maxillary sinus.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.ua---- D Proximal E Condyle 18 A victim of a road accident has an abruption of a part of mandibular angle. What ligament is responsible for this displacement? A Styloid-mandibular B Intraarticular C Lateral D Sphenoid-mandibular E Pterygoid-mandibular 19 A 69 year old patient has got an abscess of frontal lobe as a result of purulent infection in nasal cavity. КРОК-3.temporalis B M. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. What anatomical formation did the infection penetrate through? A Foraminae cribrosae B Foramen ovale C Foramen ethmoidalae posterior D Foramen sphenopalatinum E Foramen rotundum 20 A patient displays abnormal retrodeviation of his lower jaw as a result of trauma in the region of mandibular coronal process. it is especially noticeable during active muscle contraction. КРОК-2. What muscle is most likely to be damaged? A M.

tongue. lips.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. What part of urinary excretion system was damaged during the operation? A Ureter B Uretra C Vesica urinaria D Pelvis renalis E Ren 25 Examination of a 32 year old patient revealed disproportional skeleton size. It resulted in stoppage of urine excretion.trigeminus C N.glossopharyngeus 28 A surgeon should reach the omental bursa to perform an operation on abdominal cavity. What canal of temporal bone did the infection get into tympanic cavity through? A Musculotubal canal B Small canal of chorda tympani C Caroticotympanic foramina D Small tympanic canal E Carotid canal 24 A 58 year old woman had her uterus and all appendages completely removed.vestibulo-cochlearis D N. What nerve is damaged? A N. bell. urine doesn't come also from ureteric orifices.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. jaw bones. feet. Cystoscopy results: bladder doesn't contain any urine.facialis B N.ua---- middle ear (tympanitis). What gland's function was disturbed? A Hypophysis B Epiphysis C Pancreas D Thyroid E Suprarenal 26 A patient has lost ability to recognize the objects by the typical for them sounds (clock. It began with the inflammation of nasopharynx.org. enlargement of superciliary arches. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----.vagus E N. КРОК-3. music). He complains also of disordered test sensation in the anterior tongue part. How can he reach this part of peritoneal cavity without affecting the integrity of lesser omentum? A Through the epiploic foramen B Through the right paracolic sulcus . What part of brain is most likely damaged? A Lobus temporalis B Lobus occipitalis C Lobus frontalis D Lobus parietalis E Insula 27 A patient suffers from middle ear inflammation (otitis). КРОК-2. nose.

What sinus was under the threat? A Sigmoid B Inferior petrosal C Superior saggital D Transverse E Rectus 34 .infraorbitalis 32 A boxer who got a punch in the region of temporomandibular joint has a traumatic dislocation of mandible. КРОК-3. What muscle's development was disturbed in this case? A Sternocleidomastoid B Trapezius C Splenius muscle of head D Sternosublingual E Long muscle of head 31 A patient has difficulties with jaw joining when he is chewing.org.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. passive movements of the head to the right are restricted.maxillaris C N. What nerve is inflamed? A ІI branch of the V pair B III branch of the V pair C I branch of the V pair D Sublingual E Accessory 30 A 5 year old child suffers from the neck deformity. his face is turned right. There was a threat of purulent thrombosis of the nearest venous sinus.ua---- C Through the left paracolic sulcus D Through the right mesenteric sinus E Through the left mesenteric sinus 29 A patient complains of aching gums and maxillary teeth. There is partial atrophy of masticatory muscles situated below the zygomatic arch.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. What nerve branches do these muscles innervate? A N.mandibularis B N. Clinical examination revealed such symptoms: apparent flexion of head to the left. КРОК-2.alveolaris inferior D Nn. Displacement of what articular surfaces will overstep the limits of physiological norm? A Head of mandible and mandibular fossa B Coronoid process and pterygoid fossa C Coronoid process and submandibular fossa D Head of mandible and submandibular fossa E Neck of mandible and submandibular fossa 33 A patient's middle ear inflammation was complicated by mastoiditis.alveolares superiores E N.

КРОК-2.сerebri anterior B A. КРОК-3.communicans anterior D A. speaking is impossible. The damage of what artery most likely caused this condition? A A.cerebri posterior C A.communicans posterior 39 A patient with cancer of the back of tongue had an intensive bleeding as a result of tumor spread to the dorsal artery of tongue.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.ua---- On examination of a road accident victim a doctor revealed left clavicle fracture and disturbed blood circulation in an extremity (no pulsing of radial artery). КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Name the damaged crown surface: A Facies mesialis B Facies vestibularis C Facies lingualis D Facies distalis E Facies occlusalis 38 A woman in grave condition was admitted to a hospital with the diagnosis of the hemorrhagic stroke in the region of frontal part of the right cerebral hemisphere. it disturbs eating process.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.cerebri media E A. What vessel should be ligated in order to stop bleeding? A Lingual artery . His tongue is stiff.org. What nerve is damaged? A XII BV C IX D XI E VII 36 A patient has urolithiasis that was complicated by a renal calculus passage. At what level of ureter is it most likely to stop? A Between abdominal and pelvic part B In pelvis C In the middle abdominal part D 2 cm above flowing into urinary bladder E 5 cm above pelvic part 37 During the examination of patient's oral cavity a dentist found a carious cavity on the crown surface of the second premolar tooth that was turned to the first molar tooth. What cause of blood circulation disturbance is the most probable? A Compression of subclavian artery B Compression of axillary artery C Compression of subclavian vein D Compression of vertebral artery E Compression of axillary vein 35 A 60 year old patient has problems with formation and moving of food mass.

In 2 days she was taken to the institute of neurosurgery with thrombosis of cavernous sinus. Through what vein did the infection get into this sinus? A V. At what level should the pleural puncture along the posterior axillary line be taken? A ІХ intercostal space B VІІІ intercostal space C VІІ intercostal space D ХІ intercostal space E VІ intercostal space 41 A 17 year old student pressed out a pustule in the medial angle of eye. КРОК-3.ua---- B C D E Dorsal artery of tongue Deep artery of tongue Facial artery Ascending pharyngal artery 40 A patient has an exudative pleurisy.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Where does this duct open into? A Caruncula sublingualis B Vestibulum oris C Foramen caecum linguae D Plica fimbriata E Recesus gingivalis 43 Histological examination in the area of cervix of a fundic gland reveals small cells that have high nuclear-cytoplasmatic ratio and basophilic cytoplasm.transversa faciei E V.org.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.maxillarіs C V. КРОК-2.angularis B V. What is the function of these cells? A Regeneration of glandular epithelium B Protective C Endocrinal D Secretion of chlorine ions E Pepsinogen secretion 44 Underdevelopment of which parts of facial skeleton in the embryonal period is the reason for such a malformation as cleft palate? A Palatine processes B Frontal processes C Frontal and maxillary processes D Mandibular processes E Mandibular and palatine processes . After examination he was diagnosed with inflammation in the region of excretory duct of submandibular gland.diploicae frontalis 42 A 35 year old patient came to the admission department with complaints of pain and edema in the region of floor of oral cavity.profunda faciei D V.

This is caused by damage of the following structural elements of dental germ: A Internal enamel epithelium of enamel organ B External enamel epithelium of enamel organ C Intermediate layer of enamel organ D Pulp of enamel organ E Cervix of enamel organ 47 Recovery of an organism from an infectious disease is accompanied by neutralization of antigens by specific antibodies. What phenomenon is it? A Accidental thymus involution B Age thymus involution C Thymus hypotrophy D Thymus dystrophy E Thymus atrophy 46 Examination of a patient revealed abnormal development of enamel. Examination revealed increased tonus of flexor muscles accompanied by decreased tonus of extensor muscles. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. Such changes in muscle tonus can be explained by the irritation of the following brain structures: A Red nuclei B Vestibular nuclei C Quadrigeminal plate D Black substance E Reticular formation 49 Examination of a patient revealed that he had a strong.ua---- 45 Influence of unfavourable factors upon the organism causes change of thymus accompanied by mass loss of thymocytes. What cells produce them? A Plasmocytes B Fibroblasts C Tissue basophils D Eosinophils E T-lymphocytes 48 A 70-year-old patient is diagnosed with brainstem haemorrhage. КРОК-3. КРОК-2. balanced.org.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. inert type of higher nervous activity according to Pavlov's classification. What temperament has this patient according to Hippocrate? A Phlegmatic B Sanguine C Choleric D Melancholic E- 50 . proliferation of epithelioreticulocytes. their displacement to the peripheral organs.

This means that the intensity of energetic metabolism processes in this patient is: A Normal B Moderately increased C Moderately inhibited D Essentially inhibited E Essentially increased 51 Estimation of heat expenditures of a man's organism by means of inderect calomitery had the following results: the organism consumed 1000 ml of oxygen and emitted 800 ml of carbonic acid per minute.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.8 B 1. КРОК-2.9 D 0. What is the most probable mechanism of development of absolute leukocytosis in peripheral blood? A Intensification of leukopoiesis B Redistribution ofleukocytes in the organism C Reduction of leukolysis D Slower emigration of leukocytes to the tissues E Immunity activation 55 A patient suffering from chronic myeloleukemia has got the following symptoms of anemia: decreased number of erythrocytes and low haemoglobin concentration. What is the respiratory quotient of a man under examination? A 0.ua---- It was determined that basal metabolic rate of a patient under study increased due value by 8%. oxyphilic and polychromatophilic normocytes. What is the leading pathogenetic mechanism of anemia development? .0 52 A patient diagnosed with malignant carcinoid has extremely high concentration of serotonin in blood. КРОК-3. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----.84 E 1.25 C 0.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.org. Which of the following natural compounds is used as an antioxidant: A Tocopherol B Thiamine C Gluconate D Pyridoxine E Choline 54 Examination of a patient 24 hours after appendectomy revealed neutrophilic leukocytosis with regenerative shift. This biogenic amine can be formed from the following amino acid: A Tryptophan B Alanine C Leucine D Threonine E Methionine 53 Parodontosis is treated by means of antioxidants. microcytes.

o. epithelioid .Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.ua---- A Substitution of haemoblast B Intravascular hemolysis of erythrocytes C Deficiency of vitamin B12 D Reduced synthesis of erythropoietin E Chronic haemorrhage 56 Autopsy of a dead patient revealed that pia mater was dull. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Fibrinous pericarditis B Purulent pericarditis C Hemorrhagic pericarditis D Proliferative pericarditis E Catarrhal pericarditis 58 A 14-year-old patient was diagnosed with Hutchinson's triad: barrel-shaped incisors.org. man who died from rheumatism revealed that epicardium surface was villous and covered with grey films that can be easily removed. What disease is the most probable? A Pharyngeal diphtheria B Vincent's angina C Lacunar angina D Infectious mononucleosis E Necrotic angina 60 Soft palate arches were taken for bioptic examination because of suspected tumour (macroscopical examination revealed an ulcer with dense floor).Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.o. КРОК-2. Objectively: soft palate edema. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Meningococcal infection B Measles C Anthrax D Tuberculosis E Influenza 57 Autopsy of a 34 y. there were greenish-yellow overlays covering almost all convexital surface of cerebral hemispheres. КРОК-3. parenchymatous keratitis and deafness. The revealed presentations are consistent with the following disease: A Syphilis B Toxoplasmosis C Lepra D Tuberculosis E Opisthorchiasis 59 A 5 y. girl has high temperature and sore throat. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Histological examination revealed extreme hyperemia of maters along with diffuse leukocytic infiltration. Biopsy revealed necrosis of mucous membrane along with infiltration of submucous layer by lymphocytes. After their removal the surface is edematic and plethoric. tonsills are covered with grey films that can be hardly removed and leave deep bleeding tissue injuries.

Histological examinatio revealed plethority and edema of tissues. Along the edge of joining there were small (1-2 mm) thrombs. single neutrophils. What form of endocarditis caused development of chronic cardiac insufficiency? A Recurrent verrucous B Diffuse C Acute verrucous D Fibroplastic E Polypoulcerous 64 A 42 year old patient who had been suffering from chronic granulomatous periodontitis and chronic purulent osteomyelitis of his lower jaw for 8 years died from chronic renal insufficiency.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. and multiple sulci and convolutions could be seen on their surface. presense of granulomas composed of big cells with light cytoplasm and containing typhoid bacilli. conjoined cusps of mitral valve.and perivasculitis. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. they protruded over the mucous membrane. revealed the following changes: aggregated follicles of ileum were enlarged and plethoric. What disease are the described changes typical for? A Primary syphilis B Aphthous stomatitis C Ulcerative stomatitis D Ulcerative necrotic stomatitis (Vincent's stomatitis) E Pharyngeal diphtheria 61 Macroscopic examination of lung tissue revealed areas of high airiness with small bubbles. КРОК-2. КРОК-3.ua---- cells. What complication of purulent osteomyelitis has developed in kidneys? A Amyloidosis B Hyalinosis C Adipose degeneration D Atrophy E Necrosis of epithelium of convoluted tubules .org. histological examination revealed thinning and rupture of alveolar septa accompanied by formation of large diversiform cavities. These local changes are compliant with the following period of typhoid fever: A Stage of medullary swelling B Stage of necrosis C Stage of ulcer healing D Stage of clean ulcers E Stage of ulceration 63 Autopsy of a 68 year old man who died from chronic cardiac insufficiency revealed deformed. What disease was revealed in a lung? A Pulmonary emphysema B Multiple bronchiectasis C Cavernous tuberculosis D Chronic bronchitis E Fibrosing alveolitis 62 Autopsy of a man. There is also evident endo. who died from typhoid fever on the 5th day of disease. plasmatic cells.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. thickened.

anxiety. What event preceded development of these changes? A Haematoma B Diapedetic haemorrhages C Ischemic infarction D Plasmorrhagias E Abscess 68 A 7 y.o. What is the most likely diagnosis? A Secondary fibrocavernous tuberculosis B Primary tuberculosis without signs of progress C Progressing tuberculosis complex D Hematogenic disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis E Hematogenic miliary pulmonary tuberculosis 67 Autopsy of a man who had been suffering from hypertension revealed in his brain a cavity with rubiginous walls. chill. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М 65 ----.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.org. What disease is signalized by this antigen? A Viral hepatitis B B Viral hepatitis A C AIDS D Tuberculosis E Syphilis . oliguria and adrenal insufficiency that caused death. multicellular giant cells and lymphocytes. their section showed multiple whitish-grey foci 10-15 mm in diameter and multiple pathological cavities up to 15 mm in diameter with dense walls. vomiting. КРОК-2. child had a temperature rise up to 40oC. 4 days later there appeared hemorrhagic skin eruption.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. What disease form was revealed? A Meningococcemia B Meningococcal meningitis C Meningoencephalitis D Meningicoccal nasopharyngitis E- 66 Autopsy of a man. Microscopically: the cavity walls presented proliferation of the connective tissue infiltrated by epithelioid cells. acute headache. КРОК-3. revealed the following: macroscopically . A doctor suspected diphtheria. who died from acute posthaemorrhagic anaemia resulting from pulmonary haemorrhage.o. What would be crucial for diagnosis confirmation after pure culture of causative agent had been singled out? A Toxigenity test B Detection of volutine granules C Cystinase test D Hemolytic ability of a causative agent E Phagolysability 69 Immune-enzyme assay of blood serum revealed presence of HBs-antigen.ua---- A 5 y. Bacteriological examination of smears from the child's pharynx revealed meningococcus. sore throat.lung apexes were deformed. common weakness. girl was admitted to the infectious diseases hospital with fever.

it is bifurcated. КРОК-2. What nerve is damaged? A Trifacial B Facial C Oculomotor D Vagus E Glossopharyngeal 74 A 3 year old child was admitted to the hospital with otitis. The lingual surface of this tooth was smaller than the buccal one.o. What tooth was extracted? . What disturbance is the cause of this phenomenon? A Increased permeability of renal filter B Delayed excretion of products of nitrogen metabolism C Low oncotic pressure of blood plasma D High hydrostatic pressure of blood in capillaries E Decreased quantity of functioning nephrons 72 While of oral cavity examination the dentist revealed the formation of the first big cheekteeth on the lower jaw of a child. Masticatoty surface has oval form. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Deep transverse sulcus separates buccal and lingual tubercles. Pus is probable to spread from the tympanic cavity. How old is this child? A 6-7 years old B 4-5 years old C 8-9 years old D 10-11 years old E 12-13 years old 73 A patient has an acute painfullness of face skin.org. What serological reaction should be applied for quick identification of antigen of the causative agent of this epizooty? A Precipitation B Agglutination C Passive hemagglutination D Complement binding E Neutralization 71 A 30 y. It was suspected that their death might have been caused by plague.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.ua---- 70 On a certain territory mass death of rodents was registered. КРОК-3. Where can the pus get into? A Into mastoid antrum B Into internal ear C Into auditory tube D Into external acoustic duct E Into posterior cranial fossa 75 A patient had his tooth extracted. The root is strongly compressed in mesio-distal direction and has longitudinal sulci on its aproximal surfaces.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. patient who was diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis has proteinuria.

Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. КРОК-3.o.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.ua---- A First upper premolar B Upper canine C Lower canine D First lower premolar E Second upper premolar 76 A newborn didn't take his first breath. What structural element of a germ cell was revealed in the detected microorganisms? . КРОК-2. A specimen of affected mucous membrane of his pharynx was taken for analysis. Autopsy revealed that in spite of unobstructed respiratory tracts the baby's lungs didn't expand. child has catarrhal effects and skin eruption.o. What pathology is observed in this patient? A Hypovitaminosis C B Hypervitaminosis D C Hypervitaminosis C D Hypovitaminosis D E Hypovitaminosis A 78 Examination of a 40 y. What do the reaction results mean? A They confirm the clinical diagnosis B The child has hypersensitivity to the erythrogenic toxin C The disease was caused by nonhemolytic streptococcus D The complete dose of serum could be introduced intravenously E The child's immune system is very weakened 80 A child is presumably ill with diphtheria. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Myocardium and liver are brown.org. The child was injected intracutaneously with some serum to the erythrogenic streptococcus toxin. heart has grown smaller. epidermis is attenuated. on the spot of injection the eruption disappeared. dedentition. petechial skin haemorrhages. The smear was stained and microscopical examination revealed yellow rods with dark blue thickenings on their ends. A doctor suspected scarlet fever. His skin is sallow. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Alimentary cachexia B Myasthenia C Cancerous cachexia D Brown atrophy E Addison's disease 79 A 2 y. What might be the cause of it? A Surfactant absence B Bronchostenosis C Bronchi rupture D Apical cap of lung E Alveole enlargement 77 A patient is found to have increased permeability of blood vessel walls accompanied by increased gingival haemorrhage. man ill with stenosing (without metastases) esophageal carcinoma revealed the folowing changes: atrophy of skeletal muscles and fatty tissue.

КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. which were able to decompose glucose and maltose into acid. These bacteria are causative agents of the following disease: A Gonorrhoea B Syphilis C Venereal lymphogranulomatosis D Ulcul molle E Melioidosis 82 A 34 year old male patient cosulted a doctor about face carbuncle. What microorganisms might have caused this disease? A Salmonella B Colon bacilli C Staphylococci D Legionella E Comma bacilli 84 A patient with convulsive contractions of facial muscles was admitted to the infectious disease ward. From a scratch on his lower right extremity analysts isolated bacteria with terminal endospores that gave them drumstick appearance. black crust in the centre of carbuncle. What microorganisms are the causative agents of this disease? A Bacillus antracis B Staptylococcus aureus C Bacillus anthracoides D Bacillus subtilis E Bacillus megaterium 83 It was reported an outbreak of food poisoning connected with consumption of pastry that had been stored at a room temperature and had duck eggs as one of the ingredients. Microbiological examination revealed static streptobacilli capable of capsule building. What bacteria are compliant with given description? A Clostridium tetani B Clostridium botulinum C Clostridium perfringens D Bacillus anthracis E Bacillus cereus 85 A patient complained about a carbuncle on his face.ua---- A Volutin granules B Plasmids C Capsule D Spores E Flagella 81 Bacteriological analysis of purulent discharges from urethra revealed presence of gram-negative bacteria resembling of coffee beans. Examination results: neither dense nor painful edema of subcutaneous cellular tissue.org. КРОК-2.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. vesicular rash around it. Objectively: a loose.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-3. painless edema of hypodermic tissue. there is black crust in the middle of the carbuncle . They were found in the leukocytes.

What cells form Hertwig's epithelial root sheath? A Cells of enamel organ B Mesenchymal cells C Pulpocytes D Odontoblasts E Cementoblasts 89 Antigens of Sonne shigella placed on the objects of outdoor environment and foodstuffs can be revealed by means of a certain test with application of a diagnostic test system that includes a polystyrene tray with adsorbed specific antibodies.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. Objectively: the patient has acute respiratory disease. The doctor suspected candidosis.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. They can be sourse of cyst or tumour development in the area of tooth radix. КРОК-2. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. Bacteriological examination revealed presence of immobile streptobacilli able of capsulation. What reaction is it? A Immune-enzyme assay B Immunofluorescence test C Passive inverse hemagglutination test D Direct hemagglutination test E Immunoelectrophoresis test 90 Isonitol triphosphates are produced in the organism tissues as a result of phosphatidyl . tongue and lips. What microorganisms are causative agents of this disease? A Bacillus antracis B Staptylococcus aureus C Bacillus anthracoides D Bacillus megaterium E Bacillus subtilis 86 A patient complained about ear noise and pain sensations.org. КРОК-3. rhinitis.ua---- and peripheral vesicular rash around it. The infection penetrated into the tympanic cavity through the following opening of the pharynx: A Pharyngeal opening of auditory tube B Tympanic opening of auditory tube C Choanae D Fauces E Aperture of larynx 87 A 3 month old infant has got a white deposition on the mucous membrane of his mouth. What nutrient medium should be used for inoculation of the material under examination in order to confirm this diagnosis? A Sabouraud B Endo C Loewenstein-Jensen D Roux E Clauberg 88 During tooth development periodontium preserves remains of embryonal coleorhiza (Hertwig's epithelial root sheath) that are called Malassez's epithelial rests.

org. edemata and reddening of skin. In the mechanism of hormone activity they perform the function of secondary mediators (messengers). What factor is typical for this causative agent? A Gram-negative stain B Presense of spores C Coccal form D Cell pairing E Mycelium formation 95 Specimen of a patient's sputum was stained with the following dyes and reagents: Ziehl's solution.ua---- inositol diphosphate hydrolysis.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. 5% solutoin of sulfuric acid. The pus is of bluish-green colour that is indicative of infection caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. КРОК-3. КРОК-2. methylene blue solution. What biogenic amine has an increased concentration in the tissues? A Histamine B Serotonin C Tryptamine D Dopamine E Gamma-aminobutyric acid 93 In hemotransfusions it is recommended to transfuse only phenotype-matched blood. What staining method was applied? A Ziehl-Neelsen B Burri's . These metabolic changes are caused by activation of the following process: A Aerobic glycolysis B Anaerobic glycolysis C Lipolysis D Gluconeogenesis E Glycogen biosynthesis 92 A patient has an allergic reaction accompanied by itching.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. According to the AB0 system. What is their activity in the cell aimed at? A Release of calcium ions from the cell depots B Activation of adenylate cyclase C Activation of protein kinase A D Inhibition of phosphodiesterase E Inhibition of protein kinase C 91 After restoration of blood circulation in damaged tissue accumulation of lactate comes to a stop and speed of glucose consumption slows down. blood group is determined by: A Carbohydrate determinants of erythrocyte membranes B Proteins of blood serum C Protein determinants of erythrocyte membranes D Protein-polysaccharide components of leukocytes E Carbohydrate determinants of leukocyte membranes 94 A patient being treated in the burns department has suppurative complication.

What pathology can be suspected? A Nephrotic syndrome B Glomerulonephritis C Pyelonephritis D Urolithiasis E Chronic renal insufficiency 97 A new-born child has hyperemia. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Gonococcal stomatitis B Toxoplasmosis C Congenital syphilis D Staphylococcal stomatitis E Blennorrhea 98 Microscopical study of discharges from urethra of a patient suffering from acute urethritis revealed bean-shaped microorganisms up to 1 micrometer in diameter arranged in pairs and placed inside the leukocytes. hyperlipemia.ua---- C Gram's D Peshkov's E Neisser's 96 A patient has recently had staphylococcal infection that led to anasarca. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. What microorganisms are these? A Gonococci B Meningococci C Tetracocci D Streptococci E Staphylococci 99 In order to prevent gum inflammation and to improve regeneration of epithelial periodontium cells manufacturers add to the tooth pastes one of the following vitamins: A Retinol B Calciferol C Thiamine D Biotin E Phyloquinone 100 After anlage of primary teeth at the beginning of the fifth month of embryogenesis some factors disturbed growth ability of dental plate behind the mentioned anlages. What serious consequence is possible? A Permanent teeth won't be anlaged B Formation of Hertwig's epithelial root sheath will be disturbed C Cervix of enamel organ won't disintegrate . edema of the oral mucous membrane.org.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. КРОК-3.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. laboratory urine analysis revealed massive proteinuria. Smears from the mucopus contain a lot of leukocytes with Gram-negative diplococci. small erosions with viscous mucopus. Results of blood analysis: hypoproteinemia. The same microorganisms can be found also beyond the leukocytes. КРОК-2.

These changes are caused by deficiency of the following vitamin: A Cholecalciferol . amyotonia. КРОК-3. Such feature can be identified by presence of: A R-plasmids B F-plasmids C Temperate bacteriophages D Exotoxins E Virulent bacteriophages 102 Histological examination of periapical tissue taken from a patient who has been suffering from chronic periodontitis for a long time revealed a granulation tissue interlaced by taeniae of squamous cell epithelium and encircled within a fibrous capsule.org. in some parts of bronchial wall and especially in the mucous membrane there was marked cellular inflammatory infiltration and growth of granulation tissue bulging into the bronchial lumen in form of a polyp. increase in goblet cell number. retarded dentition. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. focal metaplastic changes of lining prismatic epithelial cells into multilayer squamous cells.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Composite granuloma B Abscessing periodontitis C Granulating periodontitis D Simple granuloma E Cystic granuloma 103 What method should be applied for sterilization of heatproof and moistureproof stomatological instruments in order to ensure total destruction of viruses. КРОК-2. sleep disturbance.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.ua---- D Formation of mouth vestibule will be disturbed E Dentin of primary teeth won't be formed 101 In the surgical department of a dental clinic cases of hospital-acquired staphylococcal infection were registered which was caused by strains with multiple drug resistance. cystic degeneration of glands. What is the most likely diagnosis? A Chronic bronchitis B Lobar pneumonia C Acute bronchitis D Bronchopneumonia E Interstitial pneumonia 105 A 10 month old child has high excitability. vegetative and spore forms of microorganisms? A Autoclaving B Boiling C Pasteurization D Tyndallization E Burning in the flame of gas burner 104 Examination of a bronchial tissue sample revealed atrophy of mucous membrane. teeth erupt with inadequate enamel calcification.

Apart of this he was found to have an evident lesion of mouth corners. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. There was also a solid well-defined formation. dystrophic tubules filled with desquamated epithelium and leukocytes. Microscopical examination revealed large ovoid gram-positive cells. What process of further histogenesis will be delayed or will not take place at all? A Enamel formation B Pulp formation C Predentinal space formation D Cellular cement formation E Acellular cement formation 107 A 70-year-old man has developed prosphetic stomatitis.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.ua---- B C D E Riboflavin Thiamine Retinol Nicotinamide 106 In the process of tooth tissue histogenesis dentin wasn't formed in time for some reasons. КРОК-2. What microorganisms are most likely to be the leading etiological agent of such a lesion? A Candida fungi B Streptococci C Staphylococci D Neisseria E Corynebacteria 108 Enamel is characterized by high resistance to the influence of various mechanical and chemical factors. КРОК-3. Post-operative microscopical examination of this formation revealed a large focus of caseous necrosis surrounded by granulation tissue with endovasculitis and cellular infiltrate consisting mainly of plasmocytes but also of lymphocytes and epithelioid cells. What component's synthesis provideds such resistance? A Phtorapatite B Hydroxyapatite C Chlorapatite D Collagen E Carbonate apatite 109 Examination of a kidney tissue sampling revealed leukocyte infiltration of interstitial tissue. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Syphilis B Tuberculosis .org. miliary abscesses. What is the most likely diagnosis? A Pyelonephritis B Glomerulonephritis C Pyelitis D Necrotic nephrosis E Nephrolithiasis 110 A 23 year old man got perforation of hard palate.

24 hours later there had grown colonies of streptococci. surface of incision was dripping with turbid liquid. pleura had a lot of fibrinous plicae. Bronchus wall was intact. Nutrient medium turned transparent around them. grey. What form of stomatitis is it? A Catarrhal B Purulent C Ulcerous D Gangrenous E Fibrinous 115 Pathological material taken from a patient suffering from pulpitis was inoculated onto Kitt-Tarozzi cultural medium. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. КРОК-3.org. It is planned to find the following microorganisms: A Anaerobic B Acid-resistant . A smear from the tonsil surface was inoculated on blood agar. airless. This study revealed presence of the following pathogenous factor: A Hemolysin B Endotoxin C Neuraminidase D Beta-lactamase E Leukocidin 112 Autopsy revealed that the upper lobe of the right lung was enlarged. Objectively: mucous membrane of oral cavity is edematic and hyperemic.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.ua---- C Scleroma D Sarcoma E Lepra 111 A 7 year old child has angina. desquamated alveolocytes and fibrin fibres. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Croupous pneumonia B Interstitial pneumonia C Pulmonary abscess D Focal pneumonia E Influenzal pneumonia 113 A 25-year-old patient with clinical presentations of nephrotic syndrome underwent puncture biopsy of a kidney. excessive salivation and glossalgia effects that came 5 days after he started using a metal dental bridge. peripheral deviation of the nucleus. КРОК-2. What degeneration was revealed in the tubule epithelium? A Hydropic B Granular C Adipose D Keratinization E Hyaline drop 114 A 60 year old patient complains of tongue burning. Microscopical examination revealed expansion of the epithelium cells of proximal nephron tubules. vacuoles containing transparent liquid in the cytoplasm. Microscopical examination of alveoles revealed exudate containing neutrophils.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1.

o. These vitamins were administered perorally but they didn't have any medicinal effect. What pathological process is it? A Adipose degeneration B Hyaline drop degeneration C Hydropic degeneration D Carbohydrate degeneration E Dysproteinosis 117 In spring a patient experiences petechial haemorrhages.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. They turn black when stained with osmic acid. What virus might have caused this disease? A Herpes simplex virus type 1 B Herpes simplex virus type 2 C Herpes zoster D Cytomegalic virus E Epstein-Barr virus 120 Examination of a 60 y. What is the most probable diagnosis? A Local parodontitis . In this respect loosening of teeth can be explained by: A Structural failure of collagen in the periodontal ligaments B Structural change of glycosaminoglycan C Increased permeability of periodont membranes D Mechanical damage of teeth E Disturbed oxidation-reduction process in the periodont 118 Examination of a patient revealed that dental hypoplasia was caused by hypovitaminosis of vitamins A and D. and yellow-red when stained with sudan III. A doctor supposes hypobitaminosis C. edematic. There is a parodontal pouch 0. X-ray picture shows resorption of interdental septa of 1/2 of tooth root. cyanotic. bleed as a reaction to touching by a dental explorer. man's oral cavity revealed the following changes: the 26th and 27th tooth are covered with metallic crowns that plunge deep into the gums.org.ua---- C Acidophilic D Haemolytic E Aerobic 116 Histological examination of myocardium of a 47-year-old patient with rheumatic heart disease (section material) revealed some big visually empty vacuoles within the cardiomyocytes. What is the probable cause of disturbed vitamin assimilation? A Bile acid deficiency B Hypochlorhydria C Hyperchlorhydria D Achylia E Achlorhydria 119 A patient consulted a dentist about pains.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest. КРОК-3. The dentist assumed herpetic gingivostomatitis. loosening of teeth. reddening and swelling of gums. high liability to colds. КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. КРОК-2.7 cm deep between them containing some pus. Gingival papillae of these teeth are hyperemic.

КРОК-Б и КРОК-М ----. КРОК-3.ua---- B C D E Hypertrophic gingivitis Chronic catarrhal gingivitis Generalized parodontitis - .org.Все материалы для подготовки к экзаменам КРОК-1. КРОК-2.Материалы взяты с сайта KrokTest.

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