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demystifying the content question

What happens next is even more important than the hook.creating compelling content “Telling a story in front of moving traffic is never easy.” Paul Flanigan . Now you have to deliver. but “less-is-more” approach doesnʼt waste time and encourages the viewer to actively move to the next stage of engagement. The customer has chosen to invest time in you.

System Engineers—even content creators—are mystified by questions regarding the planning.demystifying the content question   Resellers. management. Account Managers. and deployment of digital signage content . creation.

demystifying the content question   The question of content—strategy. and management—is largely a function of marketers/content owners   Marketers speak a much different language and have a different set of requirement than that of technical decision makers   Addressing these needs can be critical in circumstances where funding is derived from marketing budgets . creation.

demystifying the content question .

creating compelling content   The questions of content—that is the business and marketing objectives that drive content expression—inform technology decisions The proper balance of both technology 
 and content is necessary to successfully attain goals   Creative expression must account for technology and infrastructure available .

unimaginative sites The creative execution and strategy for digital signage must not follow this pattern!     .creating compelling content   Digital signage must be treated as a worthy component of the digital marketing mix Advent of the Web 
 = very little standards & best practices 
 = unintuitive.

relevant content experiences “A picture is worth 
 a thousand words” If—and only if—it is the right picture in the right place at the right time to the right people .

when and where they consume content Analyze how your company as a brand is presently communicating to your customers. in store Attain an overarching business objective the signage solution needs to achieve       . employees— online.the right picture A function of understanding audiences/personas—wants. needs. and how.

g. increase sales -  Infrastructure and network capabilities .the right place   Placement and orientation of digital signage is influenced by several factors: -  Audience traffic patterns -  Line of site and viewing 
 radius available -  Performance objectives: 
 e. increase 
 traffic. educate. inform.

the right people and time   Traffic times and patterns -  Like prioritized radio programming— built around key drive times or day parts—content flow should be appropriate to the time of day   Requires thorough review of target audience personas -  Geographic location -  Demographics .

out of sync. or inappropriate with it environment.other important considerations   Size and and orientation matters   Just as the height. small. and media/technology availability . the same strategy applies in digital signage Content expression can be perceived negatively if too large. engaging and effective content for digital signage is based on the same principles that influence the quality of other creative communications: time. angle. and size of static billboards on the sides of freeways are adjusted to provide maximum viewing time and impact based on traffic flow.     You get what you pay for   Creating relevant. budget.

and how to advantage them Many do not have established best practices for creating content for digital signage Traditional advertising agencies. their full range of capabilities.what you should know about content providers     Not all are the same Most do not understand the technology nuances of signage platforms. even those with digital/interactive departments can create video and other content. but may not know how to optimize it for DMS delivery     .

stand for 2. DMP.  That creating content is much more than deploying pretty pictures and “cool” animations .  Experience creating on-screen. digital experiences —the broader the experience the better 5. MXE.  A breadth and depth of experience working with Flash 4. DMD.  What DMM.  Web development standards 6. etc.  How to work with and optimize multiple video formats/types 3. DME.what your content partners should know 1.

why including a content partner is critical     Content success = technology $$ Understands the language and concerns of marketers and business decision makers   Understands the nuances of DMS and the power and possibilities across Cisco solutions Can answer the critical questions of content Can complete the total investment picture / return on digital investment (RODI) Provides resellers complete digital signage solution       .

Javascript. compress. and edit video for DMS   Can complete the total investment picture / return on digital investment. Flash   Video production capabilities     Pre/post production capabilities How to create. References and financial stability   . & Digital Signage expertise Content strategy & methodology In-house content designers   HTML.content partner-ideal profile       Web. Marketing.

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