Speeding down the hill with ice cold wind whizzing past me at what felt like one hundred

miles per hour was one experience that I decided never to forget. Snowboarding is a thrilling sport that has almost instantly become one of the biggest Winter X-Games and Olympic events. People all over the world have come to enjoy this amazing new sport that is enjoyable for the whole family. I have always loved snowboarding and I do my best to go often with my dad. Although I have become a pretty good snowboarder over my five years of experience, I have never really looked into the history of how snowboarding began. I really want to know when it was invented and who invented it. Also I want to learn more about it’s history in major Winter X-Games and Olympic events. I am really excited to explain what I have learned from my research.

What I Already Know
The day I rode down my first hill on a snowboard, I knew I was hooked for life. I have been snowboarding since I was nine years old and do not plan on stopping any time soon. I don’t always get to snowboard as much as I would hope, but every chance I get, I gladly accept. I love snowboarding and I really want to learn more about its beginnings. Snowboarding has made its way into the hearts of millions of people worldwide and is featured in professional competitions like The Dew Tour, The Winter X- Games, and The Olympics. In these competitions people from around the world come to snowboard their hearts out and try to earn the title of the “world’s best border.” These competitions have a variety of styles such as “Slopestyle” and “Big Air”. It takes lots of dedication and practice to even get a

They are a good way to try out snowboarding without having to buy all of the gear. These places commonly rent out all of the gear you need to snowboard/ski at an affordable price.” copying the feel of a surf board. He invented a toy for his daughter by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope to one end so she would have some control as she stood. One popular way to go snowboarding is by going to a ski lodge/slope. Later. Ski Lodges are places where people have bought hills and cleared ski runs that you can go on. These competitions publicize the sport and keep the best snowboarders practicing and inventing new stunts and tricks. You pay a fee to ski all day and use their lifts. After seeing how popular this toy was with his daughter’s friends. Shortly after. Around the same time. a man named Jake Burton Carpenter. a young surfing enthusiast named Dimitrije Milovich made a snowboard called the “Winterstick. Poppen sold about a million Snurfers over the next decade and hit the ground running for the future of snowboards. . Ever since people have been improving the snowboard and reinventing snowboarding as we know it. Poppen licensed the idea under the name the “Snurfer” (snow-surfer).chance to compete against some of the best in the sport. Also they have selected courses that have a range of difficulties and some good hills that you wouldn’t find on your own. he founded Burton Snowboards which is to this day one of the biggest names in the sport. wowed crowds at a snurfing competition with home-made bindings that secured his feet to the board. who had been snurfing since the age of 14. The Invention of the Snowboard The snowboard originally began in the 1960’s from a man named Sherman Poppen.

you just might win the Olympic Gold Medal. Who knows. On a competition level. snowboard rails are being extended and new trick parks are being put up. but I know it will continue to develop and thrive for many years to come. snowboarding is a cool new winter sport that all ages can enjoy. excitement. Snowboarding has a rather short forty year history. it has evolved drastically. All of these changes have happened recently as this rapidly changing new sport grows in popularity. better slopes and ramps to achieve maximum air and trick ability.Snowboarding Today Since the snowboard’s invention. Today. Also. I have learned many things about snowboarding in my research. all of which lead straight to fun. . it is safe to say that there are thousands of ski slopes all over the world that now rent snowboarding gear and have the option of snowboarding lessons at their slopes. and the best use you can get out of a snowy hill. professional snowboarders are pushing the laws of gravity and making bigger. snowboards have bended noses and tails to easily glide over the snow. Furthermore. winter competition will never be the same. From the first neighborhood snowboarding race. I feel that everyone should try snowboarding and enjoy the great experiences the sport has to offer. snowboards are made of a combination of many materials to give the rider the feel that they prefer. some day. Today’s generation is brought up with snowboarding and a vast number of the snowboarders in the world are around the ages of twelve to eight-teen. with a little practice. In conclusion. to extreme Winter XGames Slopestyle runs. In addition. Snowboarding is slowly growing in popularity and is beginning to make it’s way into more professional competitions throughout the world.

” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 2: What brand of snowboard do you ride? Answer: “I ride a twin Burton snowboard. ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 1: How long have you been snowboarding? Answer: “I have been snowboarding for ten years meaning that I started when I was six.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 6: Who inspired you to pursue snowboarding? Answer: “My stepdad.” .Interview Questions For my interview. Kaijah has been snowboarding since she was six. Kaijah is now sixteen years old and her dedication to the sport has made her nothing short of an expert. So when you watch other people. you think or wonder where they learned that. So I would try to beat him to the bottom and he inspired me because we always go snowboarding together in the winter. I was given the honor of interviewing my mom’s student.” said Kaijah. because he was always at the bottom of the mountain before me. “I went snowboarding with my step dad and my mom when I was six years old and I have loved it ever since. Kaijah Robertson. I like how everyone is different.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 3: How old were you when you first went snowboarding and who took you? Answer: “I was six years old and I went with my step dad and my mom.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 4: What snowboarder do you look up to the most? Answer: “I kind of look up to everyone because everyone in snowboarding is different.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 5: What do you like most about snowboarding? Answer: “Well. everyone has their own different style.

clothing. but for me it is a Winter X-Games gold medal in any event.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 9: What snowboarder do you strive to be more like? Answer: “To be honest I just try to be me more than anyone else. That is truly how snowboarding has evolved. goggles. people inventing new things.Question 7: Have you ever wondered how snowboarding evolved into what it is today? Answer: “Well. I try to find my own style and evolve it more and more. bindings.” ______________________________________________________________________________ How was this interview taken: Written .” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 10: What does snowboarding mean to you? Answer: “You are a totally different person while snowboarding. boards.” ______________________________________________________________________________ Question 8: What would you say is the biggest award you can earn in snowboarding? Answer: “It is an opinion. new tricks.

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By: Lucas Erb ` .

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