Laser diode solutions from bare die to turnkey laser systems

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Finland and San Jose. manufacturing. products shipped to 4 continents and >20 countries Experienced and motivated team . located in Tampere. and integrating laser diodes Established business and processes set up in own ISO certified manufacturing facility Over a million laser units manufactured. Privately held company.Modulight. CA. Inc. Proprietary technology for designing.

Recent updates Frost & Sullivan award for Emerging Laser Diode Company of the year 2008 in NorthAmerica. Record number of product releases over 2007-2008. . Sales growing 50-100% annually over 2003-2008. System level laser products and expertise in electronics and mechanical design built over 2007-2008.

in CA W orld’s first intra-satellite communications laser Launch of fiber pigtailed laser products ISO 14001:2004 ce rtification Multi-ye ar delivery agreements DFB lase r products launched W orld’s first uncooled 10 Gb/s laser diode First profitable ye ar ISO 9001:2000 certification Se t up of global distributor network Modulight m oves to a new wholly owne d facility 10+ M€ inve stment in semiconductor fab Modulight. Inc. founded in Tampere.Company history Introduction of butterfly laser m odules Introduction of FiberLight. platform for fiber-coupled high powe r lase rs Frost & Sullivan award for NA Em erging C ompany Introduction of SparkLight. Inc. Finland 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 . turnkey platform for high powe r lasers Launch of C hiliLase product family (re d lasers) Se t up R e ady2Lase application development program Frost & Sullivan award for Product Innovation Bre ak through in Se curity business in US Launch of high-powe r product line Se t up Modulight USA.

Solution offering Security/Defense Medical Industrial Communications Pointing and illumination Range-finding and targeting Sensing and monitoring Photodynamic therapy and vein surgery Hair removal and therapeutic treatments Diagnostics. Optics. and optical pumping Spectroscopy and printing Digital communications Analog communications Test and Measurement TOOLBOX: Custom lasers. marking. and laser scanning Cutting. projection. illumination and materials processing Illumination. welding. Electronics. 3D robotic Ready2Lase Modulight Application Development & Integration Platform . Breadboards.

Product offering up to turnkey systems .

Customer references Modulight ’s high-brightness 1550 nm pulsed lasers are the leading products in eye-safe range-finding globally Modulight ’s eye-safe lasers are deployed in hundreds of road weather stations in Europe and US for direct friction control Modulight ’s visible OEM laser modules build into diagnostics systems of a major global medical equipment manufacturer Modulight‘s 635 nm lasers are designed into systems of the leading PDT cancer treatment equipment vendor in US Modulight ’s 635nm laser arrays are build into prototypes of a major cinema laser projector manufacturer Modulight ’s coaxial lasers are key elements in thousands of perimeter security systems protecting both civilian and military targets 7 .

Lasers for defense & security applications Lighting up your perimeter .

690 nm. C/CS-mount. TO-can. 830 nm Power: 200 mW – 40 W Package: bare die. TO-can. pigtailed module Perimeter security Wavelength: 1310 nm. 1550 nm Power: 3 – 50 mW Package: pigtailed module Laser range-finding and scanning Wavelength: 830 – 1550 nm Power: up to 20 W Package: bare die.Modulight laser solutions for defense & security applications Pointing and illumination Wavelength: 635 nm. C-mount .

Lasers for medical applications Taking care of your well-being .

5 W Package: unmounted bar. CS-mount. fiber coupled module Illumination Wavelength: 635 . CS-mount. CS-mount.690 nm Power: 0.5 W Package: unmounted bar. fiber coupled module Surgery Wavelength: 810 -1550 nm Power: 10 – 40 W Package: fiber coupled module Hair removal Wavelength: 810 -1300 nm Power: 10 – 40 W Package: unmounted bar.Modulight laser solutions for medical applications Photodynamic therapy (PDT) Wavelength: 635 .690 nm Power: 0. fiber coupled module .5 .6.5 .6.

Lasers for industrial applications Powering your productivity .

830 nm.850 nm Power: up to 40 W Package: unmounted bar/chip. 690 nm. CS-mount. TO-can. fiber coupled module Illumination. 1550 nm Power: 200 mW – 20 W Package: bare die. 680 nm.Modulight laser solutions for industrial applications Materials processing and optical pumping Wavelength: 790 . projection and laser scanning Wavelength: 635 nm. fiber coupled module Spectroscopy and printing Wavelength: 790 .850 nm Power: up to 40 W (CW) and 100 W (QCW) Package: unmounted bar. fiber coupled module . C/CS-mount.

Lasers for communications Conveying your message .

1625 nm Power: 50 mW – 250 mW Package: bare die. pigtailed module RF over fiber Wavelength: 1310 nm. pigtailed module . 1490 nm. 1550 nm Power: 3 – 10 mW Package: bare die. 1550 nm Power: 3 – 10 mW Package: pigtailed module Test & measurement Wavelength: 1310 nm.Modulight laser solutions for communications applications Digital data transmission Wavelength: 1310 nm. 1550 nm. TO-can.

Customer service beyond the standards Highly skilled experts Controlled production environment Unique business process management with Modulight database (MLDB) Im m ediate response Shorter lead tim e Cost reduction 100 % traceability 100 % integration Customer benefits MLDB infrastructure .

Customer benefits Reliable business partner Strong technical support Faster product launches Controlled processes with detailed reporting Longer product life-cycles through product improvements Robust product even for harsh environments Customer service beyond the standards .

global laser supplier Solutions to optical applications Partner in growth Strong technical support .Summary Independent.

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