“Hey Meera I was really sorry to know that your sister passed away, did she meet with some accident?” “No no she committed suicide” “Suicide! But why?” “Because she was ditched by her boyfriend and she couldn’t bear the pressure of getting failed in her love life, so she committed suicide.” “Oh! so sad. But then why did she get involved with such a boy??” “Because she felt she was in true love with him for he was smart and handsome and she often admired his dressing sense.” So this is what the western culture has taught us, to be more individual oriented and pay more attention to external things like our looks, our hairstyle, our dressing sense, our food habits and even our skin tone! The impact of media has played a vital role in the blossoming of western culture in our country and our youth, who think themselves to be matured enough to decide what is right and wrong for them do not realise that the eye soothing life style shown of the TV screens is merely a mirage. The western culture has just shown us short cuts to escape from our responsibilities and live like a free bird, but by brushing our responsibilities under the carpet we can’t stay happy for long. The tree of Indian culture is dying each day when we find youth getting trapped under the clutches of devils like drugs and spoiling or ending up their entire lives. In case they are being guided by their parents so here they go-“oh please! I am matured enough to decide what is right and wrong for me! You better not guide me! The world has changed, we have progressed, and so let me move on with this change!” So now our youths define that by consuming drugs they are “progressing”!

And then come the big companies with their big advertisements and convince us to value crap we don’t need. the aggression and the loneliness. Divorce cases are exceeding at high rates for couples now believe they can’t adjust with each other. In case they are not able to cope up with this pressure they are left with no other option but to commit suicide.The word progress might remind many of my worthy opponents that somewhere or the other even the western culture has helped our country grow and has opened up so many job opportunities for the youth. But all that our Indian youths want is big bugs of money as soon as possible with the least efforts required and so even a B. reason they need more space and more privacy. coloured fizzy water. but what happened after that? We have just been reduced to a high speedy demography. The only youth power that they care about is spending power and still we adore them! Call ourselves sophisticated if we successfully copy them out! It is not just the youths who have been affected by the western culture but its impact has even turned the adults way too materialistic now. So I insist that it is only the western culture which is responsible for the increase in suicidal attempts amongst the youths. Indeed the whites have provided us with jobs but jobs that do not match our capabilities. dumbass credit cards and overprized shoes! If this is what you call development than hats off to you whites! I welcome you to come and rule over us for a few more years! 2 generations ago the youth got this country free. do jobs we hate so that we can buy stuff junk food. Joint families are breaking into nuclear families and nuclear families are again getting shrunk into single parented families. These divorces have a very negative impact on children who are been parted from any one of their parents and are left alone to struggle with the pressure. But all that our Indian youths want is big bugs of money as soon as possible with the least efforts required.E. . degree holder is selling fruits and vegetables in the Reliance Fresh or is busy in providing crutches to the white morons at the call centres.

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