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Animal Attraction


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elcome to Slaughterama Issue 41!


embedded videos and other interactive elements not previously available in Slaughterama. We are one of the only free magazines in New Zealand who have adopted this cutting edge digital document technology, meaning that our readers get to enjoy a very interactive version of the magazine at absolutely no cost! To keep our own expenses down (as we are not-forprofit!), we are phasing out the print edition to very limited quantities. Max and I still enjoy reading a physical magazine, but unfortunately (or fortunately as you may see it) because digital media continues to grow and physical media becomes so much more expensive to produce, the benefits of going all-digital outweighs physical. In this issue we speak to two great bands from Finland - Glam superstars RECKLESS LOVE and traditional heavy metal newcomers BATTLE BEAST. Plus we talk to NZ’s own RAZORWYRE, who are becoming an international commodity! Be sure to check out, a new website which makes all of the best New Zealand Metal radio shows available to listen to. With one click on a show’s logo you can be enjoying their latest offering on demand, 24/7! It also includes information and updates for all other known Metal radio shows in NZ. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Slaughterama got its own website recently also! Until next issue, STAY TRUE! CREDITS: Slaugherama Front Cover by Jenna Adam. All articles and interviews by Brendon Adam, except the Battle Beast interview which was conducted by Brendon Adam and Max Thrasher.

Brendon Adam EDITOR



ATTLE BEAST are Finland’s latest Heavy Metal sensation. Harnessing the powerful elements found in classic eighties Metal, they forged their debut album, “Steel” which is out now! Brendon Adam and Max Thrasher spoke with the singer of the band, Nitte Valo.
You guys are going to be very busy this year touring, is that right? Yeah that is right. It’s good that we have so many gigs because we want as many gigs as possible so it’s ok. We are living for playing and making music. It’s not a problem; it’s great. How is the reaction so far to the album? Some people like and some people don’t like. But we knew from the start it was going to split up people. Some people really, really like us, and there are people who don’t like because of a “female singer,” and “this

has been done before...” or something like that but we don’t care because we love this music and we love to play music like this. You have to leave it at that. Congratulations on having such a distinctive singing voice... it isn’t just another regular female singing voice; it’s very unique. How did you develop it? Actually I don’t know... I think that I have had that type of singing for the whole of my life, and some people said “don’t sing like that” because it’s not the usual way how women should sing” and I said “Why?” Because it’s me and I don’t want to be just like other singers because I want to be me. It’s a natural way for me to sing. How long have you been singing? For the whole of my life. I guess I started to sing before I started to talk. But when I was 13 I had my first bands; nothing big, but what we wanted to do then. Was it always metal? Metal, rock and pop. Who are your influences and inspirations? For example Angela from Arch Enemy... I have listened to so many men’s voices, not so much female... Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom. Judas Priest of course and Manowar... but you can’t be just like them because I have my own stuff to do and I don’t want to be just like them because I want to be me. Why do you think it is that a small country like Finland makes so much great metal? What’s going on over there? Have they got a program in the school - “Every child gets their own metal band” or something?

I don’t know why! I think it’s because we have a long winter, and dark times, so people are just like this. It would be great if it was a school where people studied heavy metal because I would go there right away! But we don’t have things like that so I don’t know! I don’t have an explanation for that! When you are walking down Finland’s city streets, how long before you see, for instance, a Manowar t-shirt? Where I live in this little town it would take a long time, but when you go to Helsinki, not long at all! When the album came out were you surprised that it had a positive response, or did you expect that to happen? It was a kind of surprise. Of course we hoped that people would like it, but we really didn’t expect it to go so high on the charts because we are a new band and in Finland we didn’t have this kind of a band. How did the band form? Anton (guitar, vocals) Pyry (drums) and Juuso (guitar), they had this band before I came there and Anton always has said that it was 2008 when I joined the band and that is the starting point of Battle Beast. Of course we have had a change in keyboardist and bassist after I joined the band but since 2008 we have been Battle Beast. Did you audition? how did you end up in the band? I sent a demo tape. They were looking for a singer on a music website. It said that it didn’t

is not Metal .Heavy “.. ess...” s busin ybody’ ever
matter if it was a male or female. I personally think the demo tape I sent was shit (laughs). But Anton called and asked me to come to rehearsals and try a few songs, and after a few songs they said if you want to join us then welcome, and we can try. And that’s the story, and here we are! How difficult is it for a band from Finland to make it onto the worldwide stage? It depends what people you know, how hard

you try and how hard you want to do this, because it’s taking so much work. You almost have to forget everything; your personal life and everything if you really want to get up on the bigger stage and to Europe and wherever... it’s easier than 5 or 10 years ago, but still not easy. When you don’t play with the band, what do you do? Anton does songs. I think that he does songs every day. He has hundreds of songs and he is making those things. I am working in kindergarten and karaoke. We have to do some kind of other work! I hope that the album blows up and you

can quit the kindergarten and just be a singer! Yeah, but I like it because it’s so different to making music. It helps me to be myself in another kind of life to band life so it really doesn’t matter, but I do hope that we make so much money that we can quit our jobs and live like rockstars but there is a long way to that! If you were working at a kindergarten in New Zealand there would probably be some conservative Christian mothers who wouldn’t want you anywhere near their children simply because you are involved in Heavy Metal!

Actually I dress a little different than when I’m at gigs! (laughs) Some people don’t even notice me when I’m at the kindergarten - I can be with children. I’m not evil with them! Who would you like to share a stage with for instance to perform a duet? Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Marco Hietala... it would be so great but I think that we have some time before I am able to sing a duet with a big star! You never know - you could meet one of these guys backstage at a festival and they may want to come out on stage and do a song with you...

No I think I’m too shy to say “Hey Mister! Can I sing a duet with you?” (laughs). What album would you give to a kid who wanted to know what Heavy Metal is? I would give them a Judas Priest or Manowar album. I would them “Painkiller” give Judas Priest’s

Yes and play the song “Painkiller” and if they like it, they like it, and if not, it’s not a problem because Heavy Metal is not everybody’s business. I’m not preaching Heavy Metal to everybody because it’s everybody’s choice to listen to whatever they want. g

It’s the game that wrestling fans have been waiting a long time for. When I was a kid, my favorite arcade game was WWF Superstars. Then I remember being at Rainbow’s End Theme Park on the weekend that their game arcade got WWF Wrestlefest in. There was literally a crowd of people watching the onscreen action; the graphics and sound were cutting edge! Now it’s a couple of decades later, and unless you own an old arcade machine or have MAME (the arcade machine emulator), you have probably been itching to play Wrestlefest again. Never fear, it is now available on iphone and ipad!! OR IS IT?!?! I downloaded this game the second it appeared on the app store, realising that it was some kind of reboot, but hoping that it was packed with my favorite classic wrestlers from the game. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The only WWE Legends from that era that are selectable are Macho Man Randy Savage and Jake The Snake Roberts. Two great wrestlers, but when I put that against the original Wrestlefest roster, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. There is a pack you can download with Big Boss Man, Shawn Michaels (and a few current wrestlers) for an additional fee, plus apparently there will be plenty more additional characters on offer soon. But unless they add EVERY SINGLE wrestler from the Wrestlefest roster and a bunch more classic WWF wrestlers, I won’t satisfied. I also found the actual gameplay to be not as good as the original. It’s like they tried to improve it, but ended up making it feel more jagged. Of course, these are still my initial impressions of the game and this may change as I play more. I have to admit that when developers tinker with a game that was perfect just the way it was, it is difficult to praise, but I’d rather have this than nothing at all, and seeing as Hulk Hogan is with TNA, his character alone may have been impossible to relicense for this version. KKKJJ

riginal t the o agains “...put ster, I fest ro restle W a little but be ’t help couldn ted...” appoin dis


ECKLESS LOVE are a Glam Rock / Metal sensation. They have the sound, looks and hooks straight from the eighties days of excess. And while many bands pay homage to hair rock with comedic tributes (such as Steel Panther), Reckless Love manage to come across as a serious band, with catchy and genuinely strong music. Slaughterama caught up with vocalist Olli Herman to find out more from these Glam Kings!
Hi Olli. First of all, congratulations on “Animal Attraction” - what a great album. What is the band up to right now? Thank you! At the moment we’re constantly on tour everywhere around the world and every night there seems to be the best party in the world and we get to offer the soundtrack for it. To be more exact, this spring we’re doing plenty of shows back home in Finland and some more touring in the UK where we get to share the stage with the American rockers Black Veil Brides. This summer we’re gonna play as many festivals as we possibly have time to and we’re gonna continue like that until next autumn - and then

some. I mean it’s a constant development to be in a band. Anything can happen, anytime. The plans always change and they add up. Finland appears to have been a real hotspot for quality bands in the hard rock and heavy metal genres for the last few years now. What has it been like building an audience as part of Finland’s music scene? I’m tempted to say - fun - but I wouldn’t be completely honest there. Sure enough, we see this journey we’re on as a pleasure. It’s like an exciting adventure which keeps on giving and surprising night after night. However, particularly in Finland the journey hasn’t been that easy all the way. Partly, because in the beginning of our career especially, I reckon we were considered to

be a little weird. I mean, it’s not like Finland’s music scene pumps out bands as sunny and feelgood driven as Reckless Love every year. However, we turned the tables there and made that one of our biggest assets. Nowadays we’ve gained enough insight and experience to understand where we’re coming from and what has influenced us to be like we are. Who is your favourite current Finnish band (besides Reckless Love)? There’s actually plenty of young unsigned bands in Finland that I consider as diamonds in the rough so to speak. Hugely talented as musicians and performers they’ve got the look and the sound. They’ve obviously been influenced, in one way or another, by the “new wave of Scandinavian glam rock”

or even our very own brew of Merry Metal that we’re offering the world in Reckless Love. I keep my hopes high for such names as “Santa Cruz” and “Guild of Passion”. Both groups have plenty of potential to make it, if they can only keep themselves cool n humble enough to learn the difficult art of writing a memorable tune. I’m still in that school myself with Reckless Love and I know it ain’t easy and one’s never ever gonna be done with those lessons. Have you had the chance to catch up with CRASHDIET again since your departure from the band? And what are your impressions on their most recent album “Generation Wild”? No, not really. I’ve been way too focused on what we’re doing in Reckless Love to dwell into the new CD album. I met the guys very briefly last December at Hard Rock Hell Festival in the UK but I didn’t have the chance to witness their live show due to the busy schedule we were on ourselves. I hear they’re doing pretty well and based on the odd few songs I’ve heard from their album here and there, I’d say Simon is far better for Crashdiet than I ever was. I belong to Reckless Love - always did. Is the band planning to tour Australia / New Zealand at any point? And what comes to mind when you think of New Zealand? Oh yes. We’re planning big things and we want to tour the whole world, however, at the moment we haven’t got anything confirmed for Australia or New Zealand, much to my disappointment. I say it cause Australia / New Zealand is practically the far exotic corner of the earth I’ve never been to even though I’ve been to places and travelled - a lot.

However, in this business you never know what’s gonna happen next and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get there soon and our manager sticks a pink needle through Australia / New Zealand on the map of the world on his office wall to mark Reckless Love’s effort down under.

“...while you’re on the road it feels like a constant state of chaos...”
What comes to mind of New Zealand? Rugby - hahaha... not really that into sports I’d follow rugby regularly and sure I’ve read about the history, the Maori, the Kiwi’s and that it’s an island country located in Southwestern Pacific. Capital’s Wellington and the largest city’s Auckland, but that’s all trivial I think. People can Google that easy. What really made an impression to me, when I was a kid watching all kinds of sporting events from the TV alongside my dad, was the New Zealand Rugby Team and their traditional Haka chant. Violent and savage. Unbelievable. What has been the biggest “ROCK STAR” moment for you in your career so far? When I was hospitalized for a couple of days a couple of weeks back, won’t go into much details bout that but let’s just say it was painful, and I was lying there on the hospital bed, in those pajamas they give you, suffering in agony, couldn’t sit upright nor stand, couldn’t

really even breathe calmly - a nurse walks over to me and asks if I’m really me. I say - yes - and she asks for an autograph!! Then she runs off to her desk a few meters away where her colleagues are watching the video for Animal Attraction on YouTube... sure made me feel like I’ve made it now - hahaha. Oh, I was in the hospital cause of a nasty headache and they wanted to do the tests to make sure it’s nothing severe like a ruptured vein in my brain, it wasn’t. Turned out I had a strong migraine attack and I got great meds for it which healed it right off, no worries. It’s easy to chill when you gotta mouthful of prescription pills. I’m sure you have a bunch of great stories from your time touring... any that you’d like to share? Life on tour is a constant saga of intertwined crazy stories but I wouldn’t know where to start and where to end telling one because while you’re on the road it feels like a constant state of chaos; somebody tries to control it the best they can. Desperately. At least that’s how it goes with us. Everything happens simultaneously and every night there’s the best party in the world, while something is going horribly wrong and we’re trying to deal with a problem that threatens to fuck up all life in the universe,

by improvising and making the most of every situation .... so - nothing comes to mind really. What is next for the band? Will you begin working on a third album soon? We’re already planning the next album in our heads, but it’s still quite far away to be realized. I mean it’s only bits and pieces, we haven’t really started to put together yet and vague descriptions of how we’d like it to sound, but I can tell you the ideas already sound like a lot of fun already. I’m sure it’s gonna be our best so far... however, first things first, we ain’t exactly finished with the AA tour yet and there are plenty of territories still to cover, which means a hell of a lot of touring and promo. Which sounds like a lot of fun too!!! Thanks for the interview. Any final messages for our readers in New Zealand? Yes indeed, Finally the era in rock and roll, which seemed to be an endless one, which has been way too serious, boring and dull is coming to an end. The true essence of Rock n Roll is being rejuvenated by the new coming of hair metal - Here comes Reckless Love!!! so put on your drinking shoes, find your dancing pants and join the party. The good times are BACK!!!! g

Tradio for as long as I can remember.

here has been a gap in the world of

In Auckland we have Hauraki and The Rock FM, both who occasionally play some of the most acceptable and mainstream Metal classics. But there has never been a dedicated Metal radio station in Auckland (or as far as I am aware, the whole of NZ). Facing the facts, to actually buy a commercial frequency and set up a proper dedicated commercial Metal station is at best unrealistic, and perhaps a little crazy. Startup capital aside, the problem is that the percentage of our small population who like metal enough to regularly listen would likely not equate to a business that would break even, much less turn any kind of profit. However, technology is improving and digital content is becoming more and more the norm. A lot of people listen to music via the internet, beit youtube, podcasts, Soundclick, etc. Internet radio stations are also popular. So recently I undertook an experiment. There were enough individual metal shows to bring together enough content to keep an internet station relatively fresh. I set about contacting each show, and found the

response to be positive towards streaming these shows together online to create NZ’s first quality Metal internet radio station. The shows on the major NZ radio networks (The Axe Attack on The Rock and The Kiwi Metal Bar on Kiwi FM) appeared to be stuck behind a red-tape firewall... the stations operate their shows in order to generate profit (understandably - they are businesses after all), so even though the DJs would have been keen to see their shows added there were some issues there that would have to be looked at again at a later date. So I carried on with the great shows that were on board. The setup was relatively easy, yet fairly expensive to someone like myself who was funding the whole thing from the lint in my back pocket. Nevertheless I was determined to make the two month trial period go ahead. Once set up, listeners from New Zealand and indeed around the world caught on pretty fast. The stream was constantly live with shows streaming in turn in a regularly updated, 24/7 roster at high quality 128kbps. After the two months were up I evaluated

my own experience along with show and listener feedback. Here were the factors I had to consider: Negatives: • This trial period had personally cost quite a lot of money, and I was in a financially tight position • Shows were not able to discern how many listeners their shows were attracting via the internet radio stream • A lot of time was going into downloading shows, then re-uploading them to the station playlist • With some shows not being able to contribute (due to insufficient technical resources or an agreement with the governing station not reached) the show rotation was a little too high for a daily listener • People were forced to listen to whatever show was on at the time (like regular radio) even if the playlist was not to their taste in subgenre Positives: • A decent number of listeners, both local and international, were acquired • Feedback was positive • It gave a platform to broadcasters who did not have access to a real radio station, so that they could make a show from home What I took from this information was that I had enough reasons to keep the site going, but

needed to refine the idea. The answer presented itself fairly quickly. Kick the expensive internet radio hosting, and present links on the site to all of the shows offering podcasts (which is most of them). So now listeners can click onto, click the logo of the desired show, and can immediately listen to their latest offering 24/7. The show makers get statistical feedback on who is listening via their podcast hosts, and the site is updated regularly via a blog with announcements from hosted shows and also other great metal radio shows which for whatever reason do not have an available podcast. Recently pages have been added with information on every known, operating metal show, giving details on when each show airs. Another new feature is idevice support for most of the shows, which makes it convenient to listen on your iphone/ipod while on the go. All up, I think that the site is very successful. If you are reading this and have visited, feel free to send me any feedback (, including what works for you and what doesn’t, and any suggestions you have which could improve the overall experience. g

efy reason.

Slaughterama Rating:

Defy everything you know. A mind blowing experience of the occult and supernatural. Peter Vincent. A magical tour de force. Peter Vincent. Welcome to Fright Night. A remake of the 1985 original, teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell) is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent (David Tennant), a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry. g


Also check out the original Fright Night from 1985, and its 1988 sequel, Fright Night 2.

Available on Blu-Ray & DVD


AZORWYRE are on their way to big things with the release of their debut album “Another Dimension” this year, and their booked appearance at the Keep It True Festival in Germany 2013. We interviewed Z-Chylde and Calavrias, and found out more behind this NZ Thrash Metal success story...
You guys are getting ready to unleash your debut album, “Another Dimension”. For those of us who have listened to your EP “Coming Out” (available for free download at http://www.razorwyreband. com), how different will the album be? Z-Chylde: Well I guess it’s somewhat more complex; there are more guitar and vocal layerings, and it is perhaps a little more refined; the debut was pretty raw. The production job is much more developed too. Not that we didn’t like the job on the first one (we’re using the same engineer - he plays bass for us now, and he’s really talented with recording), but this one has just had a lot more time put into the production I guess. Another big announcement is that RAZORWYRE will be appearing at the KEEP IT TRUE Festival in Germany, 2013! This is great news for a NZ Metal band to be playing such a grand event. How did it all happen? Calavrias: I cant believe it !!! We are very stoked !! Oli the festival organiser got in touch with me over the xmas period. Asked if we would ever consider heading overseas.... I told him yes then he confirmed with me he wanted us to play. He said he had gotten hold of our demos for the new cd and was very happy with them, which is fucking awesome!! We always wanted to go to Europe in 2013, and this just seals the deal !! We can’t wait to go over and see all our friends and drink their beers. Not their beers personally, haha, you know, just beers in general. RAZORWYRE is signed to French label Inferno Records. How did the deal come about, and what is it like working with an offshore label? Calavrias: Fab from Inferno got in touch with me a while back and brought some CDs for his distro, he was so amping on the band, it was great!! we chatted a lot and then he asked what we thought about re-releasing the “Coming Out” EP on tape through his label. I thought this was a great idea and from there we became quite good friends. He knew we had a new album coming out and we didn’t have anyone to put it out. Fab is fucking sweet and thought it would be good to work with him for the CD release of the album, and so far it’s been great !!! Originally the band was known as GAYWYRE. Tell us the story behind the change of name to RAZORWYRE. Calavrias: Haha the old GAYWYRE question, and fair enough!! Originally we (me and Murray) wanted the band to be called HAYWIRE, and upon checking, we found waaaay to many bands were called that. The next logical step was GAYWIRE. Well, logical? probaberly not haha. At this stage nothing was serious, apart from, at some stage, starting a band. The time we spent in Lower Hutt at that point everything had a “gay” reference. Once we were happy with GAYWIRE, we changed it to GAYWYRE (axis of symmetry for a logo).

“...people were coming to our gigs because they thought we were a gay band!...”
Later on down the track when the band was actually doing quite well (to our surprise) so we couldn’t carry on under that moniker, we had to change it. I mean, people were coming to our gigs because they thought we were a gay band! even gay magazines were getting in touch from NZ. A common problem for New Zealand musicians when putting a band together is finding members who all want to go in the same musical direction, due to the country’s small population and cultural diversity. How did you manage to put this band together? Z: Dude, tell me about it. I must have been trying to get a band like this together for 5-6 years at least before Razorwyre fell together. You jam with people, people lose interest, or move, or whatever. Or you don’t have the gear or somewhere to rehearse, and especially back then, it was hard to even find people who listened to metal, and wanted to play it. I moved back to Wellington after a couple of years away, and hooked up with Chris and James, who had been writing and wanting to get a lineup together. Shit just fell together nicely, James’ flatmate Nick happened to be a kickass drummer, and I was drafted in on vocals to complete things. I think we were all pretty stoked once we got things finally up and running. Congratulations on reaching a global audience and becoming an internationally recognised band already. Many bands from NZ have tried and failed to do the same thing. What do you think helped RAZORWYRE to gain its c u r r e n t status? Z: Man, it was pretty crazy from day one. Our first show was a house party and it was totally packed. There was a lot of people talking about the band - plenty of “hype” at the time. Since then our shows have gotten bigger and more and more people are becoming fans. It’s so easy for people to check out new bands these days with the internet and all. Everyone just looks a band up on youtube, or facebook, and that’s been a great way for people to hear our shit, and get in touch about this or that. I don’t know why people like the band, but I’m stoked so many people seem to. What has been your best experience with RAZORWYRE so far? Best experience you say? Damn, that’s a hard one. I guess at the end of the day it

comes back down to the basics, hanging out, making music, drinking beers and having a good time. It’s just a bonus that people actually dig what we are doing!!! haha But it’s always good to play a great show on our home turf to our friends, nothing beats that !! What are the plans for the future of RAZORWYRE? Z: Personally I just really want to make a LOT more records. I want to have an EP out this year, like later on. I want to put out more full lengths after that. There’s plenty more where the album came from, man! We’re stoked to be playing Europe and I’d like to make a habit of it, to be honest. We’ve had offers

to play Australia too. I’d like to get back into playing shows regularly for our hometown crowd - they’re packed and there’s such an awesome vibe to the night. A massive party! C: Pretty much what Z said - with the KIT date locked in next year I can’t wait to see what happens in Europe, it’s a long time off, but will give us a opportunity to make some awesome shows happen!! Be great to catch up with all our new friends also !! Thanks for the interview!! Z: Dude, the pleasure is ours. Thanks heaps for telling people about the band! Heavy metal rules! C: Thank you! g

album reviews
BATTLE BEAST Steel Nuclear Blast 2012 BATTLE BEAST are a new band from Finland who are making major waves with the release of their debut, “STEEL.” As vocalist Nitte mentions in her interview with us this issue, you’ll either like their music, or not like it. If you like it, great, and if you don’t, that’s ok too. A very balanced way to view it - no “Death To False Metal” cry here, but the music is forged with a strong nod towards eighties classic “True Metal” influences. Definitely one for classic metal enthusiasts! LOU REED & METALLICA Lulu Warner Brothers 2011 METALLICA trying to be clever. Metallica aren't very clever. If Load, Reload, and St. Anger didn’t alienate you enough from Metallica, here you go!



RECKLESS LOVE Animal Attraction Universal 2011 RECKLESS LOVE are the new Glam superstars hailing from Finland. To say I was impressed by this, their second album, is a massive understatement. These guys have released an immediate classic which I have been spinning at least once a week since I got it; something which hardly ever happens these days! I can’t find a song which isn’t catchy and fun to listen to. Summer time fun!

MEGADETH Th1rt3en Roadrunner 2011 MEGADETH's latest album is pretty solid. Some of the material here sounds as if it could have come right off Rust or Countdown - even though Dave is a Christian now, he hasn’t let it affect the music in a negative way. He’s not ripping his audience off; it still sounds like Megadeth! Some good catchy songs here. Glad to see that the band learned from the past and never went back to "Risk" territory!



album reviews
NIGHTWISH Imaginaerum Nuclear Blast 2012 This issue’s Forgotten Classic is VAIN with their debut album “No Respect” NIGHTWISH don’t seem to be suffering without Tarja! A nice piece of work with gothic overtones, magical danny Elfman-esque touches, and the goth-jazzy, “Slow Love Slow”. Probably one of the more memorable Nighwish releases for me. Well worth a listen.


Released in 1989, the album received good reviews from metal press at the time who likened the band to a more corrupted, sleazier version of Motley Crue. VAIN appeared on a couple of major metal magazine covers including KERRANG!, and things were looking good until an ownership change in their label “Island Records” signalled the

cancellation of their record deal, preventing their follow-up from being released for many years to come.

Putting the albums that have since been released aside, “No Respect” is such a great sounding record because it takes glam to an extreme without losing any edge, or coming off as cheesy. The band’s picture on the back of the LP may look a bit ridiculous, but when listening you can tell that just as much care has been put into the production of the album as achieving decent sized hair. When describing singer Davy Vain’s vocal chops to someone who hasn’t heard the band, you’d probably have to say it’s a bit ‘nasally’, but unique enough that the distinction helps rather than hinders. The higher pitched singers always did the glam sound well and Davy is no exception. There are numerous great songs on the record; nothing weak. Some songs from this album would have been written during the band’s early years playing live, opening for a notyet-famous Guns N’ Roses in LA, so they are genuine windows into the eighties glam scene. g

Forgotten Classics