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RegistRation FoRm To be sent to: ‘nCnte-2012’ The Principal, Fr. C.

Rodrigues Institute of Technology, Sector-9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra -400703
name: Designation: DePaRtment: institUte/ComPanY: aDDRess: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

PaPeR FoRmat & sUBmission
• The Sample Paper Templates in MS word for all groups are available on our website: • Papers will be accepted if they are strictly according to the template provided on our website. • The length of the paper must not exceed six A4 pages. Papers and any other inquiries should be sent by e-mail to:

CaLL FoR PaPeRs anD RegistRations

FR. C. RoDRigUes institUte oF teCHnoLogY
Agnel Technical Education Complex, Sector-9A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pin- 400 703 Phone: 022-41611000, 2766 0618, 2766 1924 Fax: 022-27660619 Website:

imPoRtant Dates
submission of full paper: 21st Jan, 2012 30th Jan, 2012 11th Feb, 2012 24th-25th Feb, 2012 notification of acceptance: Last date for registration: Conference Dates:

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NCNTE - 2012

RegistRation Fees
academicians, R&D Personnel industry Personnel stduents, Research scholars attendee Rs. 1500/Rs. 2500/Rs. 1000/Rs. 1000/-

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instRUCtions to PaRtiCiPants
1) The registration fee is inclusive of course kit, proceedings, refreshments, lunch and conference dinner. Limited on-campus accommodation is available at nominal cost. Accommodation for other participants in local hotels can be arranged on request. 2) Registration forms are required to be sent in the prescribed format duly attested by the competent authority along with the fees in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “Principal, Fr. C. Rodrigues institute of technology” payable at mumbai/navi mumbai and should reach on or before 11th Feb, 2012. 3) Those who register by 11th Feb, 2012, only their papers will be considered for printing in the conference proceedings.

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in the Engineering Fields of : mechanical, electrical, electronics & telecommunication, Computer, information technology and Humanities & Basic sciences

tHiRD BienniaL nationaL ConFeRenCe on nasCent teCHnoLogies

February 24th – 25th, 2012

Kalamkar Dr. Engg.Virtual Instrumentation . second and third best papers respectively. ConFeRenCe toPiCs Areas of interest include.Mobile Computing and it’s Applications .Image Processing / Computer Vision . IT Dept. Dias Rev.Parallel Computing.Power Quality .Distributed Generation and Micro Grid . Dept.. s. P. D. SAMEER. H. Engg.. Thane Assist. ATEC. The two day conference was a great success and provided a great motivation to faculty members to actively participate in R&D in various engineering fields of their interest and to pursue Master and PhD programmes in engineering. In addition to paper presentations. the conference will also comprise of keynote addresses by experts from leading Institutions. s. Kalasalingam University (TN) Sr. Dept. Prof. Engg.Data Mining . Biswas Dr. Scientist. Grid Computing. IIT Bombay Prof. Delhi. I. D.Robotics and Mechatronics .Network and Information Security . Vashi aDVisoRY Committee I/C Director – Tech.will be given to the first.Drives. s.Renewable Energy Technology . Vashi. K. 2) Electrical 3) Electronics & Telecommunication and 4) Computer/ Information Technology • Cash Prizes of Rs. Edu. Mumbai Sr. the campus is also reputed for its extensive facilities that have led to it being awarded an “A” grade by the Directorate of Technical Education. V... Dept. College.Advance Networking . Engg. Humanities & Basic Sciences . manasi Karkare Dr. the first National Conference on Nascent Technologies in Engineering (NCNTE-2008) was conducted in March 2008..Antenna Applications .institUte PRoFiLe Fr. E. Elec.Solid State Devices 4) ComPUteR engg / inFoRmation teCHnoLogY (Ce/it) . • Four Cash Prizes of Rs. n.Energy Management and Energy Efficiency .. Fr.R.. Mumbai Sr.5000/-. Aero. College. in each of the following groups: 1) Mechanical. Khot Dr. • To provide holistic environment for overall personal development. t. Mech.mathematics: Mathematical Modeling . Rodrigues Institute of Technology was established in 1994 in the heart of Navi Mumbai. m. Engg.Optical & Microwave Communication . s. a. L. Francis Diniz Rev. Prof. Vashi CHaiRman Principal. Dept. but are not limited to: 1) meCHaniCaL engg (me) . Maharashtra right from its inception.Advanced Communications . L. Renu trivedi Dr.AMS & Jr. Organometallic Catalysis . IIT Bombay Prof.Multimedia Systems / Gaming Architecture . s. B. IIT Bombay Prof.E-commerce Applications 5) HUmanities & BasiC sCienCes (HBs) . Vashi. K. trupti Paradkar Dr. madan Dr. Mech. milind shah Prof.Advances in Vibration Control & its Techniques 2) eLeCtRiCaL engg (ee) . Engg. Ratnagiri Principal. Head. Kiruthika m. Cloud Computing . Practicing Engineers and students from leading institutions and engineering colleges will present papers in their respective fields.Green Building Technology 3) eLeCtRoniCs & teLeCommUniCation (et) . The Institute has the following MISSION... B. Chemistry. IIT Bombay Head. mathematics and english subject respectively..3000/. Vashi Prof. Apart from academic excellence. Fr.Product Design and Development .Optimization in Design and Manufacturing . K.Advances in Manufacturing Technology . Comp. Head. PVPCE. sincy george Dr. Head.Power Generation Transmission & Distribution . Div.Power System Planning Reliability & Protection .Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems . To fulfill the commitment and to contribute to the improvement of engineering faculty standards.Dept.Smart Materials. Dept. Thakur College. Vivek Yeloankar Dr. V.. Dept. Vivek agarwal Dr. Mumbai Principal.. Comp.Physics: Industrial Applications of Gamma Rays. Research Organizations and Industries. Elec. saturnino almeida Fr. Mumbai Prof. The papers will be reviewed by eminent faculty from IITs and reputed institutes. K. IT & Comp. Russel D’souza Dr. Dept.Applications of Power Electronics & Solid State Devices ..Energy Conservation and Alternative Fuels . • To provide industry oriented quality education & training. Dept. It was decided to hold such national conferences biennially.IIT Bombay Prof. Prof.Micro Electronics & Nano-Technology . Engg. The main aim of the Institute is to provide quality technical education in addition to inculcating moral values to its students. mahajan Dr. Mumbai Prof.. Rs. Fr. Engg. D. ATEC.. g. srivastava Dr. Rollin Fernandes Dr. C. Fr.. Dept. Bandra Procurator. Mech. Elec. The second National Conference on Nascent Technologies in Engineering (NCNTE-2010) was conducted in February 2010 and was a great success too. Bernard menezes Dr. Controls & Automation .T. R&D Personnel. Reddy Dr. Dept. singh Dr. Prof. M.Chemistry: Green Chemistry Research. T. Comp. sharma Dr. Kaura Prof.Digital Signal Processing & its Applications .english: Innovation in English Language Teaching PatRons Rev.Recent Trends in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning . RNCE. Laxmi m. R. Dept. M. mira mitra Dr.C. K. VJTI.. IAS. C. Comp. m. Fr. SPCE. V. apte Dr. Karunakaran Dr. B.. R.2000/. as a part of Agnel Technical Education Complex. gadhikar Prof. Vashi Principal. Super Computing.2500/. K. • To motivate the researchers. it is proposed to organize the third National Conference on Nascent Technologies (NCNTE-2012) in which Faculty.. tiwari mr. Head. SIES College of Engg ConFeRenCe oBJeCtiVe In order to impart high quality technical education and to expose the young faculty members to the R&D being conducted in the latest technologies in the various fields of engineering. Engg. ATEC. Maharashtra Prof. Dept.Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence .Embedded & VLSI Technology .and Rs. geetha Viswanathan Regional Superior.. Nanotechnology .Wired & Wireless Communication .A. Engg.. Member. BRIT.Information Storage Management & Disaster Recovery .. • To bring to full blossoming the potential in every student.. Structures and Systems . Aero. IIT Bombay Prof. IIT Bombay Manager. Scientists. K..will be given to each of the best papers in Physics. ConVeneRs Head. t. The institute is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and it has applied for renewal of accreditation of its courses which were earlier accorded accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation.