I year B.Tech faculty are directed to follow the below mentioned instructions.  Faculty should be punctual in attending the classes as per the actual timings.  Carrying the attendance registers to the class rooms.  Students should be called by their by names but not through numbers while taking attendance.  No personal work should be allotted to students.  Preparation of course file on every subject comprising course objectives , Learning objectives, lecture plan and notes. Assignment questions consisting of essay type questions and multiple choice questions.  Conducting remedial classes for the weak students after every mid- exam  Monitoring and submission of the attendance registers on or before 27th of every month to the HOD for verification  Submission of the course file through contents in course file 1 week conducting every mid exam.

 Wearing of Aprons during the lab hours is mandatory.  Regular in submitting the assignments and lab records as per the givan schedule by the faculity.Tech students are directed to follow the following guidelines in the college premises. .Students instructions: I year B.  Maintain discipline without distracting his/her classmates during class hours.  Formal / professional attire/ dress with ID’S is mandatory for every student.  Punctual and regular in attending the classes .  75% of attendance is mandatory to appear for the end examinations.

.  Conveners have to conduct class Review committee meeting for the faculty and class representatives of their concerned branches to solve the students problems during every month.  Counsellors will be allotted batches of students for counseling them every week and make them excel in their academics with essential guidelines.DUTIES OF COUNSELLORS & CONVENERS: Conveners and counsellors of their concerned branches should follow the below mentioned guidelines.  Conveners who have been their respective should be keen and regular in monitoring the students.  Counselors should be communicative enough to communicate with the students parents about their performance & attendance.

. every day. every month. ATTENDANCE COORDINATORS  The attendance coordinators have to monitor the attendance of their branches every hour .  Reporting of attendance has to be done on/before 27th of every month  Attendance analysis of each students of their concerned branch has to be submitted to the respective convener of counsellor at the end of every month. .

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