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Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse Obama Birth Certificate Press Conference 1 March 2012 Transcription Courtesy of The Fogbow This is an unofficial transcript, completed by untrained volunteers. It may contain errors. This should not be used for any official purposes.


LISA ALLEN: Good afternoon. I'm Lisa Allen(?), the director of media relations for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, here to introduce you to those who are going to be speaking today and presenting the initial findings of a six-month long investigation by the sheriff's cold case posse into the authenticity of the President's birth certificate and his subsequent eligibility to hold the office of president.

Addressing you today will be Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff will provide a brief synopsis of the investigation's initial findings. Following his opening remarks, Mike Zullo, lead investigator from the cold case posse will provide far more details on the findings and how investigators came to their conclusions so far.

Dr. Jerry Corsi, Jerome Corsi, is also here. He will detail his involvement in the investigation.

Also present with us today but not having any official presentation is Mara Zebest. She is a computer specialist, author, and lecturer of document creation and publication. Denise O'Roarke (?) is here. She's one of the Phoenix-based attorneys who worked alongside investigators during the course of hte investigation, and Carl Seel, state representative from District Six is here to briefly discuss his effort to reintroduce legislation pertaining to this particular matter.


Once Dr. Corsi finishes his brief remarks, Sheriff Arpaio will conclude the press conference with his final thoughts on the matter. At this point we will be open to questions. Most of the questions, you need to know, will be handled by Mike Zullo or Dr. Corsi. In the materials available to you today is a short introduction on all of those participating in today's press conference.

This will be what we call a technically complex press conference, and all of us here have endeavored to make it as easy to comprehend as possible. So to facilitate that goal, we have provided not only a lengthy and detailed press release, but the posse also put together six short presentations which you will see today helping to explain why investigators believe the veracity of the President's birth certificate and Selective Registration card are highly suspect. Those videos will be made available through youtube later today for public dissemination and just for full disclosure, this press conference is being streamed live as we speak.

Here's Sheriff Arpaio.

JOE ARPAIO: Good afternoon. You know, in August last year, a large group of citizens came to my office from the Surprise Arizona Tea Party and met with me,


asked if I would investigate the controversy surrounding President Obama's birth certificate and his ability to serve as the President of the United States. This group expressed displeasure that no law enforcement agency in the country has ever gone on record indicating that they had either looked into this situation or were willing to do so.

I decided to utilize my cold case posse, volunteers, to investigate the situation at no expense to the taxpayers. I repeat, no expense to the taxpayers. The cold case posse has received much criminal training in investigations from my office and agreed to take on the challenge. The posse reports directly to the office of the elected sheriff, per the Arizona constitution, consisting of former police officers, attorneys, who worked side by side for six months investigating this matter. I asked them to conduct the investigation with no preconceived ideas. Call it like it is. The critics will say that this investigation is politics, but let me clear that up on one point. I felt that this investigation could clear the President Obama's name and put people's mind at ease. It would be beneficial to our country as a whole and to the citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona, who came to me saying they felt their concerns were being ignored.


The investigation focuses on the electronic file, you'll see, that was presented as President Obama's long form birth certificate to the American people and to citizens of Maricopa County by the White House in April of last year. The investigation then also led us to a closer examination of the President's Selective Service Registration card. Upon close examination of the evidence, we are prepared today to say we believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed, not only in President Obama's long form birth certificate, but more disturbing evidence suggests that another fraud may have been committed regarding his Selective Service Registration card. At the very least, I can tell you this: based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.

My investigators believe that the long form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in a paper format as claimed by the White House. How we came to that conclusion will be presented to you by our lead investigator, Mike Zullo.

MIKE ZULLO: Good afternoon. My name is Michael Zullo. I am the lead investigator for the Maricopa County cold case posse.


I wanted to give you a little background real quick, and then I'm going to move into some videos that we made. I am going to ask for your forgiveness. The videos we're going to show you today are drafts. The final copies failed to arrive this morning. We have some typos. Please excuse the spelling mistakes.

Going back to what the sheriff had just informed, when the sheriff commissioned the cold case posse to look into this matter, the sheriff advised that he had no prior knowledge of this information, didn't know whether or not an offense had been committed, didn't even know whether this was in his jurisdiction or not. Rather than using taxpayer dollars to go on a fishing expedition, the sheriff commissioned the posse. We put together a group of five individuals: three former police officers, all with criminal investigative experiences from other agencies, as well as being trained by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office General Investigation Division; we also brought in two attorneys so we could get some solid legal input.

Going forward, our methodology was to look at this document and validate this document. In other words, all we wanted to do was look at this information, reproduce what was in this document, and then move on. If we could reproduce it, there truly is no issue. Unfortunately, the evidence took us somewhere else.


In order to take this complex problem and bring it down to a level that we all can understand it, I'm going to ask you to endure six short videos. The average duration is one-and-a-half minutes, with a conclusion video to be about four minutes.

[Technical discussion.]

MIKE ZULLO: While he's doing that, the sixth video is going to be a video highlighting Mr. Obama's Selective Service card. The Selective Service Registration card had been a point of controversy, and during our investigation, this information kept surfacing. So we decided to take a look at that as well. That's going to be self-explanatory.

As far as the birth certificate itself is concerned, the first video you are going to see is what this document should have looked like had it been a paper document to begin with. We do not believe this document that presented on April 27, 2011, by the White House, ever existed in paper form.

So if you just bear with me, we'll get that video going, and we can move on from there.


[Video 1 shown.]

MIKE ZULLO: What I want you to remember about that particular video is because the President's birth certificate released by the White House was an electronic document, we literally had the capability to go into that file and turn off the green safety paper background. Anybody that gets documents anywhere realizes that safety paper is supposed to be a source of comfort that it is an official document. We had the ability to turn it off.

We turned it off and we scanned the President's birth certificate onto a hard copy paper document, a paper, a safety paper document we actually laid his birth certificate on top of.

Now what you're going to see is the differences between what we did and what the file from the White House actually contains.

[Video 2 shown.]


MIKE ZULLO: As you can see in this video, we scanned in a control document the way a document would happen if you just simply scan it into a computer, put it into a PDF file, and wanted to upload it onto the internet for viewing. If any one of you brought me your birth certificate, I could scan it into a computer and get that same effect. There would be no links, no layers, nothing able to move on the document.

Over the last 10 months with all the controversy, there have been those that tried to explain away these anomalies, and they tried to explain them away by offering up excuses of OCR software or optimization. We tried to control study on using OCR software and optimization, attempting to again validate Mr. Obama's birth certificate. These were our results.

[Video 3 shown.]

MIKE ZULLO: With OCR software off the table, this is where this investigation really started to turn for us. We were having difficulty reproducing anomalies in


the file released by the White House. This really started to become a problem for us. We knew at that point that this document was most likely manufactured.

The next excuse that was given up supporting the authenticity of the document was optimization. Optimization in a nutshell is just compressing the file, and certain anomalies happen there. We ran optimization tests on the file from the White House on the 27th.

[Video 4 shown.]

MIKE ZULLO: In looking at that video, you'll see that on Mr. Obama's birth certificate, there are approximately 8 or 9 links and layers. Links and layers are indicative of a document being built, like you would on those transparencies from years ago when you start laying them one on top of the other, and you start to build a picture. That's what that's indicative of. Running it through software for optimization or OCR, you get anywhere from 45 to 150 links and layers, all bits and pieces. Mr. Obama's is down to about 8 or 9, give or take, on either side. That's an indication of human logic was involved in putting that document


together. A computer will not randomly do what it does on Mr. Obama's certificate.

The other thing I want you to pay a little close attention to -- I believe this is the conclusion video coming up -- the registrar's stamp and date stamp. At this point, when we realized that you could pick up that stamp and move it and leave a white background basically outlining all the letters, indicated to us that the green safety paper was the last thing applied to the document. In order to get that effect, the green safety paper would have had to have been applied by a computer -- in other words, taking a little swatch and replicating it all over the document. During that process, that green safety paper doesn't fill in where other fonts are. It only fills in black spots. That tells us that whoever did this put the green safety paper on that document last. If you go back to our video in the beginning, it should have been there right on the onset, and it wasn't.

The next video I'm going to show you is the conclusion. It is a little lengthy, but we did it for a purpose. These videos are designed -- you're going to have to watch them a couple times. This last video will bring it together on the birth certificate. Then I want to move into two other issues, and I won't take up any more of your time.


[Video 5 shown.]

MIKE ZULLO: The last part of that video is probably the most important. The fact that the registrar’s stamp and the date stamp giving authenticity to the document is a safety factor. It’s to tell the public that this thing is true, it’s authentic, and it’s official. The fact that that date stamp and registrar’s stamp has been imported from an unknown source, linked and layered in onto the document, and can be moved around in its entirety leaving a white halo tells us that whoever created this document imported that registrar’s stamp and that date stamp, laid it on a white background, and then filled in the green safety paper around it. That is not the way, under any law that I am aware of, you authenticate a document. The document has failed every test we put it through, and I want to also be clear, that you understand, this was just not a bunch of ex-cops and lawyers running these tests. We went outside to experts, graphic experts, forensic document examiners, and ran these tests. This is serious.


This is very serious. When we realized that that registrar’s stamp and that date stamp were imported the way they were, we notified Sheriff Arpaio immediately, and advised him that we believed we had a forgery. Going forward, other information surfaced regarding allegations of Mr. Obama being born abroad and not in Hawaii. Without having this document to rely on, we were now forced to look into some other issues. There was speculation that he was born in Kenya, that’s been out there forever. We tried to determine, is there a way for us to find out if that’s true. We all know that every document surrounding Mr. Obama’s birth is basically sealed, or doesn’t exist, or, you know, we’re told something about it. We took an unusual step. We knew back in 1960, 61, any flight coming in from overseas to Hawaii would have been, I believe, Pan Am or TWA, and we tried to see if there was an opportunity for us to get passenger manifests. There wasn’t, obviously. They don’t exist any longer. We reached out to the National Archives and asked them the same question. The National Archives responded and informed us that they didn’t have manifests, but what they actually did have was microfilm copies of INS records depicting of every individual coming into the country from overseas.


We asked them to copy those records from microfilm onto viewable microfilm rolls for us. They did. I believe we asked for a ten year span of time. 685 rolls, or something to that effect. We asked Mr. Corsi, because he’s local in that area, to go down and view those for us. Mr. Corsi went in looking for the month of August, 1961. That is the birthdate of the President. Not the exact birthdate, that is his birth month. Mr. Corsi was examining those records. When he got to August 1st, through the day of August 7th, those records disappeared from the microfilm. And they picked up on August 9th? August 8th. And then continued on. We petitioned the Archives and asked them why this occurred, if they had any reason, an explanation. To date, they do not. What does that translate to us? We don’t know if Stanley Ann Dunham, or Mr. Obama as an infant, was on an airplane coming into the country. We don’t know if he was, we don’t know if he isn’t, and we cannot make that determination. As a result, we still have to entertain information now that he was possibly born abroad. Another issue surfaced. And that would be Mr. Obama’s Selective Service registration card. There have been months and months of debate over this Selective Service card. We had to take a look at the Selective Service Card. And what you’ll see on one of diagrams there, you see a blow-up of the Selective Service Card.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to play this short video to show you what we did and how we came to our determination. I’ll expound on it a little bit, and then we’ll move forward. [6th video shown. 40:42 MIKE ZULLO: This piece of evidence is extremely disturbing, given the fact that there was no logical reason in 1980 for any post office employee to cut a PICA(sp?) date stamp. It is one solid piece of rubber, it sits in there for a year. In addition, the PICA date stamp... the date... The stamp itself, the stamper itself, is no longer manufactured. It was manufactured until about 1980. However, the inserts are still manufactured. But you can’t go on the street and buy them. They come from postal supply houses. The only way we were able to get ‘em was under the venue of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. I personally cut that 2008 stamp in half, put it in, and stamped a white piece of paper. And to my amazement I replicated what was on Mr. Obama’s Selective


Service Card. That has severe implications that I’m not prepared to speak to you about today. That’s troubling. Absent of a birth certificate - absent of a legitimate birth certificate - and if you go back to the very beginning when this started. Sheriff Arpaio called it from the very beginning. Show me the microfilm. We do not have a single document, absent of that birth certificate which we do not...we do not believe was ever an authenticated document, that proves Mr. Obama’s birth in Hawaii, or anywhere else in the United States for that matter. 42:20 We have to see some more information. We would like to see hospital records. We would like to see microfilm. And let me emphasize, a single roll of microfilm or a single picture of microfilm is not gonna be enough [shaking head]. We would want to forensically examine that roll of microfilm. It can be age-tested. We would like to see the documentation that Hawaii has. And we would like cooperation. At this juncture, we’ve advised Sheriff Arpaio that we believe this should be a fullblown criminal investigation because we believe a fraud has been committed in Maricopa County and the State of Arizona. The document is fake. The representations, therefore, are fake.


We’ve asked him for some additional help. We’ve asked him to provide other resources from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. That is under review and consideration by him, and I’m sure he’ll have that decision for you shortly. At this point, I’d like to conclude and ask Mr. Corsi to step up. He has some information for you as well. Thank you. 43:23 [crosstalk with Corsi behind podium.] MIKE ZULLO: Mr. Corsi just reminded me of another development. it happened quite recently and I do want you all to be aware it’s going to be in your press release. We do have..we do.. We have identified a person of interest in the forgery of the birth certificate. We are not prepared to give you any more information than that. But we have identified an individual. That is also under Sheriff Arpaio’s consideration. Thank you. 44:06 JEROME CORSI: I’m Jerry Corsi, a reporter with And first, if you’ll permit me, I want to express my personal sadness at the passing of Andrew


Breitbart, a fellow reporter. I would like express sympathy for Joseph Farah and the entire staff. Andrew Breitbart was a courageous friend who we all admired and we greatly miss him. It was very interesting that last night at 5 o’clock, I received a call from Andrew Breitbart’s office. They were seeking to interview Sheriff Arpaio. And I arranged an interview with Sheriff Arpaio with Andrew Breitbart, which turns out might have been his last interview. And of course I was honored to be able to do that , of the treasured memory Sheriff Arpaio gave an early interview and discussion of what we’re talking about today to Andrew Breitbart because of the deep respect we have for him. My remarks are going to be short. I want to give you some of the background. The...I was invited in August last year with the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party to give a presentation. The Surprise Tea Party had prepared a petition, some 250 signatures were obtained, to go to see Sheriff Arpaio, to under... to ask him to undertake the investigation. I came with the Tea Party members to a meeting in Sheriff Arpaio’s office. The Sheriff told us that he would consider the request and a few weeks later he constituted the Cold Case Posse with the authority to begin the investigation. In October, as the investigation began, I came to Maricopa County and spent a

weekend - 18 hours - sharing information. I brought all the research I had accumulated on the issues of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be President. I can tell you that the investigators were skeptical, not enthusiastic to undertake the investigation, that I came with a stated determination to find the truth. I was willing, and remain willing, to have been found wrong by the law enforcement investigation on everything I’ve researched and written about Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility to be President to this point. This is not a politically motivated inquiry. It’s an inquiry for.. for truth. That’s why I feel privileged to have participated with a dedicated law enforcement team that has been organized by Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. 47:10 The commitment that I made to the Cold Case Posse was that my research, as I developed it, would first be turned over to the posse and not published even in so as not to compromise the investigation. And I’ve continued to do that. I want to be very clear that I was not present in the dozens of interviews to corroborate information, the additional affidavits and searching that the posse has done. I participated only when I could contribute or had something to offer. And I


participated in none of the deliberative meetings of the posse. I did not seek to do so. I was not part of the decision making process whatsoever. The role, as a journalist, was.... involved and I continued to function as a journalist, but since this had developed in a way where the law enforcement investigation was going to take hold, Joseph Farrah, the founder and creator of made the editorial decision to allow me to continue to work closely with the Cold Case Posse without compromising either our journalistic integrity or intruding upon the law enforcement investigation. We at just considered that since a law enforcement group - duly constituted - was going to be looking at the issue, we were honored to have that level of attention and seriousness and we committed ourselves to 48:55 work with the cold case posse. As we will continue to commit, in the same capacity, to work with Sheriff Arpaio as long as the sheriff invites us to do so. So, I want to thank you very much. I want to make sure everyone had an opportunity to understand from our point of view exactly what has happened. Thank you very much. 49:27


JOE ARPAIO: I’m going to have some closing remarks, but first State Representative Carl Seel has.. he has to get back on the floor. He’s got work to do at the State Legislature, but he may want to say a few words. 49:43 CARL SEEL: The information released here today, as the investigators have talked about, is extremely troubling. I stand ready to support Sheriff Joe at the State Legislature, as a great many of my colleagues do. Unfortunately, not a lot of them could be there today. We are in session right now, and I’ll be leaving shortly to make sure that I get back in time to cast any important votes. I’ve had bills, as you know, in the former legislature to deal with this issue. I do have a bill pending to deal with this issue and I trust in light of this new information as it becomes greater and greatly expanded publicly, that it will give new life and new support to the bill I have presented before the legislature currently. Which will help, not only address some of these concerns in front of us, but future concerns. To make sure that in the future we maintain the integrity of our ballot and make sure that any candidate seeking public office meets the criteria that [sic] the office they seek, and give the power to government to enforce our Constitution.


I feel it incumbent upon me not only as a public official to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution - as every sworn officer does - I once again commend Sheriff Joe for taking the courage - as he usually does on tough issues - to do the right thing. And I trust, Sheriff Joe, that many of my colleagues will soon join publicly in that. And many of them, I’m sure, will be willing to answer questions from the media. So, with that, I do need to depart. I would normally stand ready to answer questions of the media after this, however, I do need to get back to the legislature. So, should you wish to contact my office, I’ll be happy to comment on this subject. Thank you, again, Sheriff Joe. 51:16 JOE ARPAIO: [inaudible] ... the number, phone number? CARL SEEL: Yes, my office number is 602-926-3018. Thank you very much. God bless America. Thank you. 51:30 JOE ARPAIO: I want to make a couple of closing remarks, if that’s possible. You... you saw the... the information that was presented. We have a lot of media here. I’m sure some already has, uh, hate to say that, uh, inferred that this

investigation is pointless, silly, trite. I hope that maybe you’ll have a change of opinion. I’m talking to the media now. If these documents are forged, and we believe as a result of the investigation that there is enough probable cause to say they are, then a crime has been committed. I am not accusing the President of the United States of any crime. We have to further this investigation to determine who, where, when, and why these documents were - we feel - forged. My challenge is, where to take these findings? I’m an ex- federal guy, 30 years as a top federal law enforcement official. I know a little about the federal government. What other governmental entities had jurisdiction over this matter? I have a little concern with that. 53:05 I’m considering asking the Hawaii authorities to look into this, but, as my investigators and I feel, will they really do it? Will they do an independent investigation? Fair, honest, professional - I don’t know. So where do I go next? Well, we have a, the United States Congress. Do I ask for a Congressional investigation, bipartisan? We’ll have to decide where to go.


These are two alleged crimes. Forgery and fraud. Those responsible, whoever they are, should be brought to justice. I don’t care who they are, and I’m being criticized for enforcing the law on felonies, there’s something wrong. So the President’s name is out there, his birth certificate is out there. I wanna find out if there’s any forgery or fraud. That’s my job, and we’re going to pursue it. If nothing else comes out of this investigation today, if it all fails, or in the future, what we have learned... I think all of us has really learned something over this. We need a better process. To vet people running for President of the United States of America. If nothing else comes out of this. I’m very.. uh.. I want to thank my professional posse, you especially, Mike, and we have other expertise. I think you forgot one thing. We have sworn affidavits from many, many people all over the world on this matter. We’re just not picking stuff out of the sky that people have been reading over and over again. This investigation is not over. So we’re going to continue to do our jobs. I will continue as the elected Sheriff of Maricopa County to do our job and see where it takes us. 56:00 [crosstalk]


MIKE ZULLO: Thank you, Sheriff. I did neglect to tell you about that. We do have sworn, numerous sworn, affidavits of people willing to step forward and tell their truth. We have vetted these people. Going back to the overseas birth, I am just going to share one with you. I am not going to give you any names. And I apologize for not doing this sooner. We have a retired government employee who had a conversation in the ‘80s with Barack Obama in the front yard of the home of the mother of Bill Ayers. Y’all know Bill Ayers. During that conversation, the mother of Bill Ayers introduced this government employee to Mr. Obama as a foreign student who they were assisting in getting education for in the United States. That also is around the same timeframe that the Selective Service card was issued. Purportedly issued. This individual is willing to come forward. That takes courage. There are too many things in the background that we cannot clear. And what I did tell the Sheriff, I could not come to him and say he cleared a background to be an employee of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. There’s just too much missing information. We’re asking, please fill in the blanks. Help us. This is not where we wanted to go. This is just where it’s taking us. And I apologize again for not bringing that to you.


57:55 JOE ARPAIO: You have any questions for Mike? UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 1: Sheriff, you’re saying that, uh, that you’re not accusing the sheriff, sorry, the President himself of any kind of forgery or breaking the law. Yet you are accusing him of basically living a lie. JOE ARPAIO: What was that, that he’s? UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 1: You’re not accusing him of a crime, but it appears you’re accusing him of living a lie. JOE ARPAIO: Oh, I don’t know about that. I didn’t say that. We’re..we..we...we don’t know who the perpetrators are on these documents.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 1: Of the crime, exactly. But...but he’s...he’s said over and over again that he was born in Hawaii. He is living as the President of our United States. JOE ARPAIO: OK


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER (continuing): Knowing what the laws are. So you’re saying that he’s living a lie. JOE ARPAIO: OK. Then let him prove it then. Show me the microfilm. Let him prove it. I’m not accusing him of any lying or crime. I say we have documents that seem to be forged. That’s a violation of the law. I don’t care who...who did that. We’re investigating those crimes. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 1: But he knows what the law is. And he’s living as our President. So, you’re basically saying that what he’s doing, he’s.. he’s perpetrating a lie by being our President. JOE ARPAIO: I didn’t say that. 59:04 [crosstalk] UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 2: You are [unintelligible] saying that he is serving illegally as the President of the United States. JOE ARPAIO: I never said that. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 2: Well, if you...


JOE ARPAIO: I never said that. I... We’re talking about a birth certificate. And he can... he can present other information proving that he was born here. I’m just talking about a birth certificate, possible forgery, and fraud. That’s all. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 3: Well, let me ask a question here. Mr. Obama’s the President for three and a half years. This issue has been debated up, down, sideways, documents have been out there. At the risk of being a pain in the butt, why should I believe that the Sheriff of one county in Arizona has more evidence then folks from fifty states who have been looking at this. Clearly, some of that, with eye on... JOE ARPAIO [cutting off question]: Has anybody ever come up with this information? Show it to me. Who has come up with this information? No one! UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: Sheriff Joe... JOE ARPAIO: Until we did it. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: light of the findings of the Cold Case Posse investigation, is it not reasonable for Americans to conclude that, having fraudulently been misrepresented as eligible to be President, by whosoever committed that crime, Mr. Soetoro or Obama, is, even now, proceeding in the


crimes against the highest laws, in the commission of the crimes against the highest... MIKE ZULLO [off mike, softly, to Arpaio]: Don’t go there. JOE ARPAIO [off mike, to Zullo]: Huh? [unintelligible] MIKE ZULLO [off mike, to Arpaio]: [unintelligible] you don’t want to go there. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: [in background, during Zullo/Arpaio sidebar]: ...laws of the nation. The crime of conspiracy, to... in contravening laws to... UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: ...The Constitution, as well as the criminal usurpation of the Presidency. JOE ARPAIO: Look, I’m a law enforcement guy. When I started this, I gave it to the Cold Posse. I just responded to the 250 people that asked me to look at it. I was hoping, probably, that we could resolve a lot of these problems with the President and get this issue away, forget it. But it’s not my problem they came up with this information and documentation. What do you do with it? Do I just throw it in the wastebasket and forget it? I’m not accusing anyone of anything until we find out who may have committed these alleged crimes over this birth certificate and the


Selective Service card. That came to our attention. What do I do? I don’t care who it is. Someone did it. If it’s false. And I think we made a pretty good case here. When you say that fifty states have looked at this - OK. Show me how far they went. And show me any law enforcing agency that looked into it, Howie. [Directed at Unidentified Reporter 3] So don’t go telling me that I’m the only Sheriff that’ll look into it. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 5: Can you explain why, as an Arizona lawman... JOE ARPAIO: The what? 1:01:45 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 5: ...with jurisdiction here in Maricopa County, it falls to you to investigate the birth of the President in Hawaii. MIKE ZULLO [softly, trying not to move lips, off mike]: Want me to do it? [somewhat indistinct] JOE ARPAIO: Yeah, you want to do it? I’ve got the law here, too. [Pointing at Zullo] He’ll explain it for you. MIKE ZULLO: Let me try to put this the proper context for you. The Sheriff is the Sheriff of Maricopa County, you all know that. And I can use myself

as a personal example. I am a resident of Maricopa County. I live in one of the districts that the Maricopa Sheriff services. The fact that this document is created, and we believe it is created, we are not accusing Mr. Obama of creating this document. I want to make that really clear. We are not doing that. I don’t know if the man knows, I don’t know anything really about Mr. Obama’s involvement, if any, and I don’t believe there is, in anything having to do with this. That being said. When the White House took an electronic document after prodding for ten months, and I believe it was Donald Trump who was carrying the torch, calling it a fraud, finally the White House produces a ‘document’ [scare quotes with fingers from Zullo here]. But the truth of the matter is they didn’t produce a document. They produced an electronic file. And I don’t have the time here to go back and tell you the convoluted story getting to that, but the fact that that document was put up on the website of the White House for distribution to anyone in the country, the world, who wanted to see it, was a representation made to the people of Maricopa County, including a press conference where the President himself attests that this is my document proof positive. You fraud one person in Maricopa County with that, you fraud every person in Maricopa County. Subsequently, you fraud every person in the fourteen

other counties. That incorporates the State of Arizona. Keep going. You know where it ends up. It’s the whole nation. He [points at Arpaio] is looking out on behalf of residents of Maricopa County. The Sheriff has told you, he would like a Congressional investigation. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 5: OK. One more question here. Sheriff Arpaio, could you address directly the issue of whether this is politically motivated, given that you’re being investigated by the Justice Department. JOE ARPAIO: Well... we started...we started this investigation six months ago, before the Justice Department released a 22-page report in a press conference in December. It has nothing to do with politics. I said from the beginning that I want the truth. I don’t care where it falls. In fact, if we could prove that the President, that that birth certificate was real, he was born here, I would be very happy with that. Very happy. But, we have obstacles here. What do I do with this? What’s politics have to do with it? I don’t need this for politics. I guarantee you. [crosstalk] UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 6: Let me come back to Mr. Zullo’s point here. He is saying that the White House, that Barack Obama, (a) stood up and said, “this

is my birth certificate”; (b) the White House put it up. [indistinct] back to the earlier question. If a and b are true, then c is true that you are in fact accusing the President of lying, and (b) the White House being engaged in a conspiracy. Since he swore, he said this is my birth certificate and you’re saying that appears not to be the case. 1:05:25 JOE ARPAIO: I didn’t say that. Once again, we.. we’re looking at a birth certificate and see if it’s a legal document. That’s all. [crosstalk] JOE ARPAIO: Let’s take... let’s see what happens from there. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 6: But you’re saying it’s forged. You’re saying the White House put a forged birth certificate on the world wide web. True? JOE ARPAIO [to Mike Zullo]: You can answer. JOE ARPAIO: He [points to Zullo] can answer that a little better. MIKE ZULLO: After what you’ve seen here today, you have to come to the conclusion that the document is manufactured. It’s got links, and it’s got layers. And it was put up on the White House website. I’m going to go one step farther for

you. We have identified the computer manufacturer, where that document resided, twenty minutes before it was uploaded onto the White House website. It was sitting in a computer. It is built, manufactured by layers. If it wasn’t, we would have told you. We showed you how it should have looked. The fact that the President of the United States is saying that this is his does not mean that we are accusing him of creating this or having any hand in this. We’re not. You’re jumping to that conclusion. We would like to find the individuals who did it. We would actually like to start with the person who pressed the upload button and work backwards. We’ll probably find them. 1:06:50 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 7: Mr. Zullo, you’re seeking transparency... MIKE ZULLO: Yes. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 7: ...and so are we. So, in the interest of transparency, can you talk about your political affiliation? Are you a Tea Party member? Are you a Republican? MIKE ZULLO: No. I am a Republican. I am a Republican. I’m not a Tea Party member. And I’ll give you my funny little story. This was not on my radar screen.

This issue was out there... I don’t know, really, at that point, really much about it. I didn’t know who Jerry Corsi was. The name was familiar, but I... You know, I’m not a political junkie. It’ll be a little comical. I was literally sitting in front of my computer eating a bowl of cheerios when I was asked to come down and see the Sheriff. This was not on my radar screen. I was the one who led this investigation trying to validate the document. Attorney O’Rourke [sp?] is in the audience and she can testify to that. For three, four weeks of our meetings, I could.. I want to validate this thing. I didn’t want this to happen. But it did. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 7[?]: Sheriff, if I could just ask you a quick question. You say this is not politically motivated. In a county that has as much going on right now with immigration and everything else which you’ve been at the forefront of, what is your motivation for pursuing this as doggedly as you are? 1:08:14 JOE ARPAIO: I’ll tell you why. It may be corny to you. One thing that... I’m not going to criticize you. It’s really interesting. You come up with evidence, and all you want - you don’t care about all that. You just want to know what motivations are. I just, every time I do an investigation, there must be a motivation... UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 7[?] [interrupting]: Don’t you think that’s a fair question?

JOE ARPAIO: No, I’m..OK, I’m going to answer it. I’m going to answer the question. It’s very simple. In my heart - I’m an elected Sheriff. I serve the four million people in this county. When two hundred fifty people come up to me and say, “Sheriff, you’re the chief law enforcement officer, will you look into it?” I’m not gonna throw it in the wastebasket and forget it. So I did look into it, but... So you can’t criticize me and say “Sheriff, you’re spending all the taxpayers money.” What did I do? I gave it to my volunteer posse. It didn’t cost one penny for what they have come up with. Not one penny. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 7[?] In a county of two hundred..of four million people, two hundred and fifty people should constitute this much fanfare? JOE ARPAIO: Sometime it takes one person to open up an investigation. [crosstalk] 1:09:25 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: Excuse me. Your office has been accused of mishandling hundreds of sex crimes and overlooking other investigations. Why prioritize this for the Cold Case Posse? JOE ARPAIO: I didn’t prioritize anything. They’re free.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: What else are you working... JOE ARPAIO: No. Hold on. Hold on. Let me... What sex... You’re talking about something that occurred five years ago, that we took care of, and you keep bringing that up. I do - I do all different types of investigation. I think this is a pretty important investigation. I think it’s really important. [applause] So to compare what I do - that’s not fair. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: Sheriff, did you not have a recent meeting with the Justice Department regarding the investigation into [unintelligible] JOE ARPAIO: You know, what’s that got to do with this? UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: Can you tell us more about that... JOE ARPAIO: No. I’m not - this has to do with the President of the United States. I’m not taking about the Justice Department. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: ...talking about the meeting. JOE ARPAIO: Why would I have to? This isn’t what this is for. I have no - I have no problems with the Justice Department.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 8: Have you not met recently with them, though, regarding that investigation? JOE ARPAIO: I’m not going to talk about it. That’s another situation. 1:10:42 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 9: Sheriff, it’s a federal felony to create a U.S. Postal Service [unintelligible]. And I was wondering if you’re going to turn this over to the U.S. Postal Investigators who would investigate a felony of this nature. JOE ARPAIO: So am I going to the federal investigators? [chuckles] UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 9: No, Federal Postal Investigators. JOE ARPAIO: Oh, OK. Or the Attorney General? Should I turn it over to the Attorney General of the United States? I don’t - haven’t decided where to go with this yet. And that’s going to be a big decision that I have to make. But I can’t let it die. We have evidence, we went public, I just can’t forget it now. So someone is going to have to look at it. So I’ll have to make that decision. That’s.... Tough decision to make. 1:11:20


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: Sheriff, you say you’re not accusing the President of a crime. Who are you accusing of this crime? JOE ARPAIO: I’m not accusing anyone until we determine... UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: But you said a crime... a crime doesn’t just happen... JOE ARPAIO: I haven’t accused anybody. We haven’t found that out. Give us some time to find it out. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: [unintelligible] perpetrate the forgery and the fraud, though, right? JOE ARPAIO: The what? UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: The forgery and the fraud which you allege happened on the birth certificate.... JOE ARPAIO: Yeah, right... UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: ...and on the Selective Service card. You said that you’re not accusing the President. Who are you accusing? JOE ARPAIO: I’m not accusing anybody.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 10: Well, how does it happen, then? JOE ARPAIO: Because we’re going to find out who did it. We don’t have the person yet. What do you mean accusing anybody? That’s what we’re working to, to find out who did it. Then we’ll talk about who did it. 1:11:57 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 11: ...find out who did it? JOE ARPAIO: Pardon? UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 11: What are you going to do next to find out who did it? JOE ARPAIO: I just said, I’m going to have to make a decision whether to have Congressional hearings or turn it over to an appropriate law enforcement agency, whether it’s in Hawaii or overseas, and make that decision. 1:12:20 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: Sheriff Joe, referencing your comments about the [unintelligible] layers and the comments your expert from seeing the young Obama...


JOE ARPAIO [to Mike Zullo]: We gotta... JOE ARPAIO: We’re only gonna take a couple more questions, and [points to Zullo] you can answer that. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER/BIRTHER 4: What about Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Universities? Wouldn’t they have a duty to release that information, if he was attending their schools as a foreign student? In defense of the Constitution, wouldn’t they have a... MIKE ZULLO: Part of the ongoing discussions with the Sheriff is to determine what other documentation we think we could successfully secure. JOE ARPAIO: Let me say one thing. You’re asking questions, I don’t know who you are, I’m not going to criticize you, but you personify what a lot of people are talking about, that have been talking about, for what? Two, three years? Whatever it is. And, I’m staying away from that. I just wanted to get the facts of this situation. We’ve been doing this investigation. We have quite a bit more information. But I’m not going to go public on innuendos or anything else unless we have good evidence, good probable cause. So that’s why I’m just sticking with these issues. And not answering all the other questions


that have been up in the universe, as you all know. I’m just sticking to this. When we get this over with, then we’ll decide what to do. 1:13:45 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 12: You’re saying then that your purpose was just to authenticate the document and not to say where he was born or if he was born here, but just the purpose was to authenticate the document? JOE ARPAIO: You’re correct on that. We came up with possible crimes. We’re gonna investigate that, and the crimes happen to be, alleged crimes, happened to deal with a birth certificate and a card, an immigration card. But we, during the course of this, naturally we come up with much more information on the President’s situation. But I’m not going to get into that right now. I’m just sticking with this. I think the media should understand the evidence we have right now and stick with that. And then see what happens as we try to solve this case, Mark, and find out who did it. It’s just like any other criminal investigation. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 13: I’m just wondering, though, and Mr. Zullo, you can jump in on this, too, if you want to, if this is proven true, fraud and forgery out of the Executive Office in one capacity or another, what do you think should happen?


JOE ARPAIO: Well, I don’t know. You say, out of the Executive Office, I... we haven’t accused anyone out of the White House, the President, we haven’t accused anyone of anything. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 13: It doesn’t just happen for no reason, though. I mean, you know, none of us are stupid in this room. There must be a reason. If this is true, and the President wanted his birth certificate and Selective Service card forged, and if this is fraud, what do you think should happen? JOE ARPAIO: I have no idea. I think you’re taking it where no one has ever gone before. I don’t know about that. I’m not accusing the Pres... This is on a [unclear]. Let’s wait and see how we can develop this information on the birth certificate. Possible fraud, possible forgery. That’s how we came up with this information, which I think is very - very important right now. We want to get to the bottom of this. I think everybody is asking this question: Mr. President, please, come up with some other information where you were born. If this isn’t true, the birth certificate, come up with some other information, and then everybody will go away. I’ll say I’m sorry I wasted - I asked you [toward Zullo] I didn’t waste any money on this. But I think, well, at least I stimulated some interest in here. And I think we all win in our country. We don’t want this to continue. You know it’s been continued on,

and on, and on. I’d like to think maybe we’re doing something to resolve this problem once and for all. I have nothing against the President of the United States. I respect his position. He works hard. I have nothing against him. But this is something that has to be settled. [crosstalk] 1:16:32 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 14: What kind of actions would you plan to take, what can you do from your bully pulpit in Maricopa County. JOE ARPAIO: Right now, we want to see if these are forgeries and fraud, we want to find the perpetrators, no matter where those peo- suspects may be. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 14: What would be sufficient evidence for you? JOE ARPAIO: Just like any other forgery case. I think we have a little bit of experience. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 14: [unclear] for the President to come forward. What else would you like to see him, um... JOE ARPAIO: I just would like to see the President, if he can come up with some other documentation to put this to rest. That’s...

1:17:10 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 15: What about his birth announcements in the Hawaii paper... JOE ARPAIO [pointing at Mike Zullo]: He can answer that one. Thanks for that question. MIKE ZULLO: I.. I was hoping that one didn’t come up. The birth announcements and that birth registry which is just line items, we have information - not information, we have evidence, and we can prove beyond a doubt, that not only are foreign births registered in those birth announcements, and the line item registrations, we also know and have information - Not information, let me correct myself, we also have documented evidence of two adopted individuals that were breathing three years prior were listed as newborn infants. It’s not creditable, because it doesn’t tell us anything. We know a birth took place. And, and maybe a little homework to clear it up. In two thousand [crosstalk] MIKE ZULLO: - let me finish. That’s the newspapers. The way that happens, it happens with the newspapers. There’s no distinction as to where someone was


born. There’s no distinction if they were adopted. They’re just listed. It’s not creditable information. In 2000, the Inspector General issued a report about the rampant problem of birth certificate fraud. And within the opening paragraphs of his report, he states that a birth certificate’s intended purpose was only to register the event of a live birth. Not anything else. And in and of itself, is not creditable information to prove identification or citizenship. There has to be other documentation to be considered. That’s right from the government. 1:18:53 UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 16: So how did he get a passport, then, you know? I mean, somebody had to have some documents to give the man a passport. [crosstalk between Zullo and Arpaio] MIKE ZULLO: Sir, our investigation is still ongoing, and that’s a great question. I just cannot answer it here for you today. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER 17: And what about the fact that his mother is American? You know...


MIKE ZULLO: That’s a Second Amendment [sic] issue, and I’m not here to answer that. JOE ARPAIO: Listen, this is continuing. We’re not done yet. I want to thank Dr. Corsi and and everybody. And we’re going to do the best we can to resolve this matter. It’s not over. And I appreciate you coming. I hope you will look at the proof, or look at the document, stick with that. Not all this other, politics and everything else. Stick with what we said today, and you make your own judgement as to whether it’s credible or not. LISA ALLEN: Thank you all for coming.