PAEP1  PAEP2  PAJP   PAKG   PAKY   PAL1   PAL2   PAL3   PAL4   PAL5   PAL6   PAR1   PAR2   PAT1   PAUX   PAUY   PAW1   PAZZ   PA0A   PA00   PA03   PA05   PA06   PA07   PA08   PA09   PA10   PA20   PA30   PA40   PA41   PA42   PA48   PA51   PA53  

SAPMP500       SAPMPACA       SAPMPACB       SAPMPACC       SAPMPACE       SAPMPACO       SAPMESSREP     MENUPACK       SAPMSNUM       SAPMPACO       SAPMPACP       RPLPKBC0       SAPMPACT       SAPMPAC0       SAPMP50A       RAFWGO_UPLOAD_ RAFWGO_FRP_PA  SAPMPAJP       SAPMPAKY       SAPMPAKY       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       RPLICO10       RPLMIT00       SAPMPAT1       SAPMPAKY       SAPMPAKY       SAPMPW01       RPLICO30       SAPMSNUM       MENUPA00       SAPMP52X       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMPRAP       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A      

Call Ad-Hoc Query PF Administration PF account maintenance PF debugger Pension fund : Postings New posting maintenance HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation HR-CH: Pension fund Number range maint. for accounts Account/Posting maintenance PF Pension Fund; Interface Applicant Evaluation PF PC parameter maintenance PC Editor: Initial screen Maintain HR Master Data PProcedure for Single Records: PA Procedure for Final Results: PA Call Reporting Tree - Japan Adjustments workbench Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust Create Sales Representative Display Sales Representative Maintain Sales Representative Create Buyer Maintain Buyer Display Buyer Flexible Employee Data Employee List Personnel Administration Info Syste Adjustment Workbench Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.) Who is who Call Word interface Number Range Maintenance: HRPERSON Initial PA Master Data Menu Maintain Personnel Control Record Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFT Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEM Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUB Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV Personnel File Display HR Master Data Maintain HR Master Data Personnel Actions Change Entry/Leaving Date Fast Entry for Actions Hiring from non-SAP system Display Time Data Display Time Data

.matri Compensation Administration Compensation Admin.PA61   PA62   PA63   PA64   PA70   PA71   PA97   PA98   PA99   PBAA   PBAB   PBAC   PBAD   PBAE   PBAF   PBAG   PBAH   PBAI   PBAJ   PBAK   PBAL   PBAM   PBAN   PBAO   PBAP   PBAQ   PBAT   PBAU   PBAV   PBAW   PBAX   PBAY   PBAZ   PBA0   PBA1   PBA2   PBA3   PBA4   PBA5   PBA6   PBA7   PBA8   PBA9   PBWW   PBW1   PBW2   PBW3   PBW4   PBW5   PB00   PB04   PB10   SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       RPUCMP00       RPUCMP30       RPICMP00       RPAPL008       RPAPUT00       SAPMPAP0       RPAPRT05       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP0       RPAPRT01       RPAPRT02       RPAPRT09       RPAPRT04       SAPMPAP0       SAPMPAP9       SAPMPW02       SAPMPW03       SAPMPW12       SAPMPW10       SAPMPW10       MENUPB00       SAPMSNUM       SAPMP50A       Maintain Time Data List Entry of Additional Data Maintain Time Data Calendar Entry Fast Entry Fast Entry of Time Data Compensation administration .Release Repor Evaluate recruitment instrument Maintain vacancy assignments Applicant statistics Recurring tasks: Print letters Applicant pool Vacancy assignment list Screening Decision All applicants via qualifications Recruitment info system Recurring Tasks: Print Labels Bulk processing Variable Applicant List Ad Hoc Query ABAP Query Internal Applicants Via Quals External Applicants Via Quals Choose SAPscript or WinWord Maintain T750C Display T750C Maintain T750B Display T750B Maintain T750X Display T750X Evaluate advertisements Applicant index List of applications Applicant vacancy assignment list Receipt of application Recurring tasks: Print letters Recurring tasks: Print letters Recurring tasks: Data transfer Recurring tasks: Transfer data List of planned actions Customizing standard text in WinWor Career Center Application Status Internet scenario for applicant Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE Recruitment Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPL Init.entry of applicant master data .

France Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Kanada Area menu-payroll for Great Britain Area Menu-Payroll for Denmark Bereichsmenü - Abrechnung für USA Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Irland Area menu .Payroll for Belgium Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Austral Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Malaysi Area menu-payroll for Italy Area menu-payroll for South Africa Main menu for Venezuelan payroll Payroll for Portugal Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Norwege Payroll accounting for Japan Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Schwede Payroll Menu: Singapore Payroll for Thailand Payroll Accounting for Hong Kong Area menu .bonuses Switz.rltd.Spain Area menu . Camp.: Initial Screen Display Prod.: Initial Screen Production Campaign: Costs Payment Card: Field Grouping Maintnce fam.International payroll Area menu-Payroll acctg Argentina Area menu-Payroll Mexico Payroll Menu for Indonesia Payroll area menu for Brazil Payroll Korea Payroll menu for Taiwan . Maintain Swiss Payroll Units Consistency Check Constants Consistency Check Year-End Edit posting runs Payroll Germany Area Menu Payroll for Switzerland Area Menu Payroll Austria Area menu Payroll . Camp.PB2A   PB20   PB30   PB40   PB50   PB60   PB80   PCA    PCA_MC PCA_SC PCA0   PCA1   PCA2   PCA3   PCCO   PCCV   PCC0   PCC1   PCKC   PCKY   PCP0   PC01   PC02   PC03   PC04   PC05   PC06   PC07   PC08   PC09   PC10   PC11   PC12   PC13   PC14   PC15   PC16   PC17   PC19   PC20   PC22   PC23   PC25   PC26   PC27   PC28   PC29   PC32   PC34   PC37   PC41   PC42   H99_B2AMANAGER SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       SAPMPAP3       SAPMPAP3       SAPMPAP0       SAPLPCA_DIALOG PCA_MASS_CRYPT PCA_SERVER_CHE MENUPCA0       RCAMPAIN       RCAMPAIN       RCAMPAIN       RCAMPAIN       BUSVIEWS       RPLFAKC4       RPLABRC0       RPUPCKK0       RPUPCKK0       SAPMPCP0       MENUPC01       MENUPC02       MENUPC03       MENUPC04       MENUPC05       MENUPC06       MENUPC07       MENUPC08       MENUPC09       MENUPC10       MENUPC11       MENUPC12       MENUPC13       MENUPC14       MENUPC15       MENUPC16       MENUPC17       MENUPC19       MENUPC20       MENUPC22       MENUPC23       MENUPC25       MENUPC26       MENUPC27       MENUPC28       MENUPC29       MENUPC32       MENUPC34       MENUPC37       MENUPC41       MENUPC42       B2A Manager Display applicant master data Maintain applicant master data Applicant actions Display Applicant Activities Maintain Applicant Activities Evaluate vacancies _Payment Cards IMass Encryption /Decryption CServer Check Production campaign menu Creating a Production Campaign Change Prod.Payroll Netherlands Payroll Menu .

Objs Display Assignment to SAP Org.PC43   PC48   PC99   PDFA   PDF0   PDF7   PDF8   PDF9   PDN    PDNO   PDSY   PDT2   PDW1   PDW2   PEPM   PEPMEN PEPP   PEST   PEXP   PE00   PE01   PE01N  PE02   PE02N  PE03   PE04   PE50   PE51   PFAC   PFAL   PFCG   PFCP   PFCT   PFDE   PFDF   PFDFP  PFDT   PFM2   PFM3   PFM4   PFM5   PFOM   PFOS   PFSE   PFSM   PFSO   PFT    PFTC   PFTG   PFTR   PFTS   PFUD   MENUPC43       MENUPC48       MENUPC99       RPUFRM41       RPUFRM40       RPUFRMD1       RPUFRMD2       RPUFRMD3       PDN_LAUNCH     SAPMSNUM       SAPMPDSY       SAPLVHUDIAL    RPPTDW01       RPPTDW02       SAPLRHPP       MENUPEPMEN     RHXPDV_PROFILE SAPMPEST       SAPMPEXP       RPUCUSPE       SAPMPE00       RPCPE01N       SAPMPE00       RPCPE02N       SAPMPE03       SAPMPE04       SAPMPE50       SAPMPE51       RHACTOR0       RHALEINI       SAPLPRGN_TREE  RHWFCOPY       RHXTCATB       SAPMPFDE       RPLPFD00FIIF   RPLPFD30FIIF   RPLPFD00TESC   SAPMPFM1       CKML_RUN_NEW_T SAPMPFM1       SAPMPFM1       SAPLRHWQ       SAPLRHWQ       SAPLCPF1       RPFSMDAT       RHSHOWOR       SAPLRHWP       SAPLRHW4       RHTGRP0        SAPLRHWT       RHSTASK0       RHAUTUPD_NEW   Area menu-payroll for New Zealand Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Philipi Area menu .statement Delete form in customer client Copy form from SAP client Copy forms within customer client Product Designer Workbench Number Range Maintenance: FMPD HR Documentation Maintenance HU creation in production Create reporting time types Create Quota Types for Reporting Profile Matchup Task Level Menu for the PEP _Profiles Maintenance of process model Manage Expert Communities Starts Transactions PE01.log display Maintain Assignment to SAP Org. PE02.International payroll Convert payroll journal form Convert form for remun.Objs Start PFS from R/3 System Start Download of PFS Master Data User's Organizational Environment Maintain Customer Task General Task Maintenance Maintain Task Group Standard Task for Transaction Standard Task User Master Data Reconciliation . PE0 HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas Editor for Payroll Schemas HR: Maintain Calculation Rules Editor for PC rules HR: Features Creates Functions and Operations PE50 HR form editor Maintain Rule HR: ALE Distribution HR Master Data Role Maintenance Copy Workflow Tasks Task Catalog HR-PF: PC Editor FI Interface Pension Fund HR-PF-FI: Check Customizing Overview of Insured Persons' Data Period Monitor: Log Display RPEP CO-PC-ACT: Dummy Period Monitor: Log Display Period monitor .

Test of Value-Based IM Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT Graphical Structure Maintenance Display R/3 Plug In IMG Human Resources Information System Transfer selected R/2 orders Transfer current R/2 orders Transfer confirmations to R/2 Message Output Create Condition: JIT Call Change Condition: JIT Call Display Condition: JIT Call Goods Receipt for JIT Call Change JIT Call Display JIT Call Display JIT Calls Chnge Container Status With Bar Cod Process cost controlling Kanban Barcode without Actual Qty Kanban Signal with Radio Frequency Quantity Signal with Radio Frequenc Event-Driven KANBAN Radio Frequency Kanban Board WWW Kanban Create Control Cycle Change Control Cycle Change Control Cycle Display Control Cycle Display Control Cycle Kanban Calculation Check Kanban Calculation Result Plant Overview: Kanban Kanban Board: Supply Source View Kanban Board: Supply Source View Kanban Board: Demand Source View Kanban Board: Demand Source View Collective Kanban Print Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban Change Kanban Container Status Kanban Quantity Signal Manual Kanban Creation Enter Customer KANBAN Call Container Correction Backflush KANBAN Orders Display Errors: Kanban Error Processing PDC Kanban Kanban Calculation Error Log Function Access via Transaction Maintenance of Packing Instructions HR-FPM: Access Ad Hoc Query .PFWF   PFWS   PF02   PF05   PGOM   PIMG   PIMN   PI50   PI51   PI60   PJNA   PJNK1  PJNK2  PJNK3  PJWE   PJ02   PJ03   PJ04   PKBC   PKC1   PKRFBC PKRF21 PKRF22 PKRF23 PKW1   PK00   PK01   PK02   PK02NR PK03   PK03NR PK07   PK08   PK11   PK12   PK12N  PK13   PK13N  PK17   PK18   PK21   PK22   PK23   PK24   PK31   PK41   PK50   PK51   PK52   PK99   PL00   PMAH   SAPLRHWP       RHSFLOW0       SAPLWWB1       SAPMSNUM       PDGRAPHX       SIMGR3PI       MENUPIMN       SAPPI250       SAPPI250       SAPPI260       SAPMPABNR      SAPMV13B       SAPMV13B       SAPMV13B       SAPMPAB1       SAPMPAB1       SAPMPAB1       SAPMPABSA      SAPLMPKP       MENUPKC1       SAPMMPKRF      SAPMMPKRF      SAPMMPKRF      SAPMMPKRF      SAPMMPKW       MENUPK00       SAPMMPKR       SAPMMPKR       SAPMMPKR       SAPMMPKR       SAPMMPKR       SAPMMPKC       SAPMMPKR       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPMMPKD       SAPMMPKD       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPLMPKP       SAPMMPKF       RMAFRU01       SAPMMPKR       SAPLMPKP       MENUPL00       RHPMADHO       Maintain Workflow Task (Customer) Maintain Workflow Template Cust.

Print Statements with SAPscript Pay Scale Reclassification NZ Pay Scale Increase NewZealand Pay Scale Inc.Position Mgt Change Budget Status Tools for Report Selection Position Management Plan Version Change Overall Budget Internet Scenario .Budget Info Display Overall Budget Check Consistency With Org.PMBA   PMBC   PMBD   PMBF   PMBM   PMBP   PMBPI  PMBS   PMBT   PMB0   PMB1   PMB1I  PMB2   PMC1   PMEC   PMED   PMESIM PMFD   PMFM   PMHS   PMIC   PMIMG  PMIS   PMJR   PMLA   PMLB   PMLC   PMLD   PMMF   PMMN   PMOC   PMOD   PMOF   PMOF3  PMOF4  PMOM   PMSI   PMSV   PMUS   PMVM   PM01   PM10   PM11   PM12   PM13   PM20   PNZ3   PNZ4   PNZ5   POD1   POD2   POD3   RHPMBA00       SAPLRHB1       SAPLRHB1       SAPLRHBG       SAPLRHB1       SAPLRHB_PLANNI SAPLRHB_IAC    SAPLRHB1       RHPMBA01       SAPLRHB1       SAPLRHB1       SAPLRHB_IAC    SAPLRHB1       RHPMINTOMCHECK SAPLRHBX       SAPLRHBX       RPMENUSTART00  SAPLRHBW       SAPLRHBW       SAPLRHBW       SAPLRHBW       RHPMSIMG       RHPMHIS0       RFPM_DEDOC_FLO SAPMV14A       SAPMV14A       SAPMV14A       SAPMV14A       RHPMMASSFIN    MENUPMMN       SAPLRHBO       SAPLRHBO       RFPMVM02       RFPMVM03       RFPMVM04       SAPLRHBO       RHPMSIM1       RTPM_TRF_REVER SAPLRHB1       RTPM_TRF_VARIA SAPMP50J       SAPMP53B       SAPMP53B       SAPMP53B       SAPMP53B       SAPMPBWD       RPITUM00       RPU51000       RPITRF00       RPU_UPDATE_IT1 RPLKGPD0PBS    RPU_FILL_IT595 Position Management Report Selectio Create Overall Budget Display Overall Budget Carry Forward Overall Budget Change Overall Budget NChange Plan Status Internet Scenario .Single Data Entry Statements . Extended NewZealand 1Start Report RPU_UPDATE_IT118_46C Start Report RPLKGPD0PBS _Start Report RPU_FILL_IT595_46C . Position List: Listed Derivatives Flow List: Listed Derivatives Change Organization Simulate Payroll Run SReversal of Margin Flows User-Specific Settings TCalculate variation margin Enhance Infotypes Statements Selection Statements . Mgt Change Employee Display Employee Manual Payroll Simulation Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt Change Budget Status Consistency check with Funds Mgt Access Customizing HR-FPM HIS for HR-FPM WDerivatives Document Journal Create: Portfolio List Change: Portfolio List Display: Portfolio List Execute: Portfolio List Financing workbench HR Funds and Position Management Create Organization Display Organization Position List: Listed Options/Fut.Fast Data Entry Statements .

instr. Determinatio View Received Data Log Start Download of Master Data Start Download of Transaction Data Start Receiving Changes to Data Start Download of Master Data Test Packing Instruction Master Dat Maintenance of Packing Instructions Create Packing Instruction Change Packing Instruction Display Packing Instruction Deletion flag undo for pack. Use Define Portfolio Tables Change Portfolio Tables Display Portfolio Tables Parameters for OTB Maintain Work Center Display Work Center Maintain Training Program Display Training Program Maintain Job Display Job Maintain Business Event Type Display Business Event Type Maintain Business Event Display Business Event Maintain Location Display Location Maintain Resource Display Resource Maintain External Person Display External Person Maintain Business Event Group Display Business Event Group Maintain Organizational Unit Display Organizational Unit Maintain Qualification Display Qualification Maintain Resource Type Display Resource Type .POD4   POD5   POFO1  POFO2  POFO3  POFO31 POFO32 POFO33 POFO34 POF1   POF2   POF3   POIL   POIM   POIT   POIU   POI1   POPT   POP0   POP1   POP2   POP3   POP4   POP5   POTAB  POTABC POTABD POTB   PO01   PO01D  PO02   PO02D  PO03   PO03D  PO04   PO04D  PO05   PO05D  PO06   PO06D  PO07   PO07D  PO08   PO08D  PO09   PO09D  PO10   PO10D  PO11   PO11D  PO12   PO12D  RPLOZPD0PBS    RPU_UPDATE_DOZ SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPLWPOT       SAPMV13P       SAPMV13P       SAPMV13P       RCCLMONI       RCCLMDAT       RCCLTRAN       RCCLUPLD       RCCLMPFS       SAPLVHUDIAL    MENUPOP0       SAPLVHUPO      SAPLVHUPO      SAPLVHUPO      SAPLVHUPO      RVHUPOSEL_POBJ SAPMV12A       SAPMV12A       SAPMV12A       OTBPARAM       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       Start Report RPLOZPD0PBS UStart Report RPU_UPDATE_DOZUL_46C Create Portfolio Change Portfolio Display Portfolio Portfolio: Create Portfolio: Change Portfolio: Display Portfolio: Create with Reference Create Pkg Instruction Determinatio Change Pkg Instruction Determinatio Display Packing Instr. _Determination of Pkg Instr.

and Staffing (WF) Change Cost Center Assignment Display Cost Center Assignment .Select. and Staffing (WF) Display Organizational Plan Display attributes Display organization and Staffing Display Org. Screen Human Resources Information System Evaluate Careers Manager's Desktop Change Matrix Organization Personnel Planning Display Matrix Organization Create Organizational Plan Create Attributes Create Organization and Staffing Create Org. and Staffing (WF) Maintain Organizational Plan Change Attributes Change Organization and Staffing Change Org.PO13   PO13D  PO14   PO14D  PO15   PO15D  PO16   PO16D  PO17   PO17D  PO18   PO18D  PO19   PO19D  PPAD   PPCI   PPCJ   PPCK   PPCM   PPCO   PPCP   PPCT   PPDM   PPDPCS PPDPHM PPDPHS PPDPIM PPDPIS PPECS  PPEM   PPEPS  PPETI  PPIS   PPLB   PPMDT  PPME   PPMM   PPMS   PPOC   PPOCA  PPOCE  PPOCW  PPOM   PPOMA  PPOME  PPOMW  PPOS   PPOSA  PPOSE  PPOSW  PPO1   PPO2   SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       RHXPEACD       SAPLRHCJ       SAPLRHCI       SAPLRHCI       SAPLRHCI       SAPMH5A0       RHPEPLAC       RHTSKCAT       SAPMH5A0       RHXPEECATS     RHPE_DPLANHIST RHPE_DPLANHIST RHPE_INDPLAN   RHPE_INDPLAN   SAPLCNVUIEXTR  RHXPEPPO       SAPLPROJIF     SAPLPPETIGUI   RHGRIN21       RHPECPAS       RHMWB004       RHMATRIX       MENUPPMM       RHMATRIX       RHORGMAN       OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    RHORGMAN       OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    RHORGMAN       OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    OM_START_NF    SAPLRHSI       SAPLRHSI       Maintain Position Display Position Maintain Task Display Task Maintain Company Display Company Maintain Services Display Service Maintain Requirements Profile Display Requirements Profile Maintain Resource 'Room' Display Resource Room Maintain External Instructor Display External Instructor Display Appraisals Catalog Copy Infotype Create Infotype Enhance List Screen Enhance Infotype Organisational Plan: Initial Screen Career Planning Task Catalog Detail Maintenance Planning ITs Display Development Plan Catalog OChange Development Plan History ODisplay Development Plan History Change Individual Development Plan Display Individual Development Plan Convert iPPE Model PD: Display Organizational Structur iPPE PS Interface Configuration Mode .

Pay) Change Scenario Group SAP Room Reservation Management SAP Room Reservations: Services Correspondence Personal Shift Plan Attendance List Undo Completed Target Plan GTemp.PPO3   PPO4   PPO5   PPO6   PPPD   PPPE   PPPM   PPQD   PPQ1   PPQ2   PPQ3   PPRL   PPRP   PPRV   PPSC   PPSM   PPSP   PPSS   PPST   PPUP   PP01   PP02   PP03   PP05   PP06   PP2B   PP2D   PP2P   PP2U   PP23   PP25   PP26   PP27   PP28   PP29   PP30   PP32   PP40   PP6A   PP6B   PP6C   PP6I   PP6U   PP60   PP61   PP62   PP63   PP64   PP65   PP66   PP67   PP69   SAPLRHGC       SAPLRHGC       SAPLRHSI       SAPLRHSI       RHXPEPRD       MENUPPPE       RHXPEPRM       RHXPEQCD       RHPEPPQ1       RHPEPPQ2       RHPEPP10       SAPMM03M       SAPMHPS0       SAPMM03M       RHSTRPF0       RHSTRPF0       RHPEPLAS       RHSTRPF0       RHSTRU00       RHPEUSPA       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       RHPP25ST       RHPP25XD       RHPP25ST       RHPP25AZ       RHPP25PW       RHPP25ST       RHPP25AZ       RHPP25AZ       RHPP25ST       RHPP25ST       RHRAUM00       RHRAUM00       RHKMIT20       RHDPERSL       RHDOCCPL       RHPSOLL_DEL    RHSP_TEMP_ASSI RHUMST_HRPADNN SAPFH5AH       SAPFH5AH       SAPLRHER       SAPLRHER       SAPFH5AH       SAPLRHEI       SAPLRHES       SAPLRHER       SAPFH5AH       Change Reporting Structure Display Reporting Structure Change attributes Display attributes Display Profile Area Menu: Personnel Development Change Profile Display Qualifications Catalog Find Objects for Qualifications Find Objects for Requirements Find Objects for Profile Change Material When Profile Delete Reporting: Personnel Development Change Material When Profile Change Create Structure Change Structure Succession Planning Display Structure Structure Evaluation Settings: User Parameters Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided) Maintain Plan Data (Open) Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based) Number Ranges Number Range Maintenance: HRADATA Create Scenario (Basic Pay) Administer Payroll Results Create Scenario (PyrllRes. Assgmt List for Shift Plannin _Conversion Add'l Data HRPADNN/PADUZ Display Shift Planning Change Shift Planning Display Requirements Change Requirements Choose Plan Version Edit Entry Object Shift Planning: Entry Profile Create Requirements Choose Text for Organizational Unit .) Data Transfer to CO Reset Password Display Scenario Group Plan Scenario Administration Release plan scenario Create Scenario (Proj.

Variant Employees with Exceeded Trip Days Call Country Version DME Pre.Progra Create DME Travel Expenses Accounting Program Import Program for Per Diems Create expense report EMaintain Price Families Posting to Financial Accounting Income-rel.Expenses Statement Standard Form Summarized Form 1 Summarized Form 2 Maximum Value Delimitation for Meal Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals .PP7S   PP70   PP72   PP74   PP90   PQAH   PQLV   PQTO   PQ01   PQ02   PQ03   PQ04   PQ06   PQ07   PQ08   PQ09   PQ10   PQ12   PQ13   PQ14   PQ15   PQ17   PQ18   PQ19   PRAA   PRAP   PRCC   PRCCD  PRCCF  PRCCT  PRCD   PRCO   PRCR   PRCT   PRCU   PRC2   PRC7   PRDE   PRDH   PRDX   PRD1   PREC   PREP   PREX   PRFAM  PRFI   PRFW   PRF0   PRF1   PRF2   PRHD   PRHH   MENUPP7S       MENUPP70       MENUPP72       MENUPP74       SAPMH5AR       RHADHOC0       RPCLEAQ0       RPCTO2Q0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       SAPMH5A0       RPRAPA00       RPR_APPROVE_TR RPRCCC00       RPRCCC_DISPLAY RPRCCC_CREATE_ RPRCCC_CREATE_ RPRCOUDE       RPRMORDE       RPR_CREATE_PER RPRMENU0       RPRMENU0       SAPMP56C       SAPMP56C       RPRMORDE       RPRDUR00       RPRMENU0       RPRMENU0       RPRTEC00       SAPMP56T_PD    RPRTRIPCREATE1 FAMPRICE_MANAG RPRFIN00_40    RPRTEF10       RPRTEF00       RPRTEF01       RPRTEF02       RPR706VD       RPR706HC       Organizational Management Organizational Management Shift Planning Personnel Cost Planning Set up Organization Ad Hoc Query Australian Leave Processing Transaction for screen 2000 Actions for Work Center Actions for Training Program Actions for Job Actions for Business Event Type Actions for Location Actions for Resource Actions for External Person Actions for Business Event Group Actions for Organizational Unit Actions for Resource Type Actions for Position Actions for Task Actions for Company Actions for Requirement Profiles Actions for Resource Room Actions for External Instructor Automatic Vendor Maintenance AApproval of Trips Import Credit Card Files _Display Credit Card Receipts CGenerate File with Correct Trnsactn TCreate Credit Card Clearing TestFil Delete/Copy Trip Countries Copy Trip Provision Variant _Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Download Current Settings Check Printing USA Customizing Coding Block 1200 Customizing Coding Block 1700 Delete Trip Prov.

: RP_REINR Number range maint. to V_LEDRUCKPROF1 Transfer to External Payroll Reset Trips to 'To be Accounted' Create Travel Request Post Accounting Data Period Statistics Overview of Travel Expense Reports Display Imported Documents Trip Details Overview of Trips Travel Expenses: Maintain Postings _Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Upload Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals Scale Per Diems for Meals VAT Recovery Expense Reports (Offline) Travel expenses Maintain (Old) Trip Data Travel Calendar Trip Advances Edit Weekly Reports Travel Expense Manager Number Range Maint.PRHP   PRICAT PRKE   PRMD   PRML   PRMM   PRMS   PRMT   PROF   PRPD   PRPHUV PRPL   PRPR   PRPY   PRRL   PRRQ   PRRW   PRST   PRTA   PRTC   PRTE   PRTS   PRT3   PRUL   PRVH   PRVP   PRVT   PRWW   PR00   PR01   PR02   PR03   PR04   PR05   PR10   PR11   PR20   PR706Z PR71   PR72   PR73   PSARP1 PSA00  PSA01  PSA40  PSA42  PSA45  PSA45R PSA50  PSA55  PSA55R PSA56  RPR706HC       SAPMWPRICAT    SAPMPRKE       SAPMP50A       RPRMENU0       SAPMP50A       SAPMP50A       RPRFLDEL       MENUPROF       RPR706VD       RLE_DRUCKPROFI RPRTRIPCREATE1 RLE_DRUCKPROFI RPRPAY00       RPUREROL       RPRTRIPCREATE1 SAPMP56F       RPRSTA01       RPCLSTTA       RPCLSTTC       RPCLSTTE       RPROVIEW       RPRTR030       RPR_UPDATE_PER RPR706VC       RPR706VC       RPRVAT01       SAPLHRTR_ITS   MENUPR00       SAPMP56T       SAPMP56T       SAPMP56V       SAPMP56T       SAPMP56T       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMP56T       RPR706Z1       SAPMP56C       SAPMP56C       SAPMP56C       RGPSA_DISP_DOC RGPSA_ACTIVATE RGPSA_EXIT     RGPSA_PLAN_ROL RGPSA_COPY_VER RGPSA_CALC_PLA RGPSA_CALC_REV RGPSA_ACTUAL_R RGPSA_CALC_ACT RGPSA_CALC_REV RGPSA_CALC_TRA Scale Per Diems for Meals PRICAT: Maintain mat.: HRTR_PDOC Create Trip Copy T706Z -> T706Z1 Customizing Coding Block 1701 Customizing Coding Block 1702 Customizing Coding Block 1703 PSA document display Activate PSA Activate Rollup for PSC LPopulate Cost Plans SCopy Plan Versions NEntitlement Plan Calculation _Entitlement Plan Calc. Reversal OAcutal Rollup to PSC tables UPSC Calculation Actual _PSC Calculation Reversal NManual Transfers . as per catalo Evaluation Program Maintain HR Master Data Set Country Grouping via Dialog Box Personnel Actions Display HR Master Data Update Matchcode T Profit Center Accounting Delimitation of Per Diems for Meals LPrint Profile Maintenance HU Create Travel Plan LParameter transf.

PSA56R PSA57  PSA57R PSA58  PSA58R PSA59  PSA59R PSA60  PSA70  PSA71  PSA71U PSA72  PSA73  PSA74  PSA75  PSA76  PSA77  PSA78  PSA79  PSA81  PSA82  PSA83  PSA84  PSA86  PSA90  PSA93  PSA95  PSB0   PSB1   PSCCA  PSCREV PSCRPT PSCRP1 PSCRU  PSCRUA PSCTF  PSC0   PSC40  PSC90  PSC95  PSC96  PSOA   PSOC   PSOG   PSOI   PSOO   PSOS   PSOT   PSO0   PSO1   PSO2   PSO3   RGPSA_CALC_TRA RGPSA_ET_TRANS RGPSA_ET_TRANS RGPSA_COST_ADJ RGPSA_COST_ADJ RGPSA_STOCK_AD RGPSA_STOCK_AD RGPSA_BCF      RGPSA_REP_PART RGPSA_REP_STOR RGPSA_REP_STOR RGPSA_REP_PSC  RGPSA_REP_PROD RGPSA_REP_LIFT RGPSA_REP_PRIC RGPSA_REP_ADJ  RGPSA_PARTNER_ RGPSA_PRINT_EN RGPSA_REP_VOLT RGPSA_DATA_ENT RGPSA_DATA_ENT RGPSA_DATA_ENT RGPSA_DATA_ENT RGPSA_PERIOD   RGPSA_PROD_INT RGPSA_PI_MALAY RGPSA_LIFTING_ RPUSIPB0       RPCTXEB0       RGPSC_CALC     RGPSC_CALC_REV RGPSC_RPT01    RGPSC_DISP_DOC RGJVROLLUP     RGPSCRUEXIT    RGPSC_TRANSFER SAPMHPS0       RGPSARULE      SAPL0DEPSC     RGPSC_INPUT    RGPSC_PERIOD   SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       RHDESC00       NManual Transfers Reversal FEntitlement Transfers FEntitlement Transfers Reversal UCost Adjustments UCost Adjustments Reversal JStock Adjustments JStock Adjustments Reversal Balance Carry Forward NJV Partner Entitlement AStatement of Storage Entitlement AStatement of Storage Entitlement/Up PSC Master Data Production Data with Adjustments Lifting Data with Prices EFlat Prices Adjustment Volumes LPartner Report TPSA Print Entitlement YVolumes by Volume Types RMaintain Daily Prices by PSC RMaintain Production Data RDaily Lifting Data Entry RMaintain Adjustment Data Open PSC Periods PSC Production Interface SPSA Malaysia Production Interface UPSA Split Lifting by PSC Generation quart.period Generate Tax scales (B) PSC calculation PSC calculation reversal psc report PSC document display PSC Rollup Activate Rollup for PSC SPSC Transfer Calculation Set Plan Version Valid for Cost Pla Rule Maintenance PSC Volume Entry PSC Production Interface PSC Period Opening Work Center Reporting Job Reporting OrgManagement General Reporting Tools Integration PA-PD Organizational Unit Reporting Position Reporting Task Reporting Set Plan Version for OrgManagement Set Aspect for OrgManagement PS System/Database Tools Infotype Overview .SI declarat.

PSO4   PSO5   PSSD   PSVA   PSVB   PSVC   PSVE   PSVI   PSVL   PSVO   PSVP   PSVQ   PSVR   PSVS   PSVT   PSV0   PSV1   PSV2   PSV3   PSV4   PSV5   PSV6   PSV7   PSV8   PSV9   PSWB   PSW5   PTE1   PTE2   PTE3   PTG1   PTG3   PT00   PT01   PT02   PT03   PT10   PT11   PT12   PT40   PT41   PT42   PT43   PT44   RHINFT00       SAPMHPS0       RFVDSSD0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMHPS0       SAPMKGA2       SAPMKGA2       RPIEWT00       RPIEWT04       RPIEWT02       SAPMP5GQ       SAPMP5GQ       MENUPT00       SAPMP51S       SAPMP51S       SAPMP51S       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMSNUM       SAPMP51E       SAPTIMCC1COMPA SAPCDRPD       SAPCDRPA       SAPCDUP1     Individual Infotype Maintenance PD: Administration Tools Check BNL flow types Set Aspect User-Specific Settings Training and Events:Current Setting Output Filter Business Events User-Defined Settings Set Business Event Language Change / Display Organizer Dynamic Planning Menu Change / Display Organizer Dynamic Resource Menu Set Access Dynamic Tool Menu Change / Display Resources Dynamic Attendance Menu Dynamic Business Event Menu Dynamic Information Menu Set Plan Version Info: Attendances Reporting: Business Events Reporting: Resources Create Attendee Change / Display Attendee Execute Per.Repostgs in Actual for Projects Generate Batch Input Session Process Batch Input Session Reorganize Interface File Maintain Qualifying Day Pattern (GB Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB) Time Management Create Work Schedule Change Work Schedule Display Work Schedule Number Range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNR Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC PDC Error Transaction RCustomizing CC1 Communication Param Supply Personnel Data Supply Master Data .Reposting Plan Projects Per.

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