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Dear readers and customers, Dear friends,

We hope that this edition of our catalogue will make you realize that kibea is more than a publishing house with an active presence in both the bulgarian and foreign market. We have always sought not only to propagate ideas and values and provide reference points for the achievement of a balanced, harmonious and meaningful life, but also to build a community of followers who implement these ideas in their lives. With the opening of kibeas health food restaurant we are entering a new era. We believe it not only promotes new eating habits with a claim to the future, but is also a favourite meeting place for intellectual exchange in an atmosphere of gastronomic, aesthetic and spiritual pleasures. We hope that the messages in our books and the services of our Center and Restaurant will fill you with energy and confidence to live your life fully and wisely, and will help you remain true to yourselves.

Dimitar Zlatarev

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A MAGNIFICENT POP-UP JOURNEY through the history of the art of building construction, featuring amazing three-dimensional replications of famous buildings from ancient to modern times. Accompanied by text, each spread focuses on the great eras of world architectural history: ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architecture; Latin American and Eastern architecture, Gothic architecture; the Renaissance; Neoclassicism; Modern and Contemporary architecture. THE WONDERS OF ARCHITECTURE presents the talent and imagination of architects and builders from all eras, and from all over the world. Innovative, informative, and entertaining, this book is a superb tour of the greatest achievements of architecture, and is perfect for the architecture enthusiast or anyone interested in learning about the history of these celebrated buildings through time.


Anton Radevsky

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World English rights sold to Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. The book is published in USA by Universe Publishing A Division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. In England by Thames&Hudson In France by Flamarion editions In Germany by Weltbild Verlagsgruppe Hard cover, full-color throughout 6 3D spreads, 280x280 mm Printed and assembled in Ecuador by Imprenta MARISCAL

The ziggurats of Mesopotamia The pyramids of Egypt The Parthenon and the Erechtheum of the Acropolis in Athens The emblematic Rome Coliseum The Mayan pyramids at Palenque, Mexico The graceful Taj Mahal in India The fabulous Vassily Blazheny church of Moscow The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, once symbol of the Eternal Byzantine Empire The Renaissance church Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, with its famous Brunelleschi dome The sumptuous Versailles palace of Louis XIV, the Sun King The stately British Parliament complex with the popular Big Ben The Chrysler Building in New York Frank Gehrys stunning Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Frank Lloyd Wrights Guggenheim Museum, New York

ILLUSTRATIONS Emilian Stankev, Rosen Toshev, Atanas Atanasov, Hristo Hadjitanev DIGITAL IMAGING Martin Nikolov ART DIRECTOR Krassimira Despotova

TEXT Pavel Popov EDITOR Aneta Mecheva ENGLISH TRANSLATION Janeta Shinkova EDITORS OF THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION Danielle Troussoni, Jessica Fuller

ANTON RADEVSKY is a paper engineer and illustrator and lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. DAVID SOKOL is a freelance architectural writer and lives in New York.


MODERN ARCHITECTURE POP-UP showcases three-dimensional replications of some of the most innovative modern and contemporary architecture from around the world. Informative, and elegant, the book is an artful visual tour of the worlds most dynamic, inventive, and original architecture. Ranging from the nineteenth century to the present day, MODERN ARCHITECTURE POP-UP includes the following structures: Londons Crystal Palace Brooklyn Bridge Eiffel Tower Flatiron Building Le Corbusiers Villa Savoye

Eero Saarinens TWA terminal Frank Gehrys Guggenheim, Bilbao Santiago Calatravas Milwaukee Art Museum Zaha Hadids Vitra Fire Station

First published in the United States of America in 2008 by Universe Publishing. A Division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. 300 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 Distributed by Random House Text and cover design 2008 Universe Publishing Pop-up and interior design 2008 Kibea Publishing Company

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World English rights: Universe Publishing, A Division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

Hard cover, full-color throughout 6 3D spreads, 280x280 mm Printed and assembled in Ecuador by Imprenta MARISCAL

EDITOR Jessica Fuller COVER Opto Design ILLUSTRATIONS Hristo Hadjitanev, Emilian Stankev DIGITAL IMAGING Martin Nikolov ART DIRECTOR Krassimira Despotova


Anton Radevsky

Hard cover full-color throughout 6 3D spreads 280x280 mm Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria World English rights: Universe Publishing, A Division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.


A new redesigned and extended version of the space exploration pop-up book including new spreads. Youll find out what space exploration in the third Millenium looks like, the new discoveries made by the space probes Pioneer, Voyager, Giotto, Magellan, Cassini-Huygens, Deep Space. Meet the new technology. See Launch Platform and Space Ship One.


Anton Radevsky

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.


Anton Radevsky


DISCOVER THE FASCINATING STORY of space exploration. Magnificent pop-up models, complete with moving parts as well as additional illustrations, bring to life a panoply of spacecraft powerful launch vehicles, satellites that orbit the earth, landing and recovery systems. Fold out 3D images of the Russian and American space stations, whose weightless onboard environments are vital in the search for scientific knowledge. Learn about the Soviet-American space race, the first Moon landing, and Americas development of the space shuttle program. Launch the space shuttle into orbit before setting out the Hubble space telescope on its mission to map out the universe, or follow Pathfinder as the unmanned NASA probe heads into the realms of the unknown on the planet Mars. And find out what Space exploration in the third millenium looks like, with illustrations of futuristic projects for international space stations. All this and more will help recreate the exciting history of space exploration for generations of readers.

A new redesigned and extended version of the space exploration pop-up book including new spreads. Youll find out what space exploration in the third Millenium looks like, the new discoveries made by the space probes Pioneer, Voyager, Giotto, Magellan, Cassini-Huygens, Deep Space. Meet the new technology. See Launch Platform and Space Ship One.
Hard cover, full-color throughout 6 3D spreads, 250x300 mm

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Hard cover, full-color throughout 4 3D spreads, 235x300 mm Printed in Cali, Colombia, by Carvajal/Cargraphics S. A. and assembled in Ecuador.


AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of blank arms and firearms of all times. The bow, the arrow and the spear were essential in the primitive mans life, for with them he protected himself and hunted for his food. The book is constructed so as to allow you to take the knives and swords out of their sheaths and take a closer look at them. 3D illustrations present heroic fights of ancient warriors and impressive tournaments of medieval knights and their inspiration, the beautiful ladies. The swords, axes and spears move with the help of ingenious mechanisms. You will meet famous cross-bow shooters such as William Tell and will get a chance to pull the bow-string. You will travel the seas to witness pirate battles, watch the adventures of the pioneers of the Wild West and cowboys romantic life, and will get to know how the legendary Colt was used for self-defence.



Anton Radevsky

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

You will see the latest police weapons and equipment, essential in fighting crime and terrorism. The mechanisms are completely safe and reveal the achievements of known and unknown weapon constructors.


JOIN THE ATLAS EXPERIMENT on a fascinating journey to the beginnings of the universe. This book brings to life one of sciences biggest adventures: the extraordinary quest to discover what the universe is made of and how it works. Press about the Large Hadron Collider:

This is science on a gargantuan scale.


Mankinds greatest experiment.





Over 50 years ago, Europe took a gamble: it created a laboratory to study the smallest constituents of matter by bringing nations together in peaceful collaboration, funding basic research and stimulating innovation. The gamble paid off. In addition to Nobel prizes, CERN has brought us the World Wide Web and advances in many fields from civil engineering to medicine.
Hard cover, full-color throughout 6 3D spreads, 226x290 mm

Today, 10 000 people from over 80 countries are embarking on a new adventure with the 27km Large Hadron Collider at CERN. ATLAS is one of four experiments built to measure the extremes of the first instants of the universe and study the origins of the tiny particles that are the basic building blocks of our world. CERN makes such experiments possible.



IN 3D IMAGES, maps and colorful illustrations this encyclopedia presents the ever-romantic spirit and the landmarks of the North American settlement in the 19th century: Expeditions by pioneers who crossed the continent in search of convenient routes, followed by waves of settlers to the Western regions of Oregon, California and the Midwest prairies. The European cultures encounter with the Native American culture. The trappers and hunters adventures in the endless forests and mountains: sometimes in alliance with the native tribes, sometimes in battles with them. The rapid development of communications and transport: from ox- and horse-driven wagons to the huge railway network.

The difficulties, the risks and the losses did not discourage the multitude of emigrants looking for freedom and a way to make their living. Central to the book is the cowboy theme: the emblem of the Wild West, the creation of the Cattle Kingdom from Texas to the Dacotas. The legendary cowboys were unrivalled in riding, roping and rodeo skills. The towns of the West had their unique image: they were temporary settlements at the time of the Gold Rush, then they became centers of cattle trade and civil establishments. The settlers managed to establish law and order often at gunpoint. The names of famous lawmen, marshals and sheriffs have been preserved in history.

Hard cover, full-color throughout two trays with freestanding action items 3 3D spreads 1 double gatefold with lift up images 255x290 mm Printed and assembled in China, by Millenium.

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights sold to Sterling Publishing Co.



Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria World rights available.

Hard cover, full-color throughout 4 spreads with pockets and booklets 3 spreads with 3D pop-ups, 295x295 mm

boris georgiev of varna the road of evgeny andreev nenyo alice in wondeland Queen of spades aesthetics of modern art

22 24 26 27 28

TEXT Plamena DimitrovaRacheva DESIGN Krassimira Despotova


in fact, people on earth have changed little and are not much different from the contemporaries of dante and shakespeare. wars and hatred, misery and injustice, kindness and love, prayer and curse. hardly anything can help suffering but a short break. a large number of people have never known how to move against the powerful flow of existence; yet god made us all susceptible to the solace of a sunray and of beauty. We all weep the endless lament of Earth, and we all experience the hidden joy of life. we artists, however, would have little to say, were we not keeping the intimate relationship with the human in us and with humanity around us, the humanity that listens to us from the heart.
boris georgiev

the album contains reproductions of unKnown paintings from private collections and paintings from prestigious bulgarian galleries

Laminated hard cover with jacket full-color throughout 200x280 mm, 152 pp

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.





EvgEny AndrEEv nenyo


TEXT Prof. Aksinia Djurova Dr. DESIGN Krassimira Despotova

Laminated soft cover with jacket full-color throughout 230x290 mm, 136 pp

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

... in a sleepless night in January 1991 all humanity was on the look-out whether a war would begin in the Persian Gulf. It did. The next day I looked for a shell; I dont know, I may have dreamed that thing; I though of covering the shell with Christian symbols Eastern Orthodox, church and other symbols. they may indeed protect humanity from the insanity of war. Evgeny Andreev, 1994

the joint of all my styles is seeking the connection between person nature creator. Experiment makes me feel alive in this unlimited space of fine art. Evgeny Andreev




of modern art
dimitar avramov
booK one

Image Metamorphoses


chapter one

Art for arts sake

chapter two

the individualism of modern art

TEXT Prof. Dimitar Avramov Ph. D. DESIGN Krassimira Despotova
Laminated hard cover with jacket full-color throughout 215x270 mm, 552 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

chapter three

from nature to abstraction


Form and Symbol

prof. dimitar avramov ph. d. chapter four

form and symbol in modern art

chapter five

in search of absolute purity

afterword bibliography name indeX term indeX list of reproductions

DIMITAR AVRAMOV is one of Bulgarias leading art critics and experts in aesthetics and art history. he was born in burgas in 1929. in 1954 he graduated from the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia with a degree in philosophy. from 1955 to 1960 he worked as editor with the filosofska misal (philosophical thought) magazine, and from 1968 to 1980 he was deputy editorin-chief of the problemi na izkustvoto (art issues) magazine. he worked at the institute of art history with the bulgarian academy of sciences as research associate (1961), senior research associate, grade ii (1972), and senior research associate, grade i (1978), and at the institute of literature (1989-1991). dimitar avramov gives lectures on the history of modern bulgarian culture to students of cultural history at the Sofia University. he has a number of publications in periodicals since 1954. the comprehensive modern art aesthetics (1969) is among his major works. another monograph that is considered a significant contribution is Charles baudelaire (1985). in 1993 avramov compiled 10 studies written between 1968 and 1992 in a volume entitled dialogue between two arts. together with radoy ralin, he compiled and edited the volume trifon Kunev (1993). the anthology baudelaire: my heart is naked (2005) was the fruit of decades of reflection.


RuleRs of ancient euRope RuleRs of the Byzantine empiRe RuleRs of the ottoman empiRe RuleRs of the woRld euRope. a continent with a gloBal missison the masteR peteR deunov

32 34 36 38 40 42


of ancient


The Great Statesmen of Ancient Greece, Macedonia and Thrace

the BooK is a glimpse at the Roots of euRopean civilization. For the first time, a single volume presents the biographies of twenty-four eminent statesmen who ruled over the lands of the Ancient Europe. These were rulers with strong personalities, political ambitions, and remarkable abilities as diplomats and commanders, each with his own personal relations and dramatic destiny, who founded the state structures that are still in place today. You will find vivid descriptions of the militant Agamemnon, the wise Spartan lawgiver Lycurgus, the Athenians Solon and Pericles, the powerful Thracian kings Sitalces and Cotys, the Macedonian rulers Philip II and Alexander III. In this region of Europe, monarchy, democracy, oligarchy, tyranny, and anarchy appeared for the first time in world history, revealing their potential in public life and becoming established for centuries to come. In the narrative of events from the Trojan War in the 13th century B.C. to the Roman conquest of the Balkans by Emperor Trajan in 106 A.D., a colorful, ethnic world comes alive, one whose diverse cultural traditions have determined the course of our civilization.

TEXT Konstantin Boshnakov ILLUSTRATIONS Christo Hadjitanev, Emilian Stankev, Atanas Atanasov, Plamen Valchev, Rossen Toshev, Marin Marinov DESIGN Krassimira Despotova

3 2

Laminated hard cover full-color throughout, 235x330 mm, 120 pp

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World Greece language rights sold to Fytrakis Publication S. A.

TEXT Ivan Bojilov

of the

From Constantine I the Great to Constantine XI Paleologus

Byzantine empiRe

ILLUSTRATIONS Rosen Toshev, Atanas Atanasov, Emilian Stankev, Plamen Valchev, Hristo Hadjitanev DESIGN Krassimira Despotova

THE BOOK PRESENTS the millenium-long history of Byzantium as reflected in a dramatic life of the most remarkable Byzantine emperors From Constantine I the Great to Constantine XI Paleologus. An informative text and splendid illustrations revive the leading personalities and the key events that determined the lot of the Byzantine Empire, which is beleived to have been the best governed medieval state. A fascinating narrative of the glory and the fall of Byzantium, the second Rome that inherited the power of the Roman state system and maintained for centuries the myth of itself as the eternal empire.


Laminated hard cover full-color throughout 235x330 mm, 120 pp

World Greece language rights sold to Fytrakis Publication S. A. Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria.

of the ottoman
The Sultans of the Osman Gazi dynasty


appaRently well Known but actually less so, the Ottoman Empire is represented in the portraits of its 36 rulers. Who were the sultans, and what sort of personalities were those who created the empire? What were their strong sides, what did they look like, and how happen that the all-powerful rulers of South-Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa and South-West Asia sometimes became tools in the hands of their subordinates? This is an unprejudiced account of the lives of personalities carrying the burden of power, an actual history of the Ottoman Empire pathetic and proud, cruel and honest, with its ups and downs, a history in which the fates of many peoples were intertwined.
TEXT COMPILED AND ADAPTATED by Svetlozara Kostova DESIGN Krassimira Despotova
1299 1326

1326 1362

1362 1389

1389 1402

1413 1421
Kiri ci

1421 1444 1446 1451

1444 1446 1451 1481 7

1481 1512


1512 1520

1520 1566

1566 1574

1574 1595




1595 1603

1603 1617

1617 1618 1622 1623




1618 1622

1623 1640

1640 1648




1648 1687

1687 1691

1691 1695




1695 1703

1703 1730



1730 1754

1754 1757

1757 1774

1774 1789





1789 1807


1807 1808

1808 1839



1839 1861

1861 1876



1876 1876

1876 1909

1909 1918
Re at

1918 1922





This English international edition is published in cooperation with Boyut Publishers, Istanbul, and is based on their 4-volume Osmanli tarihi encyclopaedia. Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Laminated hard cover, full-color throughout, 235x330 mm, 120 pp

of the woRld
RULERS OF THE WORLD is a panoramic view of world history, of the laws and sensations of its course, of the rise and the fall of great empires, of the flourishing and the crises of modern state structures. Hammurabi, Ashoka, Shi Huangdi, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Justinian I, Constantine I, Kenghis Khan, Attila, Isabella of Castile, Charles V, Peter I the Great, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Simon Bolivar, George Washington, Bismarck, Stalin, Churchill, Mao Tse-tung, Charles de Gaulle, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan politicians with a great charisma and immense power, adored and hated by millions, have become symbols of entire ages. The personal lot and the historical role of the mightiest rulers: skillful statesmen, merciless dictators, or liberators of their homelands, forever standing before the one and only objective judge: time and the memory of nations.

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria World rights available. Laminated hard cover full-color throughout 235x330 mm

euRope a continent with a gloBal mission

The illustrated spiritual biography of Europe
CONTINENTS, LIKE HUMAN BEINGS, have their biographies. This book gives a new interpretation of the biography of Europe that is based on the perspective of spiritual science. Well-known events from European history receive a deeper meaning when they are placed in the context of a development process that comprises the childhood, youth and adulthood of Europe. In these phases of development, spiritual impulses have worked that shared the consciousness of the Eurapeans and defined the mission of Europe in the world.
TEXT Harrie Salman DESIGN Krassimira Despotova


Laminated hard cover with jacket, full-color throughout 220x287 mm, 348 pp Originally published in English. Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.


His Life and Teaching

the masteR peteR deunov

PETER DEUNOV represents the third major esoteric spiritual impulse in Bulgaria, following on Orphism (which led to Pythagoreanism and Platonism) and the 10-th century Bogomils (literally meaning dear to God). All three impulses are historical manifestations of the Fellowship of Light based on the cardinal principles of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth. Of these, Love is the fundamental principle which, as one of Peter Deunovs formulas puts it, brings fullness of life. In the application of these principles, he claims, lies the salvation of the world: I believe in love and wisdom that have created life. I believe that they have the power to recreate the world. I consider Peter Deunov to be the greatest and most universal spiritual teacher of the last century whose significance will only gradually be realised over the coming centuries: eternal principles are timeless and can be appreciated anew in every generation. This beautiful book will help introduce Peter Deunovs teaching to a wider English speaking audience and I can only hope that readers will find it as inspiring as I do. davi d l oRi meR, From the Introduction

TEXT Milka Kraleva ILLUSTRATIONS Hristo Hadjitanev DESIGN Krassimira Despotova EDITOR OF THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION David Lorimer

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Originally published in English and French. Laminated hard cover, full-color throughout 235x330 mm, 88 pp



the illustrated encyclopedia of musical instruments the path to thyself the light in the old testament and biblical donkey love is all forgiving and emergence of a new world

46 48 50 51 52 53

the healing language, psychotherapy: game and reality and the living mind calendar of wisdom and truth, your truth, truth for you and for me

the illustrated encyclopedia of musical instruments

the illustrated encyclopedia offers a comprehensive look at the worlds musical instruments from the oldest inventions of ancient and primitive societies to the most modern means of high-tech musical expression. over 1000 high-quality full-color illustrations give a fascinating panoramic overview of musical instruments from around the globe, revealing their incredible visual beauty in painstaking detail. arranged according to geographical region and following the scientific classification of instruments, the encyclopedia includes information on: history and evolution, construction and playing techniques, cultural significance and symbolism, famous makers and players. the illustrated encyclopedia is a reliable guide for anyone interested in exploring the bizarre and beautiful world of musical instruments.
ILLUSTRATIONS Anton Radevsky TEXT Bozhidar Abrashev & Vladimir Gadjev DESIGN Krassimira Despotova ART DIRECTOR Peter Feierabend


Laminated hard cover with jacket full-color throughout 215x285 mm, 320 pp

World rights sold to Knemann.

TEXT Ivan Stanchev DESIGN Krassimira Despotova

The Path To Thyself

since ancient times the eternal spiritual world has been sending via its messengers vital light to humanity. its rays can be traced as a thread of silver in the sacred books of the worlds major religions. although modified later by zealous copiers and followers, the eternal light can still be seen by the unbiased eye and the loving heart. this is a parable about life, about the trials and hardships the seeker experiences along the path to his own spiritual self. a prince nameless lives, perhaps unnoticed, in each of us as a spark of the eternal spiritual sun, eager to be discovered.
Laminated hard cover full-color throughout 165x190 mm, 96 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

ivan stanchev
ivan stanchev is an engineer. he worked as a senior research associate in the IT field as head of section at the Central Computer institute and as head of division at the microprocessor institute. in 1991 he joined a british-managed company producing metal structures in dubai, in the united arab emirates, and worked there for nine years as project engineer and quality manager. he was involved in dozens of projects in the uae until his return to bulgaria in 2000. ivan stanchev is married and has a son.

in the

the light

is the second volume of mony almalechs biblical hermeneutic project. the tools of etymology, comparative linguistics, textual analysis and modern scientific theories and methods are applied to study the subject of colour in the bible. the light is a prototype of white and is considered macrowhite. it is a popular view that the bible is gods word that radiates light. mony almalech analyses the 46 hebrew roots denoting light and purity and the impossible task of translating them into an indo-european language. the language presentation of the world in biblical hebrew is exposed, allowing an in-depth interpretation of the texts meaning which is often novel to a european reader. the facts about the text are not only presented as linguistic phenomena and translation issues, but are also complemented by theological, theoretical physics, psycholinguistic, cultural, historical and semiotic aspects. some issues: angelology; types of windows; types of linen; gods throne; what is a psalm; fire as a type of light; transformations of light.
TEXT Mony Almalech DESIGN Krassimira Despotova
Laminated soft cover 160x230 mm, 448 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria.

Old testament

TEXT Mony Almalech

Originally published in English. World rights available.


kings will usually choose for ceremonial purposes an animal that is strong and fit for battle, e.g. a purebred horse, a huge elephant, or even a camel. Jesus, the king of the Jews, rode into Jerusalem a colt, the foal of a donkey. there was a tradition behind that: david had a royal mule; solomon was anointed king of israel on a wild donkey. was it wise, or was it foolish for the king to ride an animal that symbolized peaceableness and sexuality? some claim the male donkey was related to the material, i.e. to the perishable and its power, and those who would ride it at a parade would have mastered the material aspect of man and society... why is it that in hebrew the word for a young donkey is not a diminutive of the word for donkey? why is it that the word for a female donkey means slow step and, again, has nothing to do with the male donkey? what about solomons wild donkey? this book offers answers to these intriguing questions, unravels the mystery of why the king of the Jews would ride a mule, of the king who came from the tribe of Judah and of whom Jacob/ israel had prophesied that he would untie his mule just like the apostles untied the one Jesus had sent them to get...
Laminated soft cover 155x160 mm, 132 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

DESIGN Krassimira Despotova

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World English rights sold to Health Communications International, Florida, USA. Greek rights sold to Kyveli, Athens. All other rights available.

Love is all Forg iving

Reflections on love and spirituality by PETER DEUNOV
mony almalech is a professor at the new bulgarian university and a guest professor at the institute for the bulgarian language with bulgarian academy of sciences and at the higher evangelical theological Institute. His scientific interests are in the field of the bulgarian language, hebraic studies and semiotics. his development was influenced by a two-year specialization with professor dimitri segal at the hebrew university in Jerusalem (1993-94). He created the first HebrewBulgarian Dictionary (2004). his knowledge of hebrew has allowed him to analyse the original text of the bible in comparison with various translations, applying the tools of traditional and modern linguistics. The first volume of his biblical hermeneutic project, Colour in the Torah, was published in 2006. the interdisciplinary analysis of colour is a distinctive feature of his works on colour in folklore, literature and advertising: Balkan Folk Colour Language (1996); Colour and Word: Psycholinguistic and Pragmatic Aspects (2001); Roots: The Semiotics of Colour (2006); The Language of Colour (2007). His first monograph back in 1993 was on bulgarian grammar, and he has never abandoned the subject: Language and Idiolect: The Language of Bulgarian Jews in Israel (2006).

Laminated soft cover, 155x115 mm, 176 pp

emergence of a new world

the masters word is humankinds precious spiritual treasure that expounds the principles and methods of new life. the masters word is the great spiritual force that will build the new culture of united humanity: a culture of fraternity, peace and love based on the principles of the divine teaching. the masters word is the ultimate revelation that heaven has sent us, a priceless wealth that will raise the first people to embrace it to prominence in human progress.
s ava k a l i m e n ov Laminated soft cover, 130x200 mm, 376 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

TEXT Peter Deunov COMPILER Milka Kraleva

psychotherapy: game and reality

psychotherapy: game and reality looks into the role of language games in the search for solutions, brings together different therapies in a fascinating study, and shows how we can be certain in our judgement of ourselves and others. the book presents the development of solutions, for which the author has coined the term solutiogenesis. the objectives and means analysis is something we can apply on a daily basis, paving the way for a better life.
TEXT Vladimir Bostandzhiev
Laminated soft cover, 165x240 mm, 296 pp


the healing language

the healing language is, indeed, a sincere book. it will immediately touch the readers heart, not only because it was written candidly but also because, for the first time in bulgaria, it presents the reality of psychotherapy through real-life stories and issues. the books most valuable aspect is that it guides the reader all the way to resolving an issue, and hence to the desired state of health.
TEXT Vladimir Bostandzhiev
Laminated soft cover, 130x200 mm, 224 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

the living mind

the chess game develops decision making and systematic thinking skills that are fundamental to leadership. the book the living mind presents in an accessible way the mysteries of chess psychology. psychotherapist dr. vladimir bostandjiev analyses chess thinking through the linguistic rules we apply in everyday solution discussions. the psychology of decision making in chess offers objective knowledge of decision making in general, therefore the book is widely applicable in everyday life.
TEXT Vladimir Bostandzhiev
Laminated soft cover, 140x155 mm, 152 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

the calendar of wisdom is a collection of aphorisms representing millennia of business and intuitive human experience. the principle applied in the selection allows us to see common aspects in apparently opposing statements. The arrangement by dates and months of the year provides for tranquil reflection over complementary thoughts. we all need a degree of eloquence in our everyday communication, and we depend increasingly on our ability to convince. in addition to that, aphorisms may modify our attitudes and views, and being a concise form with deep layers of meaning, may have a healing effect on the human soul.
TEXT Ljuben Pashkulev, Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev M. D. Laminated soft cover 100x110 mm, 424 pp DESIGN Krassimira Despotova, Hristina Mladenova
Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Calendar of Wisdom


Laminated soft cover 85x95 mm, 96 pp

Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

tjanuary february april march

Truth Your truth Truth for you and for me

elisaveta loginova



july august september

you need to discover universal knowledge yourself; you need to choose yourself the divine eternal knowledge of the beginning. remember, ones knowledge and wisdom may not be the same as the philosophy of the others.






56 58 59 60 61



Health series

An Ancient Egyptian System for the Harmonisation of Body and Soul Initiation into the Path to the Supreme Self
TEXT Elissaveta Alexandrova-Zangelmi DESIGN Krassimira Despotova


SEICHIM IS an anCIEnT EGypTIan SySTEM of healing and wisdom. It is based on the living energy of light that is within us and in everything around us. Isis Seichim is a branch of Seichim that was created in australia by Ruth Mays and Mary Shaw as a result of a spontaneous channelling from the goddess Isis herself, guardian of the mysteries and healer of the worlds suffering. Seichim cannot be a tool of evil intentions It is only accessible to people who have opened up their hearts for unconditional love. The sacred knowledge presented here in the form of healing techniques, symbols and mantras open a gate to spiritual growth, inner alchemy and energy elevation. Perfection or ones self-fulfillment is more that the affirmation of ones Christ (the Self) and the rejection of ones anti-Christ (the Ego); it is the establishment of a perfect harmony and balance between these two factors and ones nature which is in a process of an ongoing evolution, a kind of an incomplete symphony.

Laminated soft cover full-color throughout, 215x55 mm, 124 pp Originally published in English & Portuguese.

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Health series

An Unique Guide to Nutrition

LIFE FORCE is an original synopsis of the latest trends in world nutritional science and alternative medicine. It is a continuation of a sort of the Bible of new eating, Harvey and Marilyn diamonds Fit for Life. Here the principles of food combining are adapted and developed further in the light of the achievements of phytotherapy, the standards of nutritional science and the requirements of natural hygiene. The book offers valuable practical advice on general health promotion and healthy eating, as well as on the treatment of the leading civilization-related illnesses.
Laminated soft cover,130x200 mm, 352 pp World Greece language rights sold to Kyveli. Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available. TEXT Prof. Hristo Hristov M.D.


New Ideas & Recipes
THE BaSIC pRInCIpLES of creating the best dietary regimen presented in an easy-to-use form, and original tables of food composition and combining. The book gives a competent answer to numerous questions related to healthy eating.
Laminated soft cover,130x200 mm, 192 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.


THE RELaTIOn between the bodily functions and the eating habits and preferences is described in detail and substantiated with scientific facts, comments and analyses. This relation is considered from different points of view: depending on the state of health, the age, the weight, the quality and the composition of certain foods. The multi-faceted approach allows the readers to reconsider their eating habits and eat a variety of foods, providing them with a balanced quantity and optimal selection of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre, as well as with all essential minerals and vitamins. The diagnosis of overweight is discussed along with the characteristics of the elegant body and the normal weight. Various illnesses and the food aspects of their treatment are discussed in the main section of the book. Separate sections deal with cancer, age-related problems, and some typical ailments of the late years of life.
Laminated soft cover, 165x240 mm, 496 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

TEXT Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev M.D.

TEXT Kiril Bogdanov CONSulTANTS Dr. Helda Boeva, M. D. and Ani Mladenova PHOTOGrAPHy AND STylING Dragomir Mateev and Iassen Panov DESIGN Krassimira Despotova
Laminated soft cover, full-color throughout 135x200 mm, 96 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.


THE CEnTURIES-OLd BULGaRIan CULInaRy traditions have created remarkable combinations of fresh ingredients, a joy to the eye and to the palate. The sparing processing which preserves the ingredients natural taste, and the lack of heavy sauces make these dishes a veritable gastronomic treasure. We hope that this book will help you discover a national wealth of recipes, developed at the crossroads of Europe and the Orient: a typically Bulgarian combination of intense flavour and spiciness. BULGaRIan CUISInE presents the best of Bulgarian cooking tradition in easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes.

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Health series


nature offers an abundant supply of magnesium: in the ocean, in the Earth crust, in vegetables, nuts and seeds, in herbs and spices... However, do we know how to make use of this wealth? This book will offer:

facts on the presence of magnesium in our everyday life and on its benefits for the human body how this element can effectively prevent and heal, even disorders that are otherwise difficult and costly to treat how it can be applied internally and externally
The sound scientific basis content presented in an accessible language makes this book appropriate for anyone who wishes to benefit from the properties of magnesium.


g M
TEXT Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev M.D. DESIGN Krassimira Despotova
Laminated soft cover, full-color throughout 165x210 mm, 168 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.

Hope For The Future
THIS BOOK IS a pHOTO-EnHanCEd STORy about a trip to the high-altitude lake called Klamath, situated in the Cascade Mountains in the state of Oregon, USa. It is one of the truly blessed spots on our planet. The lakes unique ecosystem has given birth among other wonders of nature to a blue-green algea known as AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae), which are infused with Green solar energy. Together with the mesmorising scenery, the algea are among Klamths most valuable treasures. They are considered a perfect food beacause they are the best source of energy, proteins, and micro-elements for the human bio-system. These algea have survived for billions of years they are one of the oldest organisms on Earth. It shouldnt be surprising then, that these algea should hold the key for the survival of human kind. Klamath lake algea a food that supplies incredible life-sustaining energy and great healing and rejuvenating power.
TEXT Theodor Troev PHOTOrGAPHy Theodor Troev and Nikolai Iotov
Laminated soft cover, full-color throughout, 145x185 mm, 80 pp Trans. rights: Kibea Publishing Company, Bulgaria. World rights available.



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