Scholarly  Times     Week  in  Review:    

Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

2/28/12  –  3/2/12  

Class  of  2028  (Kindergarten)  

The  Class  of  2028  learned  the  short  vowel  sound  for  u,  how  to  write   uppercase  and  lowercase  u,  the  concept  of  plot,  and  how  to  show  and  write   numbers  through  20  in  tens  and  ones.  Next  week,  we  will  begin  long  vowel   sounds,  e.g.,  when  vowels  "say  their  own  name."  Our  new  science   expedition  will  begin,  and  we'll  build  numbers  with  number  bonds.  


Class  of  2027  (First  Grade)  

This  week  in  the  Class  of  2027,  scholars  learned  about  the  elements  of   realistic  Oiction.    Scholars  worked  to  determine  the  role  of  characters  and   setting  in  realistic  Oiction.  In  Math,  scholars  worked  to  identify  the  place   value  of  two-­‐digit  numbers.  Next  week,  we  will  begin  subtracting  one-­‐digit   numbers  from  two-­‐digit  numbers.  In  Science,  we  started  learning  about   where  healthy  food  comes  from.    Next  Wednesday,  we  will  be  conducting   Oieldwork  to  help  us  better  understand  where  we  can  access  healthy,  local   food.  

  This  week  in  music  class,  all  grades  have  been   practicing  improvisation,  the  creation  of  music   in  the  moment.    Using  our  puppets  we   improvised  singing  and  chanting  patterns.    We   used  instruments  to  improvise  too.    



Class  of  2026  (Second  Grade)  

After  several  weeks  of  learning  about  bullfrogs  in  the  classroom,  the  class   of  2026  will  embark  on  our  Oirst  Oieldwork  next  week!  We  will  be  visiting   The  Lloyd  Center  in  Dartmouth  to  observe  a  the  bullfrog's  natural  habitat,   the  wetlands.  Scholars  will  use  their  Oive  sense  and  their  scientiOic   knowledge  to  make  observations  and  inferences  about  what  makes  a   habitat  and  how  the  frog's  habitat  helps  it  survive.  If  you  are  available   Thursday  afternoon  (12:30  PM  -­‐  3:30  PM)  and  are  interested  in  joining  us   as  a  chaperone,  please  contact  any  of  the  second  grade  teachers.    

Alma  Attendance  this  Week:  97%  

  Lunch  Bunch  this  week  in  all  grades  has   focused  on  having  conversations.  The  Class  of   2028  and  some  groups  in  the  Class  of  2027   worked  on  how  to  start  a  conversation  with  a   peer.  Ask  your  scholar  to  show  you  how  they   start  a  conversation  with  someone  they  do  not   know!  Other  2027  groups  and  the  Class  of  2026   worked  on  reading  body  language  and  people's   faces.  Practice  different  faces  with  your  scholar   and  ask  him  or  her  what  to  should  do  if  another   person  makes  that  face!  We  practiced  changing   the  subject  and  asking  questions  to  interest  our   conversation  partner.  We  will  keep  practicing   these  skills  next  week  as  well!  

Lunch  Bunch  with  Ms.  Doyle  

Star  Scholars  
Star  Scholars  come  to  school  on  time  every  day  in  the  proper  uniform,  complete  their  homework  every  day,  and  behave  excellently.  

Texas  Lutheran  








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Scholarly  Times  

Looking  Ahead    
Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!
Sock  Drive  for  the  Homeless  

Tuesday,  3/6  –  6:00  PM:  Enrollment  Lottery  


Tara  Mendonca  and  her  daughter,   Morgan,  are  collecting  socks  for   homeless  people  in  New  Bedford.     All  sock  donations  will  be   distributed  by  Mobile  Loaves  and   Fishes.    The  organization  is   currently  in  need  of  500  more  pairs   of  white  men’s  tube  socks  (sizes   6-­‐10).    Scholars  or  parents  may   bring  in  donations.    Donations  may   be  dropped  off  in  the  Main  OfOice   anytime  next  Monday,  Tuesday,  or   Wednesday.    Thanks  for  your   service  to  the  homeless,  Morgan!  

15  siblings  of  current  scholars  will  be   enrolling  next  year.    There  are  currently  25   open  seats  for  Kindergarten  for  next  year.     More  than  200  other  children  have  applied   to  Alma  del  Mar.    Our  annual  lottery  will  be   held  on  Tuesday  evening.    If  you  are   available  to  volunteer  at  the  event,  please   contact  Meredith  Segal.  

Wednesday,  3/7  –  6:30  PM:  Special  Ed  Parent  Council  

We  invite  all  parents  to  join  us  to  share  common  parenting  challenges   and  brainstorm  solutions.  

Mrs.  Wilson  


Some  parents  may  have  heard   scholars  mention  Mrs.  Wilson  this   week.    Our  art  teacher,  formerly   known  as  Ms.  Harris,  has  gotten   married,  and  her  new  name  is  Mrs.   Wilson.    Congratulations,  Mrs.   Wilson!  

Tuesday,  3/13  –  6:30  PM:  Mayor’s  Forum  on  Education  at   Normandin  Middle  School  

Mayor  Mitchell  wants  the  opinion  of  New  Bedford  families  regarding   the  state  of  education  in  the  city.    We  strongly  encourage  Alma  parents   to  go  and  share  your  experiences.  

Saturday,  3/17:  Free  Family  Fitness  &  Fun  Day  at  UMass  

463  uniform  checks  were   completed  this  week.    450  checks   founds  scholars  in  perfect  uniform!  

Obstacle  courses,  dancing,  cooking  demos,  martial  arts  training,  and   lots  more.    Registration  is  required,  and  space  is  limited.    To  register,   visit  or  call  508-­‐961-­‐1972.  

Spring  Term  of  Afterschool  


The  Oinal  term  of  the  afterschool  program  will  be  beginning  on   April  2.    The  program  will  run  from  April  2  through  May  31.    The   program  is  free  for  families  receiving  free/reduced  lunch  and   $150/mo  for  other  families.    Offerings  this  term  include  the   following:      Theater    Swimming    Gardening  Art    Music    Academic  Enrichment    Sailing    Environmental  Adventures       Signup  forms  will  go  home  next  week,  and  the  deadline  will  be   March  9.    As  always,  scholars  must  participate  all  four  days.