Report on women empowerment 2010-2011

Farz Foundation’s Practice & Impact
Farz Foundation believes that the social change cannot be demonstrated without empowering the women through economic independence

Social Change through empowering the poor women Farz Foundation’s Practice and Impact Rural Women in Pakistan are facing multiple issues around socio-cultural, economic and political sectors. The prevailing strong roots of gender based discriminatory practices and engraved feudal and patriarchal systems restrict women to equally participate in socio economic and political activities in the country. Mostly women are not involved in decision making even about their own life. Lack of political commitment and strategic policies of government to provide an enabling environment for women create hindrance for women to participate in main stream development. Women hardly control the economic resources even they earn themselves particularly in agriculture sector. If one travel through rural areas; you may obviously observe that rural women are contributing in agriculture economy from sowing to harvesting and also looking after the livestcok almost more than 60%. But their control on their own earning is limited. The family men, society in general and government do not recognize them as productive workers. Farz Foundation recognizes with full commitment and passion; the importance of gender equality to eradicate poverty in sustain manner. FF has institutionalized gender equality in its approach, practices and objectives. The livelihood model of FF focuses on the family where women got equal share in earning. All livelihood support models give equal opportunity to women and men; even under Murabaha the support is being given only to women so they can improve their position not just condition through establishing small need based businesses. Farz Foundation is quite conscious towards gender equality in the membership of board, staff and at operation level. We have also institutionalized the policy on “harassment against women at work place” by establishing a committee to provide enabling work environment in office. FF deems to empower the marginalized women through initiating capacity building interventions before providing financial support. Farz believes that the social change cannot be demonstrated without empowering women through providing her sustainable economic opportunities, education and gender justice. Farz Foundation is aiming at micro business partnership with the poor women, particularly rural, instead of disbursing her hard cash on interest basis. Farz not only provides to women the micro trade facility on profit and loss sharing basis but also business education, health and environment awareness, and “Kamettee”, ( A traditional saving mechanism facility at local level to build their assets ). Farz has experienced that the women are more responsible, honest and smart in doing sustainable micro businesses and building their assets. Farz religiously and culturally customize its methodology to economically empower the marginalized women. Farz also addresses also ultra poor women through providing her productive charity along with micro entrepreneurial skills.

Farz Women Partners/Clients facility Report Jan 2010 To Fab 2012

Murabaha Mudharaba Qarza-e-Hasana Productive Zakah Through sewing Machine Productive Zakah Through Livestock (Hen) Productive Zakah Through livestock ( goats) Business Training Livestock Training Embroidery kits facility along with skill development and market linkages Eye Care and Medical camps Flood Relief Farz Committee Future protection through Children education Food Distribution Eid Package Support to female disable through Zakah (wheel chair) Total A Story of Change

Total Clients
166 20 69 473 12 1 204 100 240 409 1632 196 32 251 02 3807

162 1 69 473 12 1 204 02 240 369 816 196 23 251 02 2813

My name is Asia Bibi, wife of Mohammad Arif. Before becoming Farz Foundation’s client, I was daily wager of sewing clothes. I had already borrowed money from a microfinance organization but used it to meet my immediate needs. Then Farz Foundation approached me and trained me how to productively use the loan. I direly needed to be self-sufficient as my husband is mentally retarded and is also dependent upon me. I have five children, one son and four daughters and was not even able to pay for their education. The eldest daughter got marriage, while the rest, depended upon me. The Farz Foundation conducted a community gathering where I was introduced to it. I told them about my needs. They offered the people productive assets to start or to upgrade their micro businesses. I asked for money but they told me they don’t deal with cash and they can give only productive assets etc as par their policy. I thought I had already mismanaged a previous loan and now I was convinced that asset based help can get me out of my crisis. They, according to my demand, bought me cloth for bed sheets of worth Rs 15,000. I began to produce bed sheets as I already had a sewing machine began to sell them in the Sunday Bazaar with the help of my son. In a matter of three weeks I earned and additional Rs 15,000 in three weeks. Now I could seriously realized the benefit of asset based help. Now I have reinvested the same amount while using the profit to meet my needs. Now I am even repaying the previous loan to the other MFI as well as to the Farz Foundation as I am earning enough to meet all these expenses.Thank you Farz Foundation.