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About the Author Personal Message What is Meditation ? Benefit of Meditation Which Meditation is the best for me? Meditation for beginners Benefit of Divine Love & Lights Meditation FREE Mass Healing Program Testimonials Closing Advice

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About the Author : Alex Lee
Alex Lee was educated in the USA and has been actively teaching Meditation since 2001. Together with his team, he has helped over a thousand of people. He is a Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini Master Teacher, as well as a Shamballa and Esoteric Merkaba Master Teacher. His technique is simple, and incredibly effective. His forte is in helping ordinary people start meditation and get the most benefit instantly and easily, using an easy to understand technique. Students from around the world have also benefited from his simple meditation technique in getting the amazing results physically and spiritually. He is highly regarded for his unique, simple, instant, and result-oriented Meditation technique which is helping people from around the world. For more information on Alex Lee, please visit

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A Personal Message from Alex Lee
People have used Meditations for thousand of years in their quest for self empowerment, health and inner harmony. Meditations have been used by all major religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism in their teachings to help attain spiritual enlightenment. Meditation improves concentration, increase self-awareness and help us to overcome stress as well as helps us to get along better with others. Meditation is also used to improve physical and mental well being. Some have been able to overcome depression or drug/alcohol addiction with meditations. I have been practicing meditation since 1998 and started teaching meditation since 2001, relatively new to “old school” meditation standard (which need over 10 years to master), but this method has changed my life, and the lives of my students, as well as my family, in a profound positive way. I believe that meditation can do the same for everyone who learns the basic skills. With this in mind, I am sharing with You the “once kept secret” Divine Love & Lights Healing Meditation Technique – which was practiced over 20,000 years ago. For those of You who has learned or practiced any other meditation technique, this will bring You to another level. Divine Love & Lights Healing Meditation will empower You without any rules or ritual that You associated with the old school meditation technique. This is much easier and much more effective and enjoyable to practice. The beginners need not to worry about this technique, as it is so easy to practice and to master. It’s not about sitting in a very strenuous position, or mumbling a strange words (although You are more than welcome to do so ☺ ). The Divine Love & Lights Healing Meditation is so simple. All You need to do is take a comfortable position, then You’re set to go.

I would like to keep thing as simple as possible. Once You receive an attunement through me, and become a practitioner of The Divine Love and Lights Meditation technique, all You need to do is spare 10 minutes of Your time to do Self Healing by putting both hands on Your upper chest area and say: Divine Love & Lights ON! Enjoy it…

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The dictionary defines Meditation as “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation”. What does it really mean in simple English? “True meaning” of meditation is to become one with The Creator. Often we get overwhelmed in the course of our daily life. This can lead to stress and tensions that can ultimately affect our health. Meditate on a regular basis gives our mind a chance to quiet itself and adjust to the stresses and strains that are part of our modern life. People often meditate in a quiet space, free from distraction. There are many different methods of meditation, which have their own rituals. Meditation itself is simply the process of quieting our mind. Gradually, your mind becomes more relaxed and calmer, and you start to move mentally to a more tranquil space. Sometimes meditation is described as reaching a higher state of consciousness. This can come about because our mind is less cluttered and therefore we start to notice things that would ordinarily pass us by. For instance, whilst meditating, we may tune in more to the sound around us, whether they are urban sound of traffic and people talking or more rural sounds such as bird song or the running water of a stream. Oftentimes, by concentrating on these sounds we can go deeper into a meditative state.

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2. Benefits of Meditation
Nowadays, meditation is no longer associated with Eastern culture, mysticism, Yogis or philosophers. Its value has been recognized by many famous individuals and groups, including celebrities such as Madonna, Richard Gere and The Beatles in the 60’s. You don’t need to be religious or have a lot of time to meditate. You could do Divine Love and Lights Meditation Technique anywhere, anytime for that matters. It will only take 10 minutes a day of Your time using Divine Love and Lights Healing technique. Clinical studies has proved some of the benefits of Meditation such as: • Combat Insomnia • Reduce migraines • Lower blood pressure • Stimulate blood circulation • Aid Digestion • Ease Depression • Improve memory • Soothe Premenstrual syndrome • Calm anxiety and reduce panic attacks • Boost immune system Meditation can help You to think more clearly and improve Your energy levels so that You could work more efficiently and tire less. It can also help us to relax and calm down – so we do not get carried away with negative emotions such as anger. In addition to improving our quality of life and making us happier, the relaxation that meditation brings can help to improve physical health. Staying in a positive mind set encourage the production of endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals. That is why staying in a positive mind set is very important. Meditation also balances our mind, body and spirit. Good spirit leads to clear mind and healthy body. It also helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of our brain – resulting in good emotional and intellectual processes, and strengthen one’s immune system so that the body could heal itself faster.

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3. Which Meditation Technique is for me?
Meditation, just like anything else, has been through a lot of changes since its first inception thousand of years ago. Today, we know people are practicing Healing Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Hindu Meditation. The list goes on with Moving Meditation, Passive Meditation, Candle Light Meditation, and a few others. For beginners, the overwhelming numbers of techniques, literatures and advertisements could be very confusing. For those who has already started one technique, this could also create a problem, because each technique claims that it’s the best technique. Before we go on deciding which technique is the best, let’s begin with what is Meditation? Meditation is one way You communicate and become one with The One, The Beginning of Everything, or God we used to call It. The true essence of meditation is to feel and experience the unity itself. After all, we are all Light Beings seeking human experience, not the other way around. A lot of beginners are not well informed about this, and they meditate for healing, for “spiritual growth” or even ascension without really understanding what that means. Some people go all the way to meditate with an extreme measures, just because it has been the only way in their cultures. Some belief meditation could make one to become “God like” or some kind of super human. People are doing this because they feel that they are only human who needs more power to become more like Spiritual Beings. They forget that we are all part of The One. We do not need more and special power to become like Him, we only need to be fully conscious that we are part of Him. We already have the Power. Now that we are fully aware what meditation is all about, and what meditation could and could not do to You, what is really the best Meditation Technique? The best technique is the one which brings You closer and closer to The Divine. The best technique is the technique which “remind” You who You really are , regain Your full potential and full consciousness. This technique never ask You to give Your power away to any living person or even Light Masters. It could be accessed directly from The Divine, not through any particular ritual or certain teachings. The fact of the matter is, meditation technique is as personal as the individual itself. Trust Your intuition, follow Your heart, and go with the technique You’re most comfortable with. Always think of Your teachers as Your fellow traveler with respect, but do not give Your power away. Do Your meditation regularly in the stage of Pure Unconditional Love and under The Divine Love and Lights. This must not feel like a chore, do it because You are fully aware that we are all part of The Divine, we are all Light Beings seeking

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9 human experience. For those of You who are ready for the next level of Meditation, I strongly suggest You visit Getting into the deepest state of meditation will never be so easy.

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4. Meditation for Beginners
For complete beginners, Meditation could be very confusing, boring and discouraging chore to do. To the western cultures, sitting quietly without a word for a long period of time is not something You learned from school or from Your parents, unless Your parents are Buddhist. More and more westerners are introduced to the great benefits of Meditation, but find it too difficult to do. Although there are a lot of scientific evidence of the benefit of Meditation published and made available now, most people know Meditation from movie or books picturing an Indian Yogi with long beard meditating naked under a big tree, spending most of his life time. Meditation could become very tricky if done without a guidance from a competent instructor. Learning how to sit in a very uncomfortable half-lotus or full lotus position itself will take about 3 weeks to get used to it. Lots of people just quit before they even start to learn Meditation. Is sitting position important at all? Do we need to sit like those Himalayan Yogis to get the full benefit of Meditation? The answer is Yes, but the most important thing is to sit in a very comfortable position, where You can sit with Your spine straight. This will ensure the energy flows freely from Your Kundalini up to Your Crown Chakra. For those who are not sensitive enough and would like to “feel” the flow of energy, it is advisable not to lean on the chair. Beginners are advised to choose Meditation technique which is based on Divine Energy, such as Divine Love & Lights Meditation Technique. Why? Using energy based technique will make it easier for beginners to follow and “feel” the process. This way, Meditation will not become boring and will keep the beginners from falling asleep during meditation. For a complete beginner as well as experienced meditator, You should experience how easy it is to start meditation with Meditation will never be the same again. For those who learn Meditation without any energy initiation process, it is almost impossible to access Divine Energy, simply because none of Your Chakras are activated. It’s almost like trying to make a call from Your cellular phone from remote Amazon jungle, You simply could not get the access. Once You are attuned to the frequency of Divine Energy, You could access the energy just by will. What happen during the initiation is Your 7 major Chakras and Divine Chakras are activated to enable You to access the Divine Energy. Meditating will never be the same again. You simply sit in a comfortable position, close Your eyes, and Divine Energy will pour in through Your Crown Chakra. This process will give You a wake up call and the sensation is very overwhelming. Most beginners, no matter how insensitive they are, will feel the

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11 bliss, the flow of Energy so overwhelming, from their Crown Chakra, filling up their heads. This energy then clean the Crown Chakras as well as the Third Eye Chakra in the middle of their eyes. After that, the energy will go down to the Throat Chakra, balancing and cleaning it. Well balanced, active and clean Throat Chakra will help You to communicate better. The energy then will go down to activate, clean and balance Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra is where compassion and unconditional love resides. The more active, cleaned and balanced the Heart Chakra, the more compassionate the person is. From Heart Chakra, the Divine Energy will go down through Sushumna and activate Solar Plexus, Sex Chakra and Root Chakra. These last three Chakras are closely related to Your worldly success. The more active, clean and well balanced these three Chakras, the more success You are in materialistic world. After all, meditation is not all about spiritual. These are the “other” benefits of doing meditation with Divine Love and Lights Meditation Technique. You will get all the benefits of traditional Meditation practice with a lot more bonuses, cleaning and activating Your Chakras, Your Energy Centers. Those days of meditation with boring traditional exercise are long gone.

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5. Benefits of Divine Love & Lights Meditation
Divine Love and Lights Meditation also offers the previously mentioned benefits of Meditation plus much more. Due to its multi dimension nature, Divine Love and Lights Meditation does not only heal Your physical body, it also heals Your emotional, mental body, as well as helps Your spiritual growth. Noticeably, time needed in doing Divine Love and Lights Meditation is much less demanding than any other methods. Reiki, for example, will take about 60-75 minutes of Your time to complete a Self Healing session. In this method, You only need 10 minutes to do the Self Healing ( if You do not have any health problem). This 10 minutes of Self Healing Meditation a day is sufficient to maintain Your health. If You have a health problem, please spend more time on the problem area (in addition to 10 minutes daily routine). Divine Love & Lights Self Healing Meditation has been found to be highly effective both as a complementary therapy or when used to support medical treatment. Besides general meditation benefits mentioned earlier, Divine Love and Lights Healing Meditation also offers You more benefits such as: • • • • • • • • • • • Find Yourself Calm, Relaxed, and Happy at all times Ability to go into deepest state of meditation - instantly Clear You mind from negative thoughts Ability to heal Yourself and help heal others instantly Improve Your health dramatically- physically, emotionally and mentally Empower Yourself for greater success, better health, relationship and financially Get rid of limiting belief, never let fear control Your life again Increase vitality and feelings of rejuvenation Starts and end Your day with Pure Unconditional Love Create emotional stability, stop suffering from mood swings. Slows down ageing process

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The other great things about Divine Love and Lights Healing is that we are not alone. Besides The Creator, there are Light Masters, Angels and Arch Angels that can’t wait to assist us in any way. All You have to do is ask, and they are more than happy to do so. Here is one of them: Light Master Germain with Silver Violet Flame After keeping the Silver Violet Flame secret for centuries, finally in 1930s Light Master Germain appeared to Guy Ballard and gave him the first teaching of Silver Violet Flame. The Silver Violet Flame is the essence of one of Divine Energy that has specific color, frequency and quality of God’s consciousness. When You invoke it in the name of God, The Silver Violet Flame descends as a beam of spiritual energy. It transmutes all disharmony into the energy of Unconditional Love. You can use The Silver Violet Flame for protection or transmuting discordant energy / disharmony into love & lights simply by pray to God and call for Light Master Germain then invoke 3 - 4 times : I AM THE BEING OF SILVER VIOLET FIRE I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES When You invoke this in the name of God, The Silver Violet Flame automatically “comes down” to You or the one You asked for, in the form of bright silver-violet colored mist and transmute disharmony into Love and Lights.

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6. FREE Mass Healing Program

I am launching a FREE Mass Healing Program which is available for Everybody who wish to receive it everyday. Details are as followed:

Time: Every night at 9.00 pm – 9.30 pm (your local time) 7 days a week

Posture: Sitting comfortably, relax, with your spine straight Lying down is ok for those who are not feeling well

Affirmation: “I would like to receive Mass Healing Session from SecretOfMeditation program”

Benefits: The Divine Healing Energy which comes directly from The Creator will help you to overcome physical and non physical health problem.

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Dear Alex, Right after receiving the attunement, I start seeing results that I never thought possible for me. I can actually feel the energy moving around inside me. I started seeing auras a lot easier/clearer now. This technique improves my Psychic abilities, which is something I've been trying to do for ages. Thank You very much Alex! Sam Heath Essex, United Kingdom -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's a great Meditation Technique and it really helps me to be more relax. I feel and look healthier, I am totally a new person now just by doing a 10 minutes a day routine. Amazing! Diana Mills California, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alex, I doubted Your meditation technique the first time I tried it, because it's just too simple. After I got the distant initiation from You personally and tried it, it really blew my mind. It really works! I got to the deepest meditation state in just a matter of seconds. I've never felt this good in my meditation before. I got rid of my heartburn and digestion problem once and for all. Many thanks for this meditation technique. Debby California, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meditation I used to know only calms me down, but Your Divine Love & LightsTtechnique is really amazing. Now, I could feel the energy flows out of my hand with warm tingling sensation and it goes through to all over my body when I'm doing 10 minutes Self Healing. This is something that I've never felt before, even after Reiki attunements. Thanks Tina Sie Taipei, Taiwan

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Closing Advice
I sincerely hope this manual has given You a better idea about how You can access the Divine Energy of The Creator to heal Yourself, attract abundance, and about anything else You wish. All You really need to do is get started Most of all, all You need to do is make a decision to empower Yourself and get a direct access to The Creator using Divine Love & Lights Meditation Technique. The fact is that this technique is very simple and it’s for everybody who is ready. My wish is that You have made a decision to be one with The Creator, and start think, do and love like The Creator. If You are attuned with Divine Love & Lights Energy, You really will be able to heal Yourself and others, attract abundance, enhance Your Spiritual Growth and to have direct access to Divine Energy. Be Healthy, Happy and Smile, tell Yourself to be in Pure Unconditional Love at all times. All the best,

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Secret Of Meditation
Greatest Breakthrough in Self-Empowering Meditation and Self Healing Technique

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