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Methods of Forecasting Rain Three methods have been given by ancient Munies & Seers.

Namely Bhauma Padhati, Antriksha padhati and Divya Padhati as well the indications of Rutu Parivartana are as follows. Some Chemical reactions also indicate the change in climate. 1) Rust of the iron bar, or iron column smell like raw meat. 2) Water changes its taste 3) Salt become wet 4) Butter milk become source Like wise many things have been observed by our ancient Rishi Munies.

Bhoum Padhati - It is based on the change in living pattern, behavior of birds, creepers, animals, etc. it gives indications of rainfall 0 to 4 days in advance. 1) Ants move with egg in their mouth or run without any reason. 2) Frogs make noise. 3) Cats, serpents, rats run without any substantial reason 4) Peacock starts dancing. 5) Cats starts scratching earth surface by their nails. 6) Serpents climb the trees is a sign of heavy rain 7) Cow looks at Sun. 8) Wild Lizard climbed the tree & changes its color. 9) Cows are unwilling to leave the shade. 10) Dogs do not go out of their house, and street dogs bark looking at sky. 11) Birds especially sparrows take bath in dust. 12) Fish tries to jump towards earth surface. 13) Birds as well animals eat the upper part of grass. 14) Serpents have their matting in open place.

Total 56 indications are given in various ancient books.

Some indication from Crow a special envoy of rainy Season.

1) Crow starts building its well in advance of rainy season. Location of crow nest indicates. If the nest is a) At the top of a tree b) In the mid of a tree c) Near the ground d) On the ground near a tree Direction of crow nest & Rain. Seers have observed the direction of crow nest and they have said certain indications of rain as follows. If the Crow nest is on the i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) East South East South South west West North West North North east Good Rain, Good Harvest. No Rain, drought. People suffer for water. It rains for 2 months only. Indicates less rainfall. The food grains are cheep & satisfactory rain. - Rain with wind, satisfactory rain. Less Rain Ref. Kadambini From the eggs of the Crow 1) One egg in a nest - Rain with wind & lighting 2) Two eggs 3) Three eggs 4) Four eggs Rain with thunder storm satisfactory rain In batches of two satisfactory rainy season Heavy rainfall Normal rainfall. Less rainfall. - Drought.

5) Four eggs together very heavy rainfall From the sound of the crow. If crow cries from its nest 1) During Rainy season 2) During winter 3) During Summer It will be heavy to heavy rainfall. Drought The cost of food grain will raise.

Less rain less food production.

Antariksha Padhati - It is based on the observation of wind, clouds, lighting, colors of raising & setting Sun, thundering, hollow around Sun & Moon; rainbow, etc. There observations give indications 4 to 14 days in advance. List of observation enclosed.

During monsoon we can forecast the rain from 4 days to 14 days by observations of Wind coming from its direction & speed gives indications of .. 1) East 2) South east 3) South 4) South West 5) West 6) North West 7) North 8) North East Early rains. Lighting with less rain Inter mitten - rain Drizzling for longer period Slow rain , rain drops fall at an angle. Heavy wind associated with rain Good rain insufficient quantity. Plenty of rain timely good for crops

These observations are to be taken on Swati yoga, Ashadi & Rohini yoga. Clouds Similarly for clouds, can be read from their types, shape, color & direction. Lighting Rainbow Direction, shape & color indicate the effect on rain. If it is noticed during rain, the rain stops & if seen at the time of raising or setting sun it is sure sign of early rains. Similarly hollow around sun & moon, falling of stars, indicates the rainfall.

Divya Padhati - This is based on Astro- mathematics consists of 3 sub methods Namely 1) Panchang Padhati, 2) Nakshatra Padhati, 3) Kundali Padhati (Horoscope)

In each of these methods one way or the other Astromathematics is included & the entire method depends on planetary motions, their aspects with each other, Nakshatra conjunction, constilations opposition etc. in brief it is purely

mathematical method (Astro-maths). Being maths the results must be 100% unfortunately I am able to get 84.6% accuracy. I am trying to search on shortfall for remaining 16%.

The Accuracy Ratio through which I am trying is


X 100

Verified the results by Prediction accuracy Ratio as in the year Year 2002 79.00%, Year 2003 81.00%, Year 2004 84.60%

b) Clasification of earth surface for quantity of Rainfall The rainfall quantity depends mainly on the location of the place. Its

Geographical condition, Topography, Vegetation i.e. forestry, water Storage, Perennial river etc. For this purpose the earth surface has been classified in 3 categories namely Anoop, Jungle, Mishra.

Anoop : Hills, Valleys, forest with perennial rivers, lakes or ponds Lakes as in Konkan in Maharashtra. Jungle : Hills, valleys, forest without river or very few water bodies in the area. Mishra : Hills, Mountains without vegetation & water flowing Nalas, rainwater shed area.

Deserts : are classified in separate class which are not much described or I could not come across the text.

For Astrological concept 1) Bruhat Jatak, 2) Parashar Hora, 3) Mansagari, 4) Saravali, 5) Laghu parashar 6) Chamatkar Chintamani, 7) Brugusutra, 8) Jatkalankar, 9) Bhavarth Ratnakar 9) Sarvarth Chintamani, 11) Uttar Kalamrut - for Astromathematics topic.