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Once again many volunteers have put much time and effort into compiling arid updating this Information Guide. This revised edition is thanks to the efforts of: Freda,Burns, John Gibbs, Zoe.:Griffin, Paul & Lis Holtorn, Andrew Jones, Susanne Kruse, Helene Merbur, Wendy Pagler, Louise Pharr, .Hannah Rees, Iron Sitangang, David Smith, Caroline Townsend, Ross'White and all of whom fitted work into their busyschedules.

Finally thank you to all our sponsors, friends and service users who give SPIN meaning arid direction. :Aske Trykk

Thank yoato Odd Furenes ( for kindly donating the cover photo again. Some of the.images on the tabs and.on the backcover are used by permission'from the Hermetikkmuseet, Piers T. Crocker and Ragria Monsen Syversen. Thank you to Ellen Jepson for the maps.

' pleased to publish its Nineth.Edition of the Information Guide. Again, we have tried to restructure this guide based upon your feedback during the past year and hope that you find, it indispensable, whether you are new to Stavanger, are a seasoned resident or if you are getting ready to moveelsewhere. Please^do continue to.send your comments. We welcome your feedback! SPIN has had a very successful year, andour website has been steadily expanding. Please do visit it if you have not yet done so * SPIN will be holding monthly social events again, commencing August ' 2006, so be sure you also join our newsletter mailing list to be kept up to date. We would like to thank all of our SPIN sponsors; Shell, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, & Somme, Majortrans Flytteservice, Statoil, Total, BP Norge, Marathon Petroleum Company, Schlumbergerand BG Norge Limited. We also send a big thank you to all the SPIN volunteers who have put in so much time and energy working on the Guide and in particular to Caroline Townsend, for stepping in as our Guide Project Manager. We alsbUhank YOU for supporting SPIN by purchasing the Guide! The SPIN Board SPIN MAY 2006

Using the Guide

This Guide has been compiled by expatriate volunteers living in Stavanger. Ii contains information they have found useful, and we hope you will find the same. If you have any comments on the guide, know of things thai have changed ornew information you would like to sec incorporated in the next edition, please let us know. Throughout the Guide a number of symbols and abbreviations have been used to help you find your way round: Nok Norwegian kroner Telephone numbers t!i Fax numbers <^D Email address B Website address ~* Indicates references to other sectionsin the Guide Indicates the number of the'map.the.entry is shown upon 0 Indicates a category to be found in the Yellow Pages {Gulesicier) Information contained in this Guide was considered accurate at the lime of priming, however it is forever changing. Listings of people and organisations have not been compiled necessarily as recommendations. All rights arc reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the copyright owner. SPIN May 2006 Nincth Edition Revised Reprint SPIN (Stavanger Partner Information Network) ^ S Things change prices go up, businesses relocate, new names appear nothing slays the same. So if you find things have changed from that stated in the Guide,, please send us an email to make the next edition better. Your emailswill beaiscd to update future editions of the Guide and where possible, in the interim, important changes will be.noted on the SPIN website.

Using the Guide Important Telephone Numbers (Urgent Medical Treatment)

Stavanger Legevakt Sandncs Legevakt Sola Legevakt Tan n lege

51 951 951 951

51 02 02 97 1097 5.6 14 00 52 33 44

Legevakt - Doctor on duty Tannlege - Dentist Norwegian Emergency Numbers

Fire Brigade Police Ambulance

9 110 9 112 9 113

January s
6 13 20 27

1 8 15 22 29

T W T F S 1 2 6' 9' 15 16 22 23 29 S 2. 9 16 23 '30 M 3 10 17 24 31 T' 4 11 18 25 W 5 12 19 26 T F 6 13 20 27 7 Id 21 26 S 1 8 15 22 29

7 M 21 2B

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 I? 24 31 .1 11 '6 25

5 12 19 26

S 3 10 17 24

M 4 11 18 25

5 6' 7 12. 13 14 19 20 21 26 27 28

5 6 13 20 27 M 7 14 21 26 T W 1 2 8 9 15 16 ?2 23 29 30 T F 3 4 10 ii 17 16 24 25 S 5 12' 19 26

4 11 16 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 If

7 14 21 2B

T 1 8 15 22 29

F , 2 9 16 23 3C

S .3 10 17 2d 31

S 1 8 15 22 29

M 2 9 16 23 30

T 3 10 17 24

W 4 11 18 25

T F 5 6 12 '3 19 20 26 27

S 7 14 21 28

T W 1 2 6 7 8 9 13 1" 15 16 20 21 -22 23 27' '28 29 3D 5 M T F 3 4 10 11 17 16 24 25 31 S 5 12 19 26

S 3 10 17 24 31 M 4 '1 18 25 T 5 12 19 26 W 6 13 20 27 T F 7 14 21 28 1 B 15 22 29 S 2 9 16 23 30

S 7 14 21 28 M T W 1 2 3 8 9 10 15 16' 17 22 23 24 '29 30 T F 4 5 11 12 18 19 25 26 S 6 13 20 27

S 5 12 19 26 M 6 13 20 27 T 7 14 21 28 W T F 1 2 3 8 9 10 15 16 -17 22 23 24 29 30 31 S 4 11 18 25

S 2 9 16 23 30 M T W 5 12 19 26 T F 6 13: 20 27 7 14 21 28 S 1 8 15 22 29

S 7 14 21 28 M T 1 2 8 9 15 16 22 23 29 30 W 3 10 17 24 31 T F 4 5 11 12 18 -19 25 26 S 6 13 20 27

3 4 10 11 17 -1B 24 25

January s
4 II. .18 25

6 13. 2D 2?


5 12 IS 70

7 14 21 2B

1 6 15 22 29 2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

1 8 15 22

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

1: 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

2 3 9 10 16' 17 2o 24

April s
5, 12 19 26


M 4 11 18 25 T 5 12 19 26 W 6 13 20 27 T F 7 14 21' 28 1 8 15 22 29 S 2 9 16 23 30 S 7 .14 21 28 M T 1 2 8 3 15 16 22 23 29 30 W 3 10 17 24 T F 4 5 11 12 18 19 25 26 S 6 13 2D 27

7 14 21 28

1 8 '15 22 29

2. 3 9 10 16 17 23 24 30

4 n 1S' 25

S 3 10 17 24 31

6 13 iQ 27

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements Introduction Using the Guide Calendar Welcome
Stavanger & Norway Weather & Climate Time Language Cost of Work/Life Balance Enjoying Stavanger Norwegian Food Education Medical

11 11 12 I2: 12 12 12 12 13 13.


Travel Documents & Visa Banking .-. Insurance:........ Customs & Excise Importing Cars Importing Plants Importing Pets-.: Traveling with Pets Importing Alcohol as Household Goods ItemsThat You Cannot Buy Here

17 17 17 17 17 19 19 22 22 22

Visas & Work Permits Applying for a Residence and/or Work Permit Registration Social Security ..;, , Banking Housing Setting up Home Waste Handling : Telephone & Internet Television Insurance Legal Advice
Cars& Driving

27 28 31 32 34 36 37 38 42 43 47 48

Culture shock

^ .


Finding a Job


Foreign Diplomas ....; Working-Regulations....Self Employment Voluntary-Work Types of Norwegian Taxes Business Directory

, Companies

66 68 69 71 71 72 74

National Health System Visiting the Doctor Pharmacy :

79 80 83

Doctor on Duty ....T The Hospital Emergency Department.......v. Having a Baby .-. Dentist .-.-.-.Other Health Services Alternative Health Services Crisis Centres & Support Groups Therapists & Counsellors

85 87 88 89 95 96 98 99 100

Education &Childcare Primary & Secondary Education Non Norwegian Education College & University Adult Education & Courses

105 106 107 108 109

Religion Transport
Driving/Road Rules Road Tolls Parking Cycling -. Public Transport ;...... Travelling Within and Outside of Norway _..

113 117
117 119 119 121 121 124

Shopping & Services

Where & When to Shop Shopping Discount Card .....,-... Shopping by Merchandise Category & Services Items to Buy in Norway ;>. Duty Free Shopping : ,

127 129 129 154 156


Entertainment & Leisure

General Information Cinema Dance Hiking

159 159 160 161



164 164 169 171 172 173 1,75 184

Libraries Museums. MusicParks & Attractions Restaurants, Care's & Bars Sightseeing Around Sports theatre

-..-.-.., Stava"nger : .-

Leaving Norway Appendices Maps Index , -..;

187 193 207 209

Stavanger & Norway
In the year 2 0 0 1 , the Human Development report of the United Nations continued that Norway is ranked as the number one country in the w o r l d to live. This was based on the quality of health, wealth and social outlook. Although we think of Stavanger as one town, it's actually three separate towns: Stavanger, Sola and Sandnes, all situated in Rogaland 'county' (fylke). Stavanger itself now has over I 13,000 inhabitants. It is Norway's fourth city, but number one when it comes to oil and gas. T h e s e o f f s h o r e resources arc the main reason for the rapid development of S t a v a n g e r , and its population g r o w t h over recent decades. Stavanger's roots go back to the time of the Vikings. The town itself is almost nine centuries old. Its location on the sea made shipping and.commcrce.the most naluralindustry resulting,in the (canning) the 19'1' century. Due to its very recent g r o w t h . Stavanger has been able to maintain the characteristics of a small, i n l i mate^old town b u t w i t h the facilities oPa larger city. Il is.particularly'rich inculture with a concert hall, several art museums and numerous other museums. Sola is knownTor its long:stretch of sandy beaches. Together w i t h the flat and hilly terrain it providesopportunities for a variety of activities': Sola has developed from a niaiiily agricultural and fishing community SPIN IriformationGuide

to one with a more industrial and service focus. With ncarly-20,000 inhabitants Sola is a small town,-situated only 10 km from Stavanger centre. The airport s e r v i n g Stavanger and the local community is situated here. Sandnes has a population of over 55,000 and is one of Norway's larger cities. It is situated some 15 km south of Stavanger. Historically k n o w n , tor its b r i c k w o r k s and potteries, it is now renowned for iis textile production and bicycle industry. Sandnes is known as 'Bicycle T o w n ' both because of the manufacturing of bicycles and the bike friendly environment il has developed. Sandnes' active cultural life'also makes it an enjoyable place to live. Randaberg, 7 km north of Stavanger. is a m a i n l y a g r i c u l t u r a l municipality o f low grasslands with little industrial activity. The village has approximately 9,000 inhabitants and the small centre provides all main services. The region was one of the first permanent dwelling places established in Norway after the last Ice.Age and is known for its ancient monuments: stone-age caves and rock carvings. The region is alsoidcal for bicycling and outdoor activities. the 'garden' of Rogaland f y l k e stretching, from Randaberg in the north to the E39 and Egersund in the cast and south. Mostly flat, Ja;ren is surrounded by dramatic countryside and sandy beaches. With the North Sea as its nearest neighbour, you have easy access to the delicacies of the sea: fish and shellfish.

Weather & Climate

Norway lies in the path of the North Atlantic c y c l o n e s , hence there are frequent changes in the weather, t h e Guff Stream carrying warm seawater along the coast Welcome

gives the west coast of Norway a maritime climate with relatively cool summers.and mild winters. The thermometer seldom drops below -4C or rises above +24G. Winters don't come with a lot of snow generally, but raingear is essentia L In Stavanger they say 'there^s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing'! Winter days are short (09.00-16.00) in contrast to the long summer" days (03.00-23.00). (casselte.and study book) is "Nokkel til Norge". Since most Norwegians can speak English you will not feel complclely'lost.

Cost of Living
Norway is a very expensive country by any standards. It can take a while before one gels "used to the high cost of living. However, the prices can vary from shop to shop'and il is.therefore advisable to shop around.

Work/Life Balance
The work/life balance is very "important to Norwegians. Most employees start at 08.00 and work until 16.00. However, most companies do have flexible working hours.

Enjoying Stavanger Average.temperatures in/centigrade:

Jan Mur May Jul Oslo -5 -I II 17 Stavanger 1 3 10 15 _ (DL-yrce'sF= DcyrecsC.\ 1.8 + 32; Sop II 12 Due I 6

Norway is on Central European Time, which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and six hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time. The clock-is set forward one hour to 'summertime' the last Sunday of March, and set back an hour the last Sunday of October.

StavangerJias lots of things to do. Norwegians live outdoors as much as possible, most hay'mg,'hyitei- (cabins) out in the countryside. In winter it'sskiing, in summer hiking, boating and fishing. In addition they have a-very activcicultural Mfe. Stavanger has its own theatre, concert hall and lots of museums.The library.facilities, opportunities for following or learning new hobbies and adult education are extensive. Stavanger is also known in Norway for the.number of churches, missions and religious activities.

Norwegian Food
The Norwegian diet is. on the whole, a healthy one. Breakfast {frokosl) normally consists of bread with ham or cheese or perhaps cereal or eggs. Pickled herring (sild) is also a popular choice with many different varieties such as mustard, vinegar and'tomato sauce. Lunch (lunsj) is traditionally a maipakke taken to work or school and consisting of sandwiches and fruit. Lunchtime
SPIN Information Guide

Norway'has;two.official languages namely Bdkmal (''Book language") >and Nynorsk ("New Norwegian'"). Bokmalj's used by approximately 80% of the population. IfJyou would like to start learning Norwegian before your arrival a good course in English Welcome

is aroiind II .00. Dinner (middag) is the only cooked meal of the day.and the dishes served largely depend on the occasion: Dinnertime varies between 16.00 aifd 17.00. Fish features heavily as expected and cod (torsk)"m various cuts and forms, along w i t h salmon {laks) and herring (sild), are dinner staples. The hunting season in early autumn throws up some interesting temptations such as pheasant ifcisdh), grouse (ivpe); elk (elg) and reindeer (reinsdyr). Lamb (Jam) is also particularly good at this time of year". Dai 17 produce has always been a staple and the Norwegian diet is still marked by its presence, special m i l k s such as k u l i u r melk (soured m i l k ) are readily available. The yoghurts, ice creams etc. are of the full fat delicious variety! But you can choose to have the low fat varieties. Fruits and vegetables are very seasonal here and the most is made of their limited availability. The cherries (moreller). strawberries (jordbtvr), new potatoes, carrots (gulrotter) etc. are worth l o o k i n g out for, and are often sold w i t h other seasonal produce from stalls at the side of the road, fresh from the farm. Outside of the m a i i r meals there arc. of course, numerous coffee breaks, often served with pastries (bakverk). Blotkake. a layered cream cake, imd'kransek'ake. a multiringed ; almond cakciwith icing, are served on special occasions. Lejse (griddlecakcs) afe,aholher typical Norwegian item. The Norwegian menu is also heavily dependent on tradition w i t h many foods being served only on certain holidays andcclcbra.tions:.Christmas of course brings an excellent variety of dishes. Littefisk (dried cod steeped in lye) is the very traditional preCliristmas d|sh. Cakes and pastries such as gingcisnaps, doughnuts, cones etc. are a must and many households have 'seven k i n d s ' o f Christmas biscuits on offer. A l o n g the coast the main dish on Christmas Eve is often fresh cod, halibut or haejhk, while in Eastern Norway many prefer pork ribs with pork .sausage patties and Chnstmas'sausages. Dried mutton ribs {pinnekjoli) are a Wesi Coast speciality. Lots of imported foods arc available in various different.supermarkets. The supplies have increased in the last few years but the number of brands is usually limited.

Stavanger has an International School, British School and a French School. Please look ai section Education & Childcare for more information regarding education for your children.

Anyone.residing in Norway, either temporarily drpermanently, may j o i n the National Health Service.

SPIN Information Guide



.# forg Don



SPIN Information Guide



kf^OrJM y k l i ^ 2 * f i

.Ji- T ;

JHesyof RajSno*M(


Preparation Moving Logistics

Travel Documents & Visa
A l l foreign nationals w h o w i s h l o c n t e r Norway must have a valid passport or other identification which is officially recognised

There are various insurance policies, which you have to think about: Health, house, car and third party insurance. " L o g i s t i c s - Setting up home - Insurance "Logistics - Cars & driving - Insurance "Health - National health system

as a' valid travel

document. Only Nordic nationals are exempt from this passport requirement. Foreign nationals from a number.of countries w i l l . f u r't h c r m o r e ,

Customs and Excise

If you move to Norway and are bringing your household goods, you w i l l have to complete a customs form declaring alcoholic beverages and certain olher goods in y o u r s h i p m e n t . The section below "Imporlingcars has the address and phone number of the Stavanger Distrikisitillsted which deals wilh import/export of vehicles, temporary third party insurance etc. The import of CDs and books through the mail, which are for personal use. is duty free. Other products w i t h a value of over Nok 2.000 and sent from a business address w i l l incur import duty lax. Please check w i l h Stavanger DisiriktsioKsfed. " I m p o r t i n g cars

require a visa to
enter Norway. " A p p e n d i x Seven. AM foreign nationals who intend to slay in Norway for more than three months must apply for a residence permit (oppholdsliliaiclse). A residence permit grants the holder the right to reside anywhere in Norway. Government offices opening hours: Mon-Fri 09,00-14.00 Some government services are closed to the public on Wednesday.

Importing Cars
If you want to bring your motor vehicle into Norway when m o v i n g to this country, you must pay Vehicle Registration tax and VAT w i l l be living here.formore than one year as a resident. The registration tax is calculated on the weight of the vehicle, engine power and cylinder capacity. A.% reduction is made for how old the car is. It is w o r t h n o t i n g that due to the w i n t e r packages' sold w i t h cars in Scandinavia these days, it is often more expensive to import newer cars than to buy ihem once in Norway.-,

In order to beiable^to open,a bank account in N o r w a y one needs a personal identification number(fodselsniimiiier). This can take some time and. therefore, i t j s advisabje to keep an accouuHn your home country so that there are no problems of getting money in the interim. SPIN Information Guide


There is the possibility of importing and temporarily using motor vehicles in Norway that are registered abroad without liability to pay duly. For a perso_n to have the right to 'import and temporarily use in Norway a motor vehicle that is registered abroad without paying diiiy.-Mhe person concerned cither has to have-permanent residence outside.Norway or tcsiay in NorwayTor a clearly limited period of less than brie year. In some.cases, 'temporary'use may also be permitted to persons who are residents of Norway. A person cannot reside lemporari ly in Norway, if he/she has resided here or been registered in the Norwegian National register f o r m o r e i h a n 365 days in ihe course of the two prior years.lo entry. Motor vehicles imported duty-free under the provisions of this regulation must only be used temporarily and re-exported at a later date: As a,general rule, ihe motor vehicle must not be left behind during the period that il is exempted from duty and normally has to beje-cxported when the user leaves the,country. W h e n in doubt. Ihe" customs, authorities should be evaluate the documentation prior to actually importing the motor vehicle, possibly at the point of border crossing.. It should be rioted that a car should .be b r o u g h t ' j n t o the country w i t h i n the first three months after your arrival in Norway. The vehicle must be registered as soon as po.ssible after arrival. The car is.only to be used for private purposes and must be registered in the name of the owner in Norway. The owner cannot sell or lend the car until two years from.the dale of registration in Norway unless.he/she pays import duty. N B . O n l y one car per person can be imported under these regulations. I l l wo cars arc-imported, one car must be registered in the spouse's name and f u l f i l the same conditions as outlined above. Bolh ihe timeol" your arrival in Norway and Ihe lime of ihe importation of the motor vehicle must be satisfactorily documented f o r e x a m p l c by travel documents/stamps in passports. D i f f e r e n t - r u l e s apply when i m p o r t i n g a molor vehicle while living in Norway. Check with,the customs. If any f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n is r e q u i r e d regarding importing of cars to Norway, you should contact the Customs authorities directly. Tollvesenel I n f o r m a t i o n Centre 2 0 30 12 B w w w . l o l l : n o ( i n f o in English) Toll og A v g i f t s d i r e k l n r a c t Skansegate 2,4006 Slavanger What will'actuaMy be accepted as documentation during a check will depend on the respective-person's personal ''situation. Preparation. S . 5 I 86 86 86 (registration of car)

SPIN Informatio'n'Guide

Stavanger Trnfikkstasjon Christian A. Thoringsveg 12, Sola 8 1 5 4 4 0 10' (lest of car. collection of licence plates) OsloTollvesenet
2 2 8603 00

Importing Pets
Importing your pet lo Norway can be a time consuming and (if quarantine is mandated) expensive proposilion. However, it is wonderful to have the entire "family" together while on a foreign assignment. You will save money by doing all the "footwork" yourself. On the other hand, if time is short or if you feel more comfortable having a professional handle the details, you may choose to contact a pet transport company. Animals can be sent lo (he local airpoil in Sola. However, if quarantine is necessary, your pels should be sent to Gardermoen Airport. Oslo, where they will be collected by a representative of the quarantine station.
Importation rules <

Importing Plants
Importation of household plants is allowed provided a Psyiosanilary Certificate has been issued in the country of origin. The certificate must be presented to customs and ihe plants must be available for inspection. Mahilsynet Food Safety Authority Regional office for Rogaland & Agde'r 06040 (info in English. German. Italian and Spanish)

The Norwegian regulations arc based upon corresponding legislation in the European Union, according to the EEAagrecmenl. It the conditions slated in the regulation are fullfilied. dogs, cais and ferrets may be brought into Norway without permisson from the Norwegian Food Safely Aulhorily (Maliil.sxnet). The rules only apply lo animals accompanied by their owner or a person responsible for the animals on behalf of ihe owner during their movment and which are riot intended lo be sold or transferred to another owner. The importation rules are divided into four categories: importation from; EU countries (except Sweden). Sweden, listed third countries and unlisted third countries. Please refer to the Matlilsynel websiie. above, for further information regarding these lists and the relevant veterinary requirements. The importation of the following dog breeds (purebred or crosses) is prohibited: Pit Bull

SPIN Information Guide

Terrier. Tosa Inm Dogo A r g e h t i n o . Fila Brasilerio and American Staffordshire Terrier. V e s t b e r g Q u a r a n t i n e S t a t i o n (Vestberg

Nordic Liyeiiidvei 4 5 . . l 8 I 6 S k i p t v e t

Animals must be older than 6 months and not pregnant b e f o r e q u a r a r i t i n g . . The imponernuisl contact the border veicrriarian at least 48 hours p r i o r t o arrival. Animals imported id Norway-trom unlisted third countries must spend at least four m o n t h s at an a p p r o v e d q u a r e n l i n e in Norway.There is an additional two months oftquarantine aljiorrie: During this lime, a dog must be kept on,a leash.and a calkept indoors. The animal cannot h c h o i i s e d i n a kennel, nor presented at shows, and not be sold or given away. After (he entire six month quarantine period is over, your pet must be taken to the local district veterinarian for the final paperwork: D i s t r i c t Veterinarian Centre in Sandnes and Stavanger Kyrkjevcgen 332,4325,Sandnes 5 1 6 0 3 5 0 0 / 5 1 6 0 3 5 10 W h o to contact before y o u r pet a r r i v e s : There are many people lo conlacl when quarantine is involved. Start on this the m o m e n t , y o u ' f i n d out, y o u are b e i n g transferred lo Norway and have decided lo bring your pel. There are a number ofsleps to follow and space at Ihequaranline facility is limited.. A. As soon as p o s s i b l e , c o n t a c t the quarantine tacilityandireservc your place. You will have to give an arrival date, but they realise thai this may change. They must agam be contacted 48 hours before your pet is due to arrive.

69 80 85 80 r&.69'80 85 90
H (in English) B. As soon as p o s s i b l e , a p p l y to the Mattilsynei. This is to inform the Norwegian a u t h o r i t y of y o u r intentions and to get permission l o i m p o r l the animal. They can send you the necessary forms if you arc unable to download them from the Internet. Trust what they lell y o u . as information given to you within your home country may be outdated. Food Safety Authority/Ma/ftV.vv/ie/) 06040 H C. At least 30 days p r i o r t o importation, you must register w i t h the Districl Veterinary O f f i c e r r e s p o n s i b l e for the q u a r a n t i n e facilities. D. The district veterinarian fpr.lhc Oslo area must be,contacted 48 hours prior to pel arrival so that tliev can arrange to meet the plane al the Gardcrmocn airport in order to inspect ihe animal and Iheaccompunying documents. Give them (he flightnumber, lime and date of arrival. B o r d e r veterinarian G a r d e r m o e n (Oslo) 64 82 04 00
( 5i

64 82 04 01

E. It's a good idea lo also let border control know that.yourpet iscoming.24 to48 hours in-advance. Give them the flight number, lime and dale of arrival:


SPIN Information Guide

Airline Transport
Check with the authorities in your country of origin to seeJf-there are any special requirements for transporting pets. The following are general guidelines that should apply to any country as ihey are based on common sense, with the comfort and safety of your pet in mind. Your pet must be transported in an airlineapproved carrier which is.big-enough for your pel lo stand.up and turn around. The carrier labelled "Live Animals" on both top and sides. Line the carrier with plenty of absorbent material, such as newspaper. Include a favourite toy.or an old shirt with your smell on it. If your dog has a choke collar, take it off or set it in a locked position. A water and (empty) food?bowl must be securely attached to the kennel door (hint- use a deep bowl for water, filled with a large chunk of ice - this helps avoid spills). Food is lo be placed in a bag and attached to'the outside of the kennel. Dogs musl be provided wilh a leash. Important documentation must be taped to the outside of the kennel, including: Norwegian Veterinary Certificate ( O R I G I N A L COPY)/Pel Passport showing~all vaccination details. Rabies Certificate (optional for some countries). An information sheet showing:,the pels name, full contact information forbolh poinl of origin and destination, time and date animal was accepted by airline, microchip number, feeding and watering'inHtruclions. The sheel musl besigned and dated by you. Pet Arrival at Gardermoen Airport Upon arrival at Gardermoen Airport, the pet must be collected (either by yourself or the pet transport company) and taken 10 border control. The district veterinarian and a representative from the quarantine facility will be there lo check the original Veterinary Certificate and transport the animal to ihe Vestberg facility. If there are any irregularities, the Customs authorities will refuse entry. Note - If you want your pel to have toys or special treats while in quarantine, these may be civen to the quarantine station representative at Gardermoen Airport. They will be destroyed when your pel finishes ihe quarantine period. Travelling w i t h pets f r o m Norway Although bringing your cat ordog with you is allowed, there are slricl guidelines that musl be followed. This involves taking your pet lor a vet check both in Norway (before you leave), and in the country you are visiting (before you return). For'more information contact your local veterinarian.

Importing Alcohol as pari of Household Goods

If you decideno include alcohol in your household goods shipment the following applies. Firstly ihe alcohol must be for personal use and cannot be sold. Secondly you must apply for an import-permit for alcoholic beverages, which can take two lo three-weeks.The alcohol can be'cleared by customs once the permit has.been given. You will have to pay taxes and duties. Once

SPIN lnformation:Guide


these arc paid il can be released from the bonded warehouse. Please note thai the two litres, which you arc allowed to import duly free, is only valid when you hand carry the goodstand not in unaccompanied baggage. For lax free importation of goods in your hand luggage visit H.

Passport which has 10 be valid for at leasf three months after your arrival in Norway.

Visa (applicable losome nationalities)

Work permit, if applicable Curriculum vitae of your qualifications. This is needed if you want lo apply for ajdb. Educational certificates: If possible it is better'to haveMhenniranslaled inlo Norwegian. Marriage certificate. Divorce papers, w h i c h includes any agreement on alimony payments. This is needed for application for personal identification number (J'iX/selsnummt'r) and also for filling in income tax returns. Children's Birth Cerlificalcs. Medical records if you would like lo transfer treatment lo Norway. V a c c i n a t i o n records or c e r t i f i c a t e s (cspeciallyTorchildrcn).Thismighl be r e q u i r e d by health services or the school. It is best i f - t h e records arc transferred lo an inlcrnational'standard vaccination card. Car import " Preparation - M o v i n g l o g i s t i c s - Importing Cars. D r i v i n g licence " Logistics-Cars & Driving. No-claim certificate from former insurance company. If you havc-'claimcd child benefit in another country, bring a letter from lhal authority to say when you last received a p a y m e n t and the dale of d e registcring.

Things which you can not buy here:

Most c h i l d r e n ' s CD R O M s arc in ' N o r w e g i a n . (He adult ones are in English. C h i l d r e n ' s toys y o u can buy. but Stavanger does not havc-a shop like Early Learning Centre. Please note that there arc many over ihe counter items thai are common in Ihe U.S. and V'.K. thai can only be obtained in Norway via a prescription. Rubbing alcohol. Visine (Clear eye). M i d o l etc. Adaptors and bayqnnei light bulbs. Some,brands of drops and collars for fleas and licks for pels. Get your hairdresser to write down what kind o f c o l o u r treatment you use. including brand name and numerical codes.


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Permits on restricted items/pels "Preparation - Moving Logistics. ProoforPurchas'e: Duly tax niighl be charged on expensive items. Therefore one must have a receipt with the purchase date and amount whenithese items arc brought into the country. Sufficient financial means forthe initial month.







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Hermetikkfabrikk(Canning Factory)



Visas & Work Permits
EEA citizens (E0S) In J a n u a r y 1994 N o r w a y s i g h e d the European Economic Area ( E E A ) agreement relating to the p r i n c i p l e o f free movement of people in a j o i n l employment market. EEA citizens and their families, regardless of nationality, have simpler and greater access lo residency and work iii Norway. Nationals of EEA countries are entitled lo stay in Norway and look for work for a threemonth period without having to obtain a visa, a work permit or a residence permit, provided they can support themselves. The EEA agreement includes the f o l l o w i n g countries: E U c o u n t r i e s Austria, B e l g i u m , Cyprus, Czech R e p u b l i c * , D e n m a r k , E s t o n i a * , Finland. France, Germany. Greece.

EFTAcountries (European Free Trade Area) Iceland. Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. EEA nationals have the same rights as Norwegian nationals regarding e m p l o y m e n t , r e m u n e r a t i o n and o t h e r c o n d i t i o n s o f w o r k and e m p l o y m e n t . Exceptions may apply lo public-sectbrjobs. in particularemploymenl which involves the right lo exercise public authority, for example p o l i c e w o r k . W h e n g r a n t i n g residence permits, the Norwegian authorities are not permitted to lake into account applicants' fluency in Norwegian, nor their knowledge of specific Norwegian regulations connected lo their professions. However, individual employers may lake such factors into account when recruiting. EEA citizens also have ihe right to establish or acquire businesses in N o r w a y . T h i s usually applies to the fields of commerce and manufacturing, but may also be of interest jo prol'essjonals, such as doctors, architects or consultant engineers who wish to set up practice in Norway. In many cases, permission from the Norwegian authorities is required, as well as registration of the enterprise. As an EEA citizen, you may obtain work in Norway either before coming lo Norway or after your arrival. If you have obtained employment, intend to be self-employed, or plan to provide services in Norway (e.g. as a lawyer), you are entitled lo a residence permit which at the same time grants you the right lo w o r k . For EEA citizens a residence permit acts as-a work permit: A separate work permit no longer exists for EEA.nationals w o r k i n g in Norway. If you have found employment for an indefinite period (permanent). EEA citizens w i l l receive

H u n g a r y * . Ireland.; Italy- L a t v i a * , L i t h u a n i a * . L u x e m b o u r g . Malta, The Netherlands, Poland*, Portugal. Slovakia*. Slovenia*. Spain. Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom: * Transitional rules apply to these countries.

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a residence permit valid for five years. I favour. employment is for a period'of three to twelve month's you w i l l receive a residence permit for the duration of the term of employment. When you change employer your w o r k permit will most likely remain valid (for EEA nationals only). You do have to inform the Udendingsdirekiorai in advance. NON-EEA citizens For non-EEA citizens regulations are more complicated and strict. Separate residence and\vork permits are required, and I I O U T E E A citizens should officially apply for both. You musl have been offered a j o b by an employer in.Norway before yomapply for ihese.permits. The work permit is given for one.spcciHed j o b and is valid for a limited period only. You will.have .to apply for a new work permit i f y o u wish lo change jobs. N o n - E E A citizens have lo apply for a separate-work permit which will be valid for up lo one year (after w h i c h il must be renewed)..Studentsiare.normally granted a residence permit valid for a year, after-which it may be renewed. You are not allowed lo .work without a work permit. An application for a work permit may take up to three months to be processed by the authorities, who may demand a medical certificate before granting i l . As of January 2002, there has been a legislation change for specialists who have the right qualifications and documentation of their profession which'are relevant to the function they are going to fulfil in Norway. The person can only, take up a j o b for which he or she has the necessary s k i l l s . Specialists can apply fora. work permit.after' their arrival in Norway. They w i l l receive a temporary permit from the ppl ice to start the procedures if they can provide documentation of their professional t r a i n i n g . If the applicant needs o f f i c i a l approval or authorisation to practise in Norway, then the organisation must-provide written documentation. Further, one has lo show the employment contract and one must-fall w i t h i n the quota, or the request has to fall w i t h i n the release of ike'Actaf e m p l o y m e n t survey. The person has lo contact the police locally not later than seven days a f t c r a r r i v a f i n Norway. Persons coming from countries where a visa is required have lo apply for the visa prior lo their arrival to Norway. ^ A p p e n d i x Seven. There are different rules again for refugees and a few m i n o r i t y groups (e.g. N A T O spouses).

Applying for a Residence and/ or Work Permit

I f y o u wish lo obtain a.residence and/or work permit" for may either c o n t a c t the U i / c n d i n g . s k o n t o r , the U t i e n d i n g s d i r e k t o r a t . or a N o r w e g i a n foreigivservice mission abroad. " A p p e n d i x Eight You w i l l be given an application form, either # G P - 7 0 2 8 E : A p p l i c a t i o n f o r f i r si'-rime residence permit or work permit, or #GP7121E for EEA nationals. These are available in English and a few other languages and have clear instructions specifying w h i c h documents you should enclose w i l h your application. I f y o u are already in N o r w a y (for EEA nationals only!), you w i l l always need to enclose the travel document (ticket) yoLi->uscd to enter Norway'and/or a valid passport or official identity papers.


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O n e o f the basic requirements the applicant for a residence and/or work permit must f u l f i l , is to have a guarantee of sufficient financial support (income from employment or private means). This means the applicant must be able to document that he/she has adequate means to support himself/herself and his/her family whilsl in Norway. An a d d i t i o n a l r e q u i r e m e n t m a y be the availability of accommodation during his/ her slay in Norwav; in other words, a fixed address. The most common way lo get a residence and/or work permit is (o find a job first and have your employer apply for the permit. You can also apply yourself. E m p l o y e d by a c o m p a n y I f you are not lo be self-employed you have lo submit documentation from your future employer slating thai you are being ofiered employment (he needs to fill in form GP7116: ansettelseshevis). You may have more than one employer. Employment is normally required to be al least half of a full-time position. II you work part-time, you w i l l be required lo prove that your earnings w i l l be sufficient lo support you and your family in Norway. Self-Employment If you wish lo acquire or establish your own business in N o r w a y , you must submit a detailed description of the enterprise and document thai the necessary permits have been granted by the relevant authorities. The enterprise must be of a long-term nature, i.e. not temporary or seasonal. I f y o u are taking over an established business, the previous y e a r ' s accounts musl be submitted. You must be able lo document that you have sufficient means lo finance your stay in Nonvay. An enterprise in this category might, for example, be a legal practice. In addition to the normal work permit (arheidstilki/elscj. foreigners must obtain special permission fiom the police lo conduct their business ( t i l a drive handeh. Providing services I f y o u intend to provide services in Norway without being classified as self-employed. you must submit details concerning the type of sen'ices concerned, and how long you intend lo provide these services. The provision of these services must be the principal reason for staying in Norway, and ihe time period should be limited It is not necessary to start a company in Nonvay in order lo offer services, for example as an archiieci or lawyer. I fa sen'ice company has previously been established in another EEA c o u n t r y , services may be p r o v i d e d in Norway on the same conditions as apply to Norwegian nationals. You must be able to document lhal you w i l l receive sufficient income f r o m y o u r services to support yourself whilst in Norway. Alien Office d e a l i n g w i t h residence and w o r k permits (Rogaland PolitittisiriktUilendingskontorct) Lagardsveien 6.4010 Stavanger Main switchboard S 51 89 90 00 r!3, 51 X9 9| 00

Directorate of I m m i g r a t i o n

(Uilendingsdirektoraict) Postboks 8108 Dep. N-0032 Oslo

S 23 35 15 00 A l l forms and information for work and residence can be found on H

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needs to be renewed yearly for the first three years, after which permanent residency is obtained. Renewing residence/work permits A residence permit may be extended if the grounds on which il was granted still apply. The procedure for renewing your residence and/or work permit is generally the same as when you first applied for it. Ensure you leave sufficient time for renewal because it may lake from iwo weeks to three months lo obtain the new permit. You need lo fill out a two-part form #GP-7031 and 7120E: Soknad a\- oppholds- og/ellerarbeidstillaiclsc. (available in English). Your current employer musl fill out the last portion of the second page. Some employers may take care of the renewal for you. After three years of work permits, you are eligible to apply for a permanent work permit, i f v o u have not been out of Nonvay for more than seven months in a three-year period. As from 1 Oct. 2005. travel related lo work is not counted. You w i l l need lo fill out the form GP 71 I IB (Soknad om Your right to appeal If your application for a residence and/or work permit is turned d o w n , you have the right lo appeal against ihis decision. You are always entitled lo know ihe grounds on which the decision was made and normally y o u w o u l d be e n t i t l e d to sec the files concerning your case. A complaint must be made w i t h i n three weeks. When the police inform you of a decision, il is their duty lo inform y o u , at the same time, of your right to complain. It is also their duly to direct y o u . i f y o u wish lo make a complaint. You have the right lo request that the police do

Residence permits for family members Family members are granted a residence permit for the same period of lime as ihe employed person. An employed person may normally be accompanied by the following f a m i l y members: spouse, c h i l d r e n , and parents. I f a couple are not married and the partner intends to lake up residence in N o r w a y w i l h the employed person, the partner must provide official documentation to show thai he/she and his/her partner have been living together for at least two years prior to theirarrival in Nonvay. Dependants o f n o n - E E A employed persons w i l l b e granted a residence permit only. As of January 1, 2002 ihe law has slightly c h a n g e d and s p e c i a l i s t s o f n o n - E E A countries can apply for their w o r k and residence p e r m i t after their a r r i v a l in Nonvay. However this means that the family can arrive o n l y after Ihe applicant has received a permanent w o r k permit and residence permit. The family of the employee cannot travel to N o r w a y before t h e i r residence permit is granted. They w i l l have lo apply for the permit at (he Nonvcgian Embassy abroad. Persons married to a Norwegian must also apply for a residence permit. This permit


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not enforce the decision until your complaint has been-considered. Registration Ifyou have come to Norway lo work (meaning you already have a job), you and your family musl register with the Alien Office (Utlendingsavsni/t) within a month of arrival and wilh your local Population Register (Folkeregister) within eight days of arrival. As an EEA (EOS) national you are likely lo need the following documents: Certificate of employment (to be provided by your employer). Passport. Two passport photographs. Birlh certificates, marriage/divorce certificates. For unmarried partners moving to Norway for expatriation purposes, the following is also required: Written proof of having lived with your parlner-for over-two years; and/or Documentation indicating, partner's employment status, salary and relationship to applicant: and/or Copy of employed partner's residence/ work permit. Before registering with eilher the Alien Police or the Population Register, check whether your employer is doing this for you. Nordic citizens (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Fihland)-do not.need to "report lo (he police looblainresidcnce/work permits, but do need: to register with the Population Register. With your combined residence/ work permit (oppholdstjllatelse/ you will gel .'a personal identification number(fodselsnnmmer) from the Population Register (Folkeregisteret), which is essential for a variety of practicalities^ such as opening a bank account, getting a telephone and arranging insurance (car/house). You should receive your fodselsnnmmer within two. weeks of application, unless your family situation is different from the 'ordinary' husband, wife and children formula (divorced or remarried). Then your application can be sent to Oslo (the government) to be judged and dealt with. This can lake several months. Alien Office (Rogaland Politidistriki Uliendingskontoret) _* Lagardsveien 6;.4010Stavanger \: Main switchboard -* Q 51 S99000 rS, 51899100 ''' Alien Office S 51 89 94 70 Open Mon. Fri 09.00-14.00, Thu 09.00-17.00 Population Register (Folkeregisteret) * There is aJocal Folkeregister for each municipal ily (kommune). Main switchboard for Rogaland: 81532666: Stavanger Folkeregisteret Bergelandsgata 30, 4012 Stavanger (Located in Stavanger Likning.skomoret). 5 1 9 1 7 3 00 .151 917405 Sola Folkeregisteret (covers Sola. Randaberg, Kvitsoy. Rennesoy. Finnoy). Vingcveien 3, 4050 Sola (Located in Sola Likningskontoret) S 8153 2666

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Sandnes Folkeregisteret l-Ioyevcicn,3(), 4306 Sandnes (Located in Sandnes-. Likningskontorel) S ' 5 I 97 4 9 4 0 ft 51 66 3026 Personal Identification Number (fedselsnummer) A l l residents of N o r w a y musl have a personal identification number..You w i l l need this number when registering w i l h the local tax office (Libiingskontoret).\o obtain medical services, to open a bank account, etc.. If you have beemgfarited a residence permit, you.should contact the Population Register (Folkeregisteret) t c o b l a i i i your persona! identification number (J'odselsnummer). N A T O personnel require a ' D ' number - allocated when opening a bank accoiint. local "trygdekontor" gives qui pamphlets in English, look for: The~fights; o f p a r e n l s o f s m a l l children :in Nonvay Benefits in connection w i t h pregnancy, birth and adoption

Child benefit
Cash benefit

The State National Insurance organisation, the National.Employment service.and the Municipal,Social Welfare system merged in. 20061 to-form N A V -.the Norwegian L a b o u r ^ Welfare organisation (Norges Arbeids- og velferdsdirektoratet). By 2009 there w i l l be j o i n t offices in all komnumer but until then, there could be different offices.within each council area. The website has several

Social Security (Trygd)

As an EEA national, you w i l l receive social security benefits on the same basis'as Norwegian nationals i f y o u are employed or self-employed in Norway." Social security rights acquired in another EEA country w i l l accompany you lo Norway. An employed person and his/her dependant family members arc normally entitled to state sickness and child benefits:

useful information pages and links in English. Child benefit (barnetiygd) Within the Norwegian welfare system you arc e n t i t l e d t o f a m i l y a l l o w a n c e o r b a r n e t i y g d which is administered by the kommnne. This is an amount of money paid to the carer of each child, from the month after the child is born, until the age of sixteen, on a monthly basis. As of Jan 2006.the amount is: N o k 9 7 0 per month per child. Infant allowance (smabarnstillegg) Infant.allowance: cash benefit for families with small children. If the child is between one and three years o l d . you receive an additional infant allowance. From Jan 2006 this Nok 660 pcr.month.

Family Allowances
If your slay in Norway is going to exceed 12 months and you are a Norwegian residcnl, you may be eligible for family benefits. Your


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Thcallowanccris paid from tlic month after the child reaches one year, until the month in which the child reaches the age of-thrce. Cash benefit {kontantstotte) You can apply for Cash benefit i f y o u have children between the age of one lo three, depending on whether the child attends a government-subsidised kindergarten ( h a r n e h a g e ) . T o a p p l y , request a n a p p l i c a t i o n f o r m f r o m y o u r -local N A V Office: The rates vary w i l h Nok 3.303/morith maximum as of Jan 2006. S Maternity benefit (engangsstonad) A lump sum (fodselspenger engangsstonad vedfodsel - Nok 33.584 in Jan 2006) is paid lo n o n - w o r k i n g mothers, ( w h o are in the Noi-wcgian National Health and lax systerii) w h o give birth in Norway. This one-olT payment is meant to compensate for the m a t e r n i t y leave f a c i l i t i e s available for w o r k i n g m o t h e r s . Y o u can a p p l y for fodselspenger a few weeks before is due; request an application form from your local N A V O j j i c e . The maternity benefit is also the case of adoption. To apply-for any of the family allowances, request an application form from your local N A V Office ( " b e l o w ) .

Local NAV Offices

A l l Stavanger officesioffiec times 09.00 15:00 daily, 09.00-17.00 Thurs. Main switchboard for all offices 08.00 -15.30 daily S 8 1 58 1000 N A V Eiganes-Valand & Tasta T r y g d Sverdrupsgatc 27,4007 Stavanger

N A V Hillevag & H i n n a T r y g d Gullspenneluncl 1.4032 Stavanger * By the entrance to the Jatlavagen industrial area. NAV Hundvag & Storhaug Trygd Klubbgaten 1,4013 Stavanger Bythe Cathedral N A V Madia Trygd Madlakrossen 6-8,4042 Hafrsfjord Opposite Post Office. N A V Randaberg T r y g d Jon Torbergssonvcgcn 13. 4070 Randaberg N A V Sandnes T r y g d Gravarsveien 30-32, 4306 Sandnes NAVSola Trygd Radhusvegcn 30,4097-Sola

Unemployment Benefit
EEA citizens registered as unemployed before-coming to Norway arc eligible for unemployment benefits (dagpenger) \i they meet certain criteria: You can get ni ore i n f o r m a t i o n at the E m p l o y m e n t O f f i c e website English pages. S .www.nav:no

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Norwegian banking is similar to the rest of Europe, w i l h the major exception that a crcdil.system is not.readily available, and that b a n k s charge for a l m o s t e v e r y transaction and service, f o r example..most banks charge for using cash dispensers outside bank opening hours. Credit cards arc not always accepted in "shops and elsewhere. The main fonrisvof payment are by cash. direct debit or-bank giro..Using tlicdiiteinet or even telephone to do your banking is increasing and appealing as it is cheaper than using bank giro orbrev giro. To open an account upon arrival y o u ' w i l l require-, so me 'form of : identification (e:g: passport or driving licence), information about company sponsorship, and the main salary earner's personal i d e n t i f i c a t i o n number (fodselsnnmmer). The account is based upon one fodselsnnmmer. You can't o p e n a. bank account w i t h o u t y o u r fodselsnnmmer. Bank opening hours are usually between 08.15; and I 5 3 0 . but vary from one b a n k l o another, and from winter to summer time. The.Poslbanken is part of the Post Office. The most c o m m o n way of transferring money and paying biljs is via bank giro. The creditor usually sends these to the payer, who must complete the giro with llicir own bank account number, name, address and signature.before remitting il lo their bank for payment- lo the c r e d i t o r . H e n c e , responsibilily-for forwarding Ihe giro lo ihe bank l i e s w i l h ' t h e payer, and not with the creditor (as is the case with cheques in the UK and US). This should be done before the pay-by date (betalingsfrisf) stated in the lop right hand corner of ihe giro, in order lo

avciid a penalty. Cheques are no longer used in Norway. When paid at the bank counter, the'-teller. as'proof of payment, w i l l stamp the carbon copy of the giro. There is a charge levied on the payer for proecssiiig~each giro paid, making (his an.expensivemieihod of payment. A cheaper way of m a k i n g payments by giro is to use a B r e v g i r o form. The giros are mailed to a central clearing agency, which processes them. I f y o u ask at y o u r b a n k for B rev giro forms you w i l l ' b e se.iit several 'bar-coded personalised slips and addressed envelopes. Several giros may be-included w i t h one-Brcv giro form in a single envelope (remember to fill in the box slajjng how. many "are included in each envelope). Another specimen" signature card w i l l be required by the bank lo enable payments by Brevgiro. I f y o u want a receipt lick the kvittering box on the giro. A receipt slicker is then sent for you lo slick on lo ihe tear-off"section remaining or used on a membership card. The easiest..cheapest and most acceptable ways of paying-: a re by phone or'through the internet. A special code gives y o u access lo your account and allows you lo transfer money, and pay your bills. Bank cards w o r k as'debil cards and are w i d e l y used lo pay in shops, although there is a small charge for each transaction. There is an annual charge for each card on an a c c o u n t . The bank . w i l l also p r o b a b l y assume you want your card lOibe a Visa card, for which there is an additional annual charge. I f y o u do not want this Visa card service you make this.clear al the l i m c : y o u open the account.


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There are.many different loans y o u can choose from, you can even borrow up lb 100% of the needed amount. The bank just needs some son of security lhai you're able lo pay. SparcBanklSR-Bank Domkirkeplassen 1,4006 Stavanger S . 02002 9

Fokus Rogalandsbanken

Den Norske Bank (D nB) Statements in English. Share buying and investment services. A u l o / a v t a l e g i r o ( a f o r m o f direct debit). Telephone banking (money transfers and bill payments). Mortgage services, even in dilierent currencies.

Nedre Slrandgate 33,4005 Stavanger S 5 1 8 3 5000 S

Postbanken Klubbgale 2,4013 Stavanger

B 03800
Not many people at Postbanken speak English, i f y o u wish lodeal with Ihem you should go therein person.

Internet'banking services. Offices around the-world and global connections. Haakon V I I Gate 7, 4005 Stavanger S 03000 ,S, 51 67 94 30 B

Lost bank cards

Bankencs Mcldingscnlral S 800 30 250 / Overseas +47 22 2 I 40 55

SparcBankl.SR-Bank Internet banking. Insurance cover. Global and local investment services. Mortgage and loan rates. Tailored banking advice. The highest number of A T M - Cash machines in the Stavanger area. Interesting packages where you can have a number of-free transactions per month. Your personal bank contact w i l l help you with.just about'everything.

SR Bank is the largest bank-in the region and offers all financial services that may be needed by expatriates. For more information you can contact:

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Suburbs & where to live
The area housing market includes Sandnes. Sola and Stavanger. Each k o m m u n e consists of areas (bydel) which arc often referred,to in the housing market.. I n l h e centre of town are Storhaug, Eiganes and V a l a n d . all close ( w i t h i n w a l k i n g distance) to the shopping, comniercial and entertainment cenlrc of town. I f y o u like g o i i i g o u l to eal and beingmear ihe centre of things,.then ihese are the areas l o - b c i n ; d r i v i n g a f t e r even one d r i n k is n o l : recommended.("Section Two - Driving) and taxis are expensive. Eiganes is an area full of old. large houses where those w i l h money lived as the town grew. Storhaug is an o l d w o r k e r s ' -area now u n d e r g o i n g considerable upgrading r and improvement and very central. Valand and Kannik arc between the two. Outside the centre but withiivten minutes drive are Hundvag. an island across Bybrua. n o w fast b e c o m i n g a d o r m i t o r y o f Stavanger; M a d i a , between t o w n and Hafrsfjord, and very convenient for Ihe International School of Stavanger; and Hinna, oh the road going-south towards Sandnes. Tananger is across the Hafrsfjord and is where a lot of the oil companies have their offices. It oilers some nice liousing hut is a distance from lown ; needing a reasonable drive in for shopping etc. Sola provides a more rural outlook, coupled with excellent access lo the airport as well as to Tananger.-Stavanger and most of the i n t e r n a t i o n a l s c h o o l s . It ;also has an intcrcsting : and useful shopping cenlrc. Sandnes is about twenty minutes' drive from Stavangcr.and there is a metro train line link Logistics,

of-eight minutes. Asia somewhat smallertown i l i s a more intimate community, but its services and facilities ( are e x c e l l e n t , o f f e r i n g a n a t t r a c t i v e alternative to l i v i n g in Stavanger. T h e h o u s i n g market in Stavanger and surrounding areas iscldsely linked w i l h the o i l business, w h i c h means thai there, is sometimes very litile, and sometimes a lot, o f c h o i c e w i t h generally high rental prices.

Renting a house
You can try to find a house ( b o l i g ) by looking in the local newspaper (under /// 7e/e).,dr by contacting a relocation estate agent. In the top market these agents deal almost exclusively w i t h companies, or individuals w i l h a company behind ihem. If you give them the order to look for a house you pay commission. You can-avoid, this fee by a s k i n g f o r houses w h e r e the commission has already been paid by the owners. However, the choice is more limited. The standard and extent of furnishings and fixtures varies from owner to owner.

Buying a house
The local newspaper advertises houses for sale : (eiendomsmarked-boliger) and has a special Boligbi/ag in the Saturday edition. Often there is a fixed time for v j e w i n g ( f e l l e s v i s n i n g ) w h e n the eslale agent (inegler) w i l l be.there as w e l l . You can also contact the owner of the house or the estate agent direct lo make-an appointment. The estate agents p u b l i s h n e w s p a p e r s / brochures (Hnsgniden. N o t a r Avisen. Boligavisen) regularly, w i l h houses listed for sale. Thcsc-newspapers arctdistribulcd together w i t h your regular mail.

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I S Relocation a g c n i ( b o l i g f o r m i d l i n g ) Relocation Reiancs & Somme S 5 I 5 1 0030 0 Estate agents (eiendomsmeglererjholigmegling) Swww/ a S51509090 S a 8 S 5 1 859660 5 1 849800 S 5 1 850800 S09999 before being approved by ihe.Norwegian Electrical Material Control Board {NEMKO). Such approval on an individual basis is timeconsuming, expensive and complicated. Items bearing the N E M K O mark ( N ) are already approved. The only exception from the above is TV sets, which can be checked and approved by a local TV dealer. N E M K O (Norges Elektriske M a t e r i e l l kon t r o l l ) Gaustadalcen 30,0373 Oslo S 22 9603 30 S (also in english) Yolir electricity consumption w i l l be e s t i m a t e d , based oh Ihe usage of the previous occupant of your house. The electricity mcteris read once a year and your bill w i l l be adjusted. In the interim, you receive a card for you to read your own meter, nforithly, this makes your bill more accurate for both you and them. You can choose to receive your electricity b i l l monthly or quarterly. You have lo pay 24% M V A (VAT) on all charges. You may also s u b m i l y o u r monthly mejer reading over the internet at (registration required). Electricity suppliers Lvse Energi AS Breifiatveien 18. Mariero. 4017 Stavanger Postbox-8124.4069 Stavangcr Cuslomer Service (kundeservice Mon^Fri 08:00-20.00 51908090 Switchboard (sentralbord) B ' 5 1 908000

S 5 1 67'67 7 0 Finally, the website S has an extensive section.on properly (eiendom).

Setting up home
Norway has 220 volu 50 cycle current, t h i s means lharwhercasTiiiropean-220 volt and British 230 volt appliances w i l l run perfectly, smoothly in Norway, American 110 volt ones w i l l not. American appliances have the additional.problem of being nol'only 110 v o l t , b i l l also 60 cycles as opposed to Norway's 50 cycles. W h i l e you may use a transformer lo gel aiuappliaiiee w o r k i n g , c e r t a i n pieces o f e q u i p m e n t that are dependent upon c y c l e s , such as record players and electrical clocks, w i l l not work correctly. Transformers arc.permitted in Norway, but can be difficult to get hold of. Electrical equipment lhat is imported into Norway should, in principle,.not be used

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Faults (melding o g f e i l ) S 5 1 9 0 88,17 Residential collection R e f u s e bins The colourcoded system differs slightly from one kommune to the next, however the main categories arc: Bfowri.bin: for organic wasle (vatorganiskavf'alf). Colleclcd'cvery iwo weeks; Note - il is unlawful lo lake organic waste to the rubbish dump (tip). -Blue/green b i n : for paper products ( p a p i r o g ~ p a p p ) . C o l l e c t e d once a month. Black/grey bin: for waste that is,not recyclable (restavjiill).- Collected bimonthly. Red box: for special waste (spesialavjall). Stavanger kommune and parts of Sandnes only. Collected t w i c e a year.- Cross-check colour of poisons .symbol to y o u r calendar- lor dales.

Gas Suppliers
Norske Shell AS 22 66 50 60

Stat oil ASA S 51 99.00 00

Stavanger Kommune B - 5 1 50 7,1 86 Foi bursl pipes and.sewage leaks.

Waste handling & recycling

Norway has an extensive recycling program and is successfully minimising its amount of residcntial-and industrial refuse. W h i l e the p r o c e d u r e s niay be a bit confusing (especially at first), ihe effort is worthwhile and many other countries would do well to take note. Recycling in Norway is accomplished through both a residential c u r b s i d e p r o g r a m and by the use of collection stations (miljostasjo'n), which are c o n v e n i e n t l y located hear r e s i d e n t i a l / shopping, cehlres. Be forewarned - your kommune may run a spot check on your (exposed).rubbish - if recyclable items are found, you may be fined! Residents are supplied with,colour-coded bins (request the LARGER ones!) andare given a collection calendar at ihe beginning of each year: The calendar w i l l indicate lo you.what type of refuse is being collected that.week.

U n s u r e o f w h e n l o put o u t y o u r red " s p e s i a l a v f a i r container for collection? Look on the container itself for t h e s m i l i n g skull. It w i l l be i n o n c of four colours - red, yellow, blue; or black. Now check your garbage collection calendar and find the matching symbol to-the colour-thai is on your container. ^ t If you have ,too much s p e s i a l a \ f a i r ( t o \ \ e materials) to fit-into the container, you can, d i s p o s e of t h e m a I a f i r e s t a t i o n (Lagardsveien, Forusor Kvernevik). When y o u get there, ring the bell and ask i f y o u


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can dispose of paint or similar toxic materials, 0 9 : 0 0 - 2 1 : 0 0 , Mon=Sat. I f y o u can manage lo reduce your non-rec y c l a b l e waste ( i t can be d o n e by sorting everything,correctly!) so thai you o n l y need a n 8 0 lilr'e r u b b i s h b i n instead of a 120 litre rubbish bin, the council will reduce your waste disposal tax by-Nok 200. I f y o u live within Sandnes kommune, and f i n d i h a l y o u have l o o m u c h n o n recyclable rubbish to fit in your grey/black b i n . y o u can b u y e x t r a p r e - p a i d garbage bags to put your noiiTrecyclable w a s l e in - Go to the s e r v i c e c e n l r e on ihe Isl Hobr of the l o w n hall-and ask to buy a "kjopesekk til rcstavfali." They cost Nok 40 each. You can fill lip these bags w i l h y o u r extra r u b b i s h and put them out w i l h the g r e y / b l a c k b i n o n c o l l e c t i o n days and they w i l l also be collected. Organic waste The first step to recycling kitchen waste is lo place il in the small, brown, ventilated kitchen bin provided by the kommnne: This is to be lined w i l h a biodegradable bag ('"bibposc") - N O T plastic. You w i l l be supplied with 2 sets'of bags at the beginning of the year; additional bags and Bins may be purchased .from selected local stores. When 1 t h c b a g : i s full.(it is to be lied and placed in Ihe large b r o w n b i n outdoors. Garden refuse should be put directly into t h c ^ i n , without bagging - il i s n p longer' acceptable lo b u m plant mailer as a means of disposal. I n c l u d e : f o o d scraps, used papentowels and napkins, garden refuse etc: Note - N o nappies, sanitary towels, human or animal waste, ashes, cigarette butts, sand or rock. Paper w a s t e to be separated in Iwo ways. Clean paper may be put directly inlo the paper bin, and it is a good idea to keep small "lrash' : cans in the kitchen, study and children's rooms to, temporarily, store the enormous amounts of recyclable paper you w i l l be collecting! However, drink or liquid delergent canons are to be rinsed, flattened and placed in a plastic bag. as are pizza boxes. The reason for this is, while the paper products are recycled into newspaper, the drink'cartons and pizza boxes are sent to a different centre where they arc given a new life as cards,, stationery and envelopesInclude: all clean/dry paper; segregate cleaned milk/drink cartons into tied plastic bags. ,l Note - NO books or paper wrapped in plastic. Staples do not need lo be removed. (A label "Uadressert Reklame - Net Takk " is delivered with "biopose "bags each year. Stick it on your m a i l box to s t o p j u n k m a i l j Garden waste You can dispose of your garden waste al eight places in Siavanger kommune, free of charge. These are Siavanger Stadium at Eiganes ( c a r p a r k ) . H u n d v a g k r o s s e n , Varde'n (next to the church), K valeberg (beh i n d : l h c soccerfield behind the school). Minna Stadium. Tjensvoll (car park next io S i d d i s h a l l e n ) , T a s t a (next to the Squash hall) and Kvernevik (nexl to Busencset). The period for collection of garden wasle is from 13 A p r i l up to and including 30 A p f i l ( w e e k s 16, I 7 and 18). O p e n i n g t i m e s are w e e k d a y s f r o m 15.30 - 20.00 and Sat 09.30 -18.00.

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Chimneysweep GJiimncy'.sweeping is*obligalory and you pay for your chimney sweep through your community service bill. Every otheryear your chimney will be swept andyou will receive a card through the post to icll you that thcfeieren (chimney sweep) will come on a particular day. Ifyou will not beat home that day, call Siavanger Feiervesen in the : moniing to make another appointment. . Gall Stavanger Kommune @ 04005 In.Sandnes. youaresupposedi lo contact the~m yourselves every second year to make an appointment. They keep trackof places 'ihey haven't been tp'and come'^automali cally every 4,hyear. CallSaridhcsKonimune S 519750 00 without interrupting phone calls. Similarly ISDNphones are morecxpensivc; ; though they tend to offer more facilities: Answering machines have been replaced by a digital phone^service the cost is cur rently Nok 25 per month. Broadband through Lyse, theelectricity company, is available iii some areas. Telephone c o m p a n i e s Telenor AS, Kundeservice, Postboks2f6Sentmm.370liSkicn S05000

Ulvenveien75A,0581 Oslo S 02000 Netcom Sandkervl40,0403Oslo

Telephone & Internet

As in many countries, ihe telecom market in Norway changes almost daily. Therefore it is impossible for this Guide lo be up to dale with everything available. Probably.the easi est way to make the most of what ^avail able is to visit a store and talk to a salesman. To sign a contract'for.your own telephone number (cither mobile oT fixed line) you will needyour personal identification.number (fodel.snnmmer). It should be quite quick to obtain a fixed line, though the extra credit checks for a mobile will mean a delay of sev eral days you will also need photo ID. Fixed.lines There are.two types of phone'in Norway analogue (standard) ordigitaj (ISDN). The monthly line rental for analogue is approxi mately Nok 150 and Nok 250 for ISDN. The advantage of ISDN is that you get two sepa rate lines so that you can use the internet Logistics

Sense Communications Sorkcdalsveien 6.

0369 Oslo
S 2360 23 00 Telephone,charges . Free telephone numbers begin with 800 or 801 and arcoften ca\\cd.gront linje: Beware" of number's

beginning with 81,82,85. or 88. as these are

expensive commercial numbers you can request that a block be put on these: In addition. Norway has numerous other "special" numbers that are charged at a higher rate, and a listing of these is available upon request.

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Public Phones Prepaid cards are available in 25,50 and 100 units.and are-available.from Post Offices, Telehuscl. M I X etc M o b i l e Phones I f y o u do not wanl to sign a contract, the 'pay-as you g o ' option is popular (especially for teenagers) ahd the prepaid cards may be purchased from numerous shops; TelcnorTelehusel,,Telekiosk: garages, M I X etc. The cost of each call may be higher than other plans but it is.impossible lo run up a huge b i l l . I f y o u havea mobile and fixed-line contract w i t h T e l c n o r i t is possible to combine the b i l l s . - you can also get the monthly total automatically debited from your bank account - go.tb your bank w i t h your telephone information., Phone shops Telenor Telehuset Lagerveien 2.4033 Forus 8 5 1 7 6 3290 Tele kiosk (indepcndarif relailers) Kvadral

Internet plans and suppliers are constantly changing. Your first port of call should be your phone company. The" internet is also available via cable-TV. In Siavanger the only cable company is UPC. Contact them to check if your neighbourhood has the necessary cable connections. Cable is not available in all areas. UPC Tjensvolltorget 27,4003 Siavanger Customer Service 8 02123

TV Licence

8.51 96 0000 Stavanger Storsenter 8 51 93 80 00.

Kildeh Seritef 8 - 5 1 58 2030 Useful Information International directory 8 1882 Norway 8 1 8 8 1 Telenor Customer services Private and internet 8 , 0 5 0 0 0 Mobile S 0 9 0 0 0

When you buy a television in Norway, your details are taken by the retailer and you w i l l a u t o m a t i c a l l y receive a g i r o f r o m the Avdeling Lisensinnkreving in Mo i Rana. When you own a television you are obliged to pay kringkastingsavgiften. In principle you are paying for the-'qualily programmes offered by the N R K 1 . Kringkastingsavgiften is paid every six months and once you are registered you w i l l automatically rcccive'a giro ( N o k 1019.52 per six months for one colour TV set). If your flat/house already hasa-TV seUhen the landlord is responsible for.the licence, not you. I f y o u buy a second TV set for the same house, ensure that the same person-who bought the first one'biiys the second one too. They will'not be liable for another licence. 1 f you buy another using a different name, even if.the address is the same, you will get two licence bills! Norsk R i k s k r i n g k a s t i n g S607 Mo i Rana 8 . 7 5 12 22 50

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44 Cable television Should you wish to have cable television installed in your home,.your first port of call will be the LJPC offices at the address below' to fill qui the relevant forms. They will issue you wilh a digital box. They w i l l be able lo i i i f d r m y o u . by youraddress, whethercable has already been-installed and whether the signal-is still being received. If so, then you connect the digital box to yourTV/call UPC. who in turn w i l l send the relevant signal for y o u .to receive the channels y o u have chose h. I f y o u are not connected, then someone wi 11 be sent out lo set il up lor you (this could take a few weeks) and then t h i n g s should f o l l o w on from there. The cost of cable is very much.dependent oh your length of stay in a particular house, and whether the house was previously connected. Prices listed h c r c s h o u l d only be considered as an estimate. Packages vary often. If Ihclhouse has ; previously been filled to receive cable and the signal is still being received, the connection costs approximately Nok i 950. 11" the signal is no longer being received, the connection w i l l cost the same. H o w e v e r , if the house y o u are occupying has never been fitted with a cable c o n n e c t i o n , y o u should expect to pay between Nok 2,500 to 3.000 to have it installed, depending upon the package you choose: T h i n g s have been c h a n g i n g quite a bit recently. Programmes and prices w i l l be updated periodically. W i l h the connection you gel a new digiial decoder and remote control o n l o a n against a set deposit. Should you be changing from an.old-decoder to the new digital one, you w i l l not be liable for the difference in cost. U P C * " l n l e r n e t - Providers, above U P C - O s l o . * " I n t e r n e t - Providers, above H

Y o u can ,also cho'osc-to r e c e i v e y o u r television programmes via a satellite dish. Most houses in Stavanger already have cable; but a satellite dish' (parabol) w i l l enable you to receive programs not offered by the cable provider/operator. In a more remote location (without cable connection), a satellite dishiinighl be your only option. Before you decide to go and buy (or rent) a satellite package make sure you decideas lo which channels y o u w i s h lo" receive. Then get expert advice on what type of equipment you need. There is more to using a satellite d i s h than j u s t b u y i n g the p a c k a g e , especially i f y o u wanl lo receive a nonstandard set of channels: Compared lo cable-TV: A s a t e l l i t e . d i s h receives the signal directly from the satellite (cable-TV subscribers share the same signal) so the'qualily of both sound and image is better. You can watch certain channels free, so called 'free to air' channels. There are more channels to choose from, numbers depending on your type and size of dish.


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Satellite channels When it comes'to choosing your set(s) of channels the possibilities are endless, depending on your'-equipment of course. The Astra 1 and HotBird are general European satellites: Sirius (Swedish) and Thor (Norwegian) are Scandinavian. American TV channels are hardly available, only a few free news channels can be received..On the following websites you can find information on broadcast programmes via satellite channels: B www.'aslra'lu, the most popular European satellite (a set of four in fact). S (the Scandinavian satellite Sirius). S www.viasaLno B technical data on channels, encryption systems, dish sizes, smart cards: Equipment required: Satellite dish, mobile or fixed, size between 75cm (2 heads)-1 m (4'heads). Digital receiver ( w i t h integrated decoder). Subscription card(s) for encrypted/ scrambled channels. Cables lo connect dish to receiver, etc. Optional: extra, separate decoder to receive channels w i l h different encryption system. Satellite dish The size and type of dish you need depends on the number of channels you wanl to receive. The average size used in Stavanger is;a fixed, 75 cm dish with two heads (LNB or receptor clement). This will enable you to receive signals from two pan-European satellites, Astra and Hotbird. The maximum size available is a 1 m dish with four heads": You can choose either a fixed or a mobile dish. A fixed dish is pointed al one (or two) specific salcllilc(s). A mobile dish can be steered to receive signals from different satellites. A mobile dish is generally.twice as expensive as a fixed one. To be able lo make good use of it, you have lo know what you are doing when steering il. Frequency bunds If you choose anything olher than the standard, fixed Astra satellite set-up. make sureto ask your dealer about the frequency bands.,your dish and receiver are set lo receive and what kind o f ; T V signals standards (see below) it can'-undersland.

TV signals
TV standards (how your TV set translates electronic signals into pictures displayed on your screen) are closely linked to the encryption systems..These are the different systems used in Europe: PAL (standard in Europe). SECAM (limited lo France). For SECAM TV;sets you can buy a D2MAC (mostly Scandinavia and Ffancc)and DMAC (only in Norway). For D2MAC and D M A C (both designed forsalcllite-TV) you need a MAC recejver (to translate the signal to. PAL).

Receiver & subscription cards Since there are two kinds of, open ones and scrambled or subscription channels, you need a decoder and a subscription card to.activate the decoder

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able to receive the encrypted ones. The dc : coder is usually integrated into the receiver. You can also buy an extra, separate decoder box lo be aBle to receive'additional signals from broadcaslers "who use a different encryption system. There area numhenof different encryption syslcms-(linkcd to-a specific type of TV signal) for each of which you need a different decoder box ( w i t h matching card): Videocrypt and Videocrypt 11 (work wilh PALchannels; Videocrypt i s l o be used in i h e U K , Videocrypt I I , to be. used in therest of Europe outside the U K ) . Eurocrypl (works w i t h M A C , most M A G receivers have an integrated Eurocrypl decoder). Nagravision or Syster (works w i t h S E C A M . mainly used in France; also w i l h P A L . i n Germany and Spain by channels owned by France's Carial+ network). Luxcrypt (does not,need a smart card, used by" the Dutch RTL4/V network). Subscription limitations. channels & country licensing agreement with Norway,-so'people l i v i n g in N o r w a y connected to the Sky system havc.applicd. and subscribe, from a UK address. At your o w n risk bring digital Sky satellite to Norway: Digital satellite requires c o n n e c t i o n to a p h o n e - l i n e Id p e r f o r m interactive functions and ordering, Sky can very- easily trace you and w i l l cut you o f f immediately! As for Sky, r e c e i v e r s - o f Dutch satellite services' have purchased and registered a smart card (from Canaj+) for decodiiig.the different channels in the Netherlands. Canal+ 8 +31 900 17 27'or +31 3 0 6 0 8 6 8 3 6 . Practical remarks: You do.not need an official permit lo place a satellite dish on your house. Your satellite dishishould have a clear view of the salellite.^with no^lrees or buildings blocking the signal. The length of the cable between the disband the receiver should be as short as possible. The height at which thed i s h i s placed is not lhat'importanL Make sure lo have an expert install your dish and fine up Ihe receiver. Digital receivers arc more complicated to line u p than ' o l d f a s h i o n e d ' a n a l o g u e receivers. I f y o u already o w n a satellite package, it is possible you w i l l have to revise it. Depending on the" TV standard of your television set (PAL or S E C A M ) and ihe f r e q u e n c y band o f y o u r d i s h and receiver..(sec above).

You cannot rceeive^scrambled channels legally outside.their intended-country and region. Many channels w i l l o n l y a l l o w subscription from people resident in certain countries: The reason is that the channel has bought the right.lo. broadcast c e r t a i n > fihns or shows.only "~ Tor.that country, and must therefore block olher nations from seeing ihem.




Entertainment provider does not have a


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You can si i 11 jt|.se an analogue receiver, but need.a digital receiver for. digital channels. Price indications You can either buy or rent a satellite package. Prices of course vary, so contact the.specialised shops listed below for up todate quotes. For a standard package you pay approxirhately.Ndk 5,000, this includes the receiver and a fixed, 75 cm dish.with 2 heads which receives signals from ihe Astra 1 & Hotbjrd satellites. When you rent a similar package you pay 1 Nok.(pkfs Nok 60 per month minimum, depending on your choice of subscription channels) fora 24monlh contract. Unless you install the equipment yourself, you pay approximately Nok 1,500 for the installation: Later adjustments cost approximately Nok 70. Hidden costs: The installation cost and costs for later adjustment are not included in the price of a package. Furthermore, additional costs for subscription (de scrambling) card(s) for encrypted channels can add considerably to the total cost! Tip! For more extensive information, visit Swww; This website by.a Norwegiansalcllite enthusiast is" irregularly updated but offers an insight into the basics of satelliteTV from a Norwegian perspective. The site is written in English. . All shops are now only offering digital satellite packages. For any questions you might try; ParahoIhusetAS Svend Foynsgalc 2, 4016 Siavanger 8 5 1 88 0001 H Frame Elektronikk AS Hillevagsveien 18,4016 Stavanger S.907 6I 148 <5l' j:* ^ > Satelittl ** L0kkeveien7l.4OO8 Stavanger @ 51 53 83 80 B



House/contents insurance (forsikring) The major insurance companies also provide house and contents insurance. Some also insure boats, other items and pets. Il can be advantageous to take out all your insurance "policies with the same company as rates can be beneficial. f Logistics Cars & driving Car insurance. Alarms Just like any other major city, some areas in Stavanger have proble'rhs with burglaries. There are two major security companies that can install house alarms.

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NORAIarinAS Bjergstedveien l. 4003 Stavanger 85184 1074 FalckAlarmAS Auglendsmyra 5,4016 Stavanger 8 5 1 8 2 3832
Lost property

JURK (Juridisk Radgivningf'or Kyinner) ArbinsgateJ, 0253 Oslo 8 22 84 29 50 Si 22 85 95 98 Free legal advice for women, runiby female law students at the Oslo University.
Ombudsman for Children

S 22 99 39 50 B www.barneombudetmo 51.899000 51 65".1385 5141 23 30 5168 4000

Civil Ombudsman

Local police station: Stavanger 8 Sola Airport 8 Randaberg S Sandnes S

Forgcneral complaints S : 2 2 82 85 00 B Consumer Ombudsman (F.orbruke.r Ombudsman) 8 67,5*9 96 00 Forbrukerradet KJubbgale 1,4013 Stavanger 8 8155 02 00 ,Si 51 85 8081 Information/advice onconsumer rights and complaints about food, clothes and cleaning materials. They publish various brochures in anumber ofdiffcrenl'languages. B

Legal Advice/Help
Free legal.advice is available ifyou have a small income, but in a number of cases (e.g. Ibr rape victims and for foreign nationals for cases involving rejection or expulsion from Norway) it is provided indepehdenl of your income and assets. All private practising lawyers can.give free legal aid. They are obliged lo give their clients information about free legal advice programmesand can assist in writing an application. When you approach^ lawyer ask whether he can provide free legal advice. Many lawyers,, particularly business lawyers, do not give free legal advice. They should then advise you to find another lawyer. A normal lawyer's fee is approx. Nok 1.000 an hour. Advokathjelpen AS Bergelandsgate 14,4012 Stavanger 8 5153 47 00 iE. 51 53.'00 01 Telephone helpline. Free half hour followed by an assessment.

Cars & Driving

Importing your car
"Preparation Moving LogisticsImport ing" Cars. In order able to import your car you have to do the following: Go to the Stavanger Dislriktstollsled, Skanscgalen 2. Stavanger and bring";the following docurnents: Vehicle registration document. driving licence, passport. document stating that you have not lived in Norway for the last five'ycars


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and that you w i l l be slaying in Nonvay for at least t w o years. This can be a statement from your N o r w e g i a n e~mploycrorofficial documents showing this. photocopies'proving your ownership, showing clearly that you have owned the vehicle for aileast one year prior to your first arrival!in Norway. proof lb 1 1 buyer to.the that the car was purchased prior October 2001 (contract between and seller). This is needed due new legislation, Tee. Il is also u s e f u l lo arrange an appointment for technical.inspection w i l h the Trafikkstasjon the dayafter everything is the customs. R e g a r d i n g i n s u r a n c e , y o u must have N o r w e g i a n i n s u r a n c e b e f o r e y o u get Norwegian plates. *" Car insurance, below. The Trafikkstasjon w i l l se'nd an acceptgiro for the road lax which has lo be paid. Bring lo the Trafikkstasjon the acceptgiro for the road lax stamped by the bank staling that you have paid, plus the letter from the customs and the insurance papers. You can then get .your Norwegian registration plates.

copies of travel documents (e.g. airline or ferry ticket) proving your dale of a r r i v a l i n N o r w a y . I f y o u entered N o r w a y b y car w i t h o u t t r a v e l documents, go to the customs office at the b o r d e r and get the d o c u m e n t "custom permit'-, documentation from Folkregisteret has to be presented when yourapply. You normally get.a confirmation from the Folkregisteret that they have received y o u r a p p l i c a t i o n . f o r a permanent stay and this is.sufficient..Applicant must p r e s e n t . d o c u m e n t a t i o n o f actual residence.. However, i f y o u have had the same employer for the last five years then a confirmation from.your employer is satisfactory.

Driving Licence
Car Registration Trafikkstasjon) 8 8 1 5440 1 0 MOVING TO NORWAY,FROM ANOTHER EU COUNTRY Those who" move-to Norway^ from another EU country" do not.need to exchange'their driving.licence for,a Norwegian driving l i order lo continue driving in Norway, as long as their driving licence is valid. The driving licence has the same validity in Norway as;in the country it was issued in. I f y o u wish to change to a'Norwcgian driving licence, it is possible. You need to contact your nearest traffic station to apply for the issue of a Norwegian driving licence. Al the same time, you musl also hand in your foreign driving licence. You w i l l be issued with : an inlerirri proof of driving l i cence docurrienl. providing you w i t h the same driving rights as the driving licence you handed in, which is valid until your full Norwegian driving licence is issued. Office, (Stavanger Christian A. Thoringsveg 12

The procedure can then be started. After you have received a letter stating that you can import, you w i l l have to come d o w n to customs to pay a fee, get the declaration and other documents. The foreign licence plates have lo be turned in. You w i l l have to arrange temporary plates al the Trafikkstasjon in advance. The yearly road lax can be paid when you pay ihe scrap

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For driving licences in the "heavy'' class", for example classes C 1 . C1 E, C, CE. D 1 , DI L:. D or DE, your driving licence is valid for ten years after your residence in Norway is registered, but at the same time your driving licence is not valid past the expiry dale your driving licence had'ih youro.wri country. I f y o u wish lo be issued w i t h a Norwegian driving licence with the same "heavy" class a s y o u h a v e o n yourforeign driving licence, ihe Norwegian driving licence.will be valid for ten. years from the<datc o f y o u r registered residence in Norway. When you need to renew your foreign driving licence, for example after len.years- residencein Norway..or when ilie.xpircs. yoummsl attach a satisfaclorymedical certificate and your driving licence will be renewed for ten years. I f y o u wish lo exchange your foreign driving,licence,in the "heavy" class ten years after your registered residence in Norway. or when il has expired, you musl pass a practical driving lest to be issued with a Norwegian driving licence in the same class. The foreign driving licence you hand in.will be returned to, together .with a letter advisingJhat you have now been issued with a Norwegian driving licence. Holders of d r i v i n g licences issued in the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina..Australia, Belarus. Bosnia-Herzagovina. Brazil. B u l garia, Canada, Chile. Czech Republic. Egypt. Estonia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, the former Yugoslavia, China, Croatia. Latvia.. Lithuania, Macedonia. Malaysia, Mexico. Moldova, Monaco. New Zealand. Peru, Phillipines, Poland. Romania. Russia, San Marino, Singapore. Slovakia. Slovenia. the former Soviet U n i o n , S m i l h r A f r i c a , South-Korea, Taiwan. Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine. Hungary,.USA, Venezuela, can exchange to a Norwegian driving licence a Her passing a practical d r i v i n g test in the most comprehensive class. If,you;have;class-A 1 (light motorcycle) or class A,(inotorcyclc) licence, and wish to keep your d r i v i n g rights for this class, you must in addition pass a practical driving lest in this class, before your Norwegian driving licence w i l l be issued. You can use youFfbreign d r i v i n g licence up lo one year from the date of yourregislered residence in Norway. The term "registered residence" meansithe dale from which you are registered by the Norwegian authorities as l i v i n g in Norway. You must deliver your application to exchange your driving licence in good time before the one yeardeadline' expires. Your foreign d r i v i n g licence musl be'Valid when .you hand in your application for a Norwegian driving licence. Your driving l i cence rii'usl also be handed in, together w i t h your application for a Norwegian licence. You musl also attach documentation showing that you have received a Norwegian personafidenlificatiori number and are legally resident inNorwa'y. If.your application is delivered aficnthe oneyear deadline; you musl acquire your-licence in the same manner as first-lime Norwegian applicants - you must go through Ihe obligatory training and pass a theoretical (written) and practical driving:test. I f y o u havc;acquired your.foreigir.driving licence during a temporary slay in that country, but:have permanent residence in N o w a y ^ y o u can exchange your foreign driving licence for a Norwegian driving licence. if you can document al least six months con-


SPIN'Informalion. Guide

iinuous residence in the country your licence was issued in. Your application your driving licence rhust be delivered within a year alter you returnto Norway. Your for eign driving licence will be kept by the Vegdirektoratet for six months' after you have received your Norwegian licence, and will after that lime be destroyed. Holders of a driving licence issued in Swit zerland The Norwegian driving licence authorities have entered into an agreement wilh the Swiss authorities, so that,if you have a driv ing lieence<issued in Switzerland, you can exchange il fora Norwegian driving licence in the same class, without having to pass a driving.test. You musl apply to exchange your driving licence within a year.afler you are registered as a resident in Norway. You can also drive.using the Swiss driving li cence year. Ifyou apply to exchange your driving licence after the oneyeardead line has passed, you must pass a practical drivingtcsfin class B and youwill beisT sued with,a Norwegian drivinglicence in the class you had on your Swiss licence: M" you fail the driving lest, but wish to keep the same class as you had on your foreign drivingTlicence, you nccdlo pass,the driv ing lest in Ihe most comprehensive class. If you have only class A on.your Swiss li cence, you must pass a practical driving test in class B. Holders of a driving licence issued in Greenland Ifyou Kavc a driving licence ini class B which was issued in Greenland after 1 January 1995, you can exchange this for a Norwe gian driving licence after having passed a practical driving test. Holders of driving licences from countries not previously mentioned Ifyou are the holder of a driving licence from a country which^has not been men tioned above, you cannot exchange your driving licence fora Norwegian driving li cence. You must acquire a driving licence in the same manheras forfirsttime Norwe gian applicants you.must go through the obligatory training and pass a theoretical (written) and:a.practical driving test. For more information, please eontacl the traffic station where you live. ,Afc a IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED PERMA NENTRESIDENCE IN NORWAY V I f y o u have not received permanent resi Norway; your Norwegian driving licence will be issued for a fouryear renew able period. NOTE: $! Where permanent residence is'referred to above, il means the place in which you spend at least 185 days per calendar year, if you are studying in Norway you retain your residence in the country you are from. You need your Norwegian personal identification number and proof of address {bosied(iltest)\o receive a Nonvegian driving licence. To obtain a Norwegian driving licence you need ihe following: An application form. A special medical certificate, if required.

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A certificate giving your Norwegian social security number. To pay the current licence fee. A winter driving course (only applicable if your licenced less, than one year.okl). You must apply as soon as possible for a drivers licence after arrival in Norway. Ifyou waitjo exchange it until afteryou have been here a year; a test, both theoretical and practical, will be required, [f you are in possesion of adriving licence from South Africa, some parts of ihe USA, ihe Far East. Africa etc- you will be requested to undergo a practical test. Please check wilh die Siavanger Trafjikstasjon. Minimum age to drive a snow scooter (with orwiihout a.sleigh) is-sixtcen years'anda 'Cerlificale Glass S' is required. Take'the certificate via a d r i v i n g school, in combinalion with the certificate for other vehicles.. Phone Slatens Vegvesen wiih all questions concerning vehicle certificates, traffic and safety. State ns Vegvesen Rogaland Lagaardsveien 80.4016 Stavanger General info 8 8154 40 10 Vehicles coming from outside Europe will horirially.riol havesuch insurance and in such case a 30-day insurance cover can be purchased at the customs office. Ve h i c I e s c o'm i n g fr'q rn European countries can use their Green Card asa proof of insurance. Normally your current Green Card will only be valid fora limited time once you havc:taken up residence in Norway. You should check this with your present insurance company before arriving in Norway: It is recommended to bring a Green Card insurance valid for at least a two month period, while the application for the importation is being processed. If the Green Card insurance from your present foreign insurance company.expires, you are required to lake the Norway traffic (or third party liability) coverage..

Ifyou imporiia foreign registered carand have registered it on Norwegian plates, (hen the car can be insured by a Norwegian insurance eonipariy as soon as has been registered on Norwegian plates. The f o l l o w i n g types of coverage are available: a: Third party 1 iabilily:"obiigatory (refer to above) b. Additional coverages:

Car Insurance
Automobile liability insurance is compulsory in Norway. Il covers liability to persons, and for damage to properly up to a set limit. The driver of the vehicle is covered in this insurance. Registration on Norwegian plates Before customs will allow-you lo use the vehicle in Norway, traffic (ortliird party liability) insurance is required: Logistics

All risk (comprehensive)

Mini Casco Driver and passenger accident insurance You should bring a 'No claims bonus certificate' from your insurance-company (stating^ the number of' years without insurance claims), in order to reduce ihe insurance premium in Norway. You can find

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insurance companies in the Yellowpages (Gitle sider) or on the inlernet. Some of the major Norwegian insurance companies: Gjensidige Rogaland Slrandkaien 2.4005;Slavanger Rogaland switchboard 8 5151 73.00 Stavanger headoffice 8 81 00 31 10 B Gjensidige operates in close co-operation wilh NAF (Norges Aniomobil Forbund). whereby membership of NAF gives you additional advantages and discounts. They provide all basic informational English. If... Insurance Klubbgate 6, 4013 Siavanger 8 02400 Langgala 59,4304 Sandnes 8 81 05 9000 S Please'check with your insurance company i f y o u want to insure a second car for personal use. The second car can have up to a certain bonus depending on what bonus ihe first car has. Ifyou want to drive abroad, we recommend you request a Green Card from your Norwegian insurance company, which are normally only provided on request and are valid for one year.

53 Continued registration on foreign plates For foreign registered cars, ifyou are going to be in Norway less than a year you do not have to contact the customs office. If your stay wi 11 be longer than a year you wi 11 need to get a temporary driving permit from the customs office. Traffic (or third party) insurance This insurance is required when your Green Card insurance from your present insurance company expires. Referto above section for more details. For insuring a car wilh foreign driving plates please contact: y , Trafikkforsikringsforeningen-.\'a ,. 8 23 28"42 00 "' 1 H Comprehensive Insurance. This coverage, can be obtained,,from a Norwegian Insurance company in some situations: This will,be considered for each case. You should bringa "No-claims bonus certificate'' from your insurance company (staling the number, of years without insurance claims) in order lo reduce the insurance premium in Nonvay. Ifyou want to drive:abroad, and your car still has foreign plates, you'll only receive a guarantee for the comprehensive parts, and you will have-to buy the liability pans as \ mentioned above. Automobile Associations In addition to the two major automobile as.sbcialions in Norway (NAF and KNA), there area number of car rescue services..

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N A Fis the Norwegian Aulomobilc Federation. Being a so-called ''exlcnded" memberoffers you the following: 'the' road atlas of Norway (veibok). legal assistance, particularly in regard lo traffic law. discounts ori fuel from Esso or Shell. t e c h n i c a l a d v i c e and a s s i s t a n c e ; vehicle testing programmes, damage valuation, etc. N A F h o l i d a y arid leisure travel & booking agency". discounts on camping sites travel. leisure iiil'onnalion (camping guide) and d i s c o u n t s ( e . g . 2 0 % at H a v a n n a Badeland). discounts w i t h sister organisations abroad. you are not interested in all the additional services offered by N A F and K N A it w i l l w o r k out cheaper to become a member of one.of the rescue-services.

Falck Red/ting AS
Auglendsdalen 5. 4016 Siavanger 8 . 8 1 5 68 888 general number 8 2222 for car assistance on the road Viking Redningstjeneste Madlaveien 26:4009 Stavanger 8 5 1 5388 8 8

It can take quite some lime lo gel everything arranged. If your employer can start the procedures before your arrival this can speed things up. Be aware,that to.get a personal identification number(jbdse/nummer) takes some time and.without it you cannot apply for insurance, open a bank account, etc. . Register w i t h school. personal - Find place to live. Get your visa and indeiitification number.

A brochure is also available in English. N A F also offers skid courses for those who are not used to.driving on icy roads. N AE (Norges Aniomobil'Forbund) Stokkamyrveicn 10,43 13 Sandnes 8 51 70 94 0 0 / 8 1 0 0 0 6 0 6 N A F telephone service 8 2234 1400 Breakdown H 8 81 00 05 05

KNA (KongaUg Norsk Autonwbilklubb)

e 21 60 49 00 (Oslo officeTor'iribre detailed information) The K N A provides similar services to NAF. publishesiils own route book andmionthly' magazine etc. Both N A F and K N A make use of the rescue sen'ices performed by'Falkenand Viking. If

Import your car. Get a bank account (do'nol close your o w n bankraccpunt'abroad, for il can take some months before you have a bank account in Norway). Buy insurance.


SR1N Information Guide


^ J


' '< ' * 'J " / K' \ v \ i



57 Irritability and Hostility

The novelty wears off. Your-threc year old won'l let you out of hersight and has started wetting the bed again. All those friendly people you met in the first few weeks have resumed their busy lives, and expect you to get on with yours. You've spent an entire day irying to buy something you forgot in your shipment. Feelings of frustration, disorientation and loneliness are often most intense now. All the adrenaline which got you going through the travel preparations, arriving and getting initially settled, has worn off. You.tend to feel al your most vulnerable. You've left your friends and family behind. your environment is still*strange and unfriendly, and you arc in a waiting period until your new life has taken shape.

Culture shock
Change happens quickly with an international move and brings with il new opportunilics arid challenges..One such challenge is dealing wilh the inevitability of culture shock. Culture shock is stress overload. 'Culture' is ihe new way of life lo which you arc being exposed: 'shock' is your physical and emotional reaction to these differences (R. Pascoe, A Wife's Guide., from the Culture Shock. Successful Living Abroad series. ISBN No. 981 -204-306-3). The stress results from having to organise your fife in unfamiliar surroundings. We feci ill equipped to do this, as we can't communicate what we want, and can"t read the cultural 'clues'. Culture shock has a life cycle of iis own. usually lasting about six months. There are also four distinct phases, so be prepared by knowinghow to identify them.

Gradual Adjustment
Slowly, you learn lo change and adapt. A l tera few near death experiences, you've finally adjusted to driving in Norway. Your local environment starts to look familiar. Your negative feelings don't necessarily disappear, but you find betler ways 10 handle them. Your self-confidence returns, you feel less isolated and more comfortable wilh your new life and surroundings.

Initial Euphoria
Also known as the'honeymoon period, this euphoria occurs when,you view your new surroundings us-a\lourisl.would. The.cobblestone streets and painted wooden houses look charming, the staff at the hotel are really friendly, and everyone seems lo speak English well. Pickjed herring is not your usual.breakfast choice, but you're^feeling adventurous and want to.experiment. This stage usually lasts until you've been iri your house or apartment for a few weeks. SPIN Information Guide

Relax! It's the end of ihe culture shock cycle. You may experience a few 'hiccups' in the months and years ahead, but for the most part your life becomes balanced again. You feel more a participant than a spectator.You have made new friends, your sense of humour has returned and you finally feel at home.


Our sense of self has to be expanded and of. dinners'.where'the conversation is^not modified. This [s part of iheselfdevelop focusedonbusinessbui good their merit most people go,tlfrolfgh during inter golf is. Similarly, some. Western business national assign men IS: Forexample. the busi practices (North American or Northern Eu ness and pleasure etiquette is a bit diverse ropean) may be difficult forexecutives.who in the international world. Germans lake a come from more diffuse culture, such as slruclured;approach to business. They ne Asia. The= highly 'Structured way of doing gofiate in conference roorns and they may business in the US maybe seenascurt, dis haye a meal wilh ihe negotiation partners respectful, and downright :aggressive. once the deal is.clinched. They take a highly To conclude, it is more important to develop situation specific approach to,business :a an attitude and the behaviour thai is'com cleandivide between .business and pleas I'orlable and .e (Tec five for the individual ure. Chinese businessmen in Singapore nicel employee in the new business culture, a business partner oyer lunch qndihner and Theculture shock triangle, provides con is really important, al home. They try to 'crele steps in dealing wiih jnjernalipnal busi get to.khow'.th'e person1 first before any busi ness, from balancing.youriejnolions to de nessis discussed. , "" vejopjng effective social behaviour. In Norway, decision riiaking isbflen ;BfcakirigihroughCulliireShock'(ISBN No. concensus' based, hcncesometimes':slbw. l8578822l()):,Whal you need lo succeed in On the other Hand, the formalbrgahizaional international business. Elisabelh Marx, hierarchy is 'rio'l as ' important as else' it's possible to get ihings done F o r jnformalion on 'Understanding the outside of official' channels.' Locai'Cullure^Wurkshops contact: People are also more open and accessible in Lisa RenceUVarlev Scandinavian business it is a lot.easier to 891342923 find and tnlk'.lo the right person inside a ^evarlcy@onlinc:nt) company in Norway compared1 to wiihiii . _,.. Continental Europe or the United Kingdom. Different countries have differeniap 'proaches towards coniHifiing'businessli'ind 'pleasure.'This'reqiiircs the individual riiah ager to'a'dapt tb'lh'e selling of the specific country and.if necessary/to develop the sbcialr.skills lo'dcal wilh the new.'busiriess scenario:According to'Elisabeth'Marx. Western managers nced'sorhe time to adapt to the combined "busiriess!:ahd pleasure" 'apprbach'in Asian of South American coun tries! The introvert or socially reserved manager, who finds it easy to work in structured busi ness situation, is al a loss at cocktail parlies
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Working in the Fields


*" Logistics Visas & Work Permits.

Finding a Job
Before you start, remember that statistics show that over 90% of companies in Rogaland employ ten or less employees! Your pblcntial employer may only be able lo afford a small advertisement in ihe local paper! Some of the potential sources of job vacari cics for the Stavanger area arc: Government job agencies (NA K). On the (NAV) .website ( you can sub scribe and be sent current jobadverlise menls^by email. You can also telephone the NAVSeivicesenter freephone on: S 800 33 166 Job agencies and head hunters. Remem ber that temporary work can often lead to a permanent position. It is not unusual for em ployers to take on temporary workers quite deliberately when theyarc planning lo ap point new personnel. Temporarystaff are also in high demand over summer".holiday period... Taking a temporary position can increase your chances of employment as il raises your profile with both the agency and the employer.

Newspapers and Internet (more internet based trend). The newspapers might have articles about companies thai are planning to expand, or.that have received major new contracts or similar. A general application to such companies can produce results. On NRK2's TextTV. 81 55 9800 Specialised Trade journals and the Norsk Lysningsblad'("Norwegian Gaz zerte). The telephone directory has lists of ad dresses for different companies'/trades, and can be useful when writing general applica tions. ( the Norwegian yellowpages, also available in English) Personal contacts, unsolicited job appli cations and personal ads. It can pay lo tell people around you that you are on" the look out fora new job. Six out of lOjobscekers find out about jobs through friends and ac quaintances. To this end, there is an online job hunting "network" run by cxpai volun teers, which ybu can join free of charge. Visit Employment Network Norway at: bttp:// employment network_norway/ Everyone who comes to Norway after Sep tember 1,2005 must complete 300 hours of Norwegian'language tuition before they can apply, for a settlement permit or Norwegian citizenship. Youcamrecievc the tuition: in your municipality and have three years'to complete it. Foreigner on specific shortterm conlracis arc exempt.

Government Employment Service (NAV)

SPIN informalio'n Guide

The NAV is a great source of information with regard to the workplace in Norway. Pro viding you are resideiiTiri Nonvay. and you have the work, you can register as

unemployed. You may also be c l i g i b l c f o r unemployment-! benefit (dagpenger) if you r have worked in Norway within the previous three years or i f y o u have an entitlement from another EEA country. B (\vww;nav'no) NA V Rogaland Arbeidslivssenter ;Svcrdrups Gate 27..4001 'Stavanger previousjob record (attest). In practice, this can be ; any'formal document 'which relates to previous j o b s , "for example a pension statement, or a'wrilten reference. In addition you will need written p r o o f o f y o u r q u a l i ficatibns. A l l these documents arc acceptable in English. T h e - N A V alsooffers free vocational training and support (stipend). This type of training is ca|led a Labour Market Orientation Course (arbeidsmarkedorientasjon (A MO) kurs). N A V also.offcr Supportcd-.Employment w h i c h is a labour market measure intended lo help vocationally disabled j o b seekers to obtain and k e e p j o b s i n ordinary

(Postboks I 19)
S - 5 1 50 1.000 <&l nav:arbeidsradgivning.rogaland@ Stavanger N A V Stavanger Scntrum arbeid nav.slavanger.sciilrum.arbcicl@nav. no

Sandnes Svanholmen.7. 4313 Sandnes



nav; The NA V is open-.for visitors wishing to sit and look through ihevasl collection p f j o b vacancies existing in the area, the whole of Norway and Europe. There is no social stigma attached to'the NAV arid all job vacancies are advertised through the N A V as w e l l as in newspapers. You w i l l find jobs from frying'hamburgcrs lo managing companies. There arc on-line j o b search facilities, a telephone 'hot line', and Internet access. They also provide basic office.facilities (phone. PC and photocopier) free of charge. I f y o u decide to register al ihe NAV. you w i l l meet with a j o b agent (arbeidsformidler). .whose role isJo review your paperwork., register you as unemployed and,offer you suggeslibns. You.will need'written p r o o f of your

w o r k i n g life. Information on these courses is available.from ihearbeidsjbrmid/ingen. You w i l l need to be reasonably competent iri Norwegian imorder to bc-cligiblc since the courses are conducted in Norwegian. The courses arc topical and expensive, so arc quite competitive. T h e y d o n ' l , unfortunately, have such a good reputation w i l h potential employers because they rarely have formal examinations. You w i l l need lo take an exam in Norwegian, the arbeid.sformid/ingen prior to registration. As a rough guide you need to be at a level godf:bestcitf' pass al Norsk sprak prove.


SPIN lnformation;Guide

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet) h a v e a w e a l t h o f information in English on their website. Profficc Rogaland Luramyrvn 25B, 4391 Sandnes 5 1 96 24 20 H NokkelPcrsonell Kvitsoygl 102,4014 Stavanger

Recruitment or Head Hunter Agencies

Temporary jobs (vikdriat) are very common in Norway. They can be anything from a week to cover sickness, lo a year lo cover maternity leave. Think carefully before you register at a temporary agency (vikarbyra) as they w i l l expect you to be flexible in terms of hours, 'locationarid start dale. I ft hey of fer you a j o b you d o n ' l really want, they may not be inclined to call you again. The agencies receive approximately 150 Nok/hr for the lowest level jobs they fill, of which the temp gets about 90 Nok/hr. O b v i ously this makes il expensive for compa nies louse temps, so many choose who they hire very carefully. Jobs lasting a few months or longer w i l l usually have several appli cants (consider this good practice in inter v i e w i n g skills). The Aetai also has a lemp agency. Many companies also use lemp agencies as j o b agencies and plan to hire a successful lemp (vikar) after a three month trial period (this is the earliest that ihey can do so). There are branches of each of the major temp Siavanger. Kelly Services Skagenkaien 31.4006 Siavanger .81:50 0044 Manpower Skagenkaien 3537.4002 Stavanger 5 1 9 3 4100 S

51561990 H

Information Services
Newspapers, j o u r n a l s and internet Although a large proportion ofjobs are ad vertised through .the Aetat. ihe newspapers and "some weekly magazines also feature "hot o f f the press" vacancies. A l l the news papers mentioned below can be found in the reading room at the Kulfurhu.set in ihe cen tre of Siavanger and in most public librar ies. Stavanger Aftenblad : Especially Wed and Sat e d i t i o n ( S i a v a n g e r d a i l y newspaper). t Teknisk Ukeblad(Tecr\Mca\ magazine). Afwnposten ( N o r w a y ' s national newspaper). R o g a t a n d s Avis ( R o g a l a n d newspaper). local

Dagens Nceringsliv (national business newspaper). Finansavisen (national financial news paper). Log onto the major companies websites arid their j o b pages.

H www.linn:iio(work section) covers entire country

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Advertising Yourself Personal Contacts, Unsolicited Job Applications and Personal Ads Ifyou are really,serious about finding a job yotr need to exploit all your personal contacts. Many jobs are filled before they even gel to ihe press. 'Networking* helps buijd contacts. Another way to make contacts is by joinirig a Norwegian professional association (forening). There are associations for lawyers, business people (sivilokonomer). public relations, technical people, elc. The horary or lelephonc book should have a lisl of local associations. These groupsgehe7a My have a newsletter or magazine Avhere'they list jobs. You can oflen'.find jobs just by sendingoff your resume with a good cover letter. It is preferable that the letter is written in Norwegian, although you can leave the resume iri'Eriglish i f i l is technical. Also it is not uncommon in Norway to put a. small advert in the newspaper. Should my (TV be translated into before you receive a reply lo your application, especially if the details of your studies are little known in Norway. To get foreign'credenlials recognised you should contact the Norwegian Agency forQuality Assurance in Education (NOK.UT). They will send you an application form. You can start ihe process before'arriving in Norway and before;you have found a job. We advise contacting your local Norwegian Service Mission for help before coming to Norway. "Appendix Eight. NOKUT (Norwegian. Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) Mail: Poslbqks !70S Vikn;0121 Os)o Visiting: Kronprinsens gale 9. Oslo

2 1 02 1800

5. 21 02 1801

For general enquiries on recognition of foreign higher education contact their telephone service: Mon Thins. 12.00

15:00. S

2102 i8 60

<&J S In addition to the completed application form you will need: a certified copy of your passport. a certified copy of all relevant diplomas. confirmation from a competent authority that your education satisfies the minimum requirements of the relevant directive (in the country in which the education look place). a recent lellerofgood standing, stating that the applicant is entitled lo practice his/her profession in his/her home country. a cerlificalc'of good behaviour (vande/sattest), NOKUTcan send you a form whichyou can have attested by SPIN Information Guide

In the oil industry an English CV wou\d be quite acceptable, however depending on the line.'of'work'youare seeking.ithis may be different,

Foreign Diplomas
Foreign Diploma Evaluation and Translation Higher education qualifications from abroad are assessed by the university or college in Norway which offers a siinilar,course. It is" important lo submit as rriany examination documents and references as possible from previous education and practical experience. Unfortunately, it may take considerable time:

the police (not required ifgradualed.within last 12 months). AM documents must be certified and written in English o r a Nordic language. It is not necessary that you have a job before you apply for permission lo practice your profession. Statsautoriserte Translators Forening (Norwegian Guild of Authorised Translators) ?$D statsaul.transl@ Diplomas recognised in an EEA country in general do n o i need further q u a l i f y i n g e x a m i n a t i o n s . A p p l i c a t i o n s f o r the recognition off'oreign degrees or diplomas that do not require authorisation (r.e. social worker, engineer, librarian) should be sent lo the N a t i o n a l A c a d e r f i i c I n f o r m a t i o n Cenire. In Nonvay certain occupations are protected b y law. I n a d d i t i o n t o e d u c a t i o n a l requirements, a licence (tillatelse) w i l l be required in order to allow you to practice your profession in Norway. Applications for l i c e n c e s s h o u l d be sent lo the appropriate ministry, directorate or instilution..The main ones are listed below, additional enquiries can Be made at ihe Stavanger Employment Office (Aetat). Directorate of Health (Slatens. He/set ilsy net) Poslboks 8128 Dep, 0032 Oslo S 51568700 tCi' S Physician, dentist, psychologist, physical therapist, o c c u p a t i o n a l therapist, bio engineer, nurse, midwife, assistanlnurse. medical lab lechnican. Norwegian registration authority for Health Peronnel (Slatens auiorisa.sjons konfor f o r helsepersonnell) Postboks 8053 Dep. 0031 Oslo S 21 52 97 00 &D postmapotak@ M in is try of Education, Research and C h u r c h A f f a i r s (Kirke, utdannings og forsknings departementei .> grunnskoleavdelingen) Poslboks 8119 Dep. 0032 Oslo 2 2 2 4 9090 Teacherprerschool. primary and secondary education. v

The Supervisory Council for Legal Practise (Tilsynsradetfor advokaivirksonthet) Postboks 720 Scnlrum. 0106 Oslo S 22 00 75 00 Lawyer. M i n i s t r y of A g r i c u l t u r e (Landbruksdepartemenrei) Postboks 8007 Dep, 0030 Oslo

S 21 52 99 00
<^tl postmotlak@ H Pharmacist. C o u n t y Health Officer in Rogaland (Helsetilsynet i Rogaland) Postboks 59.4001 Stavanger Visiting address: Lagardsveien 78 SPIN Information Guide

fif 2224 92 50
H Veterinarian.


The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Krediiti/synet) Postboks lOOBryu, 0611 Oslo S - 2 2 939800 B w.ww.krc' Auditor, real estate agent. Norwegian Maritime Directorate (Sjofar/s dii -ekioratet) Postboks 8123 Dep. 0032 Oslo S 2 2 4545 00 Sea capiain, deck oflicer, maritime engineer. Norwegian University of Science and Technology(W77v"L/J 7491 Trondheim days off and holidays. protection of workers' hcallh and safety at the work place. overtime pay. dismissal, etc. The acts riiake no distinction between Norwegian and foreign employees. W o m e n in the local w o r k f o r c e Norwegians enjoy a high standard of living. Olien both husband arid wife work. Women make up q"uite a, large proportion of the workforce, although il is very common for women to work part-time (between 40% and 90% of ihe normal working week): Norway attempts lo achieve an equal balance between men and women in all positions in the workforce, especially in positions which have traditionally been male dominated. To stipulate this, lcgislation'on childcare and childcare facilities have been improved: Women can take up to 52 weeks malernity leave at 80% pay or 42 .weeks al 100% pay (iri case.of^dbplion: 46 weeks versus 37 weeks). To be eligible, the woman must have been working for at least 6'of the "1:0 mon!bs prior lo the 'dale of commencement of maternity leave.. I f the mother right to paid maternity leave, iri some cases.ihe father may be entitled to paternity leave of up to 29 weeks withd 00% pay or 39 weeks with 80% pay. Fathers have Iwo weeks paternity leave just after the birthoflhe child and can lake another"month paternity leave at a later dale (at reduced pay). Many employers offer child-rcare facilities. If your child is ill arid one of Ihe parents has lo home, the employer must allow 10 paid.days a'.year for each parent. SPIN Information Guide

S 73 59 50 00
B Civil engineer, civil architect. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration Helleveien'30, 5045 Bergen 5 5 95 9000 H www.nhh.nb i5i''poslmbt[ak-@adri'i. Economist.

Working Regulations
Conditions in Norwegian -working/life are regulated by acls.. agreements .and regulations including rules on: working hours. breaks. Work

Ban on discrimination (forbudimbt diskrimincring) It is illegal lo distinguish between Norwegians and foreign nationals at a place of work, although expericrie'e has shown that immigrants are not always treated iri accordance with Norwegian law. You may experiences longer probation period than normal, low wages or unreasonable working hours. Ifyou are discriminated against, you should first contact yourisuperior. If lliis docs not achieve results, you. should contact the safely representative (yerneombud), the union represenlalive (ti/fitsvalgt). the trade-union (fagforening) or the Directorate of Labour (Arbeidsiilsynel). Il is also illegal lb discriminate between men and women at a place of work. If you think you are being discriminated'against because of your sex, you may approach any of the above or the Equal Status Council (Like.stillingsombudet). Poslboks 8048,0031 Oslo S 24 05 59 70 Norwegian working practices Ifyou plan to employ Norwegian local staff you need to be aware of the strictly regulated "rules with regard to working hours*(37.5 hours peTwcek), holiday pay (you must set aside 10^2% of pay), erhployment taxes (levied as a percentage of'gross pay, arid payable along wilh the withholding lax), withholding tax (you must withhold employees"'income lax in a separate bank account.and pay it six limes a year to the Fylkeskattessjefe'n). Furthermore,.there are many 'standard' perks and benefits with
SPIN Information Guide

standard tax treatment (per dienis, use of own car etc.). Overtime is strictly-regulated. with fines for overworking' your employees. regardless of whether they are paid for overtime or not! Fylkesskattesjefen i Rogaland Auglendsmyra 3.4095 Slavariger S 5 1 825800 rH, 51825801 <$D


Self Employment
It's assumed you have already decided on your business, your market, your service and/or product. You just need to know how to.gel started and what the major potential pitfalls may be. Recommended reading is the 'Guide for Immigrants who wish to run a business in Norway'. Ifyou can read Norwegian, we recommend reading Elab/erer ABC ft (now available on the internet al and- Eget firma. Ifyou cannot read Norwegian, now is the lime lo.slart. Only a few'of thcjmportant rules and regulations are.translated into English. In addition, you are required by law lo maintain accounts in Norwegian, regardless of the size or form of company. Registering as unemployed could make help available ifyou arc thinking of setting up a business. You .will be pleasantly surprised lo find that ihe Aetat has a wealth of information with regard lo helping you-set up your, own business. Under Norwegian Law. ifyou have the right lo receive unemployment benefit.(dagpenger). you riiayalso be eligible lo continue receiving this benefit"whilst in the planning and early stages of setting upydur own'

business. You will also haveup to 35 hours of free businessxonsultancy of the established business consulting companies. This offer is not available lo you ifyou have already started up your business (however siriall). You mayalso beejigible for an efab/ehngstipendhplo Nok 200.000 of support from the Fvlkeskommunc, lo help you get'slarled..However; thcstipend can vary greatly depending upon which kommune you live in and the type of business you intend lo establish. On occasions a potential riewjbusiness has.had help from the kommune. of which ihe business is lo be started, even if the owner does not live in the kommune. so il's.worth asking al the.local kommunehus: To receive either of these benefits you need to talk to your employment agent (arbeidsformidler) at the Aetat. Gel the form 'Application for continued uncmploymenl benefit while establishing your own business* (Soknad om a fa bebolde retien tilulagpenger under eiablering av. egen virksomhet). Fill out this form and then seek help from one of the shortlisted business consulting companies e:g. Synergja AS. This company, will givenii independent financial and market assessment of ihe poierilial of your idea. Submit ihe form and wait lb.see ifyou are successful. Syncrgia AS Prof.O. Hanssensvei I 1.4068 Stavanger (Postboks 8034)
e51S7'43'00 rffl, 51.87 43 24

persons. They also have a nationwide registerthrough the Supported Employment' network, and help yqu.find the righl person for the job and advise and guide you throughout the interview process, training and even support you and your employees for up to three years Enkelimannsforetak (selfemployed) can register with the Ehlietsregisteret in Brunnovsitnd for no charge. BEDIN (Information on how to start and run an en terprise in Norway.) 8512 Narvik S 800 33 840 H slarlside_erig/cl7hDKey_2 Business Advantage Free initial consultation. Contact Wendy Scotchmcr a 51 86 15 857 918 17*305 <^D

Rules and Regulations

This is a tricky one. Norway is highly regulated,and many lines of businesses require special permission from one of many statutory bodies. Page 21 ofuhe Etablerer ABC'n lists the major requirements and contact addresses. When you a shop or start any other type of fifin. you must inform the following authorities: Local Tax Office (Lig'nii tgskoi Uoret) County Tax Office (Fylkesskattekonioret)
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H < D & In addition, the Aetat can be a source of employees. There are incentives for employers to take on registered unemployed

Social Security O f f i c e NAV-Trygd Directorate o f L a b o u r (Arbeidstilsynet)

Types of Companies in Norway

Enkeltmanns Foretak, Ansvarlig Foreiak - One man business (i:e. self employed), privately owned, unlimited liability. Ansvarlig Selskap ( A N S ) - Partnership (there arc at least two owners), privately owned, unlimited liability. Ansvarlig Selskap- mad D e l i Ansvar ( A N S / D A ) - Partnership, privately owned, limited liability. Aksje Selskap (AS)'- Company owned by shareholders, liability limited to the share holding liability.

Self Employment when Spouse is Working

Starting your o w n business in Norway when your spouse is w o r k i n g is quite simple, lii the first instance, you musl contact the L i k n i n g s k o n t o r e r l n Siavanger and here y o u w i l t have l o f i l l out the relevant paperwork depending on which line y o u arc going into (these a're available in English). B r i n g along your passport and resident'permit. They w i l l check over the paperwork and after taking information from your passport and resident permit, you arc ready to b'egin.

Voluntary Work
Norway does not have a culture of voluntary work like Holland, ihe UK or the United Stales. Nearly all j o b s are paid. This is p r o b a b l y due to the fact that not many people can afford lo work for free (mostly both husband and wife w o r k in order to maintain a high standard of living). Even organisations like the Red Cross (Rode Kors) and the Salvation Army (Frelsesanneen) have a large number of pa id jobs in addition to some volunteers. It is mainly school clubs that rely on v o l u n t e e r s . Y o u r l o c a l K o m m u n e has trivil/ighets sentralen (a contact service desk (servicetogetf m y o u r k o n v m r n e . A lot of church activities also rely on voluntary work. Expatriates tend lo put in volunteer work for specific expatriate organisations.

The rules for registration, lax .liability and accounting vary considerably from one form lo another. A brochure entitled Formelte k r a v ved f o r e t a k s e t a b l e r i n g e r i N o r g e , containing information on the various types of companies and the forma! requirements, is issued by the Ministry of Oil arid Energy. Information for immigrants who.wish to run a business in Norway is written especially for immigrants, and contains information about regulations for running a business. It can be'found on the English internet pages of BEDIN (hitp://w\\w;bedin no/php/ startsidejiiig/cj'/hDKey_2). There is'alsoa free-phone (grant linje) available fofanyorie w h o needs assistance and i n f o r m a t i o n about.starling a business enterprise. S 800 33 840 Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (Olje og Efiergidepartementet) P.O. Box.8148 pep, 0033 Oslo 2 2 249090 '&D

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In addition lo the normal work permit (qrbeidstillatelse), foreigners * must obtain special permission from the police lo conduct their business (lillarelse t i l d drive bandel). This pcrmissioirmusl be entered in your passport. Application Ibrms for this extra work permit are obtainable froni the local police. In certain-eases you 'iieed lo register your business enterprise with the Register of Business Firms (F,ureiaksi;egisterei)'\n Bronnoysund. The registration fee (up to 6,000 Nok) varies-with the type of enterprise. to.thelax authorities' (Opplysningertilbruk vedforskuddsutskrivingen) to your local tax olTice as soon as possible. After reporting your expected income and expenses (fora whole year). Ihey will estiinale the lax which is lb be withheld from your salary and send you.the.fax card. You issued with a new taxcard (skattekort) in December, for the next calender year. The new tax card contains 2-parts includjng a lax table. One part is given to your employer and the other part is for your records. The lax rate dependents on whether one or-bolh partners are working. There is.a higher rale ifyou are both working. The Likningskomoret is very approachable. Tax Offices (Likningskontor) in the Stavanger area: Stavanger Likningskontor Bergelandsgate 30.4003 Stavanger

Income Tax
All residents of" Norway, Norwegian and non-Norwegian, are subject"to Norwegian taxes. A non-Norwegian is considered as a residenl when he/she works in Norway for a period of six months or more, while residing here. (Those who work in Norway for periods'bf less than six-'mbnths are still liable for.Norwegian taxes, but -special rules apply toihcm. Inquire at your local lax office.) All non-Norwegiaiirresidenls areisubjeet lo the same taxes, allowancesiund deduclibrisias Norwegian citizens. Income earned "before Norway in the taxable year is. however, not taxable in Nonvay. Tax card (skattekort) Taxes are withheld by your employer at a rate of 50%.until you produce a lax card. If your employer has not already arranged your tax card for,must apply for one al your loc;il tax office (Likningskomoret). If you are selfemployed and/or own your own business, you w'ili also need a skattekort. Il is important that you send your 'Information Work

S815SI734 &.

Sandnes Likningskontor Hovevcien 30,4306 Sandnes 51974940 &rJ Sola Likningskontor Virigveien3.4050Sola S,8153 2666 *3rJ<j Tax return (selvangivelse) In April, each taxpayer receives an incomelax form in the mail. This form musl be completed, signed and returned to the local (ax office by A p r i l 30. It is your responsibility to return" a.lax form by its due date. Ifyou have not received a form by the middle ol" April, you can obtain one from SPIN Information Guide

your locahax office. Before A p r i l you w i l l receive a statement from your employer detailing exactly how much income you earned during the. previous year and how much lax was withheld. On.your incometax form, your gross income can be reduced by certain approved deductions (special saving accounts, private pension plans, life insurance premiums, interest on loans etc.) to find your net income. Dividends must then be added onto nel income to determine taxable income. The tax return should include: Income total salary. salary for oilduty periods. vacation pay. bonuses and all other remuneration. Deductions m i n i m u m deduction. settlement deduction. standard deduction of 15% ( o f f net taxable income), if your slay in Norway w i l l not exceed four years. deductible premium to public or private Norwegian pension schemes. deductible Norwegian trade union fees/ subscriptions. Rogaland County Tax Office (Fylkesskattekonior Rogaland) Auglendsmyra 3,4095 Stavagcr ffi:5| 82 5800 S, 51825801 t&D rogaland.fsk@ H (click on "Interna tional" for information in English) For more information on "work and taxes* try to gel hold of ihe booklet "Work and lax. an immigrant in Norway', produced by the Utlendingsdirektordt in Oslo.

Purchase Tax Registration

MVA {merverdiavgift)
Similar to Value Added T a x j n the rest of Europe, M V A is levied at up to 25%, for applicable businesses with aturnover of more than Nok'50.000p.a: Not all products and services carry M V A however. Check w i t h y o u r local F y l k e s s k a t t e k o n i o r . A publication called 'The VAT system Acts and'Regulations R0560', is available, in English, from the Fylkeskattekontor. In addition, i f y o u started your business before I January 2 0 0 1 , you must pay an investment lax (investeringsavgift) on.all products and services you buy in order to run your business (currently 7%). Both i n c o m i n g and o u t g o i n g M V A must be tracked along w i t h investeringsavgift. Only the 'net' arriount is "payable. In other words, you ofi'set the M V A and investeringsavgift. you paid for your goods against the M V A you receive when you sell them. A publication called, 'Merverdiavgift. Investeringsavgift '.'explains all the rtiles and regulations for both taxes, but is o n l y available in Norwegian.

When you complete your income taN.form, youdo not compute your, income lax. but simply check the figures ihe lax office has used in their assessment., If correct, sign it and return the form lo your lax office. The actual assessment of taxes is carried out by local boards. You w i l l bejin formed whether you have to pay additional laxes (restskatt) or are e n t i t l e d to a r e f u n d d u r i n g the f o l l o w i n g year. Refunds are automatically sent via postgiro. Taxes owed are paid by installment.usually due in November or December.

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74 Norwegian Tax Law

Partnerships and one-man businesses are treated as individual, fdspaycrs (personIige sk'atteytere) and you musl apply for a tax card in the same way as if you were an employee, fora one-nianbusincss you'ean guess' your tax liability by producing a profit and loss account., Estimaieybur lax liability al approxiifialely 30% of your profit. You will need specific accountancy help to get a more accurate figure, especially ifyou have other sources of income. The rules are more complicated for partnerships and joint stock companies.

I h e Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Kredittilsynet) Oslensjuveien 43,0667 Oslo a 22939800 H www. $D>

Business Directory
Directorate of'I'axes (Skaitedirektoraiet) Postboks 6300 Etterstad, N-0603 Oslo 22 07 7000 <$D H click on ''International1' foninfo in English. Register of Business Enterprises (Foretaksregisteret) 8910 Bronnoysund 75.00 75 00 iH, 75 00 75 05 Chamber of Commerce (Del Handelskammer) Drammeiisvn- 30.0255 Oslo H 2 2 1294 00 ^J S www. Chamber of Commerce (Stavanger Handelskammer) Roscnkildelorgel 1,4005 Stavanger S 51,51 0S80> .rE 51.51 0881 &l Pricewaterhousc Coopers DA Forus Atrium Vassbotnen 15, 43 13 Sandnes
W.51.67,60 00 ,Si 5163 20 70 H

Annually-a profit, and loss account-and balance sheet, showing figures for the two most recent years,, must be audited and approved by an accountant." The accountant (revisor or reghskapsjbrer) writes a statement, which must accoiripany the profit aiid loss accounlandbalancc sheet, as well as a statement from the Board of Directors (Styrebesetning) when it is sent lo the Regisler of Business Enterprises. (Foretaksregisteret) at Brohnoysund. The deadline for this yearly exercise is specified by the Foretaksregisteret. The accounts and receipts must be-retained for at least ten years. You may eontacMhe Banking. Insurance Land Securities Commission (Kredittilsynet) for more information. All businesses must;also submil a completed tax return form to the local tax office before the applicable deadline. As the lax rules for businesses are fairly complicated, wise to seek help frbm'an'accounlanl.



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Dcloitte & Touche Postbox 287.4066 Siavanger "ffiSI 81 56.00 ,5, .51 81 56 01 Ernst & Young AS Vassbolncn I 1.4313 Siavanger 51.70 66 00 & 5170 66 01 0 KPMC Pelroleumsveien 6,4064 Stavanger 5 r 5 7 82 00 51 57 12 29

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SPIN Information Guide




Health National Health System

N o r w a y has a National Health System. Everyone who is w o r k i n g in Norway ( f o r a company that has not opted out of the social security system) or pays Norwegian income tax and is registered in Norway. aujomaticaJly falls under the National Health Insurance (Folketiygdcn). Other European citizens have the same righis lo

79 'YourPartCard' (Egenandelskort)
To registeryour contribution to the National H e a l t h S y s t e m , y o u w i l l need a n egenandelskort. At the start of each year the maximum annual contribution is set and you start off w i i h a new egenandelskort. An egenandelskort can be obtained from your, doctor or at.a pharmacy. Once the maximum annual amount is reached, you are entitled to a f r i k o r t . You arc then exempt from any further payment for the rest of the year. You can apply for a j i i k o r t at your Ttygdekomor (Social Security Office). Each family member from the age of seven has his/her o w n card to register payments for doctors' fees, specialists' fees and for prescriptions on blue paper. Prescriptions for nonchronic diseases and ailments arc recorded onto a white prescription form and are not eligible for registration onto your egenandelskort. Should you suffer froiii a c h r o n i c disease o r r e q u i r e l o n g t e r m medication, then y o u r d o c i o r w i l l fill out a blue prescription form.In this case you only pay part of the cost of the 'medicines and ihe amount you pay is recorded on your egenandelskort.





Norwegians due to a reciprocal Agreement,



governments. Health serviccsLare provided a c c o r d i n g t o need rather than ability to pay.



National Health Insurance

Nalional'Heallh Insurance covers all costs involved with hospitalisation. When visiting a doctor however, you need lo pay a portion of the doctor's fee. Medical care forcriildren years'of age is free, apart from prescribed medicines. Personal contributions towards medical care and certain medicines are limited to a yearly maximum. The maximum for 2006 is set ai Nok 1.61.5. Private health insurance is new in Norway. T h e r e are p r i v a t e c l i n i c s a v a i l a b l e in S t a v a n g e r . w h e r e b y cash p a y m e n t is required. Some private insurance companies w i l l reimburse these medical costs, but first check w i i h your provider regarding your insurance.coverage.

Children from the age of seven up to sixteen have their o w n egenandelskort but any costs incurred can be compounded w i i h the costs of one of the parents to reach the f r i k o r i limit. It is easiest to ask for an egenandelskort the first lime you visit a doctor. Have it stamped at'each .subsequent visit. For in depth information on Norwegian in surance programs refer : //http:// o d i n . d e p . n o / / f i 1 a r k i v / 2 3 7 4 6 5 / Brosjurc_engelsk_l2005.pdf Health

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80 European Health Insurance (Europeisk Helsekort)

This card documcnls'thal you are:enliiled to necessary medical treatment during temporary stays in olher EEA countries or in Switzerland. You are.cniiiled lo treatment on a par w i t h ihe citizens of the counlry where you are slaying. In the UK and Northern Ireland it will be sufficient for Norwegian and British citizens to show Iheir passports. The card replaces the:earlier E 111 form. Get one from your trygdekontbr. S.8I0338I0 B ; w w w . ".Logistics-Social Security - Ttygdekomor

Madia 51 50] 84 84 Storhaug

51 50 89 06
Tastu S 51 5 0 8 2 0 0 Randaberg K o m m u n e Helsestasjon

5 1 41 41 80 Sola Kommune Helsestasjon 5 1 6 5 3300

Sandnes K o m m u n e (central unit) 51975000 Sandnes K o m m u n e has several health clinics, but w i t h limited opening hours. The central unit can help you find a m i d w i f e (jort/mor) in your district. The doctors" practices are staffed w i t h general practitioners (GPs) who provide health care for people living within the social district. They also take care of pregnancy. check-ups'1, often learning up witli a midwife. Doctors in Norway have regular office hours and general practitioners work by appointment onjy and do not make house calls. For an early 'appointment,- it is best to call at the beginning of the w o r k i n g day. If you are unable to get an appointment and need treatment urgently..eall'orgo t o y o u r local legevakt. f * " H e a l l h - D o c t o r on DutyLegevakt). The legevakt is forout-of-hours urgent'treatment which cannot wail until y o u r o w n d o c t o r s o f f i c e -is o p e n ihe following working dav.

Visiting the Doctor

Each k o m m u n e is s p l i t i n t o d i s t r i c t s (bydeler). w i t h each district having its own Nalional Health health clinic (lielsesrasjon) and d o c t o r s practice (bydelslegetjencst'e). Often the iwo'are combined al one location.

National Health Clinics (hefsestasjonef):

Stavanger Kommune: Eiganes og Valand

515083 00

-515575:11 ' , V
Minna 3 1 91 22-50 Hundvag 51508150 ^ 0 ^ ^ /



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81 Registration with a General Practitioner (GP)

Primary Health Care (general practice or family medicine) is provided by one general practitioner (J'astlege). who is responsible for seeing and treating you. and for holding your medical records. Treatment may require a referral to a specialist and ihe GP is responsible for the referral. Most persons coining to live and work in Norway w i l l arrive here with a work and resident permit, and the employer w i l l have done the official registration. When your address is known, you must officially register w i t h the Folkeregister of the Kommune where you arc to live. It is also necessary to register dependents (spouse and children). Y o u w i l l t h e n be g i v e n a personal i d e n t i f i c a t i o n number (j'tU/se/snummer, which is date of birth + 5 digits). Once registered you w i l l automatical)' be sent a list of GP's from various areas in the Siavanger. Sola and Sandnes areas who have vacancies for their patient lists. I f y o u need to register w i i h a doctor immediately, call You may choose a doctor in any Kommune. you are not restricted to your own immediate area. If you w o u l d like to be on a list of a specific doctor-you can apply directly to him/her..Some doctors have a-full list and cannot accept new.palients. Registration can also be done on.the Internel either to a specific doctor (you w i l l need to know which Kommune -he works iri) or be: allotted to a doclor with a vacancy in your 'Kommune.You w i l l receive written confirmation of your appointed GP. I f y o u w i s h , you may change to another practitioner using a s i m i l a r registration procedure up to,two limes in a calendar year. You will also be able to find private practices within each district. "Health-Visiting the Doctor-Private Health Clinic.

Private Health Clinic


S M o n - F r i 8.00-20.00 Services include: General practitioners. o c c u p a t i o n a l health s e r v i c e , s u r g e o n . psychologist, chiropractor, vaccination. Free parkingavailable.

Children's Health
For routine medical complaints you should take your child lo your family doctor. Mosl doctors are fairly w i l l i n g lo sec children at relatively short notice. Should your child need medical assistance outside normal w o r k i n g hours, y o u should attend the legevakt in your area. In an emergency take y o u r c h i l d d i r e c t l y l o the e m e r g e n c y department ( A K U T T K U N I K K E N ) al the hospital. Periodic health and development check-ups and vaccinations for prc-school children are carried out al health clinics (helsestasjoner). Once your c h i l d attends school..routine check-ups-will be arranged by ihe school. The health clinics do not treat sick children. If your child is sick, make an appointment with your family doctor (GP. fastlege). Your child w i l l be registered at your local health clinic once your f a m i i y i s registered w i l h the alien office al the police station (mlendingsavsnitt) arid the local population register (folkeregisteret). *" L o g i s t i c s - Visas - A p p l y i n g Registration.

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A routine check-up will examine general physical well-being, hearing, sight, development as well as giving appropriate vaccinations. Youwill have an opportunity to discuss any concerns with a nurse and/ or a doctor. Children wiih sight difficulties will be referred to a specialist. Children needing glasses are sent to aivoptomelrisl where their eyes arc checked and glasses prescribed. A portion of thecost of the eye lest and glasses can be claimed frorij the National Health Service. Your child will,receive an appointment card ;in the mail fromlhe health clinic in your area. Should you wish to niakcan appointment for your child al a health clinic, call your kommune office and talk 10 ihe nurse (lwlses0ste.r). To find your local health clinic (lielsestdsj/m)' phone the health slation centrc'in your district. Child Immunisation AH.children living in Norway'are offered vaccinaljons against nine.illnesses; diphtheria ((////e/V) tetanus (stivkrumpe) pertussis, whooping cough (kikhoste) haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) polio (poliomyelitt) measles (tne.slinger) mumps (kusma) rubella,.German measles (rode bunder) tuberculosis (luberkulose) These vaccinations; are voluntary. Vaccination against hepatitis B is not roulinelv ijiveri in

Norway, unless you arc arriving from outside Europe or arc planning to.iravel to a location where it is deemed necessary. Immunisation vaccinations forchildrenup to ihe age of seven are free of charge. The iriiportant point regarding vaccinations is thai every child needs to be fully immunised against several diseases by the ageof two. If your child is born in Norway. : the Norwegiari immunisation system will apply and you will be advised accordingly. As of the school year 2005/2006. a new vaccination scheme will take effect. P lease contact the local, health clinic if this new scheme applies to your child. Vaccinations are Ihe local health clinic.siarting when the child is three monihs old-and follows the scheme indicated below. diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis. Hib. polio 5 months: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis. Hib. polio 12 months: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, polio 15 monihs: measles; mumps. rubella ca. 7-years: diphtheria, tetanus. pertussis, polio 12-13 years: measles, mumps. rubella Start of secondary school: tuberculosis, polio All vaccinations arc given by injection, whereby vaccinations against several diseases are combined in so-called cocktails. After receiving a vaccination, the child should wail at the health clinic for al least 20 minutes, to make sure lhal no allergic reaclion occurs. School-aged children and those entering day care facilities are
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expected to have up-to-date records. If your child is attending the international School of Stavanger(ISS), the school nurse can take care of vaccinalions, however, you will have to pick up the vaccine yourself. I f y o u have moved lo Norway w i i h young children, it is best lo make an appointment with the nurse (lielsespster. "Health clinics, ahove) at the health clinic in your-kommune. The Norwegian immunisation schedule may vary slightly f r o m the country in which the immunisations were started. The nurse ai the local health clinic w i l l be able to set up a conversion schedule lo aMow your child to complete his/her,immunisations; according to the Norwegian system. Alternatively yoii might be advised to finish thesystem you have already started. Two information booklets (in Norwegian) by the Slatens Helsetilsynet w i l l give you all the details about the Norwegian Immunisation Scheme. They are available from the health clinic in your ko/iimitne.&ud are entitled: VaksinaSJou i borne- og ungdomsalder (

83 Gver-The-Gounter Products
Y o u ' l l recognise some of the generic and b r a n d names al the p h a r m a c y . T h e y generally stock products for: pain-relief, fever and colds upset siotnuch. motion sickness personal and f e m i n i n e h y g i e n e . pregnancy tests first aid dental care vitamins

baby care sun care soap, hair and beauty, skin care Thermometers and olher health related s u p p l i e s are a l s o a v a i l a b l e f r o m the p h a r m a c y ; T h e items -car? be f o u n d according to what they are used for e.g: 'pain and fever'

Mosl staff arc very willing to assist you in English. There is a l i s l of common products in the Appendices.

The Pharmacy (apotek)

Norway has .strict laws which forbid you to bringmedicines into the country. Foreign prescriptions arc not accepted in Norway. Sirict control over the medicines and overthe-counter products leaves the consumer a limited choice of single remedy products, available only from the apotek. You may heed to buy t w o .or three products to treat two or three symptoms. Over-the-counter products are i^old in small quantities. Larger quantities require aprescripiion.

Prescriptions (resept)
The prescription area of the apotek requires that you take a number from the machine, or if there is no machine, you w i l l be given a number once your handed to the pharmacist. You can either wail for .your prescription to be madeup. or present your number when you reiurn lo collect it. For ihe National Health Insurance, there are two types of prescriptions, those on blue prescription forms and those on w h i l e prescription forms.

SPIN Information-Guide


Medicines prescribed for a chronic'diseasc or condition which requires treatment f o r a duration of at least three.months during a year aresubsidiscd by the National Health Service (Folketiygd). Your doctor w i l l use a. blue prescription form You w i l l have to pay a portion of the price of the medicine. The costs of>these medicines can be recorded on y o u r e g e n a n d e l s k o r t and c r e d i t e d towards your maximum yearly contribution. S u b m i t ' y o u r e g e n a n d e l s k o r t a t the pharmacy when paying for this type of prescription to record the amount spent. You can get unegenandelskort from your doctor o r a l Medicines prescribed on a while prescription form are usually for a nonchronic disease or condition. These are not covered by the folketiygd, and arc paid in full by you. They arc not credited towards your maximum yearly contribution either. However, you can a p p l y ' f o r r e i m b u r s e m e n t o f expenses exceeding an annual amount of Nok 1.615 if Ihe medicine is registered in Norway and prescribed by a doctor. Ask your local Trvgdekontor for information. Special cases are some contagious diseases that arc'considered a.general risk to the population (i.e. some sexually transmitted diseases). Here [he fu Ike trygd w i l l coverall medical expenses i r r e s p e c t i v e of the duration of ihe treatment. Yqur.doclor.can inform you. M o s l m e d i c i n e s you o b t a i n f r o m ihe pharmacist in Norway do not contain an instruction leaflet i n f o r m i n g you about dosage and coniraindicalions. Instead, you have to rely on the.pharmacist giving you verbal instructions for taking the medicine (e.g. on an empty stomach1 versus with a meal or avoid alcohol, etc.) and to whether you can drive or operate machinery. A label w i l l be put on ihe outsideof the packing, staling number, frequency and for how long to take themcdication. If you are not sure ask questions, or i f y o u want more information, ask for a copy ofjhe description in the Felleskatalogi'm Norwegian). Beware of a red t r i a n g l e on the o u t s i d e . o f ihe package, it meansthai this medicine can influence y o u r driving ability. Veterinary prescriptions are also made up al the apotek. Locations/Opening Hours If you need medicines outside ihe normal opening hours of the pharmacy in your n e i g h b o u r h o o d , y o u can g o t o the pharmacyonduty (vaktapoteke.t). Vitusapotek L 0 v e n Qjav V's gate 11. Siavanger

O p e n 7 days a week. Hours 09.00 23.00 including Sundays and Holidays. December 24. December. 3 I and Easier Saturday from

Provides information on drugs in English; if requested, and also sell spices, makeup and baby careproducts. T h e y a l s o p f o d u c e a range o f ' G o o d advice* lealletsnn English relating to pregnancy, babies.and children which you can ask for. These include: Nappy/diaper, rash Fever Constipation in pregnant.and breast feeding women Iron and pregnancy Colic orconstipaiion Infants and dietary supplements Conjunctivitis Children and sun


SPIN Information Guide

Congested nose Sorenipples Pharmacy in Sola Alliance Apotek Sola

Dry skin

When visiting the-Lf>ve Apotek, park your car ai Jcrnbanen, ihe parking loi across the st reel. The apotek in your kommune may be slighily smaller and not carry ihe full range of products which are offered at the Love Apotek. Most staff are quite helpful and able lo speak English. The opening hours vary slighily with each location: General opening hours: Weekdays 09.00- 16.30 Thursto 18.00 Sat 09.00-13-00/14.00 Sun and Holidays closed

Solakrossen OS I 647250
Pharmacy in Tananger Alliance Apotek Tanunger Skibmannsvcgen 3 S.51 944660 Pharmacies in Sandnes Apotekl Lura - Kvadral GamleSiokkaveien I 51635150

Apotekl Hegrcn
Solaveien 3 5 1 6 8 1790 Vitusapotek Synira Aml"isenicrel. Vagsgale 33 a5l607IOO Pharmacy in Randaberg Vitusapotek Randaberg Jon Torbcrgssonsvcicn 8 5 1 4 1 8 2 10

Pharmacies in Stavanger:
Vitusapotek Loven -Scntrum OlavVsgate II 51 91 08 08 Vitusapotek Svanen- Sentnini Klubbgate I 5 1 854800 Apoteket Hygiea - Sentnini Toigierrassen. Kirkcgaien 2 5 1 517171 Alliance Apotek Hijlevag- Hillevag Torgveien 2 51:82 88 88

Doctor-on-Duty (legevakt)
Stavanger Legevakt Siavanger Universitelssjukehuset (SUS) Hclse Siavanger HF ArmauerHansensyci 20.4011 Stavanger 5 1 5102 05 16.00- 08.00.Call first.

Apotek 1 Hjorten - Madia Madlakrosseii 5 1 599988

Sandnes Legevakt herveien'l 07. 4318 Sandnes 5 1 97-1097.Call first.

SPIN Information,Guide


third roundabbui. The hospitals bordered' by three main streets: the Armauer" Hanscnsvei to thenorth. Ihe Fylkeslege Ebbellsvei lo ihe west; and Ihe Hillevagslunnelen toihe'south. If you follow ; the signs, you will enter the sykehus from the Fylkesleg'e Ebbejlsvei. Parking for Hospital You may parkfor l5niinules:jusi:oLitside' ihe front door for an acute emergency such as maternal labour. After this move your car lo ihe regular parking area promptly Pay parking is available oulsideihc hospital. Mosl the infonnation'desk will be able to assisfyou and give directions in English. You will also find a cashdispenser, a kiosk ancl a coffee machine in the main hall. The hospital pharmacy is at basement level. Payphones."coin'andxard operated, can be found on each lloor.and il is possible lo phone; in to a payphone. The use of personal mobile telephones is permitted inside the hospital with the exception of the depaninents of:.premaiiuc nursery, intensive care and surgery.

The hospital consists of a.number of interconnected buildings. Some of these There are two ways to pay forparking at the buildings have just a few floors while others hospital. You can pay for a specified period have up to six or seven. The different floors (e.g. I2 hours) by inserting Nok 15 per hour. arc indicaled by diffcrenl colours: Many of Alternatively! if you don't know how long 'he departments for tests, day surgery and you.will be in ihe hospital you can use your the blood donor clinic are located on the milin credit card for payment. floor and are well marked. Swipe your card at the automat machine and. / receive a ticket with an 'innkjoringitummer' when you";first'arrive., Place this, on the Emergency Department at dashboard of your.card Where it is clearly g i j g (akuttklitlikken) visible. When you leave the hospital use .. . ,. . . . ' , , . . ' . . * * 113 torAmbulance. the same card and swipe it again at ihe _ "'.,. , , ,, , .. .., ,. , ; ' . . . btavanper Universitetsstukebus Helse Aulomat. You wilhsec ihe wordr konlrol _ . . ,,,_. .. , . , ,^rrrir "."v.*" , Siavanger HI <tD. on the display and this indicates that Ihe . . , . , ; . : ' ; ' ,..' ' r L. Accidentand Emergency, machine is calculating the parking fee to be __, ^ * charged to your curd. You .will be issued writh a receipt'.which details the fee and the ^ A m b u l a n c e (Legehelikopter). inandout limes. Ifyou park yourcarfor 24 * * 5 I 5. 5300 hours/there is only a Nok 70 charge per

The Main Entrance (hovedinngang) is on ihe right of the hospital, when entering horn ihe Fylkeslege Ebbellsvei. There/is a drop off and loading zone" al this entrance. As youenterthebuildingari Information Desk is to the left, jiistihsicle the main entrance. Health

Emergency Transport
V 113 Medical Emergency S yketransport (transport lo docior or hospital)' NorgcsTaxi 0800

SPIN Information Guide

Location and Layout
The,Accident and Emergency department is immediately facing you as you drive in from the Fylkeslege Ebbellsvei. next to the Ambulance dropoff point. There is a small car park outside A & E"entrance for short stay parking. O n l y go directly lo A & E i f i t is obvious thai, for example, your leg is bro ken. Otherwise go to your local legevakt. as mentioned in the Doctor on Duty sec tion, where il w i l l be determined i f y o u re quire treatment al A & E. Health Doctor on'Duly. Where an XRay (wntgenbilde) is required, you w i l l be sent 10 the appropriate XRay unit by the legevakt. A charge w i l l be made for each XRay required. T h c r e w i l l b e a charge for i h e d o c t o r ' s i i m c and any m e d i c a l p r o v i s i o n s . I f y o u r condition requires a hospital stay you w i l l receive the required tests, initially, in A& E and then w i l l be referred to the appropriate ward. w i i h a midwife. Some doctors don't have an established m i d w i f e contact. You may contact the m i d w i f e in y o u r b y d e l or kommune. or one of the private practising midwives mentioned later in the chapter. If you are planning to have a baby or are already pregnant ( g r a v i d ) y o u should establish which midwife and/or doctor you would like losce. Pregnancy tests for home use arc available from the apotek or some of ihe grocery stores for approx. Nok 100. Most Norwegian women w i l l only see a specialist if there are problems w i l h the pregnancy. If both mother and baby are healthy, most prefer to see their usual family doctor (justlege). Consequently you w o n ' l find Ob/Gyns on every corner but if you prefer, there are possibilities. $. As a member of ihe National Insurance scheme, you w i l l receive free help from doctors and midwives during the birth of your baby, and Ihe slay and care in the hospital is also free. A f t e r the b i r t h , both mother and c h i l d receive postnatal care al ihe hospital. The local health clinic ibelsestasjon) follows the child's development during the first years, through the first years of school too, and provides information, advice, vaccinations and health checks. A pamphlet entitled 'Mother and Child" ( M o r og b a m ) is available ai the public health c l i n i c in a number of languages. T h i s c o n t a i n s u s e f u l i n f o r m a t i o n about pregnancy, birth and the infant's first year.

Having A Baby
Siavanger is a good place to have a baby even though you may be a long way from your family. The Norwegian approach is very positive with a strong belief in normality of birth and the abilities of women. The maternity unit (fpdeavdeling) al (he hospital is wcllTrespccicd w i t h , h i g h l y experienced staff and a l f l h e necessary technology. In Norway women have the right to choose lo go to pregnancy'checkups w i t h either a b ..**> .v " m i d w i l e and/or a doctor. Most women see ' ' b o l h : a doctor al intervals d u r i n g their ,fc ....._ r , , , pregnancy, w i i h ' t h e majority ol checkups 1 h SPIN Information Guide J '' / i

The Doctor Alette) n . J L . i Doctors r e c o m m e n d that you make an . . . . ,, , appointment even in the planmny >lage or ~, . . . ,. , your pregnancy. This is to make sure thai .. .. .. Health y O U a i c getting all you need in terms ol

does not know you intimately and shift changes may riiean that the same midwife may not be.with you throughout your labour. Itiis.important lo havcisomeonc with .you who knows you well; can make you feel safe and can give you-continuous supportiand encouragemanl.-This isoftcn.your'partner and dads arc.encouragcd'jb take an active part in their baby's birth.:You may choose lb have aclosed'riend, a relative or a doula, (professional, non-medical birth supporter);as either additional support during our birth. The hospital suggests limit your birth supporlers:lo two: It is"importanl-to have discussed all aspects of-the birth supporler(s) beforehand so thai they arc fully aware of your wishes andean help you communicate ihem lo.ihc medical staff. Asimple. flexible birth plan.whichscls out your : wishes clearly is helpful lo both yoii and your midwife. Midwife-led Unit (fodeloftef) I f y o u r p r e g n a n c y has-been w i t h o u t complicationsy.ou w i l l haveihe option of using birth loft (j'pdeloftet) on ward 7H.-This is,a fnidwife-:lcd unii-designedTor women who are aiming for a natural birth in an intimate, home-like atniosphere using.only non-medicalfdrms of pain relief. There'are two rooms al,present..each slighlly r larger than normal.'with a bath anda double bed. The idea is that you and your partner (plus your-oldcr children i f y o u wish) can; stay together, for 24 hours after the binh and then go.home ihe next day. You and your baby w i l l return for a check, up three days postnatally. If you f i n d thai, y o u need stronger pain relief onolher inicryenlions y o u w i l l be transferred to the normal delivery suite. Because ihe department is small, you need lo book a place beforehand i f y o u are Health considering g i v i n g birth here.-Discuss this with your midwife. . To help you .understand your, options-and make decisions about your care.- it is a good idea for you and your partner to attend some form of childbirth course during pregnancy On thefPostnatal (barse\) W a r d W h i l e it. is c o m m o n elsewhere to take everything,you need for : yourself and-ihe baby to the hospital,.in Norway just aboul everything is provided. A l l you need lake of your o w n . is toiletries. Bathrobe, sanitary t o w e l s , underpants anc1 n i g h t s h i r t s -arc provided. You may. of course, bring your o w n , but renicriiber you w i l l be changing several l i m e s a .day. B r i n g slippers or s n e a k e r s , s h a m p o o , soap and o t h e r toiletries, bfcastpads. hairdryer(220V). The dress of ihe day' is sweatpants/shirts or similar. Most mothers .initially, need some help w i i h breast'-feeding. Hospilal'staff w i l l help you w i t h feeding as wcll'as teaching you some practical aspects of baby care. Many.women wish to talk through their birth experience and.'before 1 you leavc'hospital. your, m i d w i f e ' w i l l offer lb do this with you. Discharge is usually 2-3 : days following a normuLdclivery, and..within this norm, you can determine for'yourself"when you are ready lo"go home. Your baby w i l l need to be examined by a pediatrician when it isai leasi six"hours old - ususally the day after the birth. Your hospital stay w i l l be somewhat longer after a caesarean b i n h or if y o u ' o r your baby are u n w e l l .

Breakfast and lunch arc buffet-style, dinner is served on a tray. E v e n i n g meals are available (self-service) in the kitchen on the SPIN Information Guide

ward. Meals are eaten in the silting room at the end of the hallway. A'supper menu is offered the day before. If you would like foods that arc not served, please ask the staff. For example, cereal is not a regular part of the breakfast buffet, but you can have it ifyou ask for il. Your partner may bring in meals for you to eat as well. Visiting is jiniitcd at the request of mothers who need rest and lime wilh the baby. Mothers may receive visitors at any time outside ihe ward, for example in the sitling room down the hall. Nole that no. children under the age of 10 are allowed unless they are siblings of the newborn. Visiting hours (Maternity Ward) Mon-Fri 18.15-19.00 Father/brother/sister hour 1900 - 20.00 Sal.Sun 14.00- 15.00 Tippy Toes - Jen Watson 45 210-391 STJ An exciting mums, babies and toddlers group who meet every Wednesday al the PWC clubhouse (next to the British School). Carla Dressier (doula) 911 22 72K H A doula provides continous emotional. physical, informative, non-medical support for ihe labouring woman. Also posi natal follow up is available. Wendy Pagler 5 1 65 1822/926 27 910 ^fl , H Childbirth classes in English covering labour, birth and life with a new baby including a visit lo the hospital. Breastfeeding support is also available. Baby cafe for new mother to relax and make friends. Baby music: simple music and rhythm classes for mother and babies up lo 18 months. Baby massage classes for babies from birth to about 6 months.

Pre and Post Natal Support and Classes

Svaiigerskapktu-.ser. a series of prenatal classes laught in Norwegian, are offered by your local belsestosjon. Give them a ring for more information. "Health - Visiting a doctor - Health clinics. One-day classes also in Norwegian (2 Saturdays per month) including lour of the hospital, are also offered by the two midwife unions. Call the delivery ward for information or check at your hclscstasjon. The maternity ward can give you and your partner a tour of the department before the birth ifyou ring them lo arrange it. 51 51 94 80. See alsb information on bookin" visit above.

Breast-feeding support
Breast-feeding is the norm in Norway. You will get all the support you need, even if you have to ask for help at every feeding for several days. If you choose not to breastfeed, baby formula is available. Health centre breast-feeding support (ammehjelpen) Sandnes 51-6203 51 Local breast-feeding support organisation with a 24-hour helpline.

SPIN Information Guide

Norwegian'Schools Norwegian children receive their first dental checkup at the age. of three. Once registered, appointment cardsare sent out every 1820 months. Children may. also'be'registered wilh .a private denlisihulfariy costsiinvolved.will not be reimbursed by the Naiional Health Service. The government selsthe cosl of treatment by National'Heallh denlisis and a price list is available from each dentist. Denlisisvin privale ^practice set theirown prices. Some.expatriates prefer to schedule a visit to'the dentist'while"back"home on leave. ' ' Adults The quality of treatment is of a high standard. and. asin other countries, a local injection is generally used for treatment. There are a growing."number of denial hygicnisis in Norway, and. therefore. some,will have;a hygienistat their practice. Either the dentist or the dental, hygienist carries oul scaling and polishing. Private Dentist Harriet Haug ".'... Skibmannsv. 3.4056Tananger 51644747 ,; There are a growingnumber of: orthodon tists (kjeveortopedi. tannregulering). oral surgeons . ( o r a j k i r u j g i ) . periodontists (periodotui og lannkjtftisykdommer), and prostodontists in Rogaland. All need refer rals froni your own dentist. MarkN."Lowey Kirkcgale28. Siavanger S5l86':i844 A member of Norsk Tannlcgeforening (MNTR). British Denial Association (BDA) arid Ahiericaii Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Practices in Siavanger and UK.

Other Health Services/ Specialists

C a r d i o l o g y Clinic Heart Center (Stavanger Hjertesenter) 0s'tcrvag.7.'Slavangc'r' 51890055'

Gastroenterology Clinic
Dr. Harald Hart Gaslro Nova, Bjergslcdv. 1,4007 Stavanger 51916620 ' ' <&TJ Private clinic for disorders of the digestive trad. Referral from aGP is needed.

Orthodontic Treatment , . j,
Children requiringorthodontic treatment will have lo be referred by their own dentisi. who will.give youia list of specialists. The dentist will give you a blue form .which you take.along io ihe ..orthodontist .on Ihe^fjrst visit. The form is filled oul by the orthodontist and sent to lhc>Fqlketrygden. The amount refunded depends; on the treatment required. The greater ihe need for treatment, the i*reaierthe refund. Health
/ L a r S FACE IT

Iwusreocw A

SPIN Information Guide

Dietician Astrid Jacobsen Sandsgatc 20.4012 Stavanger The arrangement musl be made with the Trxdekontor before travel. Private practices (privat praksis) may have a shorter waiting list. If they do not have an agreement wilh the social services, you pay ihe full amount for your consultation. Sports Related Injuries Sport Injury Clinic (Idrettsskodeklinikken) RIMS, Rogaland Idretlsmedisinske Senlcr Fr. Nansens v 48. 4019 Siavanger

9 7 0 15 789
Registered nurse who specialises in diet/ nutrition. Obstetrics/Gynaecology Dr. Marit Veholmen, OB/G YN .Boganesvein 10-12.4088 Stavanger S 51 8818 40 <&D Private Clinic, referral noi required. Provides multiple services, such as papsmcar. ultrasound, infertility counseling and regulating menstrual and menopause difficulties. Mon-Thurs9.00- 15.00.

<&t) A private clinic trealing all sport related injuries. Hinna Fysioterapi *i Ken Milne Boganesgcilen 9.4032 Stavanger 5 1 5 7 9 3 70 3 Appointment given within 48.hours. Doctor referral "not'necessary. Canadian educated. Speech Therapy Louise Elizabeth Rankin M N L L Communication Skills Consultancy Hoyebakken 5b. 4029 Siavanger

Catherine O'Donnell Brillehuset. KJubbgaten 1.4013 Stavanger 5 1 8938 36

Mike Don gel mans Sandnes Ostebpaii Senlcr Lundegeilen 10,4323 Sandnes 5 1 6 0 1663 <5iD

In order to see a specialist, you will need a referral from a GP. Depending on the type of assistance required you may need to travel to another part of the country as it might not be available in Stavanger. In such cases, travel expenses are:covered by the National Health but various rules apply, depending on the situation.

'51 5445 10
'SD A Norwegian qualified speech and language therapist working both for local authority and privately for the internalional community.'Works wiih children who have language delays, sluttcrs and phonological difficulties, and with adults with voice problems and stroke victims.

SPIN Information Guide


X-Ray Centre, Sent rim) ROntgeninslitutt Stavanger DSD-building. 4h lloor BorchaugenJ. 4006Stavanger 5 1 9 3 4 2 0 0 rS. 51 934201 qgJ H www.serinmno Private X-Ray clinic with short waiting times and generally no necessity for a referral from youiiGP if you arc over forty yearsold. They carry out annual mammograms for those aged 4CM9 years and bi-annually for women over 50. foracosiol'Nok 390. Register wiih them for an automatic (bi)annual appoinlmenl. Stavanger Homeopati Scnter Nordb0gaten 10.4006 Stavanger 5 1 9 3 4 2 00 Stavanger Naturmedisinske I nstitutt Lars 1 lerteivigsgata 5.4005 Siavanger 51 53 08 81 Sandnes Naturmedisinske Senter Langgata 41.4306 Sandnes 51666220 Offers homeopathy, acupuncture, massage and zone therapy.

David Smith MChS, UK HPC Reg (SRCH). AuthFotterapeut,NFF member The Foot mail1

Alternative Health Services

There is a comprehensive range of allemalive medicine available in Stavanger including acupuncture, ostcopalhy, homeopathy, reflexology, zone therapy, and aromatherapy. Unless you have been referred by:a doctor, payment will not normally be covered under the National Health Service.

.98082 674
< * J S British trained Podiatrist offering all chiropody services, such as removal of hard skin, corns, verrucae. clipping toenails. Also offers assessment in Diabetes. Bioniechanical including spoils related injury (and orthotic management) for both adults and children. Clinic and home visits

Eva Berg 51535421 English physiotherapist;

Plei Meg Parfymeri & Salong Solakrossen 13.4050 Sola 51 65 2166 Offers chriopody. aromatherapy, skin therapy, nail design.-spray tanning. English spoken. Forever Living Products (Aloe Vera) Janine Smith .980 82 677 / 980 82 674 <^Pjaninesinilh8@hotmail.coni Hosting of possible.

Sue Tdwnsend RS Hon (UK)

#JD Classical homeophalhy. birth classes for couples and homeopathic first aid.


SPIN Information Guide

Reflexology Nancy Vadstein 5165 63 52/ 922 22063 <$D Children's Counsellor 8 0 0 3 1 700 08.0015.00 Cot death (Landsforeningen til Stone ved Krybbed0d) Arbincgala7. 0253 Oslo S 22 54 5200/957 33 273/274 B
MonFri 09.0016.00

Crisis Centres and Support Groups

Below you will find a list of organisations that offer mental and emotional support and/ or advice. Their intention is not lo replace advice on personal health matters. Alcohol Abuse Rogaland Asenlcr Dusavikvcien 216.4029 Stavanger 51729000 Alcohol Anonymous Stavanger 51 5279 11 A I Anon 51660000
For families & friends of alcoholics.

OR ring the police stalion (bamevakt)

Crisis Counselling

call Siavanger legevakt 51 51 0202 Norges Diabetesfnrhund DiabcsticsAssociation. B.W. Skare 4 7 4174 72 iSO DrugAbuse/Support Line 24 hours a day 905 29 359 to leave a message S 815 00 205 Family Counselling , (Familieradgivningskontor) Klubbgate 5.4013 Siavanger 5 1 53 8150 Call foranappointment 10.30 1 1.30. Offers counselling for couples and family members: HIV/AIDS information 81003 200
Phone hours MonThurs 17.00 20.00

Alternative to abortion A AN Pregnancy Advice Bureau Klubbgate 5.4013 Stavanger 5 1 8462 62 Offers neutral advice and counselling for women and couples faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Free pregnancy testing and courses on preparation for birth (in Norwegian). Informaiion on abortion and posfabortion'counselling. Staffed by trained health counsellors who.can speak English. Children's Crisis Line (gr0nt linje free of charge) Children's contact S 0 0 33 32I 24 hours a day
SPIN Information Guide

Incest Support Centre Solaveien 10.4307 Sandnes 51627457 H


Mental Helse Rogaland Kvalcbergvci n 21,4016 Stavanger .519063 45 Information only. Narcotics A nonymous 90529359(17:00 19.00) B Poison Information Centre Gil linfonnasjonsseniralen. Oslo
822 59 13 00

Therapists. & C o u n s e l l o r s (psykologer, psykoterapeuter)

Private therapists and counsellors can be visited without a referral by a doctor. Waiting times may be shorter for private services; note however, thai National Health Insurance will not refund or credit the costs for private counselling. The client maywant lo'chcek witlrthei'r private health insurer, as counselling services are oflcn reimbursable. Olher options are lo contacl a doctor or nurse at your workplace, the guidance staff or school nurse, or the helsespster in your kommune.

B w' Centre for Eating Disorders (Senter for Madlaveien 13.4008 Stavanger 515299,66 Women's Crisis centre /"Rape" (24 hrs)
5 1 5 3 0623/51.510202

Has facilities at ihe centre for those who are

afraid to return home.

SalvationArmy 851 82 87 00 Stavanger Red Cross (Stavanger Rtfide K0r.\) 8 51 52 38 50

Medical Equipment Rental ForusIndustriAS

Forusskogen 91.4033 Stavanger 5 1 7 0 7100 B Hjelpemiddelsentralen Rogaland Svanholmen 7. Forus 519655 00

.lohnGihnsMA.UKCP 5 1 8 9 3 3 37/954 17443 <_D Offers psychotherapy for individuals (adults and children) and couples. A range of issues are covered such as relationship difficulties, life changes, anxiety, depression, stress. career choices, and bereavement. The aim is wellbeing and selffulfullmeni. Courses for groups areuilso.given. Has an MA in Psychosynthesis psychoiherapy and is registered in the UK with ihe UKCP.


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Lisa Rengel-Varley 91342 923<_) trained at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute in Oslo. Speaks English. German and Norwegian. Offers psychoiherapy for individuals, couples and families in all areas of concern. Specialises in communication issues, cullural differences and cultural idenlity.

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Gloria Stautland, PsyD Niels Jueisgate 10. nr. 207.4008 Stavanger 41566885 < D & Private-practice psychotherapy services in English or Norwegian for adults, couples and families. Evening hours available. Extensive experience working wiih crisis intervention as short- and long-term treatment -of "diverse psychological symptoms or relational difficulties. Fully lisensed lo provide cognitive, psychological, achievement assessmenls'of children.-adolesccnts. and adults. Personal Coaching Louise Rankin NCI- Cert, in Coaching 5 1 5 4 4 5 10 Working wiih your own coach will help you lo believe in your goals and to evaluate.the options for achieving them through questioning/listening, feedback and motivation. An exciling opportunity.lo really make a difference lo yourself! "Appendix six - Useful medical vocabulary.

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i _




Education & Childcare Childcare & Playgroups

M o s t l y a young adult w h o , on a regular basis, takes care of your children during daytime at your home.

21 B a r n e h a g e r or red s e c t i o n of the telephone book ( D i n Distrikt) lo see where they are located. Youniust apply.for a community or private barnehage place online. You will find the application form on the homepage of the kommune you live in - look for Tjenester / Barnehage / Spknad om bamehageplass. If you don-1 have internet access at home then you should phone your local kommune. who w i l l allow you lo access the internet al their offices. You can also check w i l h your company for they mighl have some places reserved for ihe children of employees. Siavanger Kommune S 04005

Usually a mother w i t h small children who wants to,lake care of more children on a regular basis during the day at her home. K i n d e r g a r t e n (barnehage) There is no special education for children under the age of six. but there is an option for day care (barnehage).

As a newarrival in ihe neighbourhood. findirig'a baby-sitter for a few hours now and then. can be quite difficult. It is. however. very common for Norwegian teenagers to earn some money by baby-silting. Depending on their tasks and age. the going rale is between 30 and 60 Nok per hour. Ask your neighbours, check the notice boards of local supermarkets.

There are several types of kindergaricn (barnehage)'. Part-lime kindergarten or supervised playground ( b a m e p a r k ) . open 4 hours a day and suitable for children between 2 - 4

A young girl who lakes yourchild/baby for a walk in the pram after school. The Baby-Sitting Circle Carolyn Mitchell 5 1 57 56 14 A . g r o u p of parents who baby-sit at each other's house in the evenings. Run on a nocost, points system.

to 5 years.
Half-day kindergarten, open six hours a day. Full-day kindergarten, open more lhan six hours a day. There are c o m m u n i l y b a r n e h a g e r and private bantehager. They offer day-care from about 0 7 3 0 - 1 6 . 0 0 . There may be a long waiting list for communily barnehager. The

costs are income-related. Generally ihey.curc

for children from 6 months old up to 6 years.

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Lillegym At the British School Christel Gibbs (qualified PE teacher) 5 1 8933377970 [8/787 Gym for.toddle'rs'( 1 [A 3years). To encour age physical, social and mental interaction with other children, parents and themselves. Mother and Toddler Group Gauselbakken 107 Sally MyrvaJig fi 51 95 0250/915 34 926 <_& pemyrvan@onli'ne:no Mon 09.301 1.30 for children up to 4 years old, at:ihc British School. Tippy Toes I Jen Watson 45210 391 <$D An exciting mums, babies and toddlers group who meet every Wednesday afternoon between 13.00 15.00 al the PWC Clubhouse (next to the British School) neighbourhood where you live. Nonnative Norwegian children have the opportunity to attend a special school before they can atlend the normal Norwegian system. In this special school your child will'be learning ihe Norwegian language in ihree to six monihs depending on his/her language abilities. After that, the child can fully atlend the Norwegian system, Arrangements for this special school should be made through the Principal of.thc local Norwegian school.

Primary and Secondary Education

Norwegian Education
In the Norwegian system, children begin school jn tlie'calendar year"in which'they become 6 years old. School (grunnskole) is obligatory from age 616. Grunnskole is split into seven years barne.skole and three years ungdonisskole (senior): After.thc age of 16, al I children have the right lo continue in high school (videreguende \kole)for another three years. Students who want to attend a Norwegian school can do so free'of charge. The'child' wilj be assigned to^a local school in the

Children with one or both parents of a non Norwegian background can be offered extra hoursin their mother tongue language. (nuirsmalsitndervisiting). Whether this service is available for your child depends on the kommune and/or Contact your local school or the Stavanger Kominuneavdelifig (Awmmi/i^departmenl) Undervisning forfremmedspruklige. 51507830. Both Norwegian and foreign teenagers have the possibility of enrolling in special classes aimed at the ' International Baccalaureate" which is an internationally

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107 recognised exam al advanced level. The teaching language is Norwegian. For more information contact: St. Olav Videregaende Skole Mollegatcn 40. Postboks 590. 4003 Siavanger S 5184 9900 Lycee Francais Postboks 370.4002 Siavanger 519194 50 rS, 51 91 9451 <_) The French school has classes fTom kindergarten up to the age of 16. British International School of Stavanger Gauscluakken 107,4032 Gausel 5 1 9 5 0 2 5 0 A 51950251 B British education (accredited by the ISC) following the National Curriculum from the age of 4 to 13. This school also has an international preschool from the age of 18 nionihs up to the age of 4. An extended childcare service is available from 07.45 until school starts and from the end of school until 16.15. i> Note: school holidays arc not always al [he same time as the ISS holidays. The Children's House Kombergveien 23.4050 Sola 5165 1696 9 An international pre:schooi accredited by the Norwegian authorities, providing English and Norwegian language and preschool eduction for children from the age of 18 months lo6 years. Open virtually all year around from 07.00 until 16:30 daily offering flexible childcare solutions around class tuition. Outclasses follow the Early Foundation, the American Elementary Education information, please call. KaaiiedcGruytcrS .51-55 43 00 ^ J

Non-Norwegian Education
International School of Stavanger (ISS) Treskevcien 3,4043 HaiYsfjord 51 55 4300 ,& 51 55 43 01 9 Pre-school. primary school add (senior) high school education for children from 3 to 19 years of age.offering American Diploma. British IGCSE, middle school and International Baccalaureate programmes. In 20032004 the ISS had over 600 siudcnts from 20 different nationalities. Publishes a-three-weekly newsletter: ihe Informer, subscription is 250 Nok per annum bul the Informer is also published on the web. Il is available free to all pupils' family. Notc::schobl holidays a7e not always al the >ame lime as Ihe British School holidays. Dutch Language.and Culture at The International School of Stavanger (ISS) For Primary' School students of the ISS il is possible to.follow Dutch classes during school hours. Pulch. is also taught as an after-school activity on different levels, which is open for all children from 5 to 18 years. For more

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programme and ihe Norwegian Kindergarten Curriculum. Classes operate in both English and Norwegian.

The Norwegian Language and Lessons

The Norwegian language has i w o written forms, Bokmal, the most widely used in magazines and newspapers, developed from Danish, the o f f i c i a l laiiguage-during ihe D u n i s l i - N o r w e g i a i i u n i o n . is constructed from several "truly" Norwegian d i a l e c t s - a n d is. s o m e w h a t i n c o r r e c t l y , a s s o c i a t e d w i t h the c o u n t r y s i d e . T h e differences between the i w o forms are r e l a t i v e l y small bul may be c o n f u s i n g . Everybody w i l l understand y o u whether you speak Bokmal or However, to be able lo understand any Norwegian dialect you could do w i t h at least some knowledge of both languages. In general you w i l t he taught Bokmal.

College and University

The University of Stavanger (LiS) Ullandhaug, 4036 Siavanger 5 1 83 1000 H www.uis:no

The University of Siavanger is. the only university in Siavanger and just recently changed its siaius'frdm University College

to University at the beginning ol"2005. This approval has made UiS the fiflhmniversily in Norway afler Oslo. Bergen. Trondheim andTromstv Now ii has approximately 8.000 studenis and 900 empoloyecs. UiS has tlirtc different faculties:.Faculty of Arts and Education. Faculty of Social-Sciences and Facuhy of.Science and Technology. The majorily of programs are condueled in Norwegian, except for.Master in Petroleum Engineering and Master in Literacy Studies which are conducted entirely in English. Education.

Business language In g e n e r a l b u s i n e s s is c o n d u c t e d in Norwegian, w i i h English as a secondary language:. I n s essential"that you are able to 'manage' in Norwegian. Il be ihe case that all foreigners w o r k i n g in the medical profession were obliged lo take a Norwegian language lest (Bergcns Test). bul due l o s l a f f shortages in certain areas. these rules have been relaxed and in.some cases'abolished altogether. It is now.up to ihe e m p l o y e r lo decide if you need the Bcrgens Test. Some international companies, especially Americanones in the oil.industry, conduct their business in English. If working for one of these companies, speaking Norwegian may nol-bc essential.

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Language Lessons
People in Stavanger and other towns will speak (if not good, at least passable) English. Learning some Norwegian is a communication out in the countryside, and will certainly be appreciated. Il will also mean you can understand any official correspondence (anything from the kommune will, of course. come in Norwegian). The Norwegian Stale has made funding available forall adult immigrants (including EU citizens on temporary assignment to Norway) lo receive free language tuition for the day classes including social studies up to a certain level, or 10 amuxinuim of 850 hours. Classes in the evening arc not free of charge: For six months, two evenings a week ihe charge is Nok 2.000 and for one evening a week il is Nok 1.000. Generally you should be able lo pass the Norsk Sprdk Test by iheh. You need an excellent1 (godi bestatt) rating to be able to register with the Arbeidskontor. The municipal authorities are responsible for these courses, although teaching may be conducted by an officially approved adult education organisation. Places for this tuition can be hard lo obtain. A lot of companies offer their foreign employees private Norwegian language lessons, so it's worth asking your personnel deparlmenl. Johannes Laeringssenter (adull educalion) Haugesundsgata 27, 4014 Stavanger S 51 506600 & 51506601 H Morning, afternoon and evening courses. Registration Thurs 10.0012.00. Takcyour passport and residence permit.

Sola skole og barnehugekontor 5165 3381 /51 65 33 70. Language courses for adults taught during the day. Folkeuniversitetet Sola "Adult Educalion,jsec below Evening courses al Sofa Videregaende Skole. Aftenskolen *" Adull Education, sec below Daytime and evening classes. Bi annual brochure distributed.

Adult Education and Courses (utdanning, kurs)

Aftenskolen Langgala 8. Siavanger 51 59 94 90 <3D A wide range of evening courses in Siavanger. Sandnes and Randaberg.

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. A O F Sandnes and J sere n Gravarsveien 7:4306 Sandnes C o m m u n i c a t i o n Skills Consultancy Hoyebakkcn 5B. 4029 Siavanger 5 1 - 5 4 4 5 10 * B wy/w. louiserankin.comPersonal d e v e l o p m c n i skills courses for groups or individuals ranging fromi presentation skills to writing : skills;and from English Language to T i m e Management. QQSktder. kttrs og utdanning

S Organises education for i n d i v i d u a l s , o r g a n i s a t i o n s and p r i v a t e and p u b l i c businesses. Courses include both working sk'iJJs and.general iniercsts/hobbies. Folkeuniversitetet Sola Orrevcicn.l3,4340Bryne

0148 1.750
H One,of 160around Norway. They provide t e r t i a r y e d u c a t i o n for adults. Courses i n c l u d e those l e a d i n g l o u n i v e r s i t y qualifications and hobby classes. Norsk Fransk K u l t u r s e n t e r Centre C u l t u r e ! Franco-Norvegien Lokkevcien 52,4008 Stavanger 51 53 0 8 4 4 H' French lessons from beginners to advanced level. They have ajibrary w i i h 6.000 books. 400 C.D.'s and 350 films, iri addilion lo exchange piogranfines belvvecn France and Norway. Opening Hours:.!0.00 lo 15.00 and Thursday 10.00 to. 19.00 Interconim.AS Fabi ikkveien 2.4033 Siavanger <*C)ppsl@ Computer coursesin English.

Computer. Lessons
Wendy Scotchmer

<_^ S compuicrjcssons.hin'il Education SPIN Information'Guide


'L ; y

Stavanger Domkirke

* "
* v


< E o



Stavanger International Church Slorhaugveien 2. Stavanger

5I5? 6I 13 H
A Christian congregation with services in

English whichalso organises courses for

newcomers to the church, hew Christians. couples preparing for marriage and those who want to brush up on the basics (the Alpha course) and bible study group. Pastor is also available for counselling. hospital visits and in times of bereavement. Monthly newsletter. Worship Sun 10.00 (Hetland Church) Interactive Sunday School at 11.00. *' St: Svithun's Catholic Church St. Svithuh's Gate 8.4005 Stavanger 51517020 Sunday Masses in English (9.30 A M ) . Polish. Vietncmese, and Spanish. Conlacl Church for specific times. Young Life Stavanger Orm0yveien47.4O85 Hundvag D o n H u x 515500 76 5 Young Life is an iniernaiional Christian organisation the.well being of young people around the world. Working in cooperation with the local churches.

Galatia Pentecostal Faith Fellowship Services in English Sun I 1.00 at Tjensvoll Bydelshus. PastorSamSpeer51 749244/48036030 North Sea Baptist Church (Advent Kirke) Timotciveien 13 Pastor Tom Blackaby Q 51 65 6009/974 15548 J3 www.nsbc:no English language worship. Bible study. fellowship and a caring ministry in the centre of Stavanger since 1973. Sunday Worship. Men and Women's weekday prayer & Bible

Study times.
Stavanger Anglican/Episcopal ChurchCDA Bethel Chapel, Lokkevcien 59. Stavanger Revd Peter Hogarth S 51 55 54 88 9 www.stavangeranglicans.nel International congregation with services in English. Has an active Sunday school, aduli home groups, youth group, praise evenings and various social events throughout the year. Worship Sun. 10.30 (Sunday school twice a.month). Pathfinders Youth Alpha Group (1114 yrs) fortnightly.

AWANA Children's club

(313) meets in Advent Church Timoteiveien l3.Thurs 18.00. Chris Gilje 5 1 584923 Friendship Bible Coffees LucyOlsenffi 51 55 56 55 For bible study information Fri 10.00

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Karisnia Senter Adjunki H'.iuglarTdsgatc 52. Slokka B 5191 1880 B www.karisma;no International fellowships in English: Youth Alive Sat 19.00-22.00 Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saifits Tonasvfcjcn^, Stavanger 5 1 5 8 99 77 B Muslim Church 51.894101 iffll Kristelige organisasjtmer in (he red section of Din District, the telephone book.


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First bus between Tonanger and Stavanger 1 925

Court uy ol Rag no Monian S y v a n e n


Driving Licence
*" Logistics-Cars & D r i v i n g Licence

Pedestrians on road corssings have ihe right of way. and should be completely across the road before you continue to drive. Cyclisison road crossings arc required 10 walk the bicycle, not ride. It has been known that if a motorist hits a cyclist while he is riding on the b i c y c l e in the crosswalk, then the cyclist is liable. D r i v e r s must stop and give the right of ^ way to buses when they signal to enter the road from a bus slop. T u r n i n g right on red is not legal in Norway. Seat-belts and/or child restraints arc required for every person (both front and rear) in a car. Children must be in approved car scats until lhe : age of four. Dipped headlights should be on at all times when driving. Cars descending a hill should yield lo those ascending. M i n i m u m driving age is eighteen. Winter tyres are mandatory between November I and ihe Monday following Easter Monday each year and permitted o u t s i d e these dates if c o n d i t i o n s w a r r a n t . A l t h o u g h studded tyres ( p i g g d e k k ) are p e r m i t t e d . Slatens Vegvesen are t r y i n g to encourage drivers lo switch to alternative snow and ice winter lyres (non-studded). A tax on s t u d d e d tyres is b e i n g introduced {currently in Oslo). Eventually they will become illegal and atfinc-systemrmay be. introduced to translate-good intentions into reality.

In your Car
Always have in the car w i t h y o u : D river's licence. Car registration papers. Red w a r n i n g t r i a n g l e , in case of breakdown. A c c i d e n t report f o r m (available in English from.your insurance company or from N A F , (Norges Automobil F o r b u n d . Norwegian version of A A ) . The accident report, f o r m must be completed in case of an accident, by both drivers, for insurance purposes. Police are only notified if there is an injury. Y e l l o w flourescent vest It:is illegal in N o r w a y to operate a mobile phone while d r i v i n g ! Yellow D iamond signed roads ( P r i o r i t y roads), give you the right of way over other traffic wishing to enter the road on w h i c h you are (ravelling. On Non-Yellow D iamond signed roads ( N o n - P r i o r i t y roads), you must yield to all traffic entering from roads id your right: whether they are turning left or right or going straight on. On" to the traffic to your left aTid to'traffic already on the circle, signalling right\vhe"h leaving the roundabout.


Rules of the Road


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and w h i l e "P" signs 1 and are*,indicated; "together w i t h the number of places free ,f/er//'i''u drive! into iown.-Parking:in Stavanger is gencrally.-free after 17.00 M o n Fri. after 19.00 Thu. and after 14.00 Sat. Free limes may vary, however, and arc-always posted. So always check the signs before noi paying: Parking is usually frce t all day on-al[public holidays.. There arc a number of payment systems in use at-,these car-parks: A-magnetic card is issued p n ^ n i e r i n g the car p:irk. Before leaving the car park, the cardjiTiusi be validated by paying, either at a manned window un exit oral . a coin operated,machine before you return t o ; y o u r car. The card when inserted al the exit opcns.the gale. A V G I F T : after, parking,your car. but before leaving the car park, you pay at a,coin operated machine and display the receipt on the front dashboard of your,car. The receipt w i l l indicate how much have paid for. Cards can now be purchased for these machines . f r o m . S i a v a n g e r Purkerjngsselskap, Lars Hertcrvigsgate5.4005 Stavanger S.-51 5 0 , 7 6 72. Visa cards whose numbers.begin with the'digils 49 can also be used in Ihese machines.

In zoned parking areas;the times at w h i c h you need a special sticker are indicaied:'Outside these hours .you may park there without a slicker. A l w a y s check f o r , l h e N o P a r k i n g symbol, il il is there, il is never legal to parkihcre.

P a r k i n g in Sandnes. Parking is restricted and,only allowed in -marked parking.spaces and carparks. . T h e r e is a m u l t i - s t o r e y . ' c a r p a r k (parkeringslntset) i n l h e centre of lown at Ole Bulls Gate. Parking tickets can be purchased,from machines on" ihe 2nd and 3"1 floors. The lop floor is reserved for permit holders only. There is an open air car p;tik downtown, in the a r e a . k n o w n as Rttten^ in the Kortbok (map book) - it is located where ihe words Gamle Jernbaneplass arc printed. Buy a parking ticket from ihe niachjne. AiAmjisenteret Vagcn 33 there is a free car park. for.use by customers only. You w i l l also find some paYking space ajong St.Olay"s gate, tickets.can be bought from lickei machines. Parking meters for short term parking exist-in many streets.

Regular parking meteis are used in areas where you are only allowed lo park lor a short duration of time. They operate M o h - F r i : 0 8 . 0 0 - 1 7 . 0 0 and Saturday 0 8 . 0 0 - 1 3 . 0 0 . P a r k i n g meters are categorized by cblor.'witli yellow "meters p e r m i t t i n g I hr. of p a r k i n g , gray p e r m i t t i n g ^ hrs. of parking and brown pemiillihg 3hrs. If d0gnet (24 hours) is'staniped oh the parking meter or niacin he.-"you niust'pay for parking in that area 24 hours a day.

Parking is free after IS.OOMonSai. There are a few free parking spaces near ilie Post O f f i c e . Parking here is limited lo fifteen minutes a n d ' o n l y i f y o u are using the Post Office. B e w a r e ! T h e t r a f f i c w a r d e n s in Sandne.s are very vigilant!


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As a cyclist you can use ihe pavement if there is no cycle path but you have to give way to pe'deslrians. On some occasions it is therefore belter to use the. road. When cycling on a walk/cycle path you have lo give way lo everybody when you are about to cross a road. Cross the road walking. When cycling in a cycle lane you have to give way lo the right (like cars) bul always be aware of inattentive drivers beside you turning right without noticing your bike. Bicycles have to have lights in front of the bicycle (blinking lights are not good enough iri the front) and at the back a rear reflector with light. Youwill risk a fine of 500 Nok or even confiscation of your bike if you do not have lights. Ifyou are really adventurous. you can also take your bicycle on local trains, as longas Ihere.isspace. Bicycles for shoppers in Sandnes In June 1996. Sandnes starlcd a Cily Bike programme. This programme gives shoppers in Sandnes ihe opportunity to use a bike on loan for short journeys around the city centre. The Cily Bike programme is an ecofriendly public attitude shopping programme, a'free alternative to car use in the centre. There are 250 specially-built, blue bikes at the bus station, at-theTown Hall, at both ends of Langgaien and at the Marina. Borrow a bicycle fora day - free of charge (gratis) or you can get.a subscription to use these bikes costs 100 Nok/year plus 50 Nok. for a key. '"You should only use a city bike within ihe area marked on the map arid always replace a,city bike in a stand after use.

For.informalion and subscriblions. Sandnes Reiselivssenter 5197 55 55 H Naboen Utleieforretning offers bicycles for hire outside ihe Cily Bike Area. fi 51810300

Public Transport
Enquiries regarding local transport md (Rogaland by bus. train and boat) fi 177. operated during office hours H S

StavangerAirport (Sola) SAS Braathens Hwww.sasbraalhens:iio KLM (tickets)

S 5 1 65SO00 fi05400 fi 22 64 37 52 S 8 I 5 2 18 15

Norwegian Air Shuttle S

Ryan Air

H (flies oul of Haugesund on Sterling European Airlines S8I5588 10 Wide'roe 8 8 1 0 0 1200 S Flybussen (Siavanger) S 9 I 6 3 5I65 fi.91 63 8609 Flybussen (Sandnes) CHCHelikopter Service S 5 I 9 4 I 0 0 0 S 5 I 64 6600 Norske Helikopier [,5164 6699

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122 Boats and Ferries

Rogaland Trafikkselskap. Bokna-fjorden Ferjeselskap. Slavangerske and Fiaggniien operate a network of ferries (ferje) and faster boats (hurtigbut). which generally function on a firsi-conie-fiisi-scfve basis. During the sy miner months, however, il is recommended lo book in advance if taking a car. especially on the Lysebotn ferry. Payment is either made ai a loll booth in advance or on the ferry "itself. Rogaland Traffikselskap Information 1.77 H

International Ferries
Color Line Postboks 82.4662 Kfistiansand S 38078800/81 0008 11 H Car.ferrics Kristiansand-Hirsihals(Denmark). Os]o-Kiet (Germany). OsloHirslrials (Denmark). Slavanger-Hirtshals (Denmark).

Fjord Line
Stavanger fi 55.54 88 58 iS, 55 54 88 40 Bergen &Eger.sund<fi 55:54 88 00 a 55548701 Haugesundfi 52 70 93 20 Bookings 81 53 35 00 S www.fjordline.corh for information Car ferry from Bergen-HaiigesuiulSiavangcr to Newcastle (UK), and BergenEgersund to Hanstholm in Denmark.

Car Ferries
Boknafjorden Ferjeselskap Roulc Moriavik - Arsvagen fi 51 86 87 00 (head olTice) Info fi 177 or 81,5001 82 Styvangerske Oilier local routes and Lysebotn tourist Reservations fi 51 8687 80 Info fi 81 5001 82 <sJ

The local bus service is generally vcry.good. A bus ticket costs from Nok-22. Children under 16 pay half fare. Bus maps and tiinciables are displayed al bus slops and arc available at the bus station. Children can travel free with' their parents at weekends and also weekdays after 17.00. (This is based on one adult accompanying one child). The same lickel is valid for just over an hour so that ifyou need lo take two buses (as long as they arcwithiirthe same zoiic),you can use the one ticket. Check the expiry time on your ticket. There is:a new lickel sysicni being p~ul into place during the first part of 2006. More information on this system is available on: S


Passenger Ferries
HSD/Flaggruten Bergen - Stavanger Express Booking fi'55 23 87 SO Irifo-fi 55 55 90 70 or fi 177 S Stavangerske Stavanger- Sauda (Sand) Reservations S 5 l' 86 87 80 linfo f 81 5001 82 B


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123 Express Buses

L o n g ' d i s t a n c e e x p r e s s buses operate regularly frofh Stavanger to Bergen. HaugesTirid and Kristiansand Kystbusscn fi 1 7 7 / 8 1 5 0 0 1 : 8 2 S N o r - W a y Bussekspress A S fi 177/81544444 Info S 82 02 13 00 (charge per min.) B www.nor-w; S0r-Vesiekspressen Stavanger lo Oslo via Suleskarekspressen Siavanger to Oslo via Haga Buss bus operates f r o m the-southern route. bus operates from the northern route.

Randaberg Sandnes

fi 51 699600 fi.51'4173 11 fi 5166 1600

Local trains and long distance. The NSB (Norges^Stats Ba'ner) operates i n d e p e n d e n t l y o f most o t h e r p u b l i c transport services. Il runs its o w n bus ne\work-(Neitbuss). which links with olher services. There are train-bus (log-bus) and train-boal (tog-bat) tickets available in various parts of.lhc country. If undcriaking long distance journeys or travelling during holiday breaks, book ahead to ensure a seat.

fi 51599060
B Hamburgeksptessen bus operates from S t a v a n g e r t o H a m b u r g . G e r m a n y via Aalborg. Denmark.

Taxis (drosjei)
You can get a taxi at a taxi rankor.tclephone for one. You can also reserve a taxi ahead of lime - one day or more. There are also maxilaxis and vans available. If you telephone for a taxi, be aware that the meter can be turned on when ihe itixi begins its journey to your location. You can ask what the charge should be for them lo come to you. They can also charge extra if you-arc late and keep them waiting. Norgestaxi S 08000 (this-number is applicable f o r Stavanger. Bergen, Oslo & Trondheim) Stavanger Taxisentral Sola

T r a i n I n f o and Tickets fi 81 50 08 88 (24 hr.) S I f y o u get a recording in Norwegian: press 4 for English information press 1 for trains in Norway press 2 for trains outside Norway Sandnesstation - f i 5 1 . 6 8 6 4 0 3 Stavanger station fi 51 56 96 10 Opening hours: M o n - Frc 06.30- 18.00. Sal 10.00- l6.30.Sun. 10.00-8:00

^ 51'90 90 90 51 65 04 44

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NSB offers unlimited travel wiih their Minipris tickets starting from Nok 199. The offer is valid for a limited number of seats: The tickets are only available for purchase at their website., Sludehts arc always entitled to a discount. Students gel a 25%'discouni on all standard tickets. These discounts are not valid on local trains wiihin Stavanger or Oslo. B Travelling with Children Children under the age of 16. travelling together with an adult holding a valid lickel, travel free.unless ihey would' have a scat. One child per adull. Children between 4 - 1 5 years havea 50% discount on.the price of an adull ticket: Senior citizens over ihe age of 67 have a 50% discount on the price of an adull ticket.

Vaccinations (Vaksinering)
If you plan to travel abroad and need vaccinations, you will have to make an appoininieni alone of the following offices. Your j'asilegc (general practitioner) is also able to do vaccinations for travel for adults and children. International Vaccination Office ArnvHanscns yei:30,401J Stavanger fi'51; 51 02 70 Sentrum Vaksiner Nordboegatcn 8.4006 Siavanger fi'-5193 86 80' Vaksinasjonssenteret ForusAkuttenAS Luramyrvei 79.4313 Sandnes ^ 51'70 94 94 Vara Vax (Skeiane Legcsenter) Asheimveicn 2.4318 Sandnes fi 5 f 97 27 17 Obtain information well in advance of your travel date regarding the vaccinations needed, lo ensure that you can'be vaccinated in lime. There is a charge for vaccinations for internaiional travel.

Travelling Within and Outside Norway

Stavanger Tourist Office Rosenkildetorgct I. Stavanger fi 51 85 9200 S B These websites have information on Fjord Norway destinations, activities; accommodation etc:

Travel Insurance
Norwegian iravel insurance is only valid if you and/or yoiir spouse are paying National Insurance.tSocial Security) in Norway.


SPIN Information.Guide

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* spy

t 'W* - ?

if; n


Shopping & Services Where & When to Shop

Opening Hours

open on ihe Saturday). During the Christmas period, shops close al noon on 24 Dec (Christmas Eve) and stay closed all day on ihe 25 and 26 Dec. On New-Year's Eve (31 Dec) shops close ai noon and remain closed all day on New Year's Day. Many shops will close a few hours early on the day preceding the acmal holiday.

Sales (salg)
Twice.a year, in January and July/August (more details in ihe newspapers). Norwegian shops declare a purchaser's free-for-all and hold theirscasonal sales. Excellent buys can bcmade:at ihcscsaies: which often feature regular "merchandise marked down by up to 70%. A few shops however, do have their own traditional sales month, so ifyou have a favourite shop, ask when ihey have their sales. Book sales^are usually in March: ski sales afler Easier. Some ilems though, never go oh sale in Norway, for example: Hadcland glass, woodcarvings; trolls, hand-knitted sweaters, etc. Outside the regular sales periods good buys can be found for goods offered on special' indicated with tilbud: During 'Sandnesweek', first week of June, good bargains and genuine specials can be" found togetherwiih entertainment and various other activities.

You will see opening hours expressed as Mon-Fri limes, followed by Saturday hours in brackets e.g. 10.00 - 18'00 (20.00). Opening hours-vary from one kommune lo the next, from ohcfshopping.centre to the next. arid'Troni one shop lb the next. In general, shops arc open Mon-Fri 10.0016.00. On Thursday evening, mosl of the shops in Stavanger open until 19.00. on Friday evening'in Sandnes. On Saturday, most shopS'Closc earlier: al 13.00'or 14.00.. On Sunday all shops, except a few bakeries/ paiisseries and petrol .station convenience stores, are closed. Supermarkets' do not slicklo'lhe.general opening hours: they all set.their own. Mosl of them open 09.00/10.00^20.00/21.00 (17.0018.00). Most shopping centres have extended opening hours. "Shopping Centres, see below. A lot of shops along Langgaten in Sandnes are open from 10.00- 19.00(13.00- 15.00). Pay close attention lo public holidays. (Sec Appendix 5.) hirgener'al, over Easlenshops arc closed^from noon on the Wednesday before up to and including the Monday afler Easier (although most supermarkets-will SPIN information Guide

Shopping Centres
Arkaden-Stavanger StorsentcrOA Klubbgate 5,-Siavatiger fi 51 93 8000 S ppenlnghours: 10.00-20.00(17.00) The main entrance of the Arkaden Shopping Cenlfe is along: Klubbgate; a second entrance is located off Kirkcgala. Over fifty shops:and restaurants are grouped together in a pleasanl indoor environment with Shopping

" s t r e e t s ' , escalators and l i f t s . A l l the i m p o r t a n t s h o p p i n g chains have their branch in Arkaden. Thecenlrc also boasts a wide variety of smaller..niorc specialised shops. The centre has a small underground car park, which is'nearly always f u l l , but there is always plenty of space al the end of the street in Jorcnholrrieij car park. Openihgihours of the supermarket 09.00 22.00(20.00). This is a brand new shopping centre opening" November 2007 with over 50 shops. The Mega food supermarket is one of the largcsl-in Norway. The variety ofshopsranges from clothing, shoes, stationary/books, sports and many more. Prior lo (he November opening, there are i w o coffee shops. On ihe lower floor is a hardware store. Thcrc;is ample underground parking..

Gartnerveien 16. Hillevag fi 51 82 1000 Opening hours: 10.00-20.00(18.00) Food stores: 09.00 - 21.00 (18:00) M u l t i s t o r e y indoor shopping centre with o v e r i h i r l y shops i n c l u d i n g a 1CA supermarket and some"rcstaurants..On the second floor y o u ' l l find Pasia Ffesca. ushop which,sells'homemade pastas, sauces, and imported Parmesan cheese (they also cater for parties). There is a Vinnionopol on the ground floor. There is ample parking space close tiVKildcn. Kvadrat GamleStokkaveicn I, Sandnes fi 51 96 00 00 B (located just south of Foriis. nexl lo the E39 motorway). Opening hours: 10.00 7.20.00(18.00) Claims.lo be;lhe largest shopping ; centre_in Norway with more than 155 shops, including some restaurants, a post office, a bank, a pharmacy, Ihe vinmonopof, over 50 fashion stores. Obs! and much more. Parking is never a problem as there is a-huge car parkall around the centre. Madia A m f i Madlakrossen 5. Hafrsfjord @ 51933000

Amfisenteret Vagen 3 3 Vagsgaten 33. Sandnes 51607000 Opening hours: 10.00 - 20.00 (17.00) A moderaiely-sizcd shopping/service centre and local hangout. Has a branch of all major fashion chains, houses several medical p r a c t i c e s , a d e n t i s t , a j a w y e r and the Sandnes vinnionopol. The cenlrc has its o w n multi-storey car park and there are many other car parks iri the neighbourhood: Stiidionparkcn Jailavagveien7. Hinna Park. B General opening hours: 10.00 - 20.00 (18.00) Supermarket opening hours': 09.00 - 21.00 (20.00) Pleasant shopping centre built-around the new V i k i n g FK stadium. The centre has approximately 25 shops and restaurants. including.branches of Ultra, more expensive, and L i d l , the inexpensive, and clothes shopssuch as Match, b.young and Vera Moda. Also on sile are B i g ; Bite and M a m m a M i a cafe/ sandwich shops, a Sunkost heahhfood shop SPIN Irilormatioh Guide


and a small Thai restaurant and takeaway called Phad T h a i . Ampleparking.;spacc in surrounding area.

Shopping by Merchandise Category

Alcoholic beverages arc heavily taxed in Norway. If you arc coming from abroad il is worthwhile bringing some duty free. You can now shop for duly free when you return lo Sola airport. Adults (over 18 years of age) are allowed to bring iwo litres of wine or two hires of beer, free of duty and taxes.Those over 20 years of age also have the option io bring back one litre of wine + one litre of spirit. Check S w w w . t o l l . n o You can now shop for. duty free when you relurnlo Sola airporl. W i n e and Spirits (vtn og brennevin) W i n e arid s p i r i t s are o n l y sold a l t h e vinnionopol. a chain of shops run by the state. No alcoholic beverages are sold to those under I 8 and.the age limit for spirits . containing over 2 2 % alcohol is 20 years.

Shopping Discount Card

Consumer co-operative (satnvirkelagef)
The F o r b r u k e r Sutnvirkelqget (consumer co-operative) is an organisation which gives members a share in its profits by.refunding between 1-4% on their annual purchases from the affiliated supermarkets and shops. Depending on where you become a member of the'co.-operative. the rules are different-. You w i l l get a larger, re fund from your own local co-operative (2-4%) and only 1 % from the rest of t h e . c o u n t r y w i d e network of subscribing shops. Information leaflets are available from any Coop shops. The stores i n t h i s c o - p p c r a t i v e include all the Coop stores (Obs!!Mega, Prix. Marked, E l e c t r o . B y g g M i x and O b s l B y g g ) H y d r o T e x a c o . Best W e s t e r n . P r i s m a . Rainbow Hotels. K a p p A h l , Telenor Plus. Telenor M o b i l . E>so and Securitas. You pay Nok 300 io join and w i l l be refunded when you cancel membership.The annual payout of earned refund is in February. New io this program is the oplion to apply f o r a combination membership/credit card. A few of the main points arc: you can have up to 45 days interest free to pay the balahc"e:minihiurri payment each month is Nok 400 or 3% of total: arid ii Nok 10 fee each-time ihe card is used for a purchase. fi-22 89 95 00 B

A catalogue of products is p u b l i s h e d regularly. The current catalogue and other information leaflets arc available, free of lUc^ vinnionopol. The catalogue prices include value-added tax (Moms) and sometimes a deposit for the bottle, to encourage.-rccycling. Vinnionopol has a standard catalogue bul also offers the possibility to order. Cash, bankcards and vinnionopol gift vouchers may be used for payment, b u t n o credit-cards are accepted. Note thatlhe vinnwnopol"\s closed on the day prior to Holy days (Christmas. Easter. Pentacost) and on voting days. Shopping

SPIN Information Guide

There are three Siavanger: Straensenteret S 5156 28 85 Lars Hertervigsgl. 6 Kilden B 51589791 Gartnerveien 16 Opening hours.lor both: Mon-Fri 10:00 T 18:00 Sat 10:00-15:00 Nytorget 6 ST 51:89,33 90 Mon-Wed 10.00-17.00 Thurs 10.00-18.00 Fri 09.00-18,00 Sal 09.00-15,00 There are two vinnionopol in Sandnes: Amfisenteret' S 51624977 Elvcgaten 23 Mon-Wed 10.00-17.00 Thurs 10:00-18;00 Fri 09:00-18.00 .Sat '09.00-15.00 Kvadrat S 51 63 30 13 GamleSlokkaveien I Mon-Fri 10.00- 18.00 :Sat l6.00-15.60 Imported beer Try-Helgo MatsenterODat Breida-blikkcn 3, S 51 82 77 00 or Maxi Stormarked in Sandnes, S 5 I 66 48 42 which has a"good seleclion of British. German and American beers. Be prepared to pay Nok -20-30 per bottle. Spar Byhagen Supermarket! EidsvoNgau/22 _? 51 66 70 99 Carries a good selection ofimported beer. Wine and beer brewing Norwegian siatistics-on sugar sales could make you wonder, bul ihe explanation is simple. As alcohol is extremely expensive in Norway, a'lol of Norwegians make thcirown alcoholic drinks. A l l ihe necessary equipment and ingredienls can be found in most supermarkets. Ifyou want to learn more about making your own wine and beer try: Vinspesiu listen Saflren AS Gjesdalveien 15. Sandnes S 51 62 3469 H Specialized in homebrewing, bar-:and wine accessories, coffee, lea^and related products.

Depending on theii alcohol content, beer is divided'inlo four categories:
Ztro Glass-I Class II Class III Lctrol Mosi.bcer up u>0.57n alcohol 0..S-2.5%.alcohol 2.5^4.75% alcohol

0v~re Holiiiegata 34A. Siavanger S 51 89 64 09 The best shop forequipment: if they don't ha"ve il. they call probably gel il.

L x p o r w l and Jitletfl .4.75-7% alcohol

Beer is sold al most supermarkets and petrol stations, although only al certain times. Froni Monday to Friday.bccr wiih'morc than 2.5% alcohol is not sold' after 20.00. On Saturday the curtain around the beer shelves/crates closes ai 18.00,.which means no sale ofbeer with more lh;in 2-5% alcohol is permitled.

Fabrikkveien 18, Forus 51 802090 H www.lkhaalandjio A warehouse where you can buy retail. They have a good variety of mall extract kits, some SPIN Information Guide


hops, and SDP cleaner. Probably 30% cheaper than MiniMiks.

131 Beauty Salons/Beauticians (hudpleie)

There are many beauty salons listed under hudpleie in the Yellow Pages (gulesidcr). Some recomnicndal ions arc: ParfymelfcSajon S 51894801 Kirkegata 23; Stavanger S Anbody+ S'515587 17 0stervag 27. Stavanger

Baby Equipment (barneutstyr)

BabyKos Torgveien 15c. Stavanger

Q 51 88 10 15 Emfi Stormarked Forus

Lagerveien I 51-57 9020 Olsen & Co. Lagerveien 2. Forus S 51 57 6990 IKEA .also sells baby equipment (cots, furniture, baby chairs, blankets etc.). Grehsevcicn 2. Forus S 81544000

Boating & Fishing ( b i t e r , batutstyr, fisk)

Helge R. Myhre Skagenkaien 22. Siavanger a 51-8907 20 Carries a broad range of boaling and fishing equipment Biltema Gan'ile Stokkaveicn 4 (next lo Kvadral) Carries selection of basic equipment. Mosi sporting goods stores carry a good seleclion of fishing gear. (See Sports Equipment) Equipment can be hired from: Naboen Utleie Maskinveien 25. Forus S 51 81 03 00 H Lifevests can be hired from ihe Fire Station (Bronnstasjoti). SiavangerFirebrigade (Brannvesenet) Lagardsveien 32. Siavanger

10:00-22:00(20.00) Toys'R'Us
Stokkamyrveien 1 S S I 707480 (Near Kvad rat) For more addresses tQbarneutstyr

Bicycles (sykkel)
Sandnes.was'oncc honie lo Norway's only, and ScandinaviaVlargesl. bicycle factory. The famous Norwegian DBS bicycles were manufactured in Sandnes for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, the production of these bicycles has recently moved elsewhere, although the product development and marketing divisions of the company remain based in Sandnes. The DBS bicycle's are very.go'od quality, if a litlle expensive. Sandnes kommune also provides free bicycles for use withinthe city cenlrc.

B 51 50 8860

SPIN Information Guide

A fishing licence is required for river fishing and can be purchased from thc^ppst office. *" Section S p o r t s Fishing: exercise'your own creativity to send the perfect message. English magazines can be obtained from any of the Narvesen newsagents. Importing books into Norway is duty free and lax free. Ifyou cannot find what you are looking for in the bookshops here, can be worthwhile ordering from the iniemet. A few suggested internet bookshops are: AntiznnHwwwjuijiziin.Lxi.Lik Books can.reach Norway from the UK as quickly as two business days afler you place

Book Shops and Stationers (bok og papirhandlere)

There are several bookshops which slock a range of English books . These also offer a range'of stationery items. Although no tax is payable on books and paper products' they are expensive in Norway. ARK Berge Proslebakken 3. Siavanger S 5 1 8 5 4 8 80 Mon. Fri 09.00 20.00 Sal 10.00 16.00 Their englishseclion is in the lower level". ARKKvadrat 8 519604 90 Kvadrat Libris S 5 I 960045 Norli Nygala4/6. Siavanger fi 51 86 8800
Mon Fri I0 : bb 19.00 Sat 10.0016.00

GnistTechnical internet bookshop H Norwegian technical bookshop located in Trondhei'm. dispatching books' from Trondheiiii, Bergen and Oslo. Comprehensive seleclion but delivery limes can vary depending on availability. After placing an order, you are sent an invoicevia email with expected delivery time. If die delivery lime is not suitable you can cancel your order.

Carries a large seleclion of English books onihemain floor. Binders Forus. Lagerveien 7 a 51 81 61 30 5 For stationary and,office/school supply heeds, including computers and related items try this large, warehousestyle store. Alltlicsc stores cany a few Englislfgreeling cards (mainly birthday cards) but they have a large selection of blank cards so you can

Building Materials and Hard ware (bygningsartikler)

The Norwegians spend a large.amount of time and energy on DIY al home and so there arc various large DIY and Hardware shops

Bygg &Bo Bruelandscnieret S 51608840 Madia Handelslag Madlalorget. Madia 8 51 93 3000 Coop ByggMix Solakrossen. Sola a 5 I 6494 20 CoopObs! ByggMarierp Langll3lveien38 8 51 82 5050
SPIN Information Guide

CoopObs! Kvadrat 8 " 51 96 37 00 Carries a limited seleclion of hardware and lools, painl and no lumber. For hardware also try: Jernia Maskinveien 2. Forus

Cleaning Services (rengjoringstjenester og vinduspuss)

Carpet & furniture cleaning: Elite Service Partner S 51 800080 B Dieppepg m0belrensing (carpel & furniture cleaning) General house cleaning: AllrentAS. Valkyriegala40 S ; 5 1 534060/91544785. City Maid

B 40001610
Clasbhlson 8 5 1 6 3 5680 Lower level of Kvadrai LQPaint (moling og lakk) fflBuilding materials (byggvarer)

,...,. i . . J ..,'

Cars (bilerog biiverktey)

All major car"manufactun;!"s are represented in Siavanger. Cars are considerably rhore expensive io purchase and maintain than in the UK or.olher European countries. QNew'cars (bilforretninger) Q U s e d Cars, (brttktbiler) Adverts in Stavanger Aftenblad oh Monday and late night opening for garages on Tuesdays. Maintenance and repairs are normally carried out al one of the dealers garages. Some petrol stations e.g. Shell, have service bays for mino~r repairs. 03Repairs (bilverksteder) Biltema next lo the Kvadrai Gamle Slokkaveien 4. Sandnes S815328I5 Carries wide range of car care products and parts. Puts outa catalogue yearly. 'arts (bildefer og rekyista) Q T y f c s (d6kk) The car (bil) seeiiori'in the yellow pages'df telephone book ( D i l i Di.strikt) is comprehensive. SPIN Information Guide

SandiiesB5l 68 65 50
Forall kinds of cleaning jobs_around the house.

They bring:, their own

equipment. Look in Siavanger

Aftenblad for
advertisements from private persons, especially on Saturday and check ihe bulletinboard al Madlalorget Coop . Window cleaning: Effekt Winduspuss 8 51580206/91880206 &D OWindow cleaning (vinduspuss)

Clothes Shopping (klaer)

There are.lots-.of shop for clothing in the Stavanger area. The big chain stores are:

Arkaden. StavangerA Kildcii. Stavanger S 51 55 44 80 S 5| 884633 Shopping

13.4 Kvadrai. Sandnes ft.51'96 1260 Amfisenleret; Vagcn 33. Sandnes a 5162 7977 Hehnes&Maurit/ Arkadcn. StavnngcrG)A 51 85 98 60 Kvadrai. Sandnes 5 J 6393 40 Amfisenleret. Vagcn 33. San(|nes a 51 60 1350 KappAhl Arkaden. StavangerA a 51,93 8020. Kilden. Stavanger a 515869 66 Kvadrai. Sandnes a.5l,67 84;80 Amfisenleret. Vagcn 33. Sandnes' "5162 22 50 Lindex Arkadcn. Stavuncr(2>A a 51 89 1780' Kilden. Stavanger a 51 82 11 90 Kvadrai. Sandnes 8 51 677349 AJiifiscnleret. Vagcn 33. Sandnes 8 51684820 Sflrrw Langgata. Sandnes 8 5197 12 54 Kvadrai. Sandnes B 519608 00 Kirkegaten 17. Stavanger ft 5 I 8949 30 PipStormote (womeiii's clothing in European sizes 4256) 0siervag 9, Siavanger 8 5 I 89 35 55 Kvadrai. Sandnes 8 51 960640 Thereare many boutiques who:scllmore exclusive clothing. You just have to find your way around and discover your A lot of money can be saved during the b'ig sales held after Christmas and in the summer.

Maternity clothes (mammaklaer)

Bittens Babyklier Brcigala 15. Siavanger 8 51 89 41 45 B www.bitlens.ho Hennes & Mauritz and Lindex (see above section)

Children's clothes
In addition to the stores mentioned above. try: Bittens Babykl&r Breigala 15. Siavanger 8 51 89 41 45 H Capone Kids Nyga(e_4, Siavanger 8 5 I 85 60 80 Kvadrai ft 51 96 02 85 Chantadi Solaveien I. Sandnes 8 51 62 70 70 HansogGrete Madlakmssen 7. Madlalorvel 8 51 93 31 25 Children's Snowsuits The Best snowsuits for children aged 314 years old. of sizes 98156. is probably allin one suits made from Beaver Nylon. These are waterproof and windlight and.comein a variety of styles and quality. Top quality suits have a detachable fleece (nylon) lining which enables the suit to be used as a
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rainsuil during warmer weather. Good suits Have" a hood and a plastic scat patch (especially for the younger ones). Prices vary from Nok 300-800. A lot of money can be saved during sales (sa/g). The best snowsuils. but probably also the most expensive ones are available from: Olsen & Co Lagerveicn 2. Forus. Stavanger 8 5157 6990 Sftrbo Barn Kvadrai. Sandnes 8 5f960805 Lower priced but nonetheless of reasonable quality arc suits available from: Cubus, Lindex. Henries &.Mauritz, KappAhl and Obs!. and sport shops. Nille can be found at: Nygata 4. Stavanger Kilden Kvadrat Havanna Senterct S 8 8 8 51 5950 15 51-884760 51960615 51 62 15 00

Dry Cleaning ^-Laundry. Electrical Goods (elektrlske art/'Wer)/Computers:Hardware and Software (datamaskiner og utstyr)
The following stores sell large appliance's, small electrical items, cell phones, cameras. TVs.-computers. computer games, etc. Elkj0pGiganten Svanholmeii 2. Forus Nedre Holmegate 30. StavangerA 8 8153 2000 Expert Breigaia 25.4006 StavangerA a<5l.8907 7,7. Expert Bonus Lagerveicn 7. Forus 8 ' 51 63 51 00 Marieroallccn 2, Mariero 8 51 826490 Stokkaniyrvn.7. Forus/Sandnes S 5 I 81 43 00 Siba.Kvadrat'S8l 5005 85 For computer games a|so try: EBGames.Kvadrai8 51 63 1940 UlElektriskeartikier

Clothing Alterations
Lillian Systue Kvadrat B'51'9604 10 Systuen Froken Sorensen Kirkegalc 8. Siavanger B 51 89 59 57

Dog Grooming (hundefriser)

Jeannie Ealkenhaug Henrik Ibsensgate 8B ft 51 87 09 54 <

Discbunt Stores
Europris and Nille Two stprechains selling wide assortment of discount goods. Europris can be found al: Ragbakken 84. Madia 8 5155 3181 St^perig. 16. Stavanger 8 5 1 89 1890 Augiendsdalen;2, Asen 8 51 88 1790

SPIN Information Guide

136 Firewood (brenselforretninger)

The best firewood is" birch (bjprkeved). Although pine-and other-assorted wood are cheaper (skogsved or blandingsved). they have resins lhat accumulate in your fireplace and fine, and don't^^well; or as long as hardwoods: Firewood is ordered by the.sack (sekk) dr.cord (favn). Firewood'can.bcpurchascd by ihe bag. at most petrol stalions and some supermarkets. HillevagBrensel Gandsvcien 12a. Stavanger 8 515865 29 They can also arrange delivery.

Interflpra Blomstertelefoh'SL 80040400 S Sprite smaller greenhouses sell roses ai great prices, we're lold! Also, look out for substantial reductions on flowering shrubs/ plants'-al-thc larger garden cenlrcS;.in late summer/early auiunin. I'lantasjen Slokkamyrveicn 26. Forus 8 517073 30 Open 10.00-20.00(18.00). 12.00-18.00 Sun Large seleclion of plants and'accessories including garden furniture and a mini florist. Sandved Gartneri og Hagesenter Jxrveien 123. Sandnes 8 51605030 Bark fqrthc garden is availablejn bags from garden centres in the spring. Il is about a tenth of the cost if you buy it loose from Mankind Samdrifi. Melingsvcien 14. Tananger (500m north of the Shell Slalion off RV 510) ft 909 91 038. You can bonow one of their trailers free of charge.for one hour. Gardenenlhusiasls watch for the Garden show riglit.afler'Easter, advertised in the paper". In December. Christmas trees are sold al ihe harbour and locally al juletre lots about lown. Compost In April llicre is an opportunity to deliver garden.waste lospecial containers parked on the parking lot next to the Siddissenteret (the ice hall). or al the car.park belween the Holbcrgsgata Stadium and Eiganes Ccinetary. Il is also possible to collect compost for free.
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Florists/Gardening (blomsterhandler, hagesentre, gartneri, gartnerier)

Flowers and planlsare-for saleseasonaliy at gardening centres and florists (blomster). There are several florists in the Siavanger. Sandnes and Sola areas whoarc Iriterfiora members wherc.yoii can order a bouquet lo be delivered anywhere in ihe world.

Glassware & Crockery (glass, stein toy og porselen)
Norwegian Hadeland' glass and other Scandinavian glass items arc available from shops such as Br0drene Pedersen. Tilbords. Duka and Obs!. as well as the Husfliden shops in Stavanger. Shops such as Ikea, Alliens, Skeidar and Living stock a different range of items. Any of these shops will stock glassware and crockery, as well as some.of the more exclusive kilchenware stores. For good quality seconds from the factory: Figgjo Factor}' Shop arid Museum Figgjo'4332, Sandnes ft 5168 35 70 B Mon-Wed 9.00- 17.00.Thurs/Fri9.00-19.00 Sat 9.00-.14.00 Sun. 13.00- 18.00 CD Kilchenware (kjqkkenutstyr) OHousehold items (interi0rfdrretningei) carefully from what's on display. Generally, due lo the long delivery distances involved in Norway, fresh goods will not lasi as long and il isbelier lo shop several limes a week to avoid wastage. It is advisable to check sell-by dates.

Supermarkets (dagligvarer)
You may find that you need to visit a couple of shops lo buy meat, a wide range of exotic fruit and vegetables, and fish. As food is a major expense, shop around lo compare prices as they can.vary from shop to shop. Consider the seleclion and quality offered and ihe convenience and size of the shop, as well as the prices. You may sec specials (tilbitd) and seasonal buys advertised in the newspaper or . . flyers in the mail. Check the newspaper for holiday weekend hours. A tip - at most supermarkets you will becharged, between 40 ore,to I Nok per shopping bag. You will also have to pack your own groceries. If the shopping bags are kept behindlhc counter, it is usually the cashier "who decides how many shopping bags to give you (although some may ask-you). If you find yoiuire not provided with enough bags, just ask for more, they do not charge you for extra bags once you have already paid. Helg** This supermarket has a very good selection of fish, meals, fruits and vegetables as well as imponed.goods from Europe. Can be a

Groceries Food shopping

In general, food is expensive. Although many more imported items are nowbecoming available in the shops, you cannot always rely on being able to find exactly what you're looking^ for when you need it. Local (Norwegian) foods will be sold in the shops in preference to imported goods and produce, is usually what is available seasonally - even though increasing amounts of greenhouse producemean the selection is growing. Quality, particularly of fruit and vegetables. can be mixed so it is;advisable lb select

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little m o r e expensive than the other super markets on some Uehis. bin is w c l l ' k n o w n for r _bod quality. Il has a^nicc cheese and deli section. and..also carries Norwegian specialities al Christmas, as w e l l as a selection of game. Shops in M a r i e r o . Sandnes. r Stokka and at KvadraljShopping Centre'. Meny A large, supermarket w i i h a very good overall selection including bakery items. d e l i : meal. fish, fruits andycgatables. Locations: Straensenterct. Lars Hertervigsgt. 6 Hitlcvag.Gartnervn.4 (near Kilden) Obs! stores" customer service desks. Important note!.Flyers/advertisements come in the mail weekly. The specials (lilhud) in one store (eg. Mega) w i l l not be in effect in the other stores(eg. O B S ! or Prix)..Check your flyers carefully for which COOP store the offer is in'effcet. Maxi Stormarked T h e largest s u p e r m a r k e t , w i t h a g o o d selection of local and foreign producis. There is a separatebutchcrand fislVscction and a"bakery. Located in'Sandnes.

Randabcrgv. l 3 4 . T a s l a S 5 1 8 3 9 5 5 0 The ICA supermarket in Tasta. Carries a selection of American and English products. A greal shop to look for h a r d t o find items for a special recipe. Very helpful staff, so if y o u are l o o k i n g for a p r o d u c t in the international section, do not hesitate to ask them they w i l l try and order it for you.

This is a large chain which includes stores of different sizes:. C O O P O b s ! Stormarked @ The largest stores which'carry a good selec tion ofgrocerics as well as clothing. shoes, some home improvement goods as well as small electrical appliances. There arc two storcsin the area,located in Kvadrat and i n M a r i e r o a l Breiflatv;6 C O O P Mega .These stores carry a good selection of groce'ries(nearly the.same as the.OBS!) and do not c a n y e l o l h i n g , D I Y produclsetc. Locations: Madlaiorgel . Lagerv.2 Forus (next to Living) Oscar Wistingsg. 55. Hillevrigand in Havanna Scntcrel. C O O P F r i x The smaller, neighborhood shops wiih a more limited selection. You can get a membership card that can be used in any GOOPstorc lo accumulate a refund paid but'iii Februarv. A p p l i c a tions can" be picked up at either of the 2 Shopping

Smaller supermarkets located in A u g l c n d . M a g a s i n B l a i n d o w n t o w n Stavanger. S a n d a l . F o r u s . R a n d a b e r g . Sola and Tanangcr. Some offer extended opening hours (eg. closingat 23.00). K e m a 1000 M e d i u m sized supermarkets, w i t h lower prices and modest selection. One in every neighbourhood. Rimiand ICA The size of the R i m i supermarkets can vary. T h e s m a l l e r stores carry a reasonable seleclion whilst the larger stores offer a .good range o f f o o d s , i n c l u d i n g some imported goods, al lower prices. A l l stores SPIN Information Guide

have a ' 10 Nok specials"'section: Stores are located in H avail na Sentciet (Sandnes). H i l l e v a g . H u n d v a g . M a d i a . Randaberg. S a n d n e s . S o l a . T a s t a . T j e l t a and Amfisenierel Vagcn 33. ICA also run the Middlethon's store described above. There are also seasonal stands set up. here and there about town. Helgt) , Madia Coop Mega . Maxi Stormarked. Mega, the larger Rimi stores and Obs! ( M a r i c r o ) all have their o w n fish counters wiih specials and a greater variety than the above mentioned fish markets. "Appendix S i x - F i s h Vocabulary

Petrol Stations
Most Shell. Esso. Hydro-Texaco arid Staloil petrol stations have a convenience store stocked w i l h a good variety of groceries which is open every day. Good places to pick.up last minute items on a Sunday.

Butchers (slakteri)
There is a wide choice of meal available ai the larger supermarkets. A. lds*eA Verksgata 3/5. Stavanger S 5189 3505 Sells American style minced beef (biff) and beef brisket, many varieties of homemade sausage (p0lser). ground pork (svin) and Italian and Spanish ham. W i l l cut lo order. Cases of chickens (kylling). turkey (kalkun) and boneless chicken breast. Gabbas Kjett B u t i k k Tastatorgcl. Stavanger S 51 83 6 6 0 0 Whole/half lamb (lamme) freezer ready orders in the.autumn: many varieties of sausage. Helgtf M a t s e n t e r Breidablikkveien 3. Stavanger S 51 82 77 0b..Willcuttoordei-. Halal Butcher Al [man Kongsgata 4 2 . Stavanger S 51 53 0302 "Appendix Six - Meat Vocabulary Shopping

The fish markets on the harbour in Stavanger are g o o d places t o ^ . buy fresh ( f e r s k ) fish. Salmon (laks). cod (torsk). s h r i m p i ( r e k e r ) and c r a b (krabbe) are, always available, as well as otherseasonal catches. Lobster (hummer) is popular al Christmas/New Year. Prices vary from season to season, often risjng during peak monihs. e.g. summer

Hours arc 09.00-15.00 (08.30-13.00). EkoFisk

Ncdre Strandgale 13. Stavanger ft 5152 5409 Ekofisk hasa:sclcction of fresh fish and also-offers an evening take away menu (including fish and chips) catering lo the nightclub crowd-. Calch of the day purchased at: Hafrsfjord bridge (bru) after 16!00 M o h Sat Tanangcr harbour(havn) SPIN Information Guide

140 Fruit and Vegetables (frukt og gronnsaker)

You will see fruit andvcgeiables for sale at farms and market gardens in and around Siavanger and Sandnes. Some oflhese stands may operate an" honour system. Visit the open air market near the harbour in Sla'v'anger.lor.fniit,.vegetables, (lowers and planlsaHyearfrom 09.00 - 15.00(8.30-13.00). The Joa Strawberry Farm (Jdrdbcertorg), Sola sells freshly-picked stfawherries starting from June. Grpnnsaktorget. Mariero Maricroparken 29. Stavanger (behind Obs! Mariero) a , 51 58,13 44 Mon - Wed-i0.00- IS.00.Thurs- Fri 10.0019.00. Sat 09;00-16.00. with a wide choice of vegetables and fruit. They also slock a selection of imported foods (eg. horseradish), as well as some speciality and exotic fruil and vegetables, when avaMable. Theistorc,has an area with reduced prices on' second quality produce. "Appendix Six -Fruit and Vegetables Vocabulary.

Norwegian bread conies freshly baked and in a wide variely oftasly loaves. Il does not contain any preservatives.-so tends not lo last beyond a few days, and does not freeze well. Most supermarkets'carry a good variely of freshly baked goods, along with a Ireezer.seclion with partially baked bread and biins. frozen bagels and pita bread. The larger stores usually have.a bakery for a snackor light meal. There are bakeries (kondhori) in many of ihe shopping areas, as-well. Baker BrunA Siavanger Slorsenler.Arkaden Klubbgate 5,4013 Siavanger ft 5193 8035

Bread and Bakery (bred, bakeri, bakerbutikk)

Self-raising flour is not standard in"Norway so if may he necessary to make your own: Self-raisingflour recipe I".teaspoon baking powder (bakepulver) for every 4 o/. (or. I cup or 2Vidl) of sifted regular [\our-(siktet hvetemel). "Appendix Six-Baking.vocabulary.

Foods for Special Health Needs:

Gluten Free/Lactose Free Products Arne Johannesen Rakcri. Slctleveien 1. Sandnes ft 5160 19 10 Most large grocery stores carry a selection of these goods in a specially marked section (allergi).
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Diabetic Products (diabetikevarer)

Can be the larger grocery shops and arc labelled NLS'.

Caiering to speciality lasies in cheese are: Bplgen & Mni Ostehuset Klubbgata 3. Stavanger ft'518640 10 RostrupOst&Kaffi
Langgata 23. Sandnes ft 51622620

Speciality Foods
Gourmet Food Story Klubbgata 3, Siavanger S 51 56 37 70 This store offers a selection of organic products (coffee, tea. chocolate, biscuils. seasonings, olives, juices), sushi preparation items, pasta, olive oils, fresh baked breads. cheeses, salami and salads. Good for lunch or an early evening snack.

Coffee and Chocolate Shops

Dropsen Klubbgate 6.4013 Stavanger 9 51896067 Carries a large selection of chocolates and candies includinii several American brands. Coffee (kaffe) Speciality stores are: Le Cafe Francais Sjilvagerg 7. Stavanger ft 51 8607 65 Amy's Coffee Bar Salvflgerg 7. Stavanger ft 51 860765


Cheese(o.sf) Norvegia, Jarlsberg and Geilost are common varieties of Norwegian cheeses: ihe seleclion varies Trom shop lo shop, depending on the size of ihe cheese counter. You can also find a selection of cream cheese and imported varieties of cheese offered in many shops. The imported cheeses are fairly expensive. Bruhost is a special kind of swcei Norwegian cheese.

KafTehuset 0stcrvag 14. Siavanger ft 51894470 Colette, French Conditorie Valberggale 12. Stavanger ft 51596930 Markets {torg) A A small open-air market selling local seasonal fruit and vegelablcs. as well as plants and flowers, is in the centre of Stavanger at Haakon VlFs Gale and

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Kongsgardbakkeh. towards, ihe harbour directly across from thd Cathedral (Domkirke). Open daily (except Sun) from 09.00 - .15.00 Internasjonal Mat Kvadrat main lloor, Sandnes ft 519604 30 Norvina Varrull Hong Vo Nytorget 15. Stavanger ft 51 8955,16 Kismet Import Pedcrsbakken 1.4012 Stavanger ft 51 894945

Catering (catering/selskaps-arrangement) 1=0 and seek recominendaiions. For rental of glassware, cutlery and table linen 117:

Pat riot en Bistro

Hillevagsveien 100. Siavanger 9 51 58 2020 For party t e n t s : Mai thus Svanholmen 5. Forus 9 5163 5000 The f o l l o w i n g Restaurants / Shops offer Catering Services: Ostehuset. Klubbgata 3. Stavanger ft 518640 10 Imported f o o d s (import mat) The larger, grocery stores have a varied seleclioniof imported food products. The Gronnsaklorget in Mariero. (behind Obs!) stocks some imported products, as well as large drums of oil and sacks office, olives, bu|k spices, etc. Many'Slavangeriles havc'slarled shopping for oriental fruit and vegetables in the Asian shops which offer cheaper.and good quality produce. Asian Food (Asiatiske Matvarer) Canh Van Import & Sales Kvadrat lower floor. Sandnes ft 51960205 Shopping

Health food (helsekosf)

For organic"foods, .brail, rice, pulses, soy products, leas, spices and vitamins, try:

Brit\s Helsekosl
Lars Hertervigsgale 5. Siavanger

ft 5152 8844
Haugasvcien 8, Hillevag ft 51 58 05 90 Madlalorget. Madlakrossen 7. Hafsfjord

ft 51 93 32 70
Brill's Hud og Helseprndukter Solagarden. Sola ft 51 65 54T74 Ullandhaug Oknlogiske Gard (Organic Food Shop/Farm) Rekior Natvig-Pcdcrsensveich 2 (near ihe lop of Ullandhaugveien) ft 51 87 29 50 H Open Mon - Fri I 1.00 - 17.00 (Thurs 19.00). Sat io.00-.15:00 Sells freshly baked organic bread, cheese, milk. Danish bulier. Hour, pasta, fruit. vegetables, cordial, jam. soft drinks, ice cream and more, plus has a great view of Stavanger. SPIN Information Guide

Sunkost Kvadrat main lloor 9 51960135

Hairdressers (frisor)
Prices fora cut and style will vary between Nok 200350' (men) and Nok 300500 (women), and these prices can run higher in some shops. A perm or a colour brings the price lo (he.Nok 7001000 range. Prices for children's haircuts depend on their age. The older the chiidthe more you will pay. Mosl haifdessers arc fluent in English. Ask friends for their rccomihendations. Here are just two we know of. offering professional. Englishspeaking services: Combi Frisor Mona Eklund Bjornevoll St Olavsgata 2. Siavanger ft 51/5103 60 ModernDesign Marianne Veiby Ainfisenlercl, Sandnes ft 51 68 05 10

Life jackets Stavanger Firebrigadc (Brannvesctiet) The main firehall is open from 09.00 I9:00 renting lifejackeis for Nok 10 pcr24hrs. Lagardsveien 32. Siavanger ft 5 I 50 88 60 Formal Wear/Tuxedoes Brudcssalongen i Stavanger Kongsgala 34. Stavanger ft 51 524306
Miranda Kvadrat 9

51 96 07 20

Sports Equipment (sport og fritidsutstyr)

Magneten Sport

Ole Nielsensv. l3,Algard ft 51615055 Cross country skis. Ut i Nature/ NorthShore Havkajakker Sandviga 24. Stavanger
ft 5156 19 10

Canoes, kayaks and climbing gear. Sykkel Verksted Pedersbakken 1. Stavanger 951567451 Surf sent rum SrfSnoSk8AS Breigala 6, Siavanger 9 51 53 11 22 S Stavanger Friluftsenter (Outdoor Centre) Guslav Vigelandsvei 8688. Stavanger. 9 '51 50 87 67 Camping'and fishing equipment for hire, including rowing boals & canoes. Can also buy fishing; licenses here.

Hire (utleie)
General Nahoen Utleie

Maskinveien 25, Forus Madlaveicn 50. Stavanger ft 51.810300 S wWw.naboen.iio Hire of garden and doityourself tools. children's car seals and baby equipment. "sports' equipnienl. fitness equipment, life jackets, etc.
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144 Hobby Shops (hobby artikler)

A.large-range of sewing,and'crafl iieniS'is available from any of the sewing/hobby shops. These items do tend to be more expensive than in the UK or US, soil is .worth stocking up on trips back home. Names.of hobby shops: plCraf'l Items (hobbyvarer) OSewing Supplies (broderier) CElKnitling yarn (gum)

Bohus Garlnerveien4. Stavanger 9 51 81 22 00

Grenscvcidn 2. Sandnes 9 81544000
Fargerike NEESS

Jens Zellilzgata 20. Slvanger 9 5184.35:70 Sells pairits. wallpaper plus upstairs a wide selection of-fabrics and carpeting.You can expect lo receive any fabric ordered within

a week.
Kid Interior A chain of stores selling textiles for ihe home. Kirkeg. 2. Stavanger 9 51 5399 11 Stavanger Storsenter. Torgicrrassen 9 51 89 24 90 Gannervei 4 (near Kilden) 9 515813 85 Langgala 51. Sandnes 9 51 97 80 90 Living Lagerveien 2. Stavanger ft 51 8! 51.00 Princess A chain of stores selling textiles for the home. Ostervag 8. Stavanger 9 5 1 549580 Kvadrat" 9 5 1 6 3 35 08 Amfisenleret 9 5 1 62 2203 Langg. 6. Sandnes 9 5 1 66 1430 Skeidar Mpbler og Interior Kvadrat,: Sandnes 9 5 1 9 6 1550

Hobby & Terupi
Breig. 4; Siavanger 9 5 I 8945 05 Carries a large selection of crafl supplies including.oil painls and canvases. Kreaktiv-Kvadrat 9 519601 55 Carries fabrics,.patterns, yarnsand.agood selection of crafl supplies. Gaute RostrupAS Kirkcgaia29; Siavanger 9 51 8948.18 Carries oil paints. canvases;and other supplies for painting.

Home Decoration/DIY (interiorforretning)

There afeiiiany.shops lo visit for materials, fabrics, furniture and^ools etc:


SPIN Information Guide

Aniens A chain of stores carrying a range of home decor including dishes, some fabrics, pillows, lamps, etc. Klubbgata 9. Siavanger 9 5 1 899620 Kvadrat 9 5 1 962590 I ^edaal Teppeveveri Hillcvagsveien 11. Stavanger ft. 51 58 9.7 14 H Historic carpel faciory where ihey use the onginal machines from the 1890s to make new carpets. Customers can choose: from ex'sti ng stock or place an order for a custom made carpet to their own colour and pattern specifications. If you are looking for something specific: 03 Furniture (mobler. nwbelverksieder) & Curtains and blinds (gardihe.r og gardinutstyr) & Carpels (tepperog mfibel reusing) 03 Furnishings (interiQiforretninger) 03 Paints and wallpaper (farge/umdel) 0 Kilchenware (kj0kkenui.siyr) 03 Linen (Iin) Helsehuset St. Olav's Gate 9. Siavanger ft 51 53 I I 29 Health shoes, breast-pump rental, diabetic supplies; etc. Madia Fotklinikk Madliikrossen 10. Siavanger ft 5155 2995 Muller's Vaisenhusgale 19, Stavanger 9'51894263 Samarit Helse og Sykeartikler Vagsgaten 9. Sandnes 9 51609760 H Stavanger Helsebutikk Lars Hcrtcrvigsgale 3. Siavanger 9 51-52 3531 Breast pump rentals. Elkjep, Giganten Forus Svanholmcn 2, Forus 8153 2000 Briie Lite, winter 'light treatment": Slarkey Sjohagen 3. Stavanger 9 51 820080 Horselsenteret. Slorgate. 35. Sandnes 9 51 62 4540 Hearing Aids (licnvapparater)

Laundry/Dry Cleaning (renserierog vaskeriei)

Espressrenseriet Kvadrat lower lloor Arkadcn Klubbgala-5 9 51 9603 15 9 51 93 8220

Renseriet L0kkeveien 73. Stavanger 9 5152 3005 Kohgsgala 40. Stavanger 9 51895653

Medical Supplies {syke og helsepleieartikler)

Straen HelscartikJer Lars HcrtervigsgaleOa, Stavanger ft 51 84 23 23
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146 Musical Instruments/Services (musikhandlere)

There are lots of o p p o r t u n i t i e s in the Stavanger area for lessons onfall kinds of instruments although in many cases long waiting lists apply. "Section-Music. A few shops arc listed below: SagevikMusikk Kvadrai 9 51 96 06 66 A good seleclion of instruments, music books and accessories. Skei-lvar M u s i k k h a n d e l Gjesdalveien 25. Sandnes 9 51 66 1798

D a i l y ; covers all o f - R o g a l a n d . F r i d a y supplement h B o ' indudes ' W h a t ' s on in t o w n ' (Hv'a Skjer) and a weekly TV Guide. Rdgalands Avis Klubbgata 1. Siavanger 9 51.82 2 0 0 0 D a i l y . I n c l u d e s local i n f o r m a t i o n and

Aftenposten Oslo basednewspaper bul iheir websitehas an English section. H www.aftenposteii.ho

The Norwegian Utlendingsdirektorat publishes a daily and monthly newspaper on the Internet, the Norway Post:

Opticians (optikere)

Party Goods (test, karnevals og spoksartikler)

These items can be found al toyshops. E x t r a L c k e r in Forus (next-io I K E A ) has a nice siock. E u r o P r i s and N i l l e Stores carry a selection of disposable party goods. Birkemo Asylgate 1. Stavanger 90778681 ft 51 89 5602 Party make-up and fancy dress gadgets. Balloon T i m e Fullriggerveien 6. Tananger ft 5 1 6 9 0 0 35 H

Piano Service A/S

Kvernclandsveicn 46. Sandnes 9 51.67.5491 Sells pianos. Piano Tuner JanlngeAlmas, 9

Newspapers (avis)
Local newspapers include: Sta va nger A ftenblad Verksgate JA. Stavanger 9 05150 Storcaleh 48. Sandiies


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Karaoke King Sale and rental of karaoke equipment 9 51626878/92053040 <$D PS-Selskapsutleie DA 9 92042 147 Bergvcien 6. Randaberg H A place where you can hire party tents. laBles. chairs, benches, healing, lighting (disco lights too), karaoke and music equipment. They-can even arrange a.DJ. Discounts apply if you can pick up the object (such as a lent) and put il up yourself. Cohcalorc Zoo 951802802 Grcnseveien 2 (next to IKEA) Lager Zoo Revhcimsv. 70 (near ISS) 9 51593202 Mon -Thurs 12.00- 18.00
Fri 10.00-18.00

Sal 10.00- 14.00 Stavanger Akvarieforretning 0 Kvadrai Shopping Centre 9 51 96 07 10 Adopting or Fostering a Pet' Norway has no state run agency for the prevention of cruelly lo animals. There are. however, volunleer organisations which attempt to fulfil this role. As these organisaiions are private and not under strict government regulations.;lhe nature and quality of such facilities varies. However, if you feel that a home isn't a home without a furry friend, and you believe that you will be able lo take the animal along wilh the family to your next relocation, then please consider the adoption of a rescue cat. dog. rabbit (or whatever the local shelters may have!). Alternatively, if you believe that a more temporary situation is best, fostering a.pel in need may be jusi for you. There are many wonderful animals thai would greatly benefit from being housed within a "real"' home while ihey are awaiting adoption. Your family can benefit in countless ways loo. Be aware, however, that some (notiall!).rescue pets, wheiher being adopted or fostered by you. will require some patience and understanding. They may have come from

Christmas/New Year
Feni Hans Christmas Shop (Julchuiikk) Jon Torbergssons vei 1,.Randaberg ft 514189 90 Extensive range of good quality Christmas giftsand'decorations (available from early November). Plantasjen Slokkamyrv. 26. Forus 9 51 70 73 30 10.00-20.00 (18.00), Sun 12.00, 18.00. ForcheapChrislmas decorations, cards and trees (available from late October). Fireworks are for sale from temporary outlets in the Holiday Season. Big seleclion forNcw Year's Eve.

Food and Supplies: Amazoon 9 51884020 KJldeh Shopping Cenlrc H

SPIN Information Guide

adil't'icLill situation.and need lo'physically/ psychologically heal, or they may undesirable habit ortwothat would require training to correct. At ihe moment, only the. local canine rescue is actively seeking foster homes. Carefully consider the responsibilities of pel ownership before adopting or.buying a pet. The majority of calls to local shelters are to pickupanimals.when the owner is relocating and is unable or unwilling lo take their pel with ihem. Keep in mind that many countries have strict regulations.for importing animals (although coining from a rabiesfree country, such as Norway, should help), and thai il may not be easy io find a new owner for your pel: To adopt a pel. please contact: Dyrebeskyttelsen S0r Rogaland Poslboks 3040.4095 Hillcvag. Stavanger. 9 93495959 S Thisyojunteei"organisation looks after lost/ abandoned animals, trying lo find the owner or a new home. Cais are their specially, and ihey have an enormous number seeking a new lap to curl up'and purr on. Calls,are taken between 11.00 and 16.00. Donations arc welcome. Have you lost your pet or found an injured one.' The llrsi ihingito do is io contact iliC'polic'c station within your.komhiuh'e. This is to whom lost pets are "reported before they are broughl lo the holding facility ai cither .Hindal Hundepensjomit 9 5 1 58 5 I 61 (Siavanger) or Kennel Maikjunffi51 67 23 88 (Sandnes). If youcan locale your pet through the police, before it has been brought to the kennel, you will save Nok

1.000! Animals are kept for 7 days and put to sleep on the 10lh day unless they are fortunate enough lo be claimed by their owners or rescued by one'of ihe diligent volunteer organisations listed above. For injured domestic animals, you can contact the police, who will then arrange for the animal to be collected by Falck al 02222. If time is of the essence and it is safe to do so. you mayUake the.animal to the nearest veterinarian clinic yourself (wc are told ih'ai you will responsible for the medical fees but check first!). An injured cat may reported directly lo: Dyreheskyttejscn Sr Rogaland ft 934 95 959 The police will arrange for the collection of an injured wild animal, or you may (carefully) lake il lo the nearest veterinary clinic. Local police telephone numbers: Randaberg/Sola/Stavangcr ft5 I 89 90 00 Sandnes ft 5168 4000 Boarding Kennels andVeterinary Clinics There arc a limited number of'boarding kennels available in the area, bin ifyou book early enough, you should be^iblelo secure a place
for your dog or*

cal.Jt is wisc:lo visit the facility

prior to

boarding.^ your pel there and be sure to ask questions and inform them of any special needs thai .your pel may have. Yoii will need to provideupiodalc vaccination records.

SPIN Information Guide

Hindal Hundepensjonat Hindal Gard 2. Stavanger 9 5 I 58 51 61 Kennel M a i k j u n Sviland. Sandnes 9 5167 23 88 Kennel Z a r s t f l Stokkaveien 145. Sandnes 9 5 1 6 3 0 6 15 Windiness H u n d e o g Kattepensjonat (for cats and small dogs only) Gardshaugvegen 108. Rtege 9 B 5 1 6 5 4 5 41 Norwegian Canine Breeds Norsk Kennel K l u b Hansensvci20. Bryn.0667 Oslo 9 21 60.090(1 a

Pharmacy (apotek, parfymeri og toalletartikler)

In Norway, a p a r f y m e r i sells cosmetics, s h a m p o o s , h a i r t r e a t m e n t s , bath o i l s , perfumes etc. At an Apotek. a chemist or p h a r m a c y , y o u w i l l be able to buy p r e s c r i p t i o n s and p r e s c r i p t i o n - f r e e medicines. Often ihey also sell certain cosmetics, baby supplies, sun lotions, homeopathic remedies and medical items. " H e a l t h - T h e Pharmacy.

Photos (foto)
There arc many shops around where you can have your photographs developed and p r i m e d . Most shops o f f e r a one-hour service, with higher prices lhan for the onethree day service, so enquire about the options and any reprint offers. Reprints are expensive butisome shops offer a second prim (if ordered when handing in your film for development) for an extra Nok 40/film (36 exposures). Mail-out film development is. quite popular in N o r w a y and much cheaper. One way lo pay mail-out price, bul be able lo collect your photos the next day, is lo visit the head office of Direkte.Foto AS, Travbaneveien 3. Forus 9 , 5 1 44 38 00. I f y o u drop i n y o u r film (which still needs to be put in the mail order envelope, envelopes' are available on'site) before 13.00. you can collect your photos the next day after 13.00 for. Nok 65/111 m (36 prints). For a photographer QFntogra/er

Vet C l i n i c s Hinna Dyreklinikk Boganesgeilen 9 A . Stavanger H Stavanger S m a d y r k t i n i k k Torgveieh.l5C, Stavariger ft 51510060

Sandnes S m a d y r k l i m k k Jernbancveien 28.4306 Sandnes ft 51 6 6 6 9 9 8 B u y i n g a P u r e b r e d Dog or Cat Many bree'ds are available in Norway, but not all are obtainable in Rogaland. For thenames of local breeders, check Norwegian wchsiles (query: breed name -KNorway) oi' ask a r o u n d at' l o c a l pet shops and veterinarian clinics.

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Post Office
Mail is delivered to your slrectside postbox daily. New boxes can be purchased from an ironmonger,/hardware:slore (Jemvare). or through the post office. Main Offices & Opening Hours The opening hours of the main posl offices in the Stavanger area arc listed below. Opening hours may differ slighily in the" summer. Sihaller post offices can be found in Hillevag. Hundvag. Randaberg;and Tananger.


Customer service: 9

Stavanger Post OfficeA Haakon Vll's gate 9. Siavanger Mon-Fri'09.0D-'18.00 Sat 10.00-15.00 Madia Post Office Madlakrossen Mon-Fri 09.00- 19.00.Sat 09.00- 15.00 Sandnes Post Office Amfisenierel Vagsgt. 33. Sandnes Mon-Fri id.lXK 20.00. Sal 10.00-17.00 Liira Post Office Kvadrai Mon-Fri 10.00-20.00. Sal I0 : 00- 18.00 Sola Post Office Radh.usvcicn28.Sola Mon -Fri 09.00^ 17.00, Thurs 09.00- 15.00.

Extra services Your mail can bckcpiat the posl office, for up to one: month, while you are away. Free change of'address cards. Free mail forwarding in Norway but you will have to pay the difference between Norway's postage and postage,toaltc country it is going to. Purchase of fishing permits "Entertainment & Leisure - Sports Fishing. Purchase of telephone cards. Stamp subscription (Frimerker Abonnemeni). Postbanken facilities. Summer holiday re-direction. Free "Nci Takk' sticker for on your mail box so that, you do not receive unrequesied advertisements/junk mail.

Postage rates
Within Norway you can choose between A and B-post. For B-post you musl have a minimum of twcniyjetlers, pul and address on the back of the envelope and mark the envelope with ihe letter B. This condition only counts.for letters weighing up'to If the letter is can send it B-post regardless of'the number of letters. A-posl will be delivered the next day. BLpost will be delivered within three days in your own kommune and within live days in ihe rest of Norway. When sending lelters abroad you can always mark them as B-posi (stickers available at the posl office), regardless of the number of letters. Delivery limes^arc much longer. however.'To Europe il can take between six and ten days: to the rest of ihe world between fourteen and twenty days.

Sal 10.00-13.00


SPIN Information Guide

Prices are different for A and B-post destined for Norway. Scandinavia, the rcsl of Europe and other continents. P o s t i B u t i k k - P o s t a l S e r v i c e s at Supermarkets Many small supermarkets now offer (he Posl i Butikk system. These "mini"" post offices are designed to make using the Norwegian p o s t a l s e r v i c e m o r e c o n v e n i e n t and accessible..Post'i Butikk posl offices-offer the f o l l o w i n g services. You can; Send or collect ( i f y o u have a PO box) A and B post. Send or collect registered mail ( called 'rekommanderte sendinger' in Norwegian). Send or c o l l e c t cash on d e l i v e r y (C.O.D.)mail. Collect insured mail. C o l l o c i or p u r c h a s e and send ' N o r g e s p a k k e r ' . N o r g e s p a k k e r are boxes you can buy for a set price which includes pre-paid postage. Note - you can o n l y send N o r g e s p a k k e r t o addresses w i t h i n Norway. Collection of international packages. M a i l i n g of company mail /packages. Bank deposits^and withdrawals.from Postbanken. Giro in (payment of bills) and giro out. Open a Postbanken account. Buy stamps. Buy prepaid address cards.

Repa i rs (reparasjoh)
QElectrician (elekt roverksteder) CQPhwnbcr (rtfrleggere) m House p a i n t e r ( m d l a r m e s i ' e r e malartencsicr) QJCarpenier (snekkere) og

Sand (sand)
Sand for children's sandpns can be obtained from any building supply store. Available loose i f y o u have a tow hook and can borrow a trailer: Ajso available in bags, but much more expensive.

Second Hand/Used (annenhinds, brukt varer),

Fretex shops are operated by the Frelsesnrmeen (The Salvation Army. Hcl Leger des Heils. The Opportunity Shop, or L'Armee du Salut). You can donate items for re-sale arid buy second-hand goods. If you wish io donate something cither deliver directly to any Frelex l o c a t i o n , or leave il al a miljOstasjon (*"Logislics - Setting up home - Waste) or t e l e p h o n e f o r c o l l e c t i o n arrangements of largerilems. 9 5 1 95 1350. The shops are good places to look for costumes, b u t t o n s , and maybe even a special piece from an cslaie or yard sale'

Shops in Stavanger:
Kongsgata 50 Vaiserihusg. 5 Midigardv. 22 9 51564170 9 51 89 53 73 9 5189 66 20

N O T E : I f y o u are s e n d i n g packages overseas always remember to ask lor a green customs ( t o l l in Norwegian) form. Fill out the* form aiid make sure" the,person al the PosLoffice attaches it lo your "package..If this form is not attached there is a goodchance your package w i l l be returned lo you. SPIN Information Guide

Shops in Sandnes:
Second hand market (Fretex Gjenbntksmarked) Gjesdapballem 3. Sandnes 9 51 62 48 39 Goods which can be donated or brought to Fretex i n c l u d e : ; f u r n i t u r e , h o u s e h o l d Shopping

electrical equipment, sports equipment: baby equipment, toys.'clothes, bicycles, office and shop equipment. Fretex also have large containers into which you can donaie packed cjothes (in;a well-tied plastic bag); these containers-are usually located in convenient shopping areas e.g. at Madlakrossen..Forus. Tjensvoll. Tanaiigcr Harbour. Solakrossen (opposite Sola Radhus). Sometimes there is a Fretex slot al ihe.niilj0stasjon marked t0y for clothing/ textiles. Fretex Stormarked in Sandnes operates a recycling depot (milj0sta.sjon). One can deliver ready sorted glass, paper, metal, plastic, drink-cartons-and clothes for recycling.

Shoe Repair Shop/Key Makers

Madia Sko- og Nukktilserviee Madlakrossen 7. Hafrsfjord 9 519331 60 Mister Minit Klubbgate 5. Siavanger 9 51938190 Noicjhal it can fake a few weeks for shoes lb get fixed and il is fairly expensive.

Sports Clothing & Equipment (sportbutikk)

Norwegian sports gear is
made for critical customers who make great demands on t h e i r equipment. Norwegian rucksacks and Wellingtons,arc designed to spare your back and feel, and technical, breathable rain gear is used almost all year round. Look oul for special offer ski packages (ski 'pakke) for adults-andcliildfeii. Prices start at around Nok 1.500 for a pair of crosscountry skis with bindings, boots and skj poles. The bindings will be put on while you wait. These offers come around Christmas, winicr holiday week (February) and Easier. Intersport Gravarsv. 7. Sandnes 9 -5162 7071 Steensland Sport

Sewing and Sewing Machines (symaskiner og strikkemaskiner)

Simplicity pallcrns are available wilh pattern pieces printed in English and the guide sheet in Swedish. McCall's patterns have English instructions. Burda patterns.havc:no-scam allowances: KreaktivSysenter Kvadrat. Sandnes 9 5T9601.55 For sales, repairs, service wiih a wide range of. hobby and sewing 'articles. Sandnes Syscnter Langgaten;6.7nSandnes 9 1 516647 00 A Singer and Pfaff dealer, has a wide.choice in-uscd or second-hand sewing'machines. For repairs of all makes/types of sewing machine.

Lars Herlcrvigsg. 6 Stavanger 9 51.523609

Shopping SPIN'lhformatidri Guide

NlX Sport Kilden . Gartnerveicn 16. Stavanger 9 51 82 90 70 MX Sportscnteret Kvadrai Sporty Intersport Osiervag 7. Stavanger Madlalorgcl SpinnSykkelshdp Yorgv. 15 . Stavanger Elevg. I I. Sandnes H

519607 77 9 5 1 854170 9 5193 32 50 9 5 1 585501 9 5 1 68 62 65 Chantadi Solaveien I. Sandnes Extra Lcker Grcnseveien 2. Sandnes
(next to IKEA) 9 5163 0 7 6 0

9 5162 7070

XXL Sport &Villmark Lagerveien2. Stavanger 9 5 1 814150

Barnes Stormarked Forus AS Lagerveien I. Stavanger 9 51 80 28 28 Toys'R'Us Slokkamyrv. I. Sandnes (near-Kvadrat)

Solariums/Tanning Salons
Solscnter Kvadrat Gamle Stokkav. I. Stavanger 9 51 82 83 00 Stavanger Solutleie Grashaugv. 6. Stavanger 9 5 1 52 1441



Sol Vest Hilievagsveien85.Siavanger95l 58 30 11 Vagsgate 43. Sandnes 9 51 66 27 50 Sun Club Maudalsgalcn 7. Sandnes 9 51 62 3200

M0ldalsbakken 12. Hafrsfjord 9 51 55 7688 Re-upholstery, repairs. KA International L0kkev..43.Stavanger Rc-upholslery. 9 51 533641

Brio, Lekcr Madlatorgel Kilden Kvadrat 9 5193 3220 9 51 82 9155 9 51 9604 44

Holgersen Moheloppussing Marieroparkeri25, Siavanger 9 51 58 02 10 RcfinisHing. restoring arid "upholstery. Cherstcrfieldgarden Solandsbakken 24. Siavanger 9 5152.77.80 3 Furniture/upholstery .repairs, restoring.

SPIN Information Guide

Mfihelverk-ted Pedcr Glauss0nsg; 19. Stavanger 9 51.52 18 16 Refinishing and period reproductions. french polishing., Leather Interiors (skinn reparasjoner) Skinn Service Nylundsg. 17. Stavanger 9 5 1 89 38 66 H Repairs lb car leather, boat interiors and furniture. hems worth purchasing.include:

Arts & Crafts (kunstog kunsthindverk)

Traditional Norwegian paimed wooden items (rosmali'ng) can be found in several of the lourisi shops. You can also purchase/ commission ihese direct from: Hildegard Haheini Ryggveicn 2, Randaberg 951417063

Items to Buy in Norway

Norwegian liusflid orcoltage industries produce a wide variely of different crafl items. Many of these items are on sale in the "tourist" shops in the centre of Siavanger. Fora general range of ilems try the following: Straen Handel Sirandkaien 3 I. Stavanger 9 51525202 Husfliden Stavanger Kirkcgata7. Stavanger 9 518943 55 Several artists have their studios and workshops located in Old (Gamle) Stavanger. Also worth a visit in early November is ihe annual PWCAits& Cralls Fair.-Arlists from all over Norway come to Stavanger lo exhibit and sell their work.

Knitted Sweaters (strikkevarer)

A best seller among tourists is the Norwegian knitted sweater. These come in many beautiful patterns and designs in characteristic Norwegian colours. Lyst Huset, Kirkcgala30. Siavanger 9 51 89 54 94 Oda of Nonvay Sandvikveien 18.4018 Stavanger 9 51 81 21 60 Theyhavc u'sale just before Chrisimas with considerable reductions on last year"s models. Sjiev eland Factory Shop Algard 9 5 I 6 1 2 4 0 0
G jcstal Spinneri Factory Shop Ohcdal 9 51 61 2200


SPIN Information Guide

155 Leather & Fur (skinn ogpels)

A wide.variety of treated reindeer.hidesand sheepskins can be found al: OlafPettcrsen&Co Kirkegaten 3 1 . Stavanger 9 51 8 9 4 8 0 4

Duty Free Shopping (avgiftfn)

Shops carrying the 'Tax T Frce for Tourists' logo offer all non-rcsidenis of Norway the opportunity to shop al 10-17% discount. T h e lax r e f u n d is paid in cash u p o n departure, when your purchases exceed Nok 308 ai one shop. The tax-free shopping voucher explains the procedure according to your point of departure from Norway. The stamped lax free voucher or refund cheque may be cashed and your passport checked in the cafeteria in the International Departure Hall M Stavanger Airport. This is behind Customs.

Pewter (tinn)
N o r w a y i s ihe ' P e w t e r p r o d u c e r ' o f Scandinavia. A l l Norwegian pewter is lead free, and all products marked TK have passed a quality control. Helgi .locnsen. 0 v r e Sirandgate 52 9 5 1 5 2 98 99

Trolls (troll)
Trolls have Firmly established their place in Norwegian literature and culture. They are characterised by a long nose, four lingers and four toes, oflcn with a tail. Trolls are manufactured largely from latex, wood or stone and come in-many differenisizes and prices.

Candles (stearinlys)
Norwegian candles are of a very high quality and come in every shape and colour. They can be purchased inmost interior shops arid super-markets. Byrkjedalslys Factory Shop, Di'rdal 9 " 51 61 25 00 "Entertainment-- Sightseeing in and around Stavanger. It is worth picking up a copy of the Sandnes or Stavanger guides available from the Tourist Information offices for up lo date information on events and exhibitions elc. SPIN Information Guide Shopping





SPIN Information Guide



Entertainment & Leisure General Information

Good websites to begin searching for ideas of activities across Norway are: 3 www.aklivitctcr.nel H

Tickets can be reserved or purchased via internet. Tickets purchased and,mailed lo you. If you reserve via the interne! or phone, or the purchase date is loo close to the event, you" collect'the tickets ai the Post Office.

Cinema (kino)

Stavanger Kino 1A Siavanger KuJturhus. Those with kids may find the book "Fun in Solvberget 2. Stavanger Norway with Kids", useful 8 51 51 07 00 Adm. H fi Eight screens. Cafes & kiosk. For more local activities and excursions, ihe Specials: Babykino (take your baby with /riiidsguiden (dark yellow section in Din you on Wed. volume and light are lowered Distriki telephone book") has a during the film show). comprehensive list of activities and Seniorkino Wed afternoons. Nok 75. excursions, whilst ihe SlavangerAftenblad Luxury class (luk.sus.salen) tickets are produces :i list of weekly activities; available for selected films. Seals are more exhibitions etc. on Fridays. The Tourist. comfortable and tea/coffee and snacks are Information Office's publication. 'Feel Free", included. Ticket prices are more expensive. (available in. several languages) lists the years main events in ihe region: Sandnes Kinol In addition to the local.tourist information AMFi Senteret. Vagen 33. Sandnes website, *" Appendix One. ihere'arc others Hwww.filmwebiiio/sandncskino with local activity/excursion details: Opened June 2004. has a special Luxury Box B (30 seals) with option of food served by Quality Hoiel Residence. Seven screens.

Tickets (bitletter)
Tickets for many activities in Stavanger and the rest of Norway, including: theatre, concerts, sporting events, and festivals can be purchased via,a central licket service. H Ticket re.seivations (Mon Fri 09.00 , 17.00. Sat 10.0014.00) 8 8153 3133

Cafe and snack shop. The cinemas in Siavanger and Sandnes are operaled by the same companyenabling lickel purchases/reservations to be made at either location. Tickets can be purchased via the website, al automatic ticket machines, at the cincema or by an automatic telephone service.(sec below); Tickets can be reserved up io one week in advance and should be collected 30 minutes before the start of.the film.
Entertainment & Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

Tickets are cheaper Mon Thurs. Premiere films cost'Nok 10.inorc>on firsi,showing.. Members get Nok 10 rebate.on ordinary showings (ful details and signing up information on the website u. n d e. r 'Kinosonen'). 'Students get Nok 10 rebate on

Dance (danseopplasring)
Ragne's Danseskolc Fr. Nanscns Vei. Siavanger

8 51 88 13 00
fi Eight week classes of popular dancing lessons (Hip Hop, Grease. Tango eic.) for ages 46 yrs. 710 yrs. 1014 yrs and I4yrs lo adults. Stavanger Danse Center Jernbaneveien 3. Stavanger 8 47 35 98 33 H Classes in freestyle, salsa, swing. sirectdance. breakdance. From 5 yrs. Ballet (balletf) Philippa Cubison 8 5 1 5 7 53 63' B.Ld. and registered with the lDTAand the RAD. Classes in classical ballet for children ages 418 yrs of age. held at Gausel. Lassa and Klepp. Tap dance classes for adults held al Gausel. Contact ihe MusicSchool (Kulturskole) in your kommuneA'or information about ballet lessons. "Music Music lessons

Cinema programmes can be found on the web; on the 'automatic telephone service or in the local press. Programmes change on Fridays. A four digii number is given for use "when reservingtickets.on the automatic answering machine. 8 82 0001 0024hrautomatic information and ticketsales (use film number). N:B. For ihe firsi few weeks children's films may be shown in the original language. After thai, ihey will be shown in Norwegian. "Appendix Six. Useful Vocabulary, cinema advertising' abbreviations. Stavanger Fiimkluhb (Folken) NyOlavskleiv 16. Siavanger 8 5156.44 44 S Specializes in alternative/foreign films shown mainly on Sunday evenings. Tick ets can be purchased.on the interne!, by telephone or in the Cafe.

Modern Jive dance classes

Jive Easy. Sharon Paton 8 5 1 884150/41633350 _) sharonpalon@ Wed evenings 19.30 22.15 Madia Bydelshus; Beginners always.welcome.

Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

161 Salsa dancing

Jose Sanchez 8 51 8 6 0 1 5 5 / 9 2 4 8 0 8 1 9 ^atJsanche/ Swing Sandnes & Stavanger S w i n g k l u b b Morten Bjornstad 851890066 checking (soppkonlroll) on most Saturdays in September al ihe Rogaland A rboret-and at the Botanical Gardens ( 8 5 1.50 78 61).. For information about courses contact: .kersopp al the Rogaland Arborei. 851672107 Information about walks Within Rogaland, there are a number of r e c r e a t i o n areas { F r i I n front r u d e r ) maintained by each kommune. Many have car parks, basic toilets and waymarked footpaths. Within Stavanger kommune there arc also 7 Folkestier (waymarked paths) where each kilometre is marked along the path. Full list of both can be found in the dark yellow section of D i n Distrikt telephone book - Frilu/isliv -/rilu/tsomrader. Further walk information can be obtained from each of the kommune offices or websites. The local Tourist Information Offices have leaflets w i i h suggestions for w a l k s in (amongst others) B r c k k d . M a d l a n d . Manafosscn and Kfepp. "Entertainment & Leisure - Sightseeing Around Stavanger. The.Siavanger Aftenblad publishes Helgetur I. II & i l l and Vdrdentur. sold al iheiroffice in Forus S 05150. The Friday edition, of the paper, carries an article on.a featured locai walk. Maps arc also available from the D N T and bookshops. StavangerTuristforening, D N T (Walking Association) Olav V's gate (under-the Rogaland Theatre) 8 5 1 840200 fi Entertainment and Leisure

There are plenty of places to walk.-from tracks suitable for a pram or wheelchair, lo rough m o u n t a i n hikes. Remember (hat Norwegians areused'tO'the rugged terrain of ihcir country.and an easy walk for locals may be a lough one for foreigners. Remember: a Norwegian mile is 10 k m ! The right to roam In Norway, you may walk freely and ski in the wilds. You may walk on cultivated land when it is frozen or covered w i l h snow, and y o u may use boats and canoes without engines in watercourses and lakes. Yoii may camp one night in the open as long as you are 150m from houses, and you may cycle and ride horses along roads and paths in outlying areas: You are also allowed to pick berries, mushrooms and flowers. Open fires are not permitted in. or near, forests between 15 April and 15 Sept. For more information on the right lo roam: 8 73 5 8 0 5 0 0 H (in English). Mushroom, berry picking Fruit, berry and mushroom picking are very popular Norwegian pasiimes-iii season. If you are not sure whether your harvest of mushrooms is edible, there is mushroom SPIN Information Guide

Sandnes Office: Bakgarden. Eriing Skjafsgsons gale. 4307 Sandnes 851668910 This society owns 350 cabins in Norway where yoii can stay lor a reasonable fee. There are different types of simple cabin (hytter). wiih and without service. Some cabins are open for-non-members. The DNT publishes books and brochures. Asa member you gel a monthly magazine arid a discount :in their shops and,cab'ins. They organise outdoor courses and activities, guided lours, nature walks and skiing courses in February. The books "Happy Hiking" and "Out & About in the Green Belt of Stavanger"' are a must ' enjoy hiking and wanl to explore the local area. Available from the DNT shop. Tlie International HikingGroup NinaEiken 8 5 1 5 2 3 2 10 A group of women meet, at the Three Swords! Hiifrsljord. on Thursdays logo for a walk between 09.15 - 14.45. No dogs allowed. On Hafrsljbrd, lies Mpllehukta next to ihe Three Swords Monument. On Gandsljord. is ihe Vaulen beach ' (off R44 at Hinna) and Hblmavika (on the road from Sandnes lo Dale). Towards Randaberg are Vistestranden and Sdndestranden. On route 13 from Sandnes lo lins, are beaches around Lutsivatnet and Hog.stadvika. Full lisl in dark yellow section of Ditt Distrikt telephone book- Frilti/tsli'v - badep/a.sscr.

Cooking Courses (matlagingskurs)

Gastrononiisk Institutt Universiiet i Stavanger S'518337 85: S Matgledeir a la Carte Ned re Vcrksgata2.40l3 Stavanger 8 5 1 8901 70 H Gjadmat Skolcn 851912192/ 51912175

Leisure Activities
Bathing and Beaches
These are markedon maps and sign-posted along the road wiih a pictogram (a head sticking oul of the waves). Beware of strong curreiils'along.lhecoast. From Solastrand (Sola Beach); spulh through 01bcrg. HcllcsUt. Vigdel lo.Orre. there are beautiful sandy beaches, some "wiih rocks and some with sand dunes.
Entertainment and Leisure

S Inge Anda from EkoFisk 851535401/97095 689 H www.ingeanda:no The chef Inge Anda gives cookery classes in your own home..Further, he has his.own catering business. Together you will plan a menu, then you buy the food and he cooks and serves in your ownhome.

SPIN Information Guide

Horse riding (rideopplaering)
Fossanmoan Islandshestsenter 4I10Forsand Guided horse riding from Forsand to Uburen oh Icelandic horses (three hour tour); daily in summer. S 51703761 Hindal Gard Ridesenter 8 5158*5161 H Lessons available in English and Norwegian Rogaland Rideklubb Grannesveien 83.4020 Stavanger 85158-3068 Sandnes og Juereii Rideklubh Kvcmelandsveien 130.4323 Sandnes S51673I65 Sola HcstcscntcrO) Sn0deveien, Taiiangcr 8 51699940/957 55 463 Tryggivi Islandshestcgard Kvernelandsveien 117,4323 Sandnes 8 9 1 8 71 497 (Mon-Fri) fi Arrange-daily one. two or three hour lours on Icelandic ponies. Two day tours also. available. members. They.give slide shows, publish a magazine and organise bird watching trips. Youth Clubs mFritidsktuhber or Unv,doms- og idrettsorganisasjoner for children's/teenager's workshops and leisure clubs in your area.

Painting {mating)
Stavanger Kunstforening Madlaveien 33, Stavanger
8 5 1 5 2 0463

fi Art classes for children.

Open afternoons. Closed Mon and Tuc.

Stavanger Paintball Centre 851S9I264 fi Situated at Hundvag.

Scouts & Guides

Boy Scouts of America/US Scouting ISS (International School Stavanger) Matthew Rcppen 85165.0005 UK Scouting & Guides - at the British School Rainbow, Brownie. Guide and Beaver groups arc run by volunicers al ihe British School. Tel: 51 95 02 50

Other Associations
Norsk Ornitologisk Forening Steinar Eldtfy 851620391 fi www.fugler.nei/nofrog/nofsvog.htm This/offiiiing (association) has Norwegian. American. British. Dutch and French

Speiderforbund Norges Vesterlen Krets (Norwegian Scouts and Sea Scouts) Haugasstubbcn 1 b. 4016.Stavanger 8 5? 58 00 99 ~

SPIN Information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure

164 Wilderness Adventures

Summerahd'.wihtefwilderness activities in Sirdal. In summer: canoeing, h u n t i n g / f i s h i n g . packing wiih horses and dogs. photography and hiking. In winter: dogsledging w i l h Siberian huskies. Day trips to fiverday .excursions with accommodation in snowcaves. lavvu (lapptelt). hunting lodge or tourist lodge. Wildernessevenings with Sirdal cuhure. History, presentation and food: A k t i v V i l l m a r k Op'plevclse (Aclivc Wilderness Experiences) Ou.sdal.4440Tonsiad O d d K v i n e n B 38371K62 fi

the website. Free internet access (limited lo 30 mins when busy). M a d i a B r a n c h (Filial I 8 5155,52 21 Open M o n Thurs. Randaberg F o l k e h i b l i o t e k Randabergvegcn 370. Randaberg S 5 I 4 I 4 J 01 Sandnes B i b i i o t e k M a u r i i z Kartevoldsplass. Sandnes 8 5 1 68 37 50 O p e n M o n S u j . : S i m i l a r . s e r v i c e s to Stavanger library. Sola H i b l i o t e k Sola Kuliurhus Kongshaugvegcn 3 2 . 4 0 5 0 Sola 8 5 1 65 34 70 Tananger B r a n c h (Filial) 8 51699507

Libraries (Bibiiotek)
A copy of The SPIN Guideis available in thcTefcrence section of eachlibrary. Stavanger Bibliotek@ A Stavanger Kuliurhlis. S0lvberggale 2. Siavanger 8515074:65 fi www.stavangenku Apart from books. Stavanger L i b r a r y has aseleciion of sheel music. m a g a z i.n e s . newspapers, as y >__r

University Research L i b r a r y (Univer.sirets forskjiingsbibliotek) Postboks2557. Ullahdhaug.4091 Stavanger S 5 I 83 11 00 fi University research library also open tolhe general public. Many books in English.

Pretty much anywhere you go. y o u ' l l Unci a museum highlighting local life, cuJlure, arts, crafls and industries. Opening hours vary greatly from day to day and between winler and summer. Always check details and times before you visit anywhere. Full.details can be found on the Informadon Office's


as. CDs.'

records, videos and D V D ' s available for loan. Reasonable number of English. and other foreign language, books in the "adult and children departments. Membership is free. Books renewable via

Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

website ( in their publication Feel F r e t . o f in the dark yellow section of the iclpehonc book D i n Distrikt. 2. Hcrmetikkmuseet (Canning Museum) 0 v r e Strandgate 88a. Gamle Stavanger 8 5 1 5 3 4 9 89 Open 15June- 15Aug:daily 11.00- 16.00. I June - 14 June and, 16 Aug - 3 I A u g : Mon T Thurs 11.00- 15.00. Otherwise Sun 11.00- 16.00. Sardine s m o k i n g Tucs. Thurs and first Sunday of the month. Working machines. sardine label display. Guided tours, and guide book in English. 3. M u s e u m Ledaal (Royal Residence and Estate M u s e u m ) Eiganesveien 45. Stavanger 8 51520618 Open 15June- l 5 A u g : daily 11.00- 16.00. Otherwise Sun 11.00- 16.00. Occasional concerts throughout the year. T h i s 19 lh c e n t u r y f o r m e r m e r c h a n t ' s residence i s o n e o f the nation's finest period houses. It has recently been refurnished. Guided lours and guide book in English. 4. Sjpfurtsmuseet (Maritime Museum) Nedrc Sirandgale 17-19. Stavanger 8 5 1 5 2 5 9 11 Open 15June- 15Aug:daily 11.00- 16.00. I June- 14 June and 16 Aug - 31 A u g : M o n - T h u r s 11.00- 15:00. Otherwise Sun 11.00- 16.00. Exhibitions cover 200 years of ship design. Ship models, reconstructed period chandler's shop and office. Children's play shop. Operational sailing boats "Anna af Sand"( 1848) and " W y v e r n " (1896) often present. Housed in former warehouses. Audio touravailablc in English. 5; Stavanger M u s e u m Musegate 16.4010 Stavanger S 5 T 8 4 2700 SPIN Information Guide Entertainment and-Leisure

Museums Around Stavanger

Stavanger Museum is responsible for the first five museunis listed: Museum Breidablikk. Hermetikk Museum. Museum L e d a a l . M a r i t i m e M u s e u m . Stavanger Museum. A ticket from any one o f ' t h e m allows entry lo all of ihem. provided'they are-visited on the same day. Tickets cost Nok 40 (adults). Nok 10 (children) and Nok 30 (student/pensioner). Year-round guided tours for children/groups on request. H www.stavangcr.itiuscum:ho I. M u s e u m B r e i d a b l i k k (Manor and Barn Museum) Eiganesveien 40a. S t r a n g e r 8515231.15 Open 15 June- 15 A u g : daily 11.00- 16.00. R e s t o f y e a r o p c n S u n I LOO- 16.00. S w i s s - s t y l e stalely home f r o m I880's. Original period interiors. Guided lours. Christmas activities for children on Sundays in December.

.Open 15 June- 15 Aug: daily 11.00- 16.00. I June - 14 June and 16 Aug -3 I Aug: Mon-Thurs 11.00- 15.00. Otherwise Sun 11.00-16.00. This museum was founded in 1877. Highlights arc collections of siuffed animals and birds from all over the world: the history of'Stavanger from niedicval.times'tqth'eoil industry, and a special exhibition of Stavanger in the time of Alexander Kjelland. A Library is available to.lhc public during working hours. Many books and journals are in English. Arkeologisk Museet Peder Klowsgalc 30a. Stavanger 8 5 1 8 4 6000/51 84r6004 S..' Wed - Sat 11.00 - 15.00: Tuc. 11.00 - 20.00; Sun 1 L00r-.16.00". Closed on Mon., Excellent displays, of regional archaeological material from the last 15,(XK) years. including 'Viking- artifacts. Activities for children..Caf'(can he visited without paying entrance fee). Brannmusect (Fire:fighling Museum) Lagardsvegen 32. Stavanger 8 5 1 5 0 8 8 60 Located in ihe basement oflhe main flreslation. Small collection offi re-fighting equipment (no tire engines!). Visits by appointment only. Free admission. Gamle Stavanger (Old Siavanger) N o i l hern Europe's best preserved settlement of over 150 wooden houses dating from the I7 l h -I8 l h century. Guided tours available in the summer. Occasional : open workshop' days'by the crafts people living and working there. Annual Christmas fair. Jernaldergarden (Iron Age Fann) Ullandhaugvegcn 3', Stavanger

8 5 1 84 60 15
Open end of June - mid Aug: M o n - F r i 11.00- 16.00. Sun 12.00- 16.00. (end May - beginning Sept). Reconstructed Iron Age farm. Occasional events and demonstration days. Tickets also give free, entry to the Archcological Museum on the same day. Kystkultursamlingen i Tan anger (Coastal Life Museum) 8 51 65 33 00 OpcivSun. mid May-Sept: 12.00- 16.00. Collection of'bouls. pictures and artifacts showing Tahanger's history. Norsk Barne Museum (Children's Museum)

H In ihe cellar of the Stavanger Kultitrhusei. S0lvbergci. Open every afternoon. Norsk Grafisk Museum Sandviga 24. Stavanger

Flyhislorisk Museum
(Aviation,Museum) Seaplane:port next lo Sola airport. 8 5165 33 00 Open end June- midAug: daily 12.00- 16.00. Sun 12.00- 16.00(Apr-Nov) Unique look al Norwegian flight liislory from World War II until today. Over thirty civil and military planes. Entertainment and Leisure

8 5"j 52 88 86 H
Opencvcry.Sun 12.00-= 16.00. and from

15 May - 15:Aug:

Mon. Wed. Fri 11.00-15:00. Graphical production in Norway 1850- 1950. SPIN Information Guide

Norsk Oljemuseum (Oil Museum) Kjcrrirlgholmcn. Stavanger

8.51 93 93 00
@ Open every day. An imaginative oil exploration and

production including life on an oilrig.

Nice reslauranl wilh view of harbour and gift shop. Norsk Telemuseum St SvithunsGate 12. Stavanger

Stavanger Domkirke (Cathedral) 8 51 840400 fi Only medieval Norwegian Gothic church (1 125) to retain its original style. Organ recitals in the summer (see local press). occasional concerts throughout the year. Christmas carol service in English on 23 Dec. Open everyday 11.00 19.00 from I June31 Aug. From 1 Sept 31 May open Tues. Wed. Thurs and Sat from I 1.00 16.00. Tungenes Fyr i. Tungc. 4070 Randaberg 8 5 1 41 9645/51 41 41 00 (outside opening hours) .

3 www.norskle!e.museuni:no Open Tues Thurs (Julyand Aug): 11.00 15100. Open firsi Sun of the.month (Sept June): 11.0016.00.

Developments in leleiechnology over the

past 100 years. A l o i of equipment to try yourself. Guided lours for groups by appdiniinchi Norske Ufvundrersenteret (Norwegian Emigration Centre) Slrandkaien 31. Siavanger 8.51 53 88 60 S Open Mon Fri 09.00 15.00. Tues 09.00

Open Sun: 12.0016.00.

July to mid Aug: daily 12.0016.00. Rcsiored 1930"s lighthouse and maritime museum close io the harbour al Tungenes. Cafe, and permanent exhibition of paintings by the local puihterOskarSoerreiine. Veg Museum (Road Museum) Lagardsveien 80. Stavanger 8 5150 1300 Open Monday lo Friday mornings. Valbergtarnet Lagardsveien 80. Stavanger

Genealogical research and archives. Annual emigration festival in June and July. Private visits'to ancestral farmsarranged. Rogaland Kunstmuscum (Art Museum) Mosvannspitrken Tjensvoll 6, Stavanger 8 5 1 5 3 09.00 Open I LOO. 16X)0; closed on Mon. Permanent collection of Norwegian art from 1800 & 1900:.s. Regular exhibitions: Coffee shop.

8*51 895501
Built in the 1850'sas a watch and fire lower. Closed on Sunday. Exhibition of pottery. textile and glass.

SPIN Information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure

168 Museums in Sandnes

Rogalands M u s e u m (Rogaland's Historical War Museum) Sqnialeircn. 4312 Sandnes 8 51 65 09 90 O p e n M a r N o v , S u n 12:0016.00. C i v i l and military life during World War I I . Sandnes M u s e e t Solavcien 10. Sandnes 8 51626809 OpendailydUringthesummer 12.0017.00. History ol'Sundnes ? pottery and brickwork industry.. Krossens Havrunwllc Siorgale26. Sandnes

Ha G a m l e Prestegard (Old Rectory at Ha) 8 51 79 16 60 A i l exhibitions; literary and musical events in a rectory that was in use f r o m 1630 until

Opendai!y,mid May/.endAug: (closed M o n outside Jul). Rest of year: every weekend 12.0017.00. Qbrt'Sta'd F y r (disused Lighthouse) 8 51 43 6 1 5 0 / 5 1 79 1660 Lighthouse dating fro in. 1873. Overnight accommodation available in the lighthousekeeper's house. Open July: 12.0017.00. Island o f K a n i m y KarmHy.Fishing'Museum. Karinoy Heather Centre, Mining Museum, Qlav's Church. Old K o p c r v i k . . O l d Skudeneshavn. Rogaland Fishing'Museiim. V i k i n g Farm and several galleriesare all situated on the island. Karmoy Tourist Information 8 5 2 85 75 00 H S S www.visilkanndy.cdin

8 51 97 25 40
Old mill building with 30 interactive models of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. Vestlandske Skolemuseum Kvalcbcrg Skole. Vc'umveicn. Stavanger 8 51 5853 72 Exhibition .showing the development of Norwegian schools over the.last 250 yrs.

Nearby museums
Figgjo Bedriftmuseum (Figgjo Porcelain Museum)

8 ' 5 1 68 35 00
a www.fig^ Open MonWed 09.00 "l 7.00. Tliurs & Fri

Jaermuseet (Jacren Region Museum) At Kvia nearNairbo in Ha Municipality. 8 5 1 7 9 9 4 20 B www.jaennusect.iio Open all year M o n F r i 10.00 15.00. Sun 12.00 17.00. Sal closed except in summer: .12.0016.00. Open air museum housing a farm where c h i l d r e n can lake part in various farm activities and get io know the farm animals. A c t i v i t y days w i t h : d e m o n s l r a l i o n s o f agricultural implements, machinery and w o r k i n g practices from the old days.

09.00 19.00.Sat09.00 14.00, Sun 13.00 18.00.

In Figgjo. near the E39 highway just south of Sandnes: shows icchndlogy. d e v e l o p m e n t and p r o d u c t i o n from the company's 65 year history.

Entertainment and Leisure

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Music (musikk)
Live Music
Some companies offer iheir staff tickets for certain productionsat a reduced price. Ask around your office lo see whether your company has this arrangement. Classical music konserthus/Concen Hall) Bjergsicd Park, Stavanger Ticket Sales:. 8 5 1 5 3 7000 Home of the music conservatory (musikk.skole) and Siavanger Symphony Orchestra (Stavanger Sym/oniorke.sier). From June, subscriptions are sold for the Main Concert Series and the Friday Series. beginning every September. Note: In July, there are free lunch-lime conceris in the foyer of Bjcrgsted everyday at 13.00. H B Stavanger Konsert forening Sandvigu 27. 4007 Siavanger 8 5 1 84 6670 B Chamber music; the Stavanger Kunstforening. For dales and programmes sec website. Sandnes Kulturhus Mauri/. Kartevoldsplass 1.4306 Sandnes S 51,6020 lO(tickels) S 1 "www.sandhes-kultiirhus.iio There are frequent conceris. organ recitals etc; at Gand Kirke in Sandnes. the Domkirke. in Stavanger. Ledaal/Breidablikk^ Utstein
SPIN Information Guide

Klosicr. Ha Gamle. Prcstcgard and other venues. Annual International Chamber Music Festival in August. Note: From mid-May to August there are sommerkonserter in the Domkirke every Saturday at 12.00.

Stavanger Jazzforum Sandvigil 27.4007 Stavanger 8 51 846667 B Organises jazz concerts. Membership offers discounts on tickets. Annual events include: Jm:,TraJazz (Traditional New Orleans Jazz) B
May: Mai Jazz

Concerts ai Sling. Folken. Breivei etc. Look out for iheir bi-monthly brochure and in press. Cafe Sting Valbergel 3. Stavanger 851893878 Wine bar with a stage, gallery and food. Jazz evening on Wed 20.30. Jazz conceris organised by Stavanger Jazzforum on Fridays. Folken NyOlavskleiv 16. Stavanger 8 51 564444 B Student venue.wiih concerts, exhibitions, revues, films, debates etc. Many other bars offer live music. See local press or conlact Ihe tourist office for details.

Entertainment and Leisure

170 Music Lessons

Con tact'the Music School (Kulturskole) in your kommune for information about lessons and teachers. There- may be a waiting lisl-for some instruments. StavangerKulturskole Bjcrgsied. 4007 Siavanger 851508840

Marieke Bruin (Dutch and English) 851520208 Piano lessons (childrenand adulls) Aleksandra Bilicki 8 5L59 54 74 Taliana Brechin

8 5 1 5950 14/. 942 67 526

Michael Sandalson (Norwegian & English)

8 9 0 1 8 8 993
Olga Skarsten (Russian&English)

Sola Kulturskole
Kongshaugvegen 32.4050 Sola B 5 f 65-3461' There is an English music class for preschoolers (3:4.5 yrs) and parents in the Sola Kultttrhus oh Wednesdays 17.30 - 18.15. Instruclof.Deanna Kinnari. Randaberg Kulturskole Vislnesveicn 2.4070 Randaberg

ingrid.Wcinhold (Norwegian & English)

8 if I 880456
Violin lessons (children and adults) Chris Bilicki 8 - 5159 54 74 Caroline Pay (English speaking) 8 5 1 54 94 22 Anna Slaby (Violin & Piano)

8 5 1 41 31 38
Music lessons for chiklreii/youhgslcrs belwcen.Sand 17 years. Sandnes Kulturskole Langgaten 74. 4303 Sandnes 851666690 Barnas Kulturverksted Solvberggale 2.4006 Siavanger 8 5 1 6 6 0 1 10 B www.bamaskullurverkslcd.iiq Located inside Stavanger KLiliurhus. Has a branch in Sandnes. Daily music classes (Norwegian, but teachers speak English) for babies and toddlers. Drop in session for 2-5 yrs Thurs morning. Private Music Lessons Flute lessons (children and adults) Veronica Annell (flute & recorder) 8 4 5 2 0 4 979 Entertainment and Leisure

897.7 28 948

Participating in Music
If you,are inicrcstedMnsinging in a choir. (sangkor). or j o i n i n g -an orchestra, (orkesier). or band, contact: Rogaland Musikkrad (Rogaland Music Council) Sandviga 27.4007 Siavanger 8 5 1 84 66 55 Sandnes Musikkrad Gydasveicn 5.4311 Hommersak 851688704 Kammerkuret Canlemus (Chamber Choir Canlemus) Caspar Hennig 851.55 69 70 Aboul 30 singers, mainly unaccompanied music: SPIN Information Guide

Stavanger Domkirke (Siavanger Cathedral) Arn e"-Hud I and 8 5 1 539657 B There are a number ofchoirs in die cathedral. including a chamber choir aiid childrcns" choir. Knowledge of Norwegian is required. Stavanger Amy tersymfoniorkester Anders Moberg 8 5 1 5426 1 1 The International Choir Vcroniea'Cosgriff Meet in the:band room al the ISS every Wednesday evening. Hove Plantesalg & Fuglepark Hovevcien 104.4306 Sandnes 851662663 Garden centre with a small bird park. Open Sal. March to Sept. Kongeparken 8 5 1 6 1 7 1 11/81522673 B Amusement park for children, off the E39. north of Algard.

Mississippi Outdoor Centre

GustavVigelandsvci 86.4023 Stavanger 8 5 1 5 0 8 7 67/907 65012 Located on Store Stokkavalnel. Outdoor activities forchildren. Rogaland Arboret Espeland, Sandnes 8 51672107 B Open Sun throughout the year 11.00- 16.00. Park - signposted off Ihe E39 south of Sandnes by Brastcinvamel. Plants for sale seasonally. Mushroom checking (soppkontroU). on Sundays in autumn. The cafe is staffed by the Sandnes Lions Club. SomaGard 851624373/91705756 Childrens' farm, with BBQ facilities. Children's parties can be arranged. Sommerfuglparken Forusbeen 33714312 Sandnes Butterfly park. Insects and butterflies from around the world in a large greenhouse.

Parks and Attractions

Fritidsgarden pa Gausel Keramikkveien 36.4032 Siavanger 8 5 1 5 7 60 20/905 43 226 Open daily 09.00- 15.00 for groups. A children's farm with various activities the whole year (e.g. pony rides, petting farm. candle dipping in December). Guided tours.

Havannu Lckeland
Haiiaveicn 17.4327 Sandnes 8=516848 98 B Open 09.00 - 19.00 (Mon - Fri). 10 00 - 19.00 (Sat and Sun). Indoor activity centre for children.

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Entertainment and Leisure


Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Siavanger has a large variety of restaurants, from traditional Norwegian loa large range of international cuisine; amongst others Japanese. Thai, Chinese. Indian. Turkish. Greek, Mexican. French. Spanish and llalian. Dress code tends-to be 'smart-casual" inrestaurants, but many Norwegians dress slightly more formally. Il is usual for children lo be allowed in restaurants, bui not in the many'bars found;iri downtown Stavanger. They are not catered for in the same way as; for example, a family pub" in the UK. however, many cafes have highchairs & microwaves lo warm up food. All pubs, cafes and.restaurants-are non-smoking. Some 'child friendly' restaurants include: Dolly Dimple's (Pizza chain) S Mikado (Chinese) 0stervag, Stavanger 8 5 1 8 9 3 3 88 Mogul India Verksgate 9. Siavanger

Ifyou are looking-for a bar onrestauranl, a1 number of up-lo-dale sources arc available on the Internel. Although some of ihese sites are Norwegian, the general reslauranl. iinprc_ssion and/or the men ins often easy, to." understand. Uscfufwebsites for finding restaurants: S restaurants.him B Stavanger Aftenbladetreviews a Stavanger reslauranl every Thursday. These reviews are also published on: B Rogalands Avis has a specific 'Mat og Drikke' website,, which includes every Friday's restaurant review: B Some of our favourites arc: For lunch in Stavanger Belgen & M o i at the Oljemuseet. Kjcrringholmen 8 51 93 93 51 Cafe Sting at Vaiberget 3 8 5 1 89 38 78 CiifeFrancais.0slervag3OS5l'86 17 18 Food Story. Klubbgata 3 8 5 1 563770Ostehuset. Klubbgata 3 8 5 1 8640 10 For dinner in Stavanger Alanva. Pedcrsbakken 1 8 5 1 89 36 55 Bolgen & M o i at ihe Oljemuseet. KjeiTingholmen S 5 I 93 93 51 BevaremegveLSkagcn 12 8 51 84 3860 Craigs Kjftkken og Bar. Brcilorget S 51 93 95 90 Flor & Fjaere. Sor Hidlc 8 51 11 00 00 20 minutes from Stavanger by boat. Harry Pepper. 0vre Holnieg 15

8 5 1 8918 17
NareeThai Restaurant Brcigalc'22. Slavarigei" 8 5 1 S905 Nye La Piazza Roscnkildciorget 1, Siavanger 8-51 5202 52 Menus are often posted outside, so you can check out ihe prices and selection before yoiirgo in. and a number of -restaurants do 'special deals' al'Sunday lunchtimcs. Restaurants add service charge onto bills, so you should "lip only fdrisalisfac'tory service. Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

Kistbrarite Allegro. Skagcn 37 8 51 55 02 66 Stim. Skagenkaien 30 8 51 85 00,16 B Take Away (gatekjokken, kiasker) These establishments offer many differenl lypesol food, including Italian, Chinese and Indian. Some also offer a home delivery service, although. u> with the resiauranis. they lend io be expensive. Pizza chains also offer home delivery. Bars in Stavanger: On ihe Skagen harbour from there are various pubs, .including Dickens, the oldest pub in town: Many of them offer live music. disco music, patio seating, pool tables, and English football games. On the other side of the harbour yoii will find Timbuktu Bar and Restaurant. Taket Nightclub and Naloyet. a pub in one of the city's oldest houses. In ihe centre Newsman is a daytime reading pub with many newspapers from all countries available free io read, in the evenings a music pub; Phileas Fogg, a bar and restaurani; The Irishman, with live Irish music nights: Gale Sting, a-bar and reslauranl at the highest point in town and Harry Pepper, bar arid reslauranl. Mosl bars arc open until.OI ,30-tor drinks. 02.30 closing time. A number of clubs open until 03.-30 on weekend nights. Some pubs (Ovenpqa) do not have liquor licenses. All bars are non-sinokihg. Genera! praclice. is lo 'buy your own', as the 'rourid of drinks' is nol known in Norway. Mosl pubs in Stavanger arc similarly priced.

Sightseeing Around Stavanger

Though not exhaustive, here are some suggestions for trips lo lake and places to visit in the area. Stavanger Harbour & Gamle Stavanger Buy your fresh fish, shrimps and crab here. Gel your vegetables at the market near the harbour. Preikcslolen (Pulpit Rock) A'two hour hike will bring you to the lop of Preikesto/en which drops vertically 600 m (2000 ft) into the Lysefjord. Take the ferry io Tau and follow roule 13 (approx. 20 km). Utstein Kloster, Mosteroy 8 5 1 724705 B I2lh century monastery on the island of Mosteroy. Nearby (2 km) is the Utstein Kloster Hotel 8 51 7201 00. where you can snack or dine overlooking the sea. Sverd i fjell (Swords in Stone) Madlavcien. Hafrsfjord A memorial lo the decisive sea-bailie al Hafrsfjord in 872. where King Harold Faiitiair made Norway one kingdom. The monumenl was built by Fritz Roed and was unveiled byKingOlav in 1983. Carpark and beach. Nordsjovegen (North Sea Road) S The road along.ihe coast from Krisiiansand lo Haugesund provides a variely of experiences and contrasts. Small towns. sandy beaches and cliffs. Brochures arc available from tourist information offices.

SPIN Information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure

Manafossen Walk and climb io Rdgaland's highest waterfall (90 meters free fall). Take E39 in the direction of Kristiansand. After Algard. route 45Mo.Gilja. Follow sign to Frafjord. Park-at Eikeskog. Flaggruten Stavanger-Bergen 8 5 1 8 6 87 80 B FoLirhourvboal trip, one-way. Byrkjedalstunet & Gloppedalsura

Bus and Boat Tours

Stavanger Tourist Information Centre (Turistin/ormasjon Siavanger) Domkirkeplassen 3.4001 Stavanger 8 51 8592 00 City & fjord sightseeing trips arranged throughout the.year. A boat trip up the Lysefjord This providesyou with a comfortable look at Preikestolen from below.. Fjord cruises leave Stavanger every day iri'the summer (winter time Saturdays only). R0dne Clipper. Fjord Sightseeing Skagenkaien 18.4006 Stavanger

8 5 1 61 29" 00
B Candle factory thai sells candles and traditional handicrafts. Also has a traditional reslauranl. On rouie-45 at the fool of the Gloppedaj.sura. which has Europe's largest

B (English language option) Sightseeing, ski boat service, chartered and scheduled boat tours in Ryfylke. Veteran Fjord Cruise Fiskerlerminalen. 4004 Siavanger S 51 53 85 85. B www.vfc:no Sightseeing and charter boat company. (Summer time only).

Ryfylke Islands B Excellent website in English and German giving information on the many islands one can visit north of Stavanger.

Organized Tours Taxi Tours

Rogaland Taxi AS Sjphagen 10.4016 Siavanger 851909090 B SandnesTaxi Langgate 92.4309 Sandnes 851661600' B

Fjord Tours
Brctringaic 95.4004 Stavanger 8 5153,73 40 Sightseeing and charier boal company. Osterhus Bilruta S 51740240 B BustoTau-Prcikeslol hytla. daily in summer. Bus loTau-Hje.

Entertainrrientand Leisure

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Sports (idrett)
Many companies have a sports association which offers subsidised sports facilities and/ or teams for various sports, many of which compete in company (bedhfts) leagues. It's therefore w o r t h w h i l e checking out what your company offers regarding sport. Both the British and International School provide a range of sports clubs after school. Some are listed here, but il'is best lo'contact ihe school, or parents' association for up lo dale contact details and a full list of sports available. A full list of local sports facilities are listed in the yellow section of D i n D i s t n k t telephone book - Idrettsbaner.

175 Boating (bit)

If you have your o w n boat, contact the local Bat/orening (Boating/Sailing Association) for information about marinas and harbours. Lifejackeis (regningsvesi) must be worn and can be hired from fire stations. "Shopping by category - Hire. EQliatutleie & turkjoring (bat) for boat rentals Stavanger Sailing Association (Stavanger Seil/orening). Hundvag 8 5 1 8901 00 G a n d s f j o r d c n Seilingforening. Jaiievagen 851800160

Athletics (friidrett)
Biskop Njalsgate 2 8 . 4 0 1 0 Stavanger OleJorgcnNordhagen 8 9 8 0 0 4 343 B

M e t r o Bowling, Larigflatv. 24. Stavanger 8 . 5 1 829100 B Havanna. Sandnes

Baseball & Basketball

Baseball is played from A p r i l lo the end of the school term and basketball from September u n t i l March at the I n t e r n a t i o n a l School of Stavanger (ISS). registration is around March and September. R p s s V a n d r e y S 5 1 - t i 9 3049/.908 03 171 Boys and girls 5 - l 6 . y r s o l d . Practice is usually once a week and most games arc played on Saturdays. Stavanger Basketball K l u b b T o r M o n s e n 8 9 0 0 4 7 399 B Basketball leagues (Boys & girls age group 6 to adults). W i t h help of the Stavanger Kommune.

8 516209 88 Stavanger Bowling 8 51 58 97 30

SandnesTennisland 8 5 1 60'l7 4 0

Canoeing & Kayaking (kanoer & Kayakker)

A l s v i k Naturesenter 851680158 O f ! R 1 3 l o H o m m e r s a k o n Kylles'vainel with access to-Lulsivatnet. Nature centre w i i h canoe, kayak, tent and pedal boat hire. Mississippi O u t d o o r Centre Gusiav Vigelandsve'i 86.4023 Stavanger 851508767 B

SPIN information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure.

Experience nature and participate in exciting activities designed lo lea'rri riiore about nature and the e n v i r o n m e n t . Lots of equipment for hire, from fishing poles to skis. Stavanger K a j a k k l u b h Matt Millington 8 5 1 69 3 0 4 9 7 9 0 8 0 3 171 Club house on StoreiSiokkavatnet. distributes i n f o r m a t i o n - a b o u t c y c l i n g in Rogaland..Publishes a b o o k on in south Rogaland. Sandnes S y k k e l k l u b b B 516627'67

Dog Mushing
Trond Vidar B.ergc 8 51 87 76 06

Indoor Rock C l i m b i n g Apeberget Klatresenter AS Breiflalveien 15 (Maricro). 4017 Siavanger 8 5 1 5 8 6 0 19 H Open daily I'romM 3.00:Climbing wall, boulder room, weights'and shop. Courses for children and adults Brutte Rogalands Venner (climbing club) S (English section)

Norwegian style dog musliing "driver 1 on s k i " . You need your o w n equipment and dogs.

Fishing (fisk)
Fishing, of salmon, sea trout and sea char inland arid at sea (using specific types of gear), requires a National Fishing.Licence (fiskeravgi/tskort) w h i c h costs Nok 200 (Nok 320 per Family) (2005). and can be obtained from any Post Office or via the internet. S Il must be held by all anglers over ihe age of sixteen. This card, when completed and validaled'by ihe Post Office, is your proof of payment of the fee. Valid from I A p r i l to 31 March, both days inclusive, it must be carried w h i l e f i s h i n g and produced on request. This licence also allows permission lo fish for inland'fish and crayfish. Inland fishing is free, bui on private land is subject lo the p e r m i s s i o n of the land owner(s) and requires an additional local angling permit. The userOf live fish as bait is prohibited. F o r l o c a l area details on permits sec the p u r p l e section in ihe telephone book (Ditt Distrikt) - Friluftsliv-ftske. SPIN Information Guide.

Cycling (sykling)
There arc many s i g n e d . c y c l i n g routes, indicated by blue/while and brown/wliitc signs. Maps of cycle routes in ihe Stavanger and Sandnes area, Rogaland and all of Nonvay are available from the tourist offices in each konimuni'. There are B M X tracks at Kvaakand Sviland. Pa g r 0 n n e h j u l i R o g a l a n d og k i n g s Nordsj0ruta ( " O n green wheels through Rogaland and along the coast") isa.cycling map w i i h 'information about day and longer (rips, transport, accommodation and sights. Cycle Clubs Rogaland Sykkelsenter, Syklistcncs Landsforeningi Rogaland MaritSkjerpe 8 5 1 5288 1 1 Promotes the d e v e l o p m c n i of b i c y c l e facilities, organises day cycle tours (usually free to members and open to a l l ) , and Entertainment and Leisure

177 Fylkesmannen i Rogaland 8 51 56 87 00 They publish a brochure on fishing rules in Rogaland. Call for more information on fishing seasons. F i s h i n g Licences (Sfatens Fiske/ond) D i r c k t o r a t for N a t u r f o r v a l t n i n g Tungasletia 2. 7^85 Trondheim 8 73 5805.00 Websites ( w i i h English pages): H H Stavanger G o l f k l u b b Longebakke45. Hafrsfjord 851555431 S Solaslranden G o l t k l u b b Nordsjavegen. Sola 851696890 5

Randaberg Golfklubb
Tungenesveien 181. Randaberg 8 5 1 4 1 9 1 10

Football (soccer)
Each bydel (area) of Siavanger has very active football teamsand participates in a city wide league. Rogaland Fotballkrets, Viking Stadion

Many local areas have a footpath/jogging trail network and many are floodlit for winter w a l k i n g / r u n n i n g , e.g. H a l a n d s v a l n e l , Mosvannet. Sormarka and Store Stokkuvannet. in Stavanger. and Bfasleinvainet, Melshei, Sandvedparken and Vagleskogen in Sandnes.

8 5I'73 7860

Viking F K V i k i n g Stadion. Jatiavagen S 51 32 97 00 S www.viking4" Local football club in Norwegian premiership". Tickets available via iniemei. al the V i k i r i g b u l i k k e n o n Lokkeveien 99, or al Siatoil service station al Kvadrai. Football Fun Scb 8 957 56 230 Held at ihe British School preschool gym on Wed afternoons for boys & girls age 2+.

Hash House Harriers

Tony Mitchell 8 51 57 56 14 , Running/drinking club.

Hunting (/aft)
In Norway, land is either stale or privately owned. Landowners have sole hunting and trapping rights on their land. Permission 10 hunt on stale owned land has to be obtained from Statsskog. 8 7421.3000 B

Asenvegen. Sola

8 5 1 709170

Rules are different depending whether you are a visitor lo Norway or a resident. I f y o u haven't Hunied before, you niust take a h u n t i n g test (Jegerprpve) arid then be r e g i s t e r e d in the . H u n t i n g R e g i s t e r (Jegerregister). After this, you are sent a Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

hunting permit (jegeravgi/tkort) inlhe post. More information is available from: Direktorat /or Natur/on'altning f ungeslclla 2. 7485 Trondheim 8*73 58 05 00 S Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers (Rogaland)

Ju Jitsu
Stavanger Ju JitsuKJubb kunsll0pveien 26, Tjcnsyoll 8 5 L59 5 1 52 B www.sjjk.nb Complete system for self-defense, including kicks, punches, throws, controlling locks, improving ihe effecliveness of ihe technique used in any given situation. Adults and children (from 7 yrs).

8-52 85 3008
B www.njff:no(wiih Eng(ishoption)

Ice Skating, Ice Hockey

""Skaling. see page 180

Sandnes Karateklubb Lunden 17.4319 Sandnes 8 , 5 1 6 6 5 8 52 Seiken Karateklubb Dyretrakkel 31.4034 Stavanger 8 51 57 0066 B Adults & children (from 8 yrs). Stavanger Karateklubb Banevigsgata'5, 2nd floor. Storhaug < From 7 yrs upwards.

,B www.ja2zercisc.110 Several classes arc held in and around the Slayanger/Sandnes area. The website gives addresses & contact details and times of the various classes. Locations include Storhaug..Gausel. Hommersak. Kvernevik and Sola.

Stavanger Judnkluhb Consul Sigvald Bergescnsvei 80. Siavanger Ariri-lreii Andreassen 8 5151 93 61 H Adults and children(froiii'8;.yrs). Sandnes J udpklubb Poslboks 546.4304 Sandnes ArildMaka 8 5 1 6507.59/513428-39 H Training at Welhavcnsvei 15. Sandnes'(in the cellar of NETCO). Adults and children (froni 7 yrs).

Keep Fit/Gym/Exercise (trening)

Quite, a few companies have arranged for their employees to get a discount on membership fees. In particular. Sports Club and S.A.T.S. have large numbers of corporate meriibers. Many have creches lor children. Lillegym (gym for toddlers) "Education and Childcare - Childcare & Playgroups.

Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

179 Stavanger Turnforening RektorOldensgatc2 8 515329 60 Gym for toddlers (3-4 yrs).-Basic sports skills (5-7 yrs). Rytlimic and Jazz Dance (7-18) and Youth Aerobics. AktivTreningsenter Tjcnsvolltorget 36. Stavanger 8 5155 8644 S Arena Aerobic Jatiavageveien 7.4020 Stavanger 8 5 1 800900 fi FjierGym Lagardsveien 91. Stavanger 8 51 56'11 00 B S.A.T.S. (gym. aerobics, spinning) fi Skagen'27 (Tarngalleriet). Stavanger A 8 518542 85Gravarsveien 7. Sandnes 8 51686565 Sola Racket Senter (sports cenirc) Marknesringcn. Rbyheberg 851655100 Sports Glub (gym, aerobics)

Kung Fu (Wing Chun)

Little Idea Wing Chun Gung Fu ThorLcgvold8 900 55 868 B www.linleidea.nci

Stavanger Lacrosse Club S. <_D Players of all ages and experience levels welcome.

Orienteering (Orientering)
There are a number of local clubs in the area which have a joint league (nu,rl&ps'karnscllen'jon'Yuc* nights (April-Scpl) and a winter Saturday series. For a full list of clubs contact: Rogaland Orienteringskrets Per Frodc Sandal 8 908 30 869 S In. addition, .there is a company league (bedriftsl0p). are held throughout the.year. For more information, contact's sports club, or Bedriftsorienteringi Ser-Rogaland OtteOmdal 8 5162 19 51 B

Zigi Houston 8 51 56 7508 <

Madia Treskevcicn I. Hafrsfjord .8 515580 23 Stavangcb(Sf.01avGalc7) 8 5152 29 10 Sandnes (Tennisland)

8 51 60.vl 40 Sandnes (Hayanna. Hanavciein 17):

Beginners and follow-on courses in English for all ages. Courses held at Madia Bydelshus.

8 5168 2990
SPIN Information Guide Entertainment and Leisure

Pilates B o d y w o r k Verksgatan 42,4013 Stavanger Siv.Thorsivcdt S'480-35 317 B Day and evening classes.(Mon-Fri). V i k i n g Ice Hockey Stavanger Ishall Rune Vatnamot S 5 1=55 0 0 9 7 .5 years upwards, every Sal 10.00 - I 1.00 arid Sun 11.00-12.00. Stavanger K u n s t l p p k l u b b (Indoor Ice Skating Club) Ingeborg Thorse 8 5 1 5 6 45.47 Skating school for 4 years upwards.

Stavanger Rugby K l u b h Graham Mcleod 8 5 1 81 91 3 1 / 9 2 0 3 5 5 9 1 < Active social calendar with most intcrnalionahgamcs shown at the clubhouse. Players (beginners or experienced) and.-social members always welcome lo j o i n on and off Ihe field. Mini/Tag (7-11 yrs). Juniors (13-17 yrs)<andradulls.

Skiing (ski)
When Norwegians talk about skiing they n o r m a l l y mean c r o s s - c o u r i i f y s k i i n g (langrentt). Opportunities and facilities in the vicinity for d o w n h i l l (alpin).skiing are limited.-Slopes are short.and. at the mosl. intermediate. There arc four slopes al SirdaP: Adneram. A l s h e i a . F i d j e l a n d and T j o f h o m f j e l l c i . ( a p p r o x . 1 Vi hrs d r i v e f r o m Stavanger). A j o i n i season pass can be purchased for these. General w c b s i i e for Sirdal information: B These slopes can gel extremely busy at weekends. Slavtjwrn. which has Facilities for children, is usually quieter. S l i g h t l y farther are G u l l i n g e n (2 hrs). Svandalen (3 hrs) and Ruldal (allow four hours), bul accommodation is available nearby. A l l these arc accessible for a day's skiing, a l t h o u g h y o u may prefer io make il a weekend for the latter. See ihe individual websites listed below for opening limes, ski hire,.weather conditions etc. The Stavanger

Stavanger Roklubb 8 5 1 8 9 3668 <_-Mjostei Club house on Store Stokkavannet accessed via Krossbcrgveien.

Skating (skeytelop)
Wheri coriditionsallow, ice skating on the lakes around Stavanger and Sandnes is very popular.-Most konimuner\v\\\ sign the water unsafe (isusikker) -and remove these when appropriate. O u t d o o r Ice S k a t i n g R i n k (kun.stisbanen) Sormarkaveien 18. Siavanger 85K5S0644 Open mid-Nov to m[d-March. Skates for hire. Stavanger Ishall (indoor) Siddishallen Madlaveicn 180.4021 Siavanger 85P53'7450 Open Sept lo A p r i l . Entertainment and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

Aftenblad publishes snow conditions in its Friday edition; during the season. Ski B u s e s There are ski buses from Stavanger and Sandnes to Slavtjprn in Ausiiumsdal and ihe slopes in Sirdal. Buses to Sirdal: Wed evenings. Sat & Sun. Free bus conneciing the resorts within Sirdal. Connex 8 5 1 53 96 00 H Ski Boat There is a ski boat froni Siavanger io Svandalen Skisenter in Sauda. Ticket avail able.which includes lift pass. B B Alpine skiing (alpin) For general infofhiation all over Norway. S (English language op tion) Bjornestad Skisenter, Tonstad 83837 16 28 Fidj eland Skitrekk. Tjtfrhom 8 38 37 11 60 S www.fidjctand.coni TwoTbars. snowboard jumps. Cafe. Gullingen Skisenter. Suldal 8 52 79 99.01 B One low. Cafe. Mydland Skitrekk. Tonstad 8 41 2179 04
On R42. Short children's tow.

Onechairlift. 1 Tbar. Stavljttrn Alpinsenter. Hovland. Vikesa

8 514517 17

Four lifts, snowboard facilities. Svandalen Skisenter. Sauda 8 52 78 56 56 B B Five lows. Annual ski school & ski evenings. Tjflrholmfjellct (Sirdal Alpinl) 8 9741 3370 B One chair lift, one Tbar. Cafe & Bar. Adnerani Skitrekk. Sirdal 8 3837 11 43 B Short children's low & Cafe. Alsheia Skisenter. Sinnes. Sirdal S 38 37 1265 B Five lows, halfpipe. ski hire. Cafe. Crosscountry skiing (langrenn) Weather permitting, crosscountry ski tracks are prepared at all alpine ski centres. There are also many crosscountry ski tracks which are less than onehour drive from Siavanger, including Brckko, Hunnedajen, Madland. Melsheia.'Rogalahd Arborel and Sandnes. Ski conditions iforeforhold) for Brekko and Madland can be found on: B The former has a Cafe open at weekends. The suiiimer walking/jogging trails in Siavanger and Sandnes double, as cross country ski tracks in winter. * Entertainment & LeisureHashing/ running.

Roldal Skisenter 8 53 65 48 00

SPIN Information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure

Ski l e s s o n s The Stavanger Aftenblad. togciher with the Stavanger T u r i s t j o r e n i n g , organise ski courses w h i c h run for t w o subsequent weekends iri February. There are courses for c h i l d r e n , a n d adults, beginners and improvers, in crosscbunlry. i c l e n i a r k . snowboard and downhill. Discounl for D N T members. ^Enlertainment&'LeisureHiking. Ski equipment hire Most ski centres have ski equipment for hire. "Shopping Shopping by catcgory..Hirc. sauna, which you can freely access from the changmg rooms. Details 'including opening time's iri: D i n Distrikt Sv0nimehuller. Gamlingen 'Tjodolvsgate 53. Stavanger. 8 5 1 91 93 71. A l l year round outdoor pool, with saunas and hot tubs. Closed on Sundays during the winter.

Stavanger B i l j a r d k l u b b Skagen 27.4006 Stavanger 8 51 5500 15 B Svithun B i l j a r d k l u b b Storgala 15. 4014 Stavanger 8 5 1 5 2 1660 B Hasthrcc snooker tables and twelve pool tables. Open every weekday from 1 6 . 0 0 23.00 and weekends 13.00 ,23.00. Smokefree environment. For all ages, with courses available on request. Also sell snooker and dart equipment. V a r a t u n Helsebasseng Postv. 181. Sandnes

8 5168 3499
Public swimming (34G) for children up lo 8 years with parents. Fri 1 6 . 0 0 19.00. Sat 12.0016.00. There is a pool at S o l b o r g Folkehflgskole. Tjcnsvollvegen 44. Stavanger which offers a Friday Family S w i m (nip on a clip card basis) 1 4 . 4 5 16:45. Gaye Rosland 8 5 1 5 6 69 15

Squash *Tennis Swimming (svemme)

In Norwegian swimming pools it is compulsory to take a shower and wash yourhair before you put on your swimsuit. Swimming caps are compulsory iri most s w i m m i n g pools. Many have.a

Children & Baby Swimming Lessons Aquanauts

Tony M i t c h e l l 8 51 57 56 14 E n g l i s h s p e a k i n g c l u b for c o m p l e t e beginners (4yrs upwards) of all nationalities.

Entertainment.and Leisure

SPIN Information Guide

Mackerels Jenny Slee S 51 65 16 39 English speaking swimming club for children (6 18 yrs).who have already mastered the basics. Coaching programme in line with national swimming association programmes. Delfinen Ingjcrd Nordhagen 8 5 I 52 00 35 B Swimming courses for babies, children and adults. Instructors speak English. PLASK babyswi mming Tjensvoli. Sanitaetsforening

Tai Chi and Chi Gong

The Way or the Heart Kongsgi 44. Siavanger oi regislcilhroughAOF: 8 5 1 50 02 50 SusanneFalch 8 98041 370

Sola Racket Senter Marknesringen. 4052 Royneberg 851655100 Squash, tennis. badhiiniori. volleyball. football, gym. aerobics & babysitter/playroom. Stavanger Tenniskluhh (Tennishuset) GiinnarWarebefgsgate9. 4021 Siavanger 8 5 1 5 5 1622 ^ Sandnes Tennisland Dyrc Vaasvei 6 I , Sandnes 8 5160 1740

limdis Knudsen

8 958 81 7,19

Jamie Risa 8 51 53;67 75 Swimming for babies Up lo.2 years. Offers baby massage and pregnancy water training. Tastahallen, Helsesportsbadet (33C) 8 515660 11 Swimming for babies between 8 weeks and 2'years on Saturdays wiih instructor. Swimming Clubs Stiivanger Swimming Club B <SJ Training at several pools in ihe Stavanger area.

Iyengarstyle Yoga Zigi Houston 8 5156 7508 i3Dzigihou@holmail.coni "You are as young as your spine is flexible". Classes in English for men and women of all ages and abilities. Classes ai'Madia Bydelshus.'

SandnesTaekwonDo Klubb 8 91.15>22i/97438n9 B From 8 112.yrs! Sola NTN TaekwonDo Klubb


SPIN Information Guide

Entertainment and Leisure

Hatha/RajaYoga ChristelGibbs 8 5l ; 8933-37 tS)joh nan d ch r isle I@ hot ma Qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Sessions at the British S c h o o l i n Gausel. Yoga, M e d i t a t i o n , Yoga Teacher T r a i n i n g Kongsgate 44.4005'Stavanger Connie Norup 8 51 52 88 2 4 / 9 0 0 7 8466 B YogaYoga Lokkeveien 36. 2nd floor. 4008 Siavanger C h i l d r e n & Youth Theatre H e l d ^ a f t h c R o g a l a n d Theatre for children (up to 21 yrs) interested in drama. Stage one main production a year and have a weekly cltib (Tucs & Thurs). The Old G y m (building .-next d o o r to the R o g a l a n d T c a t r c ) is ^currently being restored and.scheduled to open'in August 2006. This will.become the home of Children &'Youth Theatre. B A T S ( B r i t i s h A m a t e u r T h e a t r e Society) Christine Kemp Kristina Calder 851696541 <^ An international amateur theatre g r o u p . performing in English. They produce an annual pantomime-and various other theatrical productions. Volunteers for all aspects of theatre production are welcome.

8 480 23280
B www.yogayoga.iio Courses in yoga, power yoga, teenage yoga and yogalalcs. Pregnancy Yoga Natal Support Health. Pre- and Post-

Theatre (teafer)/Drama
The Rogaland Teater Teaterveicn 1:4005 Stavanger A d m i n i s t r a t i o n 5191 9000 Tickets S 51 91 90 90 B T h e R o g a l a n d Teater has a v a r i e d N o r w e g i a n p r o g r a m m e i n iis three auditoriums. Some companies offer their staff tickets for certain productions at a reduced price no it's worth checking if tickets are available through work. Otherwise tickets can bejpurchased via the web. telephone or at the box office, daily except Sun.

Entertainment and'Leisuro

SPIN Information Guide

Hermetikkfabrikk (Canning Factory)

Courtesy of Hermetikkmus

Leaving Norway
C h o o s e a removal c o m p a n y Shop around for price and services as the removal (flytte) business can be competitive. Put down all agreements in w r i t i n g . especially handy when the contact person changes. Ensure thai you have a copy of.the contract. Take pictures of your furniture especially of things which are valuable to. you. Save your purchase receipts. Make sure that you are there when the movers come io avoid any confusion.

immaculate condilion to ensure the full return of your deposit.

House cleaning
Citymaid is one of the cleaning companies in Stavanger. They will clean the whole house. 8 5 1 6 8 65 50 Cancel Gas. electricity, phone, internet, cable and television licence, home alarm system company.

Prepare a mailing list of people who need your change of address and arrange for ihe mail io be forwarded. The posl office has change of address postcards, which can be sent free of charge anywhere within Norway. You will have to pay for postage outside Norway. Bompenger To be credited wiih your deposil reiurn your br.ikke. along wilh your bank account information io any Esso Service Slalion or: Nord Ja?ren Bompengeselskap Poslboks-2623.5836 Bergen 8 8 1 5 00067

Marjortrans Flytteser vices AS 8 5 1 4 4 3900

B Selling y o u r h o u s e Choose a reliable estate agent. For ihe visning make sure that your house is maintained in'a good stale: bake a cake, the smell of freshly baked wares gives .your house ahomely. atmosphere. Especially for the-older, houses, it could be advisable to gel an assesment of the condition ihe house is in (tilstandsrapport). Rented property Check your contract io see how long in advance you have to inform the landlord of your departure./Ensure that you do:so in writing. Make sure that your house is in an

Shopping discount cards

Ifyou have any. reiurn to respective shops. Notification Inform your credit card companies, insurance companies. magazine subscriptions, newspaper subscription. NAF, sports clubs, etc.

Spin Information Guide


188 Banks
Glosingthe -account. Make sure thai all the cards and everything you have received from the bank is returned. They can keep your account open for a certain amount of time after you've left, if needed. Legalities FN foul a form from Frilkeregisteret {Populatidn'Regisler) Q@ in your Kommune and send this.back io them seven days before-leaving. The Folkeregisteret will send acopy lo the.police. Notify the ttygdekomor in your kommune (social security office) io cancel ihe barnettygd (children's allowance). When yoimnoveifrom Norway, you must notify the lax-authorities (Ligningskontor. Tax office) four weeks before departure, so lliat all lax accounts can be settled before .you leave. Apply for visas if necessary. Collect Medical data. Child Health Centre data and Denial records. School Inform ihe school as soon as possible when you know ynuare leaving. Selling your car You can place ah advertisement in the local paper. Stavanger A/tenblad 8 05150. RogalandsAvis8 5l 82 20 00. in the ISS Informer or on H.www. These! Icr should return the loppart of the Registration Gei1ificalct(iY;^^/Y;/vJ io Slatens Vegvesen. Postboks 8074. 4068 Stavan_cr8 51 91 12 00.

This form must'be sent lothe Slatens Vegvesen no.later than three.days after Ihe sale of the car. The contract between seller and buyer (salgsmelding) is legally binding. Most recent road tax (lollavgi/t). You may be asked to show a NAF (Norges Automobil Forbund) roadworthiness report. You can ask NAF for an accurate price for the car. Car Insurance Infofhi youi.insurancc company in writing lhat you are leaving Norway and ask for 'No Claim Bonus* Certificate. Drivers Licence If you'have exchanged a non-Norwegian driving licence.fona Norwegian one when you arrived, you can no longer exchange the licence back again in Norway. Your licence-.has been sent back to your home country and you will have to swap it back again in your home country. Pets Contact the Embassy of the country you will be moving to. in order lo obtain the latest information on importation requirements. United Kingdom To bring your dog or cat back into ihe the UK you musl-get either an EU pet passport (for pels in arvEU-listed country) or an official third country veterinary certificate. This will show that your your pet has been inie'rochipped. vaccinated against rabies and successfully blood tested. Owners of dogs and cats who have a PETS en try/re-entry certificate which was issued before I.October 2004 can use ihese to fcTenter ihe UK up to


Spin Information Guide

the " v a l i d u n t i l " date. PETS certificates issued after I October 2004 w i l l not be accepted for entry to the U K : The animal may only be transported to the U K b y specific carriers and o n certain routes. C h e c k the w e b s i t e for current If y o u transport your dog through ihe Nelherlands. then a rabies vaccinalion is required. If not vaccinated, your pet w i l l be quarantined, even if you are just passing throuuh.

H index, htm. For further information: Distriktsveterinxren i Sandnes og Stavanger 8 51 97 23 00 (They have all the necessary documents, in English.) S index.htm United States If your pel.has been in Norway for more than 6 months, then a rabies vaccinalion is not necessary (bul you w i l l need it anyway. onceyouareiniheSlaies). A General Hcallh C e r t i f i c a t e , signed by a veterinarian, is recommended (and w i l l likely be demanded by the airline carrier). This should stale thai ihe animal is in good health, and is [ravelling from rabiesrfree Norway. European Union Dogs and cats m e e t i n g the neccesary requirement may move between EU. Member Stales il ihey are accompanied by.ali EU pet passport. A l l other countries w i l l recognise this document. This passport replaces the existing PETS I certificate and the tick and tapeworm c e r t i f ' i c a l e / T h c passport must confirm your pets microchip number and the date the microchip was inserted and the rabies vaccination.

Spin Information Guide




9 months to go.

6 months.

Only 1 week to g o !

4 weeks to go.


Spin Information Guide

". %

r. i.



c :

..'J '

.1 ;

. ii

r_ner n:

Appendices Appendix One, Sources of information

In addition to this Information Guide, there are several other useful publications available from die Stavanger.and'Sandnes Kuliurhuset, lhedJtlendingsdirekioratet<ir\ Oslo and local bookstores and Narvesen kiosks. A number of oilier helpful publications are listed below across a number of sources and topics. There are many websiies about both Stavanger and Norway in general which can be accessed from the SPIN site at B



Ditt Distrikt The local Telenor telephone, directory includes.some useful sections, apart from the normal phone book. Red Section for useful infornuition numbers: Blue Section for local government offices and numbers: Purple Section for detailed information about annual activities and events, cinema and film cllibs, music and concert venues, exhibitions, thealre and sports and leisure facilities. GuleSider (Yellow Pages) H The GuleSider includes thebesl road maps, plus a strecl index, for the greater Siavanger area. Get hold of an old copy lo tear out the maps to carry with you when you explore the area. If searching for a category in the Yellow Pages, it is often not clear where you should search for a particular shop or service. Sometimes, a straight forward translation into Norwegian doesn't give you the resull you'a'rc expecting, or the heading you.are searching for is not listed. Try the following: Use the search words and subjects (s0keordregister and emneregister) listed at ihe from of the Gule Sider. The Gule Sider is available in English on the Internet. Remember that the letters a'O a come at the end of the alphabet in Norwegian, and in thai order. Also aa (representing a) is included ai the end of the listings.

Culture Shock - Norway A guide lo customs and etiquette by Elizabeth Su-Da!c. Published by Kuperard Publishers and Distributors. Available from Bergc Libris. Proslebakken 3. Stavanger or the internet How to Know and Understand a Norwegian A tongue-in-cheek look ai Norwegian habils and behaviour, by Odd Bpfretzen. translated by Pat Shaw. Living in Norway More than 800 topics in 32 chapters providing;! wealth of information in English, for hew residents arid-all who wain lo learn more aboul Norway. The A-Z sourcebook forthose living in the small, northern country that is now one of the most dynamic and wealthiest in Europe. Written by Michael Brady and Belinda Drabble. Published by Palamedes Press. Oslo. ISBN 82-91570-01-9.
SPIN Information Guide


194 Outdoor/Leisure Books

Happy Hiking
Dayirips from ihe beaches to the highlands. A musl if you.enjoy hiking and wanl lo explore Stavanger and iis s u r r o u n d i n g natural beauty on fool. Available from the Stavanger Turist/orent'tig. Olav V's Gale 18: [Stavanger { b e l o w the T h e a t e r ) " E n t e r t a i n m e n t , & Leisure - Sports Hiking. Fun in Norway with Kids Organised by region, this book lists over 700 hand-picked places to visit in Norway: Great for.adults too. ISBN: 141203948-7 Kartboken A book w i l h maps of the areas Randaberg. Sandnes. Sola. Siavanger. Gjesdal. Klepp and Time. NAFVeibok Some 600 pages of roadmaps/citymaps of Norway, tourist information (including ferry/ bridge crossings and toll-roads (bomvei)) and statistics. A must plan to venture outside ihegrealer Siavanger area. N A F Camping Guide A n r o v e r v i c w o f camping;sites in Norway and iheir facilities. B o t h - o f these N A P publications are available free of charge-to N A F members. The Stavanger Region 'Feel Free' A free publication by Region Stavanger BA wiih information on sights to see. shopping. city maps etc. Available in a. number of languages from Toiirisl Information Offices.

T o u r i s t O f f i c e s & Culture Centres

Stavanger T u r i s t i n f o r m a s j o n Region StavungerBA Deslinasjon Stavanger, Sandnes og J rerun (Tourist Information) Domkirkeplassen 3 :4006 Siavanger ffi51 85 92 00 *3D B Stavanger K u l t u r h u s Splvberggale 2. 4006 Siavanger a 51 50 74 65 _) Information aboui Siavanger. library, movies, exhibitions and 90 different newspapers in 20different languages. Turistinlnrhiasjon Kvadrat {Tourist I n f o r m a t i o n a l the Kvadrai shopping centre) GamleStokkavei 1.43 91 Sandnes S 5 l 6 5 34 7 0 - i i 5I|65 34 76 Sandnes T u r i s t i n f o r m a s j o n Vagsgaten 22.4306 Sandnes S 5 1 9755 5 5 Sola K u l t u r h u s (Sola C u l t u r e House) Kqnghaugsveien 32. Sola S.51,65 34'80 <_D'


SPIN Information Guide-


Appendix Two, Helpful Organisations in Stavanger

Stavanger Partner Information Network (S.R1.N.) This is a voluntarily run. non-profil organisation that develops and maintains information services in English for individuals and families living in and relocating lo Siavanger. They offer the SPIN Information Guide, operate a telephone help line and maintain a website for those coming lo live in Stavanger. as well as those who arc already here. Check out the website for lots of links to other sites about living and working in Siavanger and Norway, many of ihem are in English. If you're looking for something on the internet, this is the place lostarl. Risavika Havnering 300. Poslboks 40. 4()98Tananger S 5 1 6 9 32 10 Ji 51 69 30 30 B

They welcome as members anyone who has an interest in making new friendships, helping theconiniunity. expanding their horizons, orjust need a friend in a new city. PW0 especially welcomes residents of Norway and expatriates who are not associated .with the oil industry. The annual membership is Nok 250. Newcomers' coffee mornings are held on the 4lh Wed of each month al 10.00 hrs. Clubhouse is located at: Gauselbakken 107.4032 Siavanger Poslboks 521. Madia. 4090 Hafrsfjord 5 1 80 1590<& JB Asociacion Hispano-Noruega ( Forening) Harholveien 10.40l8Stavanger LaurilzWanvikjr. S 5 I 58 67 52 Centre Culture! Franco-Nnrvcgien Norsk Fransk Kultursenier Library. French lessons, exhibitions Lokkeveien 52,4008 Stavanger Marc OrdazS51 53 0844 Dcutsch-Norwegische Gesellschaft Tysk-Norsk Selskap i Stavanger Poslboks 82.4001 Siavanger <_dng@ FilipinoAssociation in Rogaland Reneeltdal fif'5141 93 36 International House (Internasjonalt Has) Sandvikveicn 13.4016 Stavanger fi 51 905400 & 51905401 H


The PWC of Stavanger strives io promote friendship and activities for all member, regardless of length of stay or whether they are residents, by providing-information. advice 'and support toriiid their adjustment to living in They aim to generate goodwill between the Glib and the Community through an exchange of cultures and philanthropic activities. PWG is no longer just for "married oil women'. They are PEOPLE WHO CONNECT, an international social club.
SPIN Information Guide



Appendix Three, Conversion Charts

Oven temperatures
Very cool Cool Warm Mode rale Fairly hot 270^275 .300

Thermometer (CF) C
C 130140 150'
. 100 j \ 90 / 80 If 1 1 \ 70 60 I ' 50 1 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ; i 5 1 10 15

212 194

158 140 122 104 95 86 77 68 59 50 41 32 23 14 5

325 350
375400 <425


170 180 190:200 220

Degrees F = (Degrees C x 1.8) + 32 F >C: Degrees C = (Degrees F 32) x 0.55 Imperial/metric conversions (All measurements to nearest 5 g)
Dry ingredients:

4 07,
6.07. 807.

16 o/7l lb Liquid ingredients: 1 11 oz 2flo 5 On/, 8"fl a/. lOflo

30 g 1 15 _ I70g 225 g 450 g

0,39inch 1 inch 1 foot 1 yard 39.37 inch 0.62 mile 1 mile i Norwegian m le

3211 oz 3411 oz

30 ml 60 ml 150 ml 240 ml 300 ml 450 ml 900 ml 1 hire

1 cm 2.54 cm 30.5 cm 91.4 cm 1 me ire 1 kilometre 1.61km 10 km

Speed, (kph m ph)

30kph 40 kph 50kph 60 kph 70 kph 80 kph 90 kph

I9mph 25 mph 31 mph 38 mph 44 mph 50 mph 56 mph


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Clothes and shoe size conversion factors Women's: suiis, dresses, skirls

Appendix Four, Interna tional Country Calling Codes

The international access code in Norway is 00. then dial the code for the country, the area code minus the first digit, and lastly the subscriber's number. Australia Austria (0sterrike) Belgium Brunei


8 16 10 18 36

10 18 12 20 38 44

12 20 14 22 40 46

14 16 42 48

Mens: sweaters, trousers US Small. Medium; Large. Extra large UK 44 4648 50 5254 EUR 34 3638 40 4244 Mens: shirts US 14 16 EUR 36 40

61 43 32 673


37 41

15 17 38 42 suits 6 2426 6065

\5Vi 39

China (Kimt) Denmark Egypt Faeroes Finland


86 45 20 298 358

Germany (Tyskfand) Greece (Hel



49 30

Children's: dresses and US 2 4 10 12 2022 UK 1618 3234 3638 5055 EUR 4045 8085 9095 Shoe size chart US 6Vz UK EUR
9'/2 4 7 10

8 283C 707f

India Indonesia Ireland Israel llaly..... Japan


91 62 353 972 39 81


5 8

8'/2 l!'/2

9 39 42

'37 40 43

38 41

Malaysia Netherlands New^ealand Nigeria Oman ."." Portugal Saudi Arabia Spain Sweden (Sverige) Switzerland (Sveits) Thailand ..;

60 31 64 234 968 351 966 34 46 41 66

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Turkey 90 United Kingdony.fStbrbrijatuiia) ...-.44 United Stales of America (De Forenle. Stater) 1 Venezuela 58 your hotel reservation at least three months iii advance. Please be awaredhal if you togo abroad you have to book well in advance. May International Labour Day (/. Mai) Labour day in.Norway is marked with a parade by trade unions and local politicians. 17 May Constitution Day (Grunnlovsdag) Norway's National Day is the anniversary of the'Norwegian constitution was firsi laid down in 1814 at Eidsvoll. 17 May-is celebrated all day long with street and children's parades, music and songs in all major towns. On this day. every Norwegian demonslralcs.a.naliqnalisiic pride!in being Norwegian and most people wear their national costume (bunad) or dress smartly. men in suit and tie. Ascension Day (Kristi Himmel/ansdag) This Thursday is: the traditional dale that Norwegians open their summer cabin (bytte). Il is an official holiday and all shops and schools will be closed. Whit Sunday and Monday (Pinse) Although religious days in origin, for many Norwegians. Pinse means another long weekend in iheir cabin. Shops and schools will be closed. Fifty days afler Easier. 23 June, Midsummer Night (Jo'nsok or St. Hans) Midsummer Nighi'is ihe night thai everyone stays,up laic lo witness ihe passing of the longest day in the year. Il is a celebration lb honour ihe sun. Jonsok is celebrated by lighting a big bonfire in the neighbourhood.
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Appendix Five, Public Holidays

New Year's Day (Nyltarsdag) Whereas:in England, Guy Fawkcs nighfis the evening'forfifeworks and in the US'il is the 4,hof July, in Norway, as in certain other parts of Europe, it's New Year's Eye. Fireworks are on sale a fewdays.hefore New YcaiEaster Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Mim&ay'(Skja:riorsdag. Umgfredag, Paskedag and 2 Paskedag) Whatever religious connotation Easier may have io thc-avcfage Norwegian, no selfrespecting citizen will remain at liomeiif at allhumanly possible. To Norwegians, the five to ten day Easter vacation is the ultimate skiing holiday, ajid ihe whole country comes to a virtual standstill during the long Easter weekend. Most shops closest noon on ihe Wednesday before.Maundy Thursday and will on ihe Tuesday following Easter (except for foodshops which generally are open on the Saturday morning). Tile migration begins on the Friday preceding Good Friday, as Ihe lucky one's will have a ten day Easier vacation. The rest of the population will join ihe exodus on the Wednesday before, Easter"If you want to join this Easler:niigriuion make

25-26 December, C h r i s t m a s (Jul) C h r i s t m a s is c e l e b r a t e d by e v e r y Norwegian, Christian or otherwise. It means a Christmas tree "wiih presents. and in many gardens you w i l l see sheaves of wheat hanging in ihe trees for the birds: It is a season of good food and beer or akeviit. M i l l i o n ribs ( p m n e k j o t i ) . pork ( r i b b e ) . s t o c k f i s h ( l u t e / i s k ) or a g o o d roast of reindeer meat. Mosl companies w i l l organise a Christmas dinner party (julebord) for their employees in one of the hotels i n . t o w n . T h e s e p a r t i e s o f t e n start v e r y e a r l y (compared to European standards), and you w i l l be expected to arrive on time. They are also very formal regarding dress code and otherwise.
lierrcr ......... Ii0\rc Imxk in inngdnj! lien gentlemen right remember no(hc) entrance

kiiiuaiiitt(cr) tt'tlii; Ivitighri ... . nOtlntfitiiif! iiiiivixniiii'

office hour* unoccupied. v:i

apartment emergency exit guided tour

iippnm reserve/1 feu pain


occupied reserved straight on no-smoking room for rent self-service push turn (around) garbage closed special offer

rpvkiii}! forbiidl ram lil ieie selvhcijeuih}i skyv shit sftppei MettRi lilhud

Appendix Six, Useful Vocabulary

Below you w i l l find several sections w i i h useful Norwegian-English and English-Norwegian vocabulary. General
iit/gtiii); fnrbiiih aiivarsel cifu'n hanieviikt bcvt'ydl.\e.'-':lieiiiint:df bninnslokkingsappari'it bramnrapp brnkxaiiviMiiiiidinner.. tinXiiml Jhrbnrfi fHU/fiiflt gjeltlcr (ikke) heis fire no :idinissioil warning open babysitter handicapped fire cMih'jfuishcr stairs instructions/ -inn nun I :.:.-. ladies voluntary work

irekk u i i i d i i f ; . .. varm vent

pull e\M warm wail

B u s i n e s s , L e g a l , Tax & G o v e r n m e n t

Aksjeselskap (AS):
public company owned by shareholders, limited liability Ailment Aksjeselskap (ASA): publicly listed company owned by shareholders, limited liability ansettelsesbevis: proof of employment Ansvarlig Selskap (ANS): General Partnership, unlimited liability arbetdsgiveravgi/t: employment tax Arbeidskomoret: Employment Office

:;..-.:, prohibited lull does (noi) apply lit r. elevator

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EFTA: European F rccTrade'Aiea etableringst ip'end: gram lo start up a business E0S: E E A = European Economic Area j'eriepenger: holiday pay Folkeregisteret: National / Population Register j'ofeningen: association,/ club forskuddsskutt: withholding lax Fy Ike ska nekontoret: Regional Tax Office investeringsavgi/t: investment lax juridisk:

Scti.iwtiktiriei Ttixt kode Avxliitt ined klur Vtriintitfst vent Kontuniuttak Andre.tjenextcr Saldo ~...-v-::..r Utskrift ; Vil dn lia kviucrbiny Tn in penger tii- ici'iueriiig .-.:....-.; Godkjem Kuntii hetuxtei Avxtiiu Put in'card Key'in I'lN Push "klar" when finished Please wail .Cash payment Other services Account balance (onscreen) Prinlout account statement Would you likc-a receipt'.' Take om money &; receipt Approved Account dehited End

Cinema Advertising Abbreviations

A all-ages (tub. (anbe/titt) recommended uiiy. (tiiijidommer) teenagers vtikxiiL' adulls itdyimu entry liete dtigtiel 74 hours kl. (ktokka) -.. o'clock kon l i d short time m/\<ik.\ wiih an uduU x.d: (xixtc dai>) :...L............ last day ; (time) hour tike week iii years h r . (tordug) Saturday von. (s0iidiig\ Sunday f r i : . (j'redan) F riday A in American Hr British lid Danish Clivu Greenlandish Nu Norwegian i'v Swedish

municipality Ligningskotitdrei: Tax Office merverdiavgi/t: value added lax ( M V A ) persotmunimer: personal identification number personlige skaticvtere: individual taxpayers regnskap: accounting skattekort: lax card (tells employer which tax table/percentage to use) Trygdekontorei: Social Security Office Uilen dingsdire ktora let: Alien Office vdndelsatlest: character reference

apron ..._ :..:.-. boots blouse cardigan/jacket ....-....dress glasses Jorkle MOvler btu'xf jakkc kjole briller

Cash Dispenser Machines


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gloves tidiid hal/cap mmens pants/trousers pyjamas raincoat rubber hoots ski sun skirl shin shoes shoe repairs shorts socks sunglasses sweater swim.suit tights, t-shirl slippers underpants .underwear Iitmxker bene hie \-uiier Imkver pyjamas regntoy/ regnjnkke gunimistovler skidraki skjprt -.. xkjorte vfcri sknmaker kortbiikser snkker/.\l romper \idbriller ..:..... gen'seT badc.drakt/ bndetpy snt'mpebiikxer i-xkjorte tcfler iinde.rbukser underlay lenn lyset tttkjorxel vegarbeids oniriidc vc'unheid pa veiomlegging switch on lights way oul road works (area) road works ahead diversion


Food & Household Shopping Meat (kjott)

beef boned, rih roasi. ribeyc steak boneless strip steak boneless breast brisket chops chicken duck filet ham, goose lamb leg liver minced meat minced pork mutton pork pork HI lei sirloin reindeer round ste.ik. topside stewing steak steak mince smoked/cured sausage.. tenderloin lurkey biff/siuife emrecote yirefilet men hen (it-ben) brysi nkxebryxt koit'letter kylling and indrefdei skinke gax lam lar lever /J'I-KKIWJJ medixierdeig farkjflti svinekjptt winefilet mor.sieik remsdyr flatl'iff gryiekjou/ bunkekjoii biffdeig speke poise mprbrtid to/tun

b a m leker .-. blindvei brail-luikke envei.skjpring fare fur/it; kry\\ fi/risdiinpere ferixi forerkiirt f o i g j e n g e r e . ..-...children playing no through road steep incline " l l t ; way road danger dangerous lo cms speed'bulnps cattle grid driving licence pedestrians

itjeftHniikjo'riiigthrough r o a d gliurvei slippery road iiinkjorxel way in jernbanetivergtuig railway crossing kjor xnkie. drive slowly tiitHnrvei highway parkering ...:.-..-::.....- parking piggdekk studded tyres reining direction rmidkjpriiifi...-..:.......;:..:....;.:_....?.., roilindaboiil Mcngi for all trafikk closed".fur all traffic sykkclsli ...._....-.;....-cycle lane

Fish (tfs/cj
coal fish er:ib crayfish .-.cod flounder haddock herring halibut lobster.-.-...._._.-..mackerel inonkl'ish \ei krabbr kre'ps flyndre -. byst' .sild kveite .-. Hummer nidkrel{ hrciP/ibb

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mussels . salmon shrimp iro'ui-. . lurbot smoked ; blaxkjeil Iiikx. reker orrct piggvor roki

Baking (baking)
baking powder buke.pulver bicarhnriate'of-(baking) soda . . . n a t r o n ' cornstarch niaizeiui/puteunel flour, white xikiel bveiemel flour, whole-wheat .... . s a m n u i h Iiveteme.l icing sugar (confectionary sugar) metis sugar, brown Iniin .fiirin. b r u m xukker sugar, granulated sugar, caster........... yeast xukker (dtinxki -xukker (engclxk) -gjtvr

Fruit & Vegetables (frukt og gronnsaker)

apples bananas ...-...beans bell pepper blueberries.-. cabbage carrots cauliflower cherries: cucumber grapes leek lemon leniiee ...;. onion peachesepler hammer homier paprika 'bliibivr kdl gulrpiier bltimkiii kirsehiir/morelUr agurk drutr purre xitmn stilat Iflk ferskener pa-rer crier aminos ......-plommer pnteicr appelxiner bringebtvr jordbter toimuir


Herbs and Spices (urterog krydder)

baylcavcs'_ basil chives cinnamon curry garlic ginger marjoram mustard parsley rosemary sage thyme .-. taurbierbtad baxilikum grexxlpk kanel karri Iivitlpk ingefa-r merian xennep pcrxilte -......-.. wxe.mtir'ni xulvie limitin

pears peas pineapple plums .-... ...-...:..:....7: potatoes oranges raspberries..........-...-..."-. strawberries tomatoes

klurin kaffe kojfeinfri or : HICH koffem dish detergeni opvuskmiddel restaurant aaiekjpkkeii juice juice laundry detergent vuskeniiddel open sandwich smprbrod powder pulver soda/soli drink brn.s sweetened juice nekiar sweetened juice concentrate .... xaj'i lea vinegar water whole le eddik vann lie! bleach coffee decaff coffee.

Dairy (meieriprodukter)
butter biniermilk :..-. cheese cream margarine milk skimmed, milk 1,5'7n m i l k sour, cream. whipping cream wholeinilk .-. (liior. kefrr'ur xkinnmei .-.-. kulliinnelk fi.vf kremflotc. margarin mclk xkummei me Ik lim.inelk (xeier)ronnne kremflote. // melk


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Housing/Advertising (bolig/ annonser)
tu/ annonser (die (alt).. bidig (husenj bydel eiendmn eicndomstype e n e b o l i g ..::..: fiininx kontokt (oxs) ktirt kjop kjope hedig kommune leiliglwi megle.r . . navn nmrCide oveisikt pti-iisied . prix (fro) lid) registering (registrer deg) rekkelmx . xalfi .spk:i bolig hose.n sok.elier bolig/ciendoin ul leic /// .\tili>/ for salg...:. tlf dtig/kield tomannshoHg mint vuii\knldtdi-b<itig visning (boliger) address adverts .all residential prop ci ly (database) p a n / a r e a of lown property (that is owned) H'pc of property detached house (nunice contact (us) map buy to buy-a property district I'lal/apartmeni estate agent name area overview postcode price (from) (to) regisier/sign up terrace house sale. search'lhe: property database search for properties for rent for sale daytime/evening telephone .-......-...-.-. m a i s o n e t t e / c o h d o (upper & lower) land for sale .. sewii-diM;iehOd/ town house show (properties) innboks xpk alternative!/lylit'llrxer .VIVIIviderexentl skit jlytt flyit til pnpirkurv avbryi lag re uikaxi...: mcrk xeinl legft ved Jjeru .sett inn Adresser sok velg leaker post lit <>.\i /ij'Wp lijemmexide wehxider inbo\ search options read news reply forward delete move move to (folder menu) delete/trash interrupt rough draft rough draft folder mark (for deletion) send attach remove put in address search choose links (lo other websites) email us lielp homepage web pages


MedicalVocabulary (medisinsk vokabular)

bcstillc time box btfsokxtid(er) forxiclijelp helxeseiuer belscxtasjun innleggmg jordmor kirurg krejipr'ovr krixe. lege legevakt nodsfall poliklinikk rexept xykeliiix/xjukclmx sykepleicr lannlege venterom make an appointment with visiting hours first aid health centre child health centre admission midwife surgeon pap smear .emergency doctor casually doctor emergency outpatients prescription hospital nurse demist wailing room

c-poxl (iiiresse-.....:....:,:.:. r ..-.--:.-. email address mappe folder xkriv write

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204 Medical Terms and Products

Comparahle Norwegian products Tor common prod ucts, for a.basic medicine cabinet or first aid kit: Novaludd Antacids Idnfoini. Du'piuilae Laxatives Iinodiulii..:.... . ^ Diarrhoea Ibumeiin. Ibuv Ibuprofen Dixpril Aspirin Cla'rityn Antihistamine I'.yrisepi Antiseptic Cream Marzine. P.oxtufen Motion Sickness Hydrokoriis'on Hydrocortisone cream Xxiuuiin Topicalanesthetic fiitriiMVitiipt'in Skin cream

dykke fdllskjerm friidren grux litillen id re idreustag lyxlpype. skytebane trimloype turn 11

dive parachuting alhleiics gravel hall e.g.sporlshall sport sports club floodlit irack . Mile range j ^ g ' i g track" + exercises gymnastics

Travel (reise)
bil car billeu ._.. .....: jjckei buxx _ bus bussluddepluss busstop bat ...; .. r.........;....... boat tlrosje...... taxi.. dra\jeholdepIcixx laxi stand felje/ffrg'e ................. ferry fl\plaxx aii port je.rnhaue.staxjon railway station pass . ... passport reixebyra travel agent tog train tiiristinfoiinaxjon tourist ...... ; .mforniation bad weather .. fine/nice weather windy weather/ gale no rain, dry overcast showers snow situ

Sewing (Sying)
buttons cotton fabric needles pattern pins scissors thread wool /.ipper knupper hamuli stuff xyiu'der monster knappenCilcr svxdks syirdd ull glidelds


Shops & Services {butikkerA tjenester)

cinema church city centre concert hall exhibition fire station hospital ... .._...._: labour office. library nursery/day caie pharmacy police post office shop sports centre school . social .security office lown ball workshop . . ..;...... kind kirke \efnrurn konseiiliu.s instilling hraniistasjon sykeliu's/sjiikclius urbeidxkoniur liibhoivk harnelitige upolek point postkhnjor ' bmikk/forreining idrcitxxcnter .skole trygdekontor radhus :ve.rksied track or pitch

Weather (vseret)
ddrlig vtrr Jint/peni vtrr killing ..

oppbohlsvtrr oversk'yet ifgnhygci sup sol

Sports {idreit)


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Appendix Seven, Visa Free Countries

Countries m visafree agreement with Norway (as of 23.08.03)/VWAHVA. Argenjina. Australia. Austria. Belgium, Bermuda. Bolivia. Brazil. Brunei,.Bulgaria. Canada. Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia..Cyprus, Czech Republic. Denmark..Ecuador. El Salvador, Estonia. Finland, France. Federal Republic of Germany. Greece. Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong (SAR passport). Hungary: Iceland. Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan. Republic <>/ Korea, Latvia. Liechtenstein. Lithuania, Luxembourg. Macau (SAR passport). Malaysia. Malta. Mexico. Monaco. The Netherlands. New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Pt)land, Portugal. Romania. San Marino. Singapore. Slovakia, Slovenia. Spain, Sweden. Switzerland. United Kingdom. United States o/America. Uruguay. Vatican Citv State. Venezuela. Utlendiiigsdirektoratet :

Appendix Eight, Foreign Embassies

American pnimmensveien 18.0244 Oslo 2 2 448550 ,S, 22 43 07 7.7 Belgian Drummensveien 103 D. 0244 Oslo 2 3 13 32 20 British Thomas Hefiyes Gate 8.0244 Oslo 23132700 Si 33I32738 Canadian Wergclandsvcien 7.0244 Oslo 2 2 99 5300 & 22 9953 01
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Chinese Tuengen Allc 2B. 0244 Oslo 22492052 i 2292 1978 Danish Oluy Kytres Gaic 7.0244 Oslo 22540800 & 22554634 Dutch Oscursgatc 29,0244 Oslo .23333600 rg, 23333601 Finnish Thomas Hefiyes Gate 1.0244 Oslo 2 2 124900 fi, 22 124949 French Drummensveien 69.0244 Oslo 2 3 284600 .0.23 2846 70 German Oscars Gate 45.0244 Oslo 23 27 54 00 & 22 44 76 72 Greek NobelsGaie45.0244 Oslo 22442728 & 22560072 Icelandic Siortings'gaia 30.0244 Oslo 2323 75 30 ig, 22 83 07 04 Swedish NobelsGatel6.0244Oslo 24 114200 (S, 22 55 15 96 Consulates in Stavanger: Austria Gamle Fomsveien 54.4033 Siavanger 5 1 818620

Kongsgala 10.4005 Siavanger 51.939966 Denmark RosenkiTde 1.4006 Stavanger 515108 70 Finland Ncdre Hohnegatc30. Poslboks 127. 4001 Stavanger S 5185 8400 ,ft 51.85.8401 & 51 858401


France Ltfkkeveien 52. Postboks 154. 4001 Stavanger 51520304 Germany Nedre Strandgate 27. Postboks 185. 4005 Siavanger 5184.1220 Greece Prinsensgale 12.4008 Siavanger 5 1 5 3 83 02 Iceland Alexander Kicllandsgale 2.4008 Siavanger Italy Travbaneveien 3,4033 Stavanger 51:57 4800 Netherlands Bcrgekindsgata 14, 4012 Siavanger '5153 0000 Sweden Nedre Slrandgalc 27.4001 Siavanger '
5 1 8 4 1220 United Kingdom

Prinsensgale 12.4012 Stavanger B 51 5297 13


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Overview Rogaland





Satellite Image courtesy of United State* Geological Survey

The following map sections are Intended to give Ihe approximate location of selected businesses and organisations which may be useful to newcomers In the Stavanger a r e a . As such, y o u should refer to your Kartboken to specifically locate the street a d d r e s s , w h i c h In t h e m a j o r i t y of r e f e r e n c e s . Is l i s t e d w i t h i n the g u i d e . There are three main categories: Logistics Life and Living Formalities and Legalities. Life's details. Including pets, schools, medical, setting up utilities, places of worship, libraries, post offices, grocery stores, etc... Entertainment, museums, sports clubs, general shopping.


Leisure -

. SPIN would (Ike to thank Jon Folkedal of AS, for allowing ui tome their digital map ( M M .




2 Folkeregister

6wh^^_ I w Randaberg sentrum



1 3 4 5 Legevakt Randaberg Library Post Office Middelthon (groceries)


Q Conce

3 13 Folkeregister Police Station


2 Johannes VO Senter

4 6 7 9 14

Stavanger Internat. Church French Cultural Center (FCC) Vitusapotek Leven (pharmacy) St. Svithun's Church Lycee Francais (French School) at Kampen skole

5 8

Stavanger Concert Ha\\{Bjergstetf)

Ledaal Breidahlikk

10 11 12
Hillevag^ &

Rogaland Theatre Stavanger Museum Archeology Museum

i Customs House (tollsted)


4 5 Aftenskolen Elkjop (electrical goods) Telenor Telehuset Expert (electrical goods) Stavanger Library Stavanger Aftenblad Idsae Butcher Satelitt 1 Fish Market Stavanger Anglican Church Post Office

7 9 10 11 12 14 16 17

2 3 9 Norwegian Petroleum Museum Canning Museum SATS Gym Stavanger Culture House/Cinema Maritime Museum Arkaden (shopping centre)

13 15


International School of Stavanger

Post Office. Pharmacy

5 6

Tananger Library Tananger Fish Market

1 2 7 Stavanger Golf Club Madia Sports Club Sola Hestesenter

6 Karisma Senter Stavanger University Hospital (former SiR) and Legevakt Galatia Pentecostal Parabolhuset Parabolspesialisten UPC Stavanger Vet Clinic Kilden (shopping centre) and Post Office Mormon Church Ullandhaug Organic Food Farm (shop) North Sea Baptist Helge (groceries) COOP obs! Vegetable store Lyse Energi International House

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

2 3 4 5 14 15 Stavanger Ishall Rogaland Art Museum Madlatorget (shopping centre) Stavanger Tennis Club Three Swords Monument Iron Age Farm

3 Hafrsf|ord


5 Car Registration Office (trafikkstasjon)


1 4 6 Hindal Kennel Hinna Vet Clinic British Int. School of Stavanger, PWC Stavanger Clubhouse Folkeuniversilet Stavanger Tvedtsenteret (shopping centre). Telenor Telehuset Elkjop (electrical goods) Forus Post Office

7 8

9 10

Rogaland Rideklubb Sola Racket Senter PWC Clubhouse Tvedtsenteret (shopping centre) Living (furniture)



Folkeuniversitet Sola Children's House Sola Library Sande skole (language course) Sola Post Office

Flyhistorisk Museum Sola Culture House Sola Golf Course Sandnes and Sola Golf Course 10 Solastrand (Sola Beach) Jasren Kennel Windiness


Sola Golfklubb

2 3 Kennel Zarsto Kvadrat (shopping centre). Post Office. SIBA (electrical goods). Helgo (groceries), COOP obs! (groceries). Skeidar (furniture)

1 4 IKEA Sandnes Tennisland, Sports Club. Indoor Golf

5 6 Police Station Folkeregister


1 2 3 7a District Vet, Sandnes Vet Clinic Post Office Library Maxi Stormarked (groceries. shopping centre). AOF (community education) Havanna Senter (groceries)

2 Amfisenleret Vagen 33 (shopping, service centre, cinema) Sandnes Culture House Sandnes Museum SATS Gym Havanna Badeland, Sports Club

500 m

^ Kristiansand


4 7b 8

A '.>

; j ^ ^



: #


Centre of Stavanger
jQourtesy of Stavanger Byarkiv
. '

Abortion 99 Accountant 74 Activities 162 Aduh Education 109 Airlines 121 Alarms 47 Alcohol 21.99,129 Alcoholics Anonymous Stavanger 99 Alien Police 29.'31 Alternative Health Services 98 Ambulance 88 Apotek 83 Arbcidsdirektoratei33 Aromatherapy 98 Art classes 163 Arts & Crafts 154 Ascension Day 198
Asian Food 142

BATS (British AmaleurTheaire Society) 184 Beaches 162 Beauticians 131 Beer 130 BcrgensTcst 108 Bern,'Picking 161 Bicycles 121. 131 Bins. 38 Binh 91 Birth Registration 94 Boating 131, 173. 175 Bomslasjon 1 19 BookShops 132 Books 194 Bowling 175 Bread 140 Breastfeeding 93 Brewing 130 British School 106. 107 Bus 122 Business Directory 74 Business Language 108 Business Rules 70 Butchers 139 Buying a House 36

Automobile Associations 53 Aulopass I 19

Baby 89,91 Baby Care 82.89.105
Baby Equipment 131

Cabins 162 Cable Television 44 Cafes 142.172
Camping 194

Baby-sitting 105 Bakery 140 Ballet 160 Bank Cards 34 Banking'17.34 Banking. Insurance & Securities 68.74 Barnetrygd 32 Bars 172 Baseball & Basketball 175 Bathing 162.182
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Candles 155 Canoeing 175 Carpet & Furniture Cleaning. 133 Carsl7.48, I 17..133 Car Registration 52 Cash Benefit 33 Catering 142 Centre Culture! Franco-Norvegien 195 Checklist -22 Cheese 141

Chi Gong 183

Customs 17 CV66
Cycling 12L-I76

Child Benefits 32 'Child Friendly" Restaurants 172 Child Immunisation 82.95 Childcare 105 Children's Clothes 134 Children's Health 81 Children's House 107 Chimney Sweep 42 Chiropractor 94 Chocolate 141
Choir 170

D* number 32 Dagmamma 105 Dance 160 Den Norskc Bank 35 Demist 95 Deposit, bottles & cans (pant) 40 Deutsch-Norwegische Gesellschaft 195 Diploma.66 Directorate of Health 67 Directorate of immigration 29 Directorate of Labour 33 Directories-193 Discount Stores 135 Discrimination 69 Distances 196 DIY 132.144 Doctors 80.81,85.89 Dog Grooming 135 Dog Mushing 175 Doula 92 : 93 Dress Code 198 Drinking and Driving 118 Driving 49. 117 Driving Fines 118 Driving liccnce;49. 188 Drug Abuse/Support Line 99 Drugs 83 Dutch Language 107 Duty Free 17 Duty Free Shopping 155

Christmas 198
Church 113

Cinema 159 Classical Music 169 Gleaning Services 133 Climate 11 Climbing 176 Clothes (shopping) 133 Clothes Sizing 196 Clothing Alleraiions 135 ColiecShop 141
Collection Stations 41

College 108 Computer Courses 110 Computers 135 Consulates in.Siavanger 205 ConsumerGo-operative 129 Conversion Charts 195 Cooking Courses 162 Coop 129.138 Cot Death 99 Counsclling'99. 100
County-Health Olticcr67

Credit Cards 34 Crisis Centre 87.99. 100 Crockery 137' Cross Country Skiing 181 Cultural Differences 58 Culture shock 57

Easter 197 Education 105 EEA(E0S)27' EEA citizens 27 EFTA countries 27
SPIN InformationGuide

Egenandelskort 79 Electrical Goods 135 Electricity 37 Electrical Suppliers 37 Embassies 205 Emergency Department 88 Employment .27.29.63 Employment Service 63.65 Engangsst0nad 33 English Speaking Counselling Services 100 Environmental Station (miljtfslasjbn) 41 Equal Status Council 69 Estate Agent 37. 185 EU Countries 27 European Economic Area (EEA) agreement 27 EuroPris 135 Exercise 178 Excursion Companies 173.174 Excursions 173 Family Allowances 32 Fastlege 81 Ferries 122 Fines I 18 Firewood 136 Fish (shopping) 139 Fishing 176 Florists 136 FodseJsnummer 17, 32 Fokus Bank 35 Folkeregister .31 Folkcirygden 79
Food 12. 137

French School 107

Fruit 140 Fur 155

Gamle Stavanger 166 Garden Waste 39 Garbage Bins 38 Gardening 136 Giro 34 Glassware 137 Gluten Free Products 140 Golf 177 Government Job Abjencies 63 Government offices 17 GP8I Groceries 137 GuleSider 193
Gym 178

Gym for toddlers 178

Hairdressers 143 Hardware 132 Hashing 177 Head Hunters 65 Health Clinics 81,96.98 HeallhFood 142 Heallh Sen'ices 98 Heart Diseases 96 Helgo 137 Hiking 161 Hire 143 HIV Aids Information 99 Hobby Shops 144 Holidays 197 HomeDecoralion/DlY 144 Homeopathy 98 Horse riding 163 'Hospital'87 House Cleaning 133 Housing 36

Football 177 Foreign Diploma Recognition 66 Foreign Plates.53 Foreign Registered Car 55 Formal Wear 143 The French Cultural Cenlrc 1 10.. 195
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Hunring 177 I Ice Hockey 180 Ice Skating 180 Immunisation.82.95 Imperial/melnc conversions 195 Imported Foods 142
ImportingAlcohol 22 Labour Day 198

Language Lessons 12.108

Laundry/Dry Cleaning 145

Importing Pets 19 Importing Plants 19 Importing Cur* 17.48 Incest Support Cenlrc 99 Income Tax 72 InfanlAllowance 32 Informalion Centre 159 Information Numbers 43 Insurance 124 International Baccalaureate 107 International School ofSlavangcr 105 Internet 43 ISDN 42 Sxrcn 11 Jazzercise 178 Job agencies 64. 66 Jogging 177 JuJitsu 178 Judo 178 K
Kano 175

Lealher 154 Leaving Norway 187 Legal Advice 48 Legevaki 85 Leisure Activities 162 Liability Insurance 53 Libraries 164 Life Crisis .Centre 87.99. 100 Lifejackels 143. 175 Likningskomoret 32.72 Live Music 169 Loans 35 Local Tax Office 72 Lost Bank Cards 35 Lost Pet 148 Lyce'c Frangais 107 Lyse Energi AS 37 Lysefjord 173.174

Manafossen 174 Maps 207 Maritime Directorate.68 Market 173 Maternity 91 Maternity Benefit 33.68.95 Maternity Clothes 134 Maternity Ward 92 Mattilsynet 19.20 Maxi Stormarked 138 Medical Equipment Rental 100 Medical Supplies 100.-145 Medicines 83 Mega Coop 1-38 Mkld'le.lhon's 138 Midsummer 198 Midwife 90 Ministryof-Agriculture 67
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Karate 178 KeepFit;l78 Kennels 148 Kindergarten (barnehage) 105 Kiwi 138 Knjttcd Sweaters 154Koht'anisioile 33 KungFu 179


Ministry.of Education 67 Ministry of Justice 67 Ministry of Oil & Energy 71 Mobile Phone 43 Movie Theatre 159 Moving 37. 187 Museums 165. 168 Mushroom 161 Music 169 Music Lessons 170 Musical Instruments 146 MVA 73 N NAP 54, 117 National Health Clinic 80 National Health Insurance 79 National Health Service (Folketrygd) 79 National Health System 79 National Insurance 32 NATO"Personnel 32 NAV 32. 63 Netcom 42 New Year's Day 198 Newspapers 146 NOKUT66 Non-EEA citizens 28 Nordsjovcgen 173 Norway's National Day 198 Norwegian Animal Health Authority 20 Non-Norwegian Education 107 Norwegian Education 106 Nonvegian Maritime Directorate 68 Norwegian Language 71. 108 Norwegian Mile 161 Norwegian Plates.52 Norwegian Tax Law 74 Nuiritional Therapy 97 Opticians 146 Optometrist 97 Organic Food 142 Organic Wasle 39 Organisations 194 Orthodontic Treatment 96 OvcnTerhpcratures 195 Over-The-Counter Products 83 Pain Relief 83.92
Painting 163

Paper Waste 39 Parabolhuset 47 Parking 86. 119 Parks and Attractions 171 Party Goods 146 Passport 17.94 Paternity Leave 68 PcriodicCheck I 19
Personal Identification Number 32 Pet Arrival 21

Pelrol Stations 139 Pets 19.21.147, 188 Pewter 155 Pharmacy 83. 149 Photos 149 Pilates 179 Plants 19
Playgroups 105 Poison 100

Police Spot Checks 1 18 Pool 182 Post 150 Post Office 150
Postbanken 35

Obs! 132,135.138 Opening Hours 127
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Postnatal Care 92.93. 95 Pre and Post Nalal Support 93 Pre-school 106 Pregnancy 89.93 Preikestolcn 173 Prescription 83

Private Health Clinic 81 Private Heallh Insurance 79 Prix Coop 138 Psylosanitary Certificate. 19 Public Holidays 1.98 Public Transport 121 PWC 194 Shoe Repair 152 Shoe Size 197
Shopping 127

Quarantine 20

Randaberg 11 Rape 100 Recycling 38, 41 Refuse bins .38 Registration 31
Religion 113

Shopping Centres 127 Shopping Discbunt Cards 129 Sightseeing 173 Skaling 180 Ski-Equipment 144. 182 Ski Lessons 182 Skiing 180 Smabarnstillegg32 Snooker 182 Snow scooter 52 Snowsuits 134 Social security132 Social Security OlTice 33 Sola I I
Solariums 153

Relocation agent 37 RemalOOO 138 Removal Company 187 Rentinga House 36 Repairs- 152 Residence Permit 17. 28. 30 Restaurants 172 Rimi 138 Road Information 119 Road Rules l;l 7 Road Tax =52 Road Tolls 119
Rogaland 11

Specialist - Medical 96
Speciality Food 141

Speeclvand Language Therapist 97

Speed Limits 118

SPIN 194 Spirits 129

Sport Injury Clinic-97

Sports 175
Sports Clothing 152

Rugby 180

Sandnes 1 I Satellite 44 School 106 Scouts 163 Second Hand 151 Self-employment 29.71 Selling Your House 187 Sewage Leaks 38 Sewing and Sewing Machines 152

Sports .Equipment" 152 Squash 183 SR Bank 35 Staicns Vegvesen Rogaland 52. 117 Stationers 132 Stavanger Universiietssjukchuscl 87
Stormarked 138

Supermarkets 137 Swimming 182

Tai.Chi 183 Take Away 73 Taxes 72 Taxi 123
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Taxi Tours 174 Telephone & Internet 42 Telephone Card 43 Telephone Companies 42 Telephone Directories 43. 193 Television 43 Temporary Jobs 65 Tennis 183 Thealrc 184 Therapists 99 Thermometer 196 Time 12 Tourist Office 159. 195 Toxic Materials 40 Toys 153 Traffic'(or ihird party) insurance; 52. 53 Trains 123 Transformer 37 Translators 67 Travel Document 17 Travel Health Insurance 80. 124 Travelling Wiih Pels 21 Trolls 155 Trygdckontor 33 Tuxedoes 143 TV Licence 43 Types of Companies 71 Veterinary Clinics 149 Vinnionopol 129, 130 Visa 17.28,204 Visiting Hours 87 Vocabulary 199 Voluntary'Work 71

Walks 161 Wasle 38 Water 38 Weather 11 Wilderness Adventures 164 Wine |29 Winter Driving Conditions Course 52 Winter Tyres 117 Women's Crisis Centre 100 Work Permit 28. 30 Working 63 Working Regulations 68

X-Ray 89, 98 Y Yoga 94. 183 Youth Clubs 113. 163

Unemployment Benefit -33, 64 Union 69 University 68: 108.-110 UPC 43 Upholsterers 153 US in Norway 195 Utlendingsdirektorai :29 Utstein Kloster 173 Vaccinations 22,82.95 Value AddedTax 73 Vegetables 137..142 Veterinarian 20. 1491 SPIN Information Guide Appendices-











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