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March 2012 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization And the Wisconsin Print Circuit Richard Yehl, President; Sandra Weber, Vice President Dixie Lowin, Treasurer; Bert Hartinger, Secretary-Editor Meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of each month from September thru May at 7pm, in the Luther Manor Conference Room, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin March Programs Virtually all of us are editing photographs with Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop, or perhaps with Lightroom, and are, or should be, on the constant hunt to make the editing process more efficient with superior results. A bewildering number of plug-ins are available to help do that. Google plug-ins for references to many of them, and if an Elements user, go to for information limited to Elements. There are so many that it can be confusing. John Lowin will give a program March 1, on plugins and clear up this confusion. He has used and/or knows about plug-ins and can tell us in his estimation which are worth while, and where to get additional information about them. On March 15 we will have prints from the Wisconsin Print Circuit, which we will judge, and critique. This gives us a chance to see what other photographers are doing. Report on our February Programs On Feb. 2 we looked at prints, color, b/w, and pj, and on Feb. 16 we looked at photographs of loved ones. After that evening, we know a lot more about each other. We saw photos of parents, children, grandparents, dogs and cats, in a very enjoyable program. Feb. 11 we had an outing to the central Milwaukee Public Library, where we were given a behind the scenes tour. Some of us even went above the dome in the rotunda. We saw the old Board Room, explored one of four underground storage tiers for older and more seldom used materials, saw the bindery area, and space vacated when the Museum moved across the street, now used for storage. Thanks to Pauline Beck for making arrangements with the library for the tour. If you go to the Pictorialist blog, you can see some photos taken in the library building. Now, we need ideas for other outings. Bring some of yours to the March 1 meeting. WACCO Stuff If you havent already done so, you can still sign up to attend the Moose Peterson seminar March 10. It will be held at the Midway Hotel Brookfield, 1005 S. Moorland Road. WACCO needs at least 80 attendees to break even on the event. Go to, or call Jeff Klug at (262) 6281255 for additional information.

Wacco also is organizing an exhibition of photographs to tie in with the 3rd Ward Gallery Night and Day weekend. An opening reception will be April 20. For this, each member of a WACCO affiliated camera club is asked to provide one framed print 11 x 14 or larger. In all, at least 90 prints are needed. We Pictorialists should bring our prints to the March 15 meeting. An opening reception will be April 20. Before March 1, e-mail Mary Dumont at, to tell her you are interested in participating, and send her a jpeg of the image you want to display. If you have further questions about how to proceed, e-mail Mary. On the subject of WACCO, check out its web site for interesting things like winning images from WACCO competitions and a bibliography of places to find information on Photoshop and Lightroom. Wisconsin Circuit Exhibition of Photography

PSA Council Challenge For the PSA Council Challenge, each member club needs to submit four prints, four monochrome digital images, and four color digital images. Each of us club members is asked to bring one image in each category to the March 15 meeting. PPMs WACCO delegate and President, Richard Yehl, will take four entries in each category, selected from our images, to the WACCO delegates meeting in May. In 2011 our club had four prints included in the winning group. Hope we do as well this year. And the PSA annual conference will be in San Francisco, Sep. 16-22. You might want to go. Treat Schedule Mar. 1 Mar. 15 Kathy Braun Richard Yehl

Membership List Anyone interested in being included in this prestigious exhibition has until March 10 to submit entries. For information about the rules for the exhibition and for entry forms go to Judging of submissions will be Sunday, April 15, and several of our members have volunteered or been volunteered to serve as judges and workers. An updated membership list is being worked on and should get to you before the next meeting. Cudahy Library Exhibition Prints Richard Yehl will take down the exhibition in the Cudahy Public Library in time to bring the prints to the first meeting in March.

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