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Seerah class : sheikh ibrahim: 10.12.11.

the mothers of the belivers: halimah bt abu dhu'ayb she had 4 children with the prophet pbuh- she is the mother of the pr She nurses the prophet pbuh for 2 years. He used to not take the milk of the second breast and only take the one breast as the other breast was reserved for the baby. clan of sa'diyahh= sub clan of hawazin- the enemisis ( enemies of Quraysh). The emerge in the war of Fijar ( the wicked war). A war which takes the father of Khadijas life. This war lasted 4 year. After the conquest of mecca, the majority of mecca dont become non muslim, the prophet pbuh gives them a grace period. 18 years later, 2000 non muslim soilders join the non muslim agaisnt hawazin. Abu sufiyan says to safaan ibn ( non muslim ) are u going to fight? he said it is more beloved to me that the lord that rules over me is Quraysh rather then hawazian. The prophet pbuh wears 2 coat viels ( to indicate severity of battle), in the battle of hunaain, again. He vanquishes hawazian. The POW taken capitives are people that have raised the prophet pbuh. One of the women -shimah-that raised the prophet pbuh, she sings a song to the prophet - the song she used to sing the prophet pbuh when he was younger. And he hears this song , cries, and frees her.

the battle of kandak All of the tribes came together to come together and attempt to take over mecca- they hate the prophet pbuh

Halimah has a daughter which raises the prophet pbuh- shimah- looking after him, singing to him. this clan lives in the dessert, and not in the cities, their dessert is between mecca and ka'if. This is between the great moutains. Ta'if is a fortess and cannot be taken. Between them is banu sayi.. Abu bakr is Abdullah ibn Masud but he is not a Abadillah ( the young

companions that were called Abdullah). Sayedna Jafir ibn talib- had a striking resembelance to the prophet pbuh. Qurayash send their children into the desserts of arabia- several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they believe the purity of language is preserved inside the dessert. One hundred different language inside the Quran. Mecca is a cultural melting pot and influences the language of the Quraysh. Praiseworthy is the preservation of purity therefore they used to send the children to the bediouns as they do not mix. They used to go to the bediouns to see the language manifest. Every single word in the Quran is pure arabic, four words that one of the Quran that Abdullah ibn abbas didnt understand so he went to bediouns - he saw two of them arguing over a well and understood what one of the words meant. Quraysh used to send their children to the dessert for 10 years. The primary reason was to ensure the tongue was upright. The language of Halimah was very refined therefore she speaks very complex eloquent arabic why is that your language so refined because u live amongst us, the prophet pbuh said it was thrust into my soul when i live amongst banu Say... the prophet pbuh was speaking fluently by 6 months fusah ( absolute eloquence by 8 months). Shami becomes muslim after she gets released. The dessert creates men, very difficult conditions- the arabians were warriorsthey were a warrior race. Therefore the boys used to have to be extremely tough and face very difficult conditions. Although this is elahi ( divine time), they were people who could undergo extreme circumstances. for 8 years , they used to sometimes just have a 'suck of date' only. The prophet pbuh only spends 5 years. The girls did not get sent to the dessert , they were, kept in the cities. Halimah

Battles: Fijar- 15 Khandaq - 5 Hunayn-8 years

signs of the end of time, when women, take to travel by themselves- hadith sahih by prophet pbuh. Halimah has the worst riding beasts and she is delaying the carvan due to how haggard her carvan is and she makes life more difficult for the other caravans. The loss of ones father means that one is an orphan. The loss of father beneath the age of puberty renders one an orphan. Halimah says everyone was offered the Prophet pbuh - engaged Abdul Mutalib. The mother of the prophet pbuh is extremely young ( in her teens- so shes not going to make this type of decision). Abdul mutalib has a dream and in his dream he is informed that he should only give this child to a woman called Halimah (ra). Its important in the prophet pbuh statement: whenever you are faced with a tradegy then seek comfort in the tradegies in me ( prophet pbuh). From the prespective it is all elevation - in the rung of ascenion-tradegies make you hate the world and love Allah swt. Halimah says she was the only one that was left without a child , she said to her husband, by God i am averse to the possibility of returning home without a child- by God i am going to get the orphan. Her husband says you must do it and may Allah swt will bless you. From her prespective she only went to him as there was no other. She returns back to her riding beast. When he moved he turned to her breast and immediately her breast filled with milk. Ayesha ra says regarding the prophet pbuh What is it that i see your lord moves swiftly to whatever you desire? Then his brother also drank and then they both fell asleep and damrah fell asleep - the cause of the families cause of sleeplessness. The camel also filled with milk. Her husband says to Halimah says to her that by God you have taken a blessed child and God thereby continued to bless them. They outstripped the other riders. None of their companions told her be gentle with us. It is better for you to guide one person to Islam then red beasts. They reached their dessert encampment- it was the most barren land, their sheep became siated ( this is not only barren land but this is also the year of drought). Everyone else cannot extract a drop of milk from their beasts. They say to their sheep follow the sheep of Halimah, and their livestock , would become hungry and hazard. Increase after increase with blessings of God untill complete weaning of the prophet pbuh- this is frequent and also profuse. At the time of the anti christ- there is no such thing as a miracle, they are so many and so often, they become normal in the time of the anti christ.

The miracles that manifest at the time of the prophet pbuh became normal. The moon split open and the prophet pbuh was speaking to it- narrated by Halimah ra. Abbas ra said i have the prophet pbuh playing with the moon. The prophet pbuh used to grow at an extra ordinary rate compatively to other boys. After 2 years of weaning they took him back to the mother - but they had a strong desire for him to be with them , due to the blessings . So halima says allow us to take him back due to epidemic ( disease) that is in mecca. So the prophet pbuh returns back to the dessert with Halimah ra. The God did not love the duniya since he created it. Prophet pbuh

In the 5th year of the birth of the prophet pbuh chest was opened and cleaned. And he was weighed agaisnt, 10, 20, 1000 of his nation he outweighs his nation. The angelic incision Narrated by multiple companions , the shepards are young boys. This is the case with the prophet pbuh...two eagel like creatures ( used to be 100 ft creatures) then they metamorphised they changed into 2 human beings, they throw the prophet pbuh down and begin to split open his chest. The prophet pbuh is shocked and other children are shocked. Other companions see the mark of the splitting. The other kids run for their life and run back to Halimah. Damrah is screaming to his mother Halimah saying go to Quraysh and you will find that he is dead. As Damrah see s the chest being split- Gabriel and Michael( brother Angelsdifference opinion in who is the greater Angel- Gabriel is right hand side of throne of God and Mikael left hand side ( means good here)of throne- Jews dont like Gariel- as he is Angel of relevation and Angel of war. Never is a nation destroyed that Gabriel is head of the army of angels heads that army- sodum and Kabru- taken up to heavens and thrown to the bottom of dead sea. Jews like Mikael (ra).. Omar ra says therefore who ever is an enemy of Gabriel is an enemy of Mikael. Gabriel is the more vocal one and Mikael is the more silent one.

The prophet pbuh chest is split open 3 times- when he is 5, then when hes 40 ( for relevation) and then for the israr al miraj . Dominant opinion the chest is open 3 times, other opinion, that chest is open more times.

They take out his heart and place it inside a container that has ice cold fluid, and extract a black substance and flung it away- this the devils proportion to u - 2 opinion s- one that the devil cannot influence the prophet pbuh in any way. Devils whispher behinds human heart, never approaches the human being from the front as it is a weak creature . The prophet has his seal on the back therefore it is a protection from the devils. The devil flees from the shadow of Umar ibn kattab , how will, it even approach prophet pbuh. The second opinion- Prophet pbuh is merciful to ALL of creation including devil . Therefore Allah swt makes sure the prophet pbuh does not get to devils. The prophet pbuh converted the demons into religon. Aslam- becomes muslim, and also to protect from demons. Then the heart is going to be filled with faith and wisdom ; wisdom , operational faith. Israh al miraj-faith, wisdom and clemancy. There by replacing and sealing it back up. And then they place the seal of prophesy upon him. One of the most definitive sign of who the pophet pbuh , people used to walk up to the prophet pbuh and put their hand inside his shirt to feel the seal. All prophet ra has a seal - but its in their right hands. The prophet pbuh has a mark that is distinguishing but it is upon his back. The prophet pbuh is in a shock- the angels says oh beloved do not be afraid , what follows u, will be coolness of your eyes. The prophet pbuh was in a perpetual state of sadness. We should remember what God does for us, due to the prophet pbuh. The prophet pbuh ensures everyone of his ummah makes sure dont go to hell fire. MalikThe angel guards hellfire, oh Muhammad pbuh are u not going to leave no body for the wrath of your lord. Demons are a type of Jinn, they procreate- they can even procreate between humans- cross breads with humans.

Mikael primary role is angel of provision- risq- guards the entire weather ( a means of physical provision). All the good tawfiq comes into ur life through Makael .

Mikael is 500 times the size of Gabriel.