How do u generate surrogate keys for tables with more than 2 billion records (surrogate key is a primary key field).

2. What is the logic will you implement to load data into a fact table from n dimension tables? 3. Suggest a solution for the following error and justify “WRT_8076 Writer run terminated. [Commit Error] WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8333 Rolling back all the targets due to fatal session error” 4. Explain a mapping design to start aggregating the values before getting all the rows from the source. 5. How do u propagate date column to a flat file, if u need format to be DD-MON-YYYY? 6. If a look up returning multiple matching rows, then how unconnected lookup & connected lookup will perform? (Not using lookup by last value) 7. If you use sorted I/P option in Aggregator but gave it Unsorted I/P then what will happen?

8. If I have 100 rows given as I/P to aggregator & want 100 rows as O/P then how can u achieve that? (none of the columns are primary key) 9. If i use pre-session stored procedure, then i need to activate another field, what would that be? 10.What are all the conditions (=, Not between) you have in Lookup & in Joiner? 11.What is the use of Reusable sequence generator (not in the reusability sense), any other? 12.If i had a flat file, Can i over ride SQL in Source Qualifier or Lookup? 13.If i have a flat file target, when i click it in the Workflow manager, what all properties would i get? 14.I have to use Order by, I have a table with columns A,B,C...I need order by B,C .Do u need to add some more thing to "select * from TNAME order by B,C" ? 15.What is the use of Return Port & Output port in Lookup Transformation? 16.If i have used 2 update strategies in my mapping..1 for insert & other for delete, then i changed target option in session properties from data driven to

delete...then how is my mapping going to perform? (all deletes or insert & delete) 17.What are the ETL production support issues that one comes across on a day to day basis? 18. Explain in which scenario unconnected Lookup is preferred, why? 19.Suggest an approach - one source flat file, how can i split it into two files using Informatica 20.what is the difference between stop and abort
21. How

to import oracle sequence into Informatica. some ways to delete duplicate rows in flat is configured with commit interval of 10,000

22. Explain

files source
23. Session

rows and source has 50,000 rows. Explain the commit points for Source based commit and Target based commit.
24. What’s

the diff between Informatica power center

server, repository server and repository?

Point the features in version 8 compared with 7 and 6, what is the diff between Informatica 7 and Informatica 8, architecture?


How to get the first 100 rows from the flat file. current project?

27.Performance tuning which have been done in ur 28.Explain a best scenario for using source qualifier rather than joiner, what are the exceptions & limitations in both 29. Explain a best mapping design to test multiple conditions. 30. Explain the logic behind SCD2 – by date, How to do SCD2 in target flat file? 31. Design a mapping to perform Incremental aggregation 32. Ways to Update a data 33. Will special Characters gets loaded into the target? Elaborate code pages 34. Explain a scenario where dynamic lookup can be used? 35. Explain the task - event wait and event rise, with a business scenario. 36. Write a filter condition to accept null values from source. Elaborate the logic

37.Where did u use the UNIX shell scripts in Informatica projects? 38.1000 records in source system take (flat file or relational system); want to debug the 582 record only no other record....... how to do that? 39.Narrate the logic to implement OR in lookup condition
40. Design

a mapping for “SELECT the max(date)

having max(date)< < a particular date>”

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