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National Capital Region


Vision: An advocate of culture of excellence: Mission: To be pro-active, to be creative and to be the light in the division to develop the best in the learners.


KEY RESULT AREA 1. Planning DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES Coordinates and participates in the planning for development and implementation of NFE Projects inclusive of its components at the district level. Coordinates the conduct of advocacy and social mobilization activities for the NFE Projects in the district. Coordinates the research and development activities essential for the NFE Projects in the district, e.g. a. Surveys to identify target NFE learners, service providers and other resources for the NFE programs, projects and activities b. Assessment of community learning needs c. Development of a localized curriculum d. Development of community-based learning materials e. And others. Establishes or reactivates the Municipal Coordinating Council (MCC) or recruits another multi-sectoral group in the community. - Acts as Secretary to the MCC - Coordinates the development of information, administrative and management system in the district - Records and maintain a list of potential service provider organizations in the municipalities. - Coordinated the monitoring of the programs and projects in the district - Assists in the screening of projects proposal by the MCC - Coordinates the evaluation needs of the programs/projects in the district. Provides technical assistance to the MCC, community leaders, clientele groups and other stakeholders regarding NFE and related matters , e.g. a. Programs/Projects Planning b. NFE-SCS c. Proposal Development d. Social Mobilization e. Fund sourcing f. Literacy Surveillance g. Dep-Ed systems h. Organization of learning groups i. Materials development j. Training k. And Others. Performs other related tasks as may required for the success of the project, e.g. a. Project innovations b. Action researches.

2. Advocacy and Social Mobilization 3. Research and Development

4. Linkages and Networking

5. Management of Information and Related Administrative Function

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

7. Technical Assistance

8. Related tasks or Services

ALS MOBILE TEACHERS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES @ Generate/ Conduct preparatory and post programs activities a. Organize one or more learning groups composed of at least 10 learners per group. b. Conduct pre- and post assessment of the learner. c. Gather and analyze learners profile, community needs resources. d. Prepare all necessary teaching-learning materials. e. Guide/ advice learners for essential acquisition of Equivalency Certification and Accreditation of learning gained through the Program. Develop literacy and other related skills based on the ALS A&E competencies a. Apply various non-formal education approaches, strategies, and skills techniques to affectively and efficiently develop special skills and competencies b. Utilize appropriate learning material and supplemental resources to effect learning c. Adhere to the principles of Adragogy Establish a functional Networking and Reporting System a. Work closely with locals officials for resource generation b. Prepare daily log of activities and submit to ES I Conduct each phase of the program as an action research activity a. Note observation on the various aspects of the program, e.g. problem met solution offered/made b. Document success stories among learners and significant changes observed in the community Learners qualified for the program are the following: Out-of-school Youth and Adult 15 years old and over who are a. Basic Illiterates b. Unemployed or underemployed c. Drop out from the elementary and secondary level Learning sessions are to be conducted at any time of the day or evening considered most convenient and acceptable to the target learners and the community. The actual duration of the program will be dependent upon the learning capability of the learners, the number and length of the meeting session per week, the intensity of the tutorials and the size trapeze and the model of the houses of the community members. The learning group may meet for Learning center, the Barangay Multi Purpose Hall or at any of the houses of the community members. ALS Mobile Teachers, being regular government DepEd employees, are expected to implement the ALS Program on a full time basis. As such, they have to render the Forty Hour a week service which shall include all projects implemention, activities, such as needs assessment, advocacy and social mobilization, linkage and coordination action researches activities and other apart from the expected teaching learning session tutorial. In no way should ALS Mobile Teacher will utilize for or be made to attend to nor take charge of non-ALS related activities to ensure the successful implementation of this program. The support will be monitored and evaluated regularly by the Regional and Division ALS Supervisor in coordination with the district Supervisor and Principals of the Areas concerned.

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