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ADMISSION POLICY & PROCEDURE SCOPE : This policy shall be applicable to planned admission, emergency, OPD, Health checkup,

TPA and Corporate Patients. POLICY : The patient would be admitted only for the services, which are available with the Saviour Hospital. This is applicable for OPD and Emergency admissions. Emergency care must be provided to all the patient coming in critical condition (emergency) though the services are not available with the hospital. The patient should be transferred to any other medical facility only after being stabilized. The patient should be admitted under the doctor who has the privilege of admitting the patient in the Saviour Hospital. The patient and the relatives shall be explained the purpose and need for the admission. The general consent for admission shall be taken. Incase of unidentified patient, the patient shall be registered and admitted as Medico-legal Case and Medico-legal Case policy and procedure shall be applicable. The patient shall be admitted as per the level of care required. Documents shall be referred / followed : Scope of Services. Handling of Medico-legal Cases. Patient Education on Treatment & Cost (Packages). General Consent.

PROCEDURE : Sr. No. 1. Procedural Steps Consultant shall decide for admission and explain the reason and plan of treatment to the patient. The order for admission shall be in written and signed with name, time and date. Ask and check the consultant note for admission. Before Registration the officer should confirm with patient / relative about the previous registration with the Saviour Hospital. General Consent : The Admission Officer should explain the patient / relative regarding Responsibility Admitting Consultant Admission Officer Admission Officer Admission Officer

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the General Consent and get the consent signed either by patient or relatives. First Time Registration and Admission : The Admission Officer should explain the significance of registration and provide them with the relevant form. The Registration & Admission Form should be filled by the patient / relatives only. The Officer should check the completion of form and assist the patient / relatives to clear the doubts immediately. Check that the form is duly signed by the patient/relative. Already Registered or Readmission : If the patient is already registered with the hospital only the Admission Form should be filled up. The change in age and address of the patient should be modified in the system. Registration : The Registration No. should be Unique No. for each patient and the Admission officer should enter all the details mentioned in the form as per the software requirements. The Registration No. of a patient shall remain the same for any services availed in the hospital in future. (Readmission ; OPD ; Health check-up ; etc) Admission : The (Indoor Patient) IP No. should be different for all the admission of the same patient. All the admission related details like admitting and attending doctor should be entered in the system. Patient Class and Selection of Class : The classes are based on the room category and the facilities provided. It shall be classified into the following : Standard Semi Special Special Deluxe Suite The selection of the class has to de decided at the time of admission by the patient / relative. The Admission Officer would explain the patient / relative regarding the charges applicable depending upon the selection of the class. The Admission Officer would inform the

Admission Officer

Admission Officer

Admission Officer

Admission Officer

Admission Officer


patient / relatives regarding the exact amount to be deposited on admission. The patient / relative can select the room as per the defined units, subject to the availability of the room and clinical and gender discretion in case of shared room. The right of bed / room allocation lies with the admission department. Internal Transfer of the patient : The Sister In-Charge should inform the patient transfer with the transfer note to the Admission Officer. The Admission Officer makes necessary changes in the software. Nurse makes entry in the patient file indicating the changes with the time. Class Transfer : The patient of lower category, on patients demand to be transferred to a higher category of bed occupancy, admission officer explains to the patient that the charges will be charged as per the higher category rates from the date of admission. Take a duly signed consent form (Class Transfer Form) from the patient/relative to this effect. Other Admission Procedures : To Inform the concerned Nursing Station the room no / bed no. and to make sure that it is ready before the patient reaches. Preparation of Medical Record File as per the check list. Collection of Registration Fees and application of Identification ID Band to the patient for proper identification of the patient. Issue of Attendant / Reliever Pass as per the class selection The attendant / Messenger of the admission Department will escort the patient along with the admission file to the patient room. If the patient is unable to walk, the attendant should arrange for a wheelchair.

Admission Officer


Admission Officer / Sister In-Charge


Admission Officer


Admission Officer

Attendant (Admission Department) Attendant (Admission Department)



TIME OF CHECK IN __________________ Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Particulars Admission Form filled & signed by relatives Patient ID Band Patient File prepared Room Charges Explained Explained General facility & information Information regarding pass General Consent taken Explained schedule deposit Schedule deposit paid Having Mediclaim Cashless consent form filled up Type of file TPA file sent to Mediclaim desk Collected Passport copy for Foreign Patient Reference Letter for Corporate Patient Inform MRD on Re-Admission Collected Registration Fees Issued Attendant / Visitor Pass Diabetic YES NO

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