our pennies, so we will not be signing Tevez or Torres in the close season.

We will continue to spend what we can afford and not a penny more. Leeds United will still be in business when the future of many other clubs is in doubt. The discussion continues between the various football governing bodies and the government over the recommendations of the DCMS Select Committee on the future of football in this country, including the wider involvement of the various supporters' organisations. However, many of the so-called organisations are rather shadowy, and nebulous, self-appointed and self-important with no mandate to speak for anyone other than themselves. Clearly any future changes in football will need to include the transparency and proper regulation of those persons who claim to speak for a club's fan-base. They will also be expected to behave responsibly and with a wider interest than that of their own narrow and selfish hidden agendas. This brings me neatly onto the so-called Leeds United Supporters Trust. Their modus operandi seems to be verbal abuse, marches and demonstrations (the kids who took par didn't know what it was all about t but enjoyed the fun) and the pompous and verbose public comments via a website, copied to selected newspapers. This rebounded on them when Mar in Samuel of the t Daily Mail ridiculed them big time when analysing their press release, pointing out than an alleged LUST poll of some 600 members showed just 120 voted in favour of another march. This from an average gate of 23,226, which says it all. The LUST chairman Mr Gary Cooper, on his own admission, did not come to a game last year, but bought a season ticket this year and stated he did not intend to renew for 2012/13. Another member of the "board" lives in America and his only attendance in his own name has been two Play-Off semi-finals. It is people of that ilk that have the impertinence to claim to speak for the Leeds United fans, including the 35,000 Club Members - on your bike! For the record, we do not recognise LUST. They may be able to con gullible local journalists who don't check the facts before putting into print. They can huff and they can puff, but they won't blow this house down. In fact, their antics concern possible equity investors, so they simply harm the club they profess to love. They say that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. LUST is a camel! Moving on, with the East Stand re-development now complete, Seasonal Hospitality renewals have now commenced and until March 31 there are special prices for existing Hospitality Members. Waiting lists for new members are also open. My congratulations and thanks go to Terry Sheerin our bars manager and Andy Dobson our head chef who celebrate 20 years service to Leeds United this month. It was with great sadness that I learnt of the death of PC Rathband, who was blinded by Raoul Moat in July 2010. He was a big Leeds United fan from afar and we had him and his wife as our special guests to a game last season. I must say that I admired his brave attempt to overcome his disabilities. On arrival, I gently chided him that he was quite early, quick as a flash he replied: "Well, I thought I'd take the extra time to have a look around." You never know what thoughts are hidden behind a brave face. We can ill afford to lose someone like him. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.








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