In times when fairy tales begin, In times with magic laden, There lived, of high and noble kin

, A most enchanting maiden. She was the only child they raised, Of wits and virtues many, As is the Virgin midst the praised And midst the stars Selene. Beneath a dark, majestic vault She walks, her steps abating Close to the window where, in alt, The Evening Star’s awaiting. She gazes at his distant rays That glow and light the ocean, While on the rolling water ways Black galleys set in motion. She sees him now, she sees him then, Thus ripens her desire; From watching over and again, His love for her grows higher. When on the elbows her head leans, Sweet reveries prolonging, Her heart and soul can find no means To quieten their longing. And so alive his light cascades Whenever dusk gets nearer, Around the murky castle’s shades As he’s about to see her... *** He trails her footsteps when she leaves Towards her night’s retire, And with his icy sparkles weaves A web of flashing fire. And when she lies in bed to rest, A sleepy child so candid, He strokes her arms set on her chest, He closes her sweet eyelid;

And then she speaks to him in dreams And sighs within a sad plea: “Oh. who my night redeems. Walking as smoothly as on sand Through open window spaces. Seeing her lips from smiling sweep. Upon her face leaned mildly. Why don’t you come? Come by me! Descend. But then his livid face disguise Exudes a waxen glimmer – A handsome ghost with lively eyes That only outwards shimmer. Pervade the castle and my mind. The water around where he falls Spawns rings of growing sizes. . sweet lord. He holds a sceptre in his hand Enfolded in reed laces. He shivers in the mirror. A bluish shroud tied in a ring His naked shoulders dresses. golden tresses. Light to my life providing!” He listens eagerly to her. Along a soft ray gliding. Into the dark sea diving. Resplendent and reviving. Upon her eyes shut unaware. He looks just like a youthful king With silky.And from the mirror’s depth his glare Reflects upon her body. As he pursues her in her sleep To hold her spirit dearer. Then suddenly becomes a blur. my stellar prince so kind. While from the unknown deep he crawls And as a young man rises.

And everywhere the sea unfurls Its souls shall be your pages. To reach the place that is your home. The Evening Star comes up again. Oh. Give up your world forever! I am the Evening Star above. I had to leave the sky’s fair dome And be reborn of water. We’ll live for many ages. And your eye makes me shiver. Become my true bride ever! Down there. come. and then. my stellar prince so kind. while you – a glare. Pervade the castle and my mind. With bright rays.” *** A few more days go by. My father is the heavens tall. And coldness you deliver. clear and slender. For I’m alive. You’re foreign in both tongue and wear. you’re as handsome as in dreams An angel would be showing. My mother is the ocean. To get to see you closer. Along a soft ray gliding. your call To follow with devotion. in palaces of pearls.” “Oh. my holy treasured love. Light to my life providing!” . But on the path lit by your beams I’ll never think of going.“Out of my realm I came. One night of airy splendor. Inevitably in her dreams His image keeps returning And thus the lord of wavy streams Refills her heart with yearning: “Descend.

A graceful youth emerges. Oh. my holy treasured love. come. He comes surrounded by pure truth. His face is like a somber cloud Beneath the gloomy draping. Your call again to follow. As from the chaos vales. And yet his large and splendid eyes Shine deeply with desire. Into a sun’s blaze turning. sublime. come. In sorrow he retires. And on my heavens be my pair. My mother the night hollow. when he hears her pray. And soon the sky begins to sway Around where he expires. On raven curls like tendrils smooth His crown seems to be burning.From up there. you’re as handsome as in dreams A demon would be showing. and in your golden hair Let me twine starry laces. Like two voracious passion cries That through the dark transpire. Most lovely of all faces. Become my true bride ever! Oh. “Out of my realm I strived and came. Amidst the folds of his black shroud Two marble arms are shaping. But on the path lit by your beams I’ll never think of going! . The air fills up with flames that climb And flood the world in surges. Give up your world forever! I am the Evening Star above.” “Oh. My father is the sun aflame.

Indeed. In charge of pouring beverage in Men’s goblets at the banquets.” And he keeps going… out of sight. In that my time is never through.Your cruel love is inhumane And hurts my feelings deeply. By novel law abiding. rather. Slick boy in servant jackets. Nor how to be beginning – Although your words I understand. While yours is just a season?” “I know not where to seek an end. From it I’ll be dividing. Yet not shy with his glances. I cannot see their meaning. But if you truly wish my heart To love you like no other. For days remaining hidden. *** Now in the meantime Catalin. abandoned found.” “You ask me my immortal glow To give up for your kisses. . I shall be born in sin. A page who carries all around The empress’s long dresses. A bastard child. So I in turn wish you to know How passionate my love is. For love of a young maiden He vanishes from heaven’s height. Then from the heavens you depart. To the eternity I’m kin. My eyes are overwhelmed by pain. Become a mortal.” “But how could I descend to you? Do you not see the reason. Your fiery gazing burns me.

for the Evening Star above I have an aching wonder. you wicked Catalin? Go ‘way and mind your orders!” “What now? I wish to see you slip Away from thoughts so lonely. go yonder! Oh. spying about And eyeing Catalina. When I look downwards. And let your eyes stare with amaze Into my eyes intently… When your slim waist I try to raise. And gorgeous… oh. . the time is right To try your luck.With rosy cheeks fresh like the sprout Of spring – cute little sinner. and give my lip A little buss. But bear with me a little.” “But I don’t know what you speak of – Leave me alone. Just look how lovely is her sight. God bless her! Yes. no lesser. to my face Keep your face straight up further. I’d show you round Love’s yard. petal by petal. Catalin. And rather laugh. So we can gaze with endless grace And sweetness at each other. Only unwind and do not frown. Upon your toes rise gently.” “If you don’t know. one only. When I unfold my left arm loose Embrace me in an armful. As when a hunter lays a noose For songbirds young and charmful. “What now. Quietly sneaks. He steals a hold of her within A path on the yard’s borders.

Mysterious like fairies. And to unbound horizon glows Above the ocean’s blindness. . My pain away beseeches. now attracted. a stellar prince arose From a forgotten kindness. For they are drowned by weeping Whenever waves upon the seas Towards him journey sweeping. and rather coy. He shines with everlasting love. mostly… Alas. still Forever we’ll be parted… And for this reason my days are As empty as the prairies. Now snubbing. For in our hearts we shall be twin. And hope that they will lose our trail So none will know us ever. And playfully. When kissing you I bow my head. And yet ascends so high above To be beyond my reaches. And secretly my eyelids seize.” She listens to the naughty boy Astonished and distracted.” “You are but childish. While nights are filled with holy charm. You would quite suit me. His sad and frosty light rays spill Across two worlds departed… Forever I will love him. So chatty and no good at all. hence so frail… Let’s run afar forever.And such that everything is said Between ourselves. my lover. Kiss me over and over. She says to him: “Since I was small I learned to know you closely.

We shall have joy and wellness. And thousand-year-long flights go by In just as many seconds.” *** The Evening Star departs. He seems to be a lightning flow Astray amidst their sprinkle. beyond the dawn of time. Surrounding him and surging. Out of the chaos vales. And you’ll no longer miss your kin Or dream of stellar highness. He flies. A sky of stars unfolds below. my Lord. please. The sky With growing wings he beckons. yet he does find A thirst that draws him over. his yearning mind unbound. And time itself struggles in vain From bareness to recover. It’s but a void. For where he gets there’s no domain Nor eye that can discover. But make my fate another. sublime. Above – more stars that twinkle. As they emerge and spill around Like giant seas amassing. “Of harsh and dark eternity Relieve me. ask. Until all turns to nothing. . Oh. He sees. For while your source puts lives at large As well their deaths you gather. And blessed thy name forever be By all the world together. The streaming lights emerging. A deep abyss resembling blind The failure to remember. for any charge. my Father.

I rose. a world reclaiming. and yearn To be returned to chaos… Out of the utmost stillness born I have a thirst for stillness. Out of eternal yesterday Today’s living expire. From chaos. you who from naught Appeared. Others would still aspire. Seemingly parted from the void By void they are predated. Hyperion. Lord. New suns would burst afire. Their likeness to acquire? But were mankind to perish whole. They have but lucky stars to chase While haunted by misfortunes. yet cannot save. shall last Even beyond your twilight… Ask for the prime word of my past – Shall I gift you with insight? Your voice at singing shall I ease. And give me. Extinguish my eyes’ fire.My immortality recall. We live outside of time and space With no death in our fortunes. Become a man – is this your goal. Ideals all too shallow – As waves keep marching to their grave More waves arise and follow. For all are born to be destroyed And die to be created. Still you.” “Hyperion. . Ask not for signs or marvels that Have neither face nor naming. They only build. in exchange of all. Were an old sun to fade away. One hour of desire.

“Upon your bosom let my head.” *** His place. again. Beloved. But death I cannot grant you… And dying for – who’s really worth? Just turn around and travel Back to that ever-drifting Earth And watch your fate unravel. Like visions from a former day His rays. Two youngsters lay down even. to surrender Beneath the glitter your eyes spread So sweet no words can render. And pour perpetual delight Along my night of passion. where he was meant to stay. . start raining. to reign all over. I’ll give you fleets lined side by side And legions you could spread through The lands afar and oceans wide. Hyperion regaining. below.Adorn it with emotions That could charm mountains and their trees And islands of the oceans? Perhaps in deed you wish to show Your righteousness and power? I’d have the Earth sliced row by row For you. By lovely linden trees. The quiet moon is coming out Trembling from under water And fills up with her magic glow The trails in forests hidden. With their enchantingly cold light Stroll out through my compassion. For twilight’s hour is about And night will be her daughter.

” *** . The rolling water alleys. Pervade the forest and my mind. Along a soft ray gliding. on their lonesome ways. Yet only shy Entrusts him with her wishes: “Descend.And always over me remain To ease my aching sadness. my stellar prince so kind. you earthly mould. Light to my fate providing!” He shivers like the other days Above the hills and valleys. he does not fold Into the sea from farther: “What do you care. Immortal and unbending. But unlike then.” Hyperion sees from above The wonder on their faces. Whether it’s I or other? Enclosed within your narrow ring Good-fortuned lives you’re spending. from love in spirits high. Then she. Whilst I to my own heavens cling. Their bloom is gently snowing Upon the two young children’s heads With long and fair curls flowing. He barely touched her neck with love When she his waist embraces… The silver flowers’ perfume spreads. For you are my first loving pain And my last dream of madness. While guiding. Raises her eyes and glimpses The Evening Star.

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