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ISO 50001 EnMS update 1

• • • • • Why Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Scope & Key elements of ISO 50001 Main Differences with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Lessons Learned from EnMS Pilots – Canada and USA Discussion/ Q&A

ISO 50001 EnMS update


What is a Management Systems Standard?
• A management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives • Most MS standards operate on the Continual improvement cycle:
– Plan, Do, Check, Act.

• Non-prescriptive and Voluntary

ISO 50001 EnMS update


What are the famous Management Systems Standards? • • • • • ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO 9001 14001 22000 27001 13485 Quality Management (QMS) Environmental Management Food Safety Information Security Medical Devices (EMS) ISO 50001 EnMS update 4 .

and national) With so many diverse industries and sectors in the word the need for a generic apply-to-all energy management systems standard is highly desirable ISO 50001 EnMS update 5 . Energy Production. region. province. and Alternative Energy) • • • External financial incentives‒ Energy efficiency credits (electric utility & others) Potential carbon credits (state.Why Energy Management? • • • • • • Energy Security Cost Savings Reduced Environmental Impact and GHG Emissions Green Jobs and Innovations Achieving Energy Efficiency & Compliance Coordinating Energy Programs (Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy.

Electricity Generation in Canada ISO 50001 EnMS update 6 .

Energy use grew 23% over 18 years. forest products. gold. Second largest in oil production.cfm . Energy use increased 34% in 15 years.rncan. pulp & paper.gc.Target Sectors Industrial: Canada is leader in Natural Gas. aluminum. zinc. potash. Source: oee. m. copper. iron. coal. Commercial (Buildings): Over 440k commercial and institutional building in Canada @ 670+million sq. steel and uranium. diamonds.

cfm Key Drivers: Tax.gc. financing Training / implementation Information sharing of Energy growing! Key Concerns: Energy cost reduction Regulatory changes Supply chain pressures Source: oee.

Energy Use Worldwide Frozen Efficiency Baseline Efficiency BPT: Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available BAT: Best Available Technology Economically Achievable UNIDO Report ISO 50001 EnMS update 9 .

Energy Use Worldwide With no Energy Management UNIDO Report ISO 50001 EnMS update 10 .

LEED) we are not there yet! At 45 degrees Measured Savings equals proposed This area indicates negative % *National Building Institute 2008 ISO 50001 EnMS update 11 .Even with Existing Schemes (e.g.

measurement and reporting disciplines and promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain. Implementation of this standard will assist organizations in reducing energy use through the utilization of best practices. Reduction in energy leads to reduced GHGs and operational costs.What is ISO 50001 in a nutshell? • ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems (EnMS) is a voluntary international framework for the management of energy in any business large or small. • “It is a management systems standard for those who do not like management system standards!” ISO 50001 EnMS update 12 .

How EnM is dealt with today! ISO 50001 EnMS update 13 .

With EnMS! ISO 50001 EnMS update 14 .

document and report all the above • ISO 50001 is based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement framework and incorporates energy management into everyday practices ISO 50001 EnMS update 15 .ISO 50001 Key Elements • ISO 50001 requires an organization to: – – – – – – – Conduct an energy review Establish an energy baseline Establish energy objectives and targets Establish an action plan Implement the action plan Check performance Monitor.

ISO 14001 has 63 “shalls” and ISO 9001 has 138 “shalls” ISO 50001 EnMS update 16 . ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 • ISO 50001 is compatible with both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 with the following differences: – ISO 50001 calls for energy performance improvement and not only system improvement ISO 50001 does not follow ISO 9000/9001 process/ and structure format ISO 50001 includes requirements related to procurement of Energy & Energy Services – – Note: ISO 50001 has 83 “shalls”.ISO 50001.

Analysis of the basic concepts • General • Application Scope • Management Performance Note: Some of the information in the following slides is partially based on a presentation by Li Tienan made in Malaysia on behalf of ISO ISO 50001 EnMS update 17 .

Analysis of the basic concepts General • QMS : Customer requirements based on the “product quality” • EMS : Significant external environmental aspects of the production process • EnMS : Energy performance of the whole organization/ production process ISO 50001 EnMS update 18 .

including commercial buildings and real estate ISO 50001 could potentially impact 60% of global energy consumption ISO 50001 EnMS update 19 . software and processed materials sector • EMS: Raw material and production sectors • EnMS: All types and sizes of organizations.Analysis of the basic concepts Application • QMS: Service. hardware. Production. raw materials and services sectors.

measured through quantitative comparison against an organization’s baseline ISO 50001 EnMS update 20 .Analysis of the basic concepts Performance • QMS: Conformity to product requirements • EMS: Improvement of the EMS. as to meet its targets & objectives • EnMS: Energy performance improvement interventions.

Performance Reducing Intensity not best Model especially at low Production numbers! Lauri Gregg ISO 50001 EnMS update 21 .

Comparisons of key elements The following elements are analyzed: • • • Policy Planning Baseline ISO 50001 EnMS update 22 .

where relevant ISO 50001 EnMS update 23 .Key elements Policy • QMS: Meeting customers’ product needs • EMS: Reducing significant environmental impacts together with meeting applicable legal and regulatory requirements • EnMS: Improving the bottom line by reducing production costs through energy efficient processes. enhancing competitiveness combined with meeting relevant law and regulatory requirements.

targets and programs • EnMS: Energy profile. targets and action plans ISO 50001 EnMS update 24 . Identify applicable laws and regulations. significant energy uses.Key elements Planning • QMS: Quality objectives that are measureable and consistent with quality policy. requirements of relevant laws and regulations and establish environmental objectives. and then establish objectives. Determine the needed processes • EMS: Environmental aspects. energy baseline and energy performance indicators.

since changes in energy performance shall be measured against the energy baseline ISO 50001 EnMS update 25 .Key elements Baseline • QMS: No specific requirement beyond MS continual improvement • EMS: No specific requirement beyond MS continual improvement • EnMS: The establishment of an organization’s energy baseline is a fundamental element of the EnMS.

ISO 50001 Establish Baseline A better slope or shift below indicates better energy intensity * Lauri Gregg ISO 50001 EnMS update 26 .

Comparisons in Implementation • ISO 50001 is in line with the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and draws extensively on the structure and content of the QMS and EMS • Differences may occur in the implementation and dissemination of ISO 50001 in the following areas: – Market drivers – Certification/Registration program support ISO 50001 EnMS update 27 .

etc.) ISO 50001 EnMS update 28 . GHG emission reduction targets. and government policies (e. Energy Efficiency. energy security.Implementation Market Drivers • QMS: Customers’ demand and supply chain is a main driver • EMS: Public and competitive forces play important roles in motivating companies • EnMS: Rising and volatile energy costs.g.

Self-declaration may compete with certification demands ISO 50001 EnMS update 29 .Implementation Third Party Certification/Registration Program Support • QMS: Certification plays an important role in supply chain quality requirements • EMS: Certification can play a role in validating an organization’s claims assisting it in meeting customer and public demands and pressures • EnMS: Certification may help an organization illustrate the strength of its energy-cost-reduction thrust. Market drivers and public policy requirements will play a major role in an organization’s decision on whether to certify its EnMS.

ISO 50001 Gap Analysis Unfulfilled requirements indicate GAPS! Laurie Greg ISO 50001 EnMS update 30 .

To Sum it Up! ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 ISO 50001 EnMS update 31 .

Lessons Learned* ISO 50001 Canada USA * presentation of the CSA ISO 50001 Implementation Task Force.User Group ISO 50001 EnMS update 32 .

Hatch / OPA / NRCan Pilot • 5 participating companies – – – – – – Par-Pak (plastic packaging) Lincoln Electric (welding) Georgia Gulf Royal Group (plastic building products) Lassonde Beverages (juice packaging) CertainTeed Gypsum (drywall board) • Work toward conformance with US ANSI MSE 2000 (& draft ISO 50001) – Measure results – Lessons learned – Business cases .

ownership at facility level is critical The team must be lead by a local senior manager.Lessons Learned Hatch / OPA / NRCan • • • • • • • • • • • Standards practical and complement existing “best practices” for energy management Support and strong interest must exist at all levels. . Incentives can play a major role in helping organizations take on the first step. as “face time” needed The real test of a system is whether it survives personnel changes Those organizations with advanced management systems can complete the job in a reasonable time (6 months). Pre-qualifications needed to succeed in this challenge Sub-metering and monitoring tools are major enablers Basic energy training sessions should be held with participants as early as possible to build a common base of understanding Energy Assessments should be undertaken with participants as soon as possible to demonstrate the potential for savings The support for this sort of project is best suited to local service providers. with dedicated coordination/support on site Experience with “management systems” is a big advantage. (Others who start from scratch may need 11/2 -2 years.

integrating energy management into 3M’s business operations and culture .3M Pilot • • • Energy Performance Services assisting 3M Canada Pilot aimed at preparing for Certification Developed a plan based upon: – – – – – Analysis of energy management practices Current level of preparedness Determination of needs to comply with ISO 50001 Preparation of the implementation plan Setting goals • Key success factors – Establishing a valid baseline and measured variables (SEP M&V Protocol) – Appointment of Management Representative • Significant focus in the pilot .

evaluate effectiveness of draft standard by quantifying: – the energy efficiency gains achieved – the resources required to implement the system • Project consists of – development of the site-specific EnMS (targeted May 2011) – implementation of the system (over the following year) .Federal Government Buildings ISO Pilot • Goal .

energy costs. without leadership commitment Some issues have MS focus and others project or technical focus Throughout the trial. energy usages and energy improvement opportunities were realised Using the construct of ANSI:MSE 2000 (or ISO 50001) provided a disciplined approach on achieving improvements in energy management .Summary on lessons learned from ANSI:MSE trial • • • • • • • Company has Management Systems experience but personnel working on energy issues in facilities may not May achieve short term savings success without EnMS Personnel changes can impact focus on EnM Hard to maintain focus on EnMS. over time.

Canadian Standards Association ISO 50001 EnMS update 38 .Q&A Thank You Ahmad Husseini.. P.husseini@csa.

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