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Badhaka shanti
Continuation on the last class. The types of badhaka and the remedies to pacify the same. The lecture focuses on understanding badhaka and how it manifests in peoples life.
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1. Reema Sriganesh Says:
March 18th, 2007 at 10:01 pm

|| Hare Rama Krushna || Namaste Vistiji, This was a really nice lecture. There are so many principles given in this one lecture that it will take quite some time to grasp it. I have one comment. The definitions of the different types of badhas given by Sarajitji on his Varahamihira blog (*) are slightly different than the ones given by you? Am I correct in my interpretation? If yes, why do you think so? Are there multiple definitions of badhas existing? It seems that he might have referred to Prasna Marga as well (although he doesn’t say so very clearly). I know I should ask him directly about this, but I wanted your opinion as well. Then I have a question. I have a chart where Mars and Ketu combine in the 4th house for a Virgo lagna native. Can the mere conjunction of Mars and Ketu in the 4th house cause Pisacha badhaka? Mars does not have graha drishti on lagna. Kindly comment.

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18-03-2009 21:20 a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i...

May Sri Vishnu bless us all, Reema. 2. Reema Sriganesh Says:
March 18th, 2007 at 10:02 pm

|| Hare Rama Krushna || Namaste Vistiji, Sorry, I forgot to provide the link to the page on Sarajitji’s blog. Here it is - May Sri Vishnu bless us all, Reema. 3. Sharat Says:
March 18th, 2007 at 11:02 pm

Hare Ram Krishna Dear Visti, Namaskar, Picture album you have uploaded has some rare pictures, thanks. Just to point out that at the same time all the dates on the website have gone back to default. Regards, Sharat 4. Reema Sriganesh Says:
March 18th, 2007 at 11:15 pm

|| Hare Rama Krushna || Namaste Sharatji, Yes, I agree with you! Those pictures are so beautiful! I did notice Sri Garuda picture but I didn’t realized that there was a whole album of where that came from. My favorite is Sri Surya gold picture. I have never quite seen such a beautiful picture of Aaditya before. In fact, I am finding it very hard to get Sri Surya murti (for puja). Vistiji, please upload such wonderful deity pictures, especially of Sri Vishnu or Sriman Narayana or any of the Sri Vishnu avataars. It is so hard to come across breathtaking pictures of these deities. May Sri Vishnu bless us all, Reema. 5. rakesh vohra Says:
March 19th, 2007 at 2:20 am

hare rama krsna namaskar vistiji,truely very nice sets of pictures,iwas looking for it for long time,good job vistiji,specially the dakshnimoorthy,love it,lord shiva bless you,doing a

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18-03-2009 21:20

Su/Me(ret) in 2nd. Hope this helps.. I listened to the class and then went back to your book and revised the concepts.Srigaruda. Thus for Aq lagna Ju is badhakesh in the sign of Saggitarius. 11H is the badhaksthan. Ve(Badhaka). Sa in 11 Ju in 5th. 2007 at 1:07 am ||Hare Ram Krishna|| Dear Constantin.Aq. She has a family of 2 very small kids and thats why i really want to help her.Ven in Lagna.namaskar 6. http://www. Question: If Lord 9th is badhakesha. Constantin Says: March 19th. Lord 9 and 4th . gems must be correspond with Lords 1th and 9th houses.srigaruda. Ra/(Ma) in 7th. great job. For Aq 30 N 29′ 00″ i will give the planetary positions for ready reference Cancer Lagna.Rath advised use gems for remedies. Venus is not badhakesh. Sharat Says: March 20th. My analysis ———– In the order of the evils that you have given. Her birth data is Date: August 19. she is having a lot of problems in her marraige due to her short temper Once she gets angry she can almost say anything. Ke in lagna. S.. can we use gem(9th Lord) for remedy? For exemle: Lagna ... 1971 Time: 4:03:30 Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 74 E 31′ 00″. Regards Sharat 8. 2007 at 8:48 am Dear Visti. there is no Kala Sarpa or 3 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . Mo(LL). I have got the a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. I would like to throw in one example that has come up for a native. Constantin 7. Can man use a diamond? With Bast Regards. Tarun Garg Says: March 20th. 2007 at 3:43 am Dear Guru Ji Thanks for a very enlightening lectures on Badhakas and remedies. For movable signs.

. kala amrita yoga as Sa does not join.. 5. Even sign so it was a female. As we can see that Ketu is in Lagna and is aspected by Ma by graha drishti there is black magic also. So it can be Hanthu Kamas also. Now Ketu joins the badhakesha Ve and that can also indicate Preta Badhaka The death of the person is by drowning. So it can be a male and in 12th house so some maternal grandparent or a foreigner? since Moon joins the Badhakesha so remedy lies in Pearl and worship of Ma Gauri. There is a very severe Curse of a Spouse in the chart in lagna itself and venus also happens to be atma karaka. Saturn indicates the deity to be Kali. So that is ruled out. All the 4 malefics Ke. where as Venus is all three malefics and thus also greater Sweets etc. 12th from Venus is not afflicted much so I think it is not deva badhaka. 3. (I refer to the technique in your book). Saturn is only afflicted by garaha drishti of Ra. But Saturn is the only malefic aspecting with both Graha and Rasi. Her intelligence and power of discrimination is almost dead. So we must have to use the karaka for the remedy of this and that is Su. Now the Su is strong in 2nd house a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Since the moon is the lagna lord I believe that the suffering due to this is greater cause it is almost driving her insane. Badhaka and lagna are associated and 6th lord aspects both with rasi and graha drishti. Mo associates with the badhakesha so that means the serpents are bent upon doing harm to the native. Now the age of the female could be around 72. 4.. Ghee. And then Shiva abhiskekam with milk every subsequent tithi. Now coming to badhakas: either Venus or Saturn could act as a badhaka. 1.The placement in lagna can indicate that an Idol of the deity was destroyed. out of sorrow and anger. http://www. (108 / 30 * 20). with proper pujan with Milk. 2. So i believe some worship of Shiva needs to be advised. Ok there is enough affliction in this chart. but an accident (Sa/Ma aspecting and Ke joins) So the remedy should be gift an idol or a picture of Ma Laksmi to a temple. Now Rahu is aspecting the Badhakesha with both Graha and Rasi Drishti. But reading your book and listening to you lecture it seems that there needs to be some affliction to that Ketu. Sa. But the things get a bit more complicated as we see that Venus is Badhakesha. and being Atmakaraka the suffering is really at the soul level. Remedy for this case would be 11 silver eggs in a shiva temple on janma tithi. The badhaka is Venus and that can 4 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . However in your recording you were more or less bent upon equating it with the curse in which case this happens to be a deva badhaka from Lakshmi. So can that also indicate a sarpa badhaka. Ra and Ma are aspecting that Venus and the worst is the Mo the Lagna Lord also joins that Bhava so we cant even use that as a remedy planet cause it forms a secondary curse also. Gulika is in Male sign..Srigaruda.

4. In reply to Constantin I believe we could use a gemstone as long as that venus is not afflicted badly and not acting like a real badhaka. Since su is remedy planet(shiva) and Venus is the cursed planet Maha mritujaya mantra stands out again) 2. But i think you are mistaken cause Aq is a fixed sign and hence ve is the badhakesh as lord of 9th house. 1/10th of the japa amount. Your comments would be highly appreciated Your Sincerely Tarun 9. Maha Mritunjaya Mantra 108 morning and evening for 40 days( Hari Hara advises 8000 recitations). Wear a Pearl (I still have to listen to you ratna lecture as in what finger etc) 3.. ghee and also sweets. Donate/establish an Idol of goddess lakshmi to a temple after pujan with milk. http://www. indicate a spouse or a sister. after that til homam (use sesame seeds as ahuti) and Maha Mritunjaya Mantra for Homam. Really depends on the chart. extreme anger. You mentioned that the venus (Yoga Karaka for this Lagna)is in lagna. But if unafflicted and makes a yoga with sa/ra can also give a very nice rajayoga in the lagna Thus really depends on the chart Guru ji can correct me if I am wrong Regards Tarun 10.. Tarun Garg Says: March 20th. so can it be sister in law or some lady who could be interested in her spouse? Also since the 6th lord aspects badhakesha with both graha and rasi Drishti this can be confirmed. Then gemstone could be worn but the Venus should not be afflicted! or it will act as a bahdhaka and can indicate drishti Badhaka. Ma is exhalted and retrograde in the 7th house. donate the 11 eggs on the janma tithi and then Shiva abhiskekam with milk every subsequent tithi. That will be 800 recitations. A6 is in Libra and joins the UL. Now how to solve such a case? if i take a chance then i would suggest the following:1. remember that guru ji emphasized in the lecture that merely by being the lord of the badhaksthana the planet maynot be bent upon doing harm..srigaruda. 2007 at 3:50 am Dear Sharat Sanjay Mehta Says: March 20th. 5 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.. Since its a female chart most probably a sister or a female. 2007 at 4:18 am Dear Visti Ji.Srigaruda.

2007 at 10:44 am Dear Tarun. pitri. …. so it means person’s intelligence will be suffered. Namaskar. If a lagna lord is placed in Badaka sthana so it means that lagna lord becomes a Badhak for its own lagana? in addition as lagana lord implies intelligence. 3) Does the things related to badha can torment a person mentally 6 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .K Pathak. 2007 at 10:49 am Namaskar Guru Vistiji. Is the Vigneshwara mantra OK or there are other ways? 2) Does the Badha comes during it the planet or lord Vimshotari Dasha/Antradasha or it come at any time or is for whole life. for e.. Explained well and in a detailed manner.. My apologies. So Kindly give your views. and it mentioned in the book that concept of Bhadakas does not seem to be reasonable for Fixed sign on the basis of relationship between the lord of the fixed sign and 9th from it example. and furthermore it takes 3rd sign and its lord to be Badakas for Fixed signs.srigaruda. So as mentioned the problem will be with respect to getting food or getting money ( or it can be from father or govenment also CAN IT BE?).. I think I mistook it as the Capri. Suneet Says: March I have few queries bus lets start with these 1) As you have dealt more with deva. sarpa.Srigaruda.g say surya as badhkesh(tula lagna) and posited in 2nd house. So what is remedy measures to propitate this kind of badha.. “Hare Rama Krishna” Liked your lecture on Badkesh. Regards Sharat 12.and as mentioned in your lectures and some other classic books that 11th sign and its lord is Bhadaka for Moveable sign 9th sign and its lord is Bhadaka for Fixed sign and 7th sign and its lord is Bhadaka for Dual sign. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Sharat Says: March 20th. Thanks with best regards 11. Couple of days back I was reading a book “Advance study of Vimshottari Dasha” by K. Since I am a beginner in this vast science of Vedic astrology.. yes that is correct. bhoota and picacha badha but what about the badha like simple one badhkesh not involved in curse nor any malefic aspect and conjuction. Tarus = Capricorn Venus and Saturn are friends Leo = Aries Sun and Mars are friends ………….

Please write if these have some validity. Yours sincerely. 14. I know of no other exceptions than this. badhaka sthana and seventh house so there is help for her and the best is to recite the mrityunjaya and meditate on the mrityunjaya beejas: Om Joom Sah|. this person will not have Pisacha Badhaka because of the protection of Sri Rama. Visti Larsen Says: March 20th. but good inference. As for the chart you mentioned of Mars and Ketu in fourth for Kanya lagna. Visti Larsen Says: March 20th. may be the person in reallity is not having that trouble but is afraid of that ( may be in thinking or you can say like a illusion of that problem) and is suffering mentally from that most of the time. I cannot give the sources of all the pictures but if someone knows i will gladly add this to their caption. Sri Krishna in Pisces. Venus is in lagna and Jupiter is in the fifth house aspecting lagna.. As for Badhaka. Visti Larsen. Yours sincerely. maybe just more refined. it is instead Dristi Badhaka or Evil Eye due to eighth lord placed in the badhaka sthana whilst Badhakesh is in lagna. but it doesn’t make the other sources wrong. 2007 at 6:19 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Tarun. You are of course free to do with them as you please but do give credit to those who put some work into taking them or making them. etc. however some of them overlap. The reason is that when Ketu gets exalted in Sagittarius then Ketu is called Kodanda Ketu and is protected by the bow holder. Since Sag and Pisces are signs of Vishnu this is Sri Rama in Sag vs. is advisable for her. Venus is the afflicted planet causing the problems. Ask her to begin this immediately and she will see the difference soon.. 7 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . http://www.. 2007 at 6:02 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Reema and gang. Namaskar There is no sarpa badhaka in the horoscope. Volunteering for events which involve the feeding of many people is a very good idea. the a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. and advising her to feed people. Prasna Marga gives eleven types of evil. Sarajit has copied the list given by Pt. Visti Larsen. and hence the reason for the difference. This is combined with a terrible Pisacha Badhaka as well as a curse and the native needs help for this. Sanjay Rath in his article on Badhaka. Especially if it is a marriage celebration! The offering of an idol is normally only done for Deva Badhaka. Namaskar Suneet 13. My reference is straight from Prasna Marga.srigaruda.Srigaruda.. Namaskar I’m glad you like the pictures.

Yours sincerely. what does that mean. Regards Tarun Garg 18. 2. 2007 at 6:31 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Suneet and Sanjay Mehta. 2007 at 7:07 pm 8 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Tarun Garg Says: March 20th... If there is no ‘type’ of badhaka then there is no obstacle to avoid/appease. How to understand the source of the abhichara of it exists. From that perspective it would seem illogical that people of Pisces lagna have enemies as their sixth lord would be the Sun who is a friend of lagnesh Jupiter… but yet they can have enemies. 2007 at 6:20 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Constantin. Namaskar We can always use the gem of the ninth lord. http://www.. 17.Srigaruda. Yours sincerely. it depends on whether the same is afflicted or not. As for badhakesh in lagna or vice versa. Irrespective of badhak or not. Suneet 1. 2007 at 7:54 pm Respected Visti Ji Just to clarify. Namaskar Sanjay Mehta I cannot comment on the authors logic for not accepting the badhaka for the fixed signs as the principle has nothing to do with who is your friend or not. 15. Its usually best timed using Narayana Dasa as Badhaka is Adristi (invisible) and hard for the mind (udu dasa) to see. There is no simple badhaka as badhaka will always be of a certain So the logic he uses cannot be applied to Badhaka. Does that mean only Yuti or Rasi Drishti or Graha Drishti or all of them. 3. Visti 16. Visti Larsen. Visti Larsen Says: March 20th. also do you think that there is a possible of abhichara also in the horoscope that I mentioned. Visti Larsen Says: March 20th. Badhaka can give unexplainable fears which essentially are linked to a psychotic disorder (big or small) caused by the Badhaka. when you write in your book that Ra or any planet associates with lagna or Lagnesha..srigaruda. Visti Larsen Says: March 21st. Cause you mentioned in the book that Ketu in Lagna and Mars aspects it. but yet either the person is the cause of their own obstacles (inauspicious) or the native will go abroad (auspicious).

to be blunt . http://www. so in the chart that we are discussing since the A6 is in 4th house and 6th house is empty. ju/mo in virgo. whilst Yuti and Parivartana are strong types of yuti. etc. So Mars’ graha dristi on the lagna is necessary for a persons anger to be directed towards you. So graha dristi is vital to see peoples desire/emotions towards us. The lord is ve himself who is the AK and lord of the UL. हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Tarun.. 9 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . That event shook him very thoroughly in life. 2007 at 6:10 am Respected Visti Ji Thanks for your clarifications. You probably dont know how big a boon it is to get your doubts clarified especially in such a ancient knowledge where the sources are dependent on whilst rasi dristi is not related to any emotions at all. Now. its the dristis that keep people in doubts. Yours sincerely. This can be relevant in some cases and some not. Date: August a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. parivartna. Tarun Garg Says: March 22nd.. in cancer. ra in cp.. He suffered a Heart attack in December 1997. Now. yuti. UL joins the A6 but there are no planets in it. its true that a mere dristi of Rahu can cause it. That was quite a setback for him and the whole family. But this doesn’t mean that its the MAIN badhaka and we are only concerned with the main problems. sa ret in aq. Me. not the subsidiary.both work! However. graha dristi shows a persons desire. 1934 Time: 2:36:05 Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 75 E 53′ 00″.. Does that mean that we will take the lord. Yes there is abhicara in the chart you showed. there was retirement time and his tenure was not extended due to the laws being modified.srigaruda. Namaskar When you get used to using dristi. Ma in Lagna. you start making such loose statements like I do.Srigaruda. 2. When he was 58 years of age. 30 N 31′ 00″ This native has had the following events in his lifetime 1. So in the chart you mentioned the sarpa badhaka is partial but is not he MAIN problem. So can that mean that the spouse or someone in relation to the spouse could have done that? I present another chart here for the completeness of understanding of this badhaka concept and the other remedies concepts that you have taught. (symptoms of a badhaka kind of problem cause it was really unknown reasons) Here are the planetary positions for ready reference:Lg in Ge. Visti Now. After that in year 2000 aug he finally had to undergo a bypass surgery. when it comes to Sarpa Badhaka. The enemy is always seen from the sixth house and A6 as per the lecture.

And ra by rasi Drishti. Me and ve in drishti from ra. Ju and Mo in th 4th with drishti from Ma and Ra. Mercury is lagna lord and can give issues on health. Namaskaar ! I have a small doubt regarding the prayer for the 12 forms of Ganesha (Vighneshwara Upadesha). After the name should we say “humm” or as somebody told me sometime back . but I really like you method of teaching..srigaruda. Mercury Lord is in Parivaratana with the karaka and himself associated with a secondary curse. The moon however has a parivartana with Me. 2007 at 3:43 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ 10 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . Now the moola dasa of Jupiter got over in 2004. Mo(Karaka is joined).. Now in such a case do yo think it is still necessary to remedy the curse? The remedy is another eluder. and the badhaka/curse jupiter fructified in Moola dasa of Ju-Ju. Analysis ———– There are curses on all the benefics in this chart. Since it sits in the 4th house then there is some temple of a deity that is become old and worn out and needs it simply sits very easily into my head. joins Ke and Su. So he will act as if Me is placed there in the 4th house. As per you book Jupiter represents Narayana.Srigaruda. Sanjeev Says: March 22nd. Visti Larsen Says: March a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. but i guess we could extend the sambandha concept that you taught to even here? Yours Sincerely Tarun 20. So do we have to remedy at the devata for the 4th house in that case? Or do you think that we could use Mercury /moon still? Now in this chart ju (Badhaka) is afflicted with a curse and the 12th from jupiter is also afflicted with a retrograde Sa in his moola trikona by Graha drishti. do you find any problems with that interpretation? Through practice we learn… hope I am not troubling you too much with my querries.. http://www. Guess what? the Heart attack occured in the moola dasa of Ju-Me. Probably because Your jupiter and my Mercury are in the same sign? i know thats really stretching it too far. by prasna marga (BV raman) he tends to suggest deity based on association. will it be same to assume that the temple was of Lord Visnu and needs to be repaired? So do you think this badhaka shanti can be by worshipping Lord Vishnu with sandal wood paste and perfumed oils(dispositor me) and renovation of temple. since Jupiter associates with moon in a mercurian sign and further Mo acts like Me due to parivartana. badhaka is Ju and he is well placed in the 4th house with Mo forming the Gaja Kesari Yoga.“ghumm” ? Here the sound of ‘g’ is very small and predominantly it is ‘humm’ regards Sanjeev 21. 2007 at 6:43 am Dear Visti ji.

Sanjeev There is no doubt. We can use many different beejas for different purpose. i. With time the temple went to bad state and some members of the extended family did not even take care of the temple. 2007 at 2:09 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Tarun. Hum is what must be given. http://www. Have a proper pujan done from a priest. Yours sincerely. every thought of using Hreem? Anyway this is a different topic. as well as performing abhisheka (Moon). Dear Tarun and Sanjeev. Further the worship of Guru must be done.srigaruda. Twelfth lord Sun is afflicted so there is reason to think that deva badhaka is working. We cannot justify a real Deva Badhaka in this chart without the twelfth from badhakesh being afflicted. Visti Larsen. Mercury will not act as if its in Virgo .com/wordpress/jaimini-sjc/2007/03/18/badhaka-. but I did not understand the basis for that? Tarun 23. I have advised the native and his wife to visit the temple this week and clean the place themselves. I checked with the native yesterday and it is true that in their ancestral home there is a small shiva temple and it used to be so that there were the idols of the complete Shiva family there. 22. Offering his services at a temple is a must wherein these other remedies must be performed. Visti Larsen Says: March 23rd. 2007 at 7:47 am Dear Visti Ji How did the feeding of the brahmins come into the picture here... I have said Hum and it should be Hum for the purpose of restraining the mind from doing wrong things and guiding it in a better direction. meanwhile i can ask him to start the Isaana Shadaskari mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” with immediate effect. Cause the remedies for deva badhaka that you have suggested based on Prasna Marga in your book are dependent on the dispositor of the badhakesh and that is Mercury so I thought that we had to offer Sandalwood paste and perfumed incences etc to the deity..Parivartana only ‘appears’ to work like that but is not so. Jupiter is the badhakesh and indicates the feeding brahmins is required.e. Tarun Garg Says: March 23rd.. we see that Sri Tara sadhana is correct. Make the necessary repairs etc. Namaskar Tarun I am also a student so i know how great it is to get feedback. Lets advise Shiva in this case to mitigize the curse as well. but Ghum has a different purpose all a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Anyway. Namaskar 11 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . Advise the Ishana Shadakshari along with the other remedies.Srigaruda. This is a start. Moving into remedies which can help him solve the issues in the more immediate future.

Namaskar a) The mere combination of Mars with either of the nodes causes pisacha badhaka. Kindly comment. In reality Mars also aspects Lagna. This was a really nice lecture. 24. havana. it will not affect the native them self… it could affect someone a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Yours sincerely. #2 shows that in addition sandal paste must be offered to the devata regularly from then on during the birth tithi of the person each year. is necessary to remove the darkness. 2007 at 8:05 pm Namaste Mercury (lord of Badhaksthana) is also in 4th house. could you answer these two points below: a) I suppose I missed something: does the mere conjunction of Mars and Rahu (Vijaya Yoga) indicates Pisacha badhaka? In one chart of Pisces lagna native. etc. Yours sincerely. Visti Larsen Says: March 23rd. In this case #1 shows that brahmins must be fed as Jupiter is showing the wrath of a devata. Visti Larsen. b) Same remedy.srigaruda. 2. Keep in mind that the key is light.. There is a problem there. 2007 at 8:41 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Leoncio. Visti Larsen. Please. May the person pray to Ganesh as Krishnapingagshia (related to Geminis) in order to solve problems of 10th house? b) Other chart of Pisces lagna native. 1. is the offering. archana. I advised the Isana Shadakshari for Jupiter specifically. Leoncio Says: March 23rd. 26. Mars and Rahu combine in 10 th. but unless Mars aspects/joins the lagna whilst Ketu is in the 4th. 7th or 10th from the lagna. So in case of doubt i always advise this mantra for Jupiter. 2007 at 1:01 am 12 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . http://www. There are two levels of worship. Point is that Harihara mentions all God whilst Jaimini and Parasara advise Shiva. so offering lamps.. Leoncio Says: March 24th. Hare Rama Krsna Regards Leoncio 25.. I suppose the mere conjunction of Mars and Ketu in the 4th house cause Pisacha badhaka. For this the Ganesha remedy may not suffice rather a Ganesha Havana or Mrityunjaya Havana would be pertinent. is the action.Srigaruda. Mars does not have graha drishti on lagna.

could you answeer the following questions: A) a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2007 at 10:28 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Leoncio. HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND AN ADEQUATE OPPORTUNITY. Please. Visti Larsen Says: March 24th. 1955 Time: 1:44:30 Time Zone: 3:00:00 (West of GMT) Place: 46 W 52′ 00″. 28. http://www. c)ABOUT JOB (TENTH HOUSE) THE NATIVE. and Mars 13 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .Srigaruda. job (tenth house) or friends (eleventh house). partner (seventh house). Yours sincerely. 23 S 11′ 00″ Thank you very much your sincerely. d)Could you give some indications about the Ganesha Havana or Mrityunjaya Havana be performed? For instance. etc. 2007 at 2:39 pm Namaste Vistiji.srigaruda. even to find a new field of activity. the mother of the native has been very ill. I think I understood. \\Hare Rama Krsna\\ About item b)from my last e-mail. Leoncio 29. kindly. About remedies. Leoncio 27. there will be suffering there. at home. \\Hare Rama Krsna\\ Thank you very much indeed. 2007 at 9:40 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Leoncio. Visti. I indicate below birth date of the native... IS THERE SOME OTHER PRACTICE OR MANTRA THAT THE NATIVE SHOULD FOLLOW? b)WHAT SHOULD BE INDICATED TO THE MOTHER OR PARTNER? For instance.. You indicate that “now the badhaka can affect the mother (fourth house). for the native Ganesha Havana or Mrityunjaya Havana would be pertinent: as you mentioned offering lamps. job (tenth house) or friends (eleventh house”: by pisacha badhaka. Namaskar The point is that now the badhaka can affect the mother (fourth house). archana. please.. The Pisacha Badhaka is SPECIFICALLY because Ketu is in kendra to a house. Leoncio Says: March 24th. let me clarify because your teaching is very important indeed. is necessary to remove the darkness. Namaskar A basic principle of Jyotish is that if a malefic has graha dristi on a house. Although as the native is not suffering directly by pisacha badhaka. if possible. Please. partner (seventh house). Visti Larsen Says: March 26th. because of conjunction of badhakesh with Ketu and Mars. IS THIS CORRECT? I SUPPOSE YOU INCLUDED THE 11TH HOUSE BECAUSE MARS ASPECTS THAT HOUSE. Date: May 30. havana. Namaste could you kindly comment about “there is a problem there”. Yours sincerely.

http://www. c) The lack of job options is coming from the tenth from Moon having this particular combination of planets.. Visti Larsen. There is NO PROBLEM with marriage for dual lagnas.12h expenses. Notice that Moon is in badhaka sthana and in Saturns navamsa indicating Pitribadhaka. Worship Sadashiva with the Ishana Shadakshari for this and perform Parikrama of a Shiva temple before engaging in new job pursuits.sat in 10h(gem). as Ketu is in kendra to these houses.i am virgo lagna and for this jup is badhaka in 6h its vargottama in mean to say in these areas i will face obstacles. Visti. b) Again Mrityunjaya is the best remedy and i can further advise this mantra for Peace: ‘om shante shante sarva-rishta-nashini svaahaa’. i. You had mentioned that if 7 lord is badhak then stop othering about marriage. i have few points to be cleared in badhaka. being haunted/having spirits or the likes. 2007 at 11:52 am radhe krishna. if marriage takes place then what badhaka applies then. but you can advise Mrityunjaya for everyone.ven. So there is no problem. Further Guru mantra is the best.mer.srigaruda. Further we should always make the fifth house auspicious to ensure a good future.e.Also what abt role of drekkana lord. 30.. the badhaka on the 11th is not as severe as that on the fourth. From the chart you have given i see that some problems in career (aspect of Jupiter on tenth with many planets there) can occur due to jealousy and enmity (badhakesh in sixth).. However.rahu. Otherwise stick to the mantra. Since the badhakesh is in the fourth house its pertinent to examine whether the natives home which they live in could have some bad a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. GA GA Says: March 27th. but they tend to create such issues because the seventh is badhaka. 2007 at 1:57 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Ganga. aspects that house. So the above remedies must be done for job stability. a) Right its the mother and not the self who is 9h ketu(tau).mar. 31. sir the article is amazing as it works in few cases.sun. preferably after offering the five offerings (pancha-upacara puja) to Durga.Srigaruda. Yours sincerely.and also thi jup asp 10h profesion.can u explain this further. Visti Larsen Says: March 28th.. hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare. ganga hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare. Supporting mother and helping her in this life is imperitive. Namaskar You misunderstood my statement. Here Jupiter is strong in fifth house and a mantra for Sadashiva is pertinent.2h 3h(sco) i have 5 planets. This is a mantra for Durga/Subhadra and should be recited 108 times. Yours sincerely. Besides tenth and seventh in this case. 14 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . financial instability can happen due to the same yoga being posited in the eighth from arudha lagna.

which dasa is the best applicable for this chart and which is the life stone for luck.Srigaruda. being haunted/having spirits or the likes”. Kindly permit me to understand further the reply which was given to Leoncio ji(reply number 29). Yours Sincerely. which house (haunted) will be indicated by our prediction? With respects. 2007 at 1:31 pm Dear Visti.. Yours sincerely. she would have born and grown at one house and after marriage she will be living in another house (may be visiting her birth house often). Shishya Dheena Says: April Nmaskar. 1) How to examine from the chart itself ? 2) If the native is a lady. A quick question. Kris That depends on 1) whether the twelfth from it is afflicted by malefics and 2) whether its well placed from arudha lagna. 2007 at 4:54 am OM NAMASHIVAAYA Dear Guru Ji.does Venus acts as a badhaka as per the principles of it being a 9th lord? Yours sincerely Kris 34. Kris Says: May 1st. Sishya dheena 33. 2007 at 7:05 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Dheenadayalan and Kris. relationship. There is a method to see each individual house of living. Namaskar Dheena 1. and i have seen some cases where the fourth lord was Vargottama in Capricorn and the native had mistakenly bought a piece of property which was a burial ground. “Since the badhakesh is in the fourth house its pertinent to examine whether the natives home which they live in could have some bad past.sarpa badaka(broken) and cureses. Capricorn is also a sign of the dead spirits according to Jaimini. Venkatesh Says: May 8th. Visti Larsen Says: May 3rd...which remedy is the best suited. http://www. Look for the nodes associated with the fourth house and Saturn/Mars. In the following chart has deva badaka. but i will wait before commenting on that.i have aquarius lagna with Venus in 2nd house. 15 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . 35. In such a case. just as we can see each individual a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Also see if the fourth lord is associated with the same. etc..e. 2. 32. Visti. i. 2007 at 11:51 pm Dear Visti ji.All the nine planets involved in the curse.srigaruda.

e. Do this for atleast 40 days for the amount of malas as their are words in the mantra.04. see the navamsa where Saturn is joined the Sun… sheesh this guy will keep ignoring that Saturn for the sake of jobs/work etc (Sun is tenth lord in rasi). Make the mala strong and ALL the planets will follow. otherwise this person will keep ignoring that a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Birth details. Kris and Raghu. to be recited at sunrise every morning.Srigaruda.also if the ring were to made so that the gemstone doesn’t touch the skin. Does a combination of Rahu-Mars in the 9th house of Navamsa a badhaka? This is for “kumbha” lagna and the 9th lord “Venus” is exalted in 2nd house i.Sun is an enemy of the lagna lord Sani.Place:77E44. Only planet who is not involved in the BrahminShaapa is Chandra and he is the badhakesh. but sarpa yoga. 16 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . but to remove that eclipse on Saturn in navamsa.30 Thanks in advance. this is tough.Venkatesh 36.40] Time zone : +5. Thanks. Start with the first basic mantra for Matangi from a Kris Says: May 9th.. Kris Just one malefic? No badhaka.1975. Venkatesh There is no sarpa badhaka. Regards.08N43. Then see the results. will Sukra be a baadhak. Namaskar. The 12th from it is the lagna and it has Sun. NONE of that is important in this horoscope as the true yoga dominating this persons life is Grahamalika Yoga.what kinds of obstructions does it cause. So make that Saturn in eighth strong.. 2007 at 8:46 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Venkatesh. Visti Larsen Says: May 11th. The Matribadhaka is really a curse. Raghu Says: May 11th. Matangi is important. 2007 at 5:46 pm Hello Visti. and the issue is that with Rahu in lagna forming a sarpa yoga the native will have trouble accepting the remedy and even whilst doing the remedy the native will doubt that it will work. But we must admit to ourselves.Time:20:37:27(Male)[Rectified] [Recorded Birth Time : 20.. on one hand the Narayana-astakshari is important.. http://www.srigaruda.will it still affect? Thanks Kris 37. 2007 at 7:27 pm Dear Visti ji. Will the exalted 9th lord off set the presence of Mars-Rahu in the 9th house? 38. Ok. S. But. DOB:13.Meena and joined by Jupiter and Saturn. In a follow up to the posts above.

Sanjay GMY starts rom 4th house and ends in 8th house is not auspisious and ruins the life.. 2007 at 6:12 am JAI SRIRAM Dear Visti. # Because of graha malika yoga which dasa is best suited in this horoscope(Vimsottari from moon/lagna(more grahas in kendras)/utpanna(moon in 6th)/LL in 7th dwisaptaidasa/GMY any other dasa. 2007 at 9:33 am 17 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . 2007 at 9:09 am JAI SRIRAM Dear Visti. it Matangi or Kali worship? Thanks. #From this message by Pt.srigaruda. S.. Thanks. Read the post again.. Moon is not involved in the Brahmin curse.Srigaruda. Otherwise do check the position of Rahu and Mars in Rasi as this combination will have its effects on the persons a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Namaskar. Visti Larsen.http://groups. Please clarify. Venkatesh Says: May 14th. Raghu Stick to the Rasi to see the problems in LIFE. Yours #Here which is strong Brahmin curse or Devabadaka? #For Saturn to get rid out of eclipse. The 12th house from badaka is afflicted by malefics Saturn and Rahu is called as deva badaka/Matribadhaka.but it is involved in the Devabadaka.the same house is where Brahmin curse exists. In my chart how GMY gives better result. Venkatesh Says: May 14th. 41.Venkatesh 42. Visti Larsen Says: May 14th. 2007 at 9:02 am हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Venkatesh. Visti Larsen Says: May 14th. Your not listening to me. Yours sincerely. http://www. S.Venkatesh

srigaruda. Visti. 2007 at 2:04 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Venkatesh. http://www..what is the As for yuti. Namaskar. Thanks. all three are in 9th house with Rahu. Venkatesh Says: May 14th..Srigaruda.if it is in more than 12 degree the it is not considered as conjunction as per Uttarkalamirta. Visti 45. then Saturn must be well placed. you will have to wait until we discuss it. Yours. 43. The point about GMY is that if the planets starting or ending the yoga are strong/well placed then the end result is auspicious. Should I wait till December to do the 9 golden eggs donation on my birth tithi or can I do it in June/July just before my Rahu dasa starts? 18 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Bhava Chalit Chakra in another thread. Hence the reason that a GMY ending in the dusthana is normally considered 2007 at 6:39 am Dear Vistiji. My whole of Mars mahadasa has been completely unproductive and I feel as if some invisible power has bound and shackled me. Visti Larsen Says: May 14th. #How to use the chalit or bhava chart. My chart is now beginning to horrify me and once again I need your advice . Also UL. #Though the planets in the same sign. S. Pranam. Gulika and Mandi.along with sarpa bhadhak I also see black magic as my bhadhak Moon is cojoined 6th lord Mars in 10th house and that too in rashi sandhi and malefic gandmool nakshatra Magha..Venkatesh 44. Namaskar.srigaruda. If it has given you good results. http://www. Although Rahu starts in July 2007. The Budhi-Gati Dasa is best for Graha Malika Yoga. Rajat Says: May 16th. Yours sincerely. I have answered a similar question reg. longitude 76E47 latitude 30N43.If the planets are in different signs in the rasi and chalit chart. 2007 at 12:28 pm JAI SRIRAM Dear Visti. 17/12/62 6:25AM 5:30 East of GMT. Kindly advise on what I need to do for the 6th lord Mars with badhak Moon in 10th house conjuction. हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Venkatesh.. Brilliant lecture on bhadhak. Kindly take a look at my chart and advise how best I may break this jinx.

India 73E52 & 18N32 Time : 8. 2007 at 3:40 am Dear Tarun ji & Sharat ji.. I also waited for the Rahudasa to begin yet did the remedy only during the birthtithi. So should I recite gajvakray hum or vinaykay hum? I have recently listened many lectures of yours and have now developed more interest in astrology and have known many facts that were unknown to me. Thanks for imparting such valuable knowledge to us. Rajan Panse Says: May 17th. Ankita Says: May 22nd. Visti. With regards from :Rajan Panse Nagpur (India) 47.30 AM} Badhkesh Jupiter (also 7th lord) is placed in 3rd house (Marankarak sthana) along with Rahu. It will give problems in having children. Best Regards Rajat 46. Visti Larsen Says: May 19th. As per Sarpashapa yoga this seems to be a case of Serpshapa. Remedy it and the other shackles will fall. {DOB:25-5-1980 . I have taurus lagna that means my badhka is capricorn and it’s lord is placed in third. Do advise her to worship Prajapati. Namaskar. Regards Ankita 49.. Rajan The curse is much stronger here. Wait till the birth tithi. I heard ur lecture on Recently I have gone through your lectures on ‘Badhkesha’. 2007 at 11:47 am Dear Visti Ji. 19 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .srigaruda. Yours sincerely.. Saturn & Mars. She is recently married on January 23rd 2007 with a boy from different community.. I would like to know from you that whether offering of 7 plants (Which type? Real or made from silver) to nageshwara or shiva on birth tithi will make her married life normal in future? Also if any different type of remedy is required please guide.Srigaruda. I have my daughter’s horoscope with Gemini as ascendant. Found it to be quite informative. Sanjeev Says: May 31st. 2007 at 6:32 pm Dear Visti Larsen. 2007 at 5:55 pm हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Rajat and Rajan. If you may kindly send me your e mail ID I shall be grateful. Rajat Its all due to the one and same sarpa badhaka. 48.31. Place : Pune Maharashtra. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.

where I frequently post..Pl tell where are all the badhakesh & remedies for me. however i think itz a mistake/typo.45 PM POB—Bhagalpur I have faced many hurdles in my professional life & my Jupiter Dasa which i am currently running is not giving good results. If it is a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. 2007 at 8:42 pm ||Namah Shivaya|| Dear Sanjeev. Best Wishes Sharat 51. I am not aware that if such a request can be made on the discussion board or not.html 53. 9th..srigaruda. Please participate in the Jyotish web based forum of Sohamsa.As far i know Rahu is located in 10th house in horoscope & Saturn in 5th & 4 planets are located in 9th house (bhagyasthana). 2007 at 10:54 am 20 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . 2007 at 6:57 am Hello all My DOB is 25/10/74 TOB— 50.i suffer from mood swings & though Mtech & about to get doctorate am depressed in my current job.Moitra Says: November 1st. Soul Sadhak Says: July 21st.htm GodBless SS 52. http://www. Regards Sanjeev the badhaka wud be Libra. & 7th house respectively” Aq is a Fixed Sign . Visti Larsen Says: November 4th..isnt it? i did see what sharat has mentioned re badhaka for Aq on some Varahamihira pg.Srigaruda. wrt badhaka for 2007 at 1:26 pm Dear Sharat/Reema. S.blogspot. Sharat Says: May 31st. then my sincere apologies to Guru Visti ji and all others. Soul Sadhak Says: July 21st. This page can be referred to for badhaka table: http://srath.. 54. “for Movable. Fixed & Dual Signs the sign of obstruction (Bädhaka) is the 11th. 2007 at 1:28 pm and this too: http://varahamihira.

55..Moitra Your chart indicates depression on account of a curse of spouse from the past life. both are fine. if Atmakaraka is badhakesh. then recite the Ganesha mantra for Capricorn. This is really a very good concept to discuss abt Badhakesh. Namaskar. I am not sure if i am posting this on the right page but i apologise if i When a debilitated Jupiter in Dusthana with regards to leo lagna appears in a chart does it refer to brahmin’s curse? My Jupiter Mahadasha started in 2004 and i am under Saturn Anatardasha.Srigaruda. I was especially intrigued by your explanation on the effects of retrograde planets in exaltation/debility when placed in kendras/trikonas. Is my understanding correct ? 57. Is the VRY cancelled/reduced or strengthened due to Jupiter’s(natural benefic) debilitation in dusthana? My personal details are as follows. You can choose to do this at sunrise or sunset. http://www. 2007 at 8:52 am Namaste Vistiji 21 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . DOB . Whilst your chart needs some rectification to be sure of the exact lagna. Yours sincerely. हरे राम क ण॥ ृ Dear Members. In my charts Jupiter is debilitated in the 6th house and Saturn is placed in 4th house of scorpio. You will see good results within a weeks time. 2007 at 1:02 am Namaste Vistiji. I have been given different explanations on several occassions with respect to my jupiter’s debilitation as it is my ruling planet till 2020.6th of October 1985 Time .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Perform the mantra for seven x108 times per day. India regards. S.04:14 AM Location . siddarth 56.. That would be the name of Vinayaka.Chennai.srigaruda. My lagna is Leo. i can recommend that you begin worshiping Shiva with the Mahakala mantra: om namaH shivaaya mahakalaaya hum hum saH| Begin this from a Monday morning and have Rudraasbhisheka performed as well.Moitra Says: November 19th. Ankita Glad to have ignited your interest. If Badhakesh is in Cancer. then suffering will be at the soul level. Visti Larsen. 1 ) What if that badhakesh is exalted and combusted ? Is it bad or good because the Badhakesh will have lost strength to give bad effects. S... Pramod Says: November 6th. Does the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter’s debilitation in dusthana result in a brahmin’s curse? Also i have a vipareeta rajayoga due to the 8th lord placed in the 6th. 2007 at 7:26 am Namaskaar Vistiji and other learned members. Siddarth Says: November 5th.

e Moon is in 7th house in D1 and badhak sign (cancer is in 9th house with mercury and saturn) B) as 8rt is the house of Aush and as well as DUSTHASTHANA so healtwise it can be severe. 2007 at 11:37 am Visit Ji [Charan Sparash] In one of the atri classes recordings Sanjay Ji pointed out that if Bhadhakesh is in the 8rth house in the Navansa[D-9] then its dasa and anatra dasa is very painful. Rishabh Says: January 8th.Also where can i do Rudrabhisekham.g worship of Mahakala. please don’t take this personally. How would you take advantage of this? Would you worship the benefic to strenghten it? Also.45PM POB—Bhagalpur..Bihar I have some queries regarding the worship that you mentioned e.I have mostly all Bengali mantras of Lord Shiva as Lord Rudra which are very peaceful.My birth details to the best of my knowledge are as i have posted previously:DOB—25/10/1974 TOB—1.Srigaruda. vishal sharma Says: November 19th.Lord Rama etc.This i guess refers to a tantric form of worship of Lord Shiva but i don’t like Tantricism. which seem like a good idea to me. I saw your reply & thank you. MY DOUBT IS SHOULD I RELATE THE PAIN WHERE A) The badhaka is acting in D1 chart. http://www. and what you’ve learnt from your teachers / 22 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 . What if the problems brought by the badhaka are a necessary part of my “development plan” for this life ? Am I thinking of this the right way. In one of your lectures. PS:Guruji i am trying to understand various jyotish concept on my chart because One understand one’s life happening better. but may do more harm than good in the long run. but I am rather uncomfortable with using the damana beeja for the Ganesha mantra to control the badhaka. consider the damana mantra as a request for protection from stuff that’ll lead me astray? Please do talk about your own experiences.So One can corelate the concpet with example. or should I.. to make specific 59. instead. 2008 at 5:28 pm hello sir i have libra ascendant and sun is the badhkesh and atmakaraka in 6th house involved in cursing the debilitated mercury with it in the 6th house.srigaruda. does that help for people with kaal amrit yoga? 60. i)[ Same is the my case { In rahu mahadasa i am running Moon antaradasa] ii) in D9 moon is in 8rt with venus in taurus sign. My reluctance comes from the feeling that I don’t know enough about the master plan. 2008 at 4:06 am Dear Visti. i have kaal amrit yoga with venus and moon with rahu in 7th house… venus and moon debilitated in navamsha while rahu is exalted in navamsha.Is there no other deity who can be worshipped like Lord Krishna /Vishnu.. 58.i. a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. you mentioned that it’s helpful to have a benefic in conjuction with the badhaka.. Lata Says: February 2nd. i went to neelkanth above rishikesh.

Vaishnavi Says: April 1st. is it 1. http://www. Soul Sadhak Says: March 27th. 2008 at 6:28 am Dear Vistiji. regarding the damana beeja. peers / the people you’ve helped.What are the remedies ? 15th Sept 1967 00. Ron Says: April 2nd. what wud be used for other grahas? Many thanx SS 62. हंू हंू सः a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i.I think Jupiter is Bandhaka for me . Now if that mars happens to be the lagna lord.M. Vaishnavi. 64.Srigaruda.Please help me.. like say in case of vrischik or mesh? Will the dristi of lagna lord also help in some way to over come this pisach badha? 23 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .I have Saturn in 10th house{Pisces}in Gemini rashi chart. 2008 at 2:20 pm Dear Visti.20 A. Lata 61... Soul Sadhak Says: April 1st. I am facing delays& problems in finding proper job. 2008 at 12:56 pm Dear Please can u advise when do we use “houm jum sah” and “hum hum sah” with the jyotirlinga mantra? Is ‘hum hum’ specific for Sa? if so. Thanks..srigaruda. New Delhi{India} Regards. Regarding pisacha badha is mars and a node conjucts and ketu in kendra plus mars aspecting lagna. हं हं सः many thanx SS 63. हुं हुं सः 3. 2008 at 3:06 pm Namaste Guru Vistiji.I am still confused about Bandhaka and bandhakesh .

24 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .srigaruda. now offers a formal and professional course. Learn Vedic Astrology Learn Vedic Astrology through formal online courses. -Thanks Ron Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Your Vedic Astrology reading Get your personal Vedic Astrology reading by Visti Larsen. Sanjay a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. Sohamsa... SJC: Achyuta Gurukula RSS is not available for this group. Click here to learn more. by Pt.Srigaruda. Click here for more info.

srigaruda. SJC: Jaimini Danmark Re: (a) Saturn or Rahu? (b) What if Palana Devata is the Atmakaraka Tuesday.Srigaruda. March 17.. 2009 Somnath Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from AL Friday. March 17. Log in 25 af 25 18-03-2009 21:20 .com: a Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) site by Visti Larsen based i. March 13.. 2009 Raman Deep Singh Site Calendar March 2007 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 « Feb Apr » Site items Copying of material is allowed. 2009 Visti Larsen Re: Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from Friday. March 10. 2009 Raman Deep Singh (a) Saturn or Rahu? (b) What if Palana Devata is the Atmakaraka hims Tuesday. http://www. 2009 Visti Larsen Re: Kindly Explain Visti ji-A6(6th house's arudha)Vs 6th house from but give due respect to the author(s) Licensed under a Creative Commons License.. February 27.

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