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March 2012

Southeast Wisconsin
Myths vs. facts on
global warming
optimal health
and your mouth
health and beauty
benefits of the DeaD sea
Its easy to be an
environmental activist
and much more!
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nutrition fitness personal growth wellness relaxation organic & green living
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Green Energy Summit and Exposition attracts over 3000 attendees eager
to explore timely topics in energy, water and sustainability. We invite you to
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7 refections from the editor
10 ask the coach
12 whats growing on
14 healthy pets
16 ft bodies
20 healthy kids
22 intuitive insights
24 herb blurb
26 healthy eating
30 community calendar
32 resource guide
33 advertiser directory
soUtheast wisconsin March 2012
8 Environmental activism: As simple as reading a label
9 A rational imperative: Te light of reason must illuminate reality
10 How can I beneft from working with a coach?
12 How Growing Power keeps growing
13 Get hooked on the beauty benefts of the Dead Sea
14 Cabin fever
17 Te search for optimal health
20 Fitness for every body
23 Save money on energy bills
24 Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
25 Te Consumer Choice and Wellness Act
27 Change
18 featUre story
Get your motor hummin
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Photography by Taylor Greenwood
as simple as
reading a label 8
the light of reason
must illuminate reality 9
Beauty benefts
of the Dead sea
the search for
optimal health
13 27
4 Natures Pathways

March 2012
To Order: Please place orders by 12pm on Wednesday. Pick-up is on Friday or Saturday at
5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., or Friday at 2719 N. Dr Martin Luther King Dr. (Pick up location MUST be
specifed at time of order.) Contact 414-527-1930 or
For Delivery: Friday delivery available to the Milwaukee metropolitan area for orders of
at least ten $16 baskets. Please call about orders outside of Milwaukee. Delivery to schools on
Thursdays when there is no school on Fridays.
Payment: Cash, check, or credit card for orders exceeding $25. Pay upon delivery or pick-up.
We accept Quest card and WIC.
Support small
farmers, save
money, and
eat well!
Produce from Rainbow
Farmers Cooperative
To learn more about Milwaukees oldest
farm, call 414-527-1546 or come for a
tour everyday at 1pm!
5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee
produce for all Wisconsin residents!
Deliveries and pick-up available on a weekly basis!
$16 Market Baskets are available daily at Growing Power.
Our Market Baskets:
The Regular Basket feeds a family of 4 for a week,
and includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Only
The Senior Basket is half the size of a Regular Basket,
and provides the same types of fruits and vegetables. Only
The Sustainable Basket contains all organic and/or
sustainably grown produce, and supports the Rainbow Farmers
Co-op and other sustainable or organic growers. Only
The Fruit Basket is all fruit! Only
Touch the Lives of Others
Become a Massage Therapist!
Incorporating over 25 years of holistic health,
nutrition and community outreach into our program.
Full-time or part-time options available!
Federal Financial Aid for those who qualify!
General public classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi and
holistic health focused on self-care and awareness.
See our 2012 Catalog and Open House schedules visit:
De Pere 920-338-9500
Grafton 262-376-1011
Madison 608-270-5245
Go to School!
Attend an
Open House!
Get a Massage!
Discounted rates at our Student Massage Clinics.
5 Natures Pathways

March 2012
rachael wolter
Graphic Designer
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Natures Pathways is a monthly community-based magazine and
online resource that provides relevant information on living a
healthy lifestyle via nutrition, ftness, personal growth, wellness,
relaxation, and organic and green living. by connecting the busi-
nesses that provide goods and services related to these topics
to the consumers who desire to patronize such establishments,
Natures Pathways serves as a trusted resource. We strive to be
fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our
editorial content and committed to being the best community-
based natural health publication throughout our regions.
what makes Us UniqUe?
Natures Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways:
We are community based the vast majority of our advertisers are
locally or regionally based. The majority of the editorial content that
flls our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers.
why Do we sUbscribe to this bUsiness moDel?
we believe that because our advertisers are in the business of
providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are
the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access
to information provided by local businessmen and women with a
vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in
which they live. this unique concept allows you to learn more about
how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in your
community that can serve as trusted resources.
aDvertising inqUiries: To advertise with Natures Pathways, LLC or request
additional information, please contact John Kollross at 414.640.0606 or e-mail Deadline for advertising is the frst of the month
prior to publication.
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6 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Do you have a comment or question about something you read in nature's pathways? is there a story you'd
like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know!
Please e-mail Jackie at or Thanks for reading!
Jackie Peters
Spring is near! March is a month of possibility.
While Wisconsin winters have a way of putting some of us in a bit
of a funk, this time of year awakens us to the renewal ahead. Te
outdoor walkers emerge once again. Te tulips and dafodils begin
to take a peak at the world. Te evenings have more sunlight to keep
us on our toes a bit longer. And, if resolutions are not for you, this
may be the month you get motivated to take better care of yourself.
It just so happens that March is National Nutrition Month; a good
time for us to evaluate our eating habits. Te Academy of Nutri-
tion and Dietetics created the nutrition education and information
campaign in order to focus attention on the quality of food we are
putting in our bodies along with the quantity of exercise we are taking
in each week. Lets all take this opportunity to better ourselves! Tere
are a number of Web sites to help you on your wellness journey.
Having three teenagers who thrive on technology, I can hold
my own, well, on the computer anyway. When I fnally get my
turn, I enjoy visiting It is here where I am
reminded what a huge responsibility parents have in teaching our
children about healthy eating habits. Teir nutrition impacts the
development of their minds and bodies. As a parent, you can help
pave the way for a lifetime of better moods and better health by
helping them develop an appreciation for planning, preparing and
eating a range of tastes. Ive also learned from experience that the
earlier you start, the better. At my house, youre just not going to
slip a healthy beet past the tightly clenched teeth of my 16-year-
old, 175-pound, muscle-bound son wielding a menacing fork! In
his case, I concede that I probably started too late.
Our authors this month are especially excited to have the chance
to educate you with their health and wellness expertise. Mary Wish-
mann shows you how you can be an environmental activist by reading
labels and avoiding triclosan, a popular antibacterial ingredient. Ingo
G. Mahn shares great information on why your search for optimal
health should start by examining your mouth. Dont forget about the
health of your pet Dr. Jodie reminds you about the importance
of exercise, especially during Wisconsin winters. And so many more
great articles await you in this edition. Please read on!
I hope you are able to use some of what we ofer this month
to better your health and wellness the possibilities are endless!
In health and happiness,
from the editor
7 Natures Pathways

March 2012
lmost everyone can make small changes to enhance their
health and the environment. By avoiding just one ingredi-
ent, we may be able to avoid future health issues, and be
kind to Mother Earth as well. Ban triclosan from your bathroom
and replace it with essential oils to kill germs.
Triclosan, a popular antibacterial ingredient, seems to be in
practically everything, from hand sanitizers and soaps to socks
and childrens toys. Its use began in 1972, where it was mostly
confned to health settings, but over the last decade or so, product
manufacturers have used it extensively to make their products
appear healthier than other products.
In hand sanitizers, advertisers would have us believe that triclo-
san will lessen the severity and duration of cold and fu symp-
toms. Unfortunately, colds and fu are caused by viruses that are
not afected by triclosans antibacterial qualities. Triclosan (known
by other names, such as Microban, Irgasan, Biofresh, Lexol-300,
Ster-Zac, Cloxifenolum or triclocarban) kills most of the bacteria,
but those that survive evolve to be more resistant to the chemical.
Even common bacteria may become more resistant, making treat-
ment with antibiotics increasingly difcult.
In addition to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, triclosan has the
potential to disrupt hormones, the thyroid, the endocrine system,
the liver and interfere with normal fetal development. Exposure to
triclosan on a daily basis, through products in our daily routine is
dangerous because triclosan accumulates in the body over time. As
a preservative, it has been linked to allergies, asthma and eczema.
Soaps and toothpastes can react with chlorinated tap water, creat-
ing chloroform gas, which is toxic and a carcinogen through inha-
lation or skin absorption, especially while bathing in warm water.
When we rinse those chemicals down the drain, it makes its way
into waterways, breaking down into harmful dioxins, polluting
waterways. It is toxic to algae, phytoplankton and other aquatic life.
Triclosan is a common contaminant of streams and rivers. It also
gets mixed up with sewage sludge, and from there makes its way
into our food supply. At this time, it is still legal for sewage sludge
(also called biosolids) to be used as a fertilizer on food crops.
Now for the good news! Virtually all essential oils have antibac-
terial properties, and by promoting the formation of white blood
cells, they can help prevent and treat infectious illness. Aromatic
oils have been used to fght malaria and typhoid in the tropics and
plague epidemics in the Middle Ages. Tis was long before we had
better living through chemicals.
Some of our favorite essential oils have protective and immunity-
boosting attributes. Tea tree is practically anti-everything: anti-bacte-
rial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-infammatory and
anti-septic (It is even rumored to kill some types of computer viruses
not really.). Lavender also has powerful germ-killing properties. It
is sometimes called the universal oil because it can improve just about
anything. Pine has a great reputation for cleaning, as do citrus oils, in
particular, lemon, grapefruit and orange. Use eucalyptus during cold
and fu season. It is also used for burns, wounds and other skin issues.
Tere is no evidence that antibacterial soaps are more efective
than regular soap and water in fghting infections. And it seems that
the public opinion of triclosan may be turning. Recent research and
pressure from activists and U.S. policy makers, are forcing agencies to
fnally investigate this toxic chemical. Check and re-check the ingre-
dient list when you decide to bring a product into your home. Manu-
facturers love to introduce new and improved formulas to the items
we regularly use. You may have to shop with a magnifying glass. Your
trip may take a little longer (depending on your ability to read almost
unpronounceable words or skip over them completely). But when
you get into the habit of reading labels, it may become second nature.
Who knew that activism could be as simple as reading a label?
As simple as
reading a label
by mary wishmann
Mary Wishmann is the owner of Big Bubble Soap, providing anatural olive oil
glycerine soap and related items. She is committed to natural, gentle, great-smell-
ing personal care and grooming products for all members of your family, includ-
ing the 4-legged ones. For moreinformation, visitwww.bigbubblesoap.comor call
8 Natures Pathways

March 2012
ecent reputable polls document widespread public
mistrust of science, conspicuously regarding but by no
means limited to the realities of anthropogenic global
warming and evolution by natural selection. Because mitigation
of climate change poses an immense and immediate challenge
to humanity, and the understanding of evolution is fundamen-
tal to biological and medical science, these egregious examples
of disdain for evidence-based information and the methods of
science are problematic in the extreme. Indeed, declining respect
for knowledge in general seems to be increasingly widespread.
Tis anti-intellectual mindset impedes our technological and
economic progress and threatens our future way of life. It compels
immediate attention. It is a rational imperative.
An informed, rational and responsible citizenry is essential to
the survival of democracy. As Tomas Jeferson asserted in his
frst inaugural address (March 4, 1801), I deem [one of] the essen-
tial principles of our Government the difusion of information and
arraignment of all abuses at the bar of the public reason. Tis foun-
dation stone of a free society is being undermined by a pervasive
propaganda campaign to discredit scholarship and reason and
to elevate uninformed opinion and partisan parroting to a level
of equal validity and acceptance in public discourse. Te college
where I teach is committed to a set of core abilities that we strive to
develop in all of our students. Important among them is the ability
to think critically and distinguish assertions based on evidence
from those based on opinion. Tis core ability seems to be lacking
in far too many of our fellow citizens.
When public policy is substantially infuenced by or predicated
upon myth, suspicion, fear, denial and demagoguery, then we are
in danger of travelling backward in time from the age of reason
into the shadowy abyss of the intellectual dark ages. And those of
us who stand aloof, eschewing involvement to view responsibil-
ity only through the narrow prism of our own lives and immedi-
ate interests, are enablers of and accountable for this deplorable
retrogression of rationality that can as history abundantly
demonstrates lead to the decline and collapse of civilizations. In
his masterwork, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
(2005), Jared Diamond concluded that societies make disastrous
decisions because of failure to anticipate and perceive rational bad
behavior, disastrous values, other irrational failures and unsuc-
cessful solutions.
For scientists, the most efective strategy is direct and clear
presentation of science: observations and measurements and
their rational interpretation in the context of Nature. Indeed, the
strategy of clarity and truth is efective in all contexts. An impor-
tant second step is pulling aside the wizards curtain to expose
the myths, misrepresentations and motives of agenda-driven
obfuscators, liars, deniers and contrarians. But our paramount
imperative is that we be advocates of reason. Not scientists and
educators and scholars alone, but all who recognize and respect
the unique humanizing value of objective intellectual enterprise
and its communication. Knowledge is indeed power. It is what
distinguishes our species and endows us with the stewardship of
planet Earth.
George Stone earned a Ph.D. in geology at the University of Colorado (Boulder).
He teaches geology, earth science, weather, climate and energy at Milwaukee Area
Technical College and is chair of the Green Energy Summit (http://greenenergy-
A rational imperative:
The light of reason
must illuminate reality
by george stone
important is the ability
to think critically and
distinguish assertions
based on evidence from
those based on opinion.
9 Natures Pathways

March 2012
herever you are in your life, its essential that you
take the time to search for what it is you want or the
areas that you feel the need to change within yourself
in order for you to be completely happy. Investing in yourself is
quite possibly the most important investment youll ever make.
Without a completely happy and fulflled you, youre really only
giving those that you love, care about or even a job your passionate
about, just a part of the huge potential that lies within you.
Learning to focus on the areas of your life that you know need
a little more attention is the frst step to fguring out what kind
of coach you should be working with. If youre really honest with
yourself, we all know deep down inside of us what we need or want
to change about ourselves or our lives. So, in what area of your life,
professionally or personally, do you feel a need to make a change?
Behavior change is primarily what coaches help you to focus on,
as well as helping you in the areas of motivation, accountability
and providing you with the support you need to reach your goals.
Learning how to set realistic and attainable goals and also provid-
ing you with the necessary resources for you to have success is
truly what a coach sets out to help you with. Working with a coach
is all about you and without judgment, criticism or opinions of
what direction you should travel. Its about helping you tap into
what you want or expand upon what you already do well.
Tere are a variety of coaches to choose from; however, the more
common ones are: health, wellness, business, lifestyle and ftness
coaches. Here are some ideas for trying to help you identify why
you might want to consider hiring one of these types of coaches.
Youre not happy with how you feel about yourself.
Weight is an issue.
Procrastination has become a lifestyle for you.
Wanting to become a better leader, parent or friend.
Not knowing how to design an idea or tackle a project.
You struggle with how to identify your personal or
professional goals.
You want to learn to be consistent in certain areas of your life.
You need help with fnding a balance with work life and
personal time.
Understanding why you end up in the same toxic relationships.
Building self-confdence.
Your need to achieve a certain ftness goal.
Learning how to simplify your life.
Personally, when it comes to addressing the needs in my life, I,
too, need support, clarifcation and direction. Tus, working with
a coach allows me an abundance of personal and professional
growth. Remember, you need to matter frst and foremost in your
own life, especially if you want to give a quality versus quantity
you to those that you surround yourself with daily. Dont close
the door to the endless potential that you have within yourself, as
theres so much opportunity that awaits you to come alive to.
Kathy Larson, CPT, CWC with Wellness Online (www.wellnesson- has been in the health and wellness industry for more
than 20 years. Shes worked in all realms of wellness and ftness,
including education, personal training, ftness equipment sales and
a variety of business ownerships that have been awarded national
recognition. Kathys passion is to educate individuals, business owners and corpo-
rate employees on how to incorporate healthier living into their daily lives so that
they begin to live consciously. Individualized coaching and assessments is one of
Kathys specialties, which focuses on helping you defne what you need to do to
achieve your personal and/or corporate goals. For more information, e-mail her
at or call 262.443.4271.
How can i beneft
from working
with a coach?
by kathy larson
10 Natures Pathways

March 2012
membership community designed
to help us all live healthier lives!
Advice and instruction for engineering ftness, good nutrition, and
management of weight, stress, and health into your busy life.
Ofering wellness coaching through seminars, individualized &
group education, corporate programs and more!
Wellness coaches focus on specifc wellness areas:
Stress management
Weight management
Disease prevention
Health risk assessment
Kathy Larson, CWC, CPT Health Coach & Consultant
To Provide Bright New Beginnings
To Displaced Golden Retrievers
WAAGR is an all volunteer/member Golden Retriever rescue based in
southeastern Wisconsin. WAAGR was established in September 2004, and
was given 501(c)(3) status in February 2005.
Dog Seller License Number: 268245-DS
Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever
12605 W. North Ave., #285
Brookfield, WI 53005
(414) 517-7725
11 Natures Pathways

March 2012
ith Wisconsins extraordinarily warm winter this year,
we are well under way with planning for our outdoor
crops. Similarly, both avid and new gardeners are
beginning to approach us for garden supplies and plants. Every
day we receive phone calls or walk-ins inquiring about the coming
season. Traditionally weve ofered the basic amenities for your
everyday gardener: seeds, transplants, soil, compost and worms.
Tis year we will ofer more. Our 20,000 Gardens Initiative is our
way of bringing a little bit of Growing Power home. Beginning this
spring, we will provide garden material deliveries and installations at
residential homes for gardens ranging from 10 f. x 10 f. and up. We
know home gardening can be daunting at frst, espe-
cially for the new home gardener. Tats why, through
the 20,000 Gardens Initiative, Growing Power staf and
our partner, Bradley Blaeser, president of Te Green
Team, a sustainable landscape management company
(, will do the bulk of the
preliminary work. Once your home garden is installed,
all you have to do is take care of it. We will request an
equitable fee for each delivery or installation and for
every ten gardens installed, we will donate one free
garden installation to a needy family in Milwaukee.
Home gardening in the city of Milwaukee and other
urban centers can be tricky at the least and toxic at worst. City resi-
dents are ofentimes lef to deal with the risks associated with living
in outdated and unsafe homes constructed from hazardous materials
long banned from use. Teir yards are also more likely to be contami-
nated with toxins like lead that can easily be absorbed by some plants
through a process called phytoremediation. Tis makes it dangerous
to grow directly in the soil if its never been tested for contaminants.
Due to these common hazards and potential risk, Growing Power
grows its food in raised garden beds two feet high built from the fnest
compost and worm castings available in the region. Tis method
ensures a 100% guarantee that the food grown at Growing Powers
urban production sites is safe and healthy to eat.
Growing Power will be sourcing the same reliable compost, rich
with worms, nutrients and micro-organisms, for the 20,000 Gardens
Initiative. We will install gardens every day during the warmer seasons
until we reach at least 20,000, and we wont stop until we get there.
With the 20,000 Gardens Initiative, everyone gets to grow food the
Growing Power way. We hope this program inspires new and begin-
ning gardeners and energizes avid, experienced growers. Over the years
as I have developed our organization, I, too, need reinvigoration and
high goals to be able to push myself and our staf to think big and aim
high. I hope the 20,000 Gardens Initiative will contribute to increasing
the amount of food grown and consumed in the Milwaukee region
from less than 1% to at the least 10% within fve years. Tis will add to
food security and the overall health and well-being of our communities.
As the saying goes, Give a man a fsh and he eats for a day, teach a
man how to fsh and he eats for a lifetime. Te 20,000 Gardens Initia-
tive ofers the best of both worlds: Growing Power
not only provides the fsh (compost, seeds,
plants, installation, etc.) but for those new and old
to gardening, we ofer various training programs
and workshops to prepare folks for growing their
own food, including composting, vermiculture
and year-round growing. With the 20,000 Gardens
Initiative supported by Growing Powers training
oferings and stellar garden materials, you can
have your cake and eat it too, or rather, you can
have your greens and eat them too.
Interested in this program? Want to learn more
about our trainings? Visit for more informa-
tion. Growing Power also welcomes you to visit the urban farm daily
at 1:00 p.m. for an hour and a half long educational tour of the facility
for only $10/person. Call 414.527.1546 to schedule your tour or drop
in at 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53218.
How Growing Power
keeps growing
20,000 gardens initiative: home
gardening the growing power way
by will allen
Will Allen, son of a sharecropper, former professional basketball player, ex-corporate sales
leader and longtime farmer, has become recognized as among the preeminent thinkers of our
time on agriculture and food policy. Te founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc., a farm and
community food center in Milwaukee, Wis., Allen is widely considered the leading authority
in the feld of urban agriculture. At Growing Power and in community food projects across the
nation, Allen promotes the belief that all people, regardless of their economic circumstances,
should have regular access to fresh, safe, afordable and nutritious foods. Using methods he has
developed over a lifetime, Allen trains community members to become community farmers,
assuring them a secure source of good food without regard to political or economic forces. Mr.
Allen has received several prestigious awards, including the 2008 MacArthur Genius grant, the
2011 James Beard Award and the 2012 NCAA Teodore Roosevelt Award. First Lady Michelle
Obama recognized Mr. Allen in 2010 and asked him to speak at the launch of her Lets Move
campaign, which is combating obesity in American youth. Later that year Will was included in
TIME magazines 100 Most Infuential People in the World edition. Leana Nakielski, Growing
Power Development Manager, co-authored this article.
for every ten
gardens installed,
we will donate
one free garden
installation to a
needy family in
12 Natures Pathways

March 2012
t the ripe old age of three million, the Dead Sea has been a
staple in promoting health and beauty since ancient times.
Named the Dead Sea due to its lack of plant, fsh and any
other living life in the water, it features an extremely high content
of minerals. Ironically, the very minerals that keep plant and fsh
life at bay are also responsible for the health and vitality of those
that have harnessed its powers over thousands of years. Aristotle,
the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and Cleopatra are said to have
recognized and indulged in the healing and therapeutic properties
of the Dead Sea.
According to the Dead Sea Research Center, what makes this
sea, in particular, so special is that it contains a unique solar irra-
diation, an increased oxygen density, a high-density salty sea with
unusual salt composition, thermo-mineral springs and a special
natural mud. Tese unique properties continue to make the Dead
Sea a center for research, health, wellness and beauty today.
If youre not able to jump on a plane and spend the day at the
Dead Sea, fear not! Everyone can easily experience the power of
the Dead Sea by incorporating its salts and mud into their beauty
and wellness regime. But the question remains, What really
makes something as simple as mud and salt so special?
Dead sea salt
Te frst thing that makes Dead Sea salt unique is that it varies
greatly from other salt in chemical makeup. Dead Sea salt contains
less than 3% sodium chloride, while normal ocean water salt is
made up of roughly 97% sodium chloride.
In its place, it contains
over 26 minerals essential to skin health and balance, including
chloride, bromide, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium.
Containing such minerals, the salts are believed to provide the
following health and beauty benefts:
rheumatologic conditions: Skin absorbs minerals from
Dead Sea salt while soaking to help stimulate blood circulation
in treatment of arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Common skin aliments: Skin disorders such as acne and
psoriasis may be relieved by regular soaking in water with Dead
Sea salt. High concentrations of magnesium may also aid in
improving skin hydration and reducing infammation.
3, 4, 5
Anti-aging: Soaking in Dead Sea salt is additionally recom-
mended to help reduce wrinkle depth.
Popular products including Dead Sea salt, for easy incorporation
into your daily routine, include bath salts and soaks and other
skin exfoliants.
Dead sea mud
Like Dead Sea salt, Dead Sea mud is jam packed with minerals
such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and calcium.
It is traditionally harvested from the bottom of the sea where
high amounts of these minerals naturally settle and are absorbed.
Impurities are removed from the mud, and it is packaged for use.
Uses and benefts of Dead Sea mud include:
Fine mud grains cleanse the skin and remove dirt particles and
As mud dries it pulls out toxins from skin, frming and
Moisturizes skin and helps with natural hydration.
Gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful and
healthier skin layer.
Helps to provide efective relief for skin issues such as psoriasis,
eczema, acne and wrinkles.
While salt is most commonly used as a soak, mud may be applied
directly to the skin as a mask or mixed with other ingredients in
the form of body or facial bars.
Get hooked on the
beauty benefts of
the Dead sea
By Caitlin Brotz
13 Natures Pathways

March 2012
bout this time in Wisconsin were all going a little stir crazy
and feeling cooped-up indoors. As a veterinarian, I see the
adverse efects of this on my patients. Dogs and cats need
an outlet for their nervousness and boredom. Some resort to self-
mutilation; others participate in destructive or otherwise inappro-
priate behaviors. Dogs, some breeds in particular, chew on their
extremities to produce what we call lick granulomas. Dobermans
and retrievers are notorious for this. Tese, sometimes raw and
calloused appearing lesions, can be extremely difcult to treat. In
my treatment protocols, as a holistic veterinarian always consid-
ering the mind and spirit, not just the body I realize we need
to stimulate the mind and soothe the spirit of these dogs who are
bored with winter. A topical ointment is an inadequate band-aid.
Summertime good dogs can become wintertime bad dogs when
they think chewing on furniture or barking incessantly is an appro-
priate outlet for their cabin fever frustration. Even cats can become
annoyed when their routine of sneaking outdoors or sitting in a sunny
window cackling at birds has been altered. Cats like to express their
dissatisfaction with a situation by inappropriately urinating.
So what are we to do? Here are some fun, local and easy suggestions
to re-connect with your pet during the cold, dark months of winter.
Tink Pawsitive and K-9 Splash in New Berlin has an indoor
pool for dogs! Tey boast a 37,000 sq. f. building with 17,000 sq.
f. of indoor, artifcial turf. Todd Oilschlager, co-owner and swim
coach says, We promote our facility as a canine sports center for
agility, fyball and in the future, frisbee! No experience is neces-
sary to try it out. My 13-year-old terrier acts like a puppy when he
fnishes his swim session!
Patty Muraczewski, owner and trainer at For Pets Sake in Mukwo-
nago, ofers a plethora of dog activities including reward-based train-
ing, agility, fy ball and puppy socials. She encourages doggy day care,
such as is provided by the Central Bark franchises, in our commu-
nity. Patty is also the founder of Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue.
She is familiar with an objectionable and painful behavior unique to
Bichons called fur pulling. A nervous Bichon grabs his own fur with
his teeth and rips a strip out like waxing, ouch! I have been a witness
to this when I frst rescued my own Bichon Frise.
At my practice, I advise distraction techniques and an oral
Chinese herbal called Shen Calmer. Shen means mind. My
Bichon loves fghting with squeaky toys, but only if I get up of the
couch and onto the foor and play with him!
Its easy to ignore a lazy cat. Sometimes excessive petting actually
annoys them. You may not realize, just as some of us suppress our
feelings, cats can internalize their boredom or frustration and become
depressed or resort to excessive fur licking. Tis actually has been
given the name psychogenic neurodermatitis. Providing a new cat
tree or new bed can thrill a cat. Stimulate your cat with fippy toys,
glitter balls and crinkle toys. Outdoor cats are able to keep busy stalk-
ing mice, pawing at bugs and snifng fowers. Wal-Mart has a unique
cat toy a collection of imitation insects in mason jars. Tey sparkle
and futter like the real thing! Tere are two varieties, a butterfy or a
frefy. Tis innovation can puzzle and entertain your feline.
Did you know that you can schedule an appointment for a
professional massage for your pet? Massage is petting with
intent. When appropriate techniques and pressure are applied, a
massage can be just as relaxing for your dog or cat as it is for you.
In the right setting, its a mini-vacation!
When all else fails, bundle up and head outside! Manufactur-
ers make strollers for cats, and coats and boots for sensitive little
bodies and paws. A little fresh air is good for everyone!
Cabin fever
by Dr. Jodie
Dr. Jodie is owner and small animal veterinary practitioner at the Animal Doctor
Holistic Veterinary Complex in Muskego. She is a 1987 graduate of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Her expertise is in natural nutri-
tion, including the recommending of raw diets and in the prescription of western and
Chinese herbals. Dr. Jodie has traveled to China and became certifed in veterinary
acupuncture by the Chi Institute in 2008. Learn more about holistic pet health care
by visiting or calling 414.422.1300.
14 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Caitlin Brotz is owner of Oliv 426, located at 511 N. 8th St., in Downtown Sheboy-
gan or online at Devoted to improving the well-being of customers
and the world around us every day, Oliv believes in creating all-natural personal
care products that are truly healing, non-harmful and afordable for everyday use.
For more information about Oliv 426 or to learn more about the benefts of all
natural personal care, contact Caitlin at or 920.783.0809.
(1) Maor, Zeev et al. Antimicrobial properties of Dead Sea black mineral mud,
International Journal of Dermatology, May 2006.
(2) Harari, Marco; Shani, Jashovam. Demographic evaluation of successful
antipsoriatic climatotherapy at the Dead Sea (Israel) DMZ Clinic. International
journal of dermatology 36 (4): 304305. doi:10.1046/j.1365-4362.1997.00204.x
(3) Harari, Marco; Shani, Jashovam. Demographic evaluation of successful
antipsoriatic climatotherapy at the Dead Sea (Israel) DMZ Clinic. International
journal of dermatology 36 (4): 304305. doi:10.1046/j.1365-4362.1997.00204.x
(4) Proksch, Ehrhardt MD, PhD et al. Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead
Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and
reduces infammation in atopic dry skin, International Journal of Dermatology,
February 2005.
(5) Ehrhardt, Proksch; Nissen, HP; Bremgartner, M; Urquhart, C. Bathing in
a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution: follow-on review. International
journal of dermatology 46 (2): 177179. doi:10.1111/j.1365-4632.2005.02079.x.
I strongly encourage everyone to try a Dead Sea product or two
and discover the amazing benefts that the Dead Sea ofers. Once
you try it, I promise youll be hooked for good! For a more authen-
tic experience, try a mud facial mask made with 100% natural
Dead Sea mud and pair it with a nice relaxing Dead Sea salt bath
soak. Your skin will thank you!
Beauty benefts of the Dead Sea from pg. 13
15 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Question: Im not a particularly great cook, and I seem to eat a lot
of boxed foods. Is this a problem if health is one of my primary goals?
Answer: It really depends on the specifc foods youre eating, but its
defnitely advantageous to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables and
all-natural whole grains as possible, not to mention fresh meats and
seafood. Tat said, convenience, price and several other factors most
likely play into your food choices as well, so choosing the best foods
100% of the time may not be all that practical. My advice to you would
be to move in the direction of fresh foods as much as you can, given
your particular lifestyle. And remember, you dont have to be a great
cook to reap the health benefts of nutrient-dense foods. Tey may
taste better if you know how to properly prepare them, but its pretty
easy to throw together some chicken or fsh with a cooked whole grain
and some veggies for a quick and easy (and healthy) dinner. I would
also recommend taking a basic cooking class so you can learn a new
skill one that will continue to pay health dividends moving forward.
Question: I hate getting sick. Can you provide some tips and
hints to keep me healthy throughout the winter months?
Answer: Im with you being sick sucks! Luckily, there are a
couple tried and true habits that will help you avoid the latest bug.
First of all, wash your hands frequently, and by all means, avoid
touching your face (especially your eyes, nose and mouth). Drink
plenty of fuids, get plenty of sleep (people forget how important
this is to a healthy immune system) and get a fu shot as well. It
goes without saying that a healthful diet is ideal, but I would also
recommend a good quality multivitamin/mineral supplement too,
since most people struggle to eat a balanced and varied diet on
a daily basis. But to me, the most efective way to avoid illness is
to stay away from people that are already sick. Tis can certainly
be a challenge, especially if you have kids, but do your best. Put
these tips to good use, and you should be able to skirt through the
winter with nothing more than the occasional head cold, if that!
Question: Im big into weightlifing, but Im not a huge fan
of cardio. Is there a way for me to enhance heart health without
hopping on one of the traditional pieces of cardio equipment for
45 minutes at the gym?
Answer: Yes absolutely! Cardio doesnt necessarily mean you
have to get on the bike, treadmill or elliptical. You simply need to
get your heart rate up and that can be accomplished during your
weight training sessions. Doing compound sets or supersets, or
intense circuits with very little rest, will defnitely get your heart
rate kicking, and these provide the ftness and health benefts
youre looking for. You can get active in plenty of other ways too,
without feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Try playing one of your
favorite sports or go hiking in a nearby park. Even tubing or sled-
ding in the wintertime can provide a good cardiovas-
cular workout. Just think outside the box a little and
keep the focus on fun!
expert answers to
your health and
wellness questions
boxed foods, winter
health and getting cardio
without the treadmill
by karmen nenahlo
You can get active in plenty of
other ways too, without feeling
like a hamster on a wheel.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the worlds largest 24/7 co-ed
ftness franchise. For more information, visit
16 Natures Pathways

March 2012
magine the following scenario: Lately you havent been feeling
well. Youve been to almost every type of practitioner. Te
prescribed pills, supplements and treatments have resulted in
some minimal improvement, but you are still not feeling as well
as you would like. If you suddenly became aware of a toxin or an
infection somewhere in your body your frst reaction would surely
be to ask: What do I have to do to get rid of this problem?
Tat may sound obvious, but many people are unaware that
this is exactly what they have going on in their bodies! And, as a
holistic dentist, I know exactly where it is the mouth! Sadly, in
most cases neither the patient nor their health care practitioners
are even aware of whats going on. In the search for optimal health,
oral infections and toxic heavy metals are ofen lef untreated
yet both of these conditions can have tremendous adverse efects.
Just how important of a factor is your oral health? Consider a
statement by German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll: Based on 40
years of research, I estimate 80% of all illness to be related entirely
or partially to problems in the mouth. WOW 80%!
He made this claim almost 50 years ago, but it took a recent
study linking gum disease to heart disease (as well as diabetes)
for the conventional dental community to fnally take notice. And
though this particular relationship is only the tip of the iceberg, it
actually represents a huge shif in the mindset of the conventional
dental profession.
Why? For years holistically minded dentists have been losing
their licenses for even suggesting that patients could improve
their overall health by frst improving the health of their mouths.
Tese holistic dental pioneers were accused of practicing medi-
cine without a license. In contrast, however, todays dental jour-
nals and leading clinicians foresee the future of the dentist as the
Physician of the Mouth.
Tis makes me cautiously optimistic that the next step will be
for dentistry to consider some of the other dental issues that can
adversely afect a patients overall health.
So what are these other issues in dentistry?
Mercury (silver or amalgam flling): For years the American
Dental Association (ADA) claimed that NO amount of this potent
neurotoxin is released from amalgams. Tey now admit insignif-
cant amounts of mercury are indeed released from these fllings
a tough argument to make considering studies show NO level of
mercury to be safe. Even short-term exposure to very small amounts
can cause symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances
and memory loss. If you still have amalgams in your mouth, SAFE
removal by a holistic dentist is CRITICAL. Just as important is
replacement with a biocompatible composite (white) flling material.
fluoride: Tere is evidence that fuoridation increases the inci-
dence of cancer, hip fractures and joint problems, and that by
causing fuorosis it damages both teeth and bones. Other medical
problems may also occur, including neurologic damage. Propo-
nents of fuoridation have censored most media, ignored intelli-
gent discussion of fuoridation, slandered most opponents of fuo-
ridation and overturned legal judgments against fuoridation in a
manner that demonstrates their political power. Many published
studies that had conclusions favoring fuoridation were later found
unsupported by their raw data. Fluoridation of municipal water
should cease. De-fuoridation of naturally fuoridated water down
to 0.4 ppm of fuoride should be mandated. Individuals should
remove fuoride from their tap water if fuoridation cannot be
stopped. Tis was the conclusion of the Journal of American Physi-
cians and Surgeons, Vol. 10, No. 2, Summer 2005, afer reviewing
all of the available research and literature regarding fuoridation.
root Canals: Once the nerve in a tooth dies, bacteria can enter
the space previously occupied by the nerve and cause an infec-
tion. Root canals remove the infection only in the main canals
and a flling material is then placed to prevent further infection.
Problems arise because the root of a tooth is actually composed
of millions of small tubules. Unfortunately, in a dead tooth, these
tubules may harbor bacteria capable of producing powerful toxins.
Dr. Weston Price, a highly respected researcher with the
The search for
optimal health
by ingo g. mahn, DDs, aiaomt, Doctor of
integrative medicine
17 Natures Pathways

March 2012




By Jackie Peters
l h

t, l

when brUce bessert, director of the concordia
center for environmental stewardship, was looking for a
versatile vehicle with a small carbon footprint for campus use,
he turned to Bob Mair, major accounts/feet manager with MEE
material handling equipment, llc (mee). bessert met mair at
an environmental function and says he came highly recom-
mended by Summerfest organizers and others in his profes-
sional network. He appreciated the fact that MEE had more
experience with electric vehicles than competitors in the area.
MEE teamed with Columbia ParCar Corp., a Wisconsin-based
electric vehicle producer, to have a custom shell manufactured for
one of its standard chassis. They did a brilliant job of building
an electric vehicle for us, says bessert. bob was very attentive.
the process started with a meeting with engineers at columbia,
at which bessert was able to go over his needs. he mentioned
that he would have to carry both cargo and passengers, and
even have to do a bit of towing and that he didnt want a
golf cart. All of the specifcs were covered, right down to the
color. A proposal was prepared; and soon thereafter Olive was
born, referring to the green-colored, non-street legal, low speed
vehicle (lsv) that now calls concordia home.
while lsvs are especially useful on campuses, at large facilities
that need zero-emission indoor vehicles, at multi-building orga-
nizations and for the military, they are also popular for personal
use especially as a second car in two-vehicle households. In
fact, mee sells lsvs from columbia and star ev that are street
legal and allowed on roads that do not exceed 35 miles per hour.
Mair explains that people are generally looking for 2-passen-
ger, hard-sided vehicles that have AM/FM radio, do not look
like a golf cart and come in under $10,000. Most people want
more automotive-looking models, he adds. Owners of LSVs
enjoy the convenience of just plugging into a standard 110 wall
outlet. after a full charge, the lsv can travel 4050 miles.
the most exciting aspect: cost of operation for lsvs
is estimated at $.025 or two and one-half cents per
mile. With the average cost of electricity at $.11 per
kilowatt hour, the cost for an 8-hour charge is $.88
Owners of LSVs enjoy the convenience
of just plugging into a standard 110
wall outlet. after a full charge, the
lsv can travel 4050 miles.
lsvs are available, you can use
them here in wisconsin and they
not only save you gas money, but
(yes, eighty-eight cents)!
Mairs job is to share the
excitement. lsvs are
available, you can use
them here in wisconsin
and they not only save
you gas money, but they
also reduce your energy
footprint! he proclaims.
Mark Heyrman, presi-
dent of mee, is proud of
the fact that the company
has stayed in front of the trend to green power. since
its inception in 1956, when James heyrman started
the Wisconsin-based lift truck company, MEE has also
placed a lot of emphasis on exceptional service and
high-quality products. The dedication shows at all
four wisconsin locations.
according to
heyrman, mee
ventured into
electric vehicle
sales as we
moved into
the new millennium. our
countrys dependency
on foreign oil continued
to rise, as did concerns
about the effects of pollu-
tion on the future of our
planet, he recalls. as
oil prices continued to
rise, many companies at
this time started looking
for vehicles and material
handling machines that were powered by alternative
sources. over the years since, mee has continued to
expand its electric offerings.
mee is one of the primary suppliers of lsvs in
Wisconsin. We enjoy our partner-
ships with columbia, star ev and
cushman (for industrial vehicles).
they are quality companies and
are always responsive to the
needs of my clients, explains
19 Natures Pathways

March 2012
outh obesity has become the epidemic of note through-
out society. Countless governmental bodies, independent
organizations and mainstream media outlets are constantly
revealing statistics and projections related to this problem. Accord-
ing to several sources, the youth overweight/obesity numbers exceed
30 percent of people under the age of 18 in the United States and are
expected to rise toward the 50 percent mark by the end of 2012.
What we need is an action plan that will help kids and fami-
lies rid themselves of the burden that has virtually crippled our
youngest generation and even led to a vernacular shif in medical
terminology. For example, type 2 diabetes used to be referred to as
adult onset until it became a common illness diagnosed in thou-
sands of children due to their overweight concerns. Maybe more
importantly, however, we must peel back the layers and ascertain
what the true cause for concern is with this topic. Is obesity really
the problem, or is it the symptom of a greater matter?
Te obesity factor is nothing more than a bodily response to
an inappropriate lifestyle devoid of activity. Obesity is not the
problem inactivity is. And while this perspective change may
seem insignifcant, I can assure you that in order to truly fnd
success when working with a client, your No. 1 goal must be to
fnd the root of the problem.
Moreover, contemporary youth ftness programs are widely
considered unsuccessful because of their lack of attention toward
the actual problem and creating its corresponding solution. By not
addressing the mental, emotional and lifestyle realities that brought
our clients to this place to begin with, we are almost guarantee-
ing that they will fall of the wagon and eventually revert back to
the lifestyle actions that brought us to them in the frst place. Tis
is a tragic revolving door scenario with adults. It is virtual child
abuse with kids. Kids are too inactive on a daily basis. Increase
daily activity and you will have solved the problem from its core
in one fell swoop. In order to make that happen, you must create
daily ftness activities that are both developmentally sound and fun
for kids. Fun and developmentally sound are operative points
in this equation. Children are not little adults, and the exercise
requirements they have are vastly diferent than those of grownups.
I continue to rally against sending children to adult health clubs
thinking that they will receive what they need. I encourage parents
to go there themselves, but allow people with advanced knowledge
of child development to work with the children.
Additionally, the fun factor is something that we simply must
embrace. Children are not nave nor are they mentally incapable
of understanding what it is they enjoy. When kids have fun, they
want to do it again and again. It cant get more basic than that.
Tis is the core concept of our Every Body Fitness program.
Getting kids to have a fun-out as opposed to a work out and getting
kids to play ftness. Tere are so many very talented and athletic
kids that frequent our gymnastics gym and we start to take them
for granted. We start to believe that these kids probably represent
the average child and nothing is further from the truth. Tere are
many children out there who have no activity. In fact I met a child a
while ago who wasnt sure how to run because she had never done
it. We have the children with talent, the true athletes, the children
who will, without a doubt, grow up to be ft adults. But I saw that
we were not reaching those children who need us most. I wanted
to have a program for kids who might be intimidated by moving or
getting ft. What we created is a nationally recognized program that
addresses challenged children, athletes and all children in between.
I spoke to a mom today about registering her football/soccer son
for ftness again because it kicked his butt. Gymfnitys Every Body
Fitness has the ability to challenge individuals at their own level and
act in a way that can change the world, one child at a time.
fitness for
every body
By J. Orkowski
J. Orkowski (owner, program director, team coach): J. has enjoyed international
competition as a gymnast and has coached around the country in various gyms,
camps and programs since 1980. Ofen a featured presenter at gymnastics semi-
nars, J. opened Gymfnity in 1999. He is the safety educator of Wisconsin for
USA Gymnastics, sits on the board for Gold Medal Standard Clubs of Character
Education and is on the Wisconsin State Board for USA Gymnastics. He is the
vice president of the Wisconsin Gymnastics Club Owners Association and the
proud dad of his BEST 2 projects; Owen (2004) and Emmett (2008).
20 Natures Pathways

March 2012
866.505.7501 Twitter: @naturalhealthy
Your health is the best investment youll ever make!
Herbal Nutrition Supplements
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Dr. Mahn graduated from Marquette University School of
Dentistry in 1985 and Capital University of Integrative Medi-
cine (Washington, DC) in 2004. He is an accredited member of
the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and
practices at Integrative Dental Solutions with Dr. Supriya Shetty in
Pewaukee (23770 W. Capitol Dr.) His ofce can be contacted at 262.691.4555 or
via the Web at
American Dental Association, was the frst to demonstrate the
disease-causing ability of toxic root canal teeth. Many holistic
dentists recommend the removal of all dead teeth. Fortunately, not
all dead teeth become toxic and some of these teeth can be saved
with the use of alternative therapies (i.e., laser therapy, biocompat-
ible flling materials and infltration of ozonated oxygen).
Cavitations: Also known as NICO lesions, these necrotic and
sometimes infected areas of bone in the jaw are difcult to diag-
nose with conventional x-rays.Tese lesions can be a hiding place
for disease-causing toxins and bacteria. Even though conventional
dentists vehemently deny the existence of these lesions, Dr. G.V.
Black, who is considered to be the father of modern dentistry,
frst described and named this condition.
Each of these issues on its own can seriously afect the ability of
an individual to achieve optimal health. When found in combi-
nation, as they ofen are (e.g., amalgams and root canals or root
canals and cavitations), the health consequences can be devastat-
ing. Tis makes a properly trained holistic dentist an important
and NECESSARY member of the integrative healthcare team.
Te search for optimal health from pg. 17
Music for
Yoga &
by Dennis Hawk
This music was designed to quiet the mind, body
and spirit, with futes crafed to address the specifc
tonal quality of each chakra. All futes were made of
natural products, wood, gourds and bamboo. This
music is ideal for yoga, massage, Reiki or meditaton.
These are quiet meditatve albums designed
for use in relaxing the mind, body and spirit.
For more info about Dennis Hawk go to
Listen and purchase Dennis Hawks music online at:
Amazon and cdbaby: htp://
For booking info e-mail: Gigi deYoung,
Turtle Isle
Turtle II
21 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Everything in the universe contains energy,
yet energy is something many of us dont
understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a
practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is
here to answer any questions you have about your energy system.
Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balan-
cing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. Te ideas written here do not
replace medical attention. Always listen to your body, mind and
intuition when receiving advice of any kind.
Dear Tina,
I know that I am intuitive. I can feel my heart telling me what is
right or wrong for me to do; however, I cant see anything visually.
Is it possible to learn how to receive intuition through sight or do
you have to be born with that ability?
Eyes But Cant See
Dear Eyes But Cant See,
Yes, you are intuitive. What you are describing is an innate heart
chakra gif within your spirit and, therefore, body. Heart gifs not
only alert you with a change in heartbeat, a swelling in your chest
or a change in breathing, it also allows you to heal through your
heart and hands. Tis is a powerful gif that can sometimes be
difcult to control. It may sometimes feel like you have to help
someone or that you are responsible for fxing other peoples prob-
lems. If you feel that way, some boundaries are in order!
To answer your question, yes you can learn any intuitive gif
you are interested in; however, your naturally born gifs will come
more naturally. Why do you want to learn to be clairvoyant (a
person that can see energy intuitively)? Clairvoyance gets the most
play in media and sometimes people feel like that is the only real
way to intuit answers to lifes questions. Tis is not the case. Your
heart intuition works just as strong ... if not stronger!
If you simply want to strengthen the ability to see energy to
become more versatile, then here are a few 6th chakra strengthen-
ers you can try:
Imagine an apple in your mind. Did you do it? If so, then you
have the capability to work with your minds eye intuitively.
Te diference with intuition is that you allow the images to
come to you rather than deciding what they will be frst.
Imagine yourself in a safe, natural setting. What is there?
Explore. What do you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?
Ask yourself, What color will help me with ____________
(some issue youre facing)? What color came to you? Now
surround yourself with that color and go about your day.
Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down and even
imagine what would happen next afer you wake up.
Any activity that allows you to play with your imagination and
build trust will also help develop your visual intuition. Good luck
and have fun!
Tina, a Madison Intuitive Counselor and Energy Healer, is a lifelong student of
the paranormal. She had her frst clairvoyant vision at a young age and continues
to see and hear energy. Tina is trained in clairvoyant reading and many modali-
ties of energy healing, but through professional training she was disappointed in
the methods many schools used to devalue everyones natural gifs. Tina started
Te Chakra House to teach how natural and easy it is to work with energy. She
believes that everyone has natural psychic gifs and can access their abilities if
they realized their potential.
A monthly
column for
your energy
22 Natures Pathways

March 2012
ome is where the heart is, where
families grow and generally where
the most of our leisure time is
spent. Working with green technology for
the best insulation will keep your house
warm, welcoming, comfortable and cozy
and will save you money, all at the same time.
Insulation advancements are on the
horizon at all times, experts say. Take a look
at innovation by Icynene, for example. Teir
sof, expanding spray foam insulation and
air barrier material protects homeowners
from the harmful outdoor environment and
from energy-robbing air leakage. Icynene
pioneered the spray foam technology and
now leads in industry training.
Why are homeowners turning to spray
foam insulation? Experts tell us that
older insulation types, such as fiberglass,
will settle, compact and sag over time,
decreasing their insulation properties.
Spray foam insulation is energy efficient,
says Icynene, and it has a high R-value
due to its ability to seal and insulate at
the same time.
Te spray foam solutions are created
with water blowing agents and renewable
and recycled content, which help reduce
greenhouse gas emissions to support a
healthier environment. Spray foam insula-
tion can be used in new home construction
or additions and insulation upgrades to
existing homes (attics, crawlspaces) during
remodeling projects. With spray foam insu-
lation you can maintain healthy indoor
air while reducing your HVAC equipment
needs and saving on energy bills.
In addition, homeowners can conserve
construction materials without the need
for excess sealing and still achieve optimal
airtightness. Spray foam insulation
doesnt pass of gas over time, performs
at peak levels for the lifetime of your
home, and, because airborne moisture is
controlled, the durability of the building
remains unthreatened by the growth of
mold and mildew.
Source: Metro Creative Connection
MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm
TH 9:30am - 6:30pm
SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm
save money
on energy bills
23 Natures Pathways

March 2012
ullein has many nicknames, including torches, candle-
wick plant, velvet dock and, my favorite, campers toilet
paper. Te names describe how the plant looks. Mullein
is a tall stately plant. Once you recognize it in an uncut feld or
roadside you wont forget it.
Mullein is a biennial plant, so the frst year of growth a rosette
of large, gray-green, fuzzy, sof leaves are at the base of the plant.
Te second years growth of this plant creates a dramatic fve- to
seven-foot stalk of leaves with a fower spike about twelve inches
long covered with tiny yellow fowers.
Mullein is very rich in iron and contains vitamins A and B-complex,
as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Mullein also
contains polysaccharides, which have mucilaginous properties. Te
cooling, soothing properties of the mucilage lubricate tissues reduce
infammation, act as an expectorant and enhance healing.
Mullein has many medicinal uses and the leaves, fowers and
roots can be used. Tis herbs gentle nature makes it one of the best
for childrens health problems. Te seed is not recommended and
is said to be slightly narcotic.
Mullein is most commonly associated with respiratory prob-
lems, providing soothing relief to the lungs and throat. Tis herb is
especially good for a dry, irritated cough. Mullein can relax muscle
spasms, and it also has diuretic and antiseptic properties. Mullein
can stimulate the expectoration of excess phlegm.
Mullein oil can be made by putting the fowers in olive oil in a
closed container and leaving it in the warm sunlight or near a warm
stove for two to three weeks. Te fowers are then strained of and
the oil can be used as is or 10% alcohol can be added to preserve
it. Tis oil, warmed slightly, is commonly used in Germany for
earaches and hemorrhoids. Mullein oil can be applied externally
to relieve itching and help heal boils or sores.
Mullein tea is very soothing to the throat. Te tea would be
made by steeping the leaves in boiling water. Te tea should be
strained through cheesecloth or cofee flter, to remove the fne
hairs on the leaves, before drinking.
Te combination of herbs mullein and lobelia are excellent for
lymphatic stagnation and lung/respiratory issues. Mullein can also
be very healing to the intestinal tract.
Te only precaution is to not use the oil in the ear if you have a
perforated ear drum.
verbascum thapsus
by cheryl hosmer
Visit My Website
Natural Olive Oil
Glycerine Soaps
NO Animal Fats, NO Petro-Chemicals,
NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate, NO Parabens, NO Preservatives
Aromatherapy and Other Wonderful Fragrances
Contains 20% Grade A Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Enjoy natural, gentle personal care and
grooming products for all members of your family.
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certifed natural health professional and certifed
biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Natures Way to Health &
Happiness. She ofers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supple-
ments, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more informa-
tion, please visit her Web site,, or call her at 920.757.6440.
References: From Te Shepherds Purse - Max G. Barlow, Planetary Herbology -
Michael Tierra, CNHP Herbology class - Philip Fritchey
Completely revolutionize
your body, diet, health
and your life...
in 21 days or less!
The complete, full-body transformation program you
can use anytime and limits!
24 Natures Pathways

March 2012
urrently there is a battle behind the scenes that is hidden and out
of sight for the average citizen. It has not been publicized, but
there is a movement throughout the country with the goal to
legislate your rights of freedom of choice for your healthcare away from
you. Conversely, there is another movement of grassroots support, which
is fghting to keep your healthcare rights of self-determination safe.
Te movement of self-determination regarding healing and well-
ness continues to grow and expand. According to a study conducted by
the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in
conjunction with the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately
40% of the population utilizes alternative healing. Yet in spite of the
growing group of Americans that are taking more control of their health-
care by choosing a variety of alternative modalities, either as a comple-
ment to their traditional medicine or as their exclusive choice of wellness;
there is an opposing movement to eliminate those alternatives choices.
Generally alternative practitioners are unlicensed practitioners such
as herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, aroma therapists,
refexologists, body-mind healing practitioners, yoga teachers, media-
tion instructors, Chinese herbal practitioners, energy workers and
complementary health practitioners. Any modality practitioner who
may make a health or wellness claim in association with their services
may be in danger of violating medical or licensing laws. Although only a
technicality, these practitioners may be charged with a violation leading
to unwarranted superfuous disciplinary action or criminal charges.
Some states are taking direct action to stop alterative providers
from practicing. Pennsylvania currently has a bill in Committee,
Pennsylvania H.B. 1717, which if passed would efectively elimi-
nate all alternative healthcare and wellness availability. It would
criminalize practicing anything with in the proposed defnition of
naturopathic medicine, regardless whether it poses risk of harm
to the public. Te defnition of the bill would essentially make
hydrotherapy, topical medicines, food, vitamins, minerals, dietary
supplements, homeopathy remedies and essentially all alternative
practices criminal. Te passage of this bill efectively eliminates
alternative choices in that state.
One wonders why those legislators sponsoring the bill, paid lobby-
ists and those employing the lobbyists have the need to control indi-
vidual healthcare choices. Whats in it for them? Te continuation of
alternative medicine threatens not the consumer, but rather those
wealth-accumulating industries and individuals, such as large medical
conglomerates and the giant pharmaceutical companies. Tey stand
the most to gain by the elimination of alternative healthcare and
complementary practitioners.
Te persecution of alternative medicine continues in Australia as
400 doctors, medical researchers and scientists petition Australian
universities, where one in three ofer courses in some form of alterna-
tive therapy or complementary medicine, to close down those alter-
native degrees. Te FDA continues to target a variety of supplements,
including B6, natural thyroid hormones, bioidentical hormones and
countless other natural products. Next on the FDAs list to ban is IV
vitamin C, which demonstrates a variety of benefts in working with
many conditions. It will be necessary to obtain these from a medical
doctor and not your homeopathic or natural practitioner.
Over 200 years ago when our Constitution was penned, Dr. Benja-
min Rush warned us about the loss of medical freedom. Dr. Rush
was a noted physician, professor of medicine and Surgeon General
to all Continental armies. As a signer of the Declaration of Indepen-
dence representing Pennsylvania at the Continental Congress he said,
Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will
come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to
restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges
to others. Te Constitution the Republic should make a special privi-
lege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.
Tere is a grassroots movement here in the state of Wisconsin to
pass a bill that would confrm and insure citizens rights to continue
to self-determine regarding their health and wellness choices. Te
Consumer Choice and Wellness Act, Bill SB-280, is sitting at a stand-
still in committee. Once passed this Act, of only 7 pages, will secure
practitioners right to practice their alternative modality and allow the
citizens of Wisconsin to choose their own path to wellness.
WI for Choice in Wellness, a non-proft organization of unpaid
members has been reaching out to circulate petitions for support of
this bill. President Steve Lankford said that one of the goals of this
organization is to try and move the bill from committee to a vote on
the Wisconsin House and Senate foors before the session ends in
April. With enough support from the people of Wisconsin this bill has
a great chance of passage.
As one practitioner, Nicki Jansma, owner of Remedies LLC
Holistic Natural Wellness Center, stated, Because your life is the
consequences of your decisions it should not be the governments
decision to determine what the consequences of your life are,
especially in healthcare.
Jane Hamilton and Jesse Martinez own Mystical Earth
Gallery in City Center Plaza, 112B E. College Ave., Apple-
ton. For more information, call 920.993.1122 or visit www.
The Consumer Choice
and Wellness Act
Bill SB-280
By Jane Hamilton & Jesse Martinez
25 Natures Pathways

March 2012
calories 144
total fat 1.5g
total carbohydrates 4g
protein 27.5g
Recipe provided by Shana
Conradt, author of Getting Fit
With Food. Order your copy of
Getting Fit With Food at
nutrition facts (per serving):
prep time: 3+ hours
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Serves 4, chicken only
Caribbean Jerk Chicken
1. Combine all marinade ingredients.
2. Add chicken.
3. Marinate for 3+ hours.
4. Cook chicken (including all marinade) in non-stick skillet, over medium heat,
until juices of chicken run clear.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Enjoy with rice.
16 oz. chicken breast
t. allspice
1 T. fresh thyme, chopped
1 tsp. cayenne
1 tsp. fresh sage, chopped
tsp. nutmeg
tsp. cinnamon
2 cloves garlic, chopped
T. sugar/truvia
c. low sodium soy sauce
c. white vinegar
c. orange juice
Juice of one lime
1 Serrano chili pepper, seeds removed, diced
c. onion, chopped
Salt and pepper
26 Natures Pathways

March 2012
necessary to understand
that it will take time; realize there
will be obstacles to overcome and
that a good, sound support system should
be in place. All of this is imperative in order
to make ones journey successful and life-lasting.
So, you see, there is more that goes into CHANGE than
just a good thought or intention.
I encourage you to take the time to set yourself up for
success with what is outlined here. Be completely honest
with yourself. Make your commitment with your intent solid
and pure ... then, CHANGE will become inevitable.
ecently, a very good friend
of mine, who happens to be a
personal trainer, asked me, How
can I get my clients to commit to my
training and nutrition advice? And,
How do I get my clients to stop lying to
me? I gave him the same answer that I
have given many of my colleagues over the
years; YOU dont.
To begin, there are two things we must
always understand:
Never OVERESTIMATE the power you
have to change someone else
Never UNDERESTIMATE the power
you have to change yourself
You see, a personal trainer or a nutri-
tion specialists job is every bit as hard and
frustrating as a drug and alcohol counselors. First, you have to
get the client to believe and trust in you. But, within that, the
biggest obstacle is in determining whether this client really wants
CHANGE bad enough to make it happen for himself.
People generally set out on any new or already tried endeavor
with the fnest of intensions, but their conviction comes at a price
most are unwilling to commit to. Tis commitment is called
CHANGE. Changing ones lifestyle takes time and work; it is done
in steps, retraining and creating new habits.
Like any successful undertaking, the retooling starts from
within. Committing and being completely honest with ones self is
an absolute must. One has to fully desire that which they are setting
out to do, be that what they want or what they truly need. It is
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Natures Pathways
Magazine, Your Path To Healthy Living. He writes about weight
loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal devel-
opment. For more information, visit www.naturespathwaysonline.
com. Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, Be Well, Live Well. He is a board-certifed nutrition special-
ist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance
enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and ftness
industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more infor-
mation, visit
By Tony Bednarowski
27 Natures Pathways

March 2012
t Integrative Dental Solutions (IDS), doctors Ingo Mahn
and Supriya Shetty are committed to providing holistic
dental care using materials and methods that are the most
benefcial to the overall health of their patients. Understanding the
relationship between oral and physical health is at the foundation
of their practice.
Te biggest diference between conventional dentistry and
holistic dentistry is being aware of how the health of the mouth
afects overall health, says Dr. Mahn. An infection in your mouth
has the potential to cause disease in another part of the body.
Until a link was recently established between gum disease and
heart disease, conventional dentistry had refuted that possibility.
Dr. Mahn says he began his path toward more natural dentistry
more than 10 years ago. At the time, he was doing a signifcant
amount of cosmetic dentistry and found that mercury amalgam
(silver) fllings could not only damage teeth, but were also unat-
tractive. As time went on, he developed a reputation among
patients looking for a more natural approach. Tese patients
would ofen visit his ofce armed with pamphlets conveying the
dangers of these mercury-based amalgam fllings.
He says many people may sufer for years with unexplained
chronic symptoms; unaware that those symptoms may be a
result of toxic metals or infection in the mouth. In the search for
optimal health, oral infections and toxic heavy metals are ofen
lef untreated, despite the adverse efects these conditions can
present, he explains.
In fact, research indicates that exposure to dental mercury can be
a serious health hazard, as mercury is released from these mercury-
based dental fllings constantly. Tis can lead to a slow buildup of
mercury in ones organs, tissues and cells, especially if the patient is
unable to properly excrete these toxins. Dr. Mahn explains that in
some patients, even short-term exposure to small amounts of mercury
can cause symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and memory loss.
Amalgams can be removed, but it is critical to be done safely as
the vapors and particles can enter the body if not done properly.
Dr. Mahn and Dr. Shetty use the most advanced amalgam removal
protocols to eliminate the old, mercury-based materials safely and
painlessly, and will replace them with a biocompatible composite
white flling material an important part of the process.
People are ofen surprised how much better they feel afer these
fllings are removed, says Dr. Shetty. Sometimes its gradual and
sometimes it is dramatic. She warns that people shouldnt assume
that just because they have a white flling that it is a healthy flling
as some dentists use non-biocompatible composites that may
contain toxic fller materials. IDS ofers biocompatibility testing of
dental materials by an on-site naturopath.
IDS is unique in that it combines holistic dentistry with the very
latest in dental technology including: CAD/CAM technology that
allows the doctors to make long-lasting porcelain restorations in
a single visit; a digital radiography system that reduces exposure
to x-rays by up to 90 percent; and drill-less dentistry or air abra-
sion that prepares teeth using a stream of air and particles. Tey
also ofer non-surgical gum therapy using lasers and ozone that
treats the cause of the problem, and oral surgery done using holis-
tic techniques all in an efort to do what is best for the patient.
Dr. Mahn says it is important that patients and other practitio-
ners consider IDS a part of their integrative healthcare team. He
is so passionate about integrative care that in 2004 he earned a
doctorate degree from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in
Washington, DC so that he could better understand his patients and
communicate more efectively with other healthcare practitioners.
I wanted to have a clear understanding of modalities such as
energy-based therapies, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy, he
explains. Its not something I practice, but if patients are to trust
me with their health, I owe it to them to be as informed as possible.
Both doctors consider education a crucial aspect of their
practice both for themselves and their patients. Each attends
continuing education courses on a regular basis to stay up-to-date
on the latest technologies and procedures.
When a patient comes back, shakes your hand and thanks
you for improving their life, it makes you want to try that much
harder, says Dr. Mahn.
Beth Davis is with Integrative Dental Solutions, located at 23770 Capitol Drive in
Pewaukee. For more information, call 262.691.4555 or visit
28 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Use Assurance Blood Health Support

as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar,

cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range.*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Assurance BHS is available at these ne natural foods retailers:
Assurance helps stabilize and balance blood sugar,
cholesterol and triglyceride levels in as few as 30 days!
Ye Olde
29 Natures Pathways

March 2012
sUbscribe toDay!
yes! I would like to get on the path to healthy living by subscribing to Natures
Pathways magazine for just $35 per year.
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November 2011
Southeast Wisconsin
Your path to healthy living
Associates of
Wisconsin leads
the way
and treating
allergic contact
Strengthen your feet
for a stronger body
The benefts of alternative
energy vehicleS
Taking care of caregiverS
How to buSt boredom
during holiday travel
and much more!
1. Mail this form with a check (payable to NP Milwaukee) or credit card
information to Natures Pathways, PO Box 2735, Appleton, WI 54912.
Card type: ______________________________
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2. Call us at (920) 209-6900 to provide your credit card
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3. Subscriptions can also be purchased online at www.naturespath- See Contact Us/Get Home Delivery.
nutrition fitness personal growth wellness relaxation organic & green living
December 2011
Southeast Wisconsin
Your path to healthy living
Sowing the seeds
of the sustainability
Will Allen
& Growing
How to maintain
healthy skin in winter
Natural, homemade
stocking stuffers
Renew, recycle and
re-use your shoes
Planning for retirement
in a tough economy
and much more!
payment options:
Dates vary, see description
growing your community food system
from the Ground Up 2012 Workshop
series presented by growing power
This intensive, hands-on, training workshop
offers diverse groups the opportunity to learn,
plan, develop, operate and sustain community
food projects. Project participants leave the
workshop with improved skills that they can
take back into their communities and pass on
to others. These workshops are for both rural
and urban projects.
we encourage you to bring several members
of your group or operation to these workshops if
you are interested in multiple topics; this is es-
pecially helpful if you are a member of a training
or outreach organization.
These workshops put organizations, projects
and food producers in touch with each other to
help to build collaborations and long-term, sus-
tainable partnerships.
please come prepared to get your hands dirty!
leave your dress shoes at home and wear your
farmer duds.
2012 Workshop Schedule: Please inquire
about Fridays special programs! Saturday and
Sundays: March 17-18, April 21-22, May 19-20
and June 9-10.
Workshop Topics:
bee keeping
Community Project Design
living biological growing systems
hoop house construction
Year-Round Production and Marketing
renewable energy solar power
E-mail to fnd out when other specialty work-
shops will be offered on fridays. (april and may)
Other workshops may include: dismantling
racism and multicultural alliance building, re-
cord keeping/accounting/human resources and
legal risk management, youth programs, soap
making and cheese making.
registration: please register online at www.
payment: the fee is payable when you register
online or upon arrival.
meals: meals are a very important aspect of
the two days. sustainable, small family farmers
and our wholesale distribution partners produce
the food. vegetarian dishes served, vegan or
special dietary needs can be accommodated.
Please let us know if you have special dietary
requirements when registering.
Workshops are held at Growing Powers
community food center, 5500 west silver
Spring Drive, Milwaukee, 414.527.1546. For
more information e-mail: katie@growingpower.
org or
March 7-9, 2012
9th annual green energy summit
& exposition
Dont miss this acclaimed business/academic
conference! with outstanding local, region-
al, national and international speakers, the
green energy summit and exposition attracts
more than 3,000 attendees eager to explore
timely topics in energy, water and sustainabil-
We invite you to join the 2012 Summit, held
at the frontier airlines center, as a volunteer,
sponsor, exhibitor, presenter or attendee. for
more information visit www.greenenergysum-
Saturday, Mar. 24 6-11 p.m.
8th annual bay view wine fest
Join us for this fundraiser to beneft WAAGR
(wisconsin adopt a golden retriever, inc.)
and Milwaukee Air & Water Show. Wine tast-
ing, music, dancing and fun! huge art sale and
silent auction, too!
Marian Center for Non-Profts (use south en-
trance, plenty of free parking), 3211 South Lake
give this copy to a friend
30 Natures Pathways

March 2012
31 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Our community partners in the natural health
and green-living revolution
animal rescUe
wisconsin adopt a golden retriever
12605 W. North Ave., #285, Brookfeld
wisconsin adopt a golden re-
triever (WAAGR) is an all-vol-
unteer rescue based in south-
eastern wisconsin, and also
serves the madison area, and
Fox Cities/Green Bay areas. Our mission is to
provide bright, new beginnings to displaced
golden retrievers. we also help golden mix-
es. If you would like to become a member or
volunteer, contact us today!
Dermatology associates of wisconsin, s.c.
locations in grafton, kenosha, port washington
Dermatology associates of
wisconsin, s.c. is an in-
dependent dermatology
practice priding itself on
the use of the latest technology and treatment
protocols for optimal surgical and treatment
outcomes for diseases of the skin, hair, and
nails. we also offer state of the art mohs mi-
crographic surgery for the treatment of skin
cancer. Trust your skin care to the leader in
dermatology. call today to schedule an ap-
Dietary sUpplements
assurance blood health supporttm
Dr. Arun Chatterji has
created a dietary sup-
plement to be used as
part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar
and cholesterol levels already within the normal
range. the product, assurance blood health
support requires only one third the normal
dosage compared to other brands on the market,
due to its unique less is more property. recent
cellular research at Kings College London has
shown assurance blood health support to be
up to 400% more active than leading gymnema
sylvestre-based products.
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and
Therapeutic Bodywork
350 Double tree lane, grafton
Blue Sky strives to inspire and
challenge our students as they
become professional massage
therapists. we integrate community outreach,
holistic practices and wellness into our mas-
sage therapy program. We have full- and part-
time options. financial aid available for those
who qualify. open houses year round! touch
the lives of others and become a massage
therapist! call today!
electric vehicles
mee material handling, llc
4 locations in wisconsin
toll free: 1.800.242.5452
mee material handling is
your source for lifting,
shifting or maneuvering
anything. MEE is a major supplier of electric ve-
hicles for commercial and residential purposes,
including columbia parcar and star ev brands.
MEE recently participated in the inaugural Rock
the Green Music Festival, a Milwaukee festival
that set a new benchmark for near-zero waste
for a festival. for information about electric ve-
hicles e-mail
fair traDe
global hands: a fair trade shop
270 Broad St., Lake Geneva
global hands is a fair
trade store offering gifts,
clothing, jewelry, home
furnishings, coffee, tea
and chocolate. our inventory is unique and,
best of all, every purchase you make contrib-
utes to a life of hope for the artists, farmers and
families who create them. each item is lovingly
hand-crafted by artisans in over 35 developing
nations in asia, africa and the americas. each
item is made from natural materials, refecting
the country in which it was made.
health & wellness
natural healthy concepts
Theresa Groskopp, CN
310 n. westhill blvd., appleton
920.968.2350 866.505.7501
natural healthy concepts offers
nutrition counseling by theresa
Groskopp, Certifed Nutritionist,
and a variety of natural health
products. we also offer ionic De-
tox footbaths, ear candling, along with a
large variety of vitamins and nutrition supple-
ments, and homeopathic remedies. our natu-
ral skin and hair care, cosmetics and personal
hygiene products are free of parabens and
wellness consUltant
wellness online
kathy larson, cwc, cpt
health coach & consultant
Oconomowoc 262.443.4271
whether you are an
employer or individual
looking to learn more
about how wellness coaching works, Wellness
Online offers different modalities that will work
for you, face-to-face, telephonic and/or inter-
net. our coaches are hired by individuals, as
well as employers and health insurers. we can
reduce your companys overall health costs and
improve employee absenteeism and productiv-
ity, as well as help individuals improve their
overall health & ftness levels and reduce health
risk factors hindering your daily life. Offering
wellness coaching through seminars, individu-
alized & group education, corporate programs
and more!
massage therapy
Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and
Therapeutic Bodywork
350 Double tree lane, grafton
Blue Skys massage clinic is a
teaching facility. massages are
performed by students who have
not yet graduated but have completed the ed-
ucational requirements to enter student clinic.
a great opportunity for our students to com-
plete state required massage hours while of-
fering professional quality massages at a dis-
count to the public! Make an appointment
natUral beaUty
oliv 426
511 n. 8th st., sheboygan
beauty from earth to body. oliv
426 features the freshest ingre-
dients from around the world.
Olivs all natural beauty line
offers personalized customization to achieve
desired results. Featuring anti-aging serums, lo-
tions, massage oils, body mists, salt and sugar
scrubs, lip balms, eye shadows, an all natural
baby care line and much more. Olivs products
offer world class personal care. visit oliv and
get creative designing your own personalized
products or shop online at
32 Natures Pathways

March 2012
Our community partners in the natural health
and green-living revolution
natUral soap
big bubble soap
mary wishmann
Enjoy natural, gentle personal care and groom-
ing products for all members of your family,
including the 4-legged kind. Offering a variety
of aromatherapy olive oil glycerine bar soaps
that will keep you coming back again and again
for smooth soft skin. 20% Grade A Extra Virgin
Olive Oil. NO Animal Fats, Petro-Chemicals,
sodium laurel sulfate, parabens or preserva-
tives. indulgent, yet sensible: bar soaps, liq-
uid Soaps, Sea Salts, Lotion Sticks, Incense, Pet
Shampoos, Catnip Spritz, Kids Soaps and more.
pet health
Victorias Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique
14 n. main st., fond du lac
We carry all-natural pet
health products for
your dogs and cats in-
cluding natural treats, herbs and supplements
used for health problems such as canine and
feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies,
cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear
problems and diabetes. we also carry pet gifts
including dog and cat socks, breed-specifc
pillows, videos and Dog- and Cat-opoly.
green energy summit & exposition
March 7-9, 2012
Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee
the green energy summit
& exposition is a highly
acclaimed conference
that exposes all stakeholders in the region to
exciting possibilities for sustainable economic
revitalization and growth. Our principle goal is
to educate the investment, business and work-
force communities to historic changes and un-
precedented opportunities in clean energy, sus-
tainable practices, and food- and water-related
enterprise. our 2012 theme is: the new eco-
nomic wave clean, green and blue!
Urban agricUltUre
growing power, inc.
5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee
growing power transforms com-
munities by supporting people
from diverse backgrounds and
the environments in which they
live through the development of community
Food Systems. These systems provide high-
quality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all
residents in the community. growing power
develops Community Food Centers, as a key
component of community food systems,
through training, active demonstration, out-
reach, and technical assistance. our goal is
simple: to grow food, to grow minds, and to
grow community.
veterinary services
animal Doctor, inc.
S73 W16790 Janesville Road, Muskego
animal Doctor holistic veteri-
nary complex is staffed by pet
lovers who are highly skilled in
delivering unique health care to patients whose
guardians appreciate the importance of address-
ing the mind, body and spirit in the quest for
quality and longevity of life. our mission pro-
motes the prevention and treatment of disease
through integrated conventional and natural
means for pets and their people, infuencing a
pets entire being in a complete and positive
manner. Experienced doctors utilize natural nu-
trition, titre testing, western and chinese herbals,
essential oils, acupuncture or veterinary spinal
manipulative therapy(chiro) to address individual
patient needs. please see ad on page 15.
animal Doctor ................................................... 15
anytime fitness ................................................ 36
assurance ........................................................ 29
Be Well Cooking ............................................... 34
big bubble soap............................................... 24
Blue Sky ............................................................. 5
Dennis Hawk Yoga Music ................................. 21
Dermatology associates ..................................... 2
Fit-Body Solutions ............................................ 24
green energy summit ........................................ 3
growing power ................................................... 5
Hawks Nursery ................................................. 15
integrative Dental solutions ............................. 29
mee material handling llc ............................. 35
natural healthy concepts ................................ 21
olivu 426 ............................................................ 5
Victorias Pet Nutrition ...................................... 23
wellness online ................................................11
wisconsin adopt a golden retriever, inc. .........11
33 Natures Pathways

March 2012
We feature stand-alone categories such as:
Be Well: Weight Loss Be Well: Diabetes Be Well: Kids Be Well: Celiac Be Well: Crohns Be Well: Heart Disease
...and MORE, so that you can fnd exactly what youre looking for in a way that youve never experienced! Meal
plans as well as life altering information will accommodate your needs by specifcally addressing your individual
challenges and/or preferences helping you make the choices and changes necessary to Be Well together! was created just for you to Be Well, Live Well!
OUR MISSION: is an online community geared toward helping you become proactive in your
health and lifestyle choices. Our focus is to teach you how to lose weight, naturally increase your bodys immunities,
minimize your need for medications, shop smarter, cook healthier, become more active, and MORE..... We are committed
to educating, connecting, supporting, inspiring and assisting you on your very own personal wellness journey!
Our commitment is to help you become healthier, happier and more active through
information and education! We focus on providing you easy-to-make recipes with
delicious food, and smart meal plans that, when paired with exercise
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mentally friendly operation. So while youre cleaning up your campus,
yard, campground or factory, youll be making a contribution to cleaning
up the environment, too.
Street legal
Costs less than $1.00 to charge
Many body styles available to t your needs
Charges with a standard household outlet
Need more information?
Contact me today!
Bob Mair: Major Accounts/Fleet Mgr.
E-mail: Phone: (920) 470-0501
4 locations in Wisconsin
Toll-Free: 1-800-242-4542
Spring Cleaning...
...Made Easy
Up to 50-mile range
Comfortable driver compartment
Front wheel, direct drive
Regenerative braking for increased range
The Columbia MEGA oers a 100% pure electric drive system for environ-
Nothing is
the word
itself says
Im possible.
Some restrictions may apply - see club for details.
Must present this ad at time of enrollment. Expires 3/31/12.