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Revolutionary Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment by NeuralSync is UNIQUE, REVOLUTIONARY and EXCLUSIVE. If youve experienced other brainwave entrainment programs such as Holosync, HemiSync, Brainsync, Brainwave Generator, Awakened Mind System, NeuroProgrammer, LifeFlow, The Morry Method, Brain Evolution System, Perfect Meditation, EquiSync or iNet, it is important to understand that NeuralSync technology for brainwave entrainment is significantly different and superior to all of them. NeuralSync CDs entrain your mind to specified states through multiple targeted frequencies, layered processes and energetic augmentation not available in other brainwave entrainment programs or devices. Our proprietary 4-W.T.S.P. (4-Wave Tonal Synchronization Process) with Zero-Point Energetic Augmentation is truly a revolution in brainwave entrainment! Until NeuralSync, brainwave entrainment involved inferior linear, single or sequential protocols that were natively restricted in their ability to affect the natural complex dynamics of the brain. NeuralSync significantly improves the efficacy of brainwave entrainment by incorporating EIGHT SEPARATE BUT SYNERGISTICALLY INTERACTIVE DIMENSIONS into a dynamic and cohesive process powerful enough to compel the brain to produce whole brain synchronization for the intended mental experience. Neuralsync REVOLUTIONARY brainwave entrainment technology is comprised of: 1 4. SIMULTANEOUS QUADRUPLE FREQUENCY ENTRAINMENT NeuralSync is the ONLY brainwave entrainment technology that utilizes FOUR separate yet synergistically interactive frequencies precisely calculated to induce each mental state offered in our catalog. Our exclusive 4-W.T.S.P. technology creates waves in a balanced 4dimensional pyramid that are collectively complementary and interactive. Unlike other CDs or programs that use only a single frequency (or several in sequence) NeuralSync applies all four simultaneously to immerse your brain into the intended state of consciousness from targeted harmonizing perspectives. These first four dimensions in NeuralSync brainwave entrainment are further enhanced by:

5. RHYTHMIC AND SUBLIMINAL ENTRAINMENT The frequencies embedded into each NeuralSync CD create a 4dimensional waveform that integrates three audible tones with a fourth subliminal pulse. This inclusion of both audible and subliminal entrainment engages brainwaves far more efficiently than single protocols such as binaural beats or isochronic tones. Because this waveform is also balanced, it compels both sides of the brain into hemispheric synchronization much more easily and effectively than other brainwave entrainment methods. 6. DYNAMIC ENTRAINMENT Every NeuralSync CD is recorded with full-range frequency sweeps that cycle rhythmically throughout the entire audio. The dynamics of the sweep are then additionally enhanced with simultaneous left-to-right channel crossing. Because of this augmentation, the effects of the entrainment are multiplied, the intensity is amplified and the brain is drawn into the mental state more consistently and powerfully than with the static methods of other brainwave entrainment protocols. 7. DIMENSIONAL LOSSLESS DIGITAL AUDIO Every sound within each NeuralSync CD the brainwave entrainment frequencies and the integrated soundscapes is enhanced with digital multi-dimensional audio. This is important for two reasons: 1: Brainwave entrainment in MP3 or other compressed formats does not retain the sound quality necessary for the brain to fully achieve brainwave synchronization and is too inferior to effectively deliver even standard brainwave entrainment, much less something as powerful as NeuralSync. Our lossless audio conveys the brainwave entrainment at the precise level guaranteed to induce the most potent response. 2: Dimensional sound insures that the brain perceives the entrainment as more realistic, thus producing more natural and thorough engagement. Not only does this create more pronounced effects and an intensified response, but it also avoids the fatigue generated by overuse of standard sound as can occur with extended use of other brainwave entrainment audios.

Of course, dimensional sound is also enjoyable in and of itself, and this is reflected in the lush beauty of the natural soundscapes used in every NeuralSync audio. It is important to note that NeuralSync technology is never combined with music in any of our CDs. The constant and fluctuating tones in music can interfere with or even completely eradicate the effects of the specifically structured waveforms and are counterproductive to the entrainment. This holds true for all other forms of audio brainwave entrainment as well. 8. ZERO-POINT ENERGY SCALAR WAVE AUGMENTATION Finally (but very exciting!): each CD in the NeuralSync brainwave entrainment catalog is embedded with scalar waves during the recording process. Scalar waves create Zero Point energy and this offers tremendous benefits, especially when incorporated with the other components of NeuralSync. Scalar waves are a constantly regenerating energy source that imprint a signature on your body with lasting positive effects. They strengthen chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage and cleanse blood and cells to improve immune function. They impart energy that helps mental focus, and increase amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower levels where deep rejuvenation, relaxation and healing occur. They leave you feeling refreshed and energized, with lasting pleasant sensations that continue long after each brainwave entrainment session. Those who study the Law of Attraction are familiar with the Zero-Point Field as the source point for manifestation of your desires. Scalar waves are an energetic way to assist with elevation of consciousness and achievement of desires a truly unique and beneficial addition to brainwave entrainment ONLY available in our exclusive technology! NeuralSync a REVOLUTION in BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT! brainwave entrainment