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UFO Reports 2006

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Time 16:20

Town / Village

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Occupation of reporter (where known) A light was seen travelling rapidly due South West.

Brief Description of sighting An object was moving across the sky and looked like it was on fire. It was cigar shaped and silver in colour. Four lights in the sky, a bit like fluorescent light strips, with a yellow tinge and very bright, were floating and then disappeared. A light was seen that was a flashing ball, changing colour from red, orange, green and blue. Was hovering for about 30 minutes. Two bright lights, which were then joined by a third bright light, which then flew along side them. A UFO, Shooting Star or something was seen, couldn't really make out what it was! Was bright blue/white in colour. A blue ball of light, with a tail at the end Very bright lights were seen for over half an hour. They were hovering quite slowly from side to side. Two objects were seen in the sky. A disc was seen flying above two aircraft. There were two spheres and one was following the other. Looked like they were moving from side to side. A bright disc was seen hanging in the sky. The object appeared to quiver, rather than move. Moved around and then just vanished. A bright red light was seen in the sky. The light was moving too quickly across the sky to be an aircraft. There was a huge, shimmering ball of orange fire. Flew Eastwards and looked like a black spot, as it disappeared into the clouds. A UFO was seen. (Message taken 17 April 2006). Four golden spheres. They drifted - South to North East. The witness said they are definitely solid guided craft. Looked like a satellite coming into the atmosphere and coming to it's end, but then another object came into view and they started zig-zagging about. There was the mother ship and two smaller orbs that were moving around it. One of the orbs was white in colour and the other orange. The mother ship was seen again. (The two separate sightings were on one letter). The object looked like a black square hanging in the sky. Two witnesses thought that they saw an alien outside their kitchen window. Orange lights were seen. They appeared to be in formation and travelling quite slowly. A large, round, white object, with smaller, round white objects randomly scattered surrounding it. The objects started to fade. The ball of light looked like a sphere on fire. Like a comet with no tail. It had a circular light glowing in front of it, that was orange/yellow. Looked like a structured object, and it glinted like metal. An object was seen in the sky that was glowing white. Five orange balls of light, going over one at a time, at about 10-15 minute intervals. Nine objects. Bright orange lights. A spinning object, which appeared to have a triangular shaped part on either side of it. Was a grey metallic colour, almost dull. A UFO sighting. Dome shaped static object, with lights running up and down the dome, with another light swaying to and fro beneath. Three silver dots/craft were seen very high up in the sky. Two round, stationary, slightly oval lights were seen. A third light kept arcing between the other two oval lights, and lit up the sky. The object was oblong shape, and was also described as looking a bit like a scooter. A row of red lights that were a zig zag shape. Also there were five to seven dim lights. One pure-orange object, that was spherical. The size of a street light. Nine balls of orange light were seen. They were following each other and were drifting Northwards. They were visible for about five minutes.

06:00 Shrewsbury 14:08 Colchester 19:20 Marlborough 20:40 Mitcham 21:25 Pegwell Bay/Ramsgate 19:45 22:00 Crewe Streatham 17:35 Hemel Hempstead 22:45 West Kilbride 18:35 Newquay Derby 00:40 Plymouth 22:00 West Kilbride 22:30 Trestle Barlaston Barlaston 13:11 St. Tudwal's Islands 19:41 Hastings 22:00 East Dereham 17:05 Maidstone 22:12 Haydock 19:00 Banbury 18:15 21:45 Broadstairs 23:30 St Annes 18:45 Macclesfield 23:30 Lavenham 22:00 Locherbridges 18:00 Chorlton 02:00 Marlborough 16:15 Stevenage 21:00 Bispham 23:45 Johnstone 22:40 Seaham 22:00 Seaham 21:30 Enfield 22:15 Waterlooville Torquay 20:50 21:30 Herne Bay Exeter 22:00 Oldbury 22:30 Basildon

Police Officer

Six yellow/orange lights were seen, travelling in a line/slightly staggered, from South to North. 13 'orb' like objects in the sky. They were orange in colour. They were darting about in different directions, before shooting straight up. A UFO. A strange object was seen. It was orange in colour. Lights were seen. Two extremely bright lights were seen. Eight yellow/orange spheres that looked like they had flames coming out of the back of them. Just said a sighting. Five lights/orange fire balls were seen. They were flying in formation. They seemed to hover, before one vanished. Large lights static in the sky.

UFO Reports 2006

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21:00 Stamford Hill 21:03 Irlham 21:45 Whitehaven 23:05 Kettering 05:00 Loch Creran 20:00 White Roding/Dunmow East Linton 17:30 Sunderland 21:30 Hetton-Le-Hole 19:30 Ayr 20:10 Huntingdon 20:30 Spalding 14:00 Camsham 22:30 Potters Bar 21:30 Walworth Seaton 11:20 Peterborough 20:20 Petworth 20:30 Newport 00:50 Coatbridge 14:00 Eastleigh Cotswolds Plymouth 22:50 Stratford upon Avon 18:45 Cobham Hunstanton 19:15 South Gorley 20:55 Maidstone Bony Lake Bony Lake Walsall Oldbury Hunton Churchstoke 22:15 Barton-le-Clay Rushington Hetton-Le-Hole Clevedon Polgate Chigwell Bedford 20:00 Market Deeping Stoke on Trent Bury St Edmunds 22:55 Dudley Midlothian

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There was a massive bang and then two large fire balls were seen moving from East to West. They were very bright. There was a circular orange ball with an aura around it. Was low in the sky, then increased in height and was very fast. Seven bright orange lights were seen in the sky, travelling in a straight line from South to North. A triangular object with lights. One green, one red and the other two amber. There was a strange droning noise as it passed overhead. A triangle shaped object that had lights on that looked similar to a helicopter. There was one white, one green and one red light. Slim, flat object like a plate, or pencil, lengthways. Circular light at either end and bigger in the centre. Stationary for 1-2 minutes. Hundreds of glowing lights moving North East in a line formation. They were moving in rows of three. A big, round, swirly thing in the sky. A silver pyramid that was rotating at a low speed and off centre. A black triangular UFO was seen, with three lights on it. A light, way above, in the sky. Moved in a zig zag across the sky. Lights that were a really dull yellow. The lights looked like they were interacting with each other. There were about ten orange lights in the sky, and they were moving around in formation. Three silver spheres like stars, that were very shiny and shone in the sun. Saw the underside of a circular, hovering object. It had a bright light that was visible. The object was humming. A line of four orange lights. They were travelling at speed and quite close together. Two unidentified flying objects. Something like shells, with pale pink in the middle, all flying the same speed in formation. Three spinning objects with three big lights. Five dancing lights seen. Three sphere shaped, bright yellow/white lights seen on a clear night. Triangular object which changed to a round shape, then became elongated. Had red lights on it. Plus a blue circle around it. Metallic spinning object that had heat sources showing green. A blue light with a white light in the middle. Saw something very unusual travelling across the sky, quite low. White object moving from North to South. Looked like the object was burning up. Trail behind it that lasted a few seconds. The object was silver in colour, with a light underneath. It hovered in the sky and made little noises while flying. Dust came down. Three orange lights were moving across the sky at the same speed and then another orange light came 10 seconds later. UFO, lights - so many different ones. There was a light darting about the sky. There were five orange lights that were quite bright and moving slowly across the sky. (Message taken 10 January 2006). Four, small, bright red lights were seen moving slowly across the sky. (Message taken 10 January 2006). A UFO was doing funny, sharp turns over a field. (Sometime in 2006 - Message taken 6 March 2006). A sighting. (Message taken 3 April 2006). A UFO was seen. (Message taken 10 April 2006). Just said a sighting. (Sighting May 2006) The object was disc shaped, with four different colours - blue, green, white and orange. (Seen 2006 - Message taken 3 July 2006). Four, independent, bright orange lights going from South to North. (Sighting July 2006, message taken 24 July 2006). Two flying objects were seen. (Sighting July 2006, message taken 24 July 2006). There were many lights seen up in the sky. (Sighting Aug 2006, message taken 8 August 2006). A globe shaped, lighted object fluttered through the sky. It looked erratic. (Sighting August - E.mail received 13 August 2006). The first object changed shape. The second object was red, and star shaped. (UFOs seen in August 2006 - e.mail, 23 August 2006). A UFO. Sighting seen sometime in September 2006. (Message taken off answerphone - 5 September 2006). A series of orange orbs were seen. (Sometime in September 2006). (Message taken off answerphone - 11 September 2006). An orange light with no noise. A flying object. (Message taken off answerphone on 15 November 2006). Bright white object like a white star in the sky. The object had a tail. A white light. (Message taken off answerphone - 12 December 2006). A weird light that was going in all sorts of weird directions. (Seen sometime in December, message taken 4 January 2007). A UFO. (Seen sometime in December 2006. Message taken off answerphone - 5 January 2007).