Best GT Series in the world.!!.

The power of Motorsport Optimize your marketing oppotunities .


The development of motorsport The foundation for growth . Involvement in motorsport .II.Benefits of motorsport .

Business to Customers . The fans of the various series and drivers have a magnitude and a loyality that gives the business the necessary foundation to attract international coorporations and companies to invest and sponsor both series and teams. In several countries the interest for motorsport is increasing.Reach potential customers through the sport Only football has a more global appeal than motorsport.000 spectators attend each race. Dealing with motorsport gives investors and sponsors the opportunity to reach both B-2-B clients as well as private consumers. Business to Business.Go global with 300 km/h .Join the VIP lounges with yours business partners .II. where business is done at the race track and at special events exclusively for the members of the teams and series.Become a member of an exclusive business . Up to 400.Use the sport as your branding platform . Benefits of motorsport Benefits of motorsport The sport has an universal apeal which has facinated people worldwide. Benifits of motorsport: .

Most teams have full service packages for investors and sponsors. West is closely associated with McLaren.The majority of sponsors use the relation to the team and drivers to promote their marketing messages. Motorsport facilitiates a market place where business can be done in pleasant surroundings. lectures. Vodafone is synonymous to Ferrari. The possibilities are endless and the quality is of the highest standard. . company presentations and networking are just some of the offers the sport can give your company when doing business as an investor or through a sponsorship. Series and teams have during the last decade placed a tremendous effort in promoting and establishing these surroundings and are still improving in doing so. Focus on business and sport: . concerts. .Sponsors often invite business partners to attend the races before doing business afterwards. Benefits of motorsport The development of motorsport More companies have discovered that combining business with sport gives them a competetive advantage in dealing with their business environment.II. business meetings. Willy Weber has made a fortune investing in Ralf and Michael Schumacher Several companies have boosted their sales through a sponsorship in motorsport Mixing business with pleasure . VIP lounges.

The will to win is everything . do not hessitate to contact us for further information. To find out more about the possibilities of involving your company in motorsport. products and brand. creating a massive exposure of company. The benefits of sponsering a team or a driver often exceeds the costs of perticipating. Summary Summary The interest and attention on motorpsort is increasing every year. Involvement in motorsport allow companies to reach new potential customers as well as using the sport as a platform for caring for business partners and stakeholders. test drives. marketing visibility and experiences to last a lifetime.V. The power of the sport and the commitment of fans and teams create an atmosphere of exitement and competition on the highest level. The offers we present will guarantee full service when dealing with business partners including VIP lounges.

Thomas Serwin Profile Career The future The organisation See you on the race track .

Is often commentating races on TV as an expert advisor on national television . when facing tough competition in the different series Facts about Thomas Serwin: . Thomas is by many co-drivers and managers recognized as more than just an average driver. With experiences in both single seaters and touring cars and with the combination of superb technical understanding of the cars and courage to handle the car in extreme situations.Is closely connected to several teams in Europe as a technical consultant. Germany.Residented in Aarhus.Girlfriendwith Gry. His aggresive driving has earned him both respect and podium placements. When racing becomes a passion . 2 children from earlier relationship . Great Britian. The US and France.Profile Experience and commitment From the beginning of his career Thomas made it clear that he was no second best. Thomas has what it takes to compete on the highest level in motorsport. Denmark . Having competed in series in Scandinavia.Has been a TV commentator on Eurosport .

Several podium placements. German Formula 1800 Zetec . courage & speed . FFSA French GT Championship for Wieth Racing. German DTC for KFM.8th in the Championship. Testdriver Creationsport Le Mans LMP1. German DTC for Schubert/BMW. Champ Car World Series / NASCAR. Performed superb in both tests and races.The Career A shooting star 1990: 1991: 1992: 1994: 1995: 1996: 1997: 1998: Several podium placements in Junior Go Kart. German Formula 1800 Zetec + testdriver in Formula Renault. 3 Danish records. Was awarded "driver of the year" and "Rookie of the year". German DTC for Schubert/BMW . Formula A. Testdriver in Formula 3 and testing in the American Formula 2000. Danish Champion in Junior Go Kart + top results in European and World Championship. Danish Region Champion in POP Go Kart. British GT Championship for DRM Racing. Formula 2000 . official powered by Ford. contract driver for Tony-Kart. Will also participate in FIA GT World Series. Testing with Creationsport.3th in Championship. Negootiations with several teams in Le Mans and FIA GT Due to family issues Thomas was forced to take a year away. Negotiations with potential teams are have been undertaken by Flindt Heide Management and investment agencies in New York. Testing the NASCAR Truck Series in North Carolina. 1999: 2000: 2001: 2002: 2003: 2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: Experience. Intercontinental Class 4 Go Kart. 3th in Nordic cup . Formula 1800 Zetec .Several top results.

You would never know that this was the first time he's been on an oval" CK. Pro.The Future What people say about Thomas "I'm really impressed by his natural ability and talent" Shaun P. He got what it takes to become an international star" The future. Tom Kristensen: ALMS/DTM driver & 8 x winner of Le Mans: "For me personally. We are going to the land of opportunities. IRL and NASCAR spotter Contract negotiations with more than 4 teams in the Champ Car and NASCAR series has opened the door to a seat in one of the series with terms and conditions which are all quite favourable.. I believe that if Thomas gets the right sponsor/team. "This kid is really good. he can make a mark at the top of international motorsport. Co-owner and manager of Speed Racing The feedback from his tests and negotiations in the US says it all. Sportscar! .. Thomas is a driver whom I expect a lot from over the next few years. He has the character to make it to the top.

With a professional organisation behind him the conditions for reaching our goals are optimized. marketing material and ITsupport.our foundation for success . By outsourcing parts of our organisation we become flexible in dealing with the ever changing environment of motorsport. grahic designer. We believe that one of our strenght is our organisational structure and our human resources. and where we lack the expertise we bring in our network bases partners. These functions are tied closely to Thomas Serwin TS Racing personal trainer Marketing Accounting Eventmaking Merchandise A network based approach: A cornerstone of our organisation is perfection in every aspect of our actions. We strive to improve each function of our entire value chain. Additional extern functions support the organisation with opportunities to produce merchandise. Thomas Serwin is surrounded by an environment that ensures stability and professionalism through out the entire organisation. The organisation . personal trainer and accountant assistant. With an inhouse marketing department.The organisation More than just a race car driver Thomas Serwin has more than just talent.

com Phone: Fax: Mobile: E-mail: Web: Experience.thomasserwin. courage & speed .Contact Contact Adress: TS Racing Axel Kiers vej 30 DK-8270 Højbjerg Denmark +45 86 721 722 +45 86 721 723 +45 40 175 185 tsr@thomasserwin.

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