Courtway’s Weekly Schedule Week of 8:00-8:15 Familiar Reading/Morning Work 8:15-8:30 Circle Time (Morning Message, Calendar, Weather, Number of the Day, 8:30-8:45 Whole Group Math Monday Read book about maps Make map of classroom together, study draw map of bedroom. Wednesday 7.1 review cube game// play as a glass Thursday 7.2 Discuss class collection (boxtops) Friday Review money sign $ and counting to 100. Tuesday

8:45-9:00 Shared Reading Who took the Farmers hat?
Familiar reading,Stand up and move song, Read ABC chart, New Poem of the Week Big Book 1st day just read the book, 2nd Read, reread together, point to each letter under each word 3rd Read and echo read 4th Focus on retelling or beginning, middle and end (Not all on the same day.)

Poem of the Week Humpty Dumpty

Phonics Connection

I am a little shamrock. PA 23 1 s 3 Phonics connection 4 sorts 5 writing 6 Computer Roll dice with pictures. Listen to other spring books. Stamp missing ending sound. Write word by picture on white board. Phonemic awarenes Play onset rime game. Onset/rime dice game Read the poem. cut. Word building chunks. I touch Ending sound sort cards on red pocket chart. Color. Illustrate. Cut and glue CH pictures on hen.9:30-10:15 Work Stations Onset rime slide (phonics . Computer Word families: Cut and sort pictures by rhyming/families. Look through bird calendars. Read books in reading station.26) Read rime. Pick a bird and create your favorite bird. Middle sound puzzle/floor puzzle Listen to Baby bird. determine if it is a real or Onset nonsense word. Write missing letter on recording sheet. Make 2 words/write/ highlight the rime. Write words. glue in order the poem. Write words. Glue under correct family on sort sheet. Write spring story using spring words. Write rime word families from plate. 7 Word families 8 Listening 9 .

Tuesday Coin eggs…counting pennies. show amount. nickels & dimes. Pull 10 cubes from bag. . Money cube Wednesd Duck tally marks: comparing numbers to ay 20 with duck cards Thursday Addition to ten.10 Guided Reading Groups Red Report Card Testing Yellow Report Card Testing Blue Report Card Testing Green Report Card Testing 10:15-10:30 Snack 10:35-10:55 Morning Recess 10:55-11:00 Bathroom/Water Break 11:00-11:15 Read Aloud/Vocabulary Monday Tuesday Wednesd Thursday Friday ay Chickens Chicken Litlle Red Duck Make aren’t Little Hen rides his way for the only bike duckling ones 11:15-12:10 12:15-12:45 Lunch 12:45-1:30 math Monday Egg-full of souinds activity (Match sounds) Addition learning station.

Geo board when finished. Make shapes 2D and 3d with marshmallows and pretzel stix. Kinderbuddies Monday 2:30-3:00 Prepare to Go Home/Class Jobs/Dismissal . miragration Thursday Friday Eggs: lifecycle book. ay adaptation. Put chick lifecycle in order Tuesday Computer Lab Wednesd What hatches.Friday Color unifix cubes and write addition sentence. Friday free 1:00-1:30 Writing Block Tuesday Wednesd Thursda Monday ay y Birds Free Free Favorite choice choice ovipario us animal in egg 2:00-2:30 Math and science Stations Spring scholastic reader. Bird identification.

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