The Tale of the 2 Atlantis: Ro-Atlan (North Atlan) & Fe-Atlan (South Atlan); additional information on Frequency Barrier Effects

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As narrated by Trome, a Saturnian

My Atlanian Lifetime I was known as Mac-Densel, son of my father, Varman-Den, & mother, Rita-Meesa. I was the 3rd male child of 4. To keep the time frame in focus, the kingdom, composed of the lands of Fe Atlan & Ro- Atlan, had been founded about 135 years before my birth, & about 120 years would pass before the Martian lord Sharmarie would be born into the lifetime that he will describe in a next writing (29,000 years ago).

I was thought from the age of 4 along with others in a state school to read & write. When we completed this course of learning, we were given a list of subjects that the state thought worthwhile. In order to learn more about these subjects it was necessary to visit the many libraries dotting the land. It was by this method that the youth of the Atlans taught themselves. Woe be to those who might say aloud, "I don't understand." The response of a parent or elder would definitely be, "Go to the library & don't come back until you do understand."

In order to visit a library it was required that 1 bathe & dress in clean clothes. Study groups composed of young men & women with the same interests gathered whenever & wherever they could. These meetings were also our means of socializing. When a student felt confident with what he knew & had the fee to pay for an official examination, he applied to the state to be tested. If applicants passed the examination (as I did, after several attempts), they were given the

They were quick to tell us that the wounds were result of thousands of monkeys who. We were met by a small group of our soldiers who looked as if they had been through hell. who thought my ability to read minds was a spiritual gift from the gods. I had a way with words & could take dictation. attacked people during certain phases of the moon. The government & the military also sought my services. On the decks were several hundred more slaves. They had small wounds on their arms & legs. Sailing to Ser (Egypt) In my 24th year of that life I boarded a large sailing ship that was also propelled by gallery slaves chained to their oars. Rust & mildew were also problems we had to contend with. as many did. What is now the Mediterranean Sea was then about two-thirds its present size. The soft. I was sought after by the priests. The destination of our voyage was the land of Ser. scientists & engineers were elite classes that required years of expensive study. So I studied to be a scribe & historian. My father spent his entire lifetime as the assistant manager of a large sawmill that provided lumber for the construction of ships for the Atlan navy. I worked. even if it was given at the speed of light. We went to the advance unit's encampment & put the slave to work clearing away the thick foliage so that we could enlarge the site for the habitation of those of us who were newly arrived. followed by employment by the state in the capacity of bureaucratic official & then as officer in the army or navy. The land of Ser was covered by a thick tropical rain forest that stretched for several hundred miles to the east & west of the great river. I amazed my master teacher & others with my ability to write down either thoughts before they could even utter a word. such as Mir & Tosh . Classes of this type were filled with people of all ages. When I completed my higher studies. in truth. Medical doctors. most of whom were considered minor criminals or simply Cro-Magnon types of humans who had been unfortunately caught in some Ro-Atlan slaver's net. We sailed across this sea & arrived at the mouth of the river now known as Nile. Graduates were thereafter qualified to practice a particular profession. I know now that I was tapping into their thoughts telepathically. The catch here was a considerable fee had to be paid to the master teacher on a yearly basis. I enjoyed the power of ordering others about. It seemed to be always raining. To earn money for my education. easy life of a priest was sought by most. The Land of Ser has had many names over the years. We thought at 1st that their condition was due to battles with the local natives. . digging canals & other forms of state-sponsored building projects.opportunity to attend classes conducted by a person considered to be a master of a particular subject. where we were to found a colony & military outpost. for some yetunknown reason.& is presently called Egypt. I accepted a position in the army because.

They originally live separate from each other & under a very shaky truce. One of the 1st assignments given to us prior to leaving Fe-Atlan was to seek out & find a number of pyramids that were built by the gods at some time in the ancient past. your spirit is of Sumer. we later learned. Princess Rytoon pointed me out to her mother. we came out of the jungle & encountered a paved road about 75 feet wide. warriors from both groups had been seen probing to borders of the Atlan camp together under 1 command. along with a group of priests. she blocked my attempts." The name Sumer caused in me a very strong emotion that made my body experience a surge of energy both warm & pleasant. I responded by thinking about the fact that we had come in peace in search of the Great Pyramids. no. Since the advance unit's arrival. we were ordered to follow the parade down the road until we came to a town consisting of hundreds of thatched mud huts & 1 large building constructed of fine masonry. Later we were alerted by the sound of drums & trumpets. After some hours on the road we came upon a group of black warriors who 1st blocked our path & then marched in orderly ranks in front of us. One type was tall & blonde & the other was even taller & had black skin. The queen addressed to me a number of mental questions as she pointed to the ceiling covered with painted stars. We were amazed to find this artifact from the distant past & used it to continue our mission. Approaching us was a large group of people wearing clothes of every color. After several days & thousands of insect bites. One morning we. The outer walls of this building were covered with carved images of animals & people as well as images of creatures that had the combined features of animals & humans. I soon felt my thoughts being probed by the queen. She then asked if we wanted to buy any dead human or animal bodies.The chief officer of the advance unit briefed us about the 3 types of people who were native to the area. I know of your kind. the Queen Soroona. "Relt? Maldec? Nodia? Sumer?" I responded that I was from the kingdom of the 2 Atlans. . soldiers & hundred of slaves who were employed to hack a path for us through the jungle. "No. We entered this building to find sitting on a throne a woman of gigantic proportions. By means of hand gestures. She weighed about 700 pounds. I tried to read her thoughts but she immediately knew that she was being mentally probed. On a canopied litter was seated a very beautiful woman who. She replied. She asked. I had come to believe that I was the only 1 on Earth who had such an ability. began our search for these holy structures. As if she had been trained to do so. We were quick to learn why she did not fear for her safety: the jungles on both sides of the highway were filling with her warriors. I was a bit shaken by the fact that the queen could communicate with me telepathically. Two of these black escorts stripped off their clothing & military gear & took off on a run. was called Princess Rytoon.

Below. The attendant accepted from me in trade a gold medallion bearing the likeness of a 1-time king of the 2 Atlans. we could see the blue waters of the River Nile & before us we could see 3 gleaming white pyramids. With a considerable escort of Queen Soroona's warriors as well as our own troop of soldiers. they would light up & sometimes produce sounds. their souls would be free to follow & reside among the gods. We were warned that the place where the Great Pyramids were located was controlled by the blondes. when completely prepared & wrapped. It was rumored that the blondes did not rely on natural death to occur & sometimes resorted to making war on people who lived farther to the south. . was laid in a metal container that had a compartment at its foot in which were placed the internal organs of the deceased. "No matter. she shrugged & mentally said. who were not to be trusted. We passed by blonde sentries who made obscene gestures at the members of our escorts. that had undergone several stages of mummification. The junkyard attendant motioned that I could have 1 or more of those items if I traded him something in exchange. I was attracted to a small crystal sphere that turned blue & become foggy when I stared into it. We were told that the strange items came from the area where the Great Pyramids were located & from the sky people who traded them for dead bodies. so she directed Princess Rytoon to take us on to an enclosed courtyard filled with what appeared to be junk. your people who live above the clouds will buy all I have. I felt wonderful. during which we studied the strange items in her junkyard. My thoughts bored the queen. & she spent nearly all her time in mental communication making more deals of more junk for bodies with those of the far-distant worlds in the sky that she called Sumer & Nodia. Laughter was heard coming from the blonde sentries & from their black visitors as well. In another building were a number of dead bodies. The suicide rate went up among our slaves when they began to believe that if their bodies were preserved & sent to heaven. We stayed with the people of Queen Soroona for several weeks. even resorting to the murder of their own kind to fill out their shipment of bodies. A body. I must confess. When touching some of these strange items.When I told her that we had no such desire. both human & animal." The queen could not rise from her throne. After about a 1½-hour march. In my present lifetime I use similar devices to prepare food & look at the living activities of microbes. but had no idea why. we came to a smaller road that took us just above the treetops. & even called in a friendly fashion to several of the group by name. we never figured out what they were or what use they might have had. We were also informed that the blondes had recently entered into an agreement with the sky people to also provide them with cadavers. we once again proceeded south.

I found that Braymark was indeed correct about the sexual act being 1 of many ways to acquire the energy that permitted certain men or women to do things with their minds that could otherwise be done only by gods. The craft then circled the plateau.1 of the reasons being that they had at some time in the past stolen away the capstone of the Great Pyramid. Fortunately. . While returning to the top of the plateau. I was invited to join him & his advisors on the platform. From beneath the water rose a black saucer-shaped craft that. Then as Braymark & his advisors waved a friendly hello. Between the paws of the Great Sphinx was a platform upon which sat a number of men. dropping pieces of metal. we stood before them in the pouring rain. Braymark was presently in a dilemma. Braymark pulled them back to shore along with box after box filled with precious gems & several boxes of candy. After about 5 minutes he had spent all his reserve energy demonstrating his godlike powers. The latter group offered Braymark treasures. The chief of those on the platform who was king of all the blondes was a man named Braymark. One night I joined Braymark & a group of his followers as they secretly moved several cartloads of bodies off the plateau & down to the river's edge. His father's people. by means of ropes. pulled the rafts out to the place where the vehicle seemed to float. was really more than a thousand years old & the son of a god. who called themselves Maldecians. & the platform & its occupants were instantly turned into a pile of smoking ashes. When I mentally probed his mind he became alarmed over the fact that I could do so & momentarily became very frightened. competed for the bodies of the dead with another group of gods that flew about in black saucer-shaped vehicles marked with a silver triangle. who looked to be about 35. He was obsessed with sex & claimed that it was from the sexual act that he obtained his godlike powers. I was on my way to do so when I saw in the sky a flash of sunlight reflect off the silver skin of a triangular spacecraft. He offered me the choice of any of the women of his harem. Braymark later confessed that he was not a thousand years old.The plateau upon which the pyramids stood was completely covered by multicolored tents. With the will of his mind. Braymark offered me a piece of the very delicious candy & remarked: "What my father's people don't know won't hurt them. The craft came down very low & hovered above the platform. On 1 piece was a silver triangle. & on quite a few occasions took him up on his offer. By ropes attached to the other end of the rafts. Braymark & his advisors sat on the platform between the paws of the Great Sphinx. will it?" About 2 days later at about high noon. another flash in the form of a line of brilliant orange light came form the underside of the vehicle. While these men sat dry under a canopy. Braymark caused us all to fall to our knees before him & place our faces in the mud. One of our escorts told us that Braymark. I had not as yet joined them. I was greatly tempted. but really closer to 800. & being a young man. Braymark said that the Maldecians hated those who flew the black saucers (Nodians) for many reasons . He was quick to regain his composure & proclaimed to all about him that I was a brother god. whereas his father's people expected the bodies without pay. where they placed the containers on rafts.

unrestricted. The farther 1 goes back in time. With the arrival of the next ship I received orders to return to my homeland. I was elevated to noble rank & began to serve the king as his mental ambassador to the extraterrestrials. During this lifetime I telepathically arranged an agreement between the Federation & the king of the 2 Atlans. I felt tired & asked to be left alone for a while.) When I came to the part where I traded the medallion for the small crystal sphere. part of the Sumer (Saturn) radiar system. without conflict. the stories of my youth in the land of Ser. at their request I began to relate. This agreement allowed the Federation. (The story got better & better every time I told it. I was told that my psychic essence was native to the planetoid Omuray (Titan). Because living humans went insane & usually died of uncontrollable bioelectrical brain activity (similar to epilepsy). The Frequency Barrier is presently weak enough to permit some people from both the closed & open mental states to go into & out of the Barrier after a brief period of intense preparation (biological conditioning). Then suddenly the fog began to clear. those living in the open state had developed methods that made it practical to autopsy a dead body of 1 of the Earth & study the biological effects of the Frequency Barrier during a person's lifetime. These studies were carried out both to predict the rate of Frequency Barrier diminishment & to determine what patterns of . as I had done many times before. at the age of 83. it is time. Humans who are suddenly introduced to the open. & my only a child. Though my mental communications with the extraterrestrials I learned of the destruction of the Maldec & all the problems that eventually befell the planets & radiars of the solar system. a son aged 22. One summer evening. I had a desire to hold it once again in my hands. "It is time. I sent a report to the king of the 2 Atlans as to what had I had learned about the land of Ser & what I saw happened on that horrible day in the shadow of the great Pyramids. it was impractical to bring live people out of the Barrier into the open state. Milly-Anet. Mont-Bester.My group quickly left the area of the pyramids & returned to our encampment at the mouth of the river. At the time of the life I just described. & I held it until I finished my story. Monitoring the Effects of the Frequency Barrier It was & still is difficult to take living things out of the Frequency Barrier. While I looked at this radiant being in the sphere I heard a soft voice say. while sitting on the porch of my home with my wife of 49 years. & at the same time the image of a beautiful young woman began to form within it. I spent some time staring into the blue fog that filled the sphere. I sent Mont-Bester into the house to get the sphere. the more 1 could have expected this to happen. mental state usually go completely insane. Trome of Sumer. to gather from time to time specimens of plant & animal life from within the confines of the kingdom. where they would surely die a cruel & painful death." I fell to sleep & my soul went off again to swim in the river of time.

This situation necessitated both of the opposing groups to enlist the aid of agents living on the Earth (tempered to the current degree of the Frequency Barrier) to act on their behalf & gather specimens for them. Another section of the kingdom extended about 650 miles southwest of the Iberian peninsula (Portugal & Spain). A part of .000 years ago the place I called home extended about 1200 miles southeast of the place you now called Florida. "Why didn't the Maldecians & their open state allies simply pick up living humans from Earth? After all. A genetically engineered human hybrid that could tolerate the effects of the Frequency Barrier was also on the agenda." The reason they did not do this is because large numbers of specimens were required & they could not themselves function physically in the Frequency Barrier without suffering ill effects. they would not have been bothered by the fact that those they abducted would die. a Martian About 29. biologically modify them & return them later to Earth. This method was 1st employed about 12. study them.000 B. As narrated by Sharmarie. methods were developed to take living things out of the Frequency Barrier in a state of suspended animation. Later. We called the 2 parts of the land separated by ocean Fe-Atlan & Ro-Atlan respectively (meaning South Atlan & North Atlan).DNA were best suited to tolerate its effects in the future.C. One might ask. in a place now referred to as Sumeria.

but was wisely not practiced widely. wireless radios. The game was usually the hairy elephant-like creature you call the mastodon. born of Rosey (my mother) & Socrantor the Elder (my father). They won't bother us & we won't bother them." Another said that he wished that we of the Atlans had such a vehicle so that he could travel in space & visit other worlds. Few were blessed with the biological ability to adjust to & benefit from this minor temporary lull in the course of the Frequency Barrier. television. We commented on the huge size of the vehicle. We had colonies in the lands you call Egypt. The currency of Atlan consisted of precious synthetic gems & crystals that could be produced by secret processes known only to the king & the priests. These subhumans were what you now call preNeanderthals. They did request to be permitted to visit the surface of the planet from time to time to obtain samples of various plants & animals. in favor of not wasting the life force that would have to be spent in its performance. & it was filled with animals & subhuman types left over from the last dark period brought about by the then unpredictable Frequency Barrier. Britain & Finland. I had a younger brother named Macrantor. That kingdom is what you call Atlantis. We of the Atlans did not need the assistance of extraterrestrials or sky gods (whom we knew to exist) to help us develop a very high technology that included aircraft. the priests carried on mental conversations regularly with the extraterrestrials.southeast England was at that time still connected to the continent of Europe. nuclear power & a number of other forms of technology that utilized specially grown crystals & human psychic energy transmitted through higher levels of the universal life field. Neanderthals & primitive Cro-Magnon people. Even so. mostly in Ro-Atlan mines located in the far north. Another noble assured him that someday we would. computers. "Let's go to bed. My father was a captain of an oceangoing fishing vessel that also hunted fur-bearing animals such as otters & seals. Today legends of this kingdom exist on Earth. The extraterrestrials told us that they adhered to a law called the Prime Directive. The accumulation of wealth was the goal of every Atlanian. My people had a biological link to the latter. His acquired wealth permitted him to buy my brother a place in the priesthood & myself a lowly commission in the king's army. . It was on 1 such hunting trip in central Asia that I was about to retire for the night when 1 of the nobles called the group's attention to an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The rest of the world was our hunting reserve. Cro-Magnons could be trained & were used as slave labor. I was born about 723 years after the beginning of this so-called golden age. & 1 of us said. which forbade interference in the natural development of a planetary culture. I was called Socrantor the Younger. The priest granted them permission to do so. Mental telepathy was easily employed. which slowly passed over our head & landed a short distance away. My earliest duties included escorting & protecting groups of nobles on hunting trips in areas located on any continent you could name.

so there you are. using a number of successive nuclear detonations. Maybe we will be able to talk to each other mentally in the future. he could acquire 1 of the ingredients that the extraterrestrials used to propel their spacecraft. The genius lost control of his project & his transmitter continued to send the core energy to the storage crystals. thus causing the beginning of the Earth's 1st ice age. I have a great deal to tell you. even with every bit of my summoned willpower. but I have no positive light of divine direction that would permit me to do so. One of these holes begin in Iraq.From within my tent I could see a soft white light rotating on the upper part of the alien craft. painful injections & helmeted sky gods who flicked the tips of their tongues against the centers of their upper lips (Maldecians). Then some Atlan genius came up with the idea to punch 2 slanted holes into the Earth. Try to remember this mental contact. He had determined that if he could reach the planet's magma. . old friend. I am Rayatis Cre'ator. The ocean covered other parts of the land that were not disintegrated & the 2 Atlans were no more. I deeply regret this. & the other in Peru. Where is Atlantis? The answer: It is everywhere. as were the crazy ways the people of the 2 Atlans began to feel & act. The earthquakes. tidal waves & volcanic eruptions caused by his nuclear detonations were hard to ignore." I remembered the mental contact of that evening but did not remember the 1 who called himself Rayatis Cre'ator. We had no children. I rose in military rank & took a bride named Toriata. The 2 Atlans & its people literally vibrated into huge clouds of dust & volcanic ash. I was 52 years old when this catastrophe occurred & took my life. It soon began to pulse rapidly until I felt myself slipping into a state of consciousness I could not prevent. I wish I could take you with me when we leave. You might not remember me now. That night I dreamed of spacecraft & white-haired people as well as aircars. all went well in my life. but we knew each other in an earlier time. Lady Cre'ator is back among us of the open state. For about 12 years after that night. Its pulsing rhythm caught my attention. & try to remember me. which covered the Earth & prevented the sun from warming the Earth. I then heard a voice speak to me telepathically: "Sharmarie. The energy extracted from the core was to be stored in large crystals housed underground in both Fe-Atlan & Ro-Atlan. allowing the people of the 2 Atlans to travel throughout the stars.

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