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February 2012

January 24, 2012 Dear Parish Family and Friends, Already we are in the 4th week of 2012. The Parish Meeting was held this past Sunday and we had an enjoyable and productive time reflecting on the past year and looking towards the future together. In our reflection on the past we particularly talked about the ministry of the Garden of St. Teresa under the leadership of Ruth Wivell, and the neighborhood meetings that were hosted at Holy Trinity under the leadership of Susan Adamek. These have made a significant difference in our relationship with our neighbors and have helped us to build relationships with them. Both of these have been a great gift to us as well as to our neighborhood. The ministry of the many who serve in a variety of ways was highlighted. The yard and building maintenance done by John Zanka and others, the serving as lectors, altar servers, vestry members, altar guild, keeping our kitchen stocked. Pat Wisniewski is the go to person for that. Thanks to Roland Seguin who provides instrumental music and Laura Swope and Barbara Koehler who do the same. Thanks to David Koehler for leading our singing of the service music. There are a host of tasks that need to be done for the smooth running of the parish. Thanks to all who contributed and especially to those who worship faithfully and give for the support of Gods ministry is this place. In a small parish there is room for everyone to contribute. We were also delighted that the energy for having a Christmas bake sale emerged under the leadership of Calvin Molnar. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and working together with so many of the congregation participating. In our moving toward the future, Pat Wisniewski and Calvin Molnar volunteered to serve on the Vestry and were elected. David Koehler and Randy Coleman continue on the Vestry for one more year and Kathy and Jon Molnar continue for two more years. Susan Adamek continues as our Senior Warden for another year. In 2013 Holy Trinity will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. We are looking to have a group of 3 5 members do some planning for how we will celebrate and mark this event. Susan Adamek and Calvin Molnar have already agreed to serve on this planning group and we need several others to volunteer to serve and consent to serve when asked. Of course, we are also interested in your input on this celebration, so if you have any ideas speak with Susan, Calvin or myself. Preparing for the celebration will be fun and 2013 will be an important year in Holy Trinitys life. We very much want to continue the ministry of the Garden of St. Therese and because Ruth will likely be moving we are looking for someone to manage the Garden in 2012 and beyond. We are looking for a person to do this 10 hour a week ministry. At the beginning of the year I have moved to working days. Just one week into it I am aware of how much more difficult that makes it for me to keep in touch with shut-ins, so we are asking that other members step forward to assist with this ministry. All this is a brief overview of what was brought to our attention during our parish meeting. Not every detail is covered, but the highlights are there. May God bless and guide us and we enter 2012 and prepare for our Centenary. Faithfully yours, Mother Tina

Our Prayers:
Remembering those of our parish family and friends who have died during February:
February 1, 1988 Robert Joseph Simon February 6, 1994 Theresa Illes February 6, 2009 Richard Streich February 7, 2007 Robert Lacy Hatcher February 8, 1996 Theresa Bernat February 12, 1983 Hariette E. Simon February 14, 1994 Kenny Sayers February 15, 1998 Mary Juhas February 17, 1968 Susan Marie Ridley February 17, 1968 Joseph Hartman February 19, 2010 Joseph Fekete February 20, 1968 Helen Balok Katowich February 20, 1999 Marilyn Wisniewski February 21, 2004 Father Robert Bisarro February 22, 1961 Gizella Varga February 24, 2000 Wayne Badollet February 24, 2000 Albert Timler February 26, 1966 Angela Starzynski February 26, 1975 Bertha Verduin

Father of all, we pray to you for those we love, but see no longer. Grant them your peace; let light perpetual shine upon them; and, in your loving wisdom and almighty power, work in them the good purpose of your perfect will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen We remember each of them in our prayers at the altar on the Sunday before their death and on the last Sunday of the month.

Remembering those who are sick and/or shut in:

Sick: David Koehler, Kathy Molnar, Wilma Stahl, Jean Garrison, Russ Cartwright, Nedra (Pat Zankas mother), Tanika Trotter, Lucas Frank Molnar, Megan, Audrey Yakes (Mother Tinas sister), Father Anthony Clavier, Donna Brown, Carol Stokes, Kelsey, Jim and Lawrence. Homebound: Bruce Stahl. Julie Fekete, Doris Fekete, Helen Szczechowski, Tim Goodrich, and Dorothea Felix Almighty God our heavenly Father, graciously comfort your servant N. in his/her suffering, and bless the means made use of for his/her cure. Fill his/her heart with confidence that, though at times he/she may be afraid, he/she may put his/her trust in you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Look with mercy, O God our Father, on all whose increasing years bring them weakness, distress, or isolation. Provide for them homes of dignity and peace; give them understanding helpers, and the willingness to accept help; and as their strength diminishes, increase their faith and their assurance of your love. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Remembering those celebrating birthdays during February:

February 5 Dale Davis February 8 Cindy Zilliak February 10 Steven Michael Ritter February 12 Lisa Brunner February 19 Deacon Joe Illes February 20 Kara Carson, Dustin Joseph Zehner February 24 Howard Stahl February 28 Alexis Nicole Starzynski

O God, our times are in your hands. Look with favor, we pray, on your servant, (name) as he/she begins another year. Grant that he/she may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen his/her trust in your goodness all the days of his/her life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the Parish: You are invited and encouraged to pray this prayer each day. Almighty God, all times are in your hand, and all occasions serve your will. Accept our prayers of thanksgiving and hope which we offer for this community of faith: the Church of the Holy Trinity. May she ever continue in your mercy and grace and may she never falter in gratitude to you and in service of you in our brothers and sisters, as well as the poor, sick and disenfranchised of our neighborhood, city and world. All this we ask through the intercessions of Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

David Koehler Pat Zanka Randy Coleman - Ruth Wivell Isaiah40:21-31 2 Kings 5:1-14 2 Kings 2:1-12 Genesis 9:8-17 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 1 Peter 3:18-22 Mark 1:29-39 Mark 1:40-45 Mark 9:2-9 Mark 1:9-15


by Susan Adamek

Once again our parish came thru with donations to our Christmas Mitten Tree Project. This is the fourth year we have presented hats and mittens to Muessel Primary Grade School in South Bend. As you may recall, this school serves kids who are considered at risk and in great need. Many come from broken homes and environments that are far from peaceful. Many are not provided, on a daily basis, with even the most basic of human needs. As a result, they come to school totally unprepared for winter weather. They are sent to the nurses office, where she has a closet of donated clothing she uses to get them dressed properly. Now that winter has hit us all with vengeance, we can be assured many kids will have mittens and hats to help keep them warm! Here is this years inventory: 1. (29) hand knit hats. Many were donated by the Friday morning craft group 2. (15) store bought hats for both boys and girls 3. (29) pairs of gloves and mittens 4. (2) scarf and hat sets, one hand knit 5. (2) pairs of sox A grand total of 77 items to keep kids warm during the coldest months of our Midwest winter! Thank you to everyone who donated this year. (Keep your eyes out for great sale deals on hats and mittens, as merchants are clearing out their winter inventories to make room for spring)!


by Jamensen Molnar

On Saturday, December 17, 2011, the Church of the Holy Trinity hosted an annual tradition, which had long since dissipated, the Annual Bake Sale. This past year it was an opportunity for the congregation to come together and showcase their baking abilities. Being led by one of the younger members, Jamensen Molnar, the Bake Sale was an undisputed success compared to years past, raising a rough total of 548 dollars (after expenses). From Sugar cookies to Kolach and Keflies, the Bake Sale, according to many of the attendees was very well planned, organized, and was affordably priced. While there is still some debate on whether the church will have a Spring Bake Sale, many are looking forward to the future of the Annual Bake sale in the winter.


-- Mother Tina Velthuizen

Since our newsletter began, we have been introducing members of the parish. I didnt expect to be on the list of featured members, because I thought everyone already knows me, but Barbara, our editor, asked me to write something, so here it is. Ill share some things you might otherwise not know. The main places I have lived are Everson, Washington, Holland, Michigan, Springfield, South Dakota, New York, New York, Plainwell, MI, and South Bend, Indiana. Oops, I forgot the Netherlands, where I was born. Whenever Im asked where home is, I say: Its where I hang my hat. For a little more than 20 years, home has been South Bend. I feel blessed to be here. At age 18, I took a train from Bellingham, Washington to Holland, Michigan to attend Hope College. There I majored in German and English and after graduating, taught in Hamilton, MI for 5 years. During that time I also was confirmed in the Episcopal Church. After retiring from teaching I worked in a factory for several years. The first was making car parts at Northern Fiber and the second was doing the interior paint and cleaning of luxury boats at Roamer Yachts. During that time I read Brother Lawrences Practice of the Presence of God and did a lot of praying while doing routine, repetitive work. It was good. In the winter of 1974, I enrolled in Western Theological Seminary in Holland and completed a Masters in Christian Education in 1977. After that I worked as a supervisor in a Sheltered Workshop and as a house parent in an Adult Foster Care Home. I learned a lot from the mentally and physically disabled. During this time the Churchs ministry with and the integration of the disabled into its life became very important to me. That commitment continues to this day. In 1983 I began my studies as General Theological Seminary and graduated in 1985. Both my deacon and priest ordinations were in 1985 and I served at St. Stephens in Plainwell for 4 years. After that I did brief interims in Battle Creek, and Jackson, MI before coming to Holy Trinity in July of 1991. As a child, I did a lot of weeding in my mothers garden and it was not a chore. But it was not until I bought my own home in 1998, that I became a gardener myself. For many years it was just flowers, but I am now preparing for my third year of vegetables. I was pleased when the Near Northwest Neighborhood Association asked if my home could be on the Garden Tour in 2012. I believe that is going to happen. When I was a child we were not allowed to play cards, because that was a sin. But, over the years Ive become increasingly passionate about playing cards. Im an introvert, so it is nice to be with people and not need to talk all the time. There is never a family gathering when my family does not indulge me with a card game or two. Through playing cards with Dottie and Bill Balok, I now have a standing invitation to play with their daughter Terris mother-in-law. My favorite games are: Cribbage, Spades, Widows Whist, Pinochle (hope Ive spelled that correctly), Golf, Oh Hell, and May In my youth, sports did not interest me very much, but that has also changed since moving to South Bend. People who knew me back then would be shocked that I am now unabashedly an Irish fan, especially of womens basketball and Muffit MaGraw, their coach. Ive just returned from the Tennessee game and am delighted that the Irish women won. I believe they are going to go a long way this year, perhaps even become the national champions. GO IRISH! Julian of Norwich, a 14th century mystic has long been a spiritual guide for me for many years (my mid 20ties). She has taught me of the love of God in ways I have not grasped before. Since coming to Holy Trinity, Teresa of Lisieux has also become a spiritual guide. Her insight that her vocation is LOVE has particularly helped me as well as learning that little flowers are also precious to God, not just the big ones. In my family I am the fourth child and the 3rd girl. There were 6 girls and 2 boys. Both of my brothers have died as has one of my younger sisters. I have 10 nieces and 7 nephews, the oldest is 50 and the youngest is 20. I have 18 great nieces and 12 great nephews. The oldest is 25 and the youngest 2. This April, I look forward to a sister reunion celebrating one of my older sisters 70th birthday. My two Washington sisters will be coming here. They are interested in visiting Amish country and I look forward to sharing it with them and having some major card playing time. I am thankful for the many ways God has blessed and guided me over the years and am particularly grateful for a

complete recovery for Guillian Bare. It has been 10 years now since I spent 3 months in the hospital. Every morning I am thankful to be able to get out of bed without assistance.


by Ruth Wivell

At the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, Mother Tina talked briefly about how Holy Trinity has experienced a positive transition over the last year. We reviewed 2011 and its blessings for our parish, including the revival of our (once again) annual Christmas church bake sale, the commencement of community focus groups, and of course the continuation of the Garden of St Therese, which you have read about in my previous newsletter columns. During the meeting, I was reminded of this passage from Esther de Waals book Seeking God: The Way of St Benedict: It is important that we too know how to read our own history, to see the turning points, the moments of change, the unfolding of Gods plan for us at each new step of the way (p. 73). Epiphany is a time when we hope to recognize Gods revelation in our lives and what God is calling us to do next. As Mother Tina mentioned in her Sunday homily, it is quite appropriate that we hold our Annual Parish Meeting at this time and are able to recount all blessings of the previous year and, indeed, see Gods plan unfolding for us. We have seen God drawing us closer to one another and to God-self, and we have allowed for that to happen in our lives. This is what the Benedictine Promise refers to as conversation morum, often translated as conversion of life or openness. You are probably wondering why I am writing about this and not more specifically about the community garden. The Church Development Institute training that a few of us in the parish have done has been instrumental in the evolution of our garden and it is through CDI training that I have learned more about the Benedictine Promise now I cant help but see it reflected in all aspects of my life, including in our parish and in the ministry of our garden. The Benedictine Promise refers to the vows that Benedictine initiates make when joining a community. They commit to obedience, stability, and conversion of life. Seeking God involves actively holding these three things in balance, but it is also the grace of God that allows us any of us progress in this pursuit. We can feel the energy that conversion of life has for us. I am grateful, for example, for relationships that have bloomed in the garden and the life that new friends have given me. Although it is by no means a prerequisite, conversion of life makes it easier to commit to another part of the Promise: stability. Stability is recognizing that God is where we are right now and not in all the other fields where the grass seems greener. Or as Esther de Waal puts it, Stability means accepting this particular community, this place and these people, this and no other as the way to God (p. 57). When Mother Tina acknowledged the work individuals did for the parishand indeed she named everyone!she was also affirming the commitment each of us has made to the stability of the parish. And as we respond to the needs in our neighborhood through the community garden and community meetings, this is also a deep commitment to stability. We trust that God is working here in our neighborhood and that our neighborhood is exactly where God wants us now. Finally, obedience is listening and responding to others, to ourselves, to creation, and to God. It is discerning Gods will in a given situation we are given building blocks and have to see what can be done with them, using in the task all our intelligence, sensitivity and love (p.49). Instead of longing to be in another part of South Bend, we are listening to the needs of our neighborhood. Obedience is knowing that often what we perceive as a limit or a trap, is actually something pointing us in the direction of true freedom and conversion of life. Instead of focusing on the endless list of what we dont have, Susan Adamek noted that our beautiful church hall could be shared with the neighbors for the community meetings. It is as though the hall itself spoke to her and promised that there would be wonderful things that would occur if we used itand hasnt that come to pass? 2011 certainly felt like a different year for our parish and neighborhood. It has felt easier to see Gods presence in our life together and to feel like we are being drawn nearer to one another and to God. As we embark on 2012, may we continue to seek to be obedient to Gods call and responsive to Gods work!

SWEET POTATO PANCAKES Makes about 12 pancakes

Lent is nearly upon us, but before we start to feel the heaviness of this season, let us celebrate with a delicious feast of pancakes! Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the day to use up all the oils and sugars in the house before they go rancid or bad and what better way to this than to make lots of fried sweet things. In my household there are many arguments over what makes a good pancake. I grew up with thin, fine crepes daintily sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice, and my husband much prefers thick oat pancakes simply slathered in butter or with a dollop of ice-cream (because ice-cream goes on anything, he says). To avoid more conflict between us, I offer you another recipe altogether which we both approve of. It is from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and is rather unusual with its inclusion of sweet potato. But it is so yummy 1 1/3 c flour 3 tsp baking powder tsp grated nutmeg tsp ground ginger tsp salt 2/3 lb cooked sweet potato, mashed 2 eggs, lightly beaten 4 Tbsp butter, melted and cooled slightly, plus a little more for frying 1. 2. 3. 4. Sift dry ingredients into a bowl. Beat sweet potato, eggs, and butter in a separate bowl. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet mix, stirring until just combined. The batter will be stiff like biscuit batter. Heat a frying pan at a med-high heat. Add a knob of butter, and once it has melted remove some of the excess with a paper towel. 5. Drop spoonfuls of batter onto the pan and press them into flat circles with the back of your spoon. Fry for about 4 minutes on each side. Serve warm with butter and honey. And if youre feeling extra decadent, fry up a couple of rashers of bacon.


Sunday, January 29, following the 10:00a.m. Service - We will begin our time of fun and celebration of the baby about to be born to Ruth Wivell and Mike Mawson with a light lunch. After which they will open their gifts from their friends. Monday, January 30, 6:30, Feast of Blessed Charles Stuart Thursday, February 2, 6:30p.m. - The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple, The Rev. Dr. Max Johnson will be preaching and Dr. Stephen Lancaster will be playing the organ. Tuesday, February 7, 7:00p.m. - Vestry meeting with Evening Prayers at 6:30p.m. Sunday, February 19 St. Margarets House Walk Lillian Illes and Mother Tina will be walking and would appreciate your donations towards the St. Margarets House. Anyone is welcome to walk with the group and forms for collecting donations are available from Mother Tina. Tuesday, February 21 Annual Pancake Supper at Holy Trinity. Wednesday, February 22, 12:00 noon - worship service for Ash Wednesday Fridays, February 24, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 6:00p.m. Stations of the Cross Friday, February 24, 6:30 - The Feast of Saint Matthias the Apostle Monday, March 19, 6:30 The Feast of Saint Joseph Monday, March 26, 6:30 The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary


Tuesday, February 21, 2012 -- 4-7p.m. Adults $7. -- age 6-12 $5. -- 5 & under free All proceeds will go to Camp New Happenings (a summer camp for children of prisoners) Tickets are now available or may be purchased at the door. Takeout orders will be available. There is a sign-up sheet in the back of the church if you would like to help by volunteering your time to work for the supper, make a cash donation, or purchase supplies. Contact John or Pat Zanka at 299-8614 with questions. .