Aluminium Ornaments

What you need: • Empty aluminum beverage cans • Scissors • Sandpaper (sanding block is helpful but not necessary, or wrap sandpaper around a bit of wood) • Pen or pencil • Ribbon or cord for hanging 1. Start with an aluminum drink can.

2. Cut off the top and bottom with scissors. (Wear gloves and glasses to be extra safe.) A knife is good to make the first cut so you can get your scissors in there. Cut down the side–if you haven’t done so already to get the top and bottom off–and flatten it out.

3. Trace your object. I like leaves, but you could use a drawing or just freehand it. (Snowflakes? Fruit? Use your imagination.) Bear down with your pencil or ballpoint or other pointy thing so you make a cutting line.

4. Cut along the lines. Be careful. Cut aluminum is sharp.

A sanding block or its equivalent is handy for this. cord. With your pointy thing and using your object as a reference.5. other details. emboss your cut-out with veins. The veins or other details are emphasized by the sanding so you want to make sure you emboss before you sand for this effect. but I left it for a distressed look. or a length of raffia to hang it up. Take a nail and make a hole for hanging the ornament. you can sand the color off entirely. 6. etc. 7. . If you prefer. whether it is a leaf like mine or what-have-you. I sanded the front and back. That’s it. Sand the piece to remove any burrs and other hazards and to give it a nice pewtery surface. Add a ribbon.

Cut out both shapes. such as the kind Altoids mints come in • Paper • Adhesive-backed magnetic sheet • Colored pencils or markers Instructions Trace the top of the tin onto both the paper and the magnetic sheet. then draw and color a design on the paper. . remove the backing from the magnet. Set the decorated magnet on the top of the tin. empty metal box. then fill the tin with all those very important things. and stick the drawing to it.Altoid Safety Box Materials • Small.

. of course) • Old CDs (be sure to ask first) • Aluminum foil • Old hub caps • Tin cans (clean) • Tacky glue or silver duct tape • Wire. 4. 5. 3. Use CDs to build the base of the space ship on (shiny side out). Hang with string or fishing line. Use any supplies that you find. Use glue or use duct tape to adhere the pieces together. Use aluminum foil if you want a shiny ship. optional • Wire cutters.Spaceship What you'll need: • Styrofoam carryout boxes (clean. 2. optional • String or fishing line • Scissors • Markers How to make it: 1. Decorate with markers if desired. just be sure to have an adult present for safety.

4. I just wanted to get rid of the red color on the top. I used white glue and decoupaged the paper on the top and bottom of tin and in the inside lid and bottom lid. Spray the entire outside of the tin with a metal spray paint primer. I also decoupraged over the top of the paper to really secure it.Altered Altoid Tin 1. You can then paint or spray paint over that but I just left mine primered. I glued both of those on and decoupaged the top of those as well. I then used coordinating paper and cut it a little smaller than the last piece and glued that on top of the cardstock on the bottom and top of the tin. I cut off any excess on the top and bottom of the tin. I inked the circle and stamped a “Z” on it for Zackary. Trace around the top of the tin and cut that shape out 4 times out of cardstock. 3. Then I cut 1 cm of coordinating striped paper and glued that around the side of the tin. I also embellished the top by ripping a brown piece of paper and hole punching a circle. . It will be a nice white color. I inked the edges of mine as well. 2.

Then I just wrote a sentiment on a piece of paper and put a small piece of doublesided tape and taped it to the inside top of the tin. I then made an accordian out of brown paper. So I thought I would use the accordian to tape his Target gift card to and use it to kind of pop the gift certificate out when he opened the tin. I also punched out an extra circle so my sister can remove the Z on the front and reuse if she wishes. 7. 6. It measures 3 1/2 x 12. I also rounded the corners. I scored and folded every 2 inches. I was planning on scrapbooking those with pictures but then I rememebered who I was making this for… my 15 year old nephew who would not care about that. I put those in the very bottom of the tin. .5. I glued the accordian to the bottom of the tin and put a small piece of double sided tape on the gift card and taped it to the top of accordian. I used a small piece so it can be removed and then tin can be reused. So that is what I did.

Finish by sliding the washers onto the rod. 24 or 36 inches long • 10 to 15 1/2-inch washers • 1/2-inch locknut • Rope or cord Instructions 1. wrap a piece of Teflon tape around the end of the eyebolt and both ends of the rod.Backyard Melody Maker Materials • 1/2. assemble the pieces as shown 4-inch threaded eyebolt • Teflon (plumber's) tape • 1/2-inch coupling nut • 1/2-inch all-thread rod. To prevent the metal pieces from unscrewing over time. then threading on the locknut. . Starting at the top. Hang the rod with a rope or cord. 3. 2.

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