On the 14th day of November, 2011, I started my on-the-job-training in Bulacan State University located at Guinhawa st. City of Malolos, Bulacan. I was assigned at the accounting department under the supervision of Mrs. Felicitas G. Mirabuenos, the Director for Auxillary Service Office. It¶s not my first time working under this department because I am a student assistant here for a month before my proper on-the-job-training. This helps me to be more comfortable, relieve, and a bit confident to start my training. Under the management internship program, the student trainees are required to complete a four hundred and fifty (450) hours in training. Unlike the previous schedule I experience wherein I went to school at a different time, in this internship I have to be at the office on or before eight (8) in the morning. Also, I have experience to spend my entire time at the office, unlike in the school wherein I used to have broken schedules (having two or more hours of vacant time). For my first job assignment, I assessed students for the 2011-2012 second semester enrollment. At the same time, I counterchecked receipts for the daily report of collection. This was my daily job assignment within my first three (3) days. Then, for the remaining days in November, I broke down the Others Payable for the year 2011, as well as counterchecked of receipts. For the month of December, I still worked with the receipts. On the other hand, I started to work with the Individual Index of Deductions wherein I note down each of the employees gross pay and their deductions. This was my job assignment for the rest of December before Christmas Holidays. For the month of January 2012, my daily job assignment routine may just vary on either working with the Individual Index of Deductions, counterchecking of receipts, answering phone calls, issuance of midterm and final permits, and promissory note, and Index of Payments to Creditors. This Index of Payments to Creditors is also known as Disbursement Vouchers, herein I note down the payments and/or reimbursements transactions of the creditors.

In general. my job assignment routine was the same from the previous month. I¶m thankful because this provides the learning I need to be used for future profession.Then for the month of February. I knew that all the things I experienced and they shared will help me and soon I will use it for future career. I¶m proud enough that I¶m a part of this college and the organization under it. Being an intern under this department helps me seen the actual transactions within the field. This training program taught me: (1) to control my temper. I assessed enrollees but for this time they were in Masters and Doctors Degree. Participating and attending to seminars conducted by other organizations might be a help for the students learning. the curriculum should be adaptive and flexible. Currently. (6) that pressure is always around and learn to work with it. BSBA CURRICULUM Like anything else. Otherwise. I¶m grateful because this curriculum helps me to widen my knowledge about the field I want to achieve. just like my first job assignment. actual involvement like workshop is much better because the students may actually share their own thoughts and ideas. (5) to accept your mistakes and apologize and. Otherwise. Also. however it can still be improve and develop. Currently it still creating its own identity in the university and hoping that it will be well-known like the other colleges. However. It established its own college form being under the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) curriculum. the college should pursue their long time plan of having their own uniform. not merely for the reason of establishing the college identity but also to discipline the students in proper grooming. (4) to be flexible from shifting of one job assignment to another. another job was added. the university is accepting students for 2011-2012 3rd Trimesters. I know this is only a beginning of what I need to learn and what to expect more to happen. (3) to give importance with time especially for deadlines. This could help to develop their interpersonal skills. BSBA curriculum is a success. at the same time this could increase their personal and intellectual growth. . everything is not meant to be perfect. In general. Changes are inevitably. (2) to discipline myself on wearing corporate attire. I¶m fulfilled enough with the experiences I encountered during this training program.

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