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Timber and Building Products for the Construction Industry

Proud suppliers to Australias building industry for more than 100 years. Manufacturers of ARMOURFORM Australias strongest formply

Armourform Formply
Australias strongest formply
Armourform F27
Armourform F27 total hardwood green edge formply has a high-density phenolic overlay. This is a premium quality formply designed and manufactured for xed formwork applications. Armourform F27 has superior spanning capabilities and is ideal for tableforms, jumpforms, slipforms, shutters, heavy civil engineering and mining applications.

Armourform F22
Armourform F22 green edge red stripe formply is constructed from a mixture of hardwood and pine veneers with a high-density phenolic overlay. Armourform F22 is a cost-effective formply with a high strength-to-weight ratio. This versatile formply can be used in all applications, from conventional to system formwork including tableforms, shutters and columns.

Armourform F17
Armourform F17 green edge yellow stripe formply is constructed from mixed species veneers with a hardwood face and phenolic overlay. Armourform F17 is highly durable and is ideal for general formwork use, such as decks, precast and tilt-up panel construction.

Stress Grade F27 Armourform F22 Armourform F17 Armourform

Sheet Size 1800 x 1200, 2400 x 1200 1800 x 1200, 2400 x 1200 1800 x 1200, 2400 x 1200

Thicknesses 12, 17, 19 & 25mm 12, 17, 19 & 25mm 17mm

Construction Total hardwood Pine and hardwood All pine or pine and hardwood

Formwork Timber
Truform is structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for use as formwork bearers and joists. Truform is light, straight and more uniform than traditional formwork timber. It is painted bright orange, with each length easily identied by the colourcoded end section. Truform, used in conjunction with Big River Timbers Armourform, provides one of the most cost-efcient formwork solutions available. Truform is available in 95 x 47, 95 x 65 and 150 x 77mm end sections in increments of 600mm from 2.4m to 6m.

Edgeform is structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) specially prepared for use in concrete formwork applications such as edgeboards. Edgeform has arrised edges and is painted red for moisture protection and easy identication. Edgeform is light, straight and more uniform than traditional alternatives. Edgeform is available in 100 x 36, 150 x 36, 170 x 36, 200 x 36 and 240 x 36mm in 4.8 and 6.0m lengths.

LVL & Timber Products

Laminated Veneer Timber
Hyplank has an established reputation for safe and reliable performance. This strong yet lightweight laminated veneer lumber scaffolding plank is now used extensively throughout the building industry. Hyplank is available in various sizes such as 230 x 39mm in increments of 600mm from 2.4m to 4.8m.

Hyspan is ideal for applications in residential, commercial, rural and industrial construction. Popular uses include rafters, oor joists, beams and lintels. Hyspan comes in more than 30 end section sizes and lengths up to 12m.

Hybeam HJ series oor joists are lighter than Oregon and other timber joist products. Hybeam is H2 treated to provide effective, safe protection from termites and other insects in above-ground, interior ooring and framing applications.

Designers can condently exploit the excellent strength properties of Hychord for minimum sections, while utilising the predicted deection performance to allow just the right amount of camber to ensure at ceilings and rooines free from dips and bumps.

Hyspan & Hybeam the perfect combination

LVL structural beams

Timber Products
Big River Timbers stocks an extensive range of pine framing and structural pine. Our range includes MGP10 & MGP12. All common building sizes are available including 90x35, 70x45, 90x35, 90x45, 120x35, 120x45, 140x35, 140x45. Be it treated pine, nger joined, pre-primed or case grade pine we can supply your requirements.

We can supply all grades, species and types of hardwood from case grade, F17 Kiln dried, F14 sawn, sleepers & sole plates. We draw our stocks from many of Australias leading saw mills and can source species such as Blackbutt, Flooded Gum, Spotted Gum and all other popular species.

All popular sizes are available such as 100x50 and 100x75 Oregon is generally available in 2.4 6.0m lengths. Dressed, Sawn and F8 can all be sourced by our staff.

Our branches can source all types of mouldings from Finger Jointed pine, MDF raw and primed, Pacic Maple, Western Red Cedar, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash & Clear Oregon. We can arrange milling and special proling to suit all building requirements.

Hybeam, Pine & Particleboard ooring

Hardwood beams

Flooring & Decking

T & G Flooring
Our mill produces 75x25, 100x25 and 150x25 T & G ooring in most popular Australian Hardwoods including Black Butt, Rose Gum, Spotted Gum & Brush Box. Proles include secret nail, top nail and multi nail. We also distribute many other manufacturers ooring in all available species.

Big River Timbers manufactures a large variety of Australian Hardwoods such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood and Iron Bark into popular decking proles in 64 and 86mm widths. We also have available Treated Pine, Yellow Balau and Merbau in a range of sizes and proles.

Decorative Products
Our ooring solution for interior applications. Available in 100,130 and 170mm widths. Ask our sales staff for our current brochure and species range.

Decorative panels manufactured from specially selected veneers. Armourpanel can be used on oors, walls and ceilings and are available in a range of species.

Old World Armourfloor

Hand crafted to provide an antique appearance. Old World Armouroor is another innovation by Big River Timbers.

Decorative tiles manufactured from specially selected veneers. Armourtile is available in a range of species.

Manufactured to compliment our ooring range. This versatile product can be used for all interior stair tread applications.

We also manufacture timber trim to match the Big River Timbers ooring and decorative products range.

Plywoods & Panel Products

Armourply The worlds strongest plywood is manufactured using plantation and regrowth eucalypt veneers, manufactured under the PAA/JAS-ANZ third party audited quality control program to Australian Standard AS2271 1999. Armourply is ideal for mezzanine oors, thicknesses include 12,15,18,21,27 and 30mm. Standard sheet sizes are 1800x1200 and 2400x1200.

Structural Plywood
Big River Timbers stock a large variety of structural plywoods to suit most building applications. Our range includes CD & DD face grades with 7, 9,12,15,17,19,21 & 25mm thickness available ex our stock. Standard sheet sizes are 2400x1200 & 2700x1200.

T & G Structural Plywood

T & G Structural plywood is designed to cope with highly concentrated loads specied in commercial and industrial oors. T&G Plywood is manufactured using A bond glue and comes in a range of stress grades to suit all applications. Thicknesses include 12,14,15,17,19,21 & 25mm. Standard sheet sizes include 2400x1200 & 2700x1200.

MDF Panels
Standard, MR (moisture resistant) and melamine coated. Thickness ranges from 3 to 32mm depending on product, and are available in a range of panel sizes.

Available in standard, MR (moisture resistant) and with melamine overlay. Thickness ranges from 12 25mm in varying panel sizes depending on product and manufacturer. Contact your nearest branch for stock availability.

Particleboard Flooring
Available in 19,22 and 25mm in 3.6m sheets, particleboard ooring is available standard and in a range of treatments such as termite treated and fungus protected for damp areas.

Hardboard Products
Big River Timbers distributes Australian Hardboads product range including Masonite, Pegboard, Underlay, White-Cote and Signboard. Ask our staff for the latest product brochure.

Fibre Cement Products

All bre cement products are available for exterior cladding, weatherboards, Villaboard, Hardiex, eaves lining boards, ceramic tile underlay & Arista Columns. Ask our staff for stock availability.

Additional Panel Products Available

Lauan ply Wall panelling Cut to size plywood Treated plywood Pallet plywood Utility grade plywood Marine plywood Decorative plywoods Plywood cladding Sound barriers Bracing plywood Wethertex Pegboard White melamine
Pine & Cladding


Building Supplies
Nails Builders plastic Saw blades Hardwood pegs Silicone Builders adhesive
Plywood hoarding and scaffolding

Vertical props U-heads & jacks Frames

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