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Black & Whitelist Version 1.30 User Manual


Black & Whitelist is Blackberry application use to screening phone calls. It work by detect callers ID and matching against the IDs in predefined list and then the call can be either put through or sent to voice mail.

Minimum Requirement Blackberry Pearl, Curve, 8800 series, 8700 series, 7100 series, 7200 series, 7520 series Minimum OS version 4.0.2 59 Kbytes of main memory

Installation PC: Blackberry Desktop Software Connect Blackberry phone to PC. Open Blackberry Desktop Software application and select iBerry_Black_Whitelist.alx

OTA: Point your Blackberry's browser to

Select product Black & Whitelist to download.


Registering If you had purchased Black & Whitelist you will receive registration code within 24 hours. Select Register option from the menu and enter registration code.

P1. Registering Trial Period Trial period is 15 days. Limited to 5 contacts in each list. Unlimited contacts in Address book. Reject unwanted call 10 times and after that all calls come through. You have to clear blocked history manually to allow application to reject unwanted call again


Application Security Blackberry smart phone is restricted for 3rd application to run and you have to set appropriate permissions to Black & Whitelist before setting application to run on your phone. At home screen, go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> scrolling to Black & Whitelist and select Edit Permissions menu.

P2. Edit Permission screen Set the following permissions to Allow Connection o Phone o Carrier Internet Interactions o Interprocess Communication User Data o PIM In some OS and model, blackberry phone will pop up and asking for application permissions. Set the check box on the screen to allow. To prevent phone screen freeze, set default Connection > Phone to Allow.


Main screen and screening rules

P3. Main screen

Blacklist The phone will reject incoming calls from callers match in the blacklist.

Whitelist The phone will accept incoming calls only callers match the white list.

Address Book The Phone will accept only incoming calls from callers in Address Book.

Hidden ID The application can set to reject or accept incoming calls from Private and Unknown numbers.


To switch between each screening rule, select Change Block Rule option from the menu.

P4. Switch screening rule

To switch between Hidden ID screening rule, select Hidden Caller ID option from the menu. To stop the Black & white list from screening phone call, select Turn OFF from the menu and select Turn ON to start screening phone call.

P4. Switch screening rule


Add/Remove Caller IDs

P5. Add/Remove Caller ID To add and remove caller IDs from the list, select Black & Whitelist menu option in Address Book and Call log menu. Or you can remove/delete the caller ID from caller IDs list area by scrolling to specify caller ID and select Delete option from the menu.

P6. Remove Caller ID


Others menu option\\ You can select other options from the menu which are: Check for Update: stay up-to-date with this menu to access latest update of the application. Blocked History: View blocked call history. Expand/Collapses all number: switch between name and detail view of call IDs list. View Detail: View a detail of specify caller ID. Help & Support

Technical Support & Feature request For technical support, suggestion and feature request please send email to , or visit

For more customizable screening phone call, see iCall Manager from the product page.