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Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Alonso y Realonda, or simply Jose Rizal, is unquestionably the greatest hero and martyr of the Filipino nation. His name is byword in every Filipino home, while his picture adorns the postage space in every school and coins in widest circulation. No other Filipino hero can surpass Rizal in the number of monuments erected in his honor; in the number of towns, barrios and streets named after him; and in the number of Filipinos and foreigners, who were named "Rizal" or "Rizalina" because of their parents admiration for the greatest Malayan. Unfortunately, however, there are still one Filipinos who entertain the beliefs and issues that circulates the life of Rizal. This documentation attempts to explain and disagree to the fallowing issues. We all know that half of Rizal's life was spent in travelling and staying outside the country, to write his novel and continue to fight against the Spaniards. After his first novel Noli Me Tangere comes off press, Rizal decided to go home to see how his novel effects the life of the Filipino and also the Spanish friars. Suddenly after a short stay of six months on his beloved Calamba he decided to leave again. His home coming was ruined by the death of his sister Olimpia and the groundless tales circulated by his enemies that he was a mason, a German spy and a Protestant. ANOTHER NARRATOR: It is true that Rizal joined the Masonry in Madrid dated back at 1883, being amazed that the Spanish masons openly & freely criticizes the government policies and lambasted the Friars. He joined because of 2 reasons: to use the free masonry in his fight against the friars and use it as a shield to combat his enemies. The next tales was not true because Rizal never been a protestant and a German spy. NARRATOR: After the sad imparting from his family, Rizal continue his travel again for his missions. In Paris today known as the "City Of Lights" on 1889; where his artistic talents bloom again & influence the young Rizal mind. He become a leader of many Filipino societies and this is where he met, develop the tightest bond of friendship with Juan Luna, Felix Hidalgo and Pardo de Tavera he called it Los Indios Bravos. Another man closest to his heart is Prof. Ferdinand Bluementritt his bestfriend. He is also the reason behind the gossip

that Rizal is a gay or belongs to third sex, that's why he never marry any girl whom he had relationship. ANOTHER NARRATOR: I can say that postponed marriages was not intentional nor planned, Rizal fell in love with this women but suddenly there are misunderstanding that occur. Specially in the case of Leonor and Nelly. Leonor Rivera is the fianc of Rizal in the Philippines, because of their distance Leonor fell out of affection from Rizal. And decided to fallow hi mother wishing her to marry an Englishman Henry. When Rizal, received a letter in Madrid from Leonor, announcing her upcoming marriage to Henry Rizal felt a great blue. After mourning because of infidelity of Leonor, In his vacation to Biarritz he fell in love with Nelly Bousted a son of his host Eduard Bousted. Rizal is very serious to Nelly that he decided to ask her for a marriage but Nelly ask for one condition that Rizal must leave his Catholic faith and convert to Protestantism, Rizal refuses to fallow Nelly. And another reason is Nelly's mother like Leonor's mother, had no wish to entrust her daughter's happiness to a man who was poor in material things. Rizal and Nelly separated but they retain their friendship. One wrong impression about Rizal which distillate the imagination of under grads is that Adolf Hitler was really the illegitimate son of Jose Rizal, because he had an affair to a chambermaid. In the book written by Gregorio and Sonia Zaide, they stated that "Rizal could have had his pick on many European women whom he met and befriend during his days in Europr but he avoided liaisons with them until his exile in Dapitan where he become a husband to a young Josephine. The only incident with a chambermaid noted in his diary is when a chambermaid found his watch and gave it to Bluementritt. Josephine Bracken is an Irish girl of sweet eighteen whom Rizal attempted to marry, but Mr. Taufer , Josephine's guardian attempt to kill himself in fear of losing Josephine. Even though Rizal and Josephine did not marry they still live as husband and wife. Until his lot minute before he was shot by the Spaniards at Bagumbayan he wrote a letter "To my unhappy Wife" Josephine. December 30,1896 almost 116 years from now he was shot here at Bagumbayan now known as Luneta Park, he died and become a martyr for his own country. But there are still person or even group of question believing that Bonifacio or Aguinaldo should be the National hero, because they fought in the Revolution, while Rizal had cautioned against it.

Rizal fought using his pen. He wrote a very strong novel Noli me Tangere where he awaken the minds and open up the eyes of Filipinos. It is true that while reading the Noli there is no Friar or any single Spaniard had died, Only bolo of Bonifacio can kill. But according to Jose Palma; "..but the revolution prepared by Bonifacio was only the effect, the consequence of the spiritual redemption wrote by the pen of Rizal, and although Bonifacio was of immediate results, Rizal will have more durable and permanent effect." Not many people know that Bonifacio lost all of his 29 battles, and, as every schoolchild knows, Aguinaldo surrendered to the Americans in 1901. Not even the armies of Spain and America could stop the ideas of Rizal fought and died for. In the end, Bonifacio and Aguinaldo surrendered. But Rizal won over all of them. Another emerge issue is that Rizal is somehow an "American-made Hero", who was used by the colonialist to miseducate us and suppress our national sentiments by giving us a hero model of cooperating with colonial power than fighting against it. And it goes like this: Mr. William Howard Taft as a chairman of the second Philippine Commission arrived in the Philippines in June 1900. They have choose Rizal among others. They named the Province of Morong in to the Province of Rizal. Under the Idea of Dr. Tavera of the federal party and not by the Americans. Then on Dec. 20,1898 at the revolutionary capital at Malolos, President Aguinaldo issued the first proclamation making december 30 of that year as "Rizal Day". Late William Cameron Forbes, an ardenent admirer of Rizal and the Governador-General of the Philippines during the construction of Rizal Mausoleum on the Luneta said: "the Filipinos in many cities and towns have erected monuments to his name, and throughout the Island the public schools teach the young Filipinos to revere his memory as the Greatest of All Filipino Patriots". No single person or groups of persons were responsible for making the Greatest Malayan the Number One hero of his people. Rizal himself, his own people, and the foreigners all together contributed to make him the greatest hero and martyr of his people. Rizal a man of honored after death by public worship, because of exceptional service to mankind. To the bigoted Spaniards and in the Philippines he was the most intelligent, most courageous and most dangerous enemy of the reactionaries tyrant;

therefore he should be shot publicly in order to serve as an example and as a warning to those of his kind.

CAST: Aira O. Lapie - host / documentarist Jethro Paglinawan - Jose Rizal Cj Magalona - Nelly Bousted !! :)) piz!! Justine Claire Villarta - Leonor Rivera Marlowe San Pascual - Henry / Taft Jeff Coronado - Blumentritt / Hitler Jobel Camama - O Sei-San Rhamin Kate Derpo - Josephine Bracken Melchona Castillo - Chambermaid Gisel Gutierrez - mailer Mariz Loyola - mother of Nellie Bousted Vincent Bernard Ajesta - Mr.Taufer (f payag xa)!!!

Directed by : Mantele , Gesselle E. under: GAWGAW PRODUCTIONS.Inc

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