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Volume 17 Number 1

The Role of Integrated Marketing Communications in Sustainability Marketing
Laric, Michael V. University of Baltimore 410 837-4935

Lynagh, Peter M. University of Baltimore, 410 837-4906

ABSTRACT Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue. All firms operating in domestic and global business must be cognizant of all aspects of sustainability. Marketing has to operate in this new environment. This paper looks at sustainability and its importance in today's business world from the perspective of marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications {IMC} in maximizing the firms’ efforts in this area. More and more online marketing is helping businesses build and develop new, innovative and successful IMC programs, and special attention will be given to this function and how it works with other components. Sustainability is first examines in terms of its macro aspects. Next several micro examples are used to show how they tackle the challenge of sustainability from the perspective of IMC. Based on these firms and organizations, the paper looks at what will occur in the upcoming years regarding sustainability and IMC. The paper will wind up with a relevant summary and conclusions section. The paper emphasizes the synergistic importance in developing excellent IMC programs. NEW MARKETING Marketing used to be thought of as being synonymous with sales. To be a good marketer, according to the "old school," one had to sell, sell, sell. Harold Hill, The Music Man, was the epitome of a successful marketer. There was a certain sleaze aspect to this sales approach, so marketing began to shift its focus from selling to the consumer to finding out what that consumer wanted, and then delivering a product that satisfied that desire. Thus was born the Marketing Concept. {Kotler and Armstrong, Pg.10} Time passed and there developed more of a feeling for the needs of society, and a social conscience was affixed to the Marketing Concept. This new focus has been massaged and tweaked so that a new kind of

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February 2010

775} It is important to note the importance of online marketing as a relatively new component of the IMC mix. and Performance Marketing. associates. Promotion requires the creative mixing of the basic tools which include advertising. Relationship Marketing. etc. it is a misconception to feel that this trend is limited to the young. { Pg. Students today are BlackBerry Babies many of whom have never read a real newspaper. One of the authors recently visited his barber. Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong see marketing as The process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. The four key dimensions are: Internal Marketing. and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependencies of today's marketing environment. Integrated Marketing. Price. who canceled his subscription to the Post. Those tools were named the four P's by Jerry McCarthy in his book Basic Marketing. {Kotler and Keller. G-5} Any marketing task is accomplished by effectively combing the tools of the trade to achieve that stated mission. very concerned about the world they live in.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 marketing has evolved. The goal is to generate both short-term financial returns and build long-term brand and share holder value. measureable. {Belch and Belch. outdoor. Place and Promotion. prospects. or called their girlfriend/boyfriend for a date using a land-line telephone. processes. sales promotion. Internet. This hair clipper made a big deal about how he can now get his early morning news from a slick new cell phone without ever getting out of bed. and other targeted relevant internal and external audiences. Promotion. xxix} INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS This paper will take one of those P's. a man looking back on his 70th birthday. Kotler and Keller look at Holistic Marketing as the development design. As previously mentioned. Pg. and implementation of marketing programs. Belch & Belch see Integrated Marketing Communications {IMC} as A strategic business process used to develop. execute. Also. Managers are cognizant of the changes and are more and more turning toward holistic marketing. 775} The authors then go on to enumerate the concept of IMC Management which they see as The process of planning. { Perreault and McCarthy. channel members and all members of the worldwide community. Professor McCarthy felt effective marketing required the expert blending of Product. and evaluate coordinated. however. and inveterate reader of the Washington Post. executing. persuasive brand communications programs over time with customers. Pg. A Dell Sunday ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 109 February 2010 . This same author had a brother-in-law. These very same future world leaders are. spotlights value. and controlling the use of various promotional mix elements to effectively communicate with a target market. {Kotler & Armstrong. Today there is a long run aspect to the discipline that involves many shareholders. evaluating. the youth of the world have very little contact with newspapers. public relations {PR}. and look at how it can be used to help achieve the goals of effective sustainability. 40} Marketing managers are much more concerned with building long-term relationships with customers. sales management. direct. employees. An informal poll of students in two marketing classes found that only 10% read a newspaper every day. employees. opting to read it online. Kotler and Keller feel that there have been huge shifts in the field of marketing. One need only peer around the corner to see myriad activities that were non-existent only a few years ago. This is an important concept that relies on the teamwork efforts of all involved. a successful District of Columbia attorney. p.

A lot of cooperation is required. and it is not St. 1 November 2009) The Dell ad is further evidence that the backbone of IMC is the synergism created when all components work together to achieve the stated objectives. Pg. These authors relate that the integration of marketing functions has moved from theory to practice. This paper looks at the macro and micro aspects of sustainability in terms of how firms. There is a constant theme in terms of this topic.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 insert advertisement encourages readers to Go online today for more deals from Dell. Everywhere one looks they see green. Its specific applications may vary from market to market. effective IMC programs. 584}. etc. from enterprise to enterprise . the topic is viewed from the prospective of getting more people to "Go Green!" How does IMC help in this endeavor? SUSTAINABILITY AND THE MACRO ENVIRONMENT The macro aspects of sustainability are vital. academic conferences. (Baltimore Sun. In recent years the theory of IMC has become a reality. and Schultz. {Kotler & Armstrong. The next step is to use IMC to promote their efforts. etc. agencies. In many ways this concept is easier said than done. 87) Kotler and Armstrong in 2009 look at sustainability from a marketing slant. If the world is going to be a more sustainable place. creative IMC applications can help make the world a more sustainable place to live in. Don E. and thousands of others around the world. 1) Little doubt remains regarding the marketing power of good. and the academic community. On a macro level. but can also help those firms who are taking steps to practice what they preach improve their brand image. In the following paragraphs the concept of sustainability will be explored. (Kitchen. Making the world more sustainable is discussed in board rooms. Patrick's Day. They work well for Dell. Everywhere one turns the topic crops up. Kim. Such programs can be effective in bringing about more sustainable practices. P. Hopefully. indeed. farms. Jaquelyn Ottman in 1998 saw sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and survive. a long-time veteran expert in this area. along with colleagues Kitchen and Kim provide some very encouraging views on the current status of IMC. use good practices. SUSTAINABILITY Only a Rip van Winkle type of individual would fail to note that the world has turned green. ( Ottman.. educational institutions. then corporations and other organizations must adapt to the new reality and adopt IMC as a vehicle to be used to get this point across. Schultz. That will be followed by citing examples where firms have used sustainability to promote their brands. college classrooms. See: DELL.COM/DEALS. Pg. They define "sustainable marketing" as Marketing that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 110 February 2010 .but integrated marketing communications programs have become standard for marketing organizations.

or from the political process. energy conversation (via tax credits for solar panels) air purification (as in cash for clunkers) and other social externalities (insuring those without health insurance and increasing investments in infrastructure and education. but required outside stakeholders to create a mechanism for internalizing the cost. The cost of recycling them is considered to be an externality by the shareholders. with stakeholders and shareholders placed on the Y and X axis. Lazlo uses the term sustainable value to form a framework which identifies the sustainable value as the stakeholders’ value. and start blogs. we are experiencing a new environment. and through that their view of the company and the support for its products and services. Increase stakeholders’ value at the expense of shareholders’ value 3. Organizations can: 1. Self regulation can help silence calls for government regulation. People become more aware of the fact that they eventually must pay for externalities. internalize externalities and are committed to a sustainable environment create assets. The plastic water and soda bottles already require deposit in some states. These concerns often require action from government or non-government organizations (NGO). in an attempt to discourage filling landfills. Taking on increased commitment to environmental issues can increase the support of stakeholders. All these initiatives coupled with the financial crisis and the economic downturn increase the role of the Government. organize by interest groups. Government and the current administration to environmental issues. coupled with actual resources dedicated by the U. climate change. Increase shareholders value and decrease stakeholders’ value 4. Stakeholders require that recycling the waste generated which was considered “someone else’s” problem. thus making intervention in the free market system combined with increasing popular awareness of environmental issues a new phenomenon and a force to reckon with. The Internet has increased the influence of the citizenry by allowing them to communicate online. Finally. Businesses firms and not-for-profit organizations. be treated as corporate responsibility. Increase shareholders value at the expense of stakeholders’ value 2. The above trends increase the pressure on business organizations and others. For example there is growing concern from citizens groups about environmental issues (pollution free air and water.” Shareholders require that corporate accounting report production costs which include the internal costs of the raw material and labor that take place on the manufacturing floor. On a macro level. The framework is made of four quadrants. should strive to increase shareholders value that at the same time also increases stakeholders’ value. Stakeholders now require that shareholders become cognizant of the external costs like cleaning the polluted air or water. There are actual incentives for producing Hybrid cars. Decrease stakeholders’ value and shareholders’ value ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 111 February 2010 . there is a growing awareness. Businesses that ignore externalities or destroy the environment generate liabilities. Those that increase their social responsibilities.S. alternative energy sources (solar and wind). energy conversation).Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 The basic philosophical change is a conscious move that internalizes what economists call “externalities.

1} Non-Government Organizations The Sustainability Institute is another example of an organization working to promote the "green" concept.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 The last option characterized business for many years. This organization. Another organization working to promote sustainability would be an organization named SustainAbility. environmental and social challenges {Sustainer. Pg. Government organizations. founded in the late 1980's. This Institute applies systems thinking. system dynamic modeling. Online marketing has been a wonderful way for the dissemination of information on}. and develop excellent sustainable marketing programs. SUSTAINABILITY AND THE MICRO SUSTAINABITY Not for Profit Organizations Integrated Marketing Communications is important in terms of showing what has been done. Government The Environmental Protection Agency {EPA} can be looked at as a major role player in communicating to everyone {epa. -----To be continued The macro aspects of increasing the public awareness and harnessing business and not for profit organizations to help influence and guide actions which further global sustainability are the subject of the next section where we provide examples of organizations and how they use IMC to that end. application of diverse government regulations and policies. Pg. How easy would it be today? ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 112 February 2010 . what is being planned. This is a non-profit organization founded in 1996. All these organizations promote the concept of sustainability.1}. The EPA follows the internationally accepted definition of sustainability as meaning the meeting of the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For the most part.1} In terms of macro promotion it should be pointed out the value of this organizations Web address. and have made great strides over the past ten years. and promoting green business practices {EPA. Corporations can increase stakeholders’ value at the expense of shareholders values. public-interest lobbies. must do their part to make the world a better place to live in both now and in the future. That address probably was easy to get in Pg. and organizational learning to economic. Near the end of the first decade of the 21st century their mission is now to make sustainability the next level of environmental protection drawing on advances in science and technology. educational institutions. individuals around the world are cognizant of the concept. and to encourage others to learn from good examples. sees themselves as a strategy consultancy and think tank working with senior corporate decision makers to achieve transformative leadership on the sustainability agenda {Sustainability. etc. In their early days the EPA served as a watchdog making sure everyone followed the rules and were not polluters.

Black and Decker. Since the authors are educators. Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship {Wustenhagan}. how have they used IMC to achieve the goals set forth by Laszlo (2008). staff and students who can not only help the university but provide economic and environmental solutions for Michigan and around the world {Fellows. The Edward Elgar Publishing Company's fall 2009 brochure titled Environment & Ecology lists myriad books about sustainability. a good starting point would be educational institutions. Cover Page).The latest word coming from East Lansing is "Be Spartan Green.e. Pg. 25}. Some measures of success are spelled out by Chris Laszlo in his very timely book called Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well By Doing Good {Laszlo). Boeing Aircraft.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 Publishing organizations have been a major factor in promoting sustainability. Stylus Publishing 2009 catalog. Those eight disciplines are: 1) Understand the current value position 2) Anticipate future expectations 3) Set sustainable value goals 4) Design Value creation natives 5) Develop the business case 6) Capture the value 7) Validate results and capture learning 8) Build sustainable value organizational capacity {Laszlo. e. many firm go green because they honestly believe that this is the right thing to do. Pg." The MSU home page provides a link to their "Be Spartan Green" site.}. Arizona State University. However.21}. He writes that Environmental stewardship makes sense. Pepsi Cola. The fall 2009 issue of the MSU Alumni Magazine. University of Maryland and Giant Foods. Mark Fellows writes about the green activities going on at MSU. Handbook of Corporate Sustainability {Quaddus and Saddique}. reads Earthscan: Publishing for a sustainable future {Styluspub}. In his book there are eight disciplines that are the backbone of developing and creating sustainable values. i. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY {MSU}. {Elgar}There are books on Tourism and the Environment (Becken. ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 113 February 2010 . Part of this is done in response to certain pressures to go with the tide. with its green cover page. and that their actions will make a difference. Educational Institutions Actually it is hard to find an example of an educational organization that is not involved in some form of "green" IMC. etc} It is clear that there is a global interest in promoting the concept of sustainability. The publication will be called The Journal of Humans Rights and the Environment.. Several firms/organizations/universities will be looked at including Toyota. (MSU Alumni Magazine. Pg. What then have some firms done to maximize sustainability efforts? More specifically. blended together in a strategic manner that helps make the concept become a reality. Michigan State University. Michigan State University and the University of Maryland at College Park. 136}. {MSU} The Web page is loaded with examples of the things going on at MSU including a brand new recycling facility. It is the effective use of the tools of IMC. At the Eli Broad College of Business undergraduate students can specialize in Environmental Studies and combine that with a business area of interest. Two of the publications listed are Sustainable Regional Retail Centers by Waer and Sibley {Waer} and Governing Sustainable Cities {Evans. printed on recyclable paper.. etc.g. Sustainable Cities {Janssens.. The Elgar publication also promoted a new journal coming out in early 2010.. covers the new recycling center and other efforts.we have world class faculty. and many more.

UMCP Sustainability Coordinator. Business organizations Giant Food-Giant Food is the largest food chain in the Washington. {Giant Foods Web} Giant. fashion. Sustainability is a vital part of the Samsung culture. radio spots." UNIVERSITY of MARYLAND COLLEGE PARK {UMCP}-In October of 2009 UMCP was named "America's Greenest Campus. East Lansing and college campuses around the world sustainability is in the classroom. semiconductors. always has acted like a good citizen. in his annual report (2009) spells out the firms plan named "EcoManagement 2013 which spells out a comprehensive set of goals set to make Samsung a leading Eco- ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 114 February 2010 . newspaper advertisements. on the sports fields. has been a leader in sustainability in their marketing area. (Samsung. and almost everywhere on campus. in administrative offices.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 finance. 2009 Governor Martin O'Malley. skyscraper and plant construction. They accept plastic shopping bags. Giant has a large fleet of trucks and they work to fuel usage and CO2 output. enrich people's lives. and continue to make Samsung a digital leader. On the front page of the UMCP home page { } on 8 November was a banner pronouncement stating that junior Joanna Calabrese was awarded the Udall Scholarship for environmental leadership. It is "buzz IMC" working every day. They have been community conscious for} A news release on October 15. {www. They are involved in many types of businesses. DC. Yoon Woo Lee. They are involved in advanced technology. Winning this contest reinforces the level of activism and interest that our students have in environmental issues said Mark Stewart. The Giant Web site is their major IMC tool that promotes sustainability. etc. At College Park.newsdesk. They will take deduct five cents from each customer's total shopping bill. These changes favor a new color scheme that includes a lot of green. manufacturing televisions. Maryland & Virginia. etc.Com). They extol their "green" efforts in almost all IMC areas from store POP displays. They have a Plastic Bag Recycling Program. In addition. They then send the bags to their recycling company where they composite decking.umd. There Vision and Mission is to develop innovative technoligies and efficient processes that create new markets. and now this has carried over to sustainability. The UMCP home page will allow a searcher to go to the Sustainability site. the Maryland Department of the Environment. Vice Chairman & CO. SAMSUNG-Samsung Electronics is the flagship company known as Samsung. and the Maryland Higher Education Commission offered their congratulations. They work closely with the trucking industry and the Environmental Protection Agency {EPA} to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution. dry cleaning and newspaper bags. (Samsung. they sell reusable bags in their stores. Even sports gets involved as the theme for the 2009 homecoming game on 17 October was "Be Spartan Green. Recently Giant changed their logo and redesigned their website.

Consumes less energy.ezilon. (Samsung.Samsung) How does Samsung communicate to its target market their commitment to sustainability? There are many avenues both internal and external.calibamboo.ezilon. a Planet First is a commitment. The background is not white. and respect our} Jeff Goldberg of Cali is quoted as saying that Sales of bamboo fencing and lumber have skyrocketed in recent years because homeowners have become weary of ever-decreasing hardwood forests and the threat that this deforestation poses to an already fragile environment. Planet First means always considering our impact on the environment first as we continue to work. and technologies that benefit our customers lives. touts the benefits of their LED TV. develop.. engineer. and design innovative products and solutions to inspire and satisfy our customers. solutions. 12) The headline at the top of the ad is large. Pg. {www. This magazine advertisement very effectively communicates the commitment of Samsung to sustainability. 09. . bamboo fencing has been known to last for 40 years {www. The program set up is called PLANET FIRST. as described above.200 years from now. Better Green Experience with Samsung. and they did nothing about it? This is unacceptable. First. This is lean and green in Ezilon recently wrote that there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly products and that many bamboo-related companies are gaining momentum as a reliable source for high quality and durable green building materials. A recent visit to a Best Buy outlet showed that the company stressed the theme in their very elaborate display. The Samsung point-of-purchase displays at retail establishments promote the firm's dedication to sustainability. written in green and merely says GRRRREEN!. affirm our shared values. That site must be combined with other parts of the IMC mix to synergistically get their green message across to the target market. (Best Buy visit 11/22/09) Another example was found in a full page ad that appeared in ESPN the Magazine (30 Nov. Two examples will be used to explore the way they deliver their message to the consumer. A large green leaf at the bottom of the page directs the reader to the copy which says that the 1. The building of a Web site is an excellent starting point. and a fundamental approach that Samsung believes is critically important as consumers seek to balance their desires for cutting edge technology while pursuing a green way of life. and operates under the slogan. and. but a very light green. a creative IMC program must be master-minded to get their message across to consumers. The copy.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 Friendly company by 2013. (www. Mercury Free.. when compared to similar size LCD} ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 115 February 2010 . We must change the way we interact with our surroundings. people will look back on our society and say they had scientific proof about the dangers of deforestation and pollution. the Samsung Web site does just that. there has to be a "green" commitment by all those who are a part of the firm's team. Cali Bamboo--Cali is a small firm in California that deals in bamboo products. (www.2" ultra slim TV Uses up to 40% less power. This firm has taken a serious look at the environment and developed an entire line of products that can be labeled sustainable. also in green. Second. It is the logical and ethical choice. More durable than traditional wood fencing. Samsung is committed to providing a better green experience through eco-friendly products.

but there are other ancillary types of organizations working in sustainability. Their Web site. Durkin says on her site that as we green-over your home. water purity and conservation. energy conservation. human capital. The site will also direct searchers to green firms in myriad areas of the country. but strategically use IMC to take them down the road to success. One of the authors resides near Pasadena. indoor air quality. The GGL Web site contains banner ads for various types of green related products. There are local Eco-Consultants that provide a personal selling slant to the firm. and helps promote her passion for sustainability to the many students.gengreenlife} is a poporuie of green information. in part. An interesting firm is one that likes to find The Green Life in Everything. but it also can save you money along with protecting our}. sustainability. but all are thoroughly trained by Green Irene in topics such as energy-efficient lighting. but they combine that with other tools. They encourage firms to advertise with them. BE A GREEN IRENE-Greening our world. environmentally conscious lifestyle. toxic-free living. waste reduction and recycling.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 Here is a fairly small firm founded by an energetic entrepreneur who has carved a niche in the market based. They are no Coors buying NFL spots. Another interesting promotional tool of GGL is the "GenGreen Business Certification" program. and visitors who visit the wonderful facility located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. is very green {http://greenirene. and emergency saftey and preparedness.Integrated Marketing Communications is one of the marking tools used by the aforementioned firms like. and their Web site (www. The goal of the GenGreen network is to be the most comprehensive and diverse resources available for people looking to live a locally-focused. one home (and office) at a time-This firm provides another interesting example of the intreiguing use of IMC to foster and promote sustainability. Ms. ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 116 February 2010 . {GenGreen} Once firms are certified they can use that differentiating factor as part of their IMC programs. Green Irene follows this up with a nice tag line that tells the receiver what the company is all about. GenGreenlife. Green Irene both captures attention and tells a little story. on the temper of the times. GenGreenlife {GGL}. They have effectively used an integrated IMC approach to promote themselves. This certification. (ibid) She also works full time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. EcoConsultants come from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds. resource conservation. gauges a businesses' environmentally and socially conscious behavior based on the following criteria: environmental leadership. and his consultant is Jennifer Durkin {http://greenirene. Maryland. like so many sites dealing with sustainability. One of the first things that will support a successful company is the development of a clever name for the firm. not only will it preserve our Earth. GenGreen is one of the preeminent aggregators and distributors of environmental content on line GenGreen created and maintains the largest database of accredited green businesses and organizations in North America. Green Irene is both a vendor of green products in addition to providing consulting services. which must be renewed annually. purchasing decisions and daily operations. There are three levels of certification: Gold. As stated by Green Irene. Silver and} and features their tag line. (GI) Online promotion is a key ingredient of Green Irene.

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to get the green message across to specific target markets. and perspectives about what can be done to assist in making your company more sustainable. On this macro level all parts of IMC work together to promote sustainability.(CSX. organizations mentioned above are representative of the many throughout the world that promote sustainability. Television can reach the masses with stories about the value of good green practices. and green building design. membership in the MGR can be an effective part of their IMC communications. including the Chesapeake Bay. and Green Building. SUSTAINABILITY AND IMC-The universities. and water. etc. 09) From an IMC perspective. land. The cases cited in this paper are there to help illustrate the important role that IMC plays in helping to make the world a greener place to live. Point of purchase promotions can get the message across right at the point of contact. Online promotions have been described in many of the examples covered above. (Http:// MGR is made up of organizations that have completed a best practices profile that covers environmental management and leadership. Magazines target specific mass markets. The Samsung message of Planet First is strengthened when the POP The MGR looks at various aspects of sustainability. firms. Waste. They all have varying degrees of understanding. well planned. Sustainability issues involve everyone in your organization. 6 Nov.state. Energy. and the advertisement in the ESPN Magazine all tell the receiver the same message. Radio can target specific specific markets. Personal selling. it must be stressed that the power of IMC lies not in the single message presented in a radio advertisement. transportation. direct mail. involvement. (Planet Partnerships) ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 117 February 2010 . and well executed campaign is much greater than the impact of each message by itself. The CSX railroad became the first transportation provider selected to join. One would be hard pressed to find an organization or educational institution that was not concerned. Transportation. The combined impact of a well coordinated. Effective IMC will make that dream of a greener world become a reality. energy and water conservation. Almost all are concerned with making life more pleasant today and to take steps to insure that future generations are not deprived of vital resources. Governor Martin O'Malley said that The MGR provides an opportunity for these organizations to share their stories and inspire others to take steps to protect our air. Water. The real strength of IMC comes from the synergism created when several vehicles are used to send out the same signal.from the CEO to the janitor. The mere act of joining provided an excellent PR opportunities for the CSX. the radio spot. The motto of the MGR is Organizations working toward a sustainable Maryland. Management. However. It is part of almost every one's life. Green and Growing. waste reduction. We're fortunate to have more than 80 organizations in our state who have agreed to come forward and participate. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS-Sustainability is a vital part of the world of the 21st century. transit advertising. are all tools that can be used to get that green message across.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 MARYLAND GREEN REGISTRY (MGR)-Smart. The major categories covered are: Home. and help define the green goals of the site developers.

edu/ (Accessed 11-20-09) Becken. etc ( 2005 ) Governing Sustainable Cities Janssens. Calibamboo www. New York. etc. & McCarthy. Samsung. Pgs. William D. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Chicago. The results will hopefully be a world where everyone is green and not just the Irish. Susanne (2005) The Role of Tourist Icons For Sustainable Tourism. NY. 21-30. There are these exciting signs that IMC is working for many firms. David (2009). Pgs. One of the major concerns revolves around the issue of communications.asu. Retailers Get Innovative. E. and hopefully thus helping to successfully achieving the marketing objective. No 1. November 16. Lazlo. Chris (2008) Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good (Stanford University Press) Kotler & Armstrong. Likewise. and their efforts to be more sustainable analyzed.epa. and Belch. R. (2009). There appears to be lots of awareness of the need to be more green in our business and personal lives. individuals. Marketing Management (13th (Accessed 11-20-09) Evans. and Social Cohesion. References Arizona State University http://sustainability. The second area this paper covers is the micro aspects. etc. Economic (Accessed 11-20-09) Edward. organizations.. but also to encourage others to "go green!" Has the battle been won? No! there are still miles to go. Jerome ( 1979 ) Essentials of Marketing: A Global-Managerial Approach (7th Ed. IL ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 118 February 2010 . This would be a macro approach. beating the bushes to promote sustainability. 2009) EPA http://www.) (Pearson) Perreault. First. Vol 11. how do you communicate with the population to get them to be more green in their lives. Journal of Vacation Marketing.). 30-34.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 This paper has looked at some of the issues related to sustainability. (2009) Diversity. University College London. Belch. there are many firms. D. and lots to be accomplished. were looked at. Here firms such as Giant Foods. The hope is that this Integrated Marketing Communications approach will be effective in attaining their promotion objective. George. The approach was to look at how these firms used an integrated promotions approach to send a unified message. (2009). The encouraging news coming from this research is that sustainability is no longer an alien concept. Maddy. Principles of Marketing (13th Ed. Irwin. Biderman.calibamboo. The firms looked at appear to be using IMC to both promote what they are doing. Michael (2009) Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective. The Edward Publishing Company (2009) Environment & Ecology (Fall.) (Pearson) Kotler & Keller. The Journal of Commerce.

& Saddique ( 2004 ) Handbook of Sustainability Development Planning. Stylus Publishing 2009 Wustenhagan. Magda { (Accessed 11-20-09) University of Maryland http://www. Jost ( 2008) Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship.. Hussam Al and Sibley. (www. Google (Accessed 11-20-09) Toyota (Accessed 11-20-09) Waer. Liverpool School of Architecture. ISBN-1847200370 ASBBS Annual Conference: Las Vegas 119 February 2010 .liv. http://www. etc} ( 2006 ) Sustainable Regional Retail Centers. printed on recyclable paper.Proceedings of ASBBS Volume 17 Number 1 Quaddus.sustainability.A. Thomas & Hamschmidt. reads Earthscan: Publishing for a sustainable future Sustainer Sustainability Institute.

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