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IIT Comprehensive 2014

(2 year course for 10th passed students) Bakliwal Tutorials-IIT (BT-IIT) was started in March-2005 with the aim to help students preparing for IIT-JEE, realize their dreams, and to make sure that the preparation process itself becomes a fun filled and growth involving experience. The institute is successfully doing so and is now training many a hundred students. From the first few batches itself, more than 170 students from BT have cleared IIT-JEE, with a result that is unparalleled. For last 3 yrs in succession, BT has produced the maximum number of selections in IIT-JEE in Pune city. In IITJEE 2010, it's student Omkar Thakoor topped Maharashtra and in IIT-JEE 2011, another student Rohan Prinja topped Pune in IIT-JEE exam. If not in content, at-least in form and style quality competitive exams like IIT-JEE require an altogether different orientation towards studies. These exams are made to test the student's understanding of fundamental concepts rather than their ability to memorize and replicate the subject matter. Therefore, the learning process and teaching techniques differ substantially as compared to those required for Board exams. To succeed at IIT-JEE one requires a thorough understanding of subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and the ability to solve objective type questions with accuracy and speed. Keeping this in mind, our course has been designed in such a manner that it will focus on: Core concepts and fundamentals Sharpening analytical skills and developing problem solving abilities Speed building through intensive problem solving sessions and tests Thus our course design and conduct is such that a sincere student is bound to acquire a grip on exams like IIT-JEE, cultivate self confidence and develop an easy 'feel' of the examination. This two year course for 10th passed students, with 1200+ hrs of Class Room teaching is truly comprehensive.

Office at : Block No:2, Office No. 501,502,506,508,608 Lloyds Chambers, Near Ambedkar Sanskritik Bhavan, Maldhakka Chowk, Pune-411011.

Ph: 8888866187/88/89/90

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Tentative Course Plan:

Till the end of October 2013, the students shall be thoroughly taught all the topics from IIT-JEE syllabus (for details, see the table below). Till then, every 4 weeks, there shall be 18 lectures of 3 hrs each. Apart from lectures, there will be doubt sessions taken by the supporting teachers. Every 4 weeks, other than the class tests, there will be a mega test, which we call BTest. From November 2013 we shall revise and re-revise the syllabus through lectures of increased time duration and systematically designed sheets and tests.

June 2012

Vectors, Kinematics, Derivatives

Functions,Derivatives Integration, Quadratic equations, Elementary trigonometry Trignometric equations,Transcend ental Functions Functions contd.Inverse trigonometry Complex numbers,Sequences and Series Sequences and Series, Matrices and Determinants Permutations and Combinations Probability,Binomial theorem Solution of triangles,Point, Straight Line Pair of straight Line Circles Conic Sections, Parabola, Ellipse Hyperbola, Vectors, 3D point, 3D line 3D plane, Revision of functions, Limits Continuity and differentiability, Derivatives & its applications Indefinite Integrations, Definite Integration Definite Integration contd, Area Under Curves, Differential Equations

Redox reactions, Mole concept, Stoichiometry Gas laws, Equilibrium (Chemical equilibrium) Ionic equilibrium, Thermodynamics Thermochemistry, Solutions General organic chemistry, Isomerism Mechanisms Hydrocarbons excluding aromatic compounds Halogens, basics of bonding Solid state, s-block

July 2012

Kinematics contd, Forces

Aug 2012

Newton's Laws, Friction,Circular Motion Circular motion contd, Integration, Work/Power/ Energy W/ P/E, Centre of mass,Conservation of momentum Collision, Pure rotational motion Combined translational and rotational Motion, SHM SHM contd, Fluids, Properties of matter Thermal expansion, Calorimetery, KTG, Thermodynamics, Specific heat capacity of gases Heat transfer, Electric field and potential, Gauss law Gauss law contd, Capacitance, Electric current Effects of Magnetic field on charge, Magnetic field due to current, EMI EMI, Alternating Current, Transverse waves on strings Sound waves, Geometrical Optics Wave optics, Atomic structure, X rays and Nucleus Photoelectric effect, Matter waves, Gravitation, General Physics, Experiments

Sep 2012 Oct 2012

Nov 2012 Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Feb 2013 Mar 2013 Apr 2013 May 2013 Jun 2013 Jul 2013

Aldehydes & ketones p-block Electrochemistry, carboxylic acids Carboxylic acid contd, Co-ordination compounds Kinetics, d-block

Aug 2013

Sep 2013

Amines, Bio-molecules, Atomic structure Test and discussion on Practical organic, polymer, Qualitative analysis (inorganic chemistry), metallurgy.

Oct 2013

Selection to the IIT Comprehensive program shall be based on the performance in any of the entrances.
2nd Entrance Program 5th Entrance Program 3rd Entrance Program 5th Entrance Program

Dec th th to 27th Dec mings: 3PM to 6th 2010 24 25 to 2 8:30PM Ti

Dec 28th 26 30th Dec 24th1AM to th 2010 to to 4:30PM Timings: 1

Entrance Test Schedule for the three day entrance programs for Comprehensive 2014

Day 1 Day 2 Day 2 3

Aptitude Test and Lecture 1 Aptitude Test and Physics Lecture 2and Derivatives Maths and Lecture 3 Lecture 4and Derivatives Maths and Evaluation Test

All entrance programs will be conducted at Lloyds Chambers only. Entrance Programs will be held in the evening from 3:00 to 8:30pm for all the three days. The results will be communicated within two days of the evaluation test to the student/parent over telephone. Qualified students should enroll within a week after the results are informed.

For Champions Batch:

Timing:7AM to 10:15AM Classes At:Office no:501/502/506/508/608, Fifth floor, Block II, Lloyds Chambers.

Timing:7AM to 10:15AM Classes At:1st Floor,Shree Apartments, Off new DP Road, Near DAV School, Aundh

Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At:Office no:501/502/506/508/608, Fifth floor, Block II, Lloyds Chambers.

Timing: 5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At: Sant Shivgangadevi Vidyalaya, Next to Congress Bhavan, Near Corporation.

For Challengers Batch:

Paud Road



Timing:7AM to 10:15AM Classes At :First floor, Vignesh Apartments, Opp. More Super market, Near More Vidhyalaya

Timing:7AM to 10:15AM Classes At:Office no:501/502/506/508/608, Fifth floor, Block II, Lloyds

Timing:7AM to 10:15AM Classes At:Exact location

will be finalized by March end.




Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At:Office no:501/502/506/508/608, Fifth floor, Block II, Lloyds

Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At:1st Floor,Shree Apartments, Off new DP Road, Near DAV School, Aundh

Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At:Flat#102,103 Rose Building,Nivedita Garden, Opp Amba-Vatika Wanowrie, Lane No 20.

Viman Nagar Resi-Challenger Resi-Champion (Evening)


Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At: Off No#111 First floor Nyati Millenium premises Nr. Datta Mandir Chowk, Lohegaon,Viman Nagar.

Timing:1:30 to 4:45PM Classes At: Buldhana urban

chhatra niketan, Ram indu park, Behind hotel malwani and amruta, opp cosmos residency, Baner, Pune.

Timing:5:30 to 8:45PM Classes At: Buldhana urban

chhatra niketan, Ram indu park, Behind hotel malwani and amruta, opp cosmos residency, Baner, Pune .

BT shall provide its own course material. For additional study, we shall recommend few course books which the student would need to arrange on its own.

Q1. How and when will the results of the entrance program declared ? Ans. The results will be communicated within two days of the evaluation test to the student /parent over telephone. When we announce the result of any entrance program, we divide the students into 4 categories: 1) Students who have done reasonably well to get the champions batch, to begin with. 2) Students who have qualified comfortably but have not been allotted the champions batch in the beginning. 3) Students whose performance in the entrance was just satisfactory. These students can also join the challenger batch at BT provided they are mentally prepared to work extremely hard. 4) Students whose performance in the entrance was dissatisfactory. They cannot join Bakliwal Tutorials. No request for admission of these students will be entertained. Q2. Why different batch for champions and challengers? Ans. Getting the best students together is one of the attributes that is common across all the top rank producing institutes throughout the country. The concept of 'champions and challengers' batches, allows students to study with peers of approximately the same intelligence level. This helps students to learn more and even the teachers are able to plan their lectures well. Q3. How will the admission to the champions batch decided? Ans. To begin with the admission to the 'champions' batch at BT will happen on the basis of our entrance program. But after every BTest, there will again be shuffling and the fresh set of toppers will be allowed to attend lectures in the 'champions' batch. Q4. What is the admission process? Ans. You are required to fill up the enrollment form ( with a recent passport size photo) and pay the 1st installment of fee of Rs 44500/- by way of cheque in favour of Bakliwal Tutorials-IIT or by cash. With in one week of the declaration of result. Q5. Can students who have not done Foundation course cope up with the IIT-JEE study ? Ans. Yes they can. They are required to put in extra hours of hard work. They may join our foundation summer batch which starts from 22 April 2012 to 12 May 2012 to supplement their study.

Q6. How is BT geared up for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) instead of IIT-JEE, AIEEE and CET? Ans. The faculty at BT is strong, flexible and experienced to dynamically modify the course plan to meet the new challenge with the help of strong systems and mock exams. Q7. How can parents verify the results of a coaching Institute? Ans. You may visit the website and by using either the students name or the rank or the hall ticket number and can verify the claimed result.

Fee Details FEE DETAILS:

Rs. 500/- before entrance program First Installment - Rs. 44,500/- on enrollment, Second Installment - Rs. 40,000/- by 31st July 2012, Third Installment - Rs. 40,000/- by 31st Oct 2012.

Scholarship of Rs 70,000; 40,000; 30,000 for students who have qualified in Indian team; who have qualified the second round; who have qualified the first round respectively of any of the Government approved Olympiads (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Infomatics or Junior Science Olympiad). Scholarship of Rs 30,000/- for NTSE qualified students. Scholarship of Rs 20,000/- for students who have got state rank in MTS exam. Scholarship of Rs 20,000; 15,000; 10,000 to the top 3 students of each and every 3 day entrance program at Bakliwal Tutorials. Scholarship of Rs 20,000/- will be awarded to the top 20 and Rs 10,000/- from 21 to 50 students based on the performance in our first three BTests (aggregate). Note: All Scholarships will be given in the third installment only. No student can avail more than one scholarship.

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