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Benefit Life Insurance and Permanent disability Medical Insurance OPD Gratuity / Terminal Grant Festival Allowance Official transport Per Diem Overtime

SCI revised Rs:2,000,000/- in case of death or complete disability for natural death and Rs:4,000,000/- accidental death


2 3 4 5 6 7

Inpatient - For Normal sickness coverage upto Rs:120,000/-, for Critical sickness upto Rs:500,000/- (covers spouse and children). 25,000 rupees p.a. on prorata basis As per Current Policy PKR 5,000 per festival (i.e. Eid) for staff grade 5~7 twice a year adjusted with COLA every year Part-Subsidised shuttle service home to work (as per SCUS) where practical Rs:300 for breakfast, Rs. 500 each for lunch, dinner ; over night stay Rs 1500/night in cases where lodging not arranged by office or staff member made his own arrangements. No proper invoice is required for reimbursement of expense for these limits. Only for Over Time (OT) Staff i.e. Drivers, Cook, Cleaner, Guards and Helpers @ 1.5 hour standard hourly rate subject to GoP labour laws and limits

8 Annual, Casual & As per Contract sick leaves 9

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Paternity Leave & Maternity leave Lunch/tea Redundancy HRD Plans Dependency allowance Other Incapacity / long term sickness Time off in lieu Flexitime Education assistance Mobile EOBI Other

3 months leave maternity leave with Rs: 50,000/- for normal delivery and 100,000/- for C Section. 5 days perternity leave

No As per Contract 3% of annual gross salary to be allocated for training and development No Weddings & Funerals Rs:5000/- each Eligibility 6 months service, for three month, first month with pay second month with half pay and third month without pay Leave in lieu of hours/days worked and approved will be accredited to the leave balance on an actual basis. Leave in lieu must be taken within three (3) months of its being earned, or the entitlement will lapse. Staff members can avail a maximum of 3 days TOIL in each quarter i.e. three months and 12 days a year. As per recommendation of Supervisor Pay up to 80% of a degree / certificate in higher education with a max of $2000 in total- subject to SMT approval and availability of funding and upon recommendation of supervisor providing this is considered useful for future development; 1 year min eligibility and employee needs to stay 1 year if not reimburse pro-rata. Assistance subject to succesful completion of course, and signing of employment bond Manager and above - Reimbursement of mobile set(limit US$200) and official phone connection. Coordinator and below (need based: approved by the relavant SMT member). Reimbursement on basis of scratch card phones as per approved limits. As per law As per SCUS policy - e.g. relocation, communication expenses etc


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