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for: music-lovers, culture-vultures, crafters, artists, makers,
gardeners, traders, foodies, fashionistas
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Photo by: Shaun Armstrong


MARCH 2012

Letter from the Editor We’re in a celebratory mood this month. The Clanger is going from

Letter from the Editor

We’re in a celebratory mood this month.

The Clanger is going from strength to strength and we’ve increased the size of this issue to 12 whole pages of Bedford lovliness!

Also, the last of the ‘empty shops’ in Castle Quay has now been let and Baja - the newest epicurian addition to the Quay - has just opened. The whole area has a great vibrancy about it, fabulous

food is on offer and in just over a year, The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Bedford Museum will re-open to put the

Cultural Quarter of Bedford firmly on

the map. The Museum may be closed for the time

being, but Clanger readers can get an ex- clusive glimpse behind the hoardings in our ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’ column.

Music features heavily in this issue, with previews of an eclectic trio of great gigs at Esquires and an interview with Wolf People. Check them out!

If there’s anything that you’d like The Clanger to cover, please get in touch either on Twitter @bedfordclanger or via email

Have a good March and we’ll see you again in April. Roll on Spring!


PensieRi, CAstle lAne, BedfoRd tel: 01234 363592

With our focus on Castle Quay this month, we thought that we’d have a chat to Maria Bennett, owner of Pensieri, one of the first businesses to open in the Cultural Quarter.

Pensieri is a unique mix of gift shop and coffee shop and stocks greetings cards, exquistite jewellery, leather goods, giftware and bridal accessories as well as delicious cakes and the best hot chocolate in town! And with Mother’s Day on Sunday 18th March, it’s the perfect place to pick up that special something for your mum ....

Bedford Clanger: When did Pensieri open?

Maria Bennett: I opened in November 2009.

BC: What attracted you to the Castle Quay area?

MB: The vision that Frank Branston had. I liked the idea of restaurants and niche shops mixed with culture, art and history. Bedford has so much to offer and yet everything was based around an outdated town centre. I be- lieved that this was the start of better things to come and when the refurbishment of the Museum is complete, Castle Quay and the Castle Quarter will be the most vibrant area of Bedford.

BC: Pensieri is unique in Bedford as the

only gift & coffee shop. Do you think

it’s important to offer something else for your customers?

MB: Definitely! Customers love to see

new things, they like to get something different and it’s important to listen to your

Maria Bennett of Pensieri sitting pretty in Castle Quay Photo by: Molly Baker
Maria Bennett of Pensieri sitting pretty in Castle Quay
Photo by: Molly Baker

customers or they’ll go elsewhere. I like to

get to know my customers, their likes and dislikes, so when it’s a special occasion for

their friends and family they find it easier

to choose something



of the time they

get it right & it’s gift wrapped too.

fantastic, in fact recently there was a week from one exhibition ending to the next one starting and everyone noticed the empty wall!

BC. What is your best seller?

wood’s books and greeting cards made by Design Hog. I’m always on the look-out for locally sourced products, so please get in touch if you think you’ve got something my customers would like!

BC: We love that Pensieri supports local

MB: Jewellery


everyday to state-

BC: Finally, I’ve got a book club. Can we meet at Pensieri?

artists. How did your art & photography


MB: No problem, as long as it’s not the 1st

exhibitions come about?

BC: We already love Pensieri, but how

MB: Keep passing the word around! Inde-



we already have

MB: Being in the Cultural Quarter it was something that I always wanted to do so when Pensieri opened I had an exhibition

of an artist that I know from Hitchin. I was then approached by Kristian Purcell (artist and curatorial assistant at the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum) and he

can we convince everyone else what they’re missing?

pendent businesses need the support of local people. Pensieri offers something different, a unique relaxing shopping experience.

Monday in the month one!

So there you have it. Whether you want an indulgent coffee and cake away from the bustle of the High Street, are searching for a gift or the perfect wedding accessories or need a venue for your book club, check out

had the next exhibition.

Thanks to the

BC: Pensieri supports local crafters as

MB: At the moment I’ve got Tom Bar-

Pensieri. Don’t forget to tell Maria that The

support and of Kristian the exhibitions have continued, at the moment we are booked until early summer. The response has been

well as artists. What kind of local talent do you stock?

Clanger sent you ...


Barnabas Wale is a member of the UpRising social Action Campaign, ‘Brand for Bedford’

2012. ‘Brand for Bedford’ is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of the diversity of Bedford.

On behalf of The Clanger, Barnabas looks behind the scenes at the beautiful Gurdwara

in Queen’s Park. It was the first to be built

in England in the traditional Sikh style and certainly enhances the landscape as you approach Bedford from Bromham. Find out more about the other inspiring Uprising projects in this issue of The Clanger.

From the Land of Five rivers and Princely states, Bedford’s Gurdwara has geometrically transformed the town’s old and industrial skyline since its completion

on April 18 2007. The exterior was hand crafted by over twenty spe- cially imported stonemasons,
on April 18 2007.
The exterior was
hand crafted by
over twenty spe-
cially imported
the Bedford Gurdwara
working for a
year and a half
on granite and
marble domes
and arches. Am-
rik Singh Jamu,
general secretary
of the project,
said: “We are in-
credibly proud of
this beautiful and
unique Gurdwara
colourful weddings.
– the first built

in England in the traditional Sikh style. A

Wonder west of the town centre.”

Like many religious buildings, the architecture in itsself contains concepts and values reminiscent of the major Sikh temples in the Punjab and across India, where places of worship are designed to inspire harmony. As well as offering a nationwide centre for the teachings of Guru Nanak, the Temple can cater for over 600 worshipers, and is annually host to many

The £4 million project was funded from donations, a loan, and £1.33m of lottery funding under its ethnic minority initiative, which has strengthened interfaith bonds in Queens Park. The temple is also part of a community based interfaith tour, where school children (and adults) can visit and experience British Sikhism followed by a tour of All Saints Anglican church, and Gulshan e Baghdad Mosque.

Bedford’s UpRising Cohort (youth lead- ership initiative) recently took part in the interfaith tour. “It’s amazing to see such grass roots activity and com- munity spirit” said Ramon Chong, Bedford UpRiser. But it’s not all prayer and cohesion, the Gurdwara also has a range of youth programs aimed at raising aspirations. Mr Janu added, “Classes are taught here and we give a place for youngsters to go and do something constructive with their time, whether it be to learn judo or play football” said Mr. Jamu.

The great news is that Bedford’s hidden treasure is open to anyone, so whether yours is the tour, judo or just a cup of masala chai (sub continental spiced tea), the Bedford Gurdwara is a must see.

  • 84 Ford End Road

Bedford Bedfordshire MK40 4JX Telephone: 01234 266 531

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 Letter from the Editor We’re in a celebratory mood this month.

sikh and you shall find!


MARCH 2012


by Erica Roffe

it is hard to believe that 12 months have passed since the

Castle Quay Weekender took place in the seven empty shops in and around the Cultural Quarter of Bedford.

The weekend of 19 - 20 March 2011 at- tracted over 4,000 people to Castle Quay offering everything from live music to crafts, wine-tastings to comedy, guided tours to community art galleries. And the sun shone! When Kayte Judge and I conceived of the ‘pop up arts festival’ idea in November 2010, we envisaged one event in one shop. However, with a grant from the RSA, the backing of the Borough Council and the

with an eclectic mix of retailers, eateries

and a gallery. No longer a neglected ‘cut

through’, Castle Lane is finally fulfilling

its potential as the Cultural Quarter of the town. While we can’t claim to have been solely responsible for this, the Castle Quay Weekender certainly contributed to raising perceptions and awareness of the area. Much of the organisation and promotion of the event was undertaken on the We Are Bedford Facebook and Twitter pages. All of it was done by volunteers. This on-line community has grown and now the Face- book group has nearly 400 members. As

a forum for our town, We Are Bedford is an excellent source of information and col- laboration, with many different groups and people networking together to improve and

enhance Bedford.

The We Are Bedford

group has also spawned other projects and initiatives with similar aims. As for me, well, The Bedford Clanger would not exist if it weren’t for the Castle Quay Weekender. The people I met, the en- thusiasm I encountered and the knowledge that arts and culture can and do thrive in our town made me determined to provide a platform to promote the stuff that makes Bedford great. And the Clanger was born. It’s been hard in these tough eco- nomic times, but the feedback that I have received, and the connections that We Are Bedford continues to facilitate makes it worthwhile. So how have others seen the legacy of the Castle Quay Week- ender? We asked some of Bed- ford’s movers, shakers and Castle Quay traders what they think…


“The Castle Quay Weekender was a tremendous success and showcased exactly what can be done when people get together and work hard to improve their local community. Featuring music, art, comedy, workshops and much more it provided a superb outlet for local people and groups to showcase what they are all about to a wider audience. “Of course, since the week- end took place a number of new businesses have moved into the once empty units at Castle Quay. These new additions to the town centre are helping to create a vibrant new district in Bedford Borough which we can all be proud of and enjoy. I have no doubt that the superb community spirit which the Castle Quay Weekender helped to achieve was a contributing factor to these new additions choosing to come to Bedford. “I look forward to continuing to work with We Are Bedford and many other local groups to improve all areas of Bedford Bor- ough and by working together we can help to make the borough a better place to live, work and visit for many years to come.”

CHRISTINA ROWE, diReCtoR BedfoRdBid (Business improvement district)

Representing 564 town centre businesses who have voted to invest collectively in local improvements to enhance their trading environment said:

“We were so impressed with the work of We Are Bedford in reaching out to consum- ers and the young entrepreneurial arts audi- ence that we nominated the founders for an award which we sponsored in conjunction with our local newspaper. The Castle Quay Weekender helped to bring attention and

Photo by: Shaun Armstrong
Photo by: Shaun Armstrong

involvement of the private landlords, a far more ambitious event began to take shape. We Are Bedford was established as a

not-for-profit community group to help us

organise the event and we were amazed at the enthusiastic response from the people

of the town to the project. Had we finally

beaten the ‘Bedford apathy’? We were fortunate to enlist the help of

design agency Bonfire CI who very kindly

sponsored the branding of the event. By quickly establishing a visual identity, the Castle Quay Weekender really began to take shape and we engaged with other groups and businesses in the community to get involved too. The Bedford Swan Hotel,

Esquires, Eagle Gallery, Infinite 29, Hand-

made Markets, BCA, The Creative Bed- fordshire Network, Bedford Tour Guides, artist Jane Edden, Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum, Pensieri, Castle Hill Garage, Lady K’s, Angelo’s cafe, The Riv- erside Grill, John Hegley, Bedazzled, Jane Perrone, Kathy Brown, Tom Barwood, The Blue Glass, Fancy!, UOldBag!, Reestore, Hemlock Morris Dancers and a host of bus- kers immediately grasped our concept and worked tirelessly to make it a reality. So, what has been the legacy of the event? Well, a year on and all of the empty units are now (or soon to be) occupied

raise interest in a new development on the riverside of town and that same network has continued to drive footfall in that direction, enhancing the reputation of the town centre. As an organisation representing busi- nesses, we were delighted to see We Are Bedford and the Castle Quay Weekender blossom into motivational group for good in Bedford.”


diReCtoR of BonfiRe Ci

(Corporate sponsors of the CQW):

“What started out as a small scale pop-up empty shop initiative erupted into a weekend long arts festival due to the spirit in which it was embraced; by the many members of the public and the organisations that helped out, supported it and took part. As corporate sponsors providing design and marketing services, we were amazed how each week more acts and events were added to the weekend’s grow- ing schedule. The Castle Quay Week- ender (CQW) proved one big lesson to the community of Bedford and that is, with the right ideas, ethics, people, enthusiasm and perseverance you can make things happen. Over 4000 people turned up over the weekend to an otherwise little used part of the town, but these weren’t just people, they were Bedford and they came to what

turned out to be a major local event - run by the people for the people. Since the CQW the local creative networks have expanded massively and long-term friendships have been forged, awareness of the local busi- nesses in the area has been raised and it has encouraged other groups to embrace ‘pop-up culture’ locally; and more impor- tantly it’s raised awareness of Castle Quay,

Bedford’s cultural quarter, and helped fill

those 7 empty shops!”


(MAnneRs PR):

“We Are Bedford and the Castle Quay Weekender captured the hearts and minds of many, particularly younger people and brought them together under one commu- nity-led banner. We Are Bedford and the CQW gave people from all sectors of the community a rallying point at which they clearly felt they could become “involved” and make a difference in the town.

Using social media as a way of capturing that enthusiasm, We Are Bedford showed how a fast-moving community-led project can succeed where other structure-bound organisations have failed to get Bedford moving. The legacy is an actively connected group who openly share ideas for future projects, and have encouraged others to follow their example by setting up social

media-led groups for specific areas. I

include myself here, on behalf of clients in

Tavistock Street, who have set up TavToffs on Twitter and are working in partnership

with local authorities and a local branch of the youth group, UpRising, to enliven this

area. The first event occurred on February

16th. The parties were brought together by Erica Roffe of We Are Bedford.”

PENSIERI - CAstle lAne:

Maria Bennett at Pensieri gift and coffee shop has been trading on Castle Lane for just over two years and has experienced the highs and lows of Castle Quay. “When Bedford Museum and the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery closed for refurbish- ment it stopped the majority of footfall through the area. However, the Castle Quay Weekender reminded shoppers that

there were still traders in the area. There’s a real buzz now that all the units are oc-

for £10 is so popular, as is our all day breakfast.” As evening falls, the cafe trans-

Photo by: Shaun Armstrong
Photo by: Shaun Armstrong

cupied and a lot more positivity among the traders,’ said Maria. ‘Shoppers love to step off the High Street to discover the ‘hidden

gem’ that is Castle Quay. With all the units now full we’re looking forward to the re- launch of the Museum and Art Gallery in 2013 to really put the Cultural Quarter on the map.’ It is testament to Maria’s personality that she has created a wonderful, successful

business during such a difficult economic

period. And it is testament to the people of Bedford who show such loyalty and support for the unique, independent businesses that make our town what it is.”

ANgELO’S - CAstle lAne

Angelo’s cafe on Castle Lane opened just before the Castle Quay Weekender and

what a baptism of fire that weekend proved

to be! Serving over 1,500 customers and with over 600 cups of tea and coffee being

sold, it was, says Angelo, “a great welcome

to the area!” So what has the legacy of the CQW been

to Angelo?

“To be honest, I never planned

to be open by then, but Kayte Judge was

very persuasive! As a result I got my

finger out and we opened in a pretty basic

way,” explains Angelo. “We’ve had great customer retention from the Weekender and many people are still talking about the event a year on.” Since opening, the cafe has evolved to become what Angelo originally envisaged 12 months ago. Now a licensed premises, Angelo’s is one of only a handful of places in Bedford offering a Black Rock Grill menu. “The Black Rock is our best seller. Our lunch offer of two Black Rock steaks

forms into a bistro serving a comprehensive dinner menu (ncluding Black Rock Grill favourites) to a growing number of loyal customers. “There is a growing awareness of the Castle Quay area and we’re now succeed- ing in dragging people off the High Street!” said Angelo. “Our cafe is a community hub and we love being invovled with our customers.” So much so, that Angelo’s has its own travelling duck (currently on tour in Australia and Thailand) that customers can follow on his Facebook page, and Twitter users can enter the daily competition to win a bacon butty. Angelo’s - Castle Lane twitter: @CafeAngelos


Since the Castle Quay weekender we have seen the area thrive from just three full units (Pensieri, Lady K’s and Ocal leather) into what is now a variety of shops and restaurants. This now bustling little quarter has become one of Bedford’s hidden gems to shop, eat and relax. The very successful weekender raised much awareness to the area that is the gateway between the town centre and the Castle Quarter.

JO FLANNERY: sCHool of CRAft (and postmistress at the CQW Pop Up Post office)

“The Castle Quay Weekender was such a fun weekend to be part of. I felt a real sense of belonging to a vibrant artistic local community. It made me look at Bedford differently - much more positively.”

Angelo: He sells duff beer. Photo by: Richard Harrison
Angelo: He sells duff beer.
Photo by: Richard Harrison


MARCH 2012



The Pad was responsible for bringing some of the hottest new bands to Bedford last year and they're dedicated to doing the same in 2012.

After last year's sold out shows from Mona, Ghostpoet and Vintage Trouble, check out what's on this month:

WET NUNS + Polly Poison & Her Electric Antidote & Abrasions

sunday 17 March @esquires

WET NUNS are a two piece Blues Punk

band straight from the deep south



Sheffield. NME ‘ones to watch 2012’ and

already building up a reputation as one of

the fiercest live bands around, they’ve been

described as what would happen if The Datsuns and QOTSA had done the dirty together in the early noughties, or maybe a much, much, MUCH cooler Black Keys with Arctic Monkeys’ sense of humour. This

Wet nUns: Holy smokes Photo by: Darren J Topliss
Wet nUns: Holy smokes
Photo by: Darren J Topliss

is fitting really as the Arctics

have already declared them their new favourite band and remixed debut single ‘I don’t wanna see your face no more’. This booking is in line with The Pad’s attempts to bring you the hottest new bands to Bedford after last year’s sold out shows with Mona, Ghostpoet and Vintage Trouble. Head over to www. now for a free download of the amazing

second single ‘Heavens Below’ as well as the Arctics remix. Special guests Polly Poison & Her Electric Antidote are over from St Albans

for the night and are already causing quite a stir, while Bedford Post-Rockers, Abrasions complete the line-up. Tickets are £6 adv

Tickets at: now. They

will also be available from Dannys Bar @ Esquires and Luscious Juice Bar, Lime St, Bedford from Saturday 28th January

Doors open at 8pm Free aftershow at The Pad with guest DJs


Wednesday 14 March @esquires

Pre-St Paddy’s Day party time when The Popes come to Bedford Esquires on a day off from their current tour with The Stranglers. When The Pogues disbanded, Shane MacGowan went out with long time backing band and collaborators ‘The Popes’. Shane MacGowan and the Popes released two studio and one live album in the 1990s. As well as serving as MacGowan’s backing band, The Popes recorded one studio and one live album without MacGowan, and now tour to sell out crowds without their mercurial former frontman. Support comes from CC Smugglers, a rag tag 5 piece from the wilds of Bedfordshire who draw on varied ele- ments of musical genres they don’t really understand, the band have recently com- pleted their debut album, an infectious stew of gypsy jazz, blues, folk, country and roots and their Live shows have won them fans locally and on the national gig circuit.

Maddog of the Popes
Maddog of the Popes


saturday 24th March @esquires

When is a gig not a gig?! Throwing the concept of a

regular gig on its head The Pad presents Bedford with its very

first Variety night @ Esquires

on Saturday 24th March. The night will feature live music

from 3 bands, DJs, some stand up comedy, burlesque dancers,

fire eaters, some fiiiine magic

and a whole lot more. Expect the unexpected. The show is set up to be a non-stop three hours of pure entertainment held seamlessly together by the Tim Barron who will be compering the show and also

turning in a full set of live comedy skiffle

Buster shuffle: Pound a bowl!
Buster shuffle: Pound a bowl!

lovely Candy Rose & friends, with a touch of magic sprinkled on the night by The Dead Magicians. The Live music kicks off with a

support band of the finest order in The

Shabby Tinkerz, who will be applying their unusual Dickensian ‘Oliver Twist’ style inspired Jazz Ska Hip Hop to the night and

finally the show will be closed by the Buster Shuffle. Buster Shuffle are a brilliant 4 piece

band from London town, quintessentially

more English than The Queen, the band’s sound is best described as a mash up of a bit of Mad- ness, a bit of Parklife-era Blur, The Specials, Chas and Dave & The Streets with their brand of piano bashing, double bass slapping, cockney ska / authentic rock’n’roll sound with ultimately catchy superb feel-good songs.

Tickets for this night cost just £7 in advance form Rose Tinted Vintage, Danny’s Bar and See tickets online. Doors open at 8pm and the non stop showtime kicks off at 8.30pm sharp, with doors opening at



with his band The Ouse Valley Singles Club. Comedy comes in the stand up form of one very dangerous JT Taylor and an even more risqué Mark Cram. Some extra glitter and glamour and face paint is added to the event with some live burlesque with the

Tickets are £9 Advance and available here:


Doors open at 8pm


Wolf People are a rock/folk/blues combo made up of tom Watt, Joe Hoilick, daniel davies & Jack sharp. The Bedford Clanger caught up with Jack to find out more about their sound & what it’s like playing your home- town (that’s Bedford don’t you know!)

Hey Jack Sharp of Wolf People! Your debut album Tidings (originally released on vinyl only) is being re-issued on CD. Can you describe Wolf People’s sound to the uninitiated?

It is rock which leans heavily on traditional folk music and blues tunes. In the main it

consists of big drums, fuzzy guitars, folk melodies and occasional flute (or ‘lute’ ac- cording to The Gruaniad! – Ed), but always

in the grip of an obsession with weird old records from around the world. Though the

music is heavily influenced by American

forms I think it takes on a very English

character in the singing and words.

Who are your musical influences?

First and foremost is always Captain Beef- heart and the Magic Band for me. Though you hear it less and less with our newer records, I still refer to their music when I get stuck.

We’re also influenced by all kinds of folk

music but especially 60’s revival acts like Nic Jones, Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Trees, ISB etc… plus rock stuff like Hen- drix and Sabbath down to less well known stuff like Mighty Baby, Dark, Groundhogs.

We are a bit obsessive about old psyche- delic rock records too: Tom (Watt, Drum- mer) has a particular fetish for Swedish and Finnish records from the 60’s and 70’s…

How long have you been together?

In the current line up since 2007, but the

first 7” single came out in 2006.

Do you prefer writing & recording or touring?

Personally I much prefer to be writing and recording. Touring is fun but it takes so

much energy and I find it very difficult to

do any writing or even practicing guitar and singing when we’re travelling. I like to be writing a little bit everyday when we’re not doing that.

Where was your most memorable live performance?

How can I not answer Bedford to this ques-

tion?! I actually loved playing here with the

band for the first time. What with everyone

living all over the country and our gear usually in London it’s never been practical for us to play in Bedford, despite me living

Wolf People: Bewhiskered Beer-loving Musos Photos by: Simon Fernandez
Wolf People: Bewhiskered Beer-loving Musos
Photos by: Simon Fernandez

here. We’d just started touring Steeple (our

2nd album) and it felt really good to play it to a room full of friends. Was also great to sleep in my own bed after the gig! Other memorable ones include QStock festival in Finland, Ino-Rock in Poland and both Llama festivals we went to in North

Devon. The first one we played on the

beach in blazing sunshine, the second was the same except we were all very sleepy after being kept awake all night by Keith

Allen’s party bus. Thinking back now I seem to remember more about what cheese or beers we were given than what the performances were like …priorities! (most memorable cheese and beer was in Zichem, Belgium by the way.

Where will Wolf People be in 5 years’ time?

Agh! I don’t like to think that far ahead. At

this rate we will be just putting the finishing

touches to the 3rd album… and planning an intergalactic space tour to promote it.


MARCH 2012



We love Bedford and the fact that it is so close to london! Just last week we went there for a day trip and in just over an hour from stepping onto the train in Bedford we were standing outside the

National Portrait gallery.

This is one of our favourite spots to soak up a bit of culture (and do some great people watching). We caught the last weekend of the inspi- rational Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, where over 2,500 amateur, student and experienced professional photographers had submitted works. Sixty were chosen for the exhibition and gave us viewers a unique glimpse into the intrica- cies of lives across the globe. We then enjoyed coffee and a cocktail

(we recommend the ‘winter berry bellini’! Yum!) in the restaurant at the top of the gallery with the best views in London – a panoramic skyline of city life.

We hope to be visiting London again soon and here is our wish list…

David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts (on until 9 April) • Menier Chocolate Factory for Abigail’s Party (on until 21 April) Lucian Freud at The National Portrait Gallery (on until 27 May) Pablo Picasso at Tate Britain (on until 15 July) Shakespeare’s Globe for their new season including Henry V, Richard III and Twelfth Night (June – September) and our top tip is to go in as a ‘groundling’ for only £5 a ticket and then you can touch the stage!

And back here in Bedford we’ll be soaking up the cultural scene at The Place Theatre, Bedford Theatre, The Eagle Gallery and stopping off for coffee at Fancy and Pensieri. Wherever you are….enjoy arts and theatre on your doorstep and just a hop, skip and jump away in London. Twitter: @bedfordnetwork Facebook: Network

Photo by: Shaun Armstrong
Photo by: Shaun Armstrong




t he rising cost of food is something that affects everyone, yet for most of us, hunger is rarely an issue.

However, when you discover that 6,000 children are living in poverty in Bedford, you’ll realise that there are many families for whom buying the weekly shop is a huge struggle. Fortunately, Bedford- ians have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help tackle the problem. The Clanger met the inspirational people behind Bedford Foodbank and urges all readers to get invovled too ... For over 10 years, Brickhill Baptist Church has provided food parcels for peo- ple and families in crisis. As time went on and as other agencies came to the church requesting food parcels for their clients, Brickhill co-ordinators Andrea Badman and Sarah Broughton realised there was an increasing demand for their service and they needed more structure. “We became part of Foodbank as it is a nationally recognised charity with 160 centres throughout the UK and Ireland,” explained Andrea. “At the end of October 2011 we opened our distribution centre in Norse Road. We now have a larger area to store the donated food and can now be sure that the people who need the food, get the food.” “We’re about people in crisis,” said Andrea. “We won’t turn anyone away and we treat our customers as people rather than problems. It’s not just about provid- ing food. We are able to signpost them towards other services and help them in other ways.” “Peoples’ stories put things into perspective,” explains Jo. “A single father of young kids came to us and we asked if there was any food that his children didn’t

foodbank donations: they all add up
foodbank donations: they all add up
THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 BEDFORD NETWORK We love Bedford and the fact that it is

like. ‘My children are hungry; they’ll eat anything,’ he replied.” Referrals can come for a variety of

reasons. Loss of job, a change of cir- cumstances, sickness of a child, delayed

benefit payments. “There is hope in most

situations,” says Sarah. “People we’ve

helped have gone on to find their feet and

have then become donors or volunteers themselves!” So how can you help Bedford Food- bank? It’s so simple that we urge you to get involved! Basically, when you do your weekly or monthly shop, print off the Foodbank shopping list from their website and just add a few extra items to your list and donate them to BedfordFoodbank. Items include UHT milk, sugar, tinned to-

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 BEDFORD NETWORK We love Bedford and the fact that it is

matoes, pasta, baked beans, jam and biscuits. Nappies and feminine hygeine products are also gratefully received! You can either drop your donations off at Brick- hill Baptist Church from Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4pm, or seek out their food col- lections at one of the big supermarkets. More info and the shopping list can be found here: uk/ Follow them on twitter here: @bedford- foodbank



We love it when there’s a positive national news story about Bedford, so when we learned that the UpRising leadership programme (based in

london, Birmingham and Bedford) had been in- dentified by t he observ- er newspaper & nestA as one of the 50 new Radical organisations in the UK we were thrilled.

UpRising is a leadership programme developed by the Young Foundation to sup-

port and train a new generation of public leaders. A diverse group of 19 - 25 year olds are selected to receive mentoring and leadership skills while they develop Social Action Campaigns in their local areas. This issue of The Clanger features two of the projects - Hometown Tourist has been writ- ten by UpRiser Barnabas xxxx, while we also investigate the Tavision project in our over-view of the regeneration of Tavistock Street. UpRising launched in Bedford in Sep- tember 2011 and by June will have worked

with 20 young people to help them fulfil

their potentials. Each of the four groups are aiming to make a positive change in their communities through targeted Social Action Campaigns.

For further information - perhaps you’d like to volunteer as a mentor or trainer, or just want to see what it’s all about - go to:

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 BEDFORD NETWORK We love Bedford and the fact that it is
THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 BEDFORD NETWORK We love Bedford and the fact that it is
THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 BEDFORD NETWORK We love Bedford and the fact that it is


MARCH 2012


“Our venue, your theatre” Established 1979, bringing the best in touring theatre to the heart of

“Our venue, your theatre” Established 1979, bringing the best in touring theatre to the heart of Bedford.

Bedford School, De Parys Avenue, MK40 2TU Box Offi ce: 01234 269519 Website: Admin Tel: 01234 362269 Email:

Vintage hair styling service specialising in styles from the 1940s, 50s, 60s but covering all eras!

Vintage hair styling service specialising in styles from the 1940s, 50s, 60s but covering all eras!

Based at the Rose-tinted Vintage shop in Bedford, Saturdays 10am - 5pm Email me at for more details or for a booking.

Never Forget

Unique and Personal Just like you

Personalised gi s for home and family

Aprons, Baby Baskets, Workwear, Towels, Face Cloths and lots more on the website Minimum order of One. Free Consultation service.

Never Forget Unique and Personal Just like you Personalised gi s for home and family Aprons,

The only thing stopping you is your imagination!

Ellie Boyde Never Forget Tel: 01234-216535

Beauty Business Opportunity with established client base at busy hair salon in Tavistock Street. Call Jane

Beauty Business Opportunity with established client base at busy hair salon in Tavistock Street.

Call Jane on (01234) 272575

OFFICIAL FESTIVAL SPONSOR ... Time is ticking away ... for you to participate in the 2012
Time is ticking away
you to participate in the 2012 Bedford River Festival!
See below for some of the fun ways to get involved ...
Do you have a product, service or
business you want to promote?
Dragon Boats:
You provide a team of 16 - 20 paddlers,
Would you like to reach a local,
regional and national audience of
over 350,000 people?
we provide the rest for a fun packed day
on the river!
Trading Space:
Choose from a wide variety of options for
Have you considered sponsorship,
trade space or participation in the
2012 Bedford River Festival?
trading across the festival site.
Festival Parade:
Enhance you business with our tailor
made sponsorship and partnership
Be it a decorated vehicle, band or on
foot help us launch the festival as well as
collecting money for local charities!
Trade Packs, Sponsorship,
Information & Application Forms
available NOW!
Raft Races:
Build your own raft enter a team to race
down the river and support local charities!
Call 01234 718617 or download
01234 718617

THURS 1st MARCH•••••••

WED 7th- 10th MARCH••

TUES 13th MARCH•••••••

• Traditional Music Session

• Double Bill @ The Place Dumbstruck Productions

Diamond Bingo!

Live music at the great Bedford Arms

present: Radio by Al Smith Drama set in 1950s middle

Eyes down, people. It’s bingo night at the Flower Pot

The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

America. The Place Theatre

The Flower Pot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

•Mat Roberts’ Jam Night

Come and join in or just be entertained by Bedford’s

THURS 1st- 4th APRIL•••

•Double Bill @ The Place Dumbstruck Productions

talented musicians. The Flower Pot tel: 296732

present: Howl by Alan Ginsberg

The Place Theatre

WED 14th MARCH••••••

•The Popes + CC Smugglers + Out of The Hat

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day before the rush with Shane McGowan’s former band. Tickets £8 Esquires - Main stage


THURS 8th MARCH•••••••

Photographic exhibition by Darren Marsh

•JLadies’ Night at the White Horse

•Tea Dance

Pensieri, Castle Lane

Aromatherapy evening £8pp includes supper & raffl e. See

2.00pm. Don your dancing shoes & join us for a pleasant

FRI 2nd MARCH•••••••

•Silent Diso

Sue Anstead for details. The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

afternoon in the elegant surroundings of the Bedford Corn Exchange. Music for ballroom, Latin American, sequence

& party dances & Old Time. Bedford Corn Exchange

•Stitch & Bitch at the Bedford Arms

Guitar vs bass

•Mat Roberts’ Jam Night

Come and join in or just be entertained by Bedford’s

The Pad

talented musicians.

Pull up a chair, pour out the wine, get out your knitting and

•Family History Talk on Propaganda

Head over to Mark Rutherford School to fi nd out more

enjoy a great evening of craft & chat.

about this fascinating subject. Bookstall, library & refresh- ments available. 7.30pm Drama Hall at Mark Rutherford School, Went-

The Flower Pot tel: 296732

FRI 9th MARCH•••••••

The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

worth Drive. Members & non-members welcome.

•Pirate Sessions

THURS 15th MARCH•••••

I.A (Data & Loxy) Drum & bass night

•Mat Roberts’ Jam Night

•The Table Puppet innovators Blind Summit Theatre

The Pad

Come and join in or just be entertained by Bedford’s

present an award-winning adult puppetry show.

talented musicians.

Join them on a visual journey that takes in a ballet of dis-

•Sex Pistols Experience + Rebel Truce

The Flower Pot

embodied heads, a story told entirely by pictures emerging

•Friday Karaoke


tel: 296732

from a briefcase & a tiny Moses with a cardboard head

Esquires - Main stage

•The Three Degrees

full of lonely wisdom. Time Out recently voted it their

7.30pm When you hear the name, The Three Degrees, you

top show in London, but you can see it in Bedford for

•Vinyl Revival

immediately think of their most famous song: ‘When Will

just £8!!!

Got no truck with these new fangled CDs & MP3s? Then

I See You Again’ and the vision of three beautiful ebony

Bedford Theatre, Bedford School

bring your fave vinyl down to the Bedford Arms & they’ll dust off the record player to give them a spin. The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

women, perfectly co-ordinated in both dance moves and vocal harmonies. Still looking & sounding great. Bedford Corn Exchange

Open til 2am

The Executive Club, Lurke Street

•Karaoke at The White Horse

•Violet Bones

•Bedford Alternative Music - Acoustic Showcase Night

tel: 401500

Live music Esquires- Danny’s Bar

Live acoustic music in Holy Moly’s Esquires - Holy Moly’s

Flex those vocal chords at this friendly community boozer

•Mutiny club night

The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Hair of the Dog

FRI 16th MARCH•••••••

•Closure House & techno night

Irish band The Flowerpot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

SAT 3rd MARCH••••••••••

•MMG Hi-Jack

Showcase night

•DJ Fat Lad @ The Exec

•Friday Karaoke

Open til 2am The Executive Club, Lurke Street tel: 401500

The Pad

•Friday Karaoke

Esquires - Main stage

SAT 10th MARCH•••••••••

Open til 2am The Executive Club, Lurke Street tel: 401500

DJ Fat Lad (aka Ian Congdon-Lee of In2Beats Radio &

•Boot Leg Zoo

•Team Perry’s Marathon Charity Quiz Night at Bed-

Grange Hill fame) spins the party tunes til 5am

Live music at the KA

ford Rugby Club

The Executive Club tel: 401500

The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

Support Team Perry’s London Marathon fund-raising


effort at this night of quiz fun, a drink or eight all in aid of

Classic indie night!

•The A Band

their chosen charity, SANDS (

The Pad

A bit of everything from the fabulous

Starts at 7.30pm at Bedford Rugby Club

A Band The Flowerpot, Tavistock Street

To register a team, please go to the Team Perry Quiz Night

•The Informers

tel: 296732

page on Facebook.

Live music at the KA

•DJ Fat Lad @ The Exec

•Miles Hunt & Erica Nicholls + Fred’s House + Ollie

The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

DJ Fat Lad (aka Ian Congdon-Lee of In2Beats Radio &


Grange Hill fame) spins the party tunes til 5am The Executive Club tel: 401500

Former Wonderstuff front-man visits Esquires for what promises to be a great show.

•King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys

8pm King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys are a professional

full-time six piece band performing jazz, swing and blues.

and trombonist from the movie “Play Misty For Me” Gene


Esquires - Main stage

SUN 4th MARCH••••••••••

•Mat Roberts

Live music

The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

Classic indie night! The Pad

SUN 11th MARCH•••••••••

Their high-energy, all-action stage shows, combined with

•Music Quiz @ The KA

•Hurricane Fly

the indisputable excellence of the music, have earned them

21 years old and still going strong!

Live music

more than 60 TV and 40 radio performances. They have

The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

toured andperformed with B.B. King, Cab Calloway and

tel:01234 354494

•Wrestling Spectacular

his Orchestra and the original Blues Brothers Band from

MON 5th MARCH-12th

3.00pm Get ready to rumble as the gladiators of the

grappling ring get to grips in the battle for the 2012

the movie, as well as recording with leading Americans including rhythm and blues legend Charles Brown, singer


Bedford Rumblemania Trophy in which the wrestlers are

‘The MightyFlea’ Connors and former California Raisin,

•Eagle Gallery Artists Present: At Eye Level

eliminated by being thrown over the top rope & the last

An exhibition especially for children. Art & interaction

from 45 artists, arranged especially for children to see and

man standing is the winner. Who will be crowned King of

the Ring? Book now!

•Mr Pink

Live music Esquires- Danny’s Bar

the gospel legend Howard McCrary. Bedford Corn Exchange

interact with. FREE

Bedford Corn Exchange

•City Lights + support

The Eagle Gallery, 101 Castle Road

Live acoustic music in Holy Moly’s

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Tie One On

MON 5th MARCH••••••••

•Music Quiz @ The KA

Live music

•Karaoke at The White Horse

•General Knowledge Quiz

21 years old and still going strong!

Stretch those brain muscles at this weekly quiz. The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494

The Flowerpot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

tel:01234 354494

Flex those vocal chords at this friendly community boozer


MON 12th MARCH••••••

The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

TUES 6th MARCH•••••••••

•General Knowledge Quiz

Diamond Bingo!

Stretch those brain muscles at this weekly quiz. The Kings

Eyes down, people. It’s bingo night at the Flower Pot The Flower Pot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494

Take a fresh look at Bedford.

01234 359599

Take a fresh look at Bedford. 01234 359599


MARCH 2012

SAT 17th MARCH••••••

New Look at Bedfordshire

First published in the 1950s,

St Patrick’s Day!

•Life of Riley

Celebrate St Paddy’s Day with a pint of the black stuff and

The Pevsner Architectural Guides give guide to the most

significant buildings in every part of the country. With

the Bedfordshire edition being revised, its compiler,

some great Irish live music. The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

architechtural historian Charles O’Brien will talk about the buildings of Bedfordshire. 7.30pm Bedford High School Theatre. Tickets £10 -

•The Workshop Boys (5pm) Kain (9pm)

advance booking essential Contact Timothy Saxon tel: 01582 431492

Double bill of live music Esquires- Danny’s Bar

•Overdrive club night

FRI 23rd MARCH••••••••

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Rik King live at the White Horse

•Filthy Boy + Guitars Have Ghosts + TBC

Special St Patrick’s Day menu & live music from Rik

Esquires - Main stage

•Reggae & Soul club night

King. Book to avoid disappointment

Oooh, sounds good!

The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Friday Karaoke

•DJ Fat Lad @ The Exec

Open til 2am

DJ Fat Lad (aka Ian Congdon-Lee of In2Beats Radio &

The Executive Club, Lurke Street tel: 401500

Grange Hill fame) spins the party tunes til 5am The Executive Club tel: 401500

TUES 27th MARCH•••••••

Diamond Bingo! Eyes down, people. It’s bingo night at the Flower Pot The Flower Pot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

WED 28th MARCH•••••••

•Stitch & Bitch at the Bedford Arms

Knit one, purl one, drink one. The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

•Tea Dance


Don your dancing shoes & join us for a pleasant afternoon in the elegant surroundings of the Bedford Corn Exchange. Music for ballroom, Latin American, sequence & party dances & Old Time. Bedford Corn Exchange

THURS 29th MARCH•••••


Classic indie night!

The Pad

•Wet Nuns + Abrasions

Sheffield’s latest musical maestros & NME’s tip for the the

top. Tickets £6 adv Esquires - Main stage

SUN 18th MARCH•••••••

Mother’s Day!

•Mother’s Day menu at the White Horse

king & washing up and let the lovely people at the White Horse take care of you! Book now. The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

•Music Quiz @ The KA

21 years old and still going strong! The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494


Live music Esquires- Danny’s Bar

•The A Band

Bedford’s fabulous A Band take to the stage at The Bedford Arms The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

MON 19th MARCH••••••

• •General Knowledge Quiz

Stretch those brain muscles at this weekly quiz. The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494

TUES 20th- 24th MARCH

•Bedford Dramatic Club presents:

Audience With Murder

Multi-layerd and witty, this amusing thriller moves inexorably from an innocuous first act to a final & terrify- ing climax. Described as a ‘Russian doll of a play’ which has to be ssen to appreciate & understand how it unfolds. Tickets £8.50 The Place Theatre

TUES 20th MARCH•••••••

Diamond Bingo! Eyes down, people. It’s bingo night at the Flower Pot The Flower Pot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

WED 21st MARCH•••••••

•Stay in and rent a movie!


•Bedford in Film

A wonderful chance to see unique footage of ‘Old Bedford in Film’ which is being presented by Peter Tipping for The Friends of the Bunyan Museum Bunyan Meeting Hall, Mill Street 7pm for 7.30pm.

Tickets can be purchased on the door; £6 for Friends of the Museum, £8 for others.

•Bedford Alternative Music Showcase

Acoustic music showcased in Holy Moly’s Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Mat Roberts’ Jam Night

Come and join in or just be entertained by Bedford’s talented musicians. The Flower Pot

tel: 296732

•Bedfordshire Art Fund Lecture: Revising Pevsner: A

SAT 24th FEB••••••••••

•Last Chance Ragtime Band

•Varitey Night @ Esquires

Inspired by New Orleans jazz, the LCRTB are determined

Buster Shuffle + Shabby Tinkerz + Ouse Valley Singles

Club + JT Taylor + Mark Cram + Candy Rose and

guests… Tickets £7 adv Esquires - Main stage

•DJ Fat Lad @ The Exec

to get jazz back on the dance floor. Help them achieve

their aim!

The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

•Five Star Swing

DJ Fat Lad (aka Ian Congdon-Lee of In2Beats Radio &


Grange Hill fame) spins the party tunes til 5am The Executive Club tel: 401500

From BBC TV’s Children in Need, Dame Vera Lynn’s Charity Ball & Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Don’t miss this


afternoon ‘one show special’. The full impact of the Big

Classic indie night! The Pad

Band sound with a unique feel good show featuring Glenn Miller, Sinatra, Ella, jazz & blues.

•Mat Roberts’ Jam Night

•Peppa Pig

Bedford Corn Exchange

Ahoy there me hearties! Peppa Pig & her friends are going on a treasure hunt & need your help! Peppa, George &

Danny Dog are up to fun & games on a day out on Gran- dad Dog’s boat. Help them, with Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot

& Zoe Zebra to follow the clues & find their treasure as

Come and join in or just be entertained by Bedford’s talented musicians.

they enjoy a day of adventure. A brand new show featur- ing true to life puppets, perfect singalong songs & a new story that will charm & delight her fans. Bedford Corn Exchange

•Lost for Words

The Flower Pot tel: 296732

FRI 30th MARCH••••••••

•Mark Morris (Bluetones) + Chris Corney + Lola

Live music

Great chance to see the former Bluetone in Bedford

The Flowerpot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

Esquires - Main stage

•The Urban Folk Quartet

•Bedford Comedy Club 9.00pm


One of Bedford’s most popular comedy nights featuring

The phenomenal Urban Folk Quartet is made up of Joe

stand up comedians who are regulars on the London &


Broughton, Paloma Trigas, Frank Moon & Tom Chapman.

national comedy circuit. These sell out events are jam

Formed in 2009, the UFQ’s heady mix of world influences,

packed with three comedians plus a compere. Food avail-

infectious folk & blisterig beats has taken them all over

able & bar open throughout the evening.

Europe. The UFQ won Spain’s international folk competi- tion on only their 4th gig together with a winning formula of sublime virtuosity & a lot of fun. The Quartet’s ethos is to send people away happier than when they arrive, so

Bedford Corn Exchange •Sean Morris + Jess Morgan at 7pm ‘Hellfyre’ club night 10.30pm

whether you’re a fully fledged fan or just looking for a

Live music & DJs

good night out - this is the band for you! Bedford Corn Exchange

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

•Vintage Stuff

Live music

Live music at the KA The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

The Flowerpot, Tavistock Street tel: 296732

•Friday Karaoke

SUN 25th MARCH••••••••

Open til 2am The Executive Club, Lurke Street tel: 401500

•Music Quiz @ The KA

21 years old and still going strong! The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494

•Showcase night

Live music

Esquires- Danny’s Bar

•Eddie Bowfinger

Live music The Bedford Arms, Bromham Road

SAT 31st MARCH••••••••

•Missing Andy + The Wholls + TBC

Live music Esquires - Main stage

•Disciples of Gonzo EP launch

It’s like Gonzo from the Muppets & gonzo like Hunter S

Thompson in music form. Esquires- Danny’s Bar

•Esquires Club Night

Esquires - Holy Moly’s

MON 26th MARCH•••••••

•Open Mic Big Band Xtra Jam

Get up on stage to join in or just enjoy the talent from the comfort of your seat! The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

•General Knowledge Quiz

Stretch those brain muscles at this weekly quiz. The Kings

Arms, St Mary’s Street tel:01234 354494

•Karaoke at The White Horse

Flex those vocal chords at this friendly community boozer The White Horse, Newnham Avenue

•Single File

Live music at the KA

The Kings Arms, St Mary’s Street

•DJ Fat Lad @ The Exec

DJ Fat Lad (aka Ian Congdon-Lee of In2Beats Radio &

Grange Hill fame) spins the party tunes til 5am The Executive Club tel: 401500


Classic indie night! The Pad

The county’s largest art store specialising in picture framing, original paintings & fine art prints, art

The county’s largest art store specialising in picture framing, original paintings &

fine art prints, art & craft materials, cards & gifts.

Our friendly team of experts are there to advise and assist you with your creative needs.

Howard Street, Bedford MK40 3HS

01234 344784

Join us to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 18th March. Delicious, traditional Portugeuse food served and

Join us to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 18th March. Delicious, traditional Portugeuse food served and all mothers will receive a special gift! Call to book your table now. 4 Newnham Street, Bedford MK40 3JR Tel: 01234 364400

Celebrating one year at Castle Quay Thanks to all our existing customers & a warm welcome
Celebrating one year at
Castle Quay
Thanks to all our existing customers & a warm
welcome to new customers.
Come & enjoy our luncthtime
2 Black Rock steaks for just £10.
20 Castle Lane, Bedford
bedfords blackrock
••Follow the cafeangelos duck on facebook••
FABRIC SALE Saturday 31st March at The Lane, Castle Lane, Bedford 9.30am - 12pm Beautiful printed


Saturday 31st March at The Lane, Castle Lane, Bedford 9.30am - 12pm

Beautiful printed designer cottons perfect for crafting, quilting and dressmaking



Dept. of Food, Drink & Social Affairs


THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 SAT 17th MARCH•••••• New Look at Bedfordshire First published in the


n e e d s

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 SAT 17th MARCH•••••• New Look at Bedfordshire First published in the


Want to reach 8,000 discerning Bedfordians?

t hen contact Erica or Sarah to discuss advertising in future issues.


MARCH 2012


following a hugely successful launch in december, Rock City Arts photography gallery on Castle lane is
following a
launch in
Rock City
gallery on
Castle lane
is kicking of
2012 with the
first of many
Welcome to our neighbourhood!
Photo by Paul Harris

The inaugural show begins on 9th March and is a retrospective of photographer Paul Harries’ shots of Slip-

knot – the first time the show has been seen

outside of London. Paul Harries’ work with the masked metallers has taken him all over the world and over forty photographs will be on display. These will include behind-the- scenes and previously unseen images, only possible due to the trust and respect Slip- knot has for Paul, allowing him exclusive access. “Slipknot is not always the easiest band to capture in the true essence of photogra-

phy and also not very easy to work with in the photo environment. Paul Harries has always been able to capture the band in its true form and has also been able to put up with all our bullshit that surrounds us night and day. Look at ‘the Knot’ as seen through the eyes of a true photographer, artist and friend.” Not our words, the words of Shawn Crahan aka Slipknot’s Clown. Entry to the exhibition is free. In addition, Paul Harries will be host- ing a two hour seminar at the gallery on Saturday 10th March 2012 at 4pm. He will be sharing stories behind the photographs on display and discussing his photography

with a Q&A session afterwards. A limited number of tickets for this exclusive and much-sought after event are available at £15 from Rock City Art on Castle Lane.

Rock City Art on 01234 910448 or e-mail www.Slipknot1. com

slipknot: Yikes! Photo by Paul Harris
slipknot: Yikes!
Photo by Paul Harris


QUeens PARK AllotMents As YoU’Ve neVeR seen tHeM BefoRe

By Kristian Purcell

since last summer, i’ve been lending my exhibition hanging skills – honed over eight years at the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery – and have been arranging for some of Bedford’s most talented artists to exhibit their work at Pensieri on Castle lane.

The latest exhibition is Scarecrows by Darren

Marsh, an evocative set of 12 black and white photographs. Readers may remember Darren’s popular Portrait of Bedford show at the CA gal- lery a few years ago, where he exhibited 500 images of Bedford residents. In this exhibition, the scarecrows seem to all have their own individual personalities. Dar- ren describes how the idea

first came to him:

“I live very close to Queens Park allotments and decided I wanted to rent one, not only to grow vegetables, but also to have permission to wander around the place and enjoy the fresh air and general atmosphere. A lot of the gardeners have put up scarecrows. I’m not sure

Photos by Darren Marsh
Photos by Darren Marsh

if they actually scare away any birds, but they do have a totemic presence and help guard the plots. I like the variety of different scarecrows you can see. This is almost an over-looked folk-art; a lot of imagination and creativity

has gone into making them and clearly a

lot of fun too. I used an old Mamiya C220

camera which uses medium format film to

take them.” To me, some appear to be scarecrow

versions of film stills: one is a jaded club

singer, another a footballer mid-jump. If you’ve ever wondered if a scarecrow can look heroic, tragic or full of time, then this is an exhibition worth seeing.

Scarecrows at Pensieri , Castle Lane is on until 4th April.





if you’d like to attend

paul Harries hosts a seminar on March 10th at 4pm details can be found at www.ROC kCITYART.COM


Official Bedford Clanger Photography Creating unique photo libraries to showcase your people, places, processes and projects.

Official Bedford Clanger Photography

Creating unique photo libraries to showcase your people, places, processes and projects.

Take a peek at


Mother’s Day is on 18th March. Just sayin’.


MARCH 2012


Wild’s finAl JoURneY to AntARCtiCA

by Gemma Hutton

shackleton’s right hand man (and Bedfordshire resident), Antarctic explorer Frank Wild has recently been re-discovered and his memoirs, after years in obscurity, have finally been published by author Angie Butler in her book ‘t he Quest for frank Wild’.

Frank Wild was born in Skelton Yorkshire on 10th April 1873 and believed himself to be the ‘secret’ great great grandson of Captain James Cook. From a young age Frank had wanted to join the Navy and at eight already had an interest in arctic adventure. When Frank was 11 his father took a headmastership at Eversholt School and the family moved to Bedfordshire. It was from here that Frank joined the Merchant Navy at 16 years old and then the Royal Navy in 1900, allowing him to apply for the National British Antarctic Expedition under Captain Scott. Clearly an outstanding individual, he was selected from over 3,000 applicants to join the crew of the Discovery and was proved wrong in thinking Scott would only choose ‘big hefty men’. Wild’s memoirs, which he began in 1934 but never completed, provide an insight into life on polar expeditions.

Frank’s knowledge and survival techniques are fascinating as one of only a few men

who had first hand experience of the perils

of Antarctica. Despite the tests of each expedition Frank writes ‘Even now, after

five Antarctic expeditions and one to the

Arctic, that longing (for polar exploration) is not extinguished’. He was held in high esteem by Captain Scott and his good friend Ernest Shack- leton. Shackleton, who was quite critical of other expedition members, when inter- viewed simply said; ‘There is nothing to say about Frank Wild, he is my other self’. His most famous expedition was the Nimrod expedition with Shackleton, get- ting just 100 miles from the South Pole before being forced to turn home. It is the


By Laura Pottinger

“A museum is about representing people, representing stories, representing communities and well… representing you.”

I have been much inspired of late by a publication called ‘Out There – The Open Museum: Pushing the boundaries of muse- ums’ potential’. Written to mark 20 years of Glasgow’s ‘Open Museum’, it documents a user-led service that takes museum objects into the community and also works with lo- cal people to collect and present their own objects and stories. Support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Bedford Charity and Bedford Borough Council has given the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Bedford Museum a unique opportunity to do something similar. Through our four-year Audience Develop- ment Project we are working hard to reach people who either don’t know about our collections or don’t see them as having any

Image by David Rowan (c) Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Image by David Rowan (c) Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

relevance to their experience of the world. In practical terms this means that I spend my time talking to Bangladeshi women about how our historical lace collections might relate to their own traditions of em-

broidery or to teenage boys about the links between sixties Pop Art

and contemporary stencil graffiti.

One case study in particular from Glasgow got me thinking about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (or LGBT) com- munities of Bedford. A conversa- tion with a colleague directed me to another interesting project by Birmingham Museums Service called ‘Queering the Museum’ and an idea for a project in Bedford began to take shape. The artist involved in the Birmingham project, Matt Smith has agreed to come to Bedford and give a talk about his work on 7th March. This event, run in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire and its Students’ Union will be promoted as part of LGBT History Month and it will mark the launch of a project to involve local people in creating an exhibition to celebrate next year’s LGBT History Month.

For details of the event, the LGBT project and for information on our audi- ence development work in general email

Illustration by David Litchfield
Illustration by David Litchfield

Imperial Trans-Atlantic expedition in 1914 though that shows Wild at his best in dire straits. Within weeks of setting sail in early 1915, the Endurance was trapped in ice and 10 months later it was crushed; “It was a sickening sensation to feel the decks break- ing up under one’s feet, the great beams bending and snapping with a noise of

heavy gun fire…”. Later, once the men had

abandoned the ship and were camped on the ice, Shackleton shouted, ‘She’s going boys!’ “Running out, we were just in time to see the stern of the Endurance rise and

then a quick dive and all was over… I felt

as if I had lost an old friend.”

Having retrieved a banjo, and smuggled

out a bottle of whisky from their sinking ship, Frank organised evening concerts, complete with liquid refreshment, to try to keep up the crew’s spirits whilst they were forced to camp for many weeks exposed

on the ice. When they finally travelled to

Elephant Island, Frank was heroic in his leadership in building a secure dry shelter from two upturned lifeboats, some rocks

and wood. Shackleton left in the third lifeboat to alert others and bring a rescue

team. This took him over five months

and four attempts, being prevented by the extreme weather from reaching them. Two weeks after Shackleton had left for a rescue party, Frank would roll up his sleeping bag remarking to the others, “Get your things ready boys, the boss may come today”. The men were kept alive by eating seal and penguin meat and seaweed and were very fortunate to survive the bitter cold of - 45C. Despite his wishes to be buried with ‘the boss’ as he affectionately called Shackleton, Frank was cremated in South Africa on 19th August 1939. Angie Butler discovered his ashes whilst researching

Frank Wild for her book and sought to return his remains to South Georgia to be re-united with Shackleton’s. You can listen to a recording about the journey that descendants from the Wild and Shackelton

families took to attend Wild’s final journey

back to Antarctica on the BBC Radio 4 Crossing Continents Podcast. There will

also be a BBC2 programme about Bedford-

ian Frank Wild, due to be aired in March



by David Litchfield

popular drawings from the project (as voted for by the followers of the project on Face-

book) to Sheffield and hung them in a great

little space called The White Gallery. The White Gallery is situated in the heart of Sheffield’s city centre, very close to Sheffield Hallam University, so we were ideally place to attract a large number of Sheffieldians who stopped by and had a chat about the drawings and the project. As an added attraction, we had fellow Bedfordian Rebecca De Winter busking outside the gallery! Sheffield is a great city with a burgeon-

ing illustration and street art scene. A number of the back roads and side alleys have fantastic wall murals covering them created by artists such as EMA and ‘Phlegm’. I was thrilled with the response

my own work got in Sheffield and I look

forward to returning there when the ‘The Top 50 Drawings A Day’ exhibition closes on March 16th. Before 2012 is out I hope to show the project in venues in London, Essex, Brigh- ton and maybe even another in dear old Bedford town. (We can’t wait! - Ed).

last August i exhibited all 365 individual drawings from my year long ‘Drawing A Day’ project at an exhibition in one of the empty shops in the Castle Quay area of Bedford.

Thanks to the buzz generated by my Bed- ford show (which was made possible through the support of We Are Bedford) a number of other galleries became interested in exhibiting the project. So, in mid-Febuary, I took the 50 most

Photos by David Litchfield
Photos by David Litchfield
THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 gREAT BEDFORDIANS: Wild’s finAl JoURneY to AntARCtiCA by Gemma Hutton shackleton’s



Monday 5 March – t hursday 12 April

Eagle gallery Artists

are mounting an exhibition of paintings, ceramics and sculpture specially chosen and arranged for children to see.

The artists’ work will be hung lower down to give children a better chance of seeing it. As well as the work on display, there will be interactive opportunities and artwork safe to handle. From 2·00-4·30pm on Saturday 10 March, artists will be available to talk about the techniques and materials they use to make their art. Free refreshments will be available. The artists are inviting local schools to come and visit. If you are interested in taking a group to see the work, please contact Liz Silk on 01234 217575. Parties

of up to fifteen at a time are welcome by

arrangement. The Eagle Gallery is open Monday to

Saturday, 10.00am – 5.30pm. Free entry. Disabled access available.

Eagle Gallery, 101 Castle Road, Bedford

MK40 3QP Facebook: eaglegallery@groups.face- Twitter: @Eagle_Gallery

at eye level an exhibition for children Monday 5th March to Thursday 12th Apr il

at eye level

an exhibition for children

Monday 5th March to Thursday 12th Apr il

at eye level an exhibition for children Monday 5th March to Thursday 12th Apr il


MARCH 2012




Mother’s day’s on sunday 18th March

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 WIN! DON’T FORgET : Mother’s day’s on sunday 18th March let’s

let’s face it. if you don’t pull out all the stops and get a decent present for your mum on Mother’s day, your life really won’t be worth living.

Stuck for inspiration? Fear not. The Clanger has hand-picked some gift ideas

that are certain to win you some serious brownie points – and they’re all available right here in Bedford. In Black Tom, Saffron Denton’s Fancy! cake shop on Roff Avenue sells fab cakes to takeaway. She’ll be whipping up some extra special cupcakes in honour of Mothering Sunday, so pick some up on Saturday 17 March as a super-scrummy treat for your mum. Fletchers at 99 Tavistock Street (tel:

272575) is offering clients a half price voucher for “cut & blow dry for mum”, when clients themselves have a cut and blow dry. Vouchers can be purchased up until Saturday March 17th. (Highly recommended by our very own Bedford- Network ladies!) No mum should have to cook on Mother’s Day, and for Sunday lunch you can’t get much better than the opulent surroundings of The Bedford Swan Hotel overlooking the River Great Ouse. Their four course Mother’s Day menu is priced at £29.95 per person (to book tel:

  • 346565

The Lotus Spa at Bedford Swan Hotel is also offering a special Mother’s Day treat. Book one full price facial and get

the other half price. Your treatment is followed by tea or coffee and a slice of your favourite cake. Bliss! (to book tel:

  • 369910

If you want a more relaxed dining experience, then try Baia de Cascais on Newnham Street. This cosy Portuguese bistro serves fantastic food, has a great at- mosphere and on Mother’s Day all mums eating there will receive a special gift. For a more vintage vibe, Lady V’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party takes place each Sunday in March on Castle Road. From 3 – 5pm, the Mother’s Day event on 18th March gives you the change to spend some quality time with your mum while making a tea-cup candle each, followed by high tea presented on beautiful vintage china. Price is £22.50 per person and bookings can be made by calling Jessie on 07907 995482 or go to www.facebook. com/LadyVtea.



if you’ve got a passion for art - either creating or viewing - then there’s really only one place for you to head in Bedford.

Established in 1932, The Art Centre & Gallery is among Bedford’s longest estab-

lished independent retailers. Once simply an art supplies shop, The Art Centre & Gallery (on Howard Street since 1996)

now comprises five departments and has

fourteen members of staff - all with a pas- sion for the business. Alongside the comprehensive range of art materials, the Art Centre sells cards and gifts, craft supplies, offers a profes- sional framing service and has a dedicated gallery. They also offer monthly craft demonstrations from art to card-making to jewellery. Manageress Maureen Cerri clearly enjoys her work: ‘I’m obssessed!’ she jokes. ‘All our staff have a love of art and have a practical understanding of the creative process. We’re all able to offer knowledgeable advice to our customers - something that you can’t get with online shopping.’ A recent introduction to the Art Centre is Decopatch - a modern approach to decoupage. You may have seen the enor- mous, decorated giraffe in the window of the shop – but smaller designs are available too! At the rear of the store is the gallery area, showing major exhibitions of internationally renowned artists including Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Kandinsky. ‘The gallery allows us to reach different audiences,’ says Maureen. ‘Each exhibi- tion brings new customers into the shop.’ Alongside the artworks are ceramics, crafts and jewellery by local makers. The gallery show is refreshed on a monthly basis and gives wall space to local artists as well as the big names in the art world. If you want to plan your cultural year ahead, then the Art Centre gallery is a great place to start:

The Art Centre: 7 Howard Street,

Town Centre, Bedford, MK40 3HS

tel: 01234 344784

March: Artist of the Month - david Mackay

Versatile artist best known for wood turn-

ing but will be showing his portraits and

abstracts.for the first time

April: Bedford Art society spring exhibition

Members’ new work on display and for sale

May: Joan Miro -

Exhibition of lathe’s & prints by one of the creative giants of the 20th Century.

June: eduardo Paolozzi

Scottish artist Paolozzi was commissioned by London Regional Transport to design mosaics to decorate Tottenham Court Road underground station. This exhibi- tion of his urban art is a must see.

July: sale, sale, sale! August: Artist of the Month - Martin ingley

Original work by this exciting artist & illustrator.

September: Artist of the Month - John Piper

Exhibition of work by one of the most versatile and multi-facetted British Artists of the 20th Century.

October: Artist of the Month - dora Holzhandler

Enchantingly innocent art,illuminating human life with compassion,loving humour,and awe

November: Artist of the Month - steve Bowers

This ever popular artist with a unique style exhibiting his latest work of vibrant colour.

December: Christmas show

date to be confirmed:

Mark spain exhibition

The Art Centre & Gallery is delighted to have to opportunity to exhibit this internationally famous artist’s recent oil paintings. Keep an eye out for confirma- tion of the date of this exciting show.

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 WIN! DON’T FORgET : Mother’s day’s on sunday 18th March let’s


Peppa Pig and her friends are coming to the Corn Exchange

on saturday 24th and sunday 25th March in an all new show!

Photos by Graham Watson
Photos by Graham Watson
Anja Penger-onyett
Anja Penger-onyett
lorna Jackson-Currie
lorna Jackson-Currie
Brian dewbury
Brian dewbury

Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt is a sing-a-long-a-fun-filled

pirate adventure featuring everyone’s favourite pig and we have a FAMILY TICKET to give away to one lucky

reader. Simply email thebed- with the name of Peppa Pig’s teacher by Monday 19th March.

Good luck, oink oink!


MARCH 2012


it’s that chef from the tellybox Photo by Graham Watson
it’s that chef from the tellybox
Photo by Graham Watson

if you weren’t lucky enough to get a table at The Three Tuns in Biddenham for

Steve Barringer’s

pop up restaurant, then fear not. You can vicariously enjoy the

mouth-watering Masterchef menu thanks to Clanger reader and catering maestro, Emma Stevens of Yummy Catering.

She and her husband had a fab night, so here’s what she thought:

Our evening at The Three Tuns couldn’t come too quickly for us! A night of indul-

gence, Steve Barringer from Masterchef had been cooking up a storm at The Three Tuns in Biddenham all week and now it was our turn! We arrived just before 7.30 so were too late for the Champagne reception, but our lovely waitress Jayne had popped a couple of glasses on the table and had pre-selected us a lovely bottle of wine. Steve had signed our menus and we eagerly awaited the arrival of our food. The restaurant was full and the atmo- sphere was buzzing, John the owner of The Tuns and his staff couldn’t do enough for everyone making sure their glasses were full and they had everything they needed. The Amuse Bouche was a tongue tin-

gling soup, which was rich in flavour and

just a little sample of the delights to come.

This was followed by Confit Salmon, with

a smoked salmon ‘scotch egg’ a delicious



By Jane Perrone, gardening editor of The guardian

Put your hands up if this is the first time you’ve read my column because, well, who wants to be gardening when it’s freezing?

Now it’s March, the daffs are out and you’re ready to start thinking about grow- ing stuff. If so, welcome on board! Those of us that have been out toiling in all temperatures feel no bitterness at all, apart from a persistent case of chilblains, which I am sure will pass.

little soft boiled egg wrapped in salmon with the consistency of a scotch egg, perfection! The salmon was complimented with beetroot

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 REvIEW: STEvE BARRINgER it’s that chef from the tellybox Photo by

jelly and horseradish. We were then treated to a delec- table chicken dish, breast wrapped in parma ham and chicken liver cooked lightly in breadcrumbs with juicy petit pois. The main course

was Monkfish tail and cheek, with a

titillating thai twist which was really beautifully cooked and probably my favourite dish. The pre dessert was a moreish Peach Melba, not traditional but still truly scrumptious, followed by the masterpiece which was a velvety rich and light chocolate mousse, boozy morello cherries and cherry emulsion and pistachio tuile. The petit fours and coffee topped off the evening well. It was an inspired menu, glori-

ous, divine, delectable, I could use lots superlatives but I won’t go on, I think you

get the idea! Definitely some of the best

food I have ever eaten and the conversation

around the restaurant reflected the same.

At the end of the meal, Steve came out of the kitchen and went to each table, chat- ting to all the guests. He is an extremely personable, energetic and enthusiastic young man. Full of stories from Mas-

terchef, meeting Michele Roux and jetting off to Spain, but one thing I have to say

is that he has his feet placed firmly on the

ground. He is an inspiration to all things food, he has plans of the future which he was happy to share and I absolutely believe with his passion and drive he will get there. He was a thoroughly nice chap who I might add is jolly good at cooking!

Yummy Catering, 20 Manor Close, MK43 8JA

Tel 01234 313122/07940 493589

not doing it at all, you know which I’d go for. If you have the time and inclination, use secateurs to reduce the length of stems to around 30cm, just above an outward- facing bud: snip just above the bud, with the cut facing away from it. Assuming it’s not snowy or frosty, now is also the time to pimp your lawn: regular readers will know I am not a mower maniac, but it’s worth getting yours out of the shed for a quick spin to encourage growth of your grass: if you can, set it at

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 REvIEW: STEvE BARRINgER it’s that chef from the tellybox Photo by

the highest level of cut to avoid that Wayne Rooney-esque look. Use the clippings to kickstart your compost heap, too – mix them half and half with shredded newspa- per or cardboard and you’ll have a hot heap

in no time. You can finish the tidying work

by neatening the edges with a half moon lawn edger.

And finally: don’t forget to get along

to the Bedford Seed Sharing Saturday on

March 3 11am-2pm at Bunyan Church Hall

in Mill Street to pick up free seeds, get growing advice and meet other growers:

it doesn’t even matter if you have no seed to share! Other jobs for this month: plant

summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies,

gladioli and eucomis; mulch bare soil to help save on watering and keep down weeds; plant dahlia tubers and cover them

with plenty of compost; put cloches over strawberry plants to force an early crop of fruits; deadhead early spring bulbs such as

daffodils once they have finished flowering

(but don’t tie up the leaves); and finally, lift, divide and replant summer-flowering

herbaceous perennials such as lady’s mantle, astrantia and hardy geraniums for a bigger, better display in future years.

Trouble is, although you may be raring to go, chances are your soil is still too cold for a lot of veg seed sowing to go on. The old farmers’ test was to place their bare buttocks on the soil: if it was comfortable to sit down on, that meant seeds would germinate too (if you followed my advice of last month about covering the soil, this will have helped). This test is probably best left to those who live in the more secluded parts of town: otherwise, a simple soil thermometer will do. If you simply must get something sown, provided the soil temperature is at least 5C hardy crops such as cabbage, broad beans and swiss chard can be put in this month, but make sure you use wildlife- friendly slug pellets or other deterrents as our slimy friends are already out and about with an appetite for fresh green growth of new seedlings. For those with cold soil and/or impa-

tient fingers, there are pea shoots. This is as

simple as sowing dried peas into a couple of inches of moistened compost in any old plastic tray or a yoghurt pot with holes punched in the bottom, covering with a bit more compost and letting them grow on a sunny windowsill until they reach a few inches then snipping off the tops for a deli- cious, super-cheap, super-nutritious salad ingredient in as little as three weeks. If you

leave one or two pairs of leaves behind the peas should regrow for a subsequent crop. I promised you rose pruning shortcuts this month. Well, the shortest cut of all is simply to take a pair of hedge trimmers to bush roses and reduce their height by half, then tidy up with a pair of secateurs, re- moving any jagged cuts or dead, damaged or diseased material that remains. Purists


Go AlonG WitH tHe floW

THE BEDFORD CLANGER MARCH 2012 REvIEW: STEvE BARRINgER it’s that chef from the tellybox Photo by

Bedford’s River festival attracts 350,000 people to our town. t he carnival atmosphere, fairground


and live music all

taking place against the beautiful backdrop of the River Great ouse is

one of the highlights of the summer. t his year’s event takes place on the weekend of 21st and 22nd of July and there are loads of ways that you can get involved.


Be it a decorated vehicle or on foot, your organization (school, club, band, dance troupe etc…) can take part in the parade, entertain the crowds and collect money for your chosen charity too!


Get a team together, build your own raft and race down the River to support local charities.


You provide the team of 16 – 20 paddlers & everything else will be provided – in-

cluding a Dragon Boat! A sure-fire recipe

for a fun-packed day on the River.

If you’d like to get involved, call 718617 or email

may be horrified, but if it’s a question of

either doing the job quickly and simply or



Tavistock Street is home to some of the most diverse businesses in Bedford.

A mecca for foodies, it also has great pubs, bars, hairdressers, The Music Centre (celebrating its 26th year in business) and plenty more besides.

Championing this vibrant part of town are two community initiatives determined to positively put Tavistock Street on the map. First up is @TavToffs, a twitter group set up by Flethcher’s hair studio and de- voted to celebrating the great things going on in the area. Fletchers co-founder Jane Lewin said:

“Tavistock Street is one of the busiest business communities in Bedford. At night the many restaurants are full - but we want people to recognise there are some great

shops here which are open during the day. Unlike much of Bedford we have on-street parking here, and the Queen Street multi- storey is nearby.” Fletchers has just been celebrating its 30th anniversary but younger team members Esther and Mathew are keen to encourage the town to take a fresh look at Tavistock Street. Follow @TavToffs on Twitter to keep up to date on what’s going on!

In collaboration with TavToffs and local Harpur Ward Councillors Colleen Atkins and Louise King, UpRising group, Tavi-

sion, has developed a Social Action Cam- paign (SAC) to improve Tavistock Street by raising awareness of the problems that affect the area. Their aim is to redevelop

this vital link in Bedford to allow Tavistock Street to receive sustainable improvements

that will benefit those directly connected

with the road as well as the wider Bedford community. “We want to promote Tavistock Street as Bedford’s local street, a community with a distinctive character and heritage, which serves the community’s needs and provides

an alternative to the other commercial districts in Bedford,” explained Karan Garcha of Tavison. “Improvements to the street aesthetics, with different public art projects and the creation of ‘green spaces’ and plants, will provide a possible vision for the future of the area.”

Find out more, get involved or simply follow developments: @Tavison on Twit- ter and on Facebook.


MARCH 2012


Creative Creatures
Creative Creatures

collage, stitching, ink, crayon and pencil

monsters! We recognized the enthusiasm for these events and we plan to do more this year to get even more people drawing!

The Circus is comprised of professional working illustrators who live locally:

Katy Dynes - Alasdair Bright - Rachel Lovatt -

Marisa Straccia - Andrew Foster - David Litchfield - Scarlett Tierney -

So, expect quirky performances and illustration workshops, a public scene of frenetic and noisy artistic activity. Us doodlers will be popping up in a series of different places around town with exhibi- tions, fun and games later in the year.

Get the latest news from us on twitter @wearethecircus

Monsters at Work
Monsters at Work
the Circus with Kayte Judge, co-founder of We Are Bedford
the Circus with Kayte Judge, co-founder of We Are Bedford

KAZZUM - loCAl dAnCeRs in liVe tV finAl

Regular readers will remember that Harrold-based dance group, Kazzum had progressed to the live semi-finals of sky 1’s Got to dance.

The Clanger is thrilled to report that on Sunday 26th February the boys were voted

through to the LIVE final which will take

place at London’s Olympia on Sunday 4th

March. The spectacluar finale to the series

will be televised live on Sky 1 at 6pm.

Nathaniel, Daniel, Taylor, Callum, Corey, Adam, Alex and Josh (aka Kazzum) have beat off some amazing competition to

reach the final and we’re sure that all our

readers will join us in wishing them the best of luck. Kazzum are all members of the Dance Vybz dance academy and are aged between 11 and 12. They’re hoping to continue to impress the judges Ashley Banjo, Kimber- ley Wyatt and Adam Garcia to scoop the trophy. You can lend your support to the boys by following them on Twitter @Official- Kazzum and of couse by tuning in and voting for them on the night.

Kazzum: through to the final!
Kazzum: through to the final!

By Marisa Straccia

Yep, there’s a new circus in Bedford town. However, we are not your typical band of trained animals, and clowns*…


We are a Circus of Illustrators dedicated to promoting illustration (and ourselves!) locally in Bedfordshire. This merry band is currently planning collaborative projects,

local events and illustration exhibitions. We also want to encourage you to celebrate and engage with drawing in fun and creative ways too, whilst doing something unique for our town.

You may remember our first drawing

event for the Big Draw in October 2011:

Monsters of Bedford, which was organized in conjunction with We Are Bedford. Together, we commandeered an empty shop unit with a huge pre-historic monsters gallery wall. Everyone was invited to pop in, draw a picture of their own monster and stick it up on this wall for all to see, admire and enjoy. The atmosphere of every one of all ages scribbling away together being creative and energized was heart warming. We had a truly remarkable creature collec- tion at the end of our day. A menagerie of


Cool crafters will be pleased to hear that School of Craft’s next fabric sale will take place on saturday 31st March from 9.30am - 12pm. Hurrah!

fab fabric
fab fabric

The venue will be The Lane, the newest, most beautifullest cafe/ bar to open in Bedford. It’s on Castle Lane and suffused with natural light with views across the river. The Lane staff will be on hand to serve you tea and coffee should all that fabric buying prove to be thirsty work! And once the sun’s over the yard arm, why

not have a glass of fizz with your fabric?

It’s the perfect spot for a Saturday morning spent idly caressing fabric including spring ranges from Birch Organics, Michael Miller, Riley Blake and cotton/linens from Echino.

A BiG BedfoRd tHAnK YoU

The Bedford Clanger would not have been possible without the quite exceptional

talents of the following people:

Designer: Marisa Straccia Photography: Shaun Armstrong ( & Graham Watson ( ) Bed- ford College HND Photography students Contributors:David Litchfield, Jane Perrone, Barnabas Wale, Gemma

Hutton, Laura Pottinger, Kristian Purcell, Marisa Straccia, Emma Stevens, Caroline Wise & Sue Gough.

If you can’t wait til the April edition, check

out the blog:

or search for the Bedford Clanger at

We’d love to hear from you, so why not get in touch? You can email


At tHe PlACe tHeAtRe

Bedford-based dumbstruck! Productions return to t he Place t heatre this month with a double bill of one-man shows exploring the conflicting values, competing drives & remarkable achievements of 1950s America.

First up is ‘Radio’, written by young British playwright Al Smith. An up-and- coming talent on the British theatre scene, Smith has worked as a writer in residence

at the Soho Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre, as well as writing for the BBC on television and radio. ‘Radiodeals with a young American, Charlie Fairbanks who is born in the middle of America in the middle of the 20th Century. In this poignant, witty and beautifully crafted play Charlie looks back over his childhood; his loves, losses, family life, hopes and dreams. Smith’s script also deals with the 1950’s boom, the American Dream, capitalism and Charlie’s greatest dream: to be an Astronaut.

Set during a time of great conflict,

upheaval, growth, and development, ‘Radio’ paints a clever portrait of a young man and his country struggling to come to terms with its new power, identity and position in a new world. Tickets for this show are priced at £6.00, with a concession price of £5.00. Second show of the double bill is a rehearsed reading of one of the most semi- nal pieces of American poetry and spoken word: Howl by Allen Ginsberg. Written in 1955 for performance in the West Coast bars, clubs and coffee shops, and initially banned for obscenity upon publication in 1957, Howl is an epic ‘beat’ poem to the destruction and debasement of American society during the 20th Century. Ginsberg explores the unseen, unreport- ed world of the American drifter; speaking out for the dispossessed and downtrodden of the American Dream who have fallen by the wayside in the great quest for power and money. Ginsberg deals directly with the developments in psychology and psychiatry that saw thousands of people locked away into mental institutions, subjected to electro-shock therapy and

lobotomy during the post-war period. ‘Howl’ can be seen as one of the great catalysts in American 20th Century art. Fusing poetry and jazz together to create a new form of expression, it helped to de-

fine the period from 1955-1969 as one of

protest and free love, as well as develop-

ing a language and voice for the disposed. Please note this show contains some coarse and vulgar language and may therefore not suitable for anyone under the age of 16.

Tickets for this show are priced at £4.00

7th-10th March Tickets & further info:

The Place Theatre, Bradgate Road, Bedford, MK40 3DE